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  • House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) called on the House Democrats to turn their focus away from calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump to the “real issues” facing the nation.

    During an […]

    • Congressman Scalise: Did you ever think the Dems might be trying to come up with a REASON why they want to impeach Trump? Besides the fact he got elected POTUS over the sickly, mentally, socially and physically unfit female career criminal, they actually have NOTHING but just more hot air.

    • Thanks Rep. Scalise, but we already knew these things.

      Trump stands in opposition to what they desire to inflict on the US. Of course they oppose him and spend their efforts on it. From economically ruinous policies like GND to becoming just another country (one with neither sovereignity nor borders) they hate America and what we stand for.

  • Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel blasted House Democrats, saying freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and her squad have become the “de facto speakers” of the […]

    • NEWS FLASH (IJR won’t tell us about)

      Ms. Scherie Murray, 38. a NY businesswoman originally from Jamaica will launch a campaign on Wednesday (7/17) against AOC for the District 14 seat in the House. Ms. Murray is a Republican.

      New Yorkers need to wake up and support an intelligent, Republican woman to replace the infantile Marxist they first elected.

    • Trump may have distracted them for now, but their “unity” will not last. By circling the wagons around The Squad, the Dims have chosen a side and it’s definitely not America’s. Neither The Handmaidens of Lenin nor their ideas are supported by the majority of voters.

    • Nancy is still nominally in control, but she reminds of Kevin Bacon’s character from Animal House shrieking “Remain calm, all is well!” Even Al Green has defied her by bringing impeachment charges for the 3rd time. (it might be the charm, since there’s now a House majority of Dims)

  • Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) blasted freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and her squad as the kind of people who need to read the directions on a shampoo bottle.

    A man of many words, Kennedy went after […]

    • Kennedy is a hoot and correct😝

    • We will see how much their crap sticks in a little over a year won’t we ?

    • I think it was a fantastic statement. I don’t care what state he hails from.

    • I lived in Louisiana for many years, and Kennedy is a great example of the ignorant, loud-mouth fools we grew. Anybody remember Edwin Edwards?

    • These four would-be horsewomen of the apocalypse are fools that have done nothing but obstruct the workings of the government and the law. They seek to import and retain illegal votes for their party while promoting socialism which would destroy our economy. All of them are suspected of corrupt behavior themselves to avoid the law and enhance their goals. Hopefully, they will be unseated in 2020.

    • Have to agree with Kennedy. I just thank GOD none of the “the Squad” were blondes!! I AM blonde so I can say it! Nothing is racist in Trumps tweet. Unfortunately, ANYTHING the Dems and Liberals can possibly construe to be racist, it’s a given they will. It’s their only goal in life, it seems. It wasn’t that long ago that AOC called the president a Motherf#$$er on national television, which WASN;T bleeped out originally. The hit squad have all made it quite clear they don’t approve or support American, so if they find it so terrible, please, by all means, return to your own states/country and fix their problems. Make yourselves useful!

    • No matter what the President says or tweets, to the demoncrats, especially the squad, it’s racist, he could be saying that Christ has returned and to the demoncrats, it’s racist! Today’s demoncrats you cannot work with and you cannot please no matter how hard you work to do so! The

    • OUTSTANDING and spot on! Well worth remembering and being repeated.

    • Ha, ha, ha….”the ‘Reason There are Directions’ on Shampoo Bottles”…..that was funny. Really needed that laugh today.

    • Kennedy was more polite than I would have been. The Squad and their following do not have enough common sense to pour urine out of a boot with the instructions written on the heel. I do not understand why the Left wants to destroy our nation simply because Trump is President and Hillary did not get elected.

    • Oh, then am I confused, Randal.

      Who ELSE could he possibly have been tweeting about 21 mintes after Fox & Fiends triggered King Donald The Loser’s response? Who?

    • Epic!!

  • A new challenger has entered the ring in an attempt to unseat freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) in the 2020 election cycle, Fox News reported Wednesday.

    New York businesswoman Scherie Murray […]

    • Bring it on Scherie, clobber AOC.

    • Hope she WINS . . . “Anything” would be BETTER, to what they currently “Have” ! . . . which is a LOT OF NOTHING ! ( Especially one who just “Throws Jobs Away”, but is IS the reason that NYS is “Crumbling”! )

    • AOC is a worthless POS sent in by socialist to help their agenda. She needs to be taken out with only 1 term under her belt, she has done absolutely nothing positive!!!!

    • Buh bye Felicia. (AOC) Won’t it be wonderful not to hear about her every day? How much longer until the election?

    • AOC is trying to turn away business from her district. Typical Democrat, keep the people in poverty so you can make empty promises to get votes. What has AOC done for the people since she was elected? I support this candidate 100%. Let a businesswoman turn things around.

    • I would move to New York just to vote for Scherie Murray! A voice of reason, common sense and intelligence in a quagmire of self-delusion, self-aggrandizement, and self-centeredness. May God bless her campaign and see her to victory.

    • Who are the other two candidates?

    • She will give the Anti-American, pro- illegal alien child a run for her money!!!

    • Wow! A politician that speaks with logic and common sense. Sad that it is such a rarity.
      I wish you well Ms. Murray.

  • A handful of Virginia Democrats running for state office accepted campaign donations from Governor Ralph Northam’s (D-Va.) political action committee (PAC) after calling for his resignation following the […]

    • Dems NEED that money to carry out their propaganda no matter how dirty that money is or where it came from.

    • “I’ll gladly pay your campaign Tuesday for going easy on Ralph “Coonman” Northman today.” Funny how the #METOO crowd has remained mum on Lt. Gov. Fairfax’s credible accusations.

      No corruption or paybacks to see here. Just move along.

    • northam admits to this, then denies it when he suddenly realizes just how racist blackface can be taken and the dims who spoke out against this will just give him a total pass for a little cash. That’s today’s dimocratic party in a nutshell.

    • Just where is “ the squad” when there’s racism afoot? If this weren’t so obvious…..oh, wait, it is!!

    • Typical liberal D-RAT hypocrisy—-rotten people those hypocritical D-RATs

    • I’m surprised the Dems don’t find a travelling minstrel show for the Governor. Nothing’s more racist than blackface but I don’t see any of the howling banshees addressing that. I guess real racism doesn’t bother them. Just wait till the Governor uses the word “colored” in a speech. They’ll probably say…he didn’t mean it.

    • If they didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any standards at all.

    • All the Democrats wanted to show how “caring” they were and called for him to resign, UNTIL they realized the Lt Gov and Attn Gen (the next 2 in line for Gov) both had major problems and the next person was a Republican.
      Suddenly the excuses from the Gov were OK. Now it’s pay back time for not pushing the issue. As a Virginian, I’m going to do my best to make sure people don’t forget how it was party over what was the right thing to do.

  • This is the first installment of IJR’s Freshman Yearbook series, where the freshmen members of Congress (Representatives in their first term of office) are asked a series of questions about their background b […]

  • 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke did not do too hot with his fundraising in the second quarter.

    O’Rourke’s presidential campaign announced on Monday that they had raised $3.6 million in […]

    • He’s an empty skateboard. (talk about arrested adolescents). He has zero accomplishments, despite being a privileged white boy* with pretensions of Hispanic identity. He’ll just go home and plot his next “run” while enjoying his privilege and the money of his wife’s family.

      Buh-bye you dimwit loser. You couldn’t even make state senator. What possessed you to believe you could be president?

      *consider the conveniently dismissed charges for DUI, evading arrest, breaking & entering. Having a wealthy daddy who’s a judge and Dim apparatchik is the definition of privileged.

    • I’ve got a fast, three word cure for Bozo’s declining donations numbers: DROP OUT, DIPSTICK.

      BUT, then what his El Paso Staff do for money to help the Illegal Aliens with food and transportation to hiding places out of ICE’s eyes?

    • Is anyone else offended by the numbers being thrown around in campaign contributions? It would appear that the economy must be doing better than the naysayer Democrats want to admit.

      Nothing seems to embarrass Beto O’Loser. He has no resume, no plan and no class.

    • Doggone it. People don’t like you. ¡Adios!

    • Well now that’s a real shame, if we can get the rest of the idiots to have the same fate befall them all will be Mucho Bueno right Beto O’Dork ?

    • Didn’t anyone tell him that speaking Spanish is not a viable presidential quality in an election?

  • House Republican Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) declared that the Republican Party’s opposition to the progressive, “socialist” Democrats was based on their “dangerous” policies, not their […]

    • Exactly. The Squad spreads vitriolic lies about our border patrol, the state of detention facilities, and Israel. They espouse openly socialist parties including Medicare for All (of the world..), open borders, and “popular control of resources and production”. Then, when anyone challenges them on these idiotic policies they cloak themselves in a robe of race, gender, and religion. A cheap and disgusting tactic.

    • Their policies are also impractical, financially unsustainable, and short-sighted.

      Notice how not a one has a workable scheme to make their ideology into reality?

      That they have no idea how to finance their schemes except to take from others?

      That their infanticidal practices hurt minorities most? (and their future voting base) No wonder they are looking for illegals as a new voting base.

      We’re looking at a party that has impeachment at the top of its wish list and can’t even pull that off. (though I wish they’d try)

    • Disagreeing with the politics is not racist.

      Telling a group of minority congress reps that they need to go back to their own country when only one was even born outside of the US is pretty racist. Not to mention pretty unfair to legal immigrants in general.

      Like… i get the racist card is overused, but this is actually a time where he purposefully and negatively brought race in on a point that didn’t need race involved at all.

      In any case – doing or saying something racist doesn’t automatically make you an all out bigoted racist. Most people can get called out, reevaluate, and adjust. That he isn’t willing to understand where he went wrong is the problem.

  • 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden took a page out of his former boss’s playbook, quoting his claim that became Politifact’s “Lie of the Year” in 2013.

    While […]

    • Joe HAS NO NEW IDEAS and is still living in Obozo’s shadow. He also believes people are stupid enough to be scammed a 2nd time.

      YOU FIRST Joe. Get off your “Cadillac” coverage and on to Obozocare.

  • Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) blasted both sides of the aisle for “aiming for the lowest common denominator” by tying race into their political arguments.

    In an official statement published on Monday, Scott […]

    • Yes. Glad there are even Republicans pointing out that was the definitely the wrong way to express an issue with someone’s politics.

    • Let them fight. Let them call each other”racist” names. Let them bicker. Let them screech at each other. With AOC and Omar’s approval ratings below 9% now, this may be the beginning of the end for a Leftist (Socialist) majority in the House.

      • What does a 9% national approval rating of 2 members of the House tell you? House members are not elected on a national ballot. —Only the office of POTUS and reality talent show contestants are decided on a national level. WHAT it tells you YOU ARE MISSING!! A 9% approval rating is an indication that AOC & Omar are NOT WHERE THE MAJORITY OF DEMOCRATS ARE. You are painting them as ALL D’s when YOUR own statistics tell you that is NOT the case.

    • “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within. ” — Ariel Durant

      I disagree with Scott. Even his speech mentions just ONE side playing the race card, as always. Ayanna Pressley just called minority reps who did NOTagree with the “squad” unqualified as minority members and unnecessary.

      Wow, so now the “squad” decides who’s a “true” minority based on ideological purity. Shades of Stalinist purges!

      This is the ultimate attainment of identity politics: division. Everyone is slotted into one group/tribe/intersectional mess. Nobody can step outside the bounds. How anti-American is that? It sound EXACTLY like the racism/homophobia/whatever the Left claims is wrong.

      Trump was clumsy in how he expressed it, but calling out their anti-American policies and hateful ideologies needed doing. He never mentioned race, but he did sound like a nativist, which for any nation is not necessarily a bad thing. q.v. illegal immigration.

    • Phoenix and Morte (because IJR),

      I agree that Trump’s socks must be soggy. Steak sauce or ketchup don’t matter since he eats his steaks “well done” which is basically shoe leather.

      HIs worst mistake is he interrupted the opposition while it was making a mistake and have now focused them on him. That in itself was a blunder.

    • The Democrats are doing everything they can to destroy our country and the Republicans are doing absolutely NOTHING to protect our country.

    • Both sides in Washington are more worried about keeping their job than actually doing their job. With the Democrats it means Destroy everything that is America, With the Republicans it means keeping their jobs instead of standing up for what their voters want. Neither party cares one iota about this country or the American people.

    • I’ve always heard that when your opponent is digging herself into a hole, you get out of the way and let them. That’s what Trump should have done with these Dems. No need to insert himself into a “cat” fight.

    • A breath of fresh air common sense and courtesy!

    • When I was in school they taught that you write to the level of your audience. In politics it seems that our politicians speak to the lowest level of our population and the ‘in your face’ rude uncivilized method is employed to reach everyone looking to be insulted so they can rudely express themselves in an uncivilized manner. Many of our politicians behave like spoiled four-year old children.

    • These four have been spewing hate talk for a long time and dividing this country not Trump I agree he should of let the Democrats destroy themselves but he didn’t I knew what he meant he is not racist

    • Don’t understand why these four racist, rude, and crass women women would still be given a platform to speak, as they sound like entitled spoiled selfish brats, who have not a clue as what the Constitution really means! I am soooooo tired of hearing them speak!

  • The acting commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) said that he believed the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids that started on Sunday in cities across the country received too much […]

  • A Republican congressman from New York claimed that some Democrats are attempting to “pander” to the voters in the far-left flanks of the party by vilifying U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) […]

    • The true, red-blooded Americans and LEGAL Hispanic population does have the back of ICE and Law Enforcement in ridding the Country of Illegal Aliens. It is ONLY the Socialist Leftists whose agenda is FOR “open borders” in order to allow everyone in for the FREE everything (nobody pays squat) the Left has ready to hand out.

      Obviously the lows-IQ Socialist Leftists are too ignorant to understand it is they and the American taxpayer that’ll be stuck with the tab for the FREE stuff.

  • The former acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) gave a recap of how he felt after members of Congress accused him of racism during a House committee hearing.

    During an interview […]

    • There should be some D.C. ass-kickings. The Dumbocrats are frauds almost across the board.

    • Indeed. The communist news network, CNN enjoys the theatrics, rather than actual reporting. We can always rely on leftists for lies and theater.
      Do the “low information ” voters finally recognize what they did by empowering leftists with the House. I doubt it.

    • First off, the speaker is a moron to allow his party to ask questions and not let the person respond to each of those questions. Secondly the manner of those questions should have been called out by the speaker immediately. He says he “will have civility”. Only time he calls for civility is when someone goes at the throat of a Dem. While Garcia was berating and making all sorts of accusations without allowing Homan defend those accusations did the speaker jump in and stop it. But Homan is right on. You call for open borders and the flood gates have opened up and there is and will continue to be more and more tragedy and he is also right that they are congress, it is their job to fix the issues, not Homan. These Dems just keep on doing anything they can to create and keep a crisis going on because it benefits them. This is not a new issue. Every President and congress since Reagan has openly on recording has admitted we have a crisis on our broder up until last February when Trump declared a national security threat and the Dems say. “There’s no crisis, its manufactured.” Now they are calling it a crisis again, but instead of stopping that crisis they call to open the borders abolish all national border security and continue to let any and all 8+ billion people on the planet come here if they so choose, with no way or plan or ability to sustain that sort of a influx of people coming here. All the while each and every one of them run home to their gated communities closed off to the general public so they can hide behind gates and walls and security guards to keep them safe from the BS society they have created.

    • Democrats suck

    • Demo-🐀’s never want to hear the truth they are the biggest peddlers of lies and misinformation that there are.

    • And you are under the influence

    • Just because some guy has served his country for 34 years doesn’t mean that he hasn’t been a racist for 34 years. Look at Trump: he has never served his country, and is still a racist over how many years.

    • As soon as they open their mouth the word racism comes out because they don’t have an answer they want. They made the laws before Trump was a politician and now they don’t want you to follow their laws. For 2 years they have been begged to address the the laws and they refuse. The only thing to do is attack the people paid to enforce the congress laws.

    • That’s ALL they have. They’ve done nothing since becoming the majority Party in the House EXCEPT investigate Trump and call everyone not like them “racists”. They ALL should be voted out of Office in 2020 for the good of America.

    • Socialists speaking: Waste of good oxygen for their usual racist nonsense.

    • NOTHING is about facts anymore. It’s all about whatever theater will advance the Dumbocrap party. They’re becoming more fake than CNN and that is a MAJOR statement.

  • 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate and independent Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said that he believes Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is being a “little bit” too tough on freshman Rep. […]

    • Go back to sleep Bernie. That AOC is your former campaign worker and protégé means you have a conflict of interest and should recuse yourself.

    • Bernie Panders——always

    • If they only understood “racial and social and environmental justice” but they don’t, Bernie.

    • Piglosi may be tough on a mirror but she certainly hasn’t been tough on the Young Jerks who are destroying what remains of the Dumbocrat Party.

    • A”bit too tough”, Is he talking about dealing with kindergarten children because of these Congresspeople look a lot like adults, who should know that there’s a procedure in place (it is called legislation) to affect change. Just because they use social media to react, doesn’t excuse the way they react (like spoiled children throwing tantrums). I am quite sure Nancy Pelosi gave them a list in some form of communication on how to comment and direct answers and complaints to the House of Representatives, but they feel that going totally public with any and all reactions via social media is better. However social media creates too many one way reactionary and invalid reactions and is not the method for having conversations to two-way discussions, which is the job of Congress to discuss and create new legislation. Social media is merely shouting without listening. Age has nothing to do with this problem but having a conversation is the adult way.

    • Doddering old fool, it’s time for your 2nd mid day nap.

    • Bullcrap Bernie, Pelosi should be doing more to the racism and the anti-semitism along with disavowing Antifa, the demoncrats must do those things off they want to still be on the ballot!

  • Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) explained how migrant children are being “rented” to help other migrants claim asylum when attempting to cross into the U.S. over the southern […]

    • It’s curious that the Dims are so outraged by the treatment of children at the border. Oh wait, these are children who survived. How concerned are they about the surviving children who are actually citizens?

    • And Remember ,,, ALL OF THIS is Supported by the demonCraps. Vote them ALL out of public office come 2020 !!

    • One policy that needs to change immediately is that a child of illegal immigrants that is born on US soil is an American citizen. I believe that leads to many other problems and exacerbates many other issues. Where should the line be drawn? Should children born in the US by legal or immigrants with visas automatically have US citizenship? Should only children of American citizens born here become citizens automatically? That will be a tricky policy to determine AND gain majority votes in Congress.

    • Dumb, dumb, dumb. Willful blindness on the part of Congress is rampant Enacting laws means they must enforce the laws not pick and choose after the fact. Seriously, what is wrong with our elected officials? Not to mention those ‘appointed’ to various offices.

    • Don’t you love how the fake news tries to nitpick this statement to mean something else, totally ignoring the FACT that children are being sold for money to coyotes who use the fake asylum claim to gain entry into the USA because they are using that loophole that “families” get processed faster and released faster and they can disappear, using new names, etc. It explains why there were so many men in that one facility.

    • If the kids say anything that lets the customs know they are not related, their family is killed in the country they are sent from. That is the real world congress close their ears to. When the truth is spoken the first word from their mouth is racist for telling the real truth.
      Any customs agent will tell you this in private if some one would bother asking for the actual ritual.

    • It literally breaks my heart for these innocent children, and I want to slap the crap out of the parents for doing this to their most precious and innocent souls, their children!!!! Why on God’s green earth would you think that they would be safe with a coyote!

  • Actress Alyssa Milano came under fire on Sunday after comparing Vice President Mike Pence to the architect of the Holocaust, Heinrich Himmler, with side-by-side pictures on Twitter.

    In a tweet published […]

    • Stupid, stupid stupid.

    • Stupid is as stupid does, opens her mouth and stupid words come out!!!

    • Milano needs to catch fire all right. Why does anyone give a flying monkey what that nut has to say?

    • Bobblehead Alysssssssa misses a key difference.

      Himmler ROUNDED UP CITIZENS against their will and forced them into concentration camps for hard labor, starvation, and death. q.v. FDR’s internment camps. Oh wait, he’s a Dimocrat hero.

      Pence VISITED a detention facility for criminals who violated our border. They are NOT CITIZENS but get fed and toothbrushes.(though not if it were up to me. Blood and souls baby!)

    • She should have been satisfied with being known as a marginal actress instead of dipping her toe into politics. Now she will be known as a stupid woman with her foot in her mouth. Hollywood has never been my go to place for important decisions.

    • Now is time to stopping all this liberal socialist ideology before this country put out control for all inappropriate promise make the democratic candidates for president and the irrational position the Hollywood millionaires and LTGB and organization antisocial leadership

    • What a brainless twit.

    • There she goes again, showing the world what an absolute MORON she really is!!! Why am I not surprised!! Go back to what you know, ohhhh, that’s right, your a washed up has been that NEVER was!!

    • When is this Hollywood slut, going to shut up?
      When and if she does?
      I hope she takes Hillary with her.
      Two less political whores, to listen to.

    • Anything to stay in the news, huh Alyssa?

    • She has become an ugly woman, when I see her, I see ugliness!!!

  • 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate and Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio (D-N.Y.) got knocked by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) for campaigning in Iowa as tens of thousands lost power in […]

    • The blackout only lasted 5hours in large part because BeBlowhard WASN’T there to get in the way with his gigantic clown feet.

      On a serious note: Massive shout out to the men and women of ConEd who got the job done in such a timely manner, this NYer thanks you.

      • Good point. Like Newark’s failed mayor Shmucktacus screwed up crime, housing, etc. , de Blasio can’t even get the subways to work, let alone on time. This wannabe Mussolini is a failure in so many ways.

    • De Blasio is in the dark all the time. Morte is right. He would have just gotten in the way.

    • It shows, really shows how much deep inside De Jerkoff really cares about New York City 🌃, he is all about getting and maintaining power!

    • “faced a massive blackout believed to be caused by a transformer fire“

      Now that was a really weird statement. Do we not know whether or not a transformer caught fire? That seems unlikely. Do we doubt the veracity of the source or was this information unconfirmed? If that’s the case why not say so?

    • Interesting how at two of the candidates, de Blasio and Booker, failed to run their own cities. Yet now they want to run the country?

      Is there something about Dim candidates that says “Sure I’ve got a shot.” despite the failures and weakness? Booker has already admitted that he denies reality. Clearly so does de Blasio.

    • That was Bloomberg

    • When you put attention to this people democratic liberal party have one decision not vote democratic,this two piece garbage put all anti Americans citizens before the personal agenda liberal socialist for voters

  • Some users on Twitter had choice words regarding a group of protestors taking down Old Glory flying above an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facility in Colorado and replacing it with the […]

    • The FIRST AMERICAN on the scene should have lowered that Mexican rag and set it on fire! If the idiots who replaced Old Glory with a foreign rag don’t like it here, there’s always much “nicer places” like Venezuela, North Korea and Cuba. Be OUR guest and LEAVE!

      • A slight correction if you don’t mind. THE FIRST AMERICAN should be THE FIRST PATRIOTIC US CITIZEN as the majority of the illegals are American. Central American and South American.

    • This should anger every American. Disgraceful doesn’t begin to describe this act of treason. I would arrest all those responsible for acts of treason against the US. Our flag, within our borders, replaced with a flag of a country run by drug smuggling, sex trafficing criminals?! If the Dems and their liberal zombies like Mexico so much, let’s pack their bags.

    • Disgust doesn’t begin to cover my very visceral reaction.

    • Only in PC liberal havens does this occur, go ahead America vote for more of these spineless wimps and see where it gets us.

    • So the real truth comes out…what these idiots wanted all along. Sorry, this is not Guatemala, Honduras or any other number of s hole nations. This is the United States….either come here legal or don’t come at all. Don’t tell the US and it’s citizens what u want…you get what u deserve. Come here illegally, oh well. Don’t and u won’t have problems.

    • Denver is my old hometown and I am ashamed of what it, and the whole state has become. I wish my friends and family would leave there.

    • The cities which impede ICE should have their officials arrested, especially any Chiefs of police who interfere. The Mexican flag has no business flying over any U.S. government facilities.

    • Historically when an enemy invader conquers a nation or national outpost the flag of that outpost/nation is removed and the conquering nation/army’s flag is raised. So, are we now at war with Mexico? Why it seems hat we are and we have a lot of ‘George Soros’ types that will gladly capitulate and send our own people to the crematoriums.

    • So. Ppl want to turn this nation into Mexico. And they all want to migrate here illegally. Then why NOT go live in Mexico already?

      This is invasion. Dems are complicit. Drive out all the seditious traitors out of our gov’t.

    • We have a situation in America akin to two women roommates, living in the same house, but barely getting along. They each pay half the rent, groceries, and upkeep, but the dumb one, lets call her “Lefty” calls the smart one, “Merica” all kinds of names, like “deplorable”, “bigot”, and “homophobe”, and is constantly stealing her MAGA hat and putting it in the garbage.

      One day Lefty brings her boyfriend, Carlos home with her. She announces to Merica that Carlos will be moving in. Furthermore, he will not be paying any rent, but Lefty and Merica will provide him with food, shelter, medical care, and pick up all his sundry expenses.

      Merica responds “You’re f*cking crazy. I’m not paying for your boyfriend!”, to which Lefty responds, “Yes you are, you racist b*tch, because Carlos and I now outvote you”.
      (Taken from a Townhall blogger named Neanderthal

    • I will never live in Mexico, never speak the language, I speak English! I am truly an American citizen who loves this that I live in, and any persons who allows illegal aliens free reign into this country and then puts up the flag of their country, then they have committed treason! Democrats are treasonous evil men and women and must be stopped!

    • It really is an invasion. Time to declare war on antifas, sjw’s, and Mexico. Round up all of the people that aid and abet illegal aliens while you are at it.

    • Hmmmmm I notice that Democrats and liberals were silent on this! What a surprise!!! NOT It’s AMERICA….NOT THE UNITED STATES OF MEXICO!! What a DISGRACE! And it’s more of a disgrace that Dems and liberals are supporting this!!!

    • Wish Trump would stop broadcasting these type events. Wasn’t it Donald that criticized Barry for doing the same thing?

    • The ones who did it they should of arrested for destruction of property took down that Mexican flag and burned it and the others should of been given 10 minutes to clear or they would be fired upon

  • The hockey coach whose viral video of him telling his players to respect the national anthem or “get the f*** out” explained his opposing stance to the U.S. Women’s National Team’s on the issue.

    During an […]

    • Thank you, Coach Krupinski for standing up for America! Many red-blooded Americans have fought and died for the freedoms we have today; freedoms the (Nazi-lite) Socialists want to remove from our life so they can be in CONTROL with their POWER. Everyone should stand as the flag is presented and the National anthem is played and be thankful to be an American. IF an individual is unwilling to honor the sacrifice millions have given FOR them, I agree: GET OUT OF AMERICA. Move to a “nicer place” like Venezuela, North Korea, Iran or maybe Cuba.

    • You must copy and paste that idiotic comment. YOU have no clue about what you’re talking and obviously too consumed with MY comments to do any research OR read the definitions I have sent your way some three times. I have NO intentions of explaining (or drawing pictures) those definitions for you again. You’ll just have to live with your ignorance and continue showing the readers here what an idiot and how generally confused you are.

    • James, you expose your ignorance in every post that you mention socialism or Marxism.

      You are obviously confused by the differences between socialism, democratic socialism, Marxism, communism, and most likely fascism, and it seems that you have no intention of ever clarifying the differences in your mind.

    • “You must copy and paste that idiotic comment. YOU have no clue about what you’re talking and obviously too consumed with MY comments to do any research OR read the definitions I have sent your way some three times. I have NO intentions of explaining (or drawing pictures) those definitions for you again. You’ll just have to live with your ignorance and continue showing the readers here what an idiot and how generally confused you are.”

      Just because you can read doesn’t mean that you a) understand or b) aren’t twisting the use of these terms for your own purposes.

      You do NOT use the term socialism or socialist on IJR in any meaningful way otherwise. For example, you coat any and all Democrats with the same wide “socialist” brush even though only a handful, at most, could ever match that description. Most, and I do mean most, current Democratic Party members are corrupt conservatives who lean left on one or two issues making them ineligible to be part of today’s crazy Republican Party. That does NOT make them socialists by any stretch of the term socialist.

      Therefore, we have to interpret your use of the term socialist to be something other than meaningful or based on reality. You use it as a derogatory word suggesting that any and all liberals are communists. That ALSO shows that you either don’t know or, more than likely, don’t care what the real meaning of these terms are in the real world because you have an agenda to fill and you just don’t care what you trample on to do it.

      So now everyone here is clear on your game.

  • Ranking member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) went after the Democrats, claiming they are “playing politics” with the crisis at the southern border instead of […]

    • Yes, the Leftists took down the picture of the “kids in cages” because it reflected the ineptitude and inhumanity associated with and the result of #44’s so-called “leadership”. AND, Joe Biden was second in charge and equally responsible for the mistreatment of the Illegal Aliens during their eight years in Office.

    • It’s good to call them out, but naïve to ask the Dims to do something. Of course they won’t. Doing so would ruin their plans for a new generation of voters, legal or not, AND they can continue to use it for political ploys.

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