Melania Trump Defends Those Who Booed Her at Baltimore Event: ‘We Live in a Democracy’

U.S. first lady Melania Trump arrives to speak at a youth summit on opioid awareness at the UMBC Event Center in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S., November 26, 2019. Erin Scott/Reuters

U.S. First Lady Melania Trump is defending those who booed her during a recent event in Baltimore.

As the first lady was introduced at a youth event on Tuesday, she was booed by students. She continued to receive more boos, mixed with a few cheers, when she began her remarks.

“Hello, everyone,” she said, drawing a louder reaction from those in attendance of the Baltimore Youth Summit. The summit was on opioid abuse, which is part of the first lady’s “Be Best” initiative.

Despite the rough start to the event, Trump said at the end of her speech, “Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving. May God bless you, your families and the United States of America.” As she finished her remarks, there were more boos along with cheers.

Baltimore is the city that the first lady’s husband and the president, Donald Trump, has criticized previously, as he called it a “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess.”

Watch the videos below:

In response to the booing at the event, the first lady didn’t pushback on those criticizing her, instead, she said that they’re “entitled to their opinion.”

“We live in a democracy and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the fact is we have a serious crisis in our country and I remain committed to educating children on the dangers and deadly consequences of drug abuse,” Melania Trump said in a statement.

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Allen Zabel

Way to go, Communist idiots.
Teach kids to hate when they are young and they will be life long followers.
Sounds like Islam.
But, I digress.
Remind me again, about Hillary, Maxine Waters and other, during the Obama era.
Who insisted on civility and understanding.
How many kids, did the to Chewbacca, I mean, Michelle?
Whether you like the person, they still hold the position, that should be respected.
Apparently, I expect others to have respect.
Perhaps, I ask too much?


Our First Lady has more grace in her little finger than ALL the liberal snowflakes have in their whole bodies. Her intelligence is FAR beyond anything the liberals could imagine.


No confuction this is NOT a democracy and for a reason. The Founding Fathers knew that a democracy was a one party rule because it only took one over 50% vote to give them power. This is a Constitutional Republic just as the Founding Fathers put forth. You have no clue about the history of this nation so stop pretending you have a brain.


So, those taught to hate show hate and contempt while FLOTUS stood tall, delivered her remarks and showed those kids what grace and class is. Obviously, they need someone to teach them something besides hate and prejudice.

General Confusion

“Obviously the “confused” don’t comprehend we live in a Constitutional Republic.” Confused James

And YOU don’t comprehend that while we may be a constitutional republic, we are ALSO a democracy. Nothing stops us from being both.

Get over it.

General Confusion

“Actually we live in a Constitutional Republic, not that you know the difference between that and a Democracy.” Dave Hardesty

Give it a rest, Dave. It is STILL a democracy.

“She knows [t]he difference but used words the confused might comprehend.” Dave Haresty

Are you sure?

Suzanne Miller

I agree with her dissent comments. However, I was taught that booing is rude. Today it seems mild as a means of dissent.

Lorraine Kemer
Lorraine Kemer

These kids are only showing the ignorance they are taught at home. We have an opioid epidemic in our country. Rather than take it seriously, these immature students chose to display ignorance. I wonder how many will lose friends and family to drugs!!!





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