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  • Anthony Scaramucci has turned his past infrequent criticism of President Donald Trump into an all-out onslaught of harsh words for his former boss in recent days.

    The former White House communications director […]

    • A. Scaramucci also gave a date when King Donald The Loser will abdicate his golden throne – by March 2020.

      He doesn’t sound confused.

    • Of whom are you referring to as “the maggot”?

    • Michigan’s fake Man of the Year winner got Shell to force its employees to go to his non-campaign rally, Tuesday, or take an overtime pay cut.

      Without a doubt, this is the type of control fascists use, so don’t be confused out how King Donald The Loser is trying to run this country. “Rally with me or lose pay.”

      He also is threatening their union bosses, who don’t actually seem to be protecting their members from this nonsense.

      • It was a taxpayer expense rally—someone forgot to explain to Trump the difference.— The repeated lies were lost on most of the individuals in the room. One has to be a die hard Trumper to believe facts are what you want to be true.

  • President Donald Trump set his sights on an apparent protestor at a campaign rally in New Hampshire on Thursday, but the man on the receiving end of the president’s taunts turned out to be one of his […]

  • Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney gave an impassioned plea for gun control at a press conference late Wednesday amid an hours-long shootout that left six police officers wounded.

    “It was just a riveting, riveting […]

    • Not a single mention of what kind of gun was used. I guarantee if it was an AR-15 or other “assault” gun we would be hearing all about it.

      So, Mr. Mayor, what exactly type of gun control are you promoting?

      • “Confiscation” or “banning”. Gun control is easier for them to say and push.
        Notice how they use terms, like “assault weapons”, for things which are not. They can then call any firearm they don’t like “assault weapons”.

    • So “mayor” Kenney is saying the existing laws don’t work. Why is that?

      The officers were serving a drug warrant. Now imagine officers trying to take down a serious gun owner. Even confronting the person(s) outside the home have consequences for innocent bystanders, businesses, etc.

    • So, did that shooter obtain his gun legally, or was this another case where authorities ignored a bazillion warnings like has happened in nearly all of the other recent shootings??

      Just follow the f-Ing laws!!!

    • Is this mayor just covering for his police chief’s incompetent ass, like the Coward County Police chief, Scott Israel after Parkland?

      • I think you need to read a more complete article on the incident. The police were there to serve a drug warrant on the resident. This was NOTHING like Parkland.

    • Mayor Kenney should FIRST apply the gun-control laws in the city he was elected to run. Once he has his elected job done, maybe he talk.

      As for the “citizens” who protested the police, give them what they want. Remove all police presence from their neighborhood or reduce coverage to the minimum. They asked for it.

      • ST, I’ve been advocating that idea for years!! These idiots that are protesting police presence should be forced to live without them! Unfortunately, I realize these idiots are the minority in their communities and the law abiding are probably staying quiet out of survival instinct.

    • I just found out that the shooter is a felon from way back into his teen age years. I guess more gun laws wouldn’t have helped since he wasn’t legally allowed to possess a gun In the first place! Lazy government or lazy law enforcement, or lazy government representatives/senators?
      OR, just lazy thinking on the lazy (liberal) “intelligencia”?

    • So I guess that the Mayor just learned that criminals don’t pay attention to gun laws. But he wants more? Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. What was it John Adams said? “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

  • Wall Street stumbled on Wednesday as investors fled equities for safe-haven assets, seeking shelter amid gathering signs that a recession could be on the horizon.

    All three major U.S. indexes were sharply lower […]

    • The DOW actually closed down 800.49 points—a 3.1% decline. Nasdaq closed 3.0% decline, not 2.7% and S&P closed 2.9%, not 2.7% As every news outlet was covering the inversion of the 2 & 10 yr yields, IJR posters were in a bubble claiming Trump’s economy is the greatest in history. That is some bubble you folks live in.

  • Former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) has recently established himself as one of the more outspoken critics of President Donald Trump on the right. Now, he wants a Republican to step up and challenge the president for […]

    • This RINO must be constipated. Hey, ‘former’ Rep., try Ex-Lax, I hear it works wonders.

    • “More often than not, unpopular presidents face primary challengers.” Joe Walsh

      Walsh is confused.

      The Republican Party is not a normal political party anymore. It has been transformed into a party of one, a kingship, a cult, and cult members don’t usually challenge their leaders because they are themselves weak followers.

    • One word: RINO!

      This doesn’t seem to be endemic of the Democrat party, which should tell anyone with two neurons to rub together that the DemRat party isn’t above putting poseurs up for election to do their dirty work. Do we have any DINO’s? He’s from Illinois, WTF else should anyone expect???

  • Democratic presidential contender Julián Castro wants to send a message to the president, so he’s taking it to President Donald Trump’s favorite cable news channel.

    Castro’s campaign is making a small ad buy […]

  • 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have made climate change a top priority early in the race, and former Vice President Al Gore is happy to see it.

    Gore spoke with ABC News’ Jon Karl for a segment of “This […]

    • More money at stake Al? Funny how a guy who charters private flights and has a swimming pool that uses more energy than the average family home suddenly perks up at the latest “We’re killing the planet.”

      Maye you can “carpool” with Leonardo on his megayacht to the next climate conference.

    • Haaaaa! The Gore whore raises his fat head again.
      Goodbye Al, you has-been. Been dangling any chads lately?

  • Musician John Legend returned to his home state of Ohio on Sunday to visit the city of Dayton one week after a mass shooting brought chaos to the city’s Oregon District.

    “In light of last week’s events, it is […]

  • A question posed to President Donald Trump about social media censorship quickly spiraled into a freewheeling rant against “racist” Hollywood on the White House lawn Friday.

    The president took questions from […]

    • Did anyone see ‘Rosewood’ based on the actual, horrible events in Rosewood, FL? I doubt many people did. It was right up there with Django. Utter BS.
      For quite sometime, the epic silent film “Birth of a Nation”‘, directed by D.W.Griffith, was banned as it was based on the novel “The Klansman” and it was truly racist; a word I am sick of, but it fits. President Woodrow Wilson held a viewing of that movie in the White House and apparently said it was ‘oh so true.’
      Anyone who gets their ‘facts’ from Hollyweird is really too stupid to vote, but that is a right that is sacrosanct no matter how ignorant someone is.

    • Otis, Otis, Otis. You seem a bit confused.

      “The most important thing about Django Unchained is that it’s a reaction against, or corrective of, movies like Birth of a Nation and Gone with the Wind. At every turn, it subverts or inverts the racist tropes that have defined Hollywood’s — and our culture’s — treatment of slavery, the Civil War, and Reconstruction. The sympathetic, gentlemanly slaveowner? Inverted in the form of Leonardo DiCaprio’s venal, brutal, and sadistic Calvin Candie. The pliant, fearful slave? Inverted in the form of Jaime Foxx’s Django, a gifted and confident sharpshooter. The brave white vigilantes? Shown as fearful and incompetent.” Jamelle Bouie


      “It’s worth recalling that slavery was made unsustainable largely through the efforts of those who were enslaved. The record is replete with enslaved blacks — even so-called house slaves — who poisoned slaveholders, destroyed crops, ‘accidentally’ burned down buildings, and ran away in such large numbers their lost labor crippled the Confederate economy. The primary sin of Django Unchained is not the desire to create an alternative history. It’s in the idea that an enslaved black man willing to kill in order to protect those he loves could constitute one.” Jelani Cobb

      Movies, such as Django Unchained”, are not created to straighten out our historical misconceptions. They are created to entertain us. Tarantino movies are a medium for dialog, both from Tarantino’s imagination POV and for viewers to start discussions. Sometimes I find his dialog a bit pendantic, but it is entertaining.

    • Otis,

      Yet Socialist icon Woodrow Wilson not only premiered it at the WH, but went on to segregrate government and the armed forces.

      In breaking news, Hollywood has decided to postpone “The Hunt” where wealthy Leftist elite kidnap and hunt the “deplorables” who’ve spoken out. It’s the ultimate Antifa/Leftist fantasy.

  • The White House worked hard to paint President Donald Trump’s trips to meet with victims of shootings in Dayton and El Paso as being above partisan politics, but a video taken inside the hospital in El Paso shows […]

    • What kind of a man is Sherrod Brown who meets with the president for a photo op with a smile on his face as they visit with the with the victims, then stabs the president in his back after he leaves?

      Answer: Sherrod Brown is a pathetic pussy!! If he had something to say to President Trump he should have said it openly and to his face!!! But Pussies like Brown (like most Democrats) don’t do that!!!

  • A pair of pro-Trump protestors were shouted down in a Tucson, Arizona city council meeting on Tuesday, and the scene was just too much for one man in attendance to handle.

    A clip from KVOA reporter Nick VinZant […]

    • Tucson: Another crap fest in the making if sanctimonious Dems have their way.

    • Were you thinking any of the 250 mass shooters in the US so far this year were committed by an “illegal alien”? But I hope “green shirt guy” and your families are safe, PERIOD.

    • If one’s choice is to laugh or cry in the face of stupidity, some do pick laughter. But our mothers taught us not to laugh at the mentally challenged and yet Trump told us to forget political correctness. So it is a difficult choice.

    • There will be plenty of laughter when the Dumbocrat candidates get annihilated in the 2020 election.

    • As usual philly you have shown your disconnect from the real world. “Were you thinking any of the 250 mass shooters in the US so far this year.” First off, D3F1ANT’s comment had NOTHING to do with mass shootings, it was about the serious crimes that have been committed by illegals. And just what world do you live in that has had 250 mass shootings this year? Citing groups that call any shooting with 4 victims a “mass” shooting is a pretty loose definition of “mass”. Now are you gonna try to tell everyone here that there has not been one illegal involved in a shooting that had 4 victims?

    • philly-

      You cite numbers from the GVA which calls a mass shooting any shooting that involves at least 4 victims. ABC News uses the exact same criteria and says there have been 17 mass shootings, not 250 that you cite. How do you explain the difference?

    • Just so you know, philly, there have been 570 arrests of illegals on homicide charges during an 8 rear period in TEXAS alone and I’m sure homicide was NOT the only crime being referred to by D3F1ANT.

  • Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-Texas) had a message for President Trump ahead of his planned Wednesday visit to El Paso, where a white nationalist mass shooting left 22 dead.

    “Tell him not to come here,” Escobar […]

    • Why is it the Socialists cannot finish one sentence without the word “racist” or “white supremacist” or “hatred”; ALL the words they invented as a cover because they lack the knowledge to carry on an intelligent conversation? Shameful!

    • I will repeat: The Mayor of El Paso seems to be one of the few politicians out there with a brain. Certainly it’s not Escobar who seems more pissed off that Trump didn’t drop all to take her call than not. Hope that nose she’s cutting off in spite tastes damn good to her constituents.

    • I am confused.

      If King Donald The Loser truly wanted to help mitigate the harm his words created, why wouldn’t the great negotiator have dialog with Rep. Escobar? Can’t he stop watching FOX news for even 5 minutes?

  • Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) called for a vote on a House-passed background checks bill in the wake of two mass shootings over the weekend, placing the blame squarely with Senate Majority Leader […]

    • With the dozens of background check laws already on the books, Chuckie, WHAT do you propose be done with them? Those Laws on the books were NOT being enforced although the NICS background check law WAS working as designed.

      Is the House idea just some more “feels good because we did “something”? OR, more wasted time, energy and taxpayer money?

  • The Nebraska Republican Party is calling for a Republican state senator to change his party affiliation over a statement accusing the party of enabling white supremacy in America.

    The party released a statement […]

  • An American soccer player used his platform to push for action on gun violence one day after mass shootings rocked communities in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

    Philadelphia Union captain Alejandro Bedoya […]

    • I like Mr. Bendoya’s method of protest a hell of a lot better than a knee.

      • I agree. Now let’s see him bring his talent, money, and commitment to Phillie. Let’s have him run a program, say “Balls instead of guns” since Phillie is not exactly a gun-free garden spot.

        Doing something is a lot tougher than running his mouth.

    • Boyega wants the government to do something. How childish and lacking personal responsibility. He must be a Dimocrat, big on wants, but lacking either ideas or personal commitment.

      Newsflash mouth-breather: you have money and celebrity. Phillie is NOT a crime-free garden spot. How about YOU do something to improve your city instead of asking others to do what you will not?

      Hypocrite. Moron.

  • Former Congressman Beto O’Rourke hasn’t been shy to criticize President Donald Trump after a mass shooting in his hometown of El Paso, Texas left 20 dead. The Democratic presidential candidate has tied the […]

    • So what are you going to do Beta?

    • Yuck… ok so Beto is an option if we want more of president Trump’s inability to properly communicate as an adult then broadcasting that fact on twitter – all just with a full swing and just shy of crazed.

      Seriously – does he really think this is what leadership looks like?

    • Beta (Robert Francis) O’Rourke stands by his comments like he stood by his intoxicated hit and run. Or perhaps how he stood by his county judge uncle who had a bag of cocaine hidden in his car and told the officer who found it to, “make it disappear”. Yeah, the spoiled brat of a family who runs El Paso will stand by to spout platitudes, but when it comes to standing in the way of danger, he can be reached at the confines of his gated community. “Please leave a message…”

  • U.S. President Donald Trump announced on Friday that he had dropped his choice for spy chief, Representative John Ratcliffe, after questions about the congressman’s lack of experience and possible exaggerations in […]

    • The “lamestream media” is going to hound on anyone he picks just as they have for all his picks in the past.

      The only time he ever really gives in is when what they are saying is true and its overly problematic – which honestly is the right thing to do. But pretending that he is bowing to pressure from media is goofy.

      Better luck next pick.

    • I am confused.

      Isn’t part of the job of the media to hold people in power accountable, whether it is embellishing credentials or robbing the American people, nepotism, corruption, poisoning our envirnment, or lying to us about 11,000 times?

      I am pretty sure it is…

    • Most people I know do not enjoy undergoing a colonoscopy, I expect Mr Ratcliffe is no different.

    • Get back into that clown car.

    • I am confused. This is really suspicious.

      The king’s administration is trying to contravene the Vacency Reform Act to put in a profoundly unqualified sycophant who would do the king’s bidding over the person next in line that has over 30 years worth of experience, Sue Gordon. Ratcliffe is a conspiracy theorist nutjob, too. If rabidly right-wing Lt Gen Ralph Peters thinks that Ratcliffe is unqualified, then you know that there was something really toxic about Ratcliffe. The King doesn’t give up this easily just because a few Republicans opposed him. He hasn’t before.

      Also the chief DNI, who reports to another sycophant, the AG, would have a tremendous amount of influence regarding investigations into and by the king. What King Donald The Loser is doing is really, really dangerous. The problem is that, if King Donald is successful at manipulating the succession process, the next nomination could be even more dangerous and more toxic.

    • No matter who Trump picks, the nominee – other than Michelle O – would be unacceptable to the Socialists.

      • This nomination was a joke, no matter where you fall on the political spectrum.

      • There are 53 R’s in the Senate. You only need 50 votes and Pence to confirm. If a candidate is not acceptable to 50 R’s, WHY would you expect a D to vote for them?

    • James, the Senate has 53 R’s. Only 50 votes + Pence are needed to confirm ANY nominee—-Ratcliffe was unacceptable to more than D’s or his nomination would not have been pulled. Dan Coates, who Ratcliffe would have replaced, was confirmed 85-12 by the 115th Senate. Mark Esper was confirmed as Sec. of Defense last month with a 90-8 vote. Neither are Michelle O. BUT Michelle O, unlike Ratcliffe, would have told Trump she did not have intel experience.

  • President Donald Trump lashed out at Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) once more on Friday, mocking the congressman after reports of a burglary at his Baltimore home.

    “Really bad news! The Baltimore house of Elijah […]

    • Crime Watch: Burglary by large, unarmed rodent with short, dark grey hair and four legs. Wears no disguise or mask. Has long tail used as pry bar to open doors and windows. Last seen visiting thousands of relatives in Baltimore. Do not approach. Call the feline squad at #MEOW.

    • King Donald The Loser is nothing more than a good-for-nothing reprobate.

      He is confused about how to be human.

    • I have NO problem with Trump’s comment. I suppose his comment was twisted and rewritten by the Socialist media to actually say: “Too bad he wasn’t mugged while in his home and his wife raped.”

      NOTHING surprises me any more with this Party of inbred hate mongers.

  • Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) took a shot at President Donald Trump after a congressional trip to Africa, and she had some help from Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

    “They said ‘send her back’ but Speaker [Pelosi] […]

    • Why didn’t BOTH Pelosi and Omar stay there? Neither are worth their salt here.

    • SMH
      Gotta love those Congressional junkets.
      I really should run for Congress… it might be my only chance to see the world.

      • I’d vote for you no matter where you live. I’d register as a DemocRAT to vote so it wouldn’t be “illegal”.

        [I’ve been to Europe, Alaska (twice) and the Far East. I’d recommend a trip to Germany any day of the week!]

  • The Kentucky Democratic Party has a new approach to raising money to unseat Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), and it involves a new nickname the Kentucky Republican doesn’t enjoy.

    The party is […]

    • I am confused.

      Is ANY other Republican more corrupt or more dangerous than Moscow Mitch?

    • It’s still clear the Government (DOJ, FBI) needs to look HERE – not to Russia – for election interference problems. The DemocRATs are very astute in the act of manufacturing ballots when needed to effect the outcome of an election. Just ask those two FORMER Southeast Florida Counties’ Elections Supervisors about how to change election results.

    • Ridiculous, but somebody’s making a buck or two.

    • If you want to Drain The Swamp, the voters in Kentucky might want to start with Mitch.

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