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  • Khizr Khan, the father of an American soldier killed during the Iraq War and a frequent Trump critic, has endorsed Joe Biden in the Democratic primary.

    In a statement put out by the Biden campaign, Khan said, […]

  • Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testified for nearly six hours before Congress on Wednesday in the second open hearing in the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump.

    While her testimony was […]

  • At around the same time that a shooter in Santa Clarita, California, opened fire at Saugus High School, killing a 16-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy, Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.) was on the floor of the […]

  • The Trump Organization is hoping to sell off the leasing rights to what has become its most studied property in the current administration: Trump’s Washington, D.C., hotel. And now that they’re courting potential […]

    • Headline: “Sell” should be “Sale” typo.

      If King Donald The Loser, I mean his Trump Org, profits from the sale, he should definitely be charged with breaking the emoluments clause.

      IJR is still broken, so be careful when posting. Hi John Walsh, 1950!

    • Wait…….didn’t the left originally demand he sell everything? Make up your minds lefties…..oh wait… have to see what way you think the wind is blowing (facepalm to the left).

      • “Wait…….didn’t the left originally demand he sell everything?” Sherri

        Are you confused by “everything”? It isn’t that hard to understand.

  • A left wing Super PAC is slowly releasing a new ad campaign that will highlight 2016 Trump voters who regret their decision in the ballot box. American Bridge, a liberal Super PAC, has said that they will spend […]

    • Fake News, democrat lies. Trump has been an incredible president in spite of the constant attempt by the USA hating democrats to destroy him. He has kept his campaign promises.

    • It was such a disappointment to see so many of us being confused about candidate Trump BEFORE being elected. Buyer’s remorse won’t eliminate the harm done to this country, its people and our environment ever since King Donald The Loser mounted his golden throne, but it may help reduce the harm going forward.

      It will only help reduce KDTL’s chance of getting re-elected and that is a good thing. I hope these ads will help to unconfused many more voters.

  • On Monday night, former Vice President Joe Biden appeared on a stage in Iowa beside CNN’s Erin Burnett to answer questions in a town hall format. Unsurprisingly, the Democratic front-runner was asked about […]

  • The night before Republicans were handed a gubernatorial loss in deep-red Kentucky, President Donald Trump told a crowd at a rally in the state that a loss would be horrible for him in the press, shouting, “You […]

  • As if by habit, President Donald Trump started the week off with a string of tweets and an attack on the whistleblower.

    Perhaps his strangest statement of the morning came when he accused House Intelligence […]

  • Donald Trump Jr. just released a new book — this one is titled “Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us” — which means that he’s doing a book tour and copies of the book are going to rep […]

  • A federal judge ruled on Thursday that President Donald Trump must pay $2 million after finding that he used his Trump Foundation charity to further his 2016 campaign. Trump is ordered to make the payment to a […]

  • After previously demanding that the House Democrats release the transcript of the testimonies, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said that he wouldn’t even bother to read them.

    On October 9th, Graham tweeted, “If […]

    • As Sen Graham kindly points out, Congressman Jordan requested the release of the transcripts But we watched all R’s, including Congressman Jordan, voted against the bill to release the transcripts and hold public hearings. Make America Sane Again SOON. I get it that R’s give themselves 7 yrs before admitting a mistake, but if you wait until 2022-2023, you will all be court ordered psychiatric care.

      • Not so fast with the psychiatric care or the hypothetical 7 year BS. There appears to be a lot more quid pro quo’s going on than can be blamed on just Republicans and Trump who – BTW – was doing his Constitutional duty under established, written and signed agreements with Ukraine. Of course, the Lefties don’t want to acknowledge that because it doesn’t jibe with their coup d’etat (NOT an “impeachment”) narrative. Creepy Joe, his Kenyan “boss”, Sens. Menendez, Patrick Leahy, Dick Durban (et al, I’m sure) were ALL involved in quid pro quo’s IN Ukraine against Trump. Biden in particular is guilty of at least 3 US Codes – 18 USC 201(b) and 201(c) and 18 USC 1951 by using his Office as VP to effect a quid pro quo for personal or family gain. ALL ARE FELONIES!

        So, IF you Lefties are going to throw stones; make sure you’re not living in glass houses because there is an awful lot of dirt to yet be uncovered. The Horowitz FISA investigation is now due out on 11/18/2019. However, there is a second, previously unknown Horowitz investigation report coming out sooner. Both have numerous DemocRAT’s – by name – throughout. Indictments are likely. As with this coup charade Schiff is playing, we shall see WHO has the last laugh.

    • For any member of Congress that pushed the narrative that R’s could not ask questions of the witnesses during the deposition process, each released testimony indicates that is as truthful as “No Collusion No Obstruction.” —WHY do they assume Trump supporters can’t read? Alex Skatell knows you can read!

    • James, Did it not take R’s 7 years to acknowledge the Iraq War was a mistake? Admitting Sarah Palin was an airhead took 7 years? Kansans took 6.5 years before they admitted tax cuts don’t pay for themselves? I would love you to prove me wrong and admit BEFORE 7 years that putting a known corrupt businessman with no experience and no preparation in the WH was a mistake. BTW: In addition to the Senators you named, were Senators Rob Portman, Ron Johnson, and Mark Kirk—all R’s supporting Biden’s actions.

  • President Donald Trump’s golf courses have a history of less-than-stellar health inspections. The most notable instance is, of course, the complaint of bedbugs at his Doral resort in Florida. But that got worse […]

    • On September 12 of this year, King Donald The Loser’s administration rolled back regulations about water protections. Exactly one MONTH after getting into office, his administration started cutting back on water protection regulations for coal miners. Even recently the administration made it even easier for them to pollute water.

      Are you seeing the pattern here? Rules and regulations are there for a reason – TO PROTECT US! This isn’t confusing.

      • In a pay back to the coal mining company financial support of his campaign, Trump first gave them the ability to legally pollute our water. Then he gave them a large corporate tax cut. The coal mining companies repaid him with EIGHT coal company bankruptcies within the last year. —cutting coal miners jobs in Wyoming, Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania AND defunding the pensions of the miners. —-all states that fell for Trump’s pledge to “Make Coal King Again.” But, LOL, they also bought “Mexico will pay for the wall.” Trump’s claims that he “loves the uneducated” But education is not necessary to have COMMON SENSE. WHO he loves are those with NO COMMON SENSE.

  • Democrats’ impeachment probe is starting to inch closer to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and this week they want to depose White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney.

    In a letter to Mulvaney, lawmakers wrote: “the […]

    • He ought to go. At every question just answer “I don’t care to discuss it.” They can even incarcerate him and Trump can grant him clemency and pardon him. There is more than one way to fight this idiocy. Shut the government down. Since it’s not doing its job anyway, what harm would it cause? What, no law enforcement? Where is the law being enforced?

    • We already know that he lies. Of course, I forgot, he works for Trump. Is there any way to believe that he would tell the truth this time around? (“Oh, yeah, I forgot. Can you remind me which story I told that I should deny? Just askin..”)

    • Take the 5th on every question

  • When President Donald Trump came into the White Home, he announced that he would leave his business in the hands of his adult children. The arrangement was immediately slammed as a conflict of interest.

    Over […]

    • No one has ever accused any member of the Trump family of being self-aware or honest. But they do say what their fans want to hear—from reading IJR Red posters’ comment “truth” is determined on the basis of what they want to be said. I hope their criteria is one used only for politics as it is a dangerous path to take for daily living.

  • The Republicans have been clamoring for the release of the transcripts from interviews in the first stages of the impeachment investigation, which have been held behind closed doors. And, on Monday, some of those […]

    • alex thomas- BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! “and I understand that that call was made. I don’t know whether it was the Secretary of State or somebody else in his inner circle.” Heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from another someone or someone else may have made a phone call. fantastic reporting there, alex. amazing that you even have a job. This is your WORST job yet. Maybe you should start looking for a fast food job soon or, better yet, start selling medicare for all insurance policies.

  • Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election three years ago but that hasn’t stopped Republicans from turning her into the ultimate boogeyman. This week, a Republican senator filed a […]

    • Good. The statute of limitations have not expired (these are federal criminal investigations) and potential investigations should shut her up. If nothing else, shutting her up is justice in and of itself.

      Notice how silent Bill’s been since the whole Epstein scandal? Chelsea too.

    • alex thomas, is there a statute of limitations on the TRUTH?

  • President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani is famous for making bone-headed moves; last week, he butt-dialed an NBC reporter. But that still isn’t a wild as one newly reported day — Giuliani forgetting h […]

    • Too err is human. Using Apple products is something else.

      Hmm…Podesta got “phished”. HIllary used an unauthorized/illegal server for classified mail. Some Congressional Dims questioning Zuckerberg were amazed that his model accepts ads to pay for things.

      The worst part of the technocrats and know-it-alls in Washington is that they try run things they know NOTHING about. q.v. Obozocare, throwing money at “renewables”. This is the Dunning-Kruger effect writ large. They are too arrogant and ignorant to call on experts or those who work in the industries.

      Interesting how so many Socialist programs failed because central planning know nothing except throwing up #s. There’s a parallel here.

      • LOL….your argument on D’s being “too arrogant and ignorant to call on experts in the industry” is illogically placed on an article of Trump’s cybersecurity adviser” taking his phone to the Apple store after he incorrectly entered his password 10 times and “butt dialed” an NBC reporter not once but twice. The most obvious example of Dunning-Kruger effect is the current POTUS—-If he calls on experts he does NOT take their advice—not on Syria, not on Ukraine, not on the Russian call congratulating Putin, not on the Helsinki press conference, not on trade, not on JCPOA, not on climate, not on North Korea, not even on campaign finance laws. And yet Trump calls himself “a stable genius.”
        “There is no team. I am the team.” —THAT is the Dunning-Kruger effect writ large.

    • Incompetence is one of the classic signs of fascism. A Dear Leader hires based on loyalty or family affiliation, not competence.

  • A congressional Republican who sits on one of the committees overseeing the impeachment investigation admitted on CNN on Tuesday that he hasn’t been to any of the impeachment hearings.

    The admission by Rep. […]

    • Republicans: LET US IN! You can’t have these investigations without keeping us in the loop! We should be allowed to be there during the investigations! This is a farce!

      Democrats: You can be present.

      Republicans: Meh…

    • Republicans: LET US IN! You can’t have these investigations without keeping us in the loop! We should be allowed to be there during the investigations! This is a farce!

      Democrats: You can be present.

      Republicans: Meh…

    • Told ya so.

      The first question that I had was whether Rep. Yoyo was a participant in the flash mob attack the other day. Confirmed.

      These fascists are not interested in the truth. They just want to delay, confuse, and attack the process.

    • I heard him in this interview. He is part of the problem, NOT a part of any solution.

      He says that he has been closely tracking the committee meetings from a distance, but under questioning he freely admits that he read ONE transcript SUMMARY, MAYBE two (he wasn’t really sure).

      Come on, guy. You are on the committee. If you can’t be bothered to do your job, give it to someone who will. If you can’t be bothered to take the time to read a full transcript, all you have to do is show up and attend the meetings directly. No reading required. But you aren’t interested in doing that, are you?

  • A Democratic lawmaker from New Jersey is pushing the Federal Election Commission to investigate the “deadbeat Trump campaign.”

    Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) wrote to FEC Chairwoman Ellen Weintraub, “I write t […]

    • I am confused.

      What does Rep. Bill Pascrell expect the FEC to do about this? King Donald The Loser has ensured that there isn’t enough of the commission left to do their job.

  • Over the weekend, the American military struck a huge blow against terrorism when special forces killed ISIS leader Abū al-Baghdadi. Trump teased the news in a tweet then officially announced it in a White House […]

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