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  • The ranking member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and California Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) announced on Sunday that he would “likely” be sending a criminal referral to the Department of […]

  • Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) reiterated his support of President Donald Trump’s tariffs on the Chinese government, saying that they are “essential” to prevent China from further inhibiting U.S. economic […]

  • 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) refused to answer a question regarding federal legal restrictions of abortion.

    While giving an interview on NBC’s “Meet […]

    • Damned shame his mammy didn’t take the abortion option

    • Mealy-mouth Bernie needs to realize which way the wind blows. He is a socialist scarecrow in a fallow field.

    • A baby in the womb is not part of the mother’s “own body”. It is a distinct human being. You know, the Democrats make a big deal about the immorality of slavery in this country in the 19th century and before. But even then, it was illegal for slave owners to kill their slaves. Don’t you think innocent, unborn babies deserve at least as much consideration?

    • Comrade Sanders is lost in the shuffle

    • Morally, ethically, medically & legally you are dealing with conditions & acceptance. The shared values of a society on the sanctity of life is an overstated part of the issue. When there is a clear & present danger to either the mother or fetus’s survivial you have a medical finding, if you consider abuse or rape you have a legal & ethical issue, if you add in choice, lack of desire to carry to term, or use as birth control you have a moral matter under examination. There is no clear cut answer, there never has been. What should be clear is this is a UNQUELY individualized matter and both the joy and/or the burden ultimately lies solely with the woman during the gestational period. No male figure, father or not should have control over the decision to continue a pregnancy as Fathering the child, whether consentually or not does not automatically give them physical possession. Neither does that “sperm donation” relieve or solely contribute to the developmental period of that fetus after conception. Further, neither the father nor any other man could change places with a woman to take over ownership of that developmental process. Therefore, it is my opinion that if the term of that pregnant woman, the birth mother, could NOT be assigned to another, then neither should the right to the final decision to continue the pregnancy be assigned to anyone other than the mother, by any other person male or female or a government entity.

  • President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani praised the president for “doing the right thing” by not complying with the multiple congressional subpoenas that have been issued to him.

    While giving a radio […]

    • Rudy’s right. There are so many committees and commies out to get POTUS it is ridiculous. The business pertinent to the American people is simply swept aside in a deluge of pointless partisanship.

  • The Democratic governor of Louisiana signaled that he would support a pro-life heartbeat bill making its way through the state legislature where he once served, breaking from his party as more states adopt […]

    • Well, this man of principle over politics will likely not be re-elected.

    • Doctors listen to see if your heart still beats when you are close to dying. In utero you become a person when your little heart starts to beat. Before that time it is cells dividing. It’s as pretty clear argument for when life begins.

    • Wow, Dem with a conscience, a heart, and a willingness to stand up to his own party. THANK YOU!!

  • In a string of tweets, President Donald Trump proclaimed that he was “strongly pro-life” except in certain situations and that he shared the same stance on the issue as former President Ronald Reagan.

    Trump […]

    • What is worse than late term abortions that the left supports? I have no idea what he is talking about.

    • “a whole new & positive attitude about the Right to Life” King Donald The Loser

      WTF does locking up a woman and her doctor after denying her right to control her own body have to do with a new and positive attitude? How Orwellian can these a-holes get?

      • I agree with your comment regarding doctors but dial it back dude. To clear up your confusion: No where does it say that the woman having the abortion will be punished or incarcerated.

    • Mr. Trump will be our President until he finishes his term in 2024 and then perhaps we’ll take a look at Nikki Haley

  • As tensions between the U.S. and Iran grow heated, Florida Senator Rick Scott (R-Fla.) urged leaders in the Islamic Republic not to engage in hostilities against America, pointing out that the U.S. has the […]

    • When Trump pulled out of JCPOA, what was his PLAN? For those who voted for Trump when he said he would get out of the Iran Deal, you MUST have asked for his PLAN. Or was this like the 8 years of Republicans supporting Repeal and Replace of Obamacare, but you never bothered to ask, “REPLACE WITH WHAT?”

      • I was under the impression the subject of this article was Iran; NOT that disaster called Obamacare. Maybe you Leftists should pay attention and comment on the subject matter; not continue slandering our great President or the Party.

        • Oh, my apologies, James. I MISSED “our great President or the Party” PLAN for what they would do post withdraw from the JCPOA. WHAT WAS IT? They were not even able to provide an alternative to the Iran Deal when they rejected it.
          So the comparison to the Repeal and Replace Obamacare is “slander”? —WHAT was THAT plan? Saying “I have a plan to cover everyone and cost less” is not a PLAN–it was campaign speak, as in “Mexico will pay for the wall,.” “6% GDP” “I’ll pay off the national debt in 8 yrs.” “Balanced budgets” “No golf or vacations.” “Revive the coal industry.”

          • James, just ANOTHER perfect example of philly’s inability to stay on point. Not only did she go out into left field again, but it looks like she left the stadium entirely. Definitely a poor soul suffering from D-K.

            • Yes, I’ve noticed how whatever the subject matter is, it ALWAYS must include some slanderous nonsense against Trump. I’m ashamed to admit that I am originally from North Central PA; an inference I may be in that same group of blind non-thinking followers. Not so.

      • Why must this president or any president tell the American people what they intend to “replace” it with? I imagine no replacement deal was necessary when we ended the ludicrous nuke deal obama made with Iran.

        • LOL…that is what you imagined, Robert. A nuclear armed Iran and a nuclear armed North Korea NO BIG DEAL. NO need to address the consequences. No need because YOU don’t consider consequences? Adults realize there are consequences to action and inaction. Are you stuck in the emotional age of a toddler? That appears to be going around.

          • Thanks AGAIN philly for showing us all here that you DON’T insult anybody here. Your OWN words, “I don’t insult anybody.” You insult EVERBODY that disagrees with you. You are nothing but a Mona Lisa and a perfect example of D-K.

      • It’s called having your own insurance instead of living off of taxpayer money!

        • Tommy is confused about how other health care systems around the world work. Don’t be like Tommy.

          • You are nothing but a troll, contusion. Explain how Tommy is confused or just go away.

            • Poor banstan is also confused.

              Step 1: Phyllis made a comparison including the ACA.

              Step 2: Tommy explained that he has no idea what he is talking about.

              Step 4: I pointed that out.

              Step 4: you piped up

        • I am on Medicare. Am I living off of taxpayer money? I worked & paid into Medicare for many decades. Part B Medicare is deducted from my SS monthly allotment. I also pay for the supplemental MC plan. At age 67, I still pay federal, state and local taxes. I live off a taxpayer’s money EVERY day. I AM THAT TAXPAYER. I do not share Trump’s belief that it is smart to pay no taxes. Freeloading has never been my aspiration.

          • Since you want to come off as so smart, why didn’t you invest better? Or, were your plans all along to be a wart on the ass of society as you seem so proud to express here?

            • Really? You perceive I am paying taxes on investment losses?? What are you drinking? I am paying taxes on natural gas leases, farm income, SS benefits, pension benefits, and a withdraw from an investment account for home remodeling projects.

              I am a “wart on the ass of society” because I collect social security & am covered by Medicare? Careful, ban, there are many IJR readers that collect SS & are on Medicare AND don’t make enough to pay taxes. I do NOT consider them “warts….” BUT I will gladly pay taxes than exchange places with them. When you see an older adult working at Burger King or Walmart, it isn’t because they missed working with the public.

              • “You perceive I am paying taxes on investment losses” Don’t you EVER tire of coming off mentally deficient here? Just where in the hell can you come up with that from my comment? I only “perceive” ONE thing about you, philly, and I can’t express it here without being banned for life.

                • WHAT in the world were you concluding that I needed to make better investments? Do you not read your own posts? I have no clue as to HOW you would ASSUME anything about the investments my husband & I own. IF you were qualified to make such assertions, would you not need to know what they are???

                  WHY would I care what you perceive of me personally? This is not a dating site. Your track record on assumptions has been way off the mark. You are welcome to disagree with ANY comment I post. BUT I must remind you that YOU DON”T KNOW ME. WHOEVER you are mistaking me for, I assure you I am not that person.

            • Gee, wish I would have said that. Makes more sense your way.

              • James, whining is not your style. Stick with your style and don’t follow Ban’s lead. You did not get to 85 years by blaming someone else for your shortcoming. WHY would you change now?

          • FACT CHECK: At 67, you BEGAN paying the Medicare Part B premium at age 65; NOT “for many decades”. Part A is free.

            And per usual, the slanderous comment against Trump even though you have no idea what you’re talking about. Do you know how his organization is structured for tax purposes? Didn’t think so.

            • FACT CHECK, James. Nothing is free. You and I worked for decades paying into Medicare and Social Security.
              I can not find the comment to which you are referring that I know Trump Org’s tax status structure. The info I have on Trump payment of taxes comes from Trump. When Hillary claimed at the debate that Trump paid no federal income tax, his response was “That’s smart.” He did not say, he pays as little as possible. Nor did he say Hillary was incorrect. The other info on his taxes would be the NYT release of the Trump’s 1985-1994 tax numbers. If you did not read the Mueller report, I doubt you read Suzanne Craig & Russ Buttner’s reporting. But you might want to.

    • Sometimes the best you can do with an unreasonable adversary, who refuses to see the errors of their way, is to kick the stuffing out of them, and hope they come to their right mind. Many times the offender thanked the person who set them straight and became a better person (cases in point; Japan; Germany; England; nations, like Viet Nam, North Korea who were subjected to the “kindness” of our left-leaning communist sympathizer presidents like LBJ and Truman, never learned the benefits of taking your lumps and letting America help you later.). The sooner we destroy these terrorists and dislodge the crazy religious lunatics from Islamic and Hindu regimes in Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Africa, Indonesia, India AND especially SAUDI ARABIA, the better the world will be.

    • I’ve had my eyes wide open since January 2017 and have seen how Trump filled in the deep hole left behind by #44. Unfortunately there are those who wear blinders and MUST follow along in lockstep without thinking or observing behind their elitist leaders.

    • I realize that we are to use an entirely different evaluation for Trump than we have used for all other POTUS. BUT, how is adding 2 Trillion to the deficit, paying off the national debt? Where are Trump’s “balanced budgets”? Where are the new coal fueled power plants Trump claimed would make Coal King Again? The global respect for US leadership is LOWER than GW Bush’s record after the Iraq War debacle destabilized the Middle East. The US is less respected, NOT the more he promised. Our allies don’t even consider him “Leader of the free World” How is the corporate carried interest still in place when Trump vowed to remove it? How is Trump responsible for 103 consecutive months of positive job growth if he has only been in office for 28 months? Where is the Obamacare replacement that “covers everyone and costs less”? Yes, he said he would get out of the JCPOA & the Climate Accord, BUT what did that achieve?

  • On the day that President Donald Trump is set to first show off his new immigration policy plan, Louisiana Senator John Kennedy (R-La.) proclaimed that the U.S. needs immigration laws that “look like somebody […]

  • The president of the New York Police Benevolent Association (PBA) shredded New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio in an official statement after the latter announced his bid for the White House.

    On Thursday, de […]

    • DeBlasio is & always has been an embarrassment to every Italian-American.

    • Make New York State Great Again. Get rid of Mayor De Blasio & Governor Cuomo.

    • Wow, a politician who hates the police more than obama did. I didn’t think it was possible.

      • Well, considering how rude and uncivil the NYPD and Lynch’s goons were after the killing of Eric Garner it is no wonder he “hates” the police. Their behaviour and disrespect toward a democratically elected Mayor was/is unprecedented and I hope the PBA and Lynch will be eating their words soon.

    • Does every liberal live in a place in their own head where they think they are relevant? And that anyone cares what lame ideas they have? But this one is just too precious. Pretty bad when the police want him gone. What a putz.

      • The problem with NYPD is that almost none of them live in New York city. They all live out in the suburbs on Long Island and see every day as “now we have to go manage the animals in the city” instead of being a truly professional police officer who cares about the community and understands what is going on in their precincts. The PBA and Lynch are jokes who should be removed as they have no connection to the real NYC any more.

    • De Blasio is no worse than the rest of the “crowd” of socialists running on the Democrat ticket.

    • Pat Lynch is the person who should be “shredded”. He actively encouraged rude and uncivil behaviour among the NYPD following the killing of Eric Garner. I am very surprised about the restraint the newly democratically citiwide elected official Bill de Blasio chose to display instead of just firing the lot of them and reform the NYPD from scratch. Ronald Reagan did it to the traffic controllers so nobody should think they’re safe just because. Lynch & PBA union has to go.

    • Every kid wanted to beat him up when we were in school. He was a liar then as now.

    • de Blasio is the latest to jump on the clown bus – will soon have to be the clown train

    • A little research shows a rookie NYC cop starts at $42,500 with unlimited sick time, medical insurance, and pension. Five years on the force will double that salary and vacation goes to 27 days. Then there is the OT, in 2017 NYPD worked 11,776,939 hours of OT and earned $767M in OT pay. 2,500 NYPD employees took home $40,000+ in OT pay. The math and conclusions are left to the student.

    • Living in Tucson even this person cannot stand the NYC mayor who is going to outlaw hot dogs! What? He won’t go after real crimes but he will go after someone who eats a 🌭! Police need to be respected by the mayors office and if the mayor hasn’t respect for officers who have been killed in the line of duty, then he needs to be replaced, period!!!

  • Missouri Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) weighed in on more states adopting stricter pro-life legislation, proclaiming that the states taking those measures were doing so in response to “extreme” abortion policies in […]

  • Witnesses testifying at a House Judiciary Committee hearing confirmed that Attorney General William Barr would have been forced to break the law if he complied with the committee’s subpoena to release the […]

    • Very interesting. Did not NoNads take an oath to uphold the laws of the United States? Yet in his official capacity he is asking someone to break the law and then holding that person in contempt of Congress for following the law. Would that not be grounds to impeach Rep. NoNads? It could well be treason in this case.

  • Attorney General William Barr poked fun at Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) asking if she brought her “handcuffs” after some of her Democratic colleagues called for the attorney general’s arrest, […]

  • Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) torched the FBI, the Department of Defense (DOD), and other intelligence agencies, saying that he was “deeply disappointed” by the “lack of cooperation” between the agencies when dealing […]

    • The insistence in characterizing Barr’s letter as a “summary” of Mueller’s report is annoying. AG Barr repeatedly said, in his testimony, he did NOT summarize the report, but just conveyed Mueller’s bottom line conclusions using as much of Mueller’s language as possible.

    • The term ‘hacked’ is used time and time again. I have not seen what that actually means in this case. It would be somewhat better to know the scope of the hack, from seeing data to changing data to the presence of a virus that may have been attached.

    • If you wanted to know how they did all hacking ask the the president it’s too bad that they shredded documents and lied about all of this un-American activity because I feel they could enlighten you. And quit blaming everything on Obama and take responsibility for these Traitorous actions that this president has committed

  • Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin clapped back at Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) on Wednesday after the Maryland senator asked questions regarding the release of President Donald Trump’s tax […]

  • Former Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-Fla.) clapped back at House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) on Wednesday after the Maryland Democrat disinvited the former congressman from testifying at the House Ways […]

  • President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani blasted former FBI Director James Comey over how he handled the infamous, unverified Trump-Russia dossier compiled by former U.K. intelligence officer Christopher […]

    • Right as rain Rudy; Comey, who could not remember anything before Congress, but enough to write a book, deserves to be given even more time for writing. A sabbatical in Ft. Leavenworth prison would do nicely.

      • Maybe the AG is waiting to nail the whole mob that way they would only need two buses to transport Crooked Comey, Clapper, Hillary, Barry, Kerry, Strzok, Page, Lynch, ___, ____, _____, and _____.

  • Star of NBC’s “Shark Tank” Mark Cuban blasted the 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidates, proclaiming that none of the current choices in the race for the party’s nomination would defeat President Donald […]

    • Cuban doesn’t have a chance in a presidential election, but his take on the state of the Dembocratic field is spot on.

    • If having young kids is a reason to not run for president, what about Bozo O’Rourke who has a couple kids; but had to suspend his campaign recently because the family’s pet turtle was lost. Maybe the turtle had enough of Bozo’s BS and saw an opportunity to escape.

  • Freshman Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) blasted 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) after a new poll showed a sharp decline in support from younger voters for the […]

    • James replied 5 days ago

      With Socialism being a complete failure time after time, I don’t see how anyone with at least one working brain cell would want to throw away a vote on ANY of the 20 to 30 Leftists running against Trump. Venezuela is a disaster with help from Communist Cuba. Cuba is now running out of food and essential items and should be the next Country to fail. Communism/Socialism just cannot work in a free society.

      • James, you expose your ignorance in every post that you mention socialism.

        You are obviously confused by the differences between socialism, democratic socialism, communism, and most likely fascism, and it seems that you have no intention of ever clarifying the differences in your mind.

        Give us a break and, in your free time, go take a course about them.

  • House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) lauded Attorney General William Barr’s decision to appoint a U.S. attorney to investigate the origins of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian […]

    • “Clean up the bad apples”? Scalise

      Scalise is confused about what makes an apple bad. He once admitted that “he was like David Duke without the baggage” [re: Stephanie Grace]. He can’t claim going to a summit of white supremacists and neo-Nazis (2002) and not know who they are.

      Scalise is rotten to the core.

  • California Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) was torched by MSNBC host Chris Matthews after she claimed that Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin could be jailed for not handing over President Donald Trump’s tax […]

    • Congresscritters Speier’s and Pascrell’s calls for jailing President Trump and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin for refusing to turn over President Trump’s taxes is out of bounds. It is to the point that Speier’s and Pascrell’s actions constitute Federal felony criminal theft of honest services for taking taxpayers’ monies for salaries and NOT doing their jobs of the nation’s business, instead of fomenting a campaign of “Hate Trump”. Arresting and jailing Speier and Pascrell would be better.

    • Jackie Speier is about as smart as a bag of rocks. She is giving the House authority that they do not have. She better learn all the steps that are necessary. Maybe by then she would have an IQ about single digit.

    • Industrial espionage is illegal. The Democrats should go to jail for this.

    • These Democrats have let TDS make them insane.The stupidity that makes up much of Congress is mind boggling, especially on the left.

    • The dems are running scared. When CHRIS MATTHEWS slams a dem, shows everyone is getting fed up with their antics.

    • Thank you Congresswoman Speier for giving me yet another reason why I’ll never move to Californication. God Bless Texas!

    • Speier needs to go pound sand. Congress has zero arrest power otherwise they’d have used it on Ollie North!! The only power they have is to make hot air come out of their mouth. The dumbNOcrats need to focus on legislation to advance the country, not seeking retribution for Trump winning the election and making America great again!!

    • Nature abhors a vacuum. This sideshow is filling the void left by the death of the circus.


    • MATTHEWS: “Well, that’s news…”

      Maybe some strong-willed Second Amendment types can free Mnuchin from his sweltering cell in the basement of the Capitol. LMAO.

      (It’s a joke)

    • With Schiff, Speier, Swalwell and Castro on this committee, it should be renamed, “House Nescience Committee”!

    • Oh, look. Another Calipornia Democrat pulling nonsense out of her butt. Fool, there is no requirement for a President to hand over tax reports and you can’t charge a sitting President. The last time someone published Trump’s tax report (Madcow), it was found that he paid 26% in taxes while Sanders and the Hillarrhoid paid 16% each. Trump paid $38 million, the equivalent of the salaries of 216 Congressmen and women. How much did this dolt pay?

    • Not even the other folks on the panel found her thoughts plausible.

    • Jail all the Republicans but never the Democrats, go ahead and vote for these idiots and have fun with your own demise.

    • Let the civil war begin USA. Democrats have gone off the ledge.

    • So Speier sits on the House Intelligence Committee. Is that an oxymoron?

    • President Trumps tax returns are so complex that to really read and understand them, you would have to have an ounce of intelligence, something of which, every democrat over the last 2 + years has proven to be without, I don’t think they could even grasp the concept of a “Dick & Jane” book, so forget complex material such as Trump’s tax returns, I am, HOWEVER , VERY interested in Pelosi, Schuner, Waters and ALL the rest of them, their financial records!!

    • So did Chris get called on the carpet to account for his response for daring to question a Democrat member of Congress? Maybe he just got a letter of reprimand put in his personnel file.

    • The insanity of the entire Dimwit/Socialist/Communist Party is becoming more evident every time one of them opens their pie hole. Americans MUST vote for the (R) candidates in 2020 and beyond to save us from becoming an outpost of Venezuela. Trump MAGA; now vote for him again to Keep America Great.


    • Aren’t there laws in our Country protecting our Privacy? So why aren’t these Congresspeople being reminded that they are committing Conspiracy to break those laws? where exactly in the Constitution is Congress given the power to do this to Citizens?

    • They don’t know what the law is! They think they do! I say that is what they get for thinking. So stupid, I can’t even hear them talking. They have NO COMMON SENCE. We need all democrats voted out and get someone who understand politics.

    • I had to go read 7214…. and basically it’s says the opposite of what this guy says. If Mnuchin colludes with Congress to help them defraud the United States, then he can be fined or imprisoned. Nowhere does it say that if he fails to hand over the President’s tax forms to Congress that he could go to jail. Why are they allowed to continually lie to us but we can’t lie to them?

      • The misguided lunatic in question in this article is Jackie Speier (D-Calif.). Note the photo at the headline, it is of a woman not a “guy”.

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