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  • The field of candidates in the 2020 presidential elections continues to widen almost every week, but former first lady Michelle Obama argued that not everyone is cut out for the job.

    On an episode of Conan […]

    • Experience is important. I never bought into the “wanna have a beer with” criteria. In 2020, I will be looking for the candidate that can convince me they have a plan to MAKE AMERICA SANE AGAIN!

    • …except that disqualifies you Lady Maybe (per your husband’s half-brother). He’s a hoot calling you “Michael”.

      Experience. You worked 20 years on an assembly line, slopping food in a school cafeteria, or lining people up at the DMV. Tell me how your “experience” makes you more qualified. Than what?
      “Time served” does not and should not qualify as “experience.

      • Just like recently announced slacker Beta, what have you accomplished? What achievement can you claim? Even failure is a learning experience, because you tried.

  • Former President George W. Bush hosted a naturalization ceremony at his institute in Dallas Monday and gave a speech that uplifted immigrants and encouraged politicians to “dial down” their rhetoric on the […]

    • Thank you ex-prez Bush for acknowledging the value of the legal immigration process AND the efforts these new citizens expended in attaining citizenship.

  • President Donald Trump tweeted insults at the late Senator John McCain twice this weekend, a move that Meghan McCain said proves the president has a “pathetic life.”

    “Listen, he spends his weekend obsessing […]

  • It’s been over seven months since the death of the late Sen. John McCain, but President Donald Trump dedicated three tweets to insulting the late Arizona Republican this weekend, infuriating McCain’s […]

  • Former President Barack Obama responded to the shooting at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand on Friday that resulted in the deaths of 49 worshippers.

    “Michelle and I send our condolences to the people […]

    • “…anything we can do ” For starters we can denounce hate speech when we hear/read it. We can call out fear mongering when he hear it, AND no fall prey to the manipulation attempts. We can reach out to those who have fallen prey BEFORE they act upon the imaginary threats.

      • Have to agree with the “fear mongering” part. However, that would leave the Dem/Socialists with nothing to say if they wouldn’t be able to continue their use of fear, intimidation, racism, divisiveness, unrealistic ideas and out right lies to combat Conservative facts.

        • What would be the “Conservative facts” that you are referring? James, facts are facts. They have no party affiliation.

          • Party affiliation is front and center on the “news media” sites of NBC, CBS ABC, MSNBC and CNN in particular where the facts are routinely twisted, skewed or ignored as are GOP politicians who are working for those who elected them. Have you ever heard a good word about POTUS Trump on any of those Leftist sites? Didn’t think so. Doubt you ever will as they ALL support only Leftist ideas.

            • James, please watch the networks you mentioned and you will discover that you have been mislead. Many Republicans have and do appear on those networks. Chris Christie, Abby Huntsman & Meghan McCain signed with ABC News. CNN has Michael Caputo, Roger Stone, Corey Lewandowski, Ben Ferguson, Kevin Madden on presenting & defending Trump’s latest action. NBC & MSNBC have numerous Republicans on to present their views. NO ONE wants Trump to fail–It is OUR country at stake.

        • Total projection. You have been duped by those same tools.

    • I find it odd that the World’s leading anti-American, anti-White RACIST would even open his mouth; EXCEPT for the fact the massacre in NZ involved Muslims. I don’t recall a word from Mr. Racist when 17 students and teachers were massacred on 2/14/2018 in Florida; or, the massacre in Las Vegas, or Charlottesville. Were there no Muslims then to cry over, Mr. Racist? Only White American infidels?

      I now understand WHY this Muslim racist is building a Wall around his D.C. compound.

      • I guess you ignored Obama’s “This is not normal.” speech, Sept 7, 2018, then.

        I can’t believe that IJR let’s you get away with spouting your hate here.

        • What “hate”? As a registered Independent, am I REQUIRED to agree with those whose opinions or information differs from mine? Many posts I’ve read here and on the many other sites I visit indicate the writers don’t have a clue what the word “truth” means; they just continue their hyperbole to see their username in print. Prime example: those uninformed individuals who have made it their life’s mission to condemn the NRA for the acts of a few mentally disturbed Democrats.

        • #2: I have and did ignore everything Marxist “Obama” (true adopted name: Barry Hussein Soetoro, an Indonesian citizen) said as did the majority of Americans. As a suggestion, I would recommend you read: “How Obama Betrayed America . . and No One is holding Him Accountable” and “Obama and Islam”. Both were written by David Horowitz and Robert Spencer. Both are excellent insights into a known anti-American Marxist and Muslim. Just facts.

  • As a former Senate candidate, Beto O’Rourke was down to impeach President Donald Trump. Now, as a newly-declared presidential candidate, the former congressman thinks there’s a better way to oust the […]

    • This fake Hispanic hasn’t dropped out of the race yet? With the amount of stupidity this individual has consumed (AOC’s GND, Medicare for All, etc., etc.) and is unable to even guess how those Socialist ideas will be paid for, obviously he’s unable to make decisions or figure things out. How would he ever be able to be President and make any decisions?

      It is so obvious this guy is on an ego trip. He’d best try to figure out how to bring his dog out of her depression and skip the WH.

    • Guess Bobby missed the part where there is now more proof that Hillary and the DNC paid for unsubstantiated, phony information and colluded with the Russians to try and stop Trump. Trump voters were not swayed over to her radicalized side as was her plan. She managed to get rid of Bernie; but learned she was NOT entitled as the Dem/Socialist’s Queen to rein from the WH.

  • After CNN host Chris Cuomo’s interview with Kellyanne Conway turned into a heated argument Thursday, fellow CNN host Don Lemon questioned the value of giving the special counselor to the president air […]

    • Once AGAIN, the network that swears it is all about the First Amendment shows it’s total hypocrisy where the First Amendment is concerned.

    • Beneath the dignity of the WORST news organization in the World? In reality, it would be beneath Kellyanne’s dignity for her to crawl down beyond the gutter and be in the same sewer with the likes of Lemon and Cuomo.

    • Lots of media bookers refuse to put KC on their shows. This has been the case for about two years. She doesn’t go to meetings, but she will say details that just aren’t true anyway, or she will say something and an hour later the President throws her (or anyone else) under a bus. She makes herself and the shows look bad.

      If I had a show, I would book Mr KC, though. He is more relevant.

  • President Donald Trump’s recent comments about his supporters raised red flags for Sen. Mazzie Hirono (D-Hawaii), who saw the remarks as possibly inciting violence.

    “You know, the left plays a tougher game, i […]

    • “I can tell you I have the support of the police, the support of the military…”

      No, he doesn’t, not in the way he suggested, anyway. Members of the SS also said that, if Trump doesn’t voluntarily leave after losing an election, that they will frog-walk him out the WH door.

    • Damn near every time Sen. Hironon opens her mouth I have the urge to commit violence all right.
      Oddly enough it has nothing to do with Trump and a lot to do with her stupidity.

  • Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz claimed Thursday that he has spent more time with the military than anyone else running for president, forgetting that two candidates in the race are military members […]

    • I think that owning up to his mistake promptly and decisively makes Schultz stand out from the herd already. Most political hacks seem incapable of uttering a scintilla of apology for the claptrap they spew unless said apology is demanded the masses on social media and/or television.

  • President Donald Trump falsely stated Wednesday that the judge that sentenced his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort also cleared the Trump campaign of any collusion with the Russian government. George Conway […]

  • President Donald Trump criticized late night comedy shows on his Twitter Wednesday, but host Jimmy Kimmel responded saying Trump gives hosts “no choice” but to make fun of him.

    “The president was tapping his […]

    • Can’t say that I would lower myself to watch what is nothing more than anti-Trump slander and (I’m told) pure garbage during the “late-night” time frame. Comedy it ain’t

  • Democratic lawmakers introduced legislation Wednesday that would expand the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to cover people regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.

    In an op-ed to The Advocate, House […]

    • On occasion the Dem party actually gets it right.

    • I find this to be highly amusing. EVERY one of the dimwits parrot the exact same comment – word for word. What? NONE of them have a single brain cell to come up with something at least one word differently; but have to (MUST) stay in lockstep?

      This – like the dimwits other “brilliant” resolutions – isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

  • The sports retail giant Dick’s Sporting Goods announced Tuesday they would take yet another step in the fight against gun violence and pulled all guns from 125 of their stores nationwide.

    “I couldn’t be more im […]

    • Dick’s has actually shot itself in the foot by removing guns from stores. Sales have taken a steep nose-dive and will continue until they are no longer in business. Those who are supporters of gun rights and the Second Amendment – unlike the CEO of Dick’s who does not – are going to stores where they are welcomed as Americans with Constitutional RIGHTS. Dick’s and Bloomberg’s puppets are hopefully enjoying their anti-Rights life.

      • Re: removing guns and hunting equipment:

        “Dick’s already made the move with ten stores earlier this year, and saw an overall rise in sales.” Lizzy Helmer

        Looks like a profitable move, to me.

        • No wonder you’re a socialist, failed (alleged) small business owner.

          Dick’s stock continues to plummet. Eliminating electronics and evil firearms created a per store drop,

          Are you AOC? You’re literally making shit up.

          • I can read a stock chart.
            It’s still above the 2017 low.

            • Oh, I see. Someone doesn’t know how to read a stock chart. I apologize.

              • You should apologize. 2017 stock charts mean NOTHING today. Repeat, NOTHING.

              • But someone sure knows how to take numbers that mean nothing and spin them in a way that means nothing and says someone ELSE doen’t know how to read a stock chart.

            • A much more IMPORTANT number is that dick’s is DOWN 11% from their year high.

              • 😀

                • A very well thought out adult response. Is that the apology face?

                  • No, it was a thank you for admitting that you can’t do technical analysis.

                    • You are the one saying a 2017 stock chart matters in 2019, not me.YOU are the one saying someone who has been in the stock market for 25 years and has a portfolio that makes money even in down times CAN’T do technical analysis,not me. You are the one that thinks that a company is MAKING money when you read that 10 stores show a rise in sales,but their stock is down 11%,not me.
                      You are the living, breathing, walking and posting example D-K, not me. From now on, you will be known as d.k. drummond

                      • Don’t worry. I have been doing T/A since the ’90s. I even marketed custom data importers for exchanges around the world for people who needed them.

                        • So you say. Your comments prove otherwise.

                        • “MARKETING” custom data importers is NOT doing T/A. The word “marketing” implies salesman. From your comments here, I’ll bet that you actually are a really are a good “salesman”.

                          • I wouldn’t have been interested in do that for others if I wasn’t doing T/A myself. I filled a commercial hole and profited from it.

                            And I also was a good salesman. Even in the digital world, some are still needed.

    • I would be interested to know how NOT selling guns will “prevent gun violence”. IF – repeat – IF Dick’s is a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer (FFL), they would/should be selling firearms to ONLY eligible buyers who are required by Law to undergo an NICS background check which would automatically eliminate felons, illegals, persons under 18 (21 in some States), street gang members and those with legally known domestic relations issues.

  • Senators Joni Ernst (R-Iowa)  and Mike Lee’s (R-Utah) new paid family leave plan isn’t paid family leave at all, rather it asks families to take money from their social security and delay their retirement to […]

  • California Gov. Gavin Newsom will sign an executive order suspending the death penalty in his state Wednesday, providing temporary relief to the 737 inmates currently on death row.

    According to NPR, the move […]

    • Let’s hope other states follow. Let’s extend the electoral college to the state-level.

    • Gavin “good hair (and multiple affairs) and funding by the Getty family,

      It’s a hope that those realizing this, despite the calls for more funding for education, crushing taxes, and punitive fees, etc. will refuse to aquiesce. I hope civil war and partition of a former paradise will follow.

  • Federal prosecutors for the Department of Justice announced Tuesday they’re prosecuting the largest college cheating scam, with 50 people charged for their involvement in a bribery ring aiming at getting affluent […]

    • Gee Liz and just how has your claiming Native American heritage helped Native Americans?

      You’re just as dicey, with your hypocritical squawking, as those charged with seeking to give their children a leg up.

      • The Boston Globe obtained and released a copy of Sen Warren’s application to Rutgers law school. She used no minority status to get entry. But I think this is one of those Al Gore said he invented the internet memes that despite his actual claim being available for anyone with the internet to see, people still claim he said it.

        • I actually wasn’t referencing any one particular incident with Sen Warren. It was more of a general sentiment.

        • How selectively you ignore her lie on applying for the TX bar, her professional listings, or her contributions to Powwow Chow.

          Either she’s working a delusion for all it’s worth or she’s consciously gaming the system for all she’s worth. It’s probably both, just like these parents.

          • Logic is not your strong suit. How does something on applying to the TX bar get anyone into undergrad or law school? What article did you perceive you were posting under?

            Did you perceive TX gives away law license to those claiming to have American Indian heritage? One would still be required to pass the Texas bar exam. So, how did she gain the system?

            • Logic follows patterns. So does lying. Show your work Phil.

              Also, nitpicking ninny, the BAR, means you’ve attained your JD and are applying to practice law in that state by demonstrating competence. For someone who slavishly worships lawyers I suggest you ask one about that.

              • The determination of “demonstrating competent” IS PASSING the Texas BAR EXAM. No candidate can do so simply on applying. Please don’t take my word for it, google it.

              • C’mon Screw. You know that certain LIARS are GOLDEN to philly. As Chad has so eloquently said before here, “the common trait among leftists is that they have no self awareness of their hypocrisy….as obvious as it is to the rest of us ‘normal folk'” No use in trying to argue with her about HER LIAR.

    • “Deserves got nothing to do with it.”–Will Munny, Unforgiven

      If any one believes fairness is part of the admissions I’ve got some block-chain currency to sell you.

      No duh! The system has always been rigged by the elite for the elite. The elite gets to choose their own, just like applying to a club. It’s about maintaining appearances and elitism. q.v. Sidwell, Chelsea “Mediocrity” Clinton, the Obama daughters.

  • California Gov. Gavin Newsom responded to a report released this week that detailed the destruction brought by wildfires in the state last year by pointing the finger at climate change.

    “The. Worst. In. […]

    • Funny thing about recorded history. According to UC scientists, CA has been experiencing droughts/fires since the end of the last Ice Age. That’s 12,000 years. CA has been a state since 1850.

      It’s like saying, “I had the worst headache in my history today.”

    • In fairness to Trump, he gets his info from FOX & Friends & Putin.

  • Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan isn’t certain that President Donald Trump can get re-elected in 2020.

    “The person who defines that race is going to win the race,” Ryan said in an address in Vero Beach, […]

  • CNN host Chris Cuomo isn’t surprised that two Fox News hosts are refusing to apologize for controversial comments that were made and resurfaced this week.

    “Apologize? Are you kidding? They’re not going to […]

    • Why would they voluntarily apologize when the extreme of crazy singles them out from the next wannabe TV “star” that wants to replace them and keeps them relevant to their cult?

    • Maybe Carlson should apologize – – – as soon as the Socialists apologize for the likes of Tlaib, Omar and Occasionally-Coherent being allowed to stink up the House, spew their childish stupidity and anti-Semitic blather. Consideration should be given to deporting ALL back to the sh**holes they came from.

  • Fox News took a rare step to publicly condemn one of its star hosts after Jeanine Pirro suggested on her show this week that Rep. Ilhan Omar isn’t loyal to the Constitution because she wears a hijab.

    “Think […]

    • Judge Jeanine is 110% correct and should be applauded for having the backbone to confront a foreigner in our America. Omar has no and owes no loyalty to the United States, its’ Constitution or to the Holy Bible. Even Omar’s supporter – AOC – says “America is garbage”. As a Muslim, her loyalty until death is to Allah, the Qur’an, Shar’ia Law and the Muslim people. Jews are from “apes and pigs” and Christians are “swine” in the eyes the Muslims. Maybe Omar should go back where she belongs.

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