‘The View’ Has a Meltdown When Meghan McCain Says Trump’s Diplomacy Is Working Better Than Obama’s

Things got heated on Wednesday’s episode of “The View” when Meghan McCain touched a nerve as the ladies discussed recent developments with North Korea and the Iran nuclear deal.

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“I was very sort of skeptical about this kind of diplomacy, but I kind of think that maybe Trump and Kim Jong Un are, like, both crazy like a fox, so maybe he’s like, ‘I’m not going to mess with Trump,'” McCain started off the conversation.

“And global world leaders were not scared of President Obama,” she continued. “The first thing he did when he went into office is went on an international apology tour around the world apologizing for America, and so clearly something’s working.”

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That’s when tensions started to flare, as her co-hosts argued former President Barack Obama “needed” to apologize to our allies and that President Donald Trump doesn’t deserve credit for progress with North Korea because “we could have gotten into a war based on his rhetoric.”

“He’s just lucky, in a way, that it didn’t go that way,” Joy Behar said.

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“This is not how I would have done it,” McCain admitted. “But it is working, and I will say that this is something that couldn’t have been pulled off by the last administration. And I know everyone is sort of reticent to give Trump kudos on this, but this is a big deal.”

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The ladies then shifted to discussing the recent withdrawal of the U.S. from the Iran nuclear deal, and Behar accused the president of undoing Obama’s legacy out of “jealousy.” McCain was quick to point out controversial elements about the deal, including financial benefits for Iran.

Watch Part 2 of the showdown:

The panel then descended into chaos as McCain and her co-hosts shouted back and forth until she exhaustedly said, “I’m sorry, it is difficult for me to sit here and accept that we should be funding terror.”

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