The First Lady Spruces up the White House With the ‘Most Historically Accurate Design’ Ahead of State Dinner

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

First Lady Melania Trump has revealed a facelift to some of the rooms of the White House ahead of President Donald Trump’s second state dinner held there.

The touch-up comes as the president and first lady prepare for a state dinner with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his wife, Jenny, on Friday.

The first lady meets with the curator’s office and the chief usher, among other staffers, to figure out what should be the top priorities in improving the White House, according to Time magazine.

Although she’s been relatively silent in recent months, the first lady has been making several decisions at the White House, as furniture in the Blue Room was reupholstered, draperies in the Green Room were given a facelift by flipping the sides, and wall fabric was replaced in the Red Room.

The White House Historical Association helps with the funding the White House restoration projects.

The association’s president, Stewart McLaurin, said that the wallpaper, which is fabric, in the Red Room was “so faded it was almost pink” due to the sunlight over time, therefore the restoration “really, really needed to be done.”

“It is very carefully considered, very carefully maintained,” McLaurin told the Time. “I know this first lady is very keen on maintaining that standard and works very closely with the White House staff and with us.”

He continued to describe the process of restoring the White House rooms:

“What was done most recently for this wonderful restoration that we have undertaken with the White House is the research back to the original orders that were placed by Monroe to the factory, to the cabinet maker in Paris, where they are specifically described by design … And so, what you see on this new design that’s currently in the Blue Room today is that to the best that we can determine, the most historically accurate design as you would have seen on that crimson furniture that James Monroe brought over.”

The first lady said in May, “Our family is grateful to live in this true symbol of our nation’s history, but we are even more honored to play a part in restoring and enhancing our country’s sacred landmark.”

Check out the video below:

The president’s official state dinner and visit on Friday with the Australian prime minister will be his second, as he hosted a state dinner with President Emmanuel Macron of France and his wife, Brigitte, in April of last year.

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“don’t hand me no lies and keep your hands to yourself”–Jerry Lee Lewis and The Georgia Satellites.

Do not confuse “liberal” with degraded result of the Left’s appropriating the term. After tainting it’s original meaning they abandoned it to pursue “progressive” and “socialist”.

Were there a “Mind your own business and keep your mitts off my freedoms and money” party, I’d be a founding member.


Peg Lovett,

I won’t ask your IQ or reading comprehension skills.

Peg, I’m a liberal in the classic sense like the founding fathers. I am neither a Leftist nor Dimocratic.

You are wrong to think otherwise.

General Confusion

Hey, Screwtape! Did you hear that? YOU are a LIBERAL.

With so much confusion around here, I can’t tell who is who anymore.


>Always Confused< I have to disagree in that no matter the number or percentages of homeless people in the United States, they – like senior citizens – are an unnecessary drain on the Medicare for Everybody sham and the Social Security pyramid system which is being used by those with fake back injuries; but who can put shingles on a roof single handily; or drive a semi across Country in 3 days. Maybe the new Fascist Administration in 2021 will immediately pass a Law to have everyone killed off over the age of 60 as they're presently doing with infants… Read more »


Wow did Time actually run a piece on Melania that wasn’t revolting and rude? If you ever doubt the media bias, just watch the difference in coverage between Michelle Obama and Melania Trump.

Peg Lovett

Disgusting to read the comments below. Apparently, these are MORONS who have no sense of history or culture! I can tell by their handles (aka: screwtape???? and general confusion???). Two examples of the highly educated Liberals who have NO clue that the WH is to be kept to it’s original design etc. for the sake of history! God help our next generation!


Is IJR now Better Homes? Why is this even news?

q.v. Felicity Huffman, a privilege white celebrity gets 14 days for lying to get her daughter into a school . A HOMELESS mother gets FIVE YEARS for trying to get her child into a better school system.

This reinforces the concept of TWO justice systems.



Genital, Notice how the HOMELESS are concentrated in Dimocrat cities and states? Your contempt is apparent and I agree. Soylent Green time so they can “contribute” to society instead of troubling it. For those lacking science or brains, your quoted 0.17% is meaningless (and also pitifully low, like the estimated # of guns). It is literally 17/100s. Now let’s look at transgenders before the MSM made them in vogue. .04%. Ask yourself why the trangenders get MORE attention than the homeless? Will this pop your brain? Does the Left have its priorities screwed up? (that answer is yes)

Sixteen year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg testifies at a House Foreign Affairs subcommittee and House Select Climate Crisis Committee joint hearing on "Voices Leading the Next Generation on the Global Climate Crisis" on Capitol Hill in Washington U.S., September 18, 2019. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

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