‘Swalwell, Take a Seat’: Meghan McCain Dismisses 2020 Democrat as an ‘Asterisk’ After Debate Performance

“The View’s” Meghan McCain isn’t impressed by 2020 Democratic hopeful Eric Swalwell.

Swalwell took a swing at former Vice President Joe Biden’s (D) age during Thursday night’s Democratic debate, telling the 76-year-old candidate to “pass the torch” to the next generation.

“I’m still holding on to that torch,” Biden responded.

The 38-year-old presidential hopeful then resurfaced the video footage of Biden, a senator at the time, talking about passing the torch to the new, younger generation.

Watch those videos below:

During Thursday’s segment of “The View,” McCain expressed her distaste for Swalwell’s “ageist crap.”

“I want experience and people who know how Washington works and who have served and had a life and experiences they can bring to the White House,” she said. “… Eric Swalwell, take a seat. You’re an asterisk on the end, OK?”

Co-host Sunny Hostin agreed that she hates “ageism,” but she also “didn’t feel that Joe Biden appeared fresh in his thoughts.”

Watch their comments below:

During the debate, Biden fumbled while answering questions about his and former President Barack Obama’s records as IJR Red reported. His campaign later downplayed a report that staffers were “freaking out” after his poor performance in the debate.

As IJR Red noted, McCain previously dismissed the low-polling 2020 Democratic candidates ahead of the first debate, likening the field to “Hollywood Squares” because there are “so many.”

“I’m sorry, it doesn’t take a political scientist … to know that some of these people ain’t going to be president,” McCain said last week. “You ain’t never going to be president now!”

If Swalwell wants a fighting chance, he’s going to have to gain more traction ahead of the next Democratic debate.

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What a waste of space this guy is. He shouldn’t be elected hall monitor for an elementary school, much less President.


Lets see! I am going to try and pick one person out of the two Democrap debates that isn’t a brain dead Socialist moron. I tried but no luck. Only found that maybe Biden is not a Socialist but still a brain dead moron. Can hardly wait for the next comedy show.

Bill B
Bill B

Swalwell is for certain a candidate for a psycho ward. Regardless of your party affiliation, this fool is a waste of everyone’s time. The democratic congress is filled with inexperienced wacko´s like Swalwell. WTF are voters thinking? Megan is right on despite her bias for Trump. Watch Biden fall on his sword as all of his dirty baggage haunts his candidacy. Doubtful he´ll make it to the polls come 2020.

Greg Miller
Greg Miller

“Swallow-well the gun-grabber” has a horrible ring to it, right? Add in the “I’ll nuke Americans if they don’t give me their deterrance to tyranny (firearms), and you have the makings of a Grade A fascist totalitarianism….

Betsy Lawson

The Dems debates were a joke. I call it a “Field of Screams”. None were impressive. I have a scary prediction. Old Shrilllery is waiting in the wings and is gonna swoop in, be the savior of the Dems party. I know it sounds nuts but wait, there’s more. She will pick Kamala Harris as VP. The ticket rings all the right Dem bells…LGBTQ, women, ethnicity…everything. it’s frightening but be prepared. One plus…round two of President Trump taking on the witch…great TV.

Phyllis Softa

I have heard Megan repeatedly and openly claim on The View that she would never vote for Trump in 2020. BUT, as long as she remains a member of the Republican party, it is presumptuous of her to tell someone to get out of the Democrat primary race. BUT, in watching the debates, one does wonder WHY & HOW some of them qualified to be there using the DNC guidelines for eligibility for the stage.


From the few minutes I was able to stomach that debacle, it sounded to me like Duke Nukem Swalwell was putting out his resume’ for a VP job under Biden. He did everything but plant a big kiss on Biden’s derriere. #SuckUp101.





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