Melania Gives a Closer Look at the ‘Bravery, Heart, and Patriotism’ Behind Her WH Christmas Decorations

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U.S. first lady Melania Trump continues to stand proud of her unique design for the White House’s 2018 Christmas decorations.

In an exclusive interview with “Fox & Friends,” the first lady showed off a closer look at the decorations that represent “bravery, heart, and patriotism” of Americans.

Each room throughout the White House has a unique angle to her “American Treasures” Christmas theme, which she revealed earlier this week.

Watch the video below:

Trump told Fox News co-host Ainsley Earhardt that out of about 6,000 applications received from people interested in volunteering to decorate, the White House chose about 230 volunteers, many from military families, who helped Trump’s vision of the decorations come true as they decorated in six days.

The Cross Hall and Grand Foyer are lined with 29 trees and more than 14,000 ornaments. Trump shared the reasoning behind the “beautiful ornaments, as well as handmade” ornaments:

“This is representing — you could see the color red. It represents the bravery, heart, and patriotism.”

The ornaments “represent how each child can excel on their own path — through education, arts, sport, technology — and they could be the best. And they’re beautiful ornaments, as well as handmade — some of them are antique.”

In the East Room, one can see four custom mantelpieces that show off American architecture with the skylines of New York City, St. Louis, Chicago, and San Francisco, also representing the “diversity of the cities in the United States” — but the first lady explained another traditional decoration in the room.

She told Earhardt that for the 51st consecutive year, a terracotta nativity scene donated by Italy in 1967 sits on display in the East Room, complete with a 30-piece creche.

Trump shared that the “patriotic” colors of red, white, and blue throughout the rooms “reminds us of the American flag.”

“We have thousands and thousands of people coming through here and see the decorations. So it’s very exciting.”

Standing 18 feet tall, the official White House Christmas tree, located in the Blue Room, is from North Carolina and is wrapped in 500 feet of blue velvet ribbon, embroidered with each state and territory, according to Trump.

Trump also gave insight that their “whole family’s coming down” to Palm Beach, Florida, for Christmas — adding that she’s been “too busy” to think of a gift for President Donald Trump, that they “do sometimes” exchange gifts, but right now, “it’s very important I focus on this project now.”

Watch the video below:

Trump’s red Christmas tree decorations got some backlash after the stunning reveal as those compared it to “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “The Shining,” Cheetos, and more.

However, the first lady responded to the criticism with class at a Town Hall at Liberty University this week, saying, “I think they look fantastic” — then encouraged people to visit the People’s House.

In the exclusive interview, Trump ended with a message to all Americans: “I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and happy holidays, a prosperous and peaceful New Year.”

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Maubi Smith

This is one of the most classiest Christmas in the White House in my lifetime and that’s a long time. It is the most beautiful I have ever seen in my lifetime, Melania is awesome at interior decorations.

Those who disparage our President and his family, are those that are jealous because of his status before entering the White House. And got even more angry when he won the Presidency because they knew if anyone could clean up the swamp they created it would be Trump.

Jane Schryver


Heather J. Sikas Herrmann

Have to say, WAPO should issue an apology to FLOTUS for the article they recently published where the reporter was so despicable in trashing her decor. She wrote of one hallway-the one with cranberry trees, which I thought were beautiful & SO American-as though in a nightmare. The reporter is a bias nightmare & anyone who uses her articles deserves to lose readers.

Thank heavens YOU gave an honest report of the beauty & soul of the decor, and of the decorator!

Heather J. Sikas Herrmann

I loved her decorations and theme this year! Enjoyed how she focused each room on Red, White, & Blue – with Be Best included. Loved the cranberry trees! Loved the RED for bravery, heart & patriotism which goes right with Nationalism! Loved her choice of using Military families for volunteers too.

Thank you for this wonderful report on her tasteful decor, keeping with her husband’s America First slogan!


The red cranberry trees are terrific. Nothing could be more American, since the cranberry only grows in North America!

Lizzie Helmer

I didn’t realize they accepted volunteers to help decorate, I just assumed it was all White House staff. What a cool opportunity for people, especially military families.

Phyllis Softa

Thank you,. Madison. Great article. THAT is how you counter pettiness.





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