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  • Multiple Democratic presidential candidates flocked to the town of Homestead, Florida, this week to attempt to see the conditions of a migrant detention facility where over 2,000 children are being held.

    All […]

    • So WHAT has the Left done to enforce and apply the immigration laws to ALL who ILLEGALLY INVADE our sovereign Nation? Answer: NOTHING.

      WHAT does the Left plan to do to enforce and apply the immigration laws to ALL who ILLEGALLY INVADE our sovereign Nation? Answer: Ignore the Laws; open the borders WIDE and extend amnesty to ALL diseased, criminal and unemployable individuals despite the dangers resulting from such short-sighted actions by the pro-Illegal Alien, anti-American citizen Left.

  • The U.S. women’s national team’s defense on the soccer field is legendary, but teammates of star player Megan Rapinoe took to defending her off the field and on social media after the president attacked her in a […]

    • Another fool.You kick a ball the President rules the biggest country in the West.I think I would day he is smarter than these two idiots.

      • With out a single doubt!! Maybe they’d like to move to a much better place – – – like North Korea, Venezuela, Siberia? Pack of Leftist ingrates.

    • I never thought I would root against any United States team under any circumstances, that has changed.

    • Which of the men’s US soccer teams have you played? I did not see your name on this years rooster.

  • The first Democratic debate was a chance for low-polling candidates to shine and try to stand out amongst the field of 24 Democrats vying for the White House. While it’s too early to see how the debate affected […]

    • Perhaps you need more research on Tulsi. Try Tusli Gabbard and Bashad al Assad in your search engine. I don’t think we want to replace one admirer of brutal dictators with another.

  • Online furniture retailer Wayfair’s Boston headquarters saw empty desks and crowded streets on Wednesday as employees walked out in the middle of the workday to protest the company’s involvement in furnishing […]

    • Donating the seemed like a good compromise, but Red Cross is a confusing place to donate.

      • Isn’t the Director of the Red Cross still knocking down a 6 figure salary (from donations which are supposed to be used in emergencies)?

    • Great job Wayfair employees! Let’s refuse to sell ICE beds so that these poor kids have to sleep on the floor instead! You really showed them…

    • Makes perfect sense. Warren and Bernie are against treating the kids properly and humanely under Trump’s watch (giving them a clean bed, food, clothing, free medical care, etc.,) while continuing to rant about how mistreated the kids are AND doing absolutely NOTHING to correct the “problem”. Typical Leftist/Socialist hypocrites.

  • President Donald Trump, the 12th most-followed person on Twitter, is claiming the social media platform is biased against him and making it “very hard” for him to express his ideas.

    “What they did to me on […]

  • Soccer star Megan Rapinoe is head-focused on bringing home the FIFA Women’s World Cup championship trophy back to the United States for the fourth time, but President Donald Trump believes she’s disrespecting the […]

  • Anti-gun violence activists are sending their “thoughts and prayers” to the National Rifle Association after it was reported Wednesday that they would be shutting down production of NRATV and that their on-air […]

    • ron replied 7 months ago

      Fred I’m very sorry about your daughter. But please let’s put the blame were it really belongs. The person with the gun. Should we blame car company’s for people who are killed or companies that make alcohol products. I know everyone is going to think how heartless I’m, but if his daughter was kill by a drunk driver would you be blaming the car companies or the alcohol companies? No you be blaming the driver of the car.

    • I wonder if the anti-gun lobby would ‘fight’ if we were invaded by armed forces or if the government itself truly tried to seize complete control. What would they fight with if they did resist? Baseball bats?

  • For many, California is the liberal hub of the United States, with Democrats dominating local and national offices. But a generation ago, the nation’s most populous state burned red on the election map and […]

    • An interesting take, but I don’t think it will play out quite like that.

      I suspect the Democrats will elect a hard left candidate for 2020 who Trump will beat in a landslide. Then the Democratic party will split in half with the Democratic Socialists going one way and the classical liberals going the other. Many moderate and Never Trump Republicans will likely join this more moderate group. We will then be left with a 3 party system with a split of roughly 45% Trump Conservatives, 35% Moderates, 20% Socialists

      • David is confused by numbers.

        King Donald The Loser cannot form a majority based on his unpopular policies of tariffs, war, racism, xenophobia, fear and hatred. He isn’t growing that party. He must fail while attempting this because the numbers won’t be there, this time. He is ticking off or threatening far too many voters for that to happen. Boomers, from the King’s era, are now well outnumbered by younger generations, too.

        While we need a strong progressive leader, finally, I doubt that we will get one in 2020. I would like to be pleasantly surprised. However, if the electorate nominates a milktoast, moderate / centrist who wants to work with the Republicans, this country will be devastated by more of King Donald The Loser and likely someone even worse than him later. We don’t have to go down that rabbithole. We need to defeat, even wipe out the King’s current party. The Republican party needs a huge enema, to rebuild into something reasonable. With the combined efforts of the progressive left pushing towards a different type of leader from that of corrupt and weak Biden, we will probably end up with a nominee between Biden and Sanders hopefully as President, maybe with another split Congress. One step at a time, this ship will right itself.

    • Damn that’s some good weed, eh Gavin?

    • LOL….Gavin! Do you even know what Party you are attending? The Dumbocrats are speeding pell mell into the abyss. Your party is coming apart at the seams thanks to radical ideology and most Americans love this country and will not stand for such. Wake up and smell the double latte you California hack.

  • “Morning Joe” host Mika Brzezinski was beyond belief at President Donald Trump’s denial of a sexual assault allegation and equated it to a pattern of behavior that the president has turned to when women come […]

    • We know your type Mika. Joe is NOT a recommendation for your “taste”.

      Maybe the lack of it.

    • Another DNC PAID victim who we’re supposed to believe after 35+ years. Keep on digging, dimwits. Maybe you’ll find a jealous ex-wife for your story.

  • President Donald Trump brushed aside the latest sexual assault allegation made against him by saying accuser E. Jean Carroll isn’t his “type” and that the violent interaction Carroll described never […]

    • Carroll’s type is already likely mummified.

    • I’m not surprised there would be at least 16 “women” looking for a huge payday from billionaire Trump. He’s an easy, well defined and recognizable target by the Leftists and marked by the DNC for whatever comes down the pike on any particular day.

      I wouldn’t believe this woman even if her tongue were Notarized 30 odd years ago. She certainly has no credibility.

    • You are the hypocrite, contusion. You want the letter of the law to be followed if it is a dim being accused, but you want EVERYBODY to just believe the accuser if it is a conservative being accused.

    • Dave, the actual name is genital contusion. explains the fog he is enveloped in.

    • To paraphrase a misattributed Stalin quote:

      One sexual assault or rape is a tragedy. Sixteen sexy assaults or rapes are a statistic.

      The same people who were supposedly repulsed by Clinton’s peccadilloes could not care less about King Donald The Loser’s presumed and/or known history. Hypocrites are confusing.

    • ‘Seriously, the very idea that we ought to have at or less than the same moral demands placed on the Chief Executive that we place on our next door neighbor is ludicrous and dangerous’
      Vice President Mike Pence

      Pence wrote a long letter saying that the President should be held to the same more standard ad we would hold our neighbors.

      I am confused, Mr Pence.

      What happened to YOUR moral standards since the 1990s?

  • While platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook have been grappling with the political gatekeeping debate, one social media site has decided to outright ban pro-Trump content, arguing that it promotes white […]

    • Let’s guess the demographics of this knitting site. I’d bet white, affluent, and with enough leisure to knit, spend time online, AND dabble in politics. Also white.

      Let’s look at the Trump admin demographics. Jews, blacks, women, Indian-Americans, etc. He even hires the handicapped with Deep-Staters and careerists. Jewish grandchildren.

      Clearly The Bad Orange Man needs to work on his “white supremacist” shtick.

    • Apparently this unknown site is unaware the Black Lives Matter “organization”(?) is supported financially by billionaire George Soros as was Occupy Wall Street and other radical groups of protesters.

    • “Support of the Trump administration is undeniably support for white supremacy.” Ravelry

      I love clarity, not confusion.

      The one group that I wouldn’t want to mess with is one of 830,000 armed with knitting needles. Ouch!

      • WHY then would you Socialists want to mess with nearly 8 MILLION NRA, GOA, USCCA, NAGR members and the unaffiliated men and women with half billion firearms? This is a nothing group of indoctrinated Leftists.

    • They should get busy knitting shrouds for the Doomocrats who don’t survive their next elections.

    • Yes, SERIOUSLY.

    • I hope their blog takes a plummet in readership. This is censorship pain and simple.

    • Maybe they (and the churches) should then stick with what they know and sell rather than parrot the old worn out Leftist propaganda lines.

      With there being MORE Whites in the USA than any other group, I’d say “White Supremacy” is a given.

  • Advice columnist E. Jean Carroll became the latest woman to accuse President Donald Trump of sexual assault this week and explained that she is “fed up” with the president going on without consequence.

    “With […]

    • She was so sick of it that it took almost 40 years to come forward.

      Maybe her career needs a boost or someone cut her a check. This tactic failed with Kavanagh, but some will not learn. q.v. the continuing efforts of Nadler, et al.

      One wonders what happened to the women who accused Kavanaugh? See the Devil’s Dictionary for “used” and “discarded”.

      • But not before one received almost $650,000 from a bunch of gullible people on gofundme.

        • It’s a great scam. It’s doubtful she can produce either witnesses or evidence.

          As I said it’s either a way to boost her career and earn big bucks (if she hasn’t already been paid).

      • Screwtape is one sick, hateful person!

      • Exactly, Screw! Isn’t it odd that she’s peddling a book? Maybe her sales will surpass Acosta’s by three or four copies.

        • You have to admit that Trump’s election has been a boon for the publishing industry.

          Funny how nobody mentions “all the dead trees” wasted by these blowhards. Maybe they should switch to recycled toilet paper.

    • I wouldn’t believe her even if her tongue came Notarized. She’s simply another of the DNC’s paid “victims”.

    • I CAN believe he’s in the White House and he’s doing a GREAT job. Keep up the good work President Trump. Let’s look forward, not backward.

    • The bizarro interview this nut did with Anderson Cooper says it all. I hope her book sales are nil.

  • The more moderate-leaning Republican Senator Susan Collins disappointed liberals last year when she voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh as a justice on the Supreme Court despite piling sexual misconduct accusations. […]

    • And just where are all those Kavanaugh accusers today? You need to re-examine just who the real traitors to democracy and to women are.

    • Another Leftist who claims murder is “women’s health care”.

    • Apparently, the rain in Maine affects the brain. I wonder if Canada would take them if we offered.

  • After saying former “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart was “bent out of shape” during his emotional testimony to Congress earlier this month, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) agreed to meet with 9/11 […]

    • I’m not a yuge fan of Jon Stewart but he has done a good thing. Most celebs are so self-involved they only speak out if It garners them attention. I do not believe that was Mr. Stewart’s intention. At least there is someone out there who, perhaps, can get Congress to do something right for a change.

  • Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) and former Vice President Joe Biden spoke privately after the two publically called for the other to apologize due to comments surrounding Biden’s relationship with former senators who […]

  • Nearly 150 years since slavery ended, Congress is seriously considering looking into making reparations for the descendants of the enslaved to make amends. But critics are looking at reparations as something that […]

    • Noah steps right to the brink by blaming slavery, discrimination, and cultural deprivation BUT fails to say it was the Democrats who were responsible for all this.

    • Those demanding reparations should simply call it “People Giving Money to Blacks Because….”. That’s essentially what it is.

      • . . . . as in just another FREE handout just because of your color.

    • The Native American tribes continued slavery–black, white, other tribes–long after the Civil War. It’s been suggested that this makes the tribes (and 1/1024th of Lizzie Warren) responsible for reparations. (with thanks to Michael Knowles). At least they’ll still have their casinos.

    • Noah also fails to mention that the FIRST formally-recognized US slave owner was an Angolan farmer enslaved and sold by Arabs, who earned his emancipation. Upon gaining freedom (and the name Johnson) he bought his own farm and black slaves who did NOT gain freedom. This was in colonial VA.

      Also note the parabellum US census which showed over 300 slave-owning blacks in LA alone.

      So who owes whom Noah and how will anyone figure it out?

    • I certainly believe reparations should be given. They should be in the form of a one way ticket to any country you want to go to. Should also be provided to white trash as well.

    • DOF: Thank you for the link. I found it very interesting.
      You will note that all of those paid reparations are either actual survivors of Japanese internment camps or their direct first generation descendants not 6th generation Americans who happen to be descendants of slaves which is what many find problematic.

    • Maybe it would be better to ask people to work and be financially, familial-ly and socially responsible.

      • Amen.

      • Funny and so IJR. I replied to you with SEVERAL comments which have now disappeared.

        Apparently IJR has the WILL to “disappear” comments BUT not to fix bugs like a non-working “Load more comments”.

    • No reparations for anybody. This is divisive nonsense. Slavery was wrong and IS wrong yet there is more slavery now than ever, just not as visible as it once was.

    • I guarantee you, the lives of the descendants of black slaves are far better off in America than they would be in Africa right now. Time to end all this sniveling about the injustices of the past and get on with building a future!

    • In today’s economy, if you can’t find a job and support yourself something is very wrong. Either you are not physically or mentally able or you are just plain too lazy to get off your @ss and improve your life. Skin color is no longer an issue and there are strong federal laws in place for those who are discriminated against. There are already numerous federal assistance programs that give preference to people of ‘color’ for jobs, education, housing and welfare. If you are implying that black people are somehow incapable of competing in this country just because of skin color, I think your views are inherently racist.

      • I didn’t make this comment either. I guess there are two of us ‘Otis’ folk on this site. Glad we seem to agree😄

    • David:
      1. If you want to hand your money to people because they are black, then please do so.
      2. As Morte has mentioned, reparations were paid to SURVIVORS. Find a surviving slave and we can talk.

    • Maybe it was negative one and your vote moved it to zero?

      Welcome to IJR. You aren’t the only one with complaints.

    • You are arguing for reverse-discrimination.

    • Why just blacks and WHICH blacks?
      Would someone of mixed-race have to both apologize AND pay him/herself?

      How would you handle someone like Obozo, who’s father was never a slave (except to Communist ideology)?

    • Funny. I replied to you but it’s also disappeared.

      Maybe because I commented on the deficiencies of IJR. Now it’s missing.

      Censorship lives.

    • This is nothing more than Democrats pandering for black American’s votes! Nothing more… Nothing less! There are no surviving slaves! It would be next to impossible to determine who are decentants and who are not! We have hundreds of thousands of Africans that have come to America long after slavery ended, do we pay them too? Democrats see the black voters are better off under Trump, so they have to bring up a subject that they know will divide the public, with the hopes of keeping the slaves on their virtual plantation called entitlement!

  • President Donald Trump has claimed that he doesn’t want to go to war with Iran, but Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) is concerned that the Trump administration’s actions might lead to unintentional […]

    • Not to worry, Chuckie. Pelosi has already warned the POTUS it wasn’t nice to play war games with Iran and he has taken her “professional military experience” and warning as gospel over the advice from the Chief’s of Staff and the REAL military professionals out in the field.

      • I hope Ts cancellation of the strike was premeditated as are most things he does because he has something else formulated. It would be nice if it was because he wants to get NATO to invoke article 5 and force them into sanctions against Iran. That might help internal strife and force a second “revolution”.
        But who knows James, he may have just folded. Hope not.

    • Whenever a democratic says someone else is_________(full in the blank) the “blank” or bumbling in this case is exactly what the democratic doing.

      Schumer is probably one of the least effective members of the Senate because his is always bumbling.

      God help us because the public who votes for these folks is only making it worse

    • Chuckie Schumer, under the advice of Obozo, already have a plane standing by, loaded with $150 billions to appease the Ayatollah. Israel have a turn-coat Jew like him, who need enemies.

    • Chuck Schemer talking about ‘bumbling’ is almost funny in the ironic sense. The Iraniacs only understand one language and I don’t mean ‘Persian.’

  • Roy Moore announced Thursday he would be running yet again for an Alabama Senate seat after losing in 2017 following accusations from three woman who said they were sexually abused by him as teenagers. Now Sen. […]

    • He’ll lose. He shouldn’t even run.

    • Accusing Moore and the GOP of a divisive campaign is a joke. The Democrats created a divisive campaign in 2017 with their fake accusations. Now, they want to start a divisive campaign again and blame Conservatives. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

    • Jones would defeat Moore easily. The GOP should find someone else ASAP, but the Alabama gov’t as a whole has certainly made some iffy decisions lately. Perhaps the GOP powers that be in Bama will pull a new rabbit out of the hat ’cause Roy ain’t it.

  • President Donald Trump accused the New York Times of committing a “virtual act of treason” by publishing a story on U.S. cyberattacks on Russia’s power grid. Now, a Times publisher is setting the record straight, […]

    • Treason? The New York Times, all the news that’s fit to catch bird shit in a cage, has more gall than an overly active gall bladder.

      • So why do you believe Trump gives the NYT so many interviews? NY Post & WSJ are also his hometown newspapers and you don’t see Trump giving them a fraction of the interviews that he gives to Maggie Haberman, Peter Baker, or Michael Schmidt. What is your idea of a credible newspaper?

    • WWI and WWII had a saying “Loose Lips, Sink Ships’. That meant that if you know something in advance that is meant for Military use, you’d better keep your mouth shut. The MSM has been notorious for feeding information to the enemies of this country and world for over 40 years. None of them have been called out, til now.
      There were some Americans who were charged with treason just for those reasons.

      • Read the article again and this time to the end of the article. The WH National Security Council, the National Security Agency, US Cyber Command was contacted prior to the publishing of the story. None of the officials had national security concerns.

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