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  • The Mueller report paints an extensive picture of Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped the White House from attempting to spin the story.

    During […]

  • While some 2020 Democrats have shied away from talk of impeachment, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) doubled down during a Monday night town hall with a full-throated call for the initiation of […]

  • The redacted final report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller gives new insight into the apparent dysfunction in the Trump White House, including one revealing anecdote of an attempted resignation by former White […]

    • don mcgahn has changed his story a few times. Forgot to mention that, eh josh? What a hack. Flip a coin for what he’s saying today.

  • A redacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report released on Thursday gives the public their first in-depth look into the long-running investigation — including President Donald Trump’s fiery r […]

  • Attorney General William Barr held a press conference ahead of the public release of a redacted version of the Mueller report — but special counsel Robert Mueller was nowhere to be seen.
    A reporter pressed B […]

  • President Donald Trump offered some unsolicited business advice for Boeing on Monday, but his comments are dredging up memories of Trump’s failed attempt at entering the airline industry.

    “What do I know about […]

    • Maybe the Boeing 737 MAX should be rebranded, fueled up and called the “Illegal Alien Airlines”; destination unknown.

  • What do Tupac and Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang have in common? Holograms.

    In an interview with TMZ on Wednesday, Yang revealed his plan to get a leg up on his primary opponents by embracing the […]

    • Wonder if this dipstick has an idea how “technology” will be able to drive an 80,000 pound 18 wheeler across the U.S. and over to Australia if AOC dictates no more fossil fuel. The absurdity displayed by the Socialists is becoming more hilarious by the hour.

      • Unicorn farts create no CO2 and sprinkle flower petals along the way. Didn’t you read the rest of the GND?

        • Thanks for clarifying that for me (and for a good laugh).

          • I hear the massively tax-payer subsidized Elon Musk is planning a new line of uber-expensive cars fueled by just that so that the wealthy can virtue-signal betterer.

      • They already got automated land based vehicles it’s merely a matter of perfection which will likely occur in a decade or two. They’ll go between air based drone travel and automated land based travel and those jobs will be all but phased out in regards to human interaction. Basically in fifty years most labor jobs will be gone from human hands and become automated that’s when shits going to really hit the fan. Who do you think some greedy CEO bastard is going to do hire humans or machines.

        • Greedy CEO bastards already hire machines over humans and have since the industrial revolution began, so they aren’t confused.

          • But won’t universal basic income take care of those too stupid or useless to learn new, employable skills?

            A COMPLETELY PREDICTABLE result of raising the “minimum” wage is more automation and less employment for the unskilled. q.v. the deployment of many, many more kiosks in fast food franchises to replace workers.

            No benefits, sick pay, tuition reimbursement, etc. for the machines.

          • Also, businesses can write-off capital expenditures and depreciation, unlike human workers.

            See what happens when morons who have NEVER run businesses try to mandate?

          • Are YOU a greedy CEO?

            Greedy CEOs switched to computers and copy machines to eliminate the labor and expense of typing, mimeographing, and physically mailing just to screw the workers?

            People switched to cars to put livery, feed stores, buggy-whip makers and manure shovelers out of jobs in your world.

            Why are you using electricity? Doesn’t that unemploy whalers, lamp makers, candlers, etc? Your computer use unemploys papermakers, postal workers, etc.

            You really are ignorant.

          • FYI you dimbulb. Nobody sane “hires” machines. They are bought.

            Your grasp of industrial evolution and technology is….lacking as is you intelligence.

            So why exactly are you using a computer or electricity? Those are products of the industrial revolution.

        • fifty years? In less than twelve we’ll all be dead. Thanks AOC.

          Maybe in fifty years people who won’t acquire marketable skills will deserve not to prosper or learn to accept that they, personally, failed. Maybe they’ll embrace being losers.

        • Your view of the evolution of AI and robotics is both optimistic and dystopian. Who will program them? Who will package them, set them up, make them?
          Maybe Skynet will autonomously crank out machines to replace humans, who murder their own future.

          Maybe we’ll all die in a nuke war with North Korea or be devoured by mutant polar bears or be overwhelmed by plastic straws.

          You view is pessimistic. which makes me wonder if you have children, investments, or life insurance.

          • I suspect we’ll all die from being nuked by “Nukem Swalwell” as he comes after our guns. In 2020 when he’s elected, we’ll need to have our Last Will and Testaments drawn up and Notarized.

    • Universal Basic Income. That’s also part of the GND. $1000 a month is not going to enable anyone to buy or keep a home, feed themselves, or do anything. The US poverty line for one person is about $12,000 for year, about what Yang promises.

      • The poverty line was increased from 14k to 17k so guess the poor made 3k more a year somewhere but sure as hell not in my area. I guess they based this on the liberals states paying people 15 or more an hour to flip burgers because the price of living there is sky high. But yes 1k month is barely I mean just barely enough to manage to survive in some income based housing you’ll definitely never rise any higher than just surviving exactly where the Dems want you so you’re always on their tit.

        • The irony is this: the cost of living in the bluest states, e.g. CA and NY, render a $15/hr wage meaningless.

          Ask yourself if you feel responsible for people who make poverty-level wages. I do not. This is America. If they cannot raise themselves up then WHY should anyone else? There are these things called personal responsibility, making good choices, and that equal opportunity does NOT mean equal outcomes.

    • So what Yang is saying is that he’ll guarantee you enough to be poor and stay there, not counting other subsidies like SNAP, Section 8, or free healthcare. He also doesn’t address savings and assets they may have like equity in a house, automobiles, etc.

      • Isn’t the Socialists’ plan just that? Keep the poor down and dependent on the Government for more and more hand OUTS and never a hand UP. And the more the low-IQ, low information individual sees the Government is taking care of him/her from womb to tomb with no effort exerted on their part , the more likely they are to vote for the Leftist side of the ballot. “Keep them freebies coming.” Yang cannot be a serious candidate no more than Bozo O’Rourke.

        • You nailed it. In many ways the whole “cradle to grave” policy is an extension of the plantation system, i.e. slavery. Keep them dependent from birth until death. Never allow them the idea of bettering themselves.

  • A panel of CEOs from some of the largest banks in the world sat silently on Wednesday when Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) confronted them on the lack of diversity in the group.

    Green posed the question during a House […]

    • Personally I would rather the over riding factor in choosing any successor would actually be a history of success. Color and gender be damned.

    • Once again……..The Democratic Party remains to push nothing but their old and tiring “Identity Politics”!! Smh #ItsOK2BeWhite

    • I believe that is the stupidest question I have heard yet from a supposedly intelligent (Dem) politician. Seems the more they come, the dumber they are. Speaks volumes for the gaggle of 2020 candidates.

    • Rep. Green, how about having a meeting of the Congressional Black Caucus? There’d be an awful lot of “colored” folk there. How about Obozo inviting NBA teams to the WH? Any objections there?

      How ’bout this? A COLOR-BLIND merit system?

  • House Democrats were given their first chance to question Attorney General William Barr on Tuesday, and Rep. Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.) didn’t hide her views on Barr’s handling of the final report from special counsel […]

    • Lowry was out of line by her inquiring about the Mueller report. AG Barr was not in her presence to discuss anything but his budget request and what he plans to do with the money.

    • Way to stay on point Nita ( eye roll )!

  • Historically, ousted cabinet secretaries have fallen into cushy positions in the private sector. But Jeffrey Toobin isn’t predicting the same fate for Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen […]

    • Gee Mr Toobin it doesn’t seem to have affected Super O and that nonsense about separating children from “family” at the border was around back then.

      At issue isn’t the job or the actions taken, at issue is who she worked for.

    • Toobin is wrong, of course, as he does not explain the identical policies of #44 Barry or his puppet AG Eric Holder back a few years ago. This article is biased against the Trump Administration.

  • Anthony Scaramucci only served a short stint in the White House, but he’s still going out of his way to defend the president to the media.

    The former White House communications director offered a slew of […]

    • He explains it well. No one believes what they see/hear from Trump. They tell themselves Trump is “way more stable & “way more rational” than he portrays himself to be? That worked out so far with closing the border & an immediate withdraw of troops from Syria & Afghanistan. But what about the $11B 35 day government shutdown? The $12B to farmers for his tariff misadventure. Or stripping a critic’s security clearance & giving clearance to 25 who CAN”T pass a background check?

    • It’s true, every politician lies. Those with some cognitive functioning will recollect how Barry Hussein Soetoro (aka “Barack Hussein Obama”) lied about nearly everything; in particular his signature EO – Obamacare. He and Hillary also were complicit in lying to the World about Benghazi and her illegal email server he “knew nothing about” (but used it to send emails to and from her on), etc. etc.

  • Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is finally speaking out about her public exclusion from the funeral of the late Senator John McCain.

    Palin, who served as McCain’s running mate in the 2008 presidential […]

  • President Donald Trump campaigned on “draining the swamp” in Washington, but one swamp monster seems to have found its way to a Senate hearing on Thursday.

    A woman seated behind acting Secretary of the Interior […]

  • An upcoming biography about former first lady Barbara Bush doesn’t hold back on the details of her disdain for President Donald Trump.

    An excerpt from “The Matriarch: Barbara Bush and the Making of an American […]

    • Barbara Bush was a smart lady, so I am NOT buying that her anger, disappointment and horror were with TRUMP. She no longer considered herself a Republican because REPUBLICANS support WHO & WHAT Trump is and represents. As indicated in the article, Trump was associated with “greed, selfishness, and ugly” since the 1980’s. His campaign was racist views against Hispanics, bigoted views against Muslims, sexist views of women. And R’s said, “Yeah, that is today’s Republican .”

  • A speech honoring the 40th anniversary of C-SPAN briefly turned into an impromptu celebration of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) when members responded raucously to news of the speaker’s birthday.

    Pelosi […]

    • Nothing says professionalism and decorum like announcing your own birthday, then faux-declining the results. Too bad they banned her climbing out of a cake, though there’s always next year.

      • Do you want young Americans to emulate Nancy Pelosi or Donald Trump? Do you want young Americans to follow the example of being a leader & being assertive—or do you want them to follow the childish nickname and bully routine you find so entertaining in Trump?

    • She’s ONLY 79!?! I get it. Her necromancers transfer the ravages of time to hapless illegals who will never be missed. Either that or regular infusions of freshly-harvested fetal stem-cells. No wonder she wants open borders and abortions. Hmmm…

      • Can you cite an example of Nancy Pelosi calling for or supporting “open borders”? Opposition to spending billions on a “wall” that will do nothing to address the sites of where 90% of drugs and migrants are smuggled into the country is NOT support of open borders. Tell us why updated monitoring and more border patrols at the ports of entry is ineffective. Personal attacks on a 79 yr old does NOT accomplish anything but make you appear small.

      • Hmm. indeed. Nancy Pelosi raised 5 children–does that sound as if she “wants” abortions? How many have you raised & educated? How many foster children removed from abusive environments have you taken into your home? As you repeatedly deny, abortions have occurred for centuries. You support having them occur via UNSAFE procedures. Nancy Pelosi supports have SAFE procedures available to those who wish to end a pregnancy. Again, personal attacks do zero to advance your argument.

        • SyPhyllis, again you demonstrate your delusions! ST said nothing about abortion in any of his posts, yet you jump from stem-cells to safe abortions? You must have missed your Xanax this morning!

          • I will not speculate on your medication, but you may wish to see your eye doctor for a change in your lens. How did you miss Screw’s last line in his post reading “No wonder she wants open borders and abortion. Hmmm…”? Tip: Your assumptions on my px’s is as inaccurate as your assumption that I lived in my 89 yr old mother’s basement. Keep trying and I will let you know when you get one correct.

        • “Again, personal attacks do zero to advance your argument.”

          Self-awareness much Phil? Personal attacks are perfect for mockery, but there has to be a grain of truth.

          Sure she has kids of her own. That’s what makes her such a hypocrite.

          • Oh, mockery was what you were going for? And mockery is useful HOW? Being supportive of SAFE abortion option makes her a hypocrite HOW? Living in a world where you have not been exposed to women that have thrown themselves down a flight of steps or developed an infection post unsafe abortion procedures, allows you to live in a fantasy world that simply denying women access to a safe abortion means abortions will cease to occur. That is as logical as Mexico will pay for the wall!

      • “Not one dollar for a wall”: Nancy Pelosi

        Meanwhile, SyPhyllis lives in her delusional world where if you don’t look, it doesn’t exist….as in citing the debunked statistic that drugs being smuggled only get in, or are caught at, ports of entry into the US. SyPhyllis, you don’t have an effing clue what sneaks in elsewhere and you can’t prove me wrong on that statement, either!

        • Your eyeglass lens most definitely need to be changed. Border patrols & Custom agents never said 100% of drugs come thru legal ports of entry at airports, seaports, and borders as well as US Mail. THEY said it was 90%. Which of those will increase detection by building a wall?

      • ST, I’m pretty sure Ms. Pelosi lives on a steady diet of fresh blood, and her REAL age is at least 1079. That Speaker’s podium she stands behind? There’s a compartment in it where she sleeps upside down when the sun’s out. When speaking during the day, the Dems pull all the shades closed to hide her from the sun. The only way this broad’s ever NOT gonna run for re-election is if someone drives an oak stake through her heart.

  • A letter from Attorney General William Barr summarizing the findings of the Mueller report isn’t sitting well with Democratic leaders.

    In a joint statement on Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and […]

    • Is one of the questions, “how can we spin this to make ourselves look LESS like schmucks?”

      • OR: “Please rewrite it because it doesn’t fit our anti-Trump, anti-GOP, pro-Hillary narrative.”

    • Well, the Barr letter does not explain the reason for the many lies. It does raise the question that no one ever thought was necessary. Does the Congress need to pass a law to prevent candidates from secretly meeting with America’s adversaries?

      • Exactly. I wish the report HAD A FULL LIST of the compound lies necessary to implement this aborted, slow-motion coup AND those who created those lies.

        Why would a law like that be necessary? Would it also apply to those elected? Would you rather adversaries just have a nuclear exchange?

        • You perceive Rosentein was implementing a coup with an investigation? Did you perceive the 4 yr Ken Starr investigation was a coup attempt? The Watergate investigation? The over 4 yr congressional investigation of Benghazi? Iran-Contra investigation? Are you asking if it applies to those elected in anticipation of Trump’s re-election campaign accepting assistance of Russia again? Russian state TV is interpreting the Barr summary as a green light to repeat.

    • Q1: What else can we do to screw our country?

      • I’d bet that the Left/Dims have backup plans B-Z. How effective they’ll be is always debatable.

        So far their Alinskyite scheme of harass/investigate has failed to yield the coup they desire. Apparently they didn’t try something new, they just got shovels with longer handles.

  • The NHL’s Washington Capitals are scheduled to visit the White House on Monday, following their 2018 Stanley Cup win, but their star goalie won’t be in attendance.

    Speaking with reports on Friday, Braden Holtby […]

    • Great news. Not all Americans have abandoned American values for tax cuts and pro-corporate SCOTUS Justices.

  • President Donald Trump is speaking out amid growing calls from Democratic hopefuls to abandon the Electoral College — but he wasn’t always a fan of the oft criticized system for electing a president.

    Writing o […]

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