Melania Trump Sets Forbes Straight for Taking ‘Most Bullied’ Quote Out of Context — Twitter Backs Her Up

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During an exclusive interview with ABC News, first lady Melania Trump had mentioned that she was “one of them,” referring to the most bullied people — and she’s now calling out Forbes for taking her statement out of context.

Trump tweeted “context matters,” along with her full statement that she made during her one-on-one.

Trump’s “Be Best” campaign seeks to raise awareness of cyberbullying.

Trump was asked during the interview why she “personally” wanted to take on the issue of cyberbullying.

“I could say that I’m the most bullied person on the world,” she answered before clarifying that she’s “one of them.”

Watch the video below:

Then, there was another part of her interview that seemed to be cut by a lot of broadcast networks:

“And sometimes, you know, people would not say to you face to face, but they hiding behind the keyboards. And that’s the danger. That’s why I’m involved and focusing social media, for the next generation. Because not everybody has a thick skin and they cannot handle it. And we have a big problem in United States and across the world.”

The first lady targeted an article Forbes wrote titled “What Melania Trump Doesn’t Understand About Bullying,” which said that Trump’s comments “obscured” the focus of the campaign and that they showed she “doesn’t know how to help children who are suffering from it.”

“The most important thing you can do for a child who is being bullied is listen to them, not tell them that you probably have it worse,” the article read.

The thing is that Trump was asked, “What happened to you personally, that you thought you wanted to tackle this issue?” Which is why her statement was more personal.

Many Twitter users reacted, showing their support for the first lady:

Another part of the first lady’s “Be Best” campaign is supporting children and families affected by opioid abuse. Trump recently visited Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia to learn more about neonatal abstinence syndrome while meeting with newborns and mothers affected by the opioid crisis.

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They are insanely upset that Hillary lost, and your husband won that they’ll do anything to continue their narrative. Do not take them seriously. You are an amazing women!


A wonderful , brilliant and caring First Lady and Mother who cares for all children !


Good for her

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