Past Presidents and First Ladies Get Friendly with Melania at Bush’s Funeral — Hillary Not So Much


During former President George H.W. Bush’s funeral, there was a rare occurrence of civility as many past and present U.S. leaders came together to mourn.

However, there were some awkward moments as President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump sat next to former Presidents Obama and Clinton. When the first lady sat down, she greeted and waved to her fellow Americans, but there was one who didn’t seem too pleased to greet her.

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton only nodded in Trump’s direction when she was greeted, prompting some on Twitter to call her out.

Watch the awkward moment below:

That wasn’t the only awkward moment though, with other users pointing out how stiff the group looked:

Despite the apparent rudeness displayed by Clinton, it was a good sign that everyone was able to put aside their differences in order to honor a great American.

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Patti Harrison

Hillary Clinton can drop dead!!! She is truly a cold hearted evil woman!

Pat Warnock

FLOTUS is a class act.


Thought bubble over Trump’s head: “With God as my witness, “I’ll have all of you put away in jail before the end of my second term!!”

Linda Bayer

You can not miss the look of fear in HRC’s eyes! And Billy boy……….he has a “shit eating grin” on his face when he shook hands with Melania! Then he kept staring at her with that sexual predator look. I was pleased to see that Michelle Obama actually leaned forward to shake our President’s hand! Anyone can see that there is just something wrong with Mrs. Clinton! She needs to be scrutinized the way the DNC has been scrutinizing Donald Trump!


HRC looked scared. She should be with the legal issues about the Foundation finally surfacing. She is also probably pissed that the slick guy sitting next to her intermingled his finances with the foundation’s. She must have been so upset she forgot to bring her glasses and had to read funeral program 10 inches from her face.

Michael Runner

Hillary only smiles when se looks at her bank accounts DUMBSHIT YOU CANNOT TAKE IT WITH YOU, EXCEPT MAYBE TO HELL FOR MORE FUEL

Belmaree Skoc
Belmaree Skoc

Hillary is one bitter woman. she disdains anyone that is not compliant to her.

Jodi WB

It is evident that money cannot buy class.

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