‘Politics Over Helping Others’: Melania Reveals Why Some Companies Won’t Work With Her

Melania Trump

During an interview with “Good Morning America,” first lady Melania Trump revealed the bias of some companies against her husband, President Donald Trump.

Trump recently went on her first solo international trip to Africa, where she visited four countries and spread a message of caring to the places she went.

However, during an interview while on the trip, Trump became very candid concerning certain companies that have refused to work with her.

“It’s sad to see that organizations and foundations I want to partner with choose not to because of the administration,” said Trump. “I feel they are choosing politics over helping others.”


However, when she was asked to name the companies, she claimed that it was not necessary to do so.

“They know who they are,” said Trump. “I don’t want to put them out in front of the world, but they know who they are.”

During her time in Africa, the first lady also discussed the alleged derogatory comments her husband had made.

“Nobody discussed that with me, and I never heard him saying those comments. And that was anonymous source and I would leave it at that,” Trump said.

Trump has continuously focused on children’s issues and cyber-bullying, creating the Be Best campaign to help achieve her goals

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  1. Why is this exactly the same behavior as the petition to remove Chik-Fil-A’s participation in a charity event for children?

    These people are inhuman and hate-obsessed. Remember that when dealing with them.

  2. “I feel they are choosing politics over helping others.”

    Oh, do you mean like the US putting the most extreme sanctions on Venezuela that day after Meduro won his election? That must have really helped those citizens, right?

    Or do you care about your husband doing the bidding of Sheldon Adelson (the single most generous donor, by far, to the GOP) against the West Bank and the Gaza Strip concentration camp, to the tune of well over $100M, in 2016 ($86M) and 2018 ($55M)? Maybe you meant them, too?

    Your husband and his regime couldn’t care less about “others”. They don’t care for or about anyone else other than themselves and their rich buddies. It’s time that his cult woke up to this fact.

    • Intrepid…. Look to your own examples and see that these are NOT U.S. Issues in the sense that they directly affect the citizens of the U.S. Did you not get the memo that the United States is Trump’s priority, as it should be? OBTW What BIDDING are you referring to. Be specific… Generalities are BS. List ALL the facts, not just the convenient ones…

      • Caring for people shouldn’t stop at a border.

        But, for you, since you have no imagination or can’t remember, all you have to do is look to Puerto Rico or separating children from their parents. Trumpov couldn’t care less about others and you don’t have to look far for proof.

  3. I will comment Intrepid….where was this outrage for Obama whom also seperated children at the border…and also placed them in cages…and you speak of Puerto Rico..what about all the stuff left rotting and not distrubuted by those in charge…the one that was to busy campaigning here in the states to worry about her own people….please spare people your manufactured outrage to a narritive that is more fitting…I have friends in Peurto Rico..whom said the corruption is so bad there and was thankful of the outsiders that came from the US to help ….

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