Take a Break From the News Cycle and Enjoy This Video of Melania Trump Dancing With Orphan Children in Kenya

The U.S. first lady is visiting her third country during her five-day, four-country tour in Africa — and she is making the most of it as she danced alongside children and fed baby elephants.

This is Melania Trump’s first solo international trip as the first lady and she has visited Ghana, Malawi, and is now in Kenya — her last stop will be Egypt.

Carlo Allegri/Reuters

During her trip, she spent time with children at a hospital in Ghana and a school in Malawi — and now she is dancing hand-in-hand with children in Kenya.

The first lady visited and danced with the children at the Nest Orphanage in Limuru, Kenya.

Watch the video below:


“Thank you for what you do and taking care of them,” Trump told the orphanage staff, according to Fox News.

The first lady learned about the facility and the circumstances surrounding the children. She also read a story to the children and received a story reading in return.

The safari in Kenya

The first lady began her time in Kenya by taking a safari trip at Nairobi National Park, where she was joined by Kenyan first lady Margaret Kenyatta.

Carlo Allegri/Reuters

The safari trip highlighted wildlife conservation efforts in the Kenyan area.

She also saw a site of an ivory burn that’s meant to discourage poachers.

All things elephant

During the safari trip, the first lady spent time with a herd of elephants and fed a baby elephant formula at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust elephant orphanage.

Carlo Allegri/Reuters

Watch the video below:

After petting one baby elephant, Trump was nudged by the elephant, drawing a Secret Service agent to step forward to protect her, The Star reported.

Watch the video below:

The president praised his wife while she is overseas, saying, “The people love her, and she loves them! It is a beautiful thing to see.”

The trip allows Trump to promote her advocacy initiative “Be Best,” which was started earlier this year and focuses on child welfare — her next and last stop on the tour will be Egypt.


  1. Such a kind, graceful and elegant First Lady. The press. Is so befuddled that all they can do constantly denigrate her. She is so classy she rises above their smarmy remarks.

  2. Our First Lady is the best we have ever had! Hansen down, loved the Vidio! Fantastic.

  3. Love what she’s doing proud to have her as our first lady

    1. I do not think we have had such a great First Lady since Jackie Kennedy.

  4. I’ve never seen anything in my long life as beautiful as her dancing with the children. When Mr. Trump finishes his 8 years, maybe she can run for President. Hahaha

    1. Even if she was eligible, which she is not, you can not win if your husband is accused of sexual misconduct.—only the actual adulterers can be elected.

  5. I think we are do for a change in us and we are getting it with both PRES. and MRS TRUMP.They are a breath of fresh air .

  6. I am Pleased and Honored to have at least seen pictures and read her activities while there with the children.The First Lady & President TRUMP has my full respect for there duties..Thank-u Don for this New……pp

  7. I am proude of our First Lady. She does not just make the talk she gets involved. It has been awhile since I was so impressed with a First Lady. President Trump be proud of her and keep her safe. To her son, know you recognize the awesome mother and father you have. Prayers and thank all of you for what you are giving back to America.

  8. What a lovely woman! So kind and big hearted! President Trump is surely understandably proud! Me too!

  9. Love ?our first lady,would love to meet,she very pretty,and kind

  10. First time a member of the White House with class has visited this country.

  11. Melania is the epitome of what a graceful First Lady should be. She is charming, fluent in four or five languages, and supports her husband in his tireless job. Support her …

  12. Why isn’t the media covering this story?

      1. They have not respected our First Lady from day one. I would rather they leave her alone before they make accusations about HER!!! I abhor all news media – except for Fox

    1. Olivia, is that a rhetorical question? All things Trump are anathema to the media. Anything positive would ruin their narrative about him being “Hitler”.

    2. Did you three read Madison article??? The ABC News video is from ABC News!!. Katie Rogers is covering the trip for the NY TIMES! Kate Bennett is covering it for CNN. Carlos Allegra is covering for Reuters. Those are just the MSM examples in Madison’s article? CBS and NBC news has covered the trip as well. What media are you watching that the trip is NOT covered? Is playing the victim so addicting that you see yourselves as victims when the evidence to the contrary is smacking you in the face?

      1. Gave up on those news organizations after watching them negatively spin anything Trump. Most people I know no longer watch the main stream media news.

        1. Laurie, you do not have to watch them to SEE the coverage of Melania’s trip! The examples I cited were IN THIS IJR article. WHAT did you see that was negative spin? If you do not watch MSM, you lose the standing to claim what they cover. You simply become a puppet reciting the mantra provided. If you do not use your brain for anything except recalling talking points, you become a programmed robot.

        2. Laurie, you do not need to watch them to SEE the coverage of Melania’s trip! The examples I cited were IN THIS IJR article. WHAT did you see that was negative spin? If you do not watch MSM, you lose the standing to claim what they cover. You simply become a puppet reciting the mantra provided. If you do not use your brain for anything except recalling talking points, you become a programmed robot.

  13. Thank you for this article. I had been wondering why we had not seen or heard anything about the FLOTUS in quite sometime. Evidently the MSM couldn’t find or make up any dirt to report so nothing has been reported.

    1. Good for you! I abhor all news aspects… especially with our First Lady.

  14. She is one of a small number of First Ladies that people love ❤️ to see & watch. She is so personalable. She interacts with adult people and little children as well. I pray we see a lot more of all the Presidents family. We can be proud of them.

    1. Agreed. She’s “personable” and genuine. Her beauty is certainly no detractor either.

    2. I am 82 and in my lifetime I have not seen a more beautiful First Lady and Classy. She is so out going and gracious that every one loves her that is blessed to meet her God Bless our First Family It is great to have a president and his family that we can be proud of

  15. She is one of the best Ambassadors we have had in a long time.

    1. Just operating off my impressions but she seems less imperious, arrogant, and condescending than her predecessor. Big plus, she didn’t tell the children and elephant keepers what and how to feed their charges before heading to a super-size order of fries. See what I mean?

    2. First Lady Melania, Absolutely dose a great job, she makes us Americans proud, with her graciousness and dignity.

  16. That is an uplifting story.
    I can’t help but crack wise: Headline Kenya: Secret Service agent throws himself between First Lady and charging Elephant.
    I wonder if Melania met with any of Super O’s kin.
    I like our First Lady and so do many others and I hope she visits lots of places.

    1. Hmm. Seems she had a closer, more human involvement with the children, human and elephant, than the Lightbringer™.

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