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  • Pete Buttigieg, the South Bend mayor turned presidential candidate, has never shied away from being critical of Vice President Mike Pence, who was governor of Indiana during Buttigieg’s tenure as mayor and on the […]

    • I thought Hugh was a better interviewer. Why didn’t he press Buttigieg on what specific policies VP Pence is advancing? Mr. Buttigieg, your generalization accusations without any specific context are little more than a pretext.

      • It’s what they always do and it’s past old. They toss out slanderous statements and provide absolutely zero evidence to support their claim. The media continues to allow these baseless claims and never hold the interviewee accountable.

      • Uh… Pence was pretty aggressive in his policies when he was in IN and it was widely covered in the media. That really wasn’t that long ago.

        It was only 2013 that he signed into law (which he supported) that homosexuas could be jailed if they applied for a marraige license.

        Thats just one example of his record of discrimination against that community. Plenty others to be found with a google search if your memory is faulty.

        • True; BUT. Pence took the correct action in 2013. The SCOTUS ruled in the LGPDQ’s favor in 2015 they could marry. That is why a number of Notaries here in Florida (myself included) resigned our commissions in order to not be a party to that particular scam by officiating at their so-called “marriage”.

          • So it isn’t discrimination because you agreed with his actions? Sorry, but that isn’t how it works.

            It’s fine if you agree with Pence’s actions, thats your business. My only point is Pence doesn’t get to act like he is being wronged when he is accused of discriminating homosexuals. He did so plenty and only stopped because he legally had to. He would have gladly went a lot further.

            • Welcome back

              • Thanks Phyllis – I’m probably on borrowed time, but I’ll keep posting until I’m blocked again for spam. Still can’t login though.

                • SPAM? Really? IJR is attempting to be bipartisan. If they only wish to have one view here, they should just tell us this is a Trump Only Zone. Perhaps you should contact Alex and ask why you have been blocked. The only spam I see here are the work from home ads that infiltrate the site every few months.

      • You and your 4 up votes might be the only ones in the country that did not know Mike Pence championed and as Governor signed RFRA for Indiana. There was so much backlash, Pence was forced to amend the Indiana law.

    • Here’s the deal – Buttigieg is lying. Just recently on CNN Pence said “I don’t believe in discrimination against anybody. I treat everybody how I want to be treated,” the vice president continued. “The truth of it is, all of us have our own religious convictions. Pete has his convictions, I have mine.”

      • Pence will forever be known as the Governor that signed Indiana’s RFRA. Buttigieg is NOT lying. Look carefully at the statement Pence made to CNN. Pence avoided mention of his POLICIES. That is what Buttigieg statement was about. As Pete clearly articulated, he was NOT speaking to what is in Pence’s heart. Only Pence knows if his signing of the policy was to push his religious views on others or simply a political move. Pence got such push back, he was forced to amended the policy. —

    • Butt-gig and his ‘First Man’ will only see the inside of the White House on a public tour.

      • Are you basing your assertion? Having military service? Rhodes scholar status? Harvard degree? Married only once? NO history of fines for corrupt business practices, no class-action lawsuit settlement for fraud, no actual sexual assault allegations and no Access Hollywood videos? No bankruptcies, No TV reality host job? Do you really perceive the Trump resume is something the American electorate will be using going forward???

    • If the Indiana RFRA was not extreme, WHY was Pence forced to amended it? WHY would Gov Brewer, not exactly a leftie, refuse to sign the same bill in AZ?

      • The claim that “Pence forced” is a big nope. You must know how the legislative process works??? He can only sign or veto what is presented.

  • President Donald Trump brought back one of his confusing phrases on Friday, taking a swipe at his former opponent, Hillary Clinton, for having “acid washed” her emails.

    The president isn’t always the best with […]

    • What would mainstream media have to write about if the President would choose his words in a brief and clearly expressed manner? Might we presume that his tweets are simply a malapropism?

    • Oh boy! What a non-story. I can’t wait for Biden the gaffer to get back on a roll.

    • Exchange the words “acid washed” for “Bleach-bit” and Trump would be 100% correct. HRC also removed SIM cards from phones before handing them over to the FBI; smashed Blackberrys and computers to avoid any retrieval of information sent illegally.

      Latest count is that HRC is guilty of 110 felonies for the classified information found (by Comey and the FBI) she sent on her illegal server and 4 more recent Top Secret emails found which violate the Espionage Act. She is well past the time she should be serving Life without any chance of ever again seeing the light of day.

      [These do not include her previous 40+ years of criminal activities while following Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”.]

    • When “articles” are written that are simply to mock they are not news, they are not journalism and they are trash. Anyone with 1/2 a brain knows it’s BleachBit that was used and the media falls for Trump’s idioms EVERY SINGLE TIME! The only ones that think it makes Trump look stupid are those that hate Trump. Actually, it makes the writer of said “article” look petty.

  • Star freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) was given the opportunity during Thursday’s House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing to criticize not just drug giant Gilead Sciences, but also the […]

    • Interesting that at least 4 IJR readers do not hold Congress responsible for allowing Gilead to bilk US citizens for research & development of a drug that the US taxpayers funded the R & D. WHO is it that would be responsible?

      • Right sentiment, wrong excuse.

        This is an example of congitive dissonance. They see AOC’s name and picture and they KNOW that she must have done something with which they don’t like or agree. Just like Pavlov’s dogs, see AOC’s picture, must down vote article or comment.

        This process is automatic and they don’t even have to think about their actions or the repercussions from they themselves (or us) being ripped off. They aren’t confused. They are brainwashed just like being in a cult.

        • I want a plan from every candidate how they plan to Make America SANE Again.

          • I could make a suggestion as to where to look for some sanity, but you have already indicated that you disagree with many of their ideas. I probably can’t help you more with that because, sadly, there IS no other sane solution!

            You, basically, have three choices: the insanity on the right; the corrupt middle-ground; or the people on the left who seem to be the only ones willing to try things that deal with the mess that we have been in for at least the last 40 years. You have to make this choice based on what happens if we DON’T deal with this mess today.

            Are the Rs going to fix them? Get out of town.
            Are the corrupt Ds? None have so far.
            Who is left? Don’t get all confused by me, now.

            • I want sanity, not fantasy. I do not want someone campaigning on something they can not deliver. I hear Bernie and a few others talk & and they might as well be campaigning on “World Peace.” You don’t cure insanity with campaign slogans that make as little sense as “Mexico will pay for the wall.” or “It’s a revolution.” If the D’s wish to follow the R’s in allowing the crazy fringe to take over the party, I’m back to being an Independent. You don’t cure insanity with more insanity.
              Susan Saradon & Bernie Bros could not support Hillary in 2016 because they believed she was the same as Trump. SERIOUSLY, tell me how Hillary would have appointed 2 more pro-corporate interest/anti-labor & anti-consumer SCOTUS Justices.—Justices that will still be on the court when I am gone. Tell me how Hillary would have removed all mentions of Climate Change from EPA policies. Tell me how Hillary would have gotten out of JCPOA or Paris Climate Accord? Tell me Hillary would have met with Putin and claimed to believe Russia did not interfere in the election. The damage to America done in the last 2 yrs is a permanent stain on this country. It can not be corrected with MORE INSANITY.

              • While Hillary may not have gotten us INTO the insane messes Trump created, she also wouldn’t get us OUT of some of the systemic, chronic, insane corruption messes that still need to be untangled, either.

                Since the corrupt establishment can’t get their act together, I am willing to look further afield. There still will be enough establishment resistance, especially in the first new term, to curtail some of the left’s more avant garde proposals.

                To me, that is worth the risk. If you still don’t like what they have fixed in four years, I am sure there will be more changes made.

                • Bernie Bros sound just like conservative media when it comes to Hillary. You folks live in a fantasy world where your ideas will be embraced by all if you are loud enough & obnoxious enough not to be ignored. Your “avant garde proposals” have the support of a small percentage of Democrats—a small percentage of Dems is not going to get your version of fixes, thru Congress. Trump destroyed the Republican Party & Justice Democrats are doing their best to destroy the Democrat Party. There already IS a Democrat Socialist Party. If we supported that platform, we would be registered in that party.

                  • You seem confused as to where the center of the American people (not the politicians) are. These are just the topics for which I currently have poll numbers.

                    • ending our foreign wars and our outrageous military spending [86% say use miltary as the LAST resort]

                    Bernie has been fighting this battle for about 4 DECADES! Check out his recent bill with Ro Khana, to get us out of Yemen.

                    • ending our healthcare crisis, including mental health [Medicare For All 70%]

                    You know what a mess we are in with this.

                    • ending money in politics, including Citizens United, and the related corruption of most politicians [71% want campaign finance reform]

                    Corruption everywhere!

                    • ending reliance on carbon-based energy [81% want Green New Deal (new poll), 61% stop climate change (older poll)]
                    • rebalancing the tax rates fairly and ending tax loopholes [59% want 70% marginal tax rate, 76% say tax the rich more, 67% say tax corporations more]
                    • ending the national criminalization of marijuana / cannabis [62%]
                    • breaking up the big banks [57%]
                    • enshrining / protecting Roe vs Wade [69%]
                    • dealing with the expense of education [60% want tuition-free public college]

                    We used to have a version of this. The economics are compelling.

                    • dealing with the flat wage growth since the 1980s [63% want living wages]

                    Apparently, 36% don’t care what they earn.

                    • fully refunding Social Security [72% say expand SS]
                    • protecting net neutrality [83%]

                    That’s what the majority of us think. How many of these issues are supported by the corrupt Republicans, the corrupt Democrats, progressives? I support the candidates that support the greatest number of people, such as me, and put me ahead of corporations. You know, like they are SUPPOSED to do.

                    You mentioned the Justice Democrats. They fight the uphill battle against corruption head on. They aren’t allowed to take big PAC donations, etc. Who do you think they listen to more, their constituents or the corrupt machine? The Democratic establishment can’t stand the JDs because Justice Democrats (Just us) want to stop the river of money.

                    Who can we trust more, some lazy politicians who pockets are routinely filled with dirty, even dark, money or someone who only gets small donations mainly from their own voters? I can’t wait to see who gets nominated as a Justice Democrat in round two.

                    • WHAT has Bernie accomplished “fighting this battle for 4 decades”?

                      The federal minimum wage has not been increased since 2009 when it was raised to $7.25–with inflation that would be $6.19 in 2019. Has Bernie helped or hindered with his demand for $15? Certainly has NOT helped those earning minimum wage.

                      Has the US aid for the Saudi war against Yemin ended? NO. Did Bernie’s bill have the votes to override Trump’s veto? No.

                      I am not clear on the JD’s expectation of taking no corporate or big money donations. You want all D’s to play by a set of rules the R’s are not buying. The R’s can’t even agree to not use stolen info, so you can forget about playing by rules called for by someone they call “Crazy Bernie the Socialist.” In the event that you have not noticed, the R’s have no plans to pull money out of politics. There are huge sums in think tanks to come up with ways to convince folks to vote against their financial interests. How do you change that? Addelson, Mercers, Koch, DeVos, …

                      WHY does it have to be the GND? Because it garnered so much support on conservative media? SOME of the items are reasonable & attainable goals. R’s operate on a practice of if 1 thing in the report they disagree with, then they disagree with ALL of the report. I don’t reject ALL of it or endorse ALL of it.

                      I am curious about your Medicare for All numbers. Are you claiming that those who currently have employer healthcare plans wish to give it up for a tax increase? The employees of commercial insurance corp wish their jobs to go away? You must agree that is hard to find credible.

                      You act as if a candidate CLAIMS to fund his own campaign or only take small donations that the politician is honest. I heard that bullpucky from Trump in the primary. How did that work out for you? How did it work out for John McCain?

                      General, I am 67 yrs old. I am too old to believe in fairy tales and magical fixes not matter what side of the aisle it is coming.

                      • It takes more than one person to get a bill passed and big, systemic changes can’t be done easily with a split Congress, but there will be more JDs soon. I will play this long game.

                        • You got states in mind to produce 60 JD Senators? Scratch PA off your list. When Carville called PA “Philly and Pittsburgh with Alabama in between” he nailed it. Being PA has NEVER had a woman US Senator or Governor, AL might be a bit more in the 21 century than PA. Keep in mind that Bernie lost the Dem Primary here by 12%. It wasn’t close despite his pre-election claims.

                          Bernie was in the Senate in 2009-10 and they had 59 D’s. They passed Obamacare and FOX News convinced their viewers it was SOCIALISM with DEATH PANELS. What do you perceive they will do with Medicare for all? In 2010, R’s gained 63 seats in the House and 6 Senate seats over a healthcare plan that was subsidies to buy COMMERCIAL INSURANCE. .So you will have to do it quick because you won’t have control for more than 2 yrs.

                          If Bernie has been fighting this battle for 4 decades, define “long game.” 40 more years?

              • James replied 2 days ago

                YOU are far from being an Independent. YOU are so pro-Left, pro-Socialism and anti-growth under the present competent political leadership in the WH. It’s not difficult to recognize your political leaning with the repeated slandering of OUR duly elected President and his many, many accomplishments since January 2017. I understand; but do not share your hatred of OUR President. Conversely, Americans were warned about Barry Hussein Soetoro prior to him becoming illegitimate #44 and were advised to NOT vote for him because of his Marxism, his having been radicalized by studying/teaching/following Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and (reportedly his favorite), Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto”. Barry was never vetted as Trump is still being at this moment. His birthplace was never revealed; his legal name was never used; his (Indonesian) citizenship was never revealed and his anti-American, destructive agenda was never revealed. His time in the WH only proved how unqualified, unfit and inept he really was.

                • James, read my post to the General. Does it sound as if I fit into the Trump party? NO Does it sound as if I fit in the General’s Justice Democrat Party? NO. I am a realist–I don’t waste my time with wacky conspiracies or fantasy policy proposals. I AM A DEMOCRAT! If the D’s go far left, I will return to my Independent status from 2003-2008.

            • Is it not those on the Left who are wanting and planning on taking America BACKWARDS into massive failures and failed political philosophies; namely SOCIALISM? It is clearly written everywhere. Read the campaign rhetoric of the 20, 30 or 50 candidates running to try and defeat Trump in 2020. They all have the same, identical stench of Socialism in everything being proposed. It doesn’t even resemble the America I remember from just a year ago. There is NOT one candidate who has a single solitary idea of what or how to improve the lives of Americans over and above that which Trump has already accomplished; NOT one. With the likes of Communist AOC spewing her vitriol and kindergarten level stupidity (plus Bernie Sanders rehashed BS) the Left is well on its’ way to a final, well deserved demise.

              American voters need to wake up and look at what is now – prosperity, growth, employment, happiness under competent leadership in the WH – and what could be – a North American Venezuela and Cuban “utopia” where adults are eating other parents children to keep body and soul together! WAKE UP!

              • James, you expose your ignorance in every post that you mention socialism.

                You are obviously confused by the differences between socialism, democratic socialism, communism, and most likely fascism, and it seems that you have no intention of ever clarifying the differences in your mind.

                Give us a break and, in your free time, go take a course about them.

              • James, I am always perplexed as to why you concern yourself with who is running for the D nominations. You are voting for Trump. We get that. Those who are NOT are looking at our choices in 2020 I am not likely to take advice from someone who holds such crazy, unfounded beliefs. If you wish to attempt to convince someone to support Trump, tone it down.

    • So what is AOC doing with her newfound position to introduce legislation to add to or change the U.S. Constitution?

    • I want Alexandria Obviously-Clueless to specifically state where in the Constitution, as amended, where it says that health care is a RIGHT.

      Then since Medicare is such a great medical plan I want her to be the first one to be on her Medicare for All. None of this Medicare for All except if you are in Congress or were ever in Congress like they did with Obozocare. I have Medicare and it sucks. It costs me a fortune and provides no coverage.

      As for the Department of Health and InHuman Services running anything, they are more screwed up than Social InSecurity.

  • On Wednesday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) suggested that we need the new military arm in order to ward off space pirates — and the Texan is uniquely positioned to comment on intergalactic marauders, as he’s the c […]

    • This was written for the sole purpose of making Cruz appear to have lost contact with reality. Pioneers in any field are the ones with arrows in their backs. A more useful criticism would have been the lack to clear definitions from the Pentagon about the way the formation of a space force would modify the missions of the other services. For example, which service would be responsible for EMP blasts over the US.

    • “Since the ancient Greeks first put to sea, nations have recognized the necessity of naval forces” Cruise

      Greeks? Wouldn’t the Egyptians, Persians and Phoenicians be surprised?

      Cruise is confused.

    • The onion is literally going to go out of business. Irony has become inseparable from reality.

    • What a stupid story.

    • I just don’t understand why the writer uses such a mocking tone. Ultimately inserting their own slant. Yes space piracy is a likely a long way off but satélite interference, debris fields, and more are already issues in space. So it’s not that Cruz is so ridiculous, it’s that he’s a politician and likes to be dramatic. And this writer decided to be dramatic too instead of researching more, sharing knowledge and educating a reader. Fail on this article. Step it up IJR.

    • It’s all fun and games, until the space pirates get here.

  • One-time White House adviser Sebastian Gorka continued his trend of outspoken remarks this week when he declared that a gay wedding on the PBS show “Arthur” signified a “culture war” — nevermind that the c […]

    • Ah, thanks for reminding me, Alex, that the new Archer series “1999” is starting at the end on May!

      You almost confused me.

    • A number of us here in Florida resigned our commission as Notary Public, State of Florida at Large (with the State’s authority to perform marriages) because of the 2015 SCOTUS ruling on “gay” marriage. Here, the Florida Statute defined marriage as between a man and a woman; not two of the same sex since we were put on this Earth to procreate; not experiment and recreate. I resigned my commission on January 1, 2015, the effective date of the SCOTUS ruling.

  • It takes a lot for Fox News’ late-night personalities to get critical of the president — host Sean Hannity is so obsequious that President Donald Trump reportedly makes fun of him — but he’s taking heat from host […]

    • So what ?

    • It’s politics. One catches more flies with honey (even BS) than with salt.

    • Anyone ever heard….”Love your enemies”? How about…..”You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar”? I think the President is dumb like a fox. He intimidates when he feels he has to and in order to achieve favorable results for our country if he has to say Putin is smart……so what? Besides Putin probably is smart…..he wound up President somehow…same as the rest of them including Xi and Kim Jong Un. How else do these evil people stay in power…..because they’re stupid?

      • I’m certain you’ll remember Putin has been President twice with a short break between terms.

    • Trump know how to negotiate and Laura Ingraham does not! Nothing is more important in China than “saving face” and that is something Trump obviously understands. This is coming from someone that had Chinese cultural training before living there for two years. Laura knows not of what she speaks in this case.

    • Make way for the excuse squad stampede…

    • Donald Trump has “Brutality Envy”?

    • Donald Trump has “Brutality Envy”.

  • Last June, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave the Red Hen Restaurant in rural Virginia and the move created a storm of online backlash and caused the restaurant to shut their doors for more than a week as […]

    • Food banks and domestic abuse shelters all over the country will be inviting Sarah to visit a restaurant in their town.

      • So you’re OK with what happened to Sarah Sanders? Hypocrite!

        • Hypocrite?? She was asked to leave and did. What is there NOT to be OK with? I hold the same opinion of this incident as I did the gay wedding cake & flowers. I have no idea why ANYONE would want to give their money to a business that doesn’t want to serve you. If the baker was forced to agree to bake the cake, would YOU eat it? My advice is to pass.

          • She was HARASSED into leaving, you liar. As usual, you deflect into something completely different. Your MO is getting very old, philly. Your spins are getting very old. You have NO credibility here at all. “Hypocrite” and “Liar”, both fit. You are NOTHING BUT a left-wing stooge.

            • Still waiting the meaning of your OWN phrase “government knows best state”. Miss high and mighty, just WHAT does that mean?

            • WHY would you want my meaning of anything? Did you forget I have no credibility? That’s some memory you have there.

            • Perhaps you are confusing Sarah with Sec Nielsen who was harassed in a Mexican restaurant in DC. Sarah was simply asked to leave a VA restaurant and did. Even the titled of the article describes it as “kicked out.” I am the elder with an apparent much better recall than you. You might want to look into having it evaluated by medical professionals. WHY do you perceive I care about your assessment of my credibility? You appear to be having a temper tantrum. Kinda old for that.

    • I’m glad that Red Hen helps the community coffers, but denying service or allowing harrassment of patrons seems anti-community. Would they be popular if they tossed out a transvestite who was minding his/her/it’s own business and simply trying to have a meal?

  • After a thundering entrance into the 2020 field that included a record-breaking fundraising haul, Beto O’Rourke has struggled with slipping poll numbers, so he changed his strategy Monday night by doing two things […]

    • “Since his launch, he’s been doing town halls at a blistering pace.” ALL with an average attendance in the teens. You sure know how to pick a winner, alex.

    • Bozo did suspend his campaign for a while to go home and help the family look for their lost pet turtle. Maybe the turtle had an opportunity to escape Bozo’s BS and hit the road.

      I’m surprised Bozo hasn’t asked to be dropped off of the clown car as yet. He’s long overdue for a trip back to El Paso to illegally help the Alien Invaders avoid ICE and deportation.

  • “Saturday Night Live’s” tendency to go all-in on politics in the Trump era can get a bit exhausting at times but, occasionally, the show still manages to strike gold when lampooning Washington — and last w […]

    • It appears that humor like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The old SNL was funny and worth staying up to watch. Now? Trying too hard and missing the mark.

    • I remember when SNL was funny; as Eddie Murphy playing ‘Buckwheat’ would’ve said, “Been a long time tince dem days.”

      • LOL…FOX and Friends a week ago Sunday thought SNL was hilarious. They almost rolled off the sofa laughing at Adam Sandler’s song in the Weekend Update segment. But, I get it. SNL can not be funny if you don’t watch it.

        • Who are the 2 down votes that missed Pete Hegseth & Jedidiah Bila’s May 5th F& F segment of Adam Sandler’s song on Weekend Update? They played it in the 7 am hour and re-aired in the 8 am segment. Pete was quick to point out that it is okay to laugh at SNL if they ALSO poke fun at D’s. It was hard to forget since Pete had a whole different take on Michelle Wolff’s performance that poked both D’s & R’s.

    • Even if SNL hurt your feelings poking fun of Senators McConnell, Collins and Graham, you have to admit that Kate McKinnon nailed Graham in appearance, facial expressions and speech. Cecily Strong was almost as perfect Susan Collins. One more week and SNL goes on hiatus till the fall. You can put your snowsuits away.

      • Hurt feelings? That’s rich. SNL tries so hard but is no match for the originals. Appears you spend a lot of time learning the names of these wannabes. Snowflakes, dear, was a word coined for the sad, less resilient of the 2010 era who cried when Hillary LOST in 2016

        • It’s your right to express your opinion, just as it’s my right to express mine. I’m curious as to what you are basing your opinion that SNL is no match for the originals. The originals were targeted to an audience that enjoyed slapstick comedy. The writers pay homage to those days with a slapstick skit in almost every show. MOST of today’s audiences want more substance. For those who do miss those days, there is always the funniest video show. I’m please SNL matured with the audience

        • Your etymology of “snowflake” is a bit confusing. A word was coined in 2010 for those who cried when Hillary LOST in 2016. That was interesting. But we do live in interesting times.

          • Well, old girl, does this clear up YOUR etymology? “The term “snowflake generation” was one of Collins Dictionary’s 2016 words of the year. Collins defines the term as “the young adults of the 2010s, viewed as being less resilient and more prone to taking offence than previous generations”. Difficult to make this stuff up. Don’t try so hard. You look foolish.

    • I would take your 8 down votes as an indication that the IJR Red readers do not want Republican lawmakers cowardly behavior to change. I do agree that it won’t change–at least until Trump tweeter account is closed down.

    • As much as I hate Saturday Night Live, I have to admit they’ve got something there. The fact that it’s an open joke SHOULD force Republicans to rethink their cowardly behavior…but sadly, it won’t.

  • As President Donald Trump began his week by firing off a string of tweets that covered just about every topic discussed on “Fox & Friends,” he discussed trade relations with China and gave shout-outs to a few […]

    • M­y l­a­s­t p­a­y c­h­e­c­k w­a­s $­9­5­0­0­ ­w­o­r­k­i­n­g­ ­1­0 h­o­u­r­s a­ ­w­e­e­k ­o­nl­i­n­e. M­y y­o­u­n­g­e­r b­r­o­t­h­e­r f­r­i­e­n­d h­a­s b­e­e­n a­v­e­r­a­­g­i­n­g 1­2­k f­o­r m­o­n­t­h­s n­o­w a­n­d h­e­ ­w­o­r­k­s­ a­b­o­u­t 2­2 h­o­u­r­s­ ­a­ w­e­e­k. I c­a­n­’­t b­e­l­i­e­v­e h­o­w e­a­s­y i­t ­w­a­s o­n­c­e ­I t­r­i­e­d i­t o­u­t. T­h­i­s i­s w­h­a­t I d­­­o……

    • Funny.

    • It’s the Trump touch….Cohen, Papadololous, Flynn, Manafort, Gates, Stone, Bannon, Gorka, Dubke, Scarmucci, Spicer, Priebus, Porter, Comey, Price, Zinke, Pruitt, Tillerson, Nielsen, Sessions and as mentioned the Capitols.

    • You people have absolutely no understanding of or sense of humor. If you can’t figure out that he was joking you need to go back to third grade.

  • One of the hallmarks of President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign was the “lock her up” chants that rang through his rallies. As that quote became a constant refrain, it became clear that jailing Trump’s political […]

    • President Trump can be vitriolic, funny and definitely off-the-cuff and it is both soothing and alarming that he does not play politics as usual. Keep ’em guessing!

    • James replied 1 week ago

      I believe most Americans are waiting for the Hillary investigation to begin. Judicial Watch has been investigating her since her days in Arkansas. They now have evidence of her sending highly classified data over her illegal server and are gathering more evidence against her. It appears by 2020 that Crooked Hillary will be seated with her team of lawyers in a Court room in an attempt to stay out of prison.

    • Hey Alex, the US Department of Justice is under the Executive branch of the US government. Since Jan. 20, 2017 President Trump has been in charge of the Executive branch. So much for your prejudicial writing.

  • One of President Donald Trump’s trademarks is branding his opponents with nicknames, so it was just a matter of time before South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg — who has been rising in the polls — found him […]

    • Good comparison, though. I remember the character except Neuman was not queer. Strange though.

    • OUCH. Must’ve hit a nerve. Somebody please save alex. Come up with just ONE of his articles that isn’t saturated with TDS. Just ONE!

    • President Trump is spot on again.

    • The nickname game is silly. Just ask Anna Banana fo Fanna, but the fact is they sometimes stick and politicians have been playing on that level for decades.
      Whoever brought forth a donkey in an attempt to embarass Andrew “0l’ Hickory” Jackson with a donkey created, with the help of Thomas Nast, the symbol for the Dumbocrats. What an ass he must’ve been.

    • I really had not noticed the resemblance before but he does look like him. I am amazed that he had to look up who Alfred E. Neuman is, MAD has been bashing on Trump since he got elected. I think this just show how far out of touch with the common working class person Pete Buttigieg is, he wouldn’t get my vote.

    • Alfred is way more interesting than Pete Buttplug.

      • I am attempting to understand the logic and mindset of a guy who believes a name of a make believe magazine model is more interesting than a Harvard grad, Oxford grad, Rhodes scholar, US Naval intelligence officer deployed to Afghanistan for 7 months, How does one acquire and sustain such shallow interest?

        • Depends on your definition of “interesting”. Personal accomplishments does not automatically make one interesting.

    • “He calls Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) “Pocahontas,”” Trump probably thinks this is an insult.
      Pocahontas represented her people, very creditably, at the court of Queen Elizabeth I, of England.

    • “Buttigieg’s off-the-cuff retort hits back on a number of levels.” It doesn’t hit back on ANY level, alex. You still are a hack and you still are heavily infected with TDS.

  • Congress has been putting together a disaster bill that funds relief to areas ravaged by wildfires, floods, and other natural disasters, and it looked like it would pass with support from both parties after a bit […]

    • Puerto Rico has received more than their fair share to fix the damage from Hurricane Maria. Maybe PR needs some competent leadership to properly manage the money and make the necessary repairs. NO more money for PR.

  • President Donald Trump took to a stage in Panama City, Florida on Wednesday evening to deliver a rally speech that was mostly a round-up of his greatest hits — but while there were chants of “lock her up” and ” […]

    • Many of the people I know on the island do appreciate / like Trump but every political type does not.

  • In March, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told the Washington Post that impeaching President Donald Trump “is just not worth it.” That comment split her with certain factions in her party who have […]

    • More words, more noise, more hot air, more braying. NO facts to support anything other than Trump’s reelection in 2020.

    • “he’s becoming self-impeachable.” Pelosi

      So when are you going to start impeachment investigations, Nancy? You are confusing.

  • On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) declared on the floor of the Senate “case closed” on the Russia investigation.

    He went on to quip that “my Democratic colleagues seem to be publicly […]

  • On Tuesday, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) — who is among the very wide group of hopefuls aiming to unseat President Donald Trump in 2020 — seemed to set herself apart from the field by promising to “only nom […]

    • …because upholding the law and IMPARTIALLY interpreting it is sooooo much less important.

      Didn’t FDR FAIL to pack the Supreme Court to see things ONLY his way?

      It’s a good thing Sillibrand will never see the Oval Office unless she visits.

    • I am thinking that the decision to start a family should be between the woman and her husband. If there is a health concern of the mother then her doctor should be consulted. The only time that the the decision would be between the woman and her doctor is if the doctor is the one who is going to impregnate the woman. In that case the doctor better be the woman’s husband other wise he is going to be afoul of ethics and the law.

    • So Sillibrand is running on a platform that supports murder for hire???

  • Jason Alexander, the actor who famously portrayed the neurotic George Costanza on “Seinfeld,” has frequently been an outspoken opponent of Trump and the Republican Party — but when Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) tried t […]

    • Who dis? Michael Bennet. Who you?

      Bennet it yet another obscure politician trying for the Oval Office and crowding the Dim short bus. Jason Alexander, another obscure wannabe. Quick: name anything he’s recently appeared in.

      full disclosure: I never watched Seinfeld. A show about shallow, self-absorbed neurotics did not appeal to me.

      • I think that Screwtape is confused.

        The Democratic “bus” is not crowded compared to the actual number of candidates who are running. You/the news only discuss a handful of the 718 candidates, as of today, who are running for 2020. The corrupt national parties and the media will make sure that you never hear about the less significant candidates.

    • He’s got about as much chance as winning as I do, and I’m not even running.

    • Jason Alexander? What a SCHMUCK…IN fact a typical SCHMUCK. When will Conservative Jews speak up? Tired of all the Ditsywood schmucks giving their liberal biased views.

  • The National Rifle Association endured a shake-up last month when Oliver North stepped down from his role as president of the organization. North had allegedly been trying to overthrow CEO Wayne LaPierre, but that […]

    • Isn’t this the Congresswoman who represents a District in Georgia; but actually lives across the border in Tennessee? Sounds like another Maxine Waters – District is not fit to live in that she represents.

      • James is confused by law.

        If you want to ensure that candidates live within the district or state that they want to represent, then get the law changed. For example, in the upcoming special election for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District, 5 out of the 10 Republican candidates don’t live in that district. Make sure you put your left shoe on your left foot, James.

        • Genital, there are no statutory requirements that James be confused.

          Unless he’s trying to read one of your posts.

      • James, unless a particular state or locale requires an office holder to live within a certain area then it’s not a disqualifier.

        OR’s Sen. Ron Wyden lives in NYC with his wife.

        However, it should make thinking voters mighty suspicious. Unfortunately those are limited in supply. Carpetbagging anyone?

        • If I lived in Oregon and this was brought to my attention, the first thing I would do would be to fact check it. Were you thinking that the Wyden family (the Senator, wife and 3 young children) live in his wife’s NYC bookstore? His wife sold her Manhattan townhouse in 2016 for $7.5 million.

          • The flaw in your logic is believing that people live in their businesses, q.v these things called apartments, townhouses, etc. Not that living in your business is a bad thing.

            The Oregonian, hardly a right-wing rag, notes he was spending an average of only 104 days a year in either DC or Oregon.

            That leaves 261 days unaccounted for, i.e. the majority of the year not doing his job OR and including being in Oregon.

            • . Might he have spent that time in NYC BEFORE or after the sale? He does have a wife and kids living there. Unless he abandoned them as well.

              You failed to note that he sold his Portland residence in 2011. Where exactly was he living? Not in Oregon.

              • I asked for the year as the only Oregonian article I could locate is 1 in 2016 that reports WHAT R bloggers & R radio hosts made claims similar to what you earlier describe. BUT they were refuted in the SAME article! Screw, I am not attempting to convince you to let go of a conspiracy theory you are so obviously deeply invested. But your conspiracy did not work in 2010 or 2016 when your fellow O’s voted for Wyden by the same margin of 57% Perhaps you should try a new conspiracy.

            • IN WHAT YEAR was your newspaper providing the days? His wife sold the townhouse 3 years ago.

              • GOOGLE IT, philly. Just like you tell everyone else to do. If Google is where you found your LACK of information, maybe Google ISN’T what you have told everyone here it is.

                • As indicated above, I DID google it and the ONLY article in Oregonian archives that comes close to Screw’s description is a 2016 article reporting on Repub bloggers & radio hosts CONSPIRACY, which were REFUTED in the SAME article. EVERY MSM outlet reported on Pizzagate & Seth Rich conspiracies as Right-wing/FOX News conspiracies, but they were REFUTED in the same articles. If one makes a choice to believe wacky conspiracies, that is a choice. MY right remains to point it out.

          • fact check yourself.

          • “If I lived in Oregon”. You DON’T live in Oregon so you really don’t know what you would do because, if you did live in Oregon, your opinions would be based on THAT living experience, not the experience you have gathered by NOT living Oregon. Opinions are based on life experiences and those who put themselves in an experience they’ve NEVER had and then tell us what they WOULD do really aren’t credible at all.

            • Ban, I NEVER worked in Comet Pizza, am NOT the parent or family member of Seth Rich or Vince Foster, NOR do I have friends or family members killed in Planned Parenthood bombings and shootings. I don’t HAVE to be personally affected to recognize the senseless pain and suffering by right wing conspiracies. If you are okay with the fallout, that is on you.

              • Funny how you talk about planned parenthood bombings and shootings, but you don’t mention ANY of the MURDERS that take place behind pp’s doors. I suppose you think THOSE are just a right wing conspiracy, also.

                • Oh most assuredly NOT a conspiracy. I think they are LEGAL, safe procedures. Were you thinking they were illegal because you nor I agree with the decision? That is NOT how our legal system works. The right wing conspiracy is that abortions will disappear if you make them illegal. That would be pretending that they have not taken place in America before Roe & won’t if it is reversed. How did that work out with prohibition? How has it work with actual murder, bombing & shootings?

                  • LEGAL MURDER. Spin, spin spin

                    • Ban, you really need to get a grip. An act is not illegal simply because you believe it is. We covered this on your belief that the ACA is unconstitutional when the SCOTUS said TWICE it was constitutional. Pretending does not make it so. Repeating it does not make is so. Join reality.

                      • “We covered this on your belief that the ACA is unconstitutional when the SCOTUS said TWICE it was constitutional.” Just when did “WE” cover this? Do you just make up lies when you have NOTHING? You need to take your own advice about joining reality.

                        • When you decided to post that Obamacare was unconstitutional and I pointed out to you that it was determined TWICE by the SCOTUS to be constitutional. You cited that you did not care what the SCOTUS decisions were—you knew differently.

                          • “When you decided to post that Obamacare was unconstitutional and I pointed out to you that it was determined TWICE by the SCOTUS to be constitutional. You cited that you did not care what the SCOTUS decisions were—you knew differently.” So sorry you are losing it philly. Your delusions are getting worse. you are having conversations with yourself. Now, if you JUST talking about the individual mandate, that has since been removed, that might be a different story.

                  • Your TRUE colors are out, philly. They are pretting effin UGLY. Like I said before, the next several months are gonna be devastating to your spin about Trump. And now that we KNOW you favor the MURDER of fetuses, the PICTURE of you is COMPLETE.

                    • have ALWAYS been CLEAR on my position. NOT certain how you missed it. Do I favor a safe option for those who intend to terminate a pregnancy? YES. After 40 yrs in nursing , do I think terminations of pregnancies will vanish because Roe is overturned? NO. I live in the real world, ban. Not some fantasy land where making an act illegal that has been taking place since 1550 BCE will vanish it. You forgot to tell me how you perceive it worked out with prohibition.

                      • “have ALWAYS been CLEAR on my position”. You are never clear about anything. your replies rarely have anything to do with what’s being discussed, just like prohibition entering into this thread. As ANY long time visitor to this site will tell you, your positions change as you see fit.

                        • Sorry, ban. I can not dumb it down any lower for you. If you are unable to understand my posts, I suggest you skip over them instead of frustrating yourself. Normally, I would ask you for an example of a change in my position. BUT you would simply deflect with an inane comment on how you know my positions better than I do and then tell me I am the one who makes assumptions.

                        • I have held the same position on SAFE & LEGAL abortions since I was a student nurse assigned to prep & recovery of a 15 yr old for a hysterectomy. She had attempted to abort her pregnancy with a coat hanger & damaged her uterus & infection developed. She did not want her mother to know of the pregnancy because she was impregnated by her FATHER. The coat hanger idea was also his idea. I have thought of that patient many times over the last 45 years. My position won’t change.

                      • “Not some fantasy land where making an act illegal that has been taking place since 1550 BCE will vanish it.” Since you are the ONLY person on this site that has said anything like that, you really do need to take your own advice about joining reality.

                        • WHAT is it that you men see as occurring if abortion is illegal? WHAT will change for YOU?

                          • As usual philly, you have missed the boat totally about me. I will, once AGAIN, explain this to you in plain and simple English. I, as an American tax payer, do NOT want my Federal tax dollars being spent on the MURDER of unborn children. The Federal Government has NO BUSINESS in the abortion business. PERIOD.This issue should be handled on the State level, NOT the Federal level.

                            • If your daughter’s life was endangered by continuing a pregnancy, would you say let her die? If your wife was impregnated in a raped would you insist she carry the child to term? THOSE are the EXCEPTIONS federal dollars would pay Medicaid or VA dollars for an abortion under the Hyde Amendment. Someone’s daughter, sister, wife or mother is who you wish to make that decision for. WHAT federal gvt facility is in the abortion business? VA hospitals? Walter Reed?

                              • You, philly, live in what-ifs, I live in reality. Your comment is scrambled on many levels. Who said ANYTHING about abortions in government facilities? Not one example that you cite NEEDS Federal dollars to obtain an abortion.”Someone’s daughter, sister, wife or mother is who you wish to make that decision for”. A very weak-assed guilt trip there, philly. Especially since not one of them needs Federal dollars to get an abortion.

                                • Next you will be telling all of us here that if Federal dollars are pulled from abortions, ALL abortions will be performed in a dark alley with a coat hanger.

                                  • Ban, WHERE have you been? Hyde Amendment was passed in 1976! Abortions were performed legally on request in NY, AK, HI & WA before Roe. They were performed legally for specific cases in most states prior to Roe. If Roe is overturned, women in the “government knows best states” will travel to a “small government” state, visit a back alley clinic, or use the throwing themselves down the steps or coat hanger method. Abortions WON”T vanish. but many will pretend they have.

                                    • “If Roe is overturned, women in the “government knows best states”. Stupidest comment EVER. Please tell all of us what a “government knows best state” IS? I’m SURE this is something that you have PERSONALLY made up. Or some other idiot that hold hold in high regard.

                                      • If you are “SURE,” why are you asking? If I contradict your assumptions, you play the victim card.

                                        • What “VICTIM” card HAVE I ever PLAYED? Oh great deflector, answer the question posed to you, for once! I will remind you of it. Just WHAT is a “government knows best state”? I’m giving you the opportunity to take your foot out of your mouth, here. You really should try to take advantage of the opportunity. You have a chance to shine here for everyone who thinks you are nothing but a yokel.

                                        • Answer the question.

                                • How did you perceive the government was in the abortion business? That wasn’t my issue, it was yours. Guilt trip? Interesting

                                  • “How did you perceive the government was in the abortion business?” I find it amazing that someone like you, a self-professed intellectually superior person to everyone here, asks SO many questions that have ALREADY been answered by previous comments. You really need to work on your reading comprehension, philly.

                                    • Self professed??? Only you have professed I believe I am intellectually superior. On several occasions I have attempted to get you to look introspectively at WHY you feel inferior. Your feelings are not my issue to solve. Only you can do that. Good luck.

                                      • just what is a “government knows best state”? You said it, now explain.

                                      • Deflect, deflect ,deflect, yada, yada, yada. My feelings have NEVER been a part of this until YOU go off into left field. Answer the very simple posed to you, philly.

                                      • Reading comprehension, philly. Try it sometime.

      • Lucy McBath is listed as living in Marietta, GA. Her district is made up of the affluent northern suburbs of Atlanta, Marietta is one of those suburbs.

    • Carolyn Meadows may be partly correct. However, the female part of her assertion would be incorrect. Both McBath and the previous representative, Karen Handel, who she won against are female. The reason that McBath won is more likely that Atlanta is very demoncrap, including the affluent suburbs, and Handle is a Republican. The minority part is also suspect as the district is over 60% white, McBath is black.

    • Tick tock tick tock, philly. Answer the question.

  • President Donald Trump’s loyalists have frequently accused their opponents of spreading misinformation, but that hardly seems to slow them down. The latest culprit is Katrina Pierson, an adviser on the president’s […]

    • Come on! People utilize GIF’s like stock footage utilized by the media. Were her words wrong and who cares if photo was wrongly attributed. Kids in cages as an Obama photo was ignored by MSM after initial publication. Sometimes photos are used as an illustration of something as opposed to actual exact photo that might not be available. Not sure if using this photo was anything since there were rockets being fired into Israel.

    • So, did 650 rockets get launched at Israel? If so, then the fact the video was wrong shouldn’t be the thing you’re outraged about. If that were the case, I’d be a lot less amused everytime the media used the name AR-15 for any picture of a random rifle. This article is akin to, “The house is on fire!!” “Yeah, but the drapes are a hideous shade of orange.” C’mon! Reach much?

    • If I were to write an article about gun violence in Chicago, and wanted to include a photo, would the photo have to be a Chicago democrat holding a gun that had actually been used to commit a violent crime, or can I just use a picture of my Georgia republican nephew, who’s never been to Chicago, holding a never fired gun?

    • “Over the weekend, Gaza and Israel endured some of the worst fighting that the region has seen in years. On Monday, the two sides reached a tentative cease-fire, but the casualties had already included at least 23 Palestinians and four Israelis, according to the Associated Press.” No one is disputing those facts,nor the deaths of 23 “Palestinians” and four Israelis. What’s being missed, is that firing the rockets, is an act of war, and ANY response Israel makes, would be appropriate.

    • You mean: Empty the joint out completely? Hey, works for me.

    • Who cares IF the photo was used to illustrate the point? The real point is that Israel is being attacked by the terrorist group Hamas. [Hamas funds all the Muslim CAIR units here in the US.] WHY hasn’t the US gone to Israel’s defense and bombed Hamas into oblivion? Then on to Iran.

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