Melania’s Spox Counters Michelle Obama’s Remarks on Not Reaching out for Advice with Her Good Reason Why

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Sharing her new memoir “Becoming,” former first lady Michelle Obama shared that she had extended help to U.S. first lady Melania Trump when she was first starting her role in the White House — Melania hasn’t taken her up on the offer and the first lady’s spokesperson made it clear why.

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Obama shared on “Good Morning America” that she extended the courtesy to Trump, and was willing to discuss any sort of advice with her.

She said that Trump never took her up on the offer, raising her eyebrow.

“No,” Obama said in response to if Trump had reached out to her. “No, she hasn’t.”

Watch the video below:

CNN reporter Kate Bennett shared a response from Trump’s press secretary Stephanie Grisham about Obama’s remark.

Grisham made it clear that Trump is a “strong and independent woman” as she lives out her role as the first lady.

“When she needs advice on any issue, she seeks it from her professional team within the White House.”

Bennett also shared that even though Trump hasn’t reached out to Obama for help, former first lady Laura Bush has been in touch with Trump since she became the first lady.

“I’ve been back and had tea with her,” Bush said.

In the former first lady’s memoir, she also bashes President Donald Trump and the women who voted for him, calling him a “misogynist.”

She explained how she was shocked that people voted for a “misogynist” over “extremely qualified” Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. Obama has also shared how “concerned” she was for the women who voted for Trump, criticizing how they “think.”

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Deshona Marinova

One would be hardpressed to seek an advise from a clown. The former First family has proven yet again that one cannot buy Nobility. They are classles people who continue to show their vindictive, petulant nature almost two years after leaving office. A lion does not turn when the dogs bark. Why would The First Lady care what a pseudo-lady thinks?

Robert Wayne

Melania didn’t bring 4 generations and 17 cousins to live and travel with them. All of Michelle’s so called designers (that made her look like a walking pinata most of the time) refused to design for Mrs. Trump. So, exactly what advice would Michelle be able to offer? No how to live , dress or act as FLOTUS. Would it be on How to become proud of your country maybe? How to ruin school lunch programs? How to enjoy entertaining vile, vulgar lyric rappers in the WH? Al sharpton’s dinner preferences?

Jerry Black

She doesn’t want advise on how to hate Merica or ruin the economy

Burnel Preston

Why would a legitimate presidents wife ask advice from the wife of someone who usurped the office of president ??

Lillian Klapcic

Why should Melania reach to her? The Obamas have done nothing but speaking against Trump and his administration.
In all my years can not recall any other former President or first Lady behaving like they are behaving. It is a shame….and I even voted for him twice..what a disappointment…

Ellen del Valle

Think our current 1st lady does fine on her own. Mrs Obama has had her time in the spotlight.
Mrs Trump is gentle, very well educated, she speaks 5 plus languages, and is a good ambassador of the USA. Her contributions continue as she becomes more comfortable in her role.
Mrs Obama has done many wonderful things for the youth of America.
Both ladies should be applauded.
Mrs Trump did not want her husband to run I have read?
If one googles the two ladies one can learn much more.


“She explained how she was shocked that people voted for a “misogynist” over “extremely qualified” Hillary Clinton” The way Barack and Michelle vilified hrc so he could get elected was just a scam?





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