Melania’s First Foreign Trip Showcases She’s More Than Just a Pretty Face

Before First Lady Melania Trump moved to Washington D.C., she was a fashion model and staple of the New York social scene.

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Her beauty, combined with her reserved nature left many people wondering if she would ever embrace her public role as first lady.

However, it seems her debut on the global political stage has shed some light on just how intelligent and politically aware the first lady truly is.

According to CNN, Melania received help from State Department officials to prepare for each country. She reportedly wanted to avoid any faux pas and studied up on proper protocol and customs.

On the first stop of the five-country tour, Melania donned a black jumpsuit. While some people took notice of her lack of a headscarf, the Saudi Arabia media praised her.

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One paper called her “classy and conservative” and others drew on the similarities between her jumpsuit and the traditional abaya worn by many Saudi women.

Other people related her large gold belt to a heavyweight fighter’s but Susan Bigsby, a Palm Beach image consultant, told The Washington Post that it couldn’t have been more fitting. She said:

“Muslim women, while respecting their religion, also love glamour. You can be sure they were studying — and appreciating — Melania and Ivanka … They represented the American woman with appropriateness, elegance and style.”

It may have been easier and far less time consuming to leave the styling to a professional. However, CNN reported the former model selected most of her outfits herself and relied on her intense preparation to ensure they were appropriate.

At the Western Wall, her skirt fell below her knees and her shoulders were covered, as cited by Go Jerusalem as proper dress.

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After foregoing a headscarf in Saudi Arabia, the internet exploded over her decision to don a black veil while meeting Pope Francis at the Vatican.

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However, this seems to be nothing more than yet another example of the first lady’s attention to detail and a desire to make a good impression with her host countries.

In a statement to USA TODAY, Grisham said, “Per Vatican protocol, women who have an audience with the Pope are required to wear long sleeves, formal black clothing, and a veil to cover the head.”

She added that there was no requirement nor request made by Saudi Arabia as to what the first lady should wear. Hence, the decision to not cover her head.

While in Rome, Melania paid a visit to the children’s intensive care unit at Bambino Gesu hospital. The Washington Examiner reported that the first lady personally wrote a letter to the Pope asking if she could spend time there.

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It seems, however unfair to the rest of us, Melania was blessed with both beauty and brains. Grisham described her hospital visit to The Washington Examiner and said, “She spoke to them in Italian, she signed bandages and she took lots of selfies.”

By “spoke,” Grisham probably didn’t mean a “ciao” here and a “grazie” there. Italian is only one of five languages the first lady speaks fluently.

Melania’s focus wasn’t solely on herself, either. CNN reported that President Donald Trump focused his preparation on “issues and deals” instead of protocol, so the first lady made sure he wouldn’t make any missteps.

According to CNN, she instructed staff members as to how to pack for his travels and strategically designated a separate bag for each stop so she could focus on the cultures independently.

Some people may dismiss focusing on fashion as a menial task. However, the hours she spent ahead of the trip making sure it went smoothly demonstrates how well she understands the significance of the global political arena.

While we may not see her often, it seems when she does emerge as the first lady, she takes her role extremely seriously.

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