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  • Senator John Kennedy (R-La.) is set to introduce a bill that would prevent the immediate family of U.S. officials from “profiting” in Ukraine.

    In a press release sent out on Tuesday, Kennedy announced that he […]

  • The House Ethics Committee announced that they would be reviewing a complaint regarding freshman Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) taking a salary from her 2018 campaign before entering Congress.

    The panel’s two […]

  • Former Vice President Joe Biden may have some explaining to do after a picture resurfaced of him and his son Hunter Biden with a member from the board of the Ukranian company the younger Biden sat on.

    The photo […]

    • C’mon now. The Lying Creepy Joe Biden said he knew nothing about his son’s business affairs and wasn’t involved. This article is calling an outstanding former Vice President a liar? YES it is!

  • President Donald Trump shared a heartwarming embrace with a disabled Army captain after his rendition of “God Bless America.”

    At the Armed Forces Welcome Ceremony at Fort Myer on Monday, Army Captain Luis Avila […]

    • Thank you, Houston. We were in desperate need of a story of the current POTUS behaving presidential.

      • When has our AMERICAN born President NOT behaved as a man we can be proud to call Mr. President? He has stood up to foreign leaders; NOT bowed to them; nor has he gone on World tours to apologize for America’s greatness. He has only made it greater! Ditch your HATRED. It’s unbecoming of you and your always confused brother.

  • Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) blasted House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) as a “hypocrite” — and he brought the receipts.

    The Florida Republican got his shot in at Schiff via a Monday tweet, where h […]

    • Interesting. Schiffty got his Carlos Danger caught doing EXACTLY what he falsely accuses the president of doing.(yes, the REAL transcript proves that, unlike the *ahem* parody he pulled out of his Nadless posterior).

      Now let’s look at the results. Quid Pro Joe is NOT (yet) being investigated, but is now discredited. Trump is looking at another Mueller. Maybe Big Bob will be remembered as a golf term, a meaningless gesture which does not change the score. “I’m taking a Mueller” on that hole.

      • Please google it. Burmisa and the Bidens HAVE been investigated. Could we get a number on how many times you need something investigated? 8 Benghazi investigations did not do it for you. Should you declare 9 or 10?

    • Hold on… so Schiff informed all proper channels before taking the call and afterward? Exactly how does that make him a hypocrite if he followed all proper procedures?

    • Phoenix,

      Schiff took the initial report WEEKS before releasing it.

      His hypocrisy is that he did exactly what he now accuses the president of doing.

      Are you being purposely obtuse?

    • It says it right in the article Screwtape.

      Also, that is not what the president is in trouble for. The president is in trouble for using American resources and his position to benefit himself personally.

      This isn’t just oppo research – this is literally him trying to exchange favors to hurt a political opponent in a US election using resources that belong specifically to the American people.

      So how did Schiff do that when he accepted a call and follower procedure ad required?

    • >Phyllis Softa<

      WHY wasn't that same argument used by the DemocRATs when they were trying to destroy Judge Kavanaugh? He had been investigated 4 or 5 times and even the FBI came up with NOTHING. NOW, a few of the Leftist clowns wanting to unseat Trump in 2020 – Kamala (Mrs. Part-Time Willie Brown) Harris is one – wanting a do-over and very possibly another do-over until they get the results they need. Sound familiar? More wasted time and money just like Andrew Weissmann's biased "report" under the Mueller name. That alone flushed $35 million down the toilet. But, it's only (taxpayer) money easily wasted by corrupt Leftist politicians.

    • Schiff and all career politicians are the problem, the longer they are there, it seems the richer they get and the more corrupt they get. There are some good ones but very few. We need term limits and ZERO RETIREMENT, that by itself would Stop the greedy ones because the longer they are there the richer they get. Two terms in the House and one four year term in the Senate. This would make the lobbyists work a lot harder, now they get involved and they hook them as long as they are in office! Schiff, Waters, Sharpton, Ryan and Boehner two of the worst leaders of the Republican Party ever had and now Boehner is pushing dope and that is a danger to all yong people, you legalize it and kids will get it! Boehner should have is retirement taken from him!

  • Former independent counsel Ken Starr blasted Democrats for having “terribly jumped the gun” in their impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump.

    During Monday’s appearance on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” […]

  • Former Vice President Joe Biden’s (D) 2020 presidential campaign sent a letter to major television networks asking that they keep President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani off the air.

    The letter […]

    • Giuliani is a tough New Yorker who loves a fight. I say, “Get ‘em Rudy”.

    • So now it’s ok for candidate to tell the media who they can interview. Isn’t interference in a election. Sorry it’s ok he’s one of them

    • Had to read that headline twice. So that’s all it takes? I have a long list! This move does not look good on Biden. Could that be an attempt at censorship? Biden doesn’t have that kind of clout, or does he?

    • Democrats are always trying to be in control. That’s all part of your socialism bullshit agenda. What happened to freedom of the press? Oh, I’m sorry that doesn’t apply to Biden or the other Democrats

    • Proof – the left will not stop until they silence us. It’s crucial we pound them in the 2020 elections. If we don’t you can expect to be silenced. You can expect to lose all constitutional rights. You can expect massive unvented immigration (see how beautifully it’s working out for the EU, especially Sweden, the rape Capitol of the world). #WakeUpAmerica the left/rinos are part of the NWO that Bush 1 first felt free enough to talk about. It was the beginning of getting citizens on board. Understand, it’s been a uniparty until the Tea Party and Trump!

    • Legit channels……what would those be? CNN, MSNBC, any of the alphabet channels? Sounds like Biden is trying to squelch free speech.

    • IJR is confusing.

      I got a notication that some unnamed member replied to one of my comments and it linked me here. Where is it?

    • “Biden team has a “great concern” with networks letting Giuliani on the air to “spread false, debunked conspiracy theories on behalf” of the president.” Article

      THIS is the concern, somebody releasing lies to back up our illegitimate king.

      Others did the same thing with Kellyann Conway and all of HER nonsense. I rarely see her getting on air on legit channels, now. Ever wonder why?

    • “I have to disagree with Biden on this one.” Phyllis

      I agree. I want him out front and center, too, just like my denigraters here. Let them lash out and show everyone who they really are.

    • The Democrats are totally corrupt, they wouldn’t know the truth if it was 12 in long, sharp as a knife, and they sat on it. Biden is totally corrupt as is his son, and if the news networks had even one ounce of Integrity they would report on the facts and expose both of them.

      • You appear to know the “facts” so why don’t YOU share them? WHAT were the findings of the investigations of the Bidens???? IJR readers want to know. Spill the beans.

        • Join the discussion…The problem with you demonrats is that you never read anything. You just follow along with whatever your handlers tell you. Maybe it’s because you po, po little snowflakes never learned to read syphilis.

    • Hey, C’mon!! Keep Rudy on the air, and add Comedy Central to the list of networks. He is the funniest, most-entertaining on the air over this whole mess!

      • I have not gotten to the point yet where I find Rudy “the funniest, most-entertaining…” I watch him and wonder what happened to Rudy. His condition evokes sympathy and pity. Sad. WHERE is his family???

      • Join the discussion…Yea keep him on the air. I would much rather be told the truth than to be told lies and fake news like the demonrats, like you paul and syphilis, keep telling us.

    • “Biden team has a “great concern” with networks letting Giuliani on the air to “spread false, debunked conspiracy theories on behalf” of the president.” Article

      THIS is the concern, somebody releasing lies to back up our illegitimate king.

      Others did the same thing with Kellyann Conway and all of HER nonsense. I rarely see her getting on air on legit channels, now. Ever wonder why?

    • I have to disagree with Biden on this one. The more Rudy the more unhinged he appears. OR could Biden be manipulating Trump to send Rudy out even more often? Even R Senators and Congressmen are asking for less Rudy.

    • Keep Rudy off the air….? WHY? Isn’t Biden innocent anyway? So let’s strip Rudy of hie 1st. Ammendment, cause Biden don’t want bad press……the shoe is on the other foot now it doesn’t fit so well does it Joe buddy!!!

    • Y would anyone vote for someone who isn’t familiar with the constitution with trying to sensor someone????

    • Biden may have broken a law. Asking and demanding the networks and news agency’s to ban someone is in a form asking them to commit an act of collusion
      Wasn’t that what the Mudler investigation was all about? Looks like a conspiracy to commit collusion to me.

    • “Your previous comment has 9 down votes” Trisha Barton

      That is irrelevant. It had no replies attached nor were there more than 10 comments, at that time.

    • Has anyone watched King Donald The Loser’s Twitter feed over the last few days? It’s on FIRE!

      He has spent so much time tweeting and retweeting Twitter trolls that he hasn’t any time to do ANYTHING, not even go golfing.

      • If the Dims want to suppress speech and override 1st amendment rights why, oh why don’t they start with you?

      • Well, that babbling comment had zero to do with the article. The first signs of a corrupt mind is that it can’t stay on subject. Time to consult a doctor.

    • Hmmm. Corruption and strong-arming. Sounds like the Dims are more and more like organized crime. Was that redundant?

    • Really it would be nice if they kept you off with your forgetting things and trying to use your abuse of power and you being weak

    • Is Biden trying to use his influence to stop critics? Isn’t that what he did in 2014. More denial of freedom of speech by the Democrats. Wake up or soon you’ll have no rights at all. This is exactly what the British did before 1775 that sparked the Revolution, control the press, stifle free speech. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

  • A conservative radio host said that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) has “lost all credibility” as a “fair arbitrator” in the impeachment inquiry process of President Donald […]

    • Adam Schiff looks crazy and acts equally unstable. Reading that “parody” was beyond wierd.

      • Webster defines “parody” as follows:
        Parody: “a feeble or ridiculous imitation”.
        Schiffhole is the real parody—he’s imitating a human being—-DA.

    • To think that President Trump would consider even for one nano-second that he would need help from any foreign government not to mention the Ukraine no less to win an election is absurd on its face.
      It goes without saying that Adam Schiff is a liar, all dems are but what he did was pure false propaganda for the very purpose of misleading millions of American people. I sure wouldn’t want to be him on judgement day.

    • Under a 1999 treaty with Ukraine, the U.S. can make reasonable requests to Ukraine to investigate anything within Ukraine’s purview that may touch upon any criminal or corruption investigation in the U.S.

    • Personally I think Schiffhole’s credibility was destroyed long ago. Definition of parody: “a feeble or ridiculous imitation”

    • Looks like this ridiculous show of a “parody” is what you get when pure hate takes over. Past presidents who did less than President Trump were never met with this absurd behavior. Democrats looking to be re-elected had better pay attention. Their chances get slimmer and slimmer with this kind of behavior.

    • Hugh Hewitt is correct as far as he went. In point of fact, that train has long since left the station. Adam Schiff’s claims during the Trump/Russia collusion hoax thoroughly destroyed his credibility for all the world to see. His latest comments only confirm that the man has not changed. The only thing Schiff knows how to run is his mouth, and that quite poorly.

    • He’s right. Schiff is a joke. He lied about Russia collusion proof many times. HE needs to be impeached and removed

    • “They won’t find a fair impeachment arbiter in any of the democrats in the House.” Joey

      While that may or may not be true, using an independent investigation team would remove all doubt.

      I said earlier that if Pelosi used her cronies to investigate that she wasn’t being serious about the impeachment.

    • Schiff himself is a parody of a real politician. The guy truly appears to have psychological problems

    • Schiff is such a big turd he can’t be classified as just a POS. He is so filled with hate he does not belong in that committee much less congress. It is a sad day when somebody can’t get up in the morning to see what a beautiful day it would be if there mind wasn’t so full of hate. Every thought he has is hate speech. Why is that not addressed by those that can’t let anything go without calling it hate speech?

      • Are you suggesting that the phone call with Zelensky should be “let go”? Please read your post. You call Schiff’s opening statement “full of hate” and “hate speech” then ask “Why is that not addressed by those that can’t let anything go without calling it hate speech?” Care to address why you called it hate speech?

        • Join the discussion…The more you talk the dumber you sound. By the way, how did playing the part of the Scarecrow in the Wizard of OZ go. I’ll bet you were perfect as you have NO brain.

    • He destroyed all his credibility long ago.

    • Any time shifty schiff opens his mouth the only thing coming out of it is total BS! If he was pinocchio his nose would stretch from the atlantic to the pacific!! Zero credibility!!

      • WaPo had to make a new category of lies for Trump. China is paying for the tariffs he imposed…China called during the G7 summit and wants to restart trade talks, No one from the Trump campaign had contact with any Russians…..He claimed he had no business deals in Russian during the campaign….He claimed no knowledge of Stormy’s NDA or payment…..HOW does over 12,000 lies in his first 928 days in office equate to credibility.

        • Join the discussion…Now I know why your eyes are brown. You are full of shit. Your party is the party of LIES and FAKE NEWS. No one here believes you or anyone of the demonrat party. I would tell you to take a long walk off a very short pier but it would do no good as even sharks set a value on what they will eat.

    • Were you thinking that Baron Trump wants on his classmates’ phones everyday his father’s 4th of July speech praising the Revolutionary soldiers for successfully defending the airports? In a biggest idiot contest, Trump is 2019’s winner.

      • Join the discussion…WOW syphilis let’s bring in the kids since you cannot win talking with adults. You and your treasonous party are the losers as we will not allow you to take any part of this country. We will not let you destroy this nation even though you are hell bent on trying.

    • Are you saying that you have so much time on your hands that you wonder which member of Congress might be transgendering? Have you given any thought to taking up a hobby or picking up a book and reading, or volunteering at a soup kitchen???

    • The entire Democratic Party has proven themselves to be one giant POS without any credibility whatsoever!!

    • >Phyllis Softa<

      I'm assuming by your up to the last minute count of "Trump's 12,000 lies" concludes HE is the ONLY President or politician to have ever "lied"? Appears you're much too young to remember illegitimate Marxist #44 who lied every time he opened his Kenyan mouth; lied about where he was born; lied about his citizenship; lied about his political affiliation; lied (maybe?) about his sexual orientation; lied about having a transparent Administration; he (and Hillary) lied about Benghazi; lied and covered up his (and Holder's) Fast and Furious debacle and ask someone about "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor"; etc., etc., etc. EIGHT straight years of non-stop lying.

      Phyllis: people who live in stone houses shouldn't be throwing shards of glass.

    • Trump has recorded over 12,000 lies in his first 928 days–that is a 13 per day average. And yet several IJR posters question Schiff’s credibility…….If credibility is important to you folks, why are you not asking Trump for honesty?

    • Watch Jay Sekulow’s broadcast on FB — Line to Line — examination of Trumps conversation. An eye opener on the truth!

    • I think it’s perfectly fine for Trump to ask the Ukrainian President for any information he has about Joe Biden’s corrupt dealings… that he bragged about on national television…with their government. We have a treaty with them concerning that kind of thing. Democrats just have a habit of using wannabe nonsense as proven fact and then standing behind it like it’s some kind of biblical divinity come down from the Good Lord himself. Let’s not go crazy over this bs. It’s meant to impress snowflakes. It doesn’t impress me and it should impress anyone. jimself1954@gmail.com

    • Whoever made all of the second replies below… you are confused by IJR. Thanks for silencing all of the first repliers whoever they were. Now nobody can read ANY reply.

    • His family are probably as retarded as he is.
      Family tree and all.
      Only ones worse?
      Are the brain dead morons who voted for this slimy gutter dweller

  • Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) claimed that President Donald Trump acts “more like a dictator or a thug” than the head of the “free world.”

    During an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Booker — one of the 1 […]

    • “Spartacus” Speaks, WOW! the same moron who admitted to groping an underage girl then screwing her?
      The same moron who exposed himself in a men’s room to an admitted gay man? The same hypocrite who joined Senator Harris in a ‘walk out’ during the Kavanaugh hearings as they rushed to waiting CNN cameras to raise money on their websites…That title of “Thug” seems to fit Booker who was born with a Silver Spoon in his mouth, whose parents are highly paid executives with IBM…and they lived in a community with less than 1% Blacks? Yes indeed Mr. Booker, GOON also fits into your personal bio. You will win the White House When Pigs Fly! Mr. Booker, you burned hundreds of thousands on an exclusive Oxford education but you apparently didn’t learn much…

    • Big words for someone who’s begging for money to stay in the cluster of Unelectables. If I was on the fence about him as a viable candidate his, oh so, dramatic Spartacus moment pulled the fence right out.
      Liberals or whatever they prefer to be called are masters at manufacturing “facts”. Like when the funds were released to the Ukraine. Research is not in their vocabulary. There was no quid pro quo.

    • Cory Bugger, the ineffectual Dumbascrap Party clown from Newark who’s obviously a brother by another mother to illiterate Tony Valkosak below…

    • Fvk Booker. He’s just an idiot.

    • More BS from a bald headed moronic “everything for free” BullPelositer

    • Potato head is just about out of money, he’ll be droppin’ out of the race soon, his opinion is irrelevant

    • Really Trump not trying to turn everyone into a vegans or dictate what you are going to drive or what doctor you are going to see Trump is not in anyway shape or form a Dictator calling the kettle back are you Booker you will never be president that is all what the Democrats want is all the power take all guns away so people can’t fight back dictate how you will live

      • I am confused, Bonnie Keever… by your lack of punctuation.

        “Trump is not in anyway shape or form a Dictator”

        Not yet, today, but give King Donald The Loser a second term and see how close this fascist gets to being one. Keep your copy of the Constitution close at hand.

    • I don’t think so that is your Democrats

    • Yes it does

    • More lies by Booker. No surprise. Democrats lie, it’s all they have.

    • You’re confusing him with Obama or the Hillarrhoid. After all, they are the ones that conspired to rig an election using foreign operatives and fake dossiers. They are the ones that abandoned and ambassador and 39 more Americans in Benghazi. They are the ones that coerced gun dealers to sell drug cartel members weapons in an attempt to support more gun control, but the dealers had video footage of the agents making the deal. That little plan resulted in Americans deaths.

    • Polling at 2% and still has diarrhea of the mouth

    • Well, of course Trump feels more like a dictator/thug: he is proud to be one, and to associate with those in the world that love him.

    • >Joey<

      Sounds more like blackmail/extortion by Biden – – "Get off my son's back or else."

    • I see that you are still confused even after all of the refuting of your nonsense, yesterday.

      It must be so sad and burdensome being this confused all of the time, Confused James.

      • Join the discussion…You mean by all the lies and fake news you and your party spew from your ass.

    • I am confused, Bonnie Keever… by your lack of punctuation.

      “Trump is not in anyway shape or form a Dictator”

      Not yet, today, but give King Donald The Loser a second term and see how close this fascist gets to being one. Keep your copy of the Constitution close at hand.

    • First of all, booger is a member of the demonrat/communist party that is attempting a coup. Secondly, he and his party are the party of hate, lies, fake news, racism, class warfare, kkk, slavery, infanticide, violence, criminals and he wants to dictate to us how we should live. He and his party want total control over everything and everybody and will stop at nothing to get it including using children, whom they have brainwashed. They have NO moral values or ethics and will always be the elitists in our society. In actuality they are the animals who prey on the weak because they haven’t the guts to take on those who stand against them. They are the lowest of the low lives and we must take them down once and for all.

      • “attempting a coup” Bob

        Really? That will make for some interesting headlines, some day.

        • Join the discussion…Trying to spread fake news again confusion. Your downfall is coming and it cannot be soon enough. The deep state is owned and operated by you demonrats and your attempt to take the country by force or destroying it from within will NOT be tolerated nor will it succeed. Just keep laughing idiot.

    • He would know about thugs…

  • Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) called the confirmation of late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s son, Eugene Scalia, as the secretary of labor “obscene.”

    In a tweet published Thursday, Sanders — the s […]

    • Bernie might have more personal objections besides politics, like jealousy.
      He has a law degree. You a bachelor’s.
      He has the alternative of a successful legal and lucrative legal career. You earned your first paycheck in political office.

    • Sounds to me like Mr. Scalia has made all the right moves to be transparent in his new job unlike some criminals past and present who work covertly and undercover of darkness – Barry Hussein, Hillary, Kerry, Schiff, Comey, McCabe, Clapper, Brennan, etc., etc., etc., et al.

    • What is really obscene is having a useless, socialist, telling uninformed Americans, what’s good for them.
      Hey Bernie, why not get a REAL JOB, before preaching to others?
      His voters are ignorant and possibly brain dead, if they listen to him.

      • Join the discussion…Isn’t it amazing that a person like Bernie who has never had a job can tell us what is good for us. He has always been a government turd.

    • More bullPelosi from the old windbag Socialist—-go away blowhard phony!

    • Bernie…actually this guy is a muppet. Look if Old Bernie and his hagatha of a wife and keep their luxury homes, his millions like all good Socialist leaders do, he will be spouting this crap forever. Someone wrote…”he’s got a law degree”, so what. If you r impressed by that, you lead a sad, useless life.

      • WHAT does anything in Betsy’s post have to do with R’s anti-labor/pro-corporate stance? Tell us how health and safety standards for employees is a bad idea. What industries did you folks work that you want less protection? I don’t get the 5 up votes. Yes, Screw wrote that “he’s got a law degree”—but he was referring to SCALIA, not Sanders.Sanders has a “bachelor’s” degree. If Trump nominated Don Blankenship for Sec of Labor, Screw would applaud.

    • Enough of your BS Comrade just drop out of the race and take your loony tunes followers with you.

    • I am not a Bernie fan, BUT one of the few stances he takes I am with him is labor and consumer protections. While I have never been a union member, I have benefited from union drives in the nursing field. Health and safety protections in the medical field benefit both employee and patient. The exception to your “strong business sector, labor would not exist,” would be Massey Energy’s Big Branch Mine Disaster in 2010 where 29 of the 31 non-union miners no longer existed due to the company’s flagrant violations of safety regulations.

    • “Comrade Sanders conveniently forgets that without a strong business sector labor (especially his organized labor patronage) simply wouldn’t exist.” David Yarbrough

      You are confused about a “strong business sector”. Without a strong labor sector, business would run out of control.

      Wait, that is what we have now because labor had been crushed over the last 50 years.

  • Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) came out in opposition of President Donald Trump’s pick for an influential appeals court seat, becoming the second Republican senator to do so.

    On Thursday, Hawley — the first-term j […]

  • Newly-minted House Freedom Caucus Chairman Andy Biggs (R-Az.) introduced a resolution to condemn House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) for his “parody” of the July phone conversation between U.S. […]

    • Rep Biggs should have gone a step farther and asked for Shifty Schiff to be removed from his chairmanship and possibly expelled from the House.

      • Why not ask for world peace? Do you see the votes for that? Do you see the Speaker of the House going along with your or Biggs request? Now you are starting to sound like a Sanders, Warren, Yang supporter.

        • I was simply suggesting Schiff NEEDS to be removed from his chairmanship AND expelled from the House. And you can take to the bank I am NO SUPPORTER of ANY of the Socialists wasting their time and donors money. I am a registered Independent and WILL vote straight Republican in 2020 and as long as I’m alive!

          WHAT does World Peace have to do with anything? We ALL know that will never happen as long as the US has the remnants of the former DemocRAT Party as it is being morphed into the Socialist/Communist Party. We also know what will happen then.

    • When Trump is sarcastic, the dims call him a liar. When the dims are lying, they tell us they were joking.

    • The WH released a summary of the transcript of the phone conversation–not a complete transcript. WHAT in the WH released summary contradicts the whistleblower’s complaint? Please READ both before responding.

      • Is it as “valid” a document as the Mueller Report is advertised to be? The whistleblower/spy report (written in parts provided by the whistleblower, DemocRAT politicians and the MSM) is – at best – a compilation of rumors and third handed hearsay.

    • Shifty Schiff is a prime example of why we desperately need Term Limits in Congress!!! He continues to act like the Clown he is!! Washington has become nothing more than a damn Circus, while all of the Democrats there are either the Clowns or Circus Animals!! Absolutely Pathetic!! I’m ashamed I EVER voted Democratic in the Past!! They’ve ALL gone Ape $hit Bonkers Crazy!! Smdh

    • “Is it as “valid” a document as the Mueller Report is advertised to be? The whistleblower/spy report (written in parts provided by the whistleblower, DemocRAT politicians and the MSM) is – at best – a compilation of rumors and third handed hearsay.” Confused James

      No wonder you are so confused. Think about what you said here

      You said, above, that the whistleblower wrote his complaint using parts provided by politicians and media BEFORE it got leaked! That is pretty clairvoyant of him, isn’t it?

      It’s a good thing that the CIA controls that amazing mind and not some corporation or foreign government, that’s for sure.

    • philly-“Got examples of what you are referring? I am not seeing what you assert.” You wouldn’t see it if it was right in front of your face, philly. You’ve shown your willing blindness on MANY occasions here. You seemed to have totally missed schitt’s “part in parody” comment right in this very article, for one example for you. If you need that explained for you, just say so.

    • philly- quit implying that you are the ONLY person who reads here. You ARE the ONLY person who sees what you say is contained in certain documents, but you are not the only person who reads those documents in their entirety.

  • Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) clobbered clothing company Patagonia and called for the “virtue signaling” regarding climate change to stop.

    Last week, Patagonia published a tweet calling on people to tell Congress […]

    • Space mirrors? I support the alternative proposed years ago by Bloom County.

      Take all those dollar bills to be spent on global warming, sew them into a gigantic sunshade, and orbit it over the earth.

    • IMHO, there is no climate crisis, regardless what some addled, know-nothing sixteen-year old tries to say.

      • That’s what 500 REAL scientists said in a letter to the UN after the Swedish kiddie spewed what she had been told what to say in her disrespectful manner to ADULTS. She is an example of why kiddies are not permitted to vote, drink or run for political office. They lack to life experience to actually know anything – other than what adults want them to say for them in their absence. That’s why kiddies are in elementary, middle and high schools – to get an education and to LEARN what to say; not be TOLD what to say as in indoctrination.

    • Hey, what happened to the Ice Age they promised when I was 25? I invested thousands in hot water bottles and then they changed to Global Warming. I lost my shirt.

  • President Donald Trump unloaded on “liddle” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) for his unsuccessful attempts to “hurt” the Republican Party.

    In a tweet published Thursday afternoon, […]

    • Maybe Schiff became a politician after failing the testing for a clown’s job in a kiddie circus.

    • Schiff is full of shit. He sat on the leaker’s report since August. (shades of sitting on Ballsy Ford’s baseless accusations).

      The STILL anonymous (that’s eroding) whistleblower is not. He’s a rumor-monger as he has admitted NOT hearing what he reported but only working from 2nd-hand information.

      The NYT has narrowed the leaker to being a CIA partisan and long-time buddy of James Brennan, acknowledged and voting Commie.

  • Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) claimed that President Donald Trump is immersed in a “cover-up” regarding a whistleblower complaint alleging that his administration tried to withhold the record of a […]

    • Yews, Trump is a Republican so there MUST be a “cover-up” of something, somehow, somewhere. All you need to do is manufacture something, somehow, somewhere and impeach him for ?something?.

    • Nancy, your side already wasted 22 months and $30B of tax dollars. IF you were interested in justice or fairness you’d investigate Gropin’ Joe and his cokehead son.

      Quid pro Joe happened. He was stupid enough to brag about it. Apparently his son’s apple landed right at the foot of his father.

    • What is not being reported here is that the so-called whistleblower did not actually hear any of the actual conversation. The information he/she reported was partly overheard in other peoples’ casual (biased?) conversations and the Leftist “spy” only got part of the conversation second or third handed. The rest of the whistleblower’s report was written by Leftist politicians with more “facts” filled in by the MSM.

      This – like the rest of the Left’s attempts to unseat our President – has a very familiar smell to it.

  • A Republican congressman on the House Intelligence Committee blasted committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) for his “parody” of President Donald Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr […]

    • It has to be made up. Neither the leaker nor Schiff actually heard what was said.

      It would be fitting if someone came forward accusing Schiff of soliciting underage prostitutes. Launch the investigations!!!! We need no proof!

      • Word around the REAL news media sites is the whistleblower did NOT hear what was said; only that which was told to him second or third handed. It’s also being reported that the whistleblower had help writing his/her report by Leftist politicians AND the MSM filled in some of the blanks with more.

        This is REALLY beginning to stink (because it has DemocRATic fingerprints all over it).

    • Shifty is an out and out liar…is he really a man?…he is nothing g more than a GOSSIP spreading the narrative he wishes were true.
      I hope Trump Sue’s his little nuts off.

    • “Word around the REAL news media sites is the whistleblower did NOT hear what was said; only that which was told to him second or third handed. It’s also being reported that the whistleblower had help writing his/her report by Leftist politicians AND the MSM filled in some of the blanks with more.

      This is REALLY beginning to stink (because it has DemocRATic fingerprints all over it).” Confused James

      As more details came out, everything that you wrote above has been proved incorrect. Too bad that you don’t listen to real “REAL” news sites and can’t think critically. If you did, you might be less confused.

  • This is the second installment of IJR’s “Freshman Yearbook” interview series, where we sit down with members of Congress serving their first term in office and ask questions about their lives, goals, and backg […]

    • Nice profile. We need to know more about the NEW legislators, not the comfortable and corrupt establishment. This is a refreshing change from the continued made-up attacks on the president and the parade of clowns running for the Dim ticket in 2020.

      • Do you believe there will ever be a profile written on AOC or any of the anti-America Muslims? I’m not holding my breath for any to surface.

  • 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) appeared to be flustered by a hypothetical ethics question.

    While speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Warren — the junior senator from M […]

    • President Zelensky said in a television interview there was NO pressure by Trump to look into the Biden’s crooked dealings in Ukraine. Mr. Zelensky did say there was corruption throughout Ukraine and his new Administration would be “draining their swamp”.

      IF Chief Spreading Bull is not mentally fit to answer a simple Yes or No question; HOW will she be able to make a really major decision; like where to park her teepee for a powwow on the White House grounds?

  • The Democratic senators who sent a letter to the Ukranian prosecutor general asking them to investigate President Donald Trump are facing some questions.

    Last May, three Democratic senators — Senators Patrick L […]

    • OH, but we MUST understand the DemocRATs “threatening” Ukraine’s leaders for information on Trump in May 2018 is TOTALLY different than a Republican wanting information as to why – in their opinion – an American Vice President abused the power of his elected Office to keep his crooked son out of trouble (or maybe out of prison in the Ukraine).

      Clearly PROVES once again: Laws are for thee; NOT for me. Divisive and dangerous hypocrites wanting POWER and CONTROL as DICTATORS!

      SAVE AMERICA FROM A CERTAIN DEATH: Vote STRAIGHT Republican in 2020 and beyond.

    • Uh Oh! (S)He who lives in glass houses should not stow thrones.

    • It’s OK when Hillary pays for a Brit ex-spy to get info from Russia to smear Trump.
      It’s also OK when Biden strong-arms Ukraine to clear his cokehead son.
      No worries when three Dim senators pressure Ukraine for evidence.

      As long as your a Dimocrat the world is your oyster. Let’s apply the same standards they want applied to the president to them.

  • Several top House Republican lawmakers torched Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for announcing that the House would be persuing an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

    Five of the House […]

    • WHEN did the Left ever concern itself with FACTS? Most of them can’t spell it to look it up in a dictionary to find out what them thingys are.

    • Isn’t this the party of “truthiness” over facts? (q.v. Joe Biden, Kamallama Harris, etc. ) Consider the contrived justification for the entire Mueller FAILED Mueller investigation. hint to the Dims: If you want to put in a fix, then make sure ALL the key players are up to it.

      • I keep being asked if I read the Mueller Report on which Phyllis relies so heavily for all her information. I have been consistent in saying NO It’s a waste of time, paper and taxpayer money. I see no reason to change my plan.

    • Would I be the only one to find the complete irony that Nancy Piglosi is standing in front of at least 4 flags of the United States of America a country that she is doing her utmost to destroy?

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