Melania Makes History with Her ‘Incredible’ Ride in an Osprey During Visit with Military Families


First lady Melania Trump made history during her visit with military service members on Wednesday by flying in an Osprey aircraft.

This is the first time a first lady has ever flown in the aircraft, due to them often flying in a more traditional aircraft like Air Force One.

The Osprey is a tiltrotor helicopter that takes off and lands vertically. Trump took a video of her flying and displayed the advanced systems in the aircraft.


As IJR previously reported, during a visit to Langley Air Force Base, Trump explained why she was so happy to meet with service members.


“I’m honored to be able to say welcome home and thank you for answering the call of duty,” Trump said. “I have said this before, but it’s worth repeating. We know that we are free because you’re brave. And I speak on behalf of my husband when I tell you we are forever grateful for your service.”

She also posted many pictures of her being shown around the different bases:

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Vivian Sosnowski

She is awesome 🙂

Phyllis Softa

Thank you, Sydney for an article with the focus on Malenia’s attention to the military and military families and not what she was wearing. The info on the Osprey was informative and eliminated the need for the reader to google it.

Pat Warnock

Melania is Trump’s biggest asset.





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