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  • On Wednesday morning, President Donald Trump retweeted a right-wing Internet personality’s lie that Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) “partied on the anniversary of 9/11.”

    The tweet Trump was quoting was from […]

    • True or not, why is it so easy to envision hate-monger Ilhan Omar doing so?

      She should start her own party of ingratitude, “Blame America First”, except that the Democrats/Left have already done so.

    • Don’t be confused by I Ching’s bluster, below.

      It is people like him who are spreading hate, not Rep. Ilhan Omar.

  • A Rhode Island Trump supporter pleaded guilty to two counts of transmitting a threat in interstate commerce and one count of stalking on Tuesday. 30-year-old Matthew Haviland sent a series of angry messages to a […]

    • He’s an idiot and deserves conviction.
      1. public threats are stupid. Kidnap the professor, feed it a clean, high-fat diet, THEN eat it. It will be much better.
      2. eating something alive, q.v. Korean and Japanese devouring of living seafood, is specialized. Did he have plans for flavorings? I imagine most Dims/Leftists would be greasy with self-indulgence and bitter since 2016.

      I’d recommend some strong seasonings with cider vinegar to cut the grease and sweet herbs to cut the bitterness.

  • The House Oversight Committee says that they’re investigating Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao after reports that she aimed to help her family’s shipping business from her post in the Trump cabinet.

    In […]

    • It’s about time.

    • But Trump’s a racist and white supremacist (BS). Why does he even have an Asian-American Transportation Secretary, HUD head or a former Indian-American UN rep?

      Now let’s look at Hillary’s dealing uranium deals and Hunter Biden’s China deals.

    • Genital,

      You’re so called “whataboutism'” is a hypocritical strawman which does nothing to address the facts. You are also idiotically wrong in using the term.

      Facts: your side loves screaming “racist” about Trump. Notice that all the individuals mentioned are members of the administration, not your side. That is NOT whataboutism. You fail in your accusations of “whataboutism” as you do in life. Because you’re stupid and a shallow-thinker and confused.

      You yourself have frequently used “whataboutism”, but you are a hypocrite, liar, and soft-brained parroter of your “elite” betters. Don’t you have some pathetic mooching to work on?

  • President Donald Trump is getting really tired of Democrats investigating his businesses and, on Monday morning, he logged on to Twitter to complain about the investigations and suggested that they should look at […]

    • “President Donald Trump is getting really tired of Democrats investigating his businesses” Article

      King Donald The Loser is confused.

      If he can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

    • Democrats witch hunt will never stop! That is why we must vote them out of office. Muller found nothing after 3 years and 30 million (Trump must be really good at hiding his crime, right?) and they still looking but Hillary 30,000 Yoga, cake receipts and daughters wedding email invitations still missing in a melted hard drive and liberals belief her!! LOL!!! Nothing about Ukraine giving Clintons money laundering foundation for Uranium enrichment in those missing emails, right? Do not investigate her cause it was only Top Secret information sold.

    • Can I ask if this experiment of putting “the crazy guy at the end of the bar” in the Oval Office is a ONE and DONE? I am not asking if you plan to vote in 2020 to continue this insanity. I am asking if R’s 2024 POTUS candidate will have actually read the U.S. Constitution.

  • President Donald Trump took another dive into fiction on Thursday when he made up a quote and tweeted it out, attributing it Congressman Al Green of Texas, who has consistently pushed for impeachment.

    Trump […]

    • Trump averaged 5 lies a day during the 2016 general election campaign. He’s currently averaging 15 lies per day. If one needs to change the definition of “lie” to be information you want to hear regardless of its factual status, THAT is the clearest demonstration of irrefutable evidence of DERANGED thinking that anyone will find.

  • Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi slammed the Trump administration and her Republican colleagues during her press conference on Thursday, calling the situation “beyond appalling.”

    Pelosi was speaking about the […]

    • She who claims to be Speaker in name only has no place to throw stones at the WH. She could better serve the American people by resigning and going home to pick grapes for her wine.

  • President Donald Trump and his former national security advisor parted ways on Tuesday morning with the president saying almost immediately that he asked John Bolton to resign but Bolton saying that, actually, he […]

  • Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci has been railing against President Donald Trump for the last few weeks and during a recent interview with Australia’s ABC, he made a number of […]

    • I claim that the Mooch is a weasel, trying to extend his fifteen minutes. He’s intimidated by Trump, who justly fired him IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS for unprofessional conduct and language, among other things.

    • Scaramucci is one of those individuals who should stay on food stamps and the unemployment rolls since they’re completely useless as productive human beings. Being jealous of the accomplishments of others won’t feed the bulldog.

  • President Donald Trump caught heat over the weekend after a report from Politico uncovered that military aircraft have been stopping at the Prestwick Airport near his resort in Turnberry, Scotland. And on Monday, […]

  • On Friday, President Donald Trump began the sixth day in which he insisted that he was right that Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama.

    He wrote on Twitter, “The fake news media was fixated on the fact that I […]

    • That’s because he was. He stated “originally” asked Kevin to show the graphic, again stated “originally” but took a right turn. How you and the rest of the haters in media can continue to lie is unfathomable! There is vid of the presser on YouTube. Pretend you’re a real journalist and go view it. Do your research Alex.

    • Trump: Alabama “will most likely be hit (much) harder than anticipated.” and “They actually gave that a 95 percent chance probability.”

      Reality: There was ONE (of many) forecast tools that gave a small southeastern part of Alabama a 5 to 10 percent chance of experiencing 40 mile per hour winds. This obviously did not happen.

      With his continued protestations and attempts to use fed tools and his office to match his incorrect narrative, Trump has now created doubt because weather reports are partisan and should not be believed.

      • As Sherri was eager to demonstrate, Trumpers do not concern themselves with reality. Somebody, ANYBODY, please come up with a plan to Make America Sane Again!

    • Only in Trump World does it make sense to fund raise off of “official Donald Trump fine point markers” representing the Sharpie he used to draw a line to ALTER the hurricane path map. Keep in mind that he told you he DID NOT KNOW who drew the BLACK line expanding the WHITE line path of the National Weather Service’s forecast. FOLKS, Trump is human. He made a mistake. The Alabama Weather Service corrected his error with an alert within 20 minutes. Please tell him you don’t care so he moves on and stops tweeting about it.

    • “Trumpers do not concern themselves with reality” Phyllis

      Your “Trumpers” are confused.

      Even after the fact, after they have been hurt by their cult leader, most of them will still cling to him. Truckers are a good example, some farmers are not. Truckers, even though they are in trouble, still end up in truck stops where they get to listen to the Royal Broadcasting Service, FOX News. Farmers could, literally, lose their farms, so a few of the disaffected ones have had a dose of reality and won’t vote for keeping their ex-king on his throne. At the moment, truckers will.

      This is really amazing but painful to watch. I don’t want to see anyone hurt, but sometimes you just have to let some people careen over the cliff. So they have to ask themselves – “am I a trucker or a farmer”?

  • When Vice President Mike Pence when to Ireland, he stayed on the other side of the country from the nation’s capitol, which meant a long commute. And the Veep probably stayed there because his boss owns a property […]

    • Really? How much did it cost for MIchelle to take her posse to Spain? Damnocrats are idiots.

    • $10,166? How much is THIS investigation costing? How much did the Mueller investigation cost taxpayers?

    • Some people compare the way King Donald The Loser operates to that of a mob boss. Pence’s stay at the King’s palace is just a “kick up” to the mob boss – doing what you can to funnel money to your boss. If your mob boss “suggests” doing something, even if it means breaking the law, you had better not be confused about it.

      Really, fans of the King? You are OK with that? What if the King doing this was a Democratic King? You would go bananas, right? So why not now?


    • This is the official joint announcement.

      https :// dot gov /news/press-releases/oversight-and-judiciary-committees-investigate-pence-trip-to-trump-golf-resort

      What I am confused about is what Chuck & Nancy have to say about an investigation. Neither one were interested in investigating because they were both scared to start, and they want to use King Donald The Loser as a fund raising prop. Do they see it as inevitable now?

  • President Donald Trump appeared in the Oval Office on Wednesday to give an update on Hurricane Dorian, but the briefing was offered in a strange way: with a doctored hurricane map. The map included a sharpie […]

    • Don’t know whether to hang my head or laugh out loud. The imbecile, baby in Chief sure has his support staff working overtime to assuage his ego and attempt to own the MSM. Love how someone added a loop to include Alabama–are they underhandedly trolling him?

    • What’s with the big poster board on this anyways? Are big pictures really necessary on a subject that changes as rapidly as a freaking hurricane?

    • “18 U.S. Code 2074, which addresses false weather reports, “Whoever knowingly issues or publishes any counterfeit weather forecast or warning of weather conditions falsely representing such forecast or warning to have been issued or published by the Weather Bureau, United States Signal Service, or other branch of the Government service, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ninety days, or both.” San Fransisco Gate

    • There will be a game someday where you read about a video clip and have to decide SNL or Trump admin.

  • The National Rifle Association has been having a difficult time maintaining a positive public image after a series of negative stories over the past few months. That battle worsened this week when the San […]

    • Wow… this is wrong. The NRA is having their own internal issues and stupid crap like this is just going to renew support because its going to paint legal gun owners who are associated with the NRA as terrorists (which will rightfully piss a lot of people off).

      Even with spreading misinformation, the NRA wouldn’t fit the definition of terrorist and that really isn’t a line that has any gray.

      Get your **** together San Fransisco. This is such an idiot move.

    • “The NRA will continue working to protect the constitutional rights of all freedom-loving Americans.” NRA

      The NRA is confused. The NRA continue to work for the profits of the gun companies.


    • San Freakcisco has been spiraling downward since the late 1940’s and eventually will hit bottom. What was once a beautiful city is now an abject cesspool.

    • Rather than deal with their homeless, drug issues, typhus outbreaks, and rising crime SF now calls the NRA terrorists. Way to lose convention dollars you pinheads (as if that would ever happen).

      How about dealing with your loss of tourism dollars, the piles of shit, reeking puddles of piss, and used hypodermics littering your streets? Then there’s the Left’s bogeyman: vast income inequality.

      I will never go back to SF for all those reasons and the extortionary fees and taxes that the “leaders” still frivol away.

  • President Donald Trump had a highly-criticized weekend after he backed out of a trip to Poland to stay in the United States and play golf. When he was asked about Poland and the 80th Anniversary of World War II, […]

    • Such a strong, smart man. His comments can be applied to any situation or question.

    • Sigh…

      With Biden leading in the polls, i just wish someone else would break out as a front runner (but not Sanders or Warren) so i could confidently vote for someone who isn’t a total buffoon publicy in 2020.

      • My thoughts exactly. If I have to vote Dem, please let it not be Biden.

  • Senator Mitch McConnell (D-Ky.) isn’t a fan of his newest nickname, “Moscow Mitch,” and in a radio interview on Tuesday morning, he complained about the moniker and called it “over the top.”

    Right-wing radio […]

    • “The “Moscow Mitch” nickname has become increasingly prevalent as President Donald Trump has played nice with Russian President Vladimir Putin and McConnell hasn’t been willing to call him out.” Article

      NO, that is NOT the ONLY reason why he is nicknamed “Moscow Mitch”!

      He also is named “Moscow Mitch” because of his corruption. He had his lawyers meet Russians in Switzerland (because negotiations were illegal at that time) and days later “Moscow Mitch” made it possible to lift sanctions on a Russian oligarch and company so that they could pour $200 million into a Kentucky aluminum mill.

      IJR is not being thorough in describing the broad scope of his nickname, so they may confuse people who only read headlines. He EARNED it fair and square.

    • Moscow Mitch is McCartyism HOW?

    • Otis replied 2 weeks ago

      Poor Mitch…take it like a man!

  • Fox Business host Stuart Varney kept a straight face on Friday and boldly claimed that Donald Trump never lies, despite the president’s well-documented trouble with the truth.

    Republican Joe Walsh — who is c […]

    • Re: lies “Fox Business host Stuart Varney kept a straight face on Friday” Article

      And this is a serious problem. If we can’t agree on the ground rules about truth, we have no discussion.

      Barney doesn’t believe that King Donald The Loser hasn’t lied. He covers them every day. He is lying himself.

      So confusing.

    • Shall we begin counting the times #44 out right lied to the American people and the World? This is only a big deal now because the Socialists HATE Trump because he beat their unfit radicalized Queen.

      • I am confused.

        Are you saying that King Donald The Loser hasn’t lied or stated mistruths well over 12,000 times?

        It seems only Republicans are obsessed with Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  • Fox News host Shepard Smith is one of the few voices on the network who has been willing to fact-check President Donald Trump when he spouts lies. And, on Wednesday, Smith called out the commander in chief after […]

    • “the president fawned over Jeanine Pirro’s new book, telling his followers to “go get it!” Article

      I am confused.

      Why would King Donald The Loser tell others to go get Pirro’s book? The only book that he reads is his copy of Hitler’s speaches.

      If you think that he read Pirro’s book, then you are confused.

    • Alex, did you bother taking the 10 seconds necessary to google “new wall construction”? There are videos, pictures, and even reports from the New York Times COMPLAINING about the new wall being constructed. Do you even care about your credibility?

      • Gee, David. Do you also believe Mexico is paying for it? Shep is not lying to you. It is 60 miles of repairs to fencing that was erected during Obama’s years in the WH. If it makes you feel better, go wave your “Finish the Wall” sign at Trump’s next rally. In Trump world, the truth is whatever you want it to be.

        • Trump’s quote “The Wall is going up very fast despite total Obstruction by Democrats in Congress, and elsewhere!” Where in there does he “claim” that it is on parts of the border that had no previous barriers? And no… I never thought that Mexico would directly pay for it. Although they do seem to be helping stem the tide of immigrants.

    • David, those videos, pictures, and reports have all been of replacement wall. When you Google, try reading past the headlines.

  • Trump campaign spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany made an appearance on CNN that ended after she claimed that the president has never lied to the American people.

    In a heated back-and-forth with host Chris Cuomo, […]

    • “You’re still welcome on the show” Cuomo

      Why? I am confused.

      Having a disingenuous person, such as McEninny, on his show is a disservice to his viewers. The MSM has to learn not to give these people political oxygen.

      You KNOW that she doesn’t believe that King Donald The Liar, I mean, Loser hasn’t lied. He is blatant about his lies, like the good fascist that he is. Plain as the nose on your face. The more adamant someone is about the king not lying, the less they should be believed.

    • So Trump’s tax cut totaled $5.5 trillion over 5 years. Please tell me, which prior tax cut was higher? The one example you give that is a “blatant lie” is actually verifiably true. He never said they were the biggest percentage tax cuts.

      Need me to find a few examples of the free press “peddling lies”? How about the retracted story from MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell this week about the Russian oligarchs co-signing Trump’s loan?

      And CNN… here is Politifacts assessment of their truthfullness… About 30% of their statements are at least mostly lies. And that is being really generous by calling claims like “50% of Republicans support Medicare for All” Half True… um no, that isn’t even close to accurate. In fact nearly 50% of Democrats don’t support Medicare for All (including non–citizens).

      True (16%)
      Mostly True (36%)
      Half True (20%)
      Mostly False (10%)
      False (14%)
      Pants on Fire (5%)

    • “50% of Republicans support Medicare for All” Half True” David

      It was actually 52%, in 2018.

      thehill dot com /hilltv/what-americas-thinking/412552-majority-of-republicans-say-the-support-medicare-for-all-poll

      www politico dot com/f/ ? id= 0000016c-d4ce-df1d-a96d-dcff82d00000 (a poll PDF file)

      www realclearpolitics dot com /docs/RCOR_Topline_Healthcare dot pdf

      Today, it is 65% across the board. Don’t confuse yourself or others.

      • 97% of Americans support universal background checks for all gun sales. See a path thru Congress?

      • From 538..
        Medicare for All, replacing private insurance 64% 14% 39% 41%
        Medicare for All who choose it, allowing private insurance 90% 46% 70% 70%

        …but fine, poltifact called it “half true”. Although the conversation at the time was centered on the replacing private insurance version discussed in the debates

    • David, WHICH tax cut has paid for itself? Can we ask for a retirement of Reagan’s disproved concept? If R’s wish to cut taxes okay. But insulting our intelligence is getting old.

      • You are changing the subject. I wasn’t defending the tax cut, although I could. I was simply pointing out that the “blatant lie” was actually 100% accurate.

    • I love how everyone piles on after someone tries to respond to me. If you want me to read your well crafted and inciteful comments, do it separately, otherwise you are wasting EVERYONE’S time and effort.

      Come IJR, fix this shit.

    • David, I would love it if you defend the 2017 tax cut during which time Trump stated “a great economy.” It was believed it stimulated job creation for 2018–but the job creation #’s for 2018 were recently REVISED 501,000 fewer than previously reported. And R’s appear to have changed their minds on stimulus. Amid the WORST recession since the Depression, Paul Ryan led the R’s to vote against the tax cuts in the stimulus citing, “Stimulus doesn’t work.” Well, Paul Ryan showed us that they don’t work during a good economy. In fairness, 3 R’s in the Senate did NOT join the ALL House R’s and Mitch McConnell controlled Senate R’s in voting against stimulus during the Great Recession. Of the 3 R’s that put country over Party, only 1 remains in the Senate. On your comment regarding you were defending a Trump lie, don’t waste your time. I get it. If it is what you want to hear, then it is considered true. Make America Sane Again.

  • President Trump is suggesting his Doral resort in Miami for the location of the 2020 G7 summit, but that plan quickly caught the ire of House Democrats on the Judiciary Committee who announced Wednesday that they […]

    • I am confused.

      How does King Donald the Loser think that he can get away with all of this nonsense? He obviously doesn’t care a bit about hiding any of his actions.

      Go after him Chairman Nadler, go after him!

      • Nothing new. You appear to always be stuck in high speed reverse. Must be that addle problem.

    • Idiot Nadler’s obsession with Trump’s every move, action, thought, agenda is getting in the way of his (Nadler’s) working FOR the American people. This fat old creep needs to be replaced; hopefully during the 2020 elections in which the GOP should take back control of the House where our elected political representatives will BEGIN working FOR Americans; not their petty obsessions.

      • LOL….You keep wanting Congress to investigate your conspiracy obsessions with the Clintons, but investigating a sitting POTUS is apparently only appropriate if they have “D” after their name??? It is amusing to see an 85 year old gentleman call a 72 yr old gentleman “old.” You do recognize that Trump is one year OLDER than Nadler–and Trump also also falls in the “obese” category. You do not want Nadler for 2 more years, but you want Trump for 4??? That covers your fat and old assertion. Creep-REALLY? I find a man bragging of grabbing women by the pussy CREEPY. Unlike Trump, Nadler has never been on video partying with Epstein. If Trump does not fit the criteria for “creepy,” WHAT is your definition of creepy?

    • It’s called a suggestion, scuttle it and keep moving.

    • Ironically, all of the negative press he is getting equates to a massive advertising campaign for his new resort.

  • Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci has been perhaps the loudest critic in the batch of former Trump aides who have turned on the president, and he intensified his criticism in a recent […]

    • And I think it’s WAY past time for Scaramoochie to be removed from making his ridiculous, petulant comments. He’s just a very sore loser who can’t get over himself.

    • The mooch is a cooch

    • Remove Trump from Office – for WHAT? His turning the economy around?: His getting people back to work? His getting the GDP to grow up from #44’s abysmal 1.8% over 8 years? His LOVE FOR America and its’ people rather than trying to destroy it?

      The HATRED being spewed by the Socialists, Marxists and sore losers is evident just because their radical, sickly, foul mouthed, inept Queen was defeated in 2016.

      • You seem a bit obsessed, there, Confused James.

        You do realize that Hillory Clinton is not running and is irrelevant, right? She, along with King Donald The Loser, made for the two most unpopular presidential candidates running together ever. Nobody is crying for her return. Nobody.

        So just like AOC, why are you and so many other Republicans always bringing her up? It is so weird and confusing.

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