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  • President Donald Trump seems to be souring on his favorite cable news network, but one Fox News host is calling him out over his complaints.

    The president has previously lashed out at the network over polling […]

  • President Donald Trump is defending his Miami resort from claims of a bedbug infestation amid speculation he will choose the property to host the 2020 G7 summit.

    “No bedbugs at Doral,” Trump wrote in a Tuesday […]

  • Former Vice President Joe Biden is opening up on his personal hardships in life for a new campaign ad.

    “I was sworn into the United States Senate next to a hospital bed,” Joe Biden says in a voice-over […]

    • Liar. You’ve NEVER been affected by Obozocare, nor will you ever be. OUr tax dollars ensure that. You are the car salesman driving a brand your dealership does not carry.

      Why should anyone believe you? Go on Obozocare yourself if it’s so wonderful.

    • If a competing commercial plan remains along side a universal health care plan, the people with enough wealth will stick with their private plans and isolate the less wealthy in the public plan creating a two-tiered environment. It will be the same destructive effect that charter schools have on the public school system.

      Any new public health care system MUST eliminate our current, corrupt system. That is what makes it work.

      • Doesn’t Canada have universal with private as supplemental? I don’t HATE the idea of universal healthcare, but i also don’t like limiting options if people want more coverage.

        I get you’ll consider this extremely privileged of me to say, but i don’t mind paying for my health benefits. What i mind is that we are paying significantly more than other countries and not necessarily better health care. Cost control would be a realistic goal.

    • >Always Confused One<

      IF you are so supportive of the Government running/ruining our lives under your Socialist "system", how soon will it be before the Government tells us the car we must buy from a selection of one make/model, what clothing we must wear and who we must marry to produce children ACCEPTABLE to the Government (otherwise killed at birth)? Do NOT discount the private insurance industry. It'll continue to work as long as the Socialists keep their filthy paws off of it.

    • “Doesn’t Canada have universal with private as supplemental?” Phoenix

      Basically, yes. As far as I know, that’s how it is done. I presume other countries do it in a similar way, too, but the way it works is everyone gets the same, full coverage and electives are up to you. It MUST be done this way, so there is no need to worry about missing something important.

      “I don’t HATE the idea of universal healthcare, but i also don’t like limiting options if people want more coverage.”

      Have you read the plans of the candidates yet? Read Bernie’s first (it is very thorough), since his will be the Gold Standard covering everything, including glasses and hearing aids and dental. What more do you need?

      “I get you’ll consider this extremely privileged of me to say, but i don’t mind paying for my health benefits. What i mind is that we are paying significantly more than other countries and not necessarily better health care. Cost control would be a realistic goal.” Phoenix

      And that’s the point, right? While a portion of us CAN afford our health care, millions of us just can’t, which ends up being a horrific burden both emotionally/psychologically and financially on all of us, hospitals, states, and the nation, too. (Don’t fret about the insurance companies, most of them will survive in some form, and Sanders has a plan to deal with displaced workers.) That alone kills tens of thousands of us each year. We CAN do better than this, we ARE better than this. Let’s prove it. The problem will be the people who are afraid of change and those who conspire to keep them afraid. The winning candidate has to do a bang-up job of informing the people of how it all works and get them on board.

      BTW, you won’t need to worry about any of this, if King Donald The Loser gets a second term. He and his sycophant administration won’t care if you live or die. He has proved that. They will all be banging on their “socialist” drum trying to scare you, instead of keeping the king’s campaign promise. Pathetic.

      • I briefly scanned this asinine sales promotion of a disaster for all Americans and Illegal Aliens and found one idiotic comment of your’s I find in conflict with reality: “(Trump) and his sycophant administration won’t care if you live or die”. Interesting that you should mention that. Isn’t one of the hidden requirements (we won’t hear about until it’s shoved down our throats by Pelosi) in Commie Bernie’s Medicare for Everybody fiasco that IF you’re an elderly person needing a hip replaced – as one example – that the “Medicare for Everybody death squad” will reject ALL pleas for surgery because of AGE – say: NOBODY over 65 is entitled to ANY treatment? (“You’re going to die in a couple/few years anyway; so, we’re not going to waste the time and money to fix any of your problems. Just hobble along or start crawling.” “But what about cancer? Tough cookies. Live with it until you croak.”)

        (2) Can you explain the reason so many Canadians come to the US for medical treatment IF the Socialized medical plan in Canada is so fantastic? And what about Americans going to the border cities in Mexico for prescription medicine and dental work? And didn’t the Nation of Finland just recently (within the past week) declare bankruptcy because of their similar medical disaster?

        (3) IF this Medicare for Everybody will be FREE to everyone walking, crawling, being carried or pushed in wheelchairs; WHO ACTUALLY PAYS FOR IT? How stupid of me to ask. Of course there will be CONSIDERABLY HIGHER TAXES with hidden co-pays, doctor and hospital charges which are designed to reverse the take home income the working poor and middle class have enjoyed under Trump’s tax cuts. THAT is the CONTROL over our money and life the Socialists WANT. THAT’S what you confused Socialists call “FREE”.

        I am so pleased we’re not “confused” by the covert plan to kill off law-abiding Americans and import more Illegal Alien criminals as replacements to be hoodwinked into voting for your PROVEN, losing Socialist POWER and CONTROL stupidity. After all, it has worked on the Black and legal Hispanic populations since the 1930’s. Time now to extend the claws of radicalized Socialism into the low-IQ, uneducated foreigner ranks.

        CONCLUSION: Stupidest idea EVER put forth by man!! Doctors will quit practicing and hospitals will close. Americans WILL die needlessly due to the PLANNED AGENDA’S reduction in or complete lack of adequate medical care. Americas MUST VOTE AGAINST ANY Socialist candidate who promotes this asinine idea; unless they have a death wish.

    • Maybe the Socialists here in the USA will develop a “Medicare for Everybody” disaster like Finland had.

      Oh, that’s right. Finland is now BANKRUPT because of their similar plan and Government Officials have resigned from Office.

    • “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor!” and “If you like your insurance you can keep your insurance!”

      …Or maybe not!!!

      Washington Post: “Biggest lie if the year”*

      *If you discount WAPO’s claim just a couple years earlier that Obozo care won’t do any of those things.

    • Genital Confusion, since I’m not a woman and not eligible for birth control or free abortions, will Bernie’s plan set aside some funds to cover hiring prostitutes to give me the BJ’s I require when an alpha male like me needs release when the wife (and me) suffer through the “Red Flag” days? Sometimes we just go at it, but man is that messy! Will the BS plan at least cover the laundry bill for our amorous encounters??

      Asking for a friend….

  • Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D-Mass.) is opening up about a potential 2020 Senate run and primary challenge against Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.).

    Kennedy confirmed the news on Monday after The New York Times published a […]

    • If he’s a womanizing, pill popping boozer then he really will be following in his great uncles footsteps.

    • Which “family” is Joe III referring to? His own or the extended clan? Several of his cousins have failed politically or withdrawn. Maybe that Camelot magic has worn thin.

      In celebration of his late uncle “Waitress Sandwich” Teddy I’d like to share this song.

      Oh, my mother is old and my father is dead
      And my brother is dead and my brother is dead
      And my brother is dead and kid has one leg
      And my wife is a drunk and my car doesn’t float.

      • All hail the Dead Kennedys

        I got sent to detention for singing that in my history class back in the day.

        • My wife’s cousins are all MA-bred. To speak ill of the Kennedy’s or vote anything but Dim are anathema to them. They’ve even cut my wife off as a “deplorable”. I try to console her that it’s their choice and their “judgement”, but it still sad.

    • Morte,

      For a family that made so much money by bootlegging and *gasp* oil, somehow the Kennedy’s have escaped culpability BUT not comeuppance.

      I wonder if someday a study will link moral failings and hypocrisy to generational outcomes. We have the empiric, if not the scientific, results.

    • Morte,

      Forgot about IJR’s dysfunction in replying to you.

      My wife’s cousins are all MA-bred. To speak ill of the Kennedy’s or vote anything but Dim are anathema to them. They’ve even cut my wife off as a “deplorable”.

      I try to console her that it’s their choice and their bigoted “judgement”, but it’s still sad.

      I have *ahem* friends and acquaintances in CA who’ve done the same to me. I’m not feeling any loss.

      • Is Mrs. Screwtape’s cousins decision based upon her choice of a spouse or a political position? You do not feel the loss because you have your buddy Trump. When he is gone, what will you have?

    • Unless you are a resident and registered to vote in Massachusetts, perplexed as to why this would be of national interest. PA has no Senate race in 2020, but if we did, I would have no plans to seek the input of folks from other states for their opinion on who should represent me in Congress.

  • Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) ended his longshot presidential bid on Friday and offered his insight into the remaining field in an interview with the Washington Post.

    While he stopped short of giving a full […]

    • Moulton never got traction. Just like Duke Nukem, Inslee, and Hickenlooper. At least he called out his party’s extreme drift Leftwards.

      • Moulton could have done better had he NOT spent a year recruiting Democrat House candidates in 2016 to oppose Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.

    • I’m quite sure he was joking when he said Mr Gaffe-a-Minute Biden would make a great President. [I almost spit my coffee all over my computer while laughing.] If it were that Biden was #44’s VP for 8 years, I seriously doubt Biden could find the White House. He’s certainly the dullest knife in the drawer.

      • You do realize Biden worked in the WH for 8 years? Vice Presidents have an office in the West Wing of the WH as well as offices in the Eisenhower Executive Building. Biden has had gaffes—BUT they do not include praising the Revolutionary soldiers for successfully defending the airports.

    • VP Mike Pence might make a fair to middling President; but he’d not be able to hold a candle to Trump’s actions, successes and accomplishments. We might also expect a POTUS Pence to have a cross mounted on the WH.

    • Biden is a career politician who’s achievements are….? That includes the policies/votes he’s walked back. He’s mediocre at best, but at least not a far-Left whackjob like the other candidates. This may make him more electable in not-Blue states, but his history says he’d be anything but good.

      That still doesn’t mean he’ll be a good leader, especially when he’s demonstrated such “flexibility” so early in the campaign. He MIGHT be good at figureheading the ideas of others.

      • Biden’s accomplishments include items you do not support. That does not mean they do not exist. Violence Against Women Act. Decreasing the # of uninsured, Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, instrumental in repairing the respect of the U.S. after it hit a record low during the Bush Administration—That experience will come in handy since Trump has broken Bush/Cheney’s record low. But, you are correct Biden is among the the candidates that are “not a far-Left whack job.”

    • I’d have to question Moulton. Not only on his failure to endorse Biden, but also why he believes he’d be “fantastic”. There’re these things called “lip service” and “waffling” Seth.

    • “Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act” Phyllis

      You are confused by Biden’s crime bill. While it did have a couple of good provisions, it also caused immense harm!

      His crime bill contributed to ongoing rampant police misconduct and racial profiling by deploying hundreds of thousands of officers into neighborhoods of color, and it jeopardized re-entry for returning people of color by eliminating their Pell Grant eligibility while in prison. The bill also expanded the use of the death penalty; imposed mandatory life sentences for individuals with three or more felony convictions; and levied harsh new penalties for justice-involved youth. Many of these harmful provisions remain in effect today and continue to target and destabilize communities of color.

      Known as a “direct descendant of lynching,” the death penalty has always targeted and terrorized black and Latinx communities. The crime bill’s Federal Death Penalty Act permitted the use of the death penalty for 60 new federal offenses, including certain drug offences not related to a homicide. In the five years following the bill’s passage, 74 percent of defendants with death penalty recommendations from federal prosecutors were people of color. Notably, 44 percent were black and 21 percent were Hispanic.

      The 3-strikes part caused a ballooning of the incarceration rate in certain states, especially for black and Latinx Americans. These groups are subject to more prosecutions because of a disproportionate amount of police contact.

      The crime bill also expanded the school-to-prison pipeline and increased racial disparities in juvenile justice involvement by creating draconian penalties for so-called super predators—low-income children of color, especially black children, who are convicted of multiple crimes.

      Among other things, the crime bill allowed prosecutors to charge 13-year-old children as adults for certain crimes. As a result, today, two-thirds of Americans who were sentenced to life in prison as juveniles are black. Juveniles of color also constitute a majority of cases that are transferred to adult criminal court, regardless of the offense category.

      So, please, don’t put Biden’s crime bill up on ANY sort of pedestal. He has caused so much irreparable harm through it.

    • In another time and place I would agree completely with Moulton. Biden isn’t a bad person, he’s just not the right person for the job as it is. We need change and Biden isn’t an agent for change. To survive as a democracy, we need to stop giving every advantage to big business and make them pay their way. Biden grew up with and believes “what’s good for GM is good for the country” even if it means the middle class can no longer pay their way.

  • President Donald Trump joked about giving himself the Congressional Medal of Honor in a speech to a veterans group in Louisville, Kentucky on Wednesday.

    “There’s nothing like the Medal of Honor,” Trump said […]

    • A President with a real sense of humor? Can’t be. ALL Presidents are supposed to be stuffed suits looking for ways to increase their net worth before leaving Office or looking around the WH to see what they can steal.

      • I am 67 yrs old and can not recall a POTUS that gives comedians the trove of material Trump provides on a daily basis. When he leaves the WH, joke writers will need to start earning their pay again.

    • If Trump resigns before Jan 20, 2020 Pence will certainly give him the Medal of Honor.

      • And WHY would Trump resign? He’s done a fantastic job of turning America back around to be a respected Republic from being a Third World Sh**hole because of the ineptitude of the Marxist Kenyan.

    • >Phyllis Softa<

      It is really pathetic that there are so many people – like you – whose HATRED of the fact Donald J, Trump IS the President that it outweighs your ability to laugh or even break a smile at what this President jokingly says. True; HE is not the cookie cutter type of President I've seen since #32 – FDR – in the 1930's; BUT, President Trump is his OWN man and we all should be mighty thankful HE is in the White House and NOT that foul-mouth, anti-military, anti-law enforcement, anti-freedom, anti-American Saul Alinsky radical named Hillary Rotten Clinton!! Trump is the reason we need to vote straight Republican (as I have been doing) to keep America from becoming the United Socialist States of America. Alternative? Stock up on guns and ammo for the eventual Civil War under the Socialism agenda to destroy the US and the World's economy.

      BTW: I'll soon be 85. Been around a bit.

  • Former congressman and Tea Party firebrand Joe Walsh is “strongly considering” a primary challenge against President Donald Trump for the Republican Party’s 2020 nomination.

    Walsh wouldn’t be the only […]

    • IF Walsh decides (stupidly) to make a run against Trump and IF Walsh begins punching at Trump, he had best put on some heavy gear because he WILL get punched back twice as hard. This nobody doesn’t know who he is dealing with. Trump is no push over or spineless wimp like #44 was.

  • A bizarrely one-sided diplomatic spat grew worse on Wednesday when President Donald Trump responded to the Danish prime minister rebuffing his interest in purchasing Greenland.

    Trump scrapped a state visit to […]

  • One day after questioning the loyalty of Jewish Americans, President Donald Trump shared a quote from a conspiracy theorist claiming Jewish Israelis “love him like he is the second coming of God.”

    “President […]

  • President Donald Trump famously boasted during the campaign of his intention to hire only, “the best people.” But a public feud with former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci is just the latest […]

    • How well and how long did Trump know Scaramucci before hiring him? And WHO actually did the hiring? [If it was anything like the Mueller “investigation”, Mueller was supposedly in charge of that witch hunt; but it was Andrew Weissmann who recruited and hired all the helpers.]

    • To be fair, in his mind the best people are sycophants and bullies, not the most qualified, knowledgeable, or talented. Conclusion: there is no contradiction here.

  • A former U.S. ambassador to Denmark is calling out President Donald Trump’s plan to purchase Greenland, arguing the idea is “completely tone-deaf and out of line.”

    Former Ambassador Rufus Gifford, who served in […]

  • Anthony Scaramucci has turned his past infrequent criticism of President Donald Trump into an all-out onslaught of harsh words for his former boss in recent days.

    The former White House communications director […]

    • A. Scaramucci also gave a date when King Donald The Loser will abdicate his golden throne – by March 2020.

      He doesn’t sound confused.

    • Of whom are you referring to as “the maggot”?

    • Michigan’s fake Man of the Year winner got Shell to force its employees to go to his non-campaign rally, Tuesday, or take an overtime pay cut.

      Without a doubt, this is the type of control fascists use, so don’t be confused out how King Donald The Loser is trying to run this country. “Rally with me or lose pay.”

      He also is threatening their union bosses, who don’t actually seem to be protecting their members from this nonsense.

    • .

    • “It was a taxpayer expense rally—someone forgot to explain to Trump the difference.” Phyllis

      It also seems to be a campaign contribution violation. About 2,400 workers had to stand around for the day while they waited for the great orange-one to show up. For that they were paid about $700 each. Do the math.

      If this isn’t a campaign finance violation, I would be very, very surprized, even confused.

      www post-gazette dot com /business/powersource/2019/08/16/Trump-speech-union-crowd-Shell-ethane-plant-natural-gas-beaver-county-pennsylvania-attendance-pay-overtime/stories/201908160113

  • President Donald Trump set his sights on an apparent protestor at a campaign rally in New Hampshire on Thursday, but the man on the receiving end of the president’s taunts turned out to be one of his […]

  • Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney gave an impassioned plea for gun control at a press conference late Wednesday amid an hours-long shootout that left six police officers wounded.

    “It was just a riveting, riveting […]

    • Not a single mention of what kind of gun was used. I guarantee if it was an AR-15 or other “assault” gun we would be hearing all about it.

      So, Mr. Mayor, what exactly type of gun control are you promoting?

      • “Confiscation” or “banning”. Gun control is easier for them to say and push.
        Notice how they use terms, like “assault weapons”, for things which are not. They can then call any firearm they don’t like “assault weapons”.

        • True. For example;l the Marlin Model 60 semi-automatic .22 Long Rifle which hold 14 rounds is now considered an “assault rifle”: by the idiots on the Left.

    • So “mayor” Kenney is saying the existing laws don’t work. Why is that?

      The officers were serving a drug warrant. Now imagine officers trying to take down a serious gun owner. Even confronting the person(s) outside the home have consequences for innocent bystanders, businesses, etc.

    • So, did that shooter obtain his gun legally, or was this another case where authorities ignored a bazillion warnings like has happened in nearly all of the other recent shootings??

      Just follow the f-Ing laws!!!

      • No, the assault rifle was not purchased legally.

        • I’d be willing to wager YOU have absolutely NO idea what an “assault rifle” is. It does seem to be a catch all for the Lefty’s for every gadget what shoots them metal thingys.

    • Is this mayor just covering for his police chief’s incompetent ass, like the Coward County Police chief, Scott Israel after Parkland?

      • I think you need to read a more complete article on the incident. The police were there to serve a drug warrant on the resident. This was NOTHING like Parkland.

    • Mayor Kenney should FIRST apply the gun-control laws in the city he was elected to run. Once he has his elected job done, maybe he talk.

      As for the “citizens” who protested the police, give them what they want. Remove all police presence from their neighborhood or reduce coverage to the minimum. They asked for it.

      • ST, I’ve been advocating that idea for years!! These idiots that are protesting police presence should be forced to live without them! Unfortunately, I realize these idiots are the minority in their communities and the law abiding are probably staying quiet out of survival instinct.

    • I just found out that the shooter is a felon from way back into his teen age years. I guess more gun laws wouldn’t have helped since he wasn’t legally allowed to possess a gun In the first place! Lazy government or lazy law enforcement, or lazy government representatives/senators?
      OR, just lazy thinking on the lazy (liberal) “intelligencia”?

    • So I guess that the Mayor just learned that criminals don’t pay attention to gun laws. But he wants more? Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. What was it John Adams said? “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

    • It’s hard to comprehend that with so many dozens of gun control laws on the books which no one enforces that the Socialists I(Nazi-wannabes) are clamoring for more and more of the same; especially in those Leftist ruined cities with the strictest gun control laws. What’s that old saying about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome?

      GUN control will never work. America needs PEOPLE control.

  • Wall Street stumbled on Wednesday as investors fled equities for safe-haven assets, seeking shelter amid gathering signs that a recession could be on the horizon.

    All three major U.S. indexes were sharply lower […]

    • The DOW actually closed down 800.49 points—a 3.1% decline. Nasdaq closed 3.0% decline, not 2.7% and S&P closed 2.9%, not 2.7% As every news outlet was covering the inversion of the 2 & 10 yr yields, IJR posters were in a bubble claiming Trump’s economy is the greatest in history. That is some bubble you folks live in.

  • Former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) has recently established himself as one of the more outspoken critics of President Donald Trump on the right. Now, he wants a Republican to step up and challenge the president for […]

    • This RINO must be constipated. Hey, ‘former’ Rep., try Ex-Lax, I hear it works wonders.

    • “More often than not, unpopular presidents face primary challengers.” Joe Walsh

      Walsh is confused.

      The Republican Party is not a normal political party anymore. It has been transformed into a party of one, a kingship, a cult, and cult members don’t usually challenge their leaders because they are themselves weak followers.

    • One word: RINO!

      This doesn’t seem to be endemic of the Democrat party, which should tell anyone with two neurons to rub together that the DemRat party isn’t above putting poseurs up for election to do their dirty work. Do we have any DINO’s? He’s from Illinois, WTF else should anyone expect???

  • Democratic presidential contender Julián Castro wants to send a message to the president, so he’s taking it to President Donald Trump’s favorite cable news channel.

    Castro’s campaign is making a small ad buy […]

  • 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have made climate change a top priority early in the race, and former Vice President Al Gore is happy to see it.

    Gore spoke with ABC News’ Jon Karl for a segment of “This […]

    • More money at stake Al? Funny how a guy who charters private flights and has a swimming pool that uses more energy than the average family home suddenly perks up at the latest “We’re killing the planet.”

      Maye you can “carpool” with Leonardo on his megayacht to the next climate conference.

    • Haaaaa! The Gore whore raises his fat head again.
      Goodbye Al, you has-been. Been dangling any chads lately?

  • Musician John Legend returned to his home state of Ohio on Sunday to visit the city of Dayton one week after a mass shooting brought chaos to the city’s Oregon District.

    “In light of last week’s events, it is […]

  • A question posed to President Donald Trump about social media censorship quickly spiraled into a freewheeling rant against “racist” Hollywood on the White House lawn Friday.

    The president took questions from […]

    • Did anyone see ‘Rosewood’ based on the actual, horrible events in Rosewood, FL? I doubt many people did. It was right up there with Django. Utter BS.
      For quite sometime, the epic silent film “Birth of a Nation”‘, directed by D.W.Griffith, was banned as it was based on the novel “The Klansman” and it was truly racist; a word I am sick of, but it fits. President Woodrow Wilson held a viewing of that movie in the White House and apparently said it was ‘oh so true.’
      Anyone who gets their ‘facts’ from Hollyweird is really too stupid to vote, but that is a right that is sacrosanct no matter how ignorant someone is.

    • Otis, Otis, Otis. You seem a bit confused.

      “The most important thing about Django Unchained is that it’s a reaction against, or corrective of, movies like Birth of a Nation and Gone with the Wind. At every turn, it subverts or inverts the racist tropes that have defined Hollywood’s — and our culture’s — treatment of slavery, the Civil War, and Reconstruction. The sympathetic, gentlemanly slaveowner? Inverted in the form of Leonardo DiCaprio’s venal, brutal, and sadistic Calvin Candie. The pliant, fearful slave? Inverted in the form of Jaime Foxx’s Django, a gifted and confident sharpshooter. The brave white vigilantes? Shown as fearful and incompetent.” Jamelle Bouie


      “It’s worth recalling that slavery was made unsustainable largely through the efforts of those who were enslaved. The record is replete with enslaved blacks — even so-called house slaves — who poisoned slaveholders, destroyed crops, ‘accidentally’ burned down buildings, and ran away in such large numbers their lost labor crippled the Confederate economy. The primary sin of Django Unchained is not the desire to create an alternative history. It’s in the idea that an enslaved black man willing to kill in order to protect those he loves could constitute one.” Jelani Cobb

      Movies, such as Django Unchained”, are not created to straighten out our historical misconceptions. They are created to entertain us. Tarantino movies are a medium for dialog, both from Tarantino’s imagination POV and for viewers to start discussions. Sometimes I find his dialog a bit pendantic, but it is entertaining.

    • Otis,

      Yet Socialist icon Woodrow Wilson not only premiered it at the WH, but went on to segregrate government and the armed forces.

      In breaking news, Hollywood has decided to postpone “The Hunt” where wealthy Leftist elite kidnap and hunt the “deplorables” who’ve spoken out. It’s the ultimate Antifa/Leftist fantasy.

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