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  • Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) blocked a motion for unanimous consent on one of the most bipartisan bills on Capitol Hill on Wednesday — funding for a victim compensation program for 9/11 first responders. After P […]

  • Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi managed to steer her party through rocky waters this week and pushed through a resolution condemning the president’s racist tweets. The vote united the party against the […]

    • Let the infighting continue to expand and implode their Party. . THEY are the ones destroying what’s left of their “Party”, not Trump’s words. He’s just laughing as hard as the rest of America at the mess 4 people made trying to convert our Republic into a Third World Sh**hole.

  • Anthony Scaramucci has been out of the White House for almost two years now but the former White House communications director still occasionally weighs in on the goings-on at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    The […]

    • Apparently the “Mooch” is either blind or deaf to not read or hear the anti-American slander and trash talk being spewed by the four rabid female dogs (there is a name for them). It should be obvious to even those Leftists with the lowest of low-IQ’s that the four HATE America, are desiring to implement the Muslim’s Shar’ia Law to replace our Constitution, HATE Israel and every Jewish person (born of “apes” and “pigs”), HATE every Christian (born of “swine”), plus destroy the American economy by wanting such idiotic programs as the “Green New Deal”, bankrupt the senior’s healthcare program with “Medicare for All” – including for Illegal Aliens who have NO Right to even be in the US.

      Hopefully the 2020 elections will bring about a mass exodus of anti-American Leftists from Congress and the Senate and America can get back to being BY Americans, FOR Americans.

      • I am amazed at the absence of critical thinking skills of segments of individuals on BOTH sides of the aisle. If individuals wish to publicize their ignorance the 1st Amendment gives them AND YOU the right to do so. The right to freedom of speech is not restricted to only those who are deemed reasonably sane and informed.

  • President Trump’s racist tweets over the weekend in which he wrote that a group of progressive Democratic congresswomen should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they […]

    • I stand with President Trump!

      Note to the 4 ANTI-America, ANTI-Israeli, ANTI-Semetic “Done Nothing for America in Their Life” Socialists/Marxists/Commies: BE American, BUY American, SUPPORT American – OR, Get the Hell OUT.

    • But of course President Trump is a “RACIST”: He’s the first PRO-American POTUS since #43 to speak up FOR America and has not gone, will not go on “APOLOGY TOURS” around the World trashing our Nation. ONLY foreigners bite the hand that feeds them and then, look for even more FREE stuff from their Leftist comrades.

  • President Trump earned wide condemnation after a string of racist tweets over the weekend in which he suggested a group of Democratic congresswomen should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime […]

    • I may not agree with a lot of what these congress reps are saying, but they were elected so obviously their constituents have concerns that aren’t be addressed by really either Democrats or Republicans.

      Also, you cannot say you support legal immigrants and then tell them to go home when they decide to be involved in politics. I think anyone would admit there’s issues in the areas these folks have loudly conplained about – that there is a difference of opinion on how to fix it is hardly reason enough for the sitting president to tell them to go back to their own country.

    • I am confused, Phoenix.

      You seem to be ignoring the fact that three out of the four unnamed Congresswomen ARE BORN IN THE USofA! So, the King sure is right that they are needed to “help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.”

      Just because one wants to improve this country and make it work better does NOT mean that that person “hates” this country or “aren’t happy here”. All in Congress are US citizens and they have the legitimate right to do what they can to make this country better. That’swhy they get elected.

      “Love or leave it” is a common slogan from the most ignorant people on Earth.

    • General Confusion. Well you sure chose an appropriate alter ego. You say that you’re confused. Check. You appear to believe that you’re an expert on “ignorant people “. Check again. Now exactly how do you think that this unlikely group is going to “ improve this country and make it work better”? What they are good at is causing turmoil and hate. They will be the demise of the Democrats if people like you agree with socialism and screaming racist at anyone they don’t like. Discord. That’s what they’re really good at and continuing to preach.

    • You are confused by good policies, Cherl.

      Just because you don’t like something, or to say more accurately, you think or have been convinced by others that you don’t like something, doesn’t mean that it isn’t good or right or isn’t needed. You aren’t being rational, if that is what you believe.

      Calling everyone that you don’t agree with a socialist, as if that is a bad thing, isn’t rational. Let Paul Ryan and his ilk take away your SOCIAL Security and let us hear you squeak. I haven’t heard you protest King Donald the Loser giving big corporate farmers soon to be tens of billions in current bailouts (and continuing subsidies year after year). Those are just some low-hanging fruit pointing out that our country has what is described as a mixed economy. Get over it.

      Governments, by their very nature and design, are supposed to help protect everyone in their society as a whole, not single out groups who their administrations don’t agree with (the media whose purpose is to hold bureaucracies accountable, people who don’t look like them, people who aren’t from the same class as the leaders, etc.) and punish them. That’s not how a SOCIETY is supposed to work.

      “Now exactly how do you think that this unlikely group is going to “ improve this country and make it work better”?”

      Current progressives are trying to right longstanding wrongs created by successive conservative governments, including conservative Democratic Party administrations. This wealthiest of countries has an embarrassing number of poor people and our King is trying to make wealthy people richer unnecessarily and are trying their hardest to hurt, even kill poor people (directly and indirectly through bad policies), just because they are poor. That is a shameful wrong that few current politicians of ANY KIND are trying to right. This also describes how corrupt our country is.

      People who complain about helping people in their own society, such as you and other IJR member’s here, seem to be confused about hurting people. It is wrong, no matter how you spin it. That is not how a good society is supposed to operate. It isn’t even Christian, depending on how evangelical or fundamental one happens to be.

      “This unlikely group” of women are trying to make sure that we help and protect those who need our help. That is what good governance is all about. They have a shared life experience that most of us have never experienced, so they come at our problems from a different perspective than many of us can. That doesn’t mean that they are wrong or bad. They know what it is like to be poor, to be discriminated and attacked for various reasons, to be held back or disadvantaged unfairly by a corrupted society as a whole. They have been lied about to no end by racists, bigots and others, including many in our government, that permeate our country who fear them. Maybe you believe those lies, including those from our Liar-In-Chief. That’s on you, Cherl. Take a good long look in a mirror. It’s sad to think that the hateful, scared person you see is you.

    • Generally Confused:

      Can YOU name ONE Law, project, idea or nightmare any of the 4 have put forth to IMPROVE anything in the United States? (Crickets)

      NO, you cannot. Because NONE of them have done anything since they were sworn into Office EXCEPT to bark like a pack of rabid dogs (you know the term, I’m sure) or bray like jackasses to fix anything they complain about or condemn our great President for

      Immigration – NO. (Enter all murderers, rapists and thieves)

      Healthcare – NO (They want “Medicare for All” to finish destroying the seniors healthcare system)

      Border Security – Definitely a NO (They want “open borders” and amnesty for all)

      Infrastructure – NO (Who cares? WE’RE going to get rid of the combustion engine – NO cars to drive on roads)

      Jobs – NO (NOBODY needs a job. Everything will be FREE)

      Write and Offer a Bill – NO (Don’t have time. Too busy complaining about what is wrong to offer a fix)

      With AOC and Omar’s approval rating at LESS THAN 9% among their constituents, they should be guaranteed a return to their previous employment in 2020 along with the other Socialists/Marxists/Communists (YOU know the definition by now) who are SUPPOSEDLY representing the American people of these UNITED STATES; but quite obviously do NOT.

    • James, James, James. You are more than confused.

      Firstly, remember that the recent new Congress is only half a year old, so all of the freshmen members have had a limited amount of time to research and propose new bills. AOC alone has sponsored three House Resolutions: H.R. 109 commonly known as the Green New Deal (in committee); H.R.2930, an Act to control loansharking (referred to committee); H.R. 3685 (referred to committee), which helps to protect tenents in federal housing. I am sure that this surprizing news to you will incentivize you to look into what the other 3 have accomplished. Yeah, right.

      “Healthcare – NO (They want “Medicare for All” to finish destroying the seniors healthcare system)” James

      Of all of your other nonsense, this one needs to be challenged. THAT IS NOT HOW IT WORKS, not that you have any intention of ever changing your mind about it. The whole point about having universal health care is that EVERYONE is FULLY COVERED with NO EXTRA FEES involved. We still pay for it, it isn’t “free”, as is commonly said. The whole point about single-payer is that prices will drop to something reasonable. What we have today is killing us by the tens of thousands each year, and you want us to keep that system when the rest of the world knows how to do health care better and cheaper? You are one sick puppy.

      You fearmonger and spread lies because you fear change and can’t think clearly about our worst problems.

    • General Confused. If you had a brain it would be washed by now. Your latest epic was just too much blathering to be of interest. Having worked for over 30 years as an independent contractor I paid all of my social security. I will never recover what I paid. So to see criminals, child abusers and traffickers think that this country owes them a new life makes me want to vote for a president who agrees with me. They know they are breaking the law and these foul mouthed four know it too. Legal/ illegal? Let me guess what’s ok with you.
      Btw, who did you plagiarize for that long winded diatribe? Omar, Cortez etc? Have you ever been to a socialist country? I have. It’s NOT pretty.

    • “I paid all of my social security” Cherl

      Right, and who do you think are trying to take even that away from you? Let me help you out – IT’S THE REPUBLICANS!

      “to see criminals, child abusers and traffickers think that this country owes them a new life makes me want to vote for a president who agrees with me” Cherl

      So what percentage of these refugees and immigrants do you yourself believe are “criminals”? 16%? 54%? 75%? 92%? 100%?

      And, yes, I am quite capable of creating my own content. Even if it is obvious, I try to names sources. I am not like Melania. Sorry to hear that you ignore my compositions.

  • Paul Ryan has been out of elected life for a few months now and a new book sheds a bit of light on the former Speaker of the House’s sometimes rocky relationship with Donald Trump.

    In the book, American […]

    • You really ARE confused, privates. Nowhere did Ryan EVER say that!

    • Glad he could do that for you. Although you are probably still confused as to why those still in office seem to have forgotten they have spines.

    • Every rookie president in my lifetime has made missteps in the early days of their terms. Remember Obama’s signing the executive order to close Gitmo in his first few weeks? How’d that work out?

      Ryan did absolutely NOTHING during his tenure as house speaker other than lay the groundwork for the Democrats to take over in 2018. He should STFU and go away quietly to work for the lobbyists that he’s indebted to.

    • “I’m telling you, he didn’t know anything about government.” Paul Ryan

      What? I am so confused about King Donald The Loser, now.

      The King said that he was a “very stable genius”! He said so and I trusted him. Oh well… thanks for straightening me out, Paul.

  • President Trump returned to attacking his political opponents on Twitter on Thursday during a series of tweets in which he also took time to shoot at what he calls “the fake news media.”

    In his first two […]

    • Glad to see the President still has the ability to laugh and joke despite all the unwarranted criticism and endless investigations into his every past, present and future move

      Have the Socialists yet begun to question: boxers or briefs?

      Geez, NOW I’ve prompted the dimwits to start ANOTHER investigation. Oh well, it’s only a few million $$$ of the taxpayer’s money.

    • James is confused about just how dumb King Donald The Loser really is.

      He can stand right beside an F35, which he can obviously see, and call it “invisible”. He thinks the “enemy” can’t attack it because they can’t see it. Amazing.

      The King truly believes that humans have a finite number of heartbeats and that we waste them doing vigorous exercise. Amazing.

      The King thinks that the civil rights “bussing” issue involves the physical problems today of getting kids to school on time in the morning. Amazing.

      The amazing thing is that 63 million of us actually voted this “very stable genius” to lead this amazing country. We are an idiocracy.

      • “The King truly believes that humans have a finite number of heartbeats.” Do you believe differently? Quit trying to tell all of us here what is going on in THE MAN’S head. All you do is twist ANY comment of his that you can, call everyone else stupid, tell us that you know what he is thinking and you think that people actually listen to you. Who REALLY is the stupid one, contusion?

    • I’m grateful that he’s exposed the media.

  • The U.S. Women’s Soccer team is high on their fourth FIFA World Cup victory and on Wednesday, they celebrated with a parade in New York City. However, the team has been pretty public about the fact that they […]

    • 6 IJR readers don’t like the story??? What is not to like???

      • Does racism and homophobia still confuse you, Phyllis?

        It is on display here, in the open, all of the time. Kind of hard to miss or misinterpret.

      • Perhaps it is a team that represents the United States but doesn’t respect the country while overseas- at least one co captain who speaks for the team.
        All entertainers think they have a political platform and because of that platform they have some insight on many things.

        I think they have insight on their profession- but they sit want to talk about things that they have very little knowledge about.

        That might be why.

    • Like sports as much as anyone but when it becomes political I lose interest. Perhaps the team should find another spokesperson who doesn’t have such a personal agenda.

    • TWO thumbs UP on that!!

    • I notice Barry is still using his fake name (He was LEGALLY adopted and name changed to Barry Hussein Soetoro and became an Indonesian citizen in order to go to the Muslim madrassa there.)

      Barry represented America as its’ FIRST Illegitimate President. He even said so in a speech in Koeglo, Kenya in July 2018. His husband – Mike – confirms that Barry says his home Country is Kenya. So, WHY is he still here?

    • Biden’s upset that all he got was a lousy T-shirt without so much of a chance to fondle the women or sneak a feel.

      Obama would prefer the US men’s team had won so he could meet up with them in the sauna so he show them why his nickname is “Bath House Barry”.

    • Red Card!!

  • President Trump’s July 4 bash didn’t go off without a hitch, the weather was stifling and clouded the fireworks and Trump’s tanks were reportedly out-of-sight for most of the general public in attendance. But […]

    • King Donald The Loser is running this administration in the same way he scammed building contractors – he just won’t pay them. He still owes the city more than $7 million FROM LAST YEAR!

      Cities are still confused. He should be made to pay these costs up front, the same way some cities make bars that have huge parties have to pay for extra police up front. Don’t pay? No permit.

      • But we would have MISSED the Trump version of history where there were airports during the Revolutionary War! We would have lived the rest of our lives not knowing there were airports in America 120 years before the airplane made a successful flight. I am willing to chip in to pay the bill for the celebration based on that entertaining tidbit alone.

    • Knowledge of Trump’s long and extensive history of not paying for services rendered by employees, contractors, partners & lawyers was well known BEFORE the Nov, 2016 election. THIS is what 62 million American voters wanted for America. How about we start an ongoing Go Fund Me Page to pay all the bills Trump and his campaign won’t pay. The airport story Trump told at the 4th of July celebration is WELL WORTH a donation. Some of you may have enjoyed the Trump version of anatomy when he announced yesterday “The kidney has a very special place in the heart.”– Would that be the right kidney, the left kidney, or both? Rex Tillerson has to be willing to kick in a few bucks just to have the entire country know the basis for calling Trump a moron. Hard for anyone to argue his assessment—unless of course Trump has convinced you there were airport in 1778 and the kidney has a special place in the heart. . Not out of the realm of possibility judging by past acceptance of Trumpisms.

      • “Phyllis squealed on the GREAT Usually Confused One a couple days ago.” James

        Any idea what he may be thinking of? Apparently we can PM each other.

  • The U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team are World Cup champions for the fourth time, making them the most successful team in the history of the tournament. And one of the storylines that came out of the World Cup […]

    • The soccer champions are not confused.

      They don’t need to bend a knee before King Donald The Loser in the White House to be complete.

    • Cherl replied 1 week ago

      They won a soccer championship. Good for them. It’s sports. Too bad the rest of the team appears to listen to a political malcontent. No surprise they wear Nikes.

  • Democratic leaders in Congress are calling for the resignation of Labor Secretary Alex Acosta after the arrest of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein on sex trafficking charges. Acosta was a U.S. attorney when he handled […]

    • “Acosta was a U.S. attorney when he handled an earlier Epstein case that resulted in a lenient plea deal.” Article

      Alex Thomas is confusing what happened. This wasn’t just a “lenient plea deal”. It was illegal and it was found in 2017 to be in violation of the Crime Victims’ Rights Act.

      Acosta should definitely resign.

  • Michelle Obama has been critical of the Trump administration on several occasions, and over the weekend in an interview with journalist Gayle King, the former first lady described her first experience of the […]

    • Newsflash Lady Antoinette: Your “handfuls of people of color” IS representative of the US, which still runs 70-75% white.

      Even the blogger of this article is white (and male), as are ALL the Blue staff (Billinson, Helmer, etc.).

    • This useless piece of crap, is not a reflection of the country either.
      Moochelle? Just shut the f**k up and go away.
      Take your spineless, loser husband, with you.

      • She wasn’t useless. She was Obozo’s beard and with Valerie Jarrett used him as a figurehead to enforce their agendas.

    • I’m trying to recall her accomplishments, political offices, or things other than being Obozo’s beard.

      Nope. I’m coming up with nothing.

      I’m not counting raising food waste and child hunger through her badly-managed “eat what I tell you” campaign for school kids.

    • The only thing that I remember you doing is destroying the school lunches, other than that I cannot remember much!

    • What does their daughters being sad on moving day have to do with anything? Moving is sad for children, I’m sure all children who’ve lived in the White House are sad on moving day. Or a child that’s lived anywhere 8 years. If I remember correctly, both of Obama’s inaugurations were heavily attended by the black population – a disproportionate amount compared to the country’s percentages. No one cried racism, Michelle, or looked around and counted how many white faces there were. MLK’s dream works both ways, you don’t judge me by the color of my skin and I won’t judge you by the color of yours. Expecting a white president’s crowd to have the same amount of black faces as a black president’s crowd reminds me of Seinfeld where George is trying to impress someone that he has a black friend so he befriends a black exterminator to take to dinner. Until the country has a more equal ratio is it proper for either side to “count faces”? Do we ever need to count faces? Where I live at the moment doesn’t have a large black population. Am I supposed to look for some to befriend? I am in the minority where I live however (I am white). I live in Hawaii and am surrounded by Polynesians and Asians. I do not look for or count as I go about my day how many other white faces I see. On one occasion I was told to my face at my job, by my Hawaiian supervisor, “I don’t like haoles” (equivalent to N word). It hurt a little but I continued to be me and by the time I left that job he was a friend. I don’t have all the answers for racism but I do know “counting faces” isn’t one of them.

    • James replied 1 week ago

      The racism continues by the Obummers and will continue as a “Poor Me, Pity Me, Gimme More Stuff and Reparations” campaign (even with their $40 million net worth). Just take a long walk off a short pier, Mike.

  • President Trump is not happy after an embarrassing leak on Sunday revealed how the U.K.’s ambassador to the U.S. truly felt about Trump’s behavior in office.

    In the leaks — candid diplomatic cables between a […]

    • Wise choice.

      Darroch has already betrayed his prejudices which means any “honest” dealings with him as a UK rep are done. The “leaks” also reveal how indiscreet he actually is which brings into question any past messages/dealings he’s handled.

      • Not following your conclusion on Darroch’s being “indiscreet” when his private cables were leaked. I was hoping you were going to tell us HOW Darroch’s assessment is incorrect. I thought you would cite all the examples of Trump adhering to the presidential norms. Explain to us how the historic record lows in global respect for the U.S. leadership was a positive achievement. Tell us HOW getting out of the JCPOA made the world safer. Tell us how the 3 photo ops for Kim have ended NK;s nuclear program. Tell us HOW sucking up to Putin has ended his involvement in Syria, Venezuela, Ukraine, Crimea, and Poland.

  • As the U.S. Women’s National Soccer team won their fourth World Cup in France on Sunday, celebrations arose everywhere, including in a French sports bar where Fox News just happened to be doing a live shot.

    But […]

    • Way to keep it classy France… this type of behavior is hardly helpful if you actually don’t want the the current US president to win a second term.

    • Ah France. It’s lacks consequence in NATO and now has passed the “surrender monkey” torch to Germany.

      I wonder if those applauding France understand it derives 75-80% of its power from nukes? Oooh. At least it reduces it’s carbon footprint while surrendering it’s cities and culture to Muslim invasion.

      Oo-la-la Froggies. You’re willing to see a nuclear Iran believing you’ll never be attacked since you’re already being conquered from within. q.v. no-go zones within Paris. Les idiotes and cretins.

    • You are confused, Phoenix.

      These were not French people – they were ex-pat Americans IN France. Obviously they were fans of King Donald The Loser.

  • President Donald Trump is breaking with his own administration and fighting against the Supreme Court in his quest to get a citizenship question added to the 2020 census.

    In a Wednesday tweet, the president […]

    • #25thamendment

      This clown is so confused that he should not be in ANY office, let alone be President.

      • #22nd Amendment:

        REPEAL the 22nd Amendment so this great man can continue working FOR America as he has since taking office in 2017. Trump has done MORE for Americans of all stripes in the first 30 days of his term in Office than the previous illegitimate Oval Office occupant did in EIGHT years. FACTS; not muddle-headed prattle.

    • King Donald The Loser has nothing to lose by just pandering to his base this way, to confuse you all.

      • This GREAT President and AMERICA has everything to lose by his NOT being elected to a second term. Take a look inside the Socialist clown car at the number of actual, qualified-to-be-an-idiot are running to try and defeat him. There’s not ONE of the 20, 30 or 50 idiots running who is even remotely qualified to shine Trump’s shoes; BUT are fully qualified to follow in Kenyan Barry’s footsteps to destroy America under his Marxist ideology; coupled with their Socialist, anti-capitalist agendas.

        Obviously the blind, the low-IQ, the biased and the muddle headed cannot see the accomplishments of this POTUS and his restoration of America to its’ leadership in the World. TRY to compare that to the Third World Sh**hole endeavors of the previous inept, anti-American “Administration”. Unfortunately for America, there’s one born every day and common sense is never included; only orders of how one MUST stay in lockstep with a built-in inability to think for one’s self.

    • If you have not figured out that Trump’s definition of “fake” does not mean FALSE, then you have not been paying attention. It means “something he does not want reported,” Trumpism has given the country MANY revised definitions of words—failing, winning, greatest or largest of all time, transparency, truth, law & order, socialism, and most assuredly the word “No” have all been deemed to mean something other than appears in Webster’s Dictionary. MAKE AMERICA SANE AGAIN.

      • FAKE is also part of the classic style of fascists – the big lie – the bigger, the better.

        MAGAs will believe anything their cult leader tells them. They have no interest in fact-checking, confirming using any real sources*, or critical thinking about the idiocies that spew out of King Donald The Loser’s mouth, such as wind turbines cause cancer.

        Yesterday, I even saw a tweet from Jacob Wohl quoted here! Really, IJR? Neither the King nor IJR can be taken seriously.

    • Amendment XV Section 1 begins…. The right of CITIZENS of the United States to vote….
      What part of that can be misunderstood? And especially now with liberals who seem to think that padding the rolls with anyone who is illegal is acceptable. It is not but they’ll fight to the end. We all see how it helped Hillary. Just not where it counted also mentioned in the Constitution.

      • I have NOT seen arrests of the illegal votes for Hillary. WHERE are you seeing them? If there were 3-5 million as Trump suggests, should there not have been a least a million arrests? And WHAT does voting have to do with the census? Being counted in the census does NOT give anyone the right to vote. It allocates resources to the area and is used to establish voting DISTRICTS.

    • You forget who is the leader of “his administration”. Don’t the left understand how anything works? Geez (facepalm here).

      • The leader of the administration is not in question. The legal response to the court was that the forms were being printed without the question. The Judge gave the DOJ until Friday at noon to come up with an answer that they were unable to clarify in court on Wednesday. What they were telling the judge was not what Trump was tweeting. You will know soon. The Left knows how legal matters work.

        • The question will be asked. No matter how much the left thinks knowing how many actual citizens are in this country. Counting non-citizens disenfranchises citizens. It provides for areas to have more reps. This disenfranchises those in areas with more actual citizens per-capita then those with more non-citizen. The judges know it. It will be an EO. And yes, the left will melt…..again.

  • President Trump is gearing up for his July 4 bash this week after a long-awaited appearance of tanks in Washington D.C. The tanks arrived in the city earlier this week (to some ridicule from the internet), but […]

    • Don’t be confused by King Donald The Loser’s ego and narcissism. Every dollar spent on this is a waste.

      The Independence Day celebration NORMALLY costs about $2 million. The ADDITIONAL costs will more than double the normal cost, PLUS the National Parks now need to divert entrance fees from our parks to help pay for this charade.

      And what happens NEXT YEAR when he tries to boost the military parade’s size to mimic North Korea’s or China’s? Who is going to pay for THAT? You!

      This asshole is out of control and who here is going to resist the monster? You?

      • Of the many things Trump does that I find offensive, this does not even register. To Trump and Trumpers, it is about symbols. The military is a symbol to them. Let it go.

    • No vertans have been invited by King Donald The Loser. Only his friends and donors have been invited, so far.

      I am confused. Again, why is he spending this extra money?

    • Tanks are brought in on the back of flatbeds so Council of DC is pandering to their extremely bias base. Trump is right, we own the rest. The only thing “bizarre” here is the headline.

      • I am on the record as wanting Trump to have his military parade in peace. The Left sounds like the Right when Obama wore a tan suit. BUT security for the event is not free. Clean-up is not free. Operating the air craft is not free. Closing Reagan International Airport is not free of inconvenience to airline passengers and crews. Closing the Lincoln Memorial & streets of D.C. are not free of inconvenience. Just because we own the land & equipment and hire the employees does not mean it is free of cost. The “bizarre” component is that you sound like Bernie Sanders–if it is taxpayer money it is free. Keep in mind that Trump stayed in D.C. this weekend and the cost of a trip to Mar-a-largo would have been equal to the 2.3 million cost so it was a break even.

      • Trump is an immoral narcissistic pathological liar. End of story.

  • President Trump is bragging of his brief trip into North Korea as massive foreign policy accomplishment. But not everybody seems to agree that the stroll into North Korea was the overwhelming victory that Trump […]

    • Old Chuckie flapping his gums again since Trump has been able to accomplish that which NO other POTUS has even tried. Like his half-brother – Barry Hussein – Chuckie should go crawl in a hole somewhere and close it behind him.

      • Chuckles and his half-wit sister Nancy can do nothing BUT flap their gums. There’s is a party united by hatred of Trump AND making every day Christmas for the losers and children. This is not going to sell in the flyover states.

    • Jealous, that Trump actually has some balls, eh Chuckie?
      Obama would have been on his knees, mouth open for use.

    • Chuckles talks like he HAS a foreign policy. Too bad he’s just a congress critter with no way to implement one if he did.

      Chuckles is also historically ignorant of the US working/negotiating with tyrants and despots:
      Ben Franklin persuaded Louis XVI to aid us during the Revolution. Had he not we’d still be a British colony.
      Jefferson negotiated the Louisiana Purchase from Napoleon.
      FDR and Churchill formed an alliance with Stalin.
      Reagan and George H.W. Bush persuaded Gorbachev to initiate glasnost and perestroika.

      Chuckles is just sucking sour grapes that the Bad Orange Man is doing things #44 never had the balls to do.

    • Don’t even the liberals tire of his hair plugs and bifocals? Oh yes, and his yammering and lying about President Trump? With all the scrutiny and supposition the liberals have put him through…..still nothing.

    • Hey Chuckie, you moron.
      Your policies have never worked and now, you have nothing else, that to criticize someone who has balls.
      BTW If your looking for someone’s member to suck, like Barack?
      I hear that Michelle, has a nice one for you to munch on.

  • A veterans group will be in attendance at President Trump’s July 4th bash, but the president might not be entirely happy with the message that the group is bringing to the event.

    VoteVets, a left-leaning […]

    • 😄

    • If VoteVets believe “in something bigger than yourself”; WHY are they promoting a self-centered “me, me, me” RINO like McCain?

      I wouldn’t pay $30 for a gross of his T-Shirts to wash my truck with.

      • Were you thinking Soltz is asking you to pay $30 for a gross of McCain shirts to wash your truck? If you support providing jobs and services to homeless vets you can donate to the mission without purchasing a McCain shirt.

  • President Trump is planning an all-out celebration of American military power and glamour on July 4, even insisting that there will be tanks at the event.

    The president told reporters, “we’re gonna have some […]

    • Code Pink is mobilizing Dim politicians to use hot air instead of helium to fill the Trump baby balloon. Yes, they don’t just suck, but also blow.

    • “because America isn’t known for throwing military parades and the July 4 celebrations have usually been apolitical. ”

      What alternate universe did this come from? One with ZERO sense of history? q.v. the parades held at the end of WWII, each Memorial Day, etc.

      So celebrating the 4th is “political”. I’ll agree, but it’s political in commemorating the Declaration of Independence from Britain.

      • We celebrate American Independence Day on the Fourth of July every year. We think of July 4, 1776, as a day that represents the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation.

        • Above is the reason we celebrate July 4, not the military, I admire our service men and woman and our vets, but we don’t need a big military parade on July 4.

    • Would be time to be in the area with a rifle and deflate the balloon. Maybe those that are offended by OUR President should just stay in Venezuela where everything (left) is free for the taking. Disgusting ingrates!

      • I’d agree, BUT can you imagine the security measures being taken? Can you imagine this being used against gun-owners?

        Nah, let the Trump balloon go. Without helium it’s grounded, which makes it so vulnerable to anyone with a sharp object. Or lighter.

        “Kill it with fire” has a certain resonance.

      • I don’t personally know any of the Code Pink or Mad Dog PAC members, but they do not appear to be from Venezuela. Guns are your answer to everything. Some times ignoring the issue is the best reaction. WHY would you allow yourself to be provoked by a balloon? You are 85 yrs old, NOT 5.

    • Let the Trump Baby balloon appear. That makes it so vulnerable. Sharp things. Lighters.

      Kill it with fire.

    • Make America Sane Again. If Trump wants to have a military parade for the 4th of July, let him have his military parade in peace.

  • Over the weekend, Ivanka Trump was part of the United States’ delegation to the G-20 summit with world leaders, and the president’s daughter didn’t seem to impress the other dignitaries.

    In a video posted to […]

    • People really have too much time on their hands. This is a family that does not possess the ability to be embarrassed. Piling on won’t phase them. Any moment one expects Trump to claim the memes were showing how much the twitter world loves Ivanka. Remember the claim that protesters in London were all cheering him.

    • I am confused as to why IJR didn’t include the best one – the ancient Egyptian wall painting.

    • Ivanka was speaking nonsense to world leaders some of which were desperately trying to avoid eye contact.

    • Check with Generally Confused. From his postings, it sounds like he was there to hear her comments. Maybe not. Just confused.

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