Melania Speaks

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What the White House is Talking About:

State visit from Italy Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

What the White House Press Corps is Talking About: 

The State visit and the final State Dinner of the Obama administration.

Here is PM Renzi and his wife, Agnese Landini, arriving at the White House this morning.

And here’s White House Chief Curator Bill Allman with all the details on Obama’s State Dinners.

A Look Back at State Dinners:

Chief White House photographer Pete Souza posted a great look back of behind the scenes shots from all of the Obama State dinners. I like this one from the 2011 dinner for Germany’s Angela Merkel. Unusually, it was held in the Rose Garden, and they lit the facade of the White House with a swirly pattern.

TBT State Dinner

Image Credit: Pete Souza/Official White House photo

Colbert Resume Prep with POTUS:

The pre-taped bit with Obama and Stephen Colbert aired last night on “The Late Show.” The best part was when Colbert helped Obama brush up his resume and his job interview skills.

Our Daily Melania:

“I have two boys. I have my young son. And I have my husband.” Oof. That was Melania Trump last night to Anderson Cooper in her CNN interview. I was also struck by the part where she said she didn’t want anyone’s sympathy, that she was strong. “Don’t feel sorry for me, don’t feel sorry for me. I can handle everything.”


Image credit: CNN

We’re Here, Final Debate Prep Can Begin:

Hunter and I managed to make the local news last night. We were scoping out the Thomas & Mack Center at UNLV, where tomorrow night’s debate will take place here in Las Vegas. Also, this would only happen to us.

Kate and Hunter on TV

Image credit: My friend Ellen’s television

Spotted taking a tour of the debate set Monday afternoon: Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval.

TPE Hunter image new

What The Beltway is Talking About:

To what extent Hillary Clinton’s campaign will try expanding their map. They’re airing an ad in Texas and hiring more field staffers in Arizona and Georgia.

What America is Talking About:

Billy Bush is out at NBC.

Quid Pro Quo:

New documents from the investigation into Clinton’s email show the undersecretary of state asked the FBI to declassify an email. Both the FBI and State Department deny any quid pro quo.

Just How Bad is Trump Tanking?:

Below is the Real Clear Politics average of polls for the last 30 days with October 8th, the day the 2005 Access Hollywood video leaked, highlighted:

RCP Gap Poll

The gap has widened. A Monmouth poll released Monday found 84% of likely voters are aware of what Trump said in the leaked footage, 62% think the sexual allegations are “definitely” or “probably” true, and 45% think what they’ve learned about Trump in the past week show him unfit for office.

Schock is Back, Baby:

I did a double take when I saw this last night. Former Rep. Aaron Schock, the Illinois Republican whom you might remember resigned last year following questions about his spending, posted on Instagram for the first time since March 2015:

Aaron Schock

Instagram: @aaronschock

The post was for Habitat for Heroes, which provides affordable housing for veterans, and is now expanding to also assist law enforcement and first responders. If you haven’t been following Schock already, his account is now unlocked.

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What You’re Eating This Week:

Today’s Taste Tuesday is a special edition, just in case you’re one of the 400 or so people invited to tonight’s State Dinner at the White House. Or, if you just want to feel FOMO if you’re not. Sorry.

Here’s the official menu, planned and prepped by celebrity chef Mario Batali:

State Dinner Menu

This is Batali, in his (sigh, why?) orange Crocs, presenting a sample of the dinner to the press in the East Room yesterday:

Mario B in crocs

Image credit: @ArletteSaenz

And here’s the president’s place setting at the table, which is heavy on the dusty pink and gold:

State Dinner Place settings

State Dinner Cornucopia

Image credit: Nicholas Kamm/Getty Images

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