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  • During an interview on “Face the Nation,” Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) told CBS News anchor Margaret Brennan that he believes white nationalism is on the rise and that President Donald Trump’s language is continuing to […]

    • Louie, this is hardly news. For years people have been saying that Trump emboldens White Supremacists. The White Supremacist have no worries, Trump’s language has not changed and it will not BEFORE Nov 3, 2020.

    • Who? Isn’t he the head of a fast-food chain?

    • Sure. And Obozo endorsed and encouraged groups like BLM, Antifa, and people assassinating law-enforcement officers. Oh wait. That’s true.

    • Willful ignorance and duplicity on the part of a Dim.
      People didn’t wake up in Nov. 2016 and decide “I’m going to be a white supremacist.” Well, maybe I did. *g*

      He ignores earlier white supremacy movements like the KKK (Dimocrat all), the National Socialists, or Maggie Sanger (who targeted “breeding” blacks, Catholics, non-WASPs) in her speeches before the KKK.

    • Consider as well the thoughts of someone who gradually finds him/herself targeted for persecution through the MSM and Leftist culture. How would YOU feel if one party’s agenda was persecuting you for being white or male?

      The big lie in their propaganda is that the NZ shooter was a self-declared socialist, eco-warrior/eco-terrorist. Many of the current heads of white supremacist movements are literally socialists.

    • Now anti-Semitism is the vogue among the Dims. It’s one of the oldest combination racist/religionist bigotries. But I guess that recycling it is not only “green” but also returning to their roots.

      What’s next? Unlawfully interning citizens? Oh wait, FDR already did that when he wasn’t trying to pack the Supreme Court with his stooges.

  • George Conway is speaking out and urging all Americans to critically evaluate the mental and psychological health of President Donald Trump.

    George, who is married to special counselor of the president […]

    • George, you puffy loser, outside of being married to an accomplished woman who exactly the hell are you and why should we care? Are you a prop?

  • Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, who is openly gay, brought his partner to a traditional breakfast hosted at Vice President Mike Pence’s house on Thursday.

    Varadkar traveled to Washington this week for a St. […]

  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) called out the National Rifle Association after the New Zealand mass shooting on Thursday, claiming their use of apologetic rhetoric is a strategy to deflect from policy […]

    • What a frickin moron! The NRA has nothing to do with policy, practice or regulation of anything to do with personal use firearms in any country other than this one. The N stands for National not New Zealand.
      AOC: Abyssymally Overhyped Cretin

      • I’m not your negative vote, Morte. BUT, if you reread AOC’s tweets she does not claim or imply the NRA is responsible for gun policy in ANY country. I rarely agree with AOC, but the info in these tweets is what you will see if you stand back and look at the NRA—their priority is selling guns and lobbying against any law that would reduce the sell of guns. Any solution of gun violence that the NRA endorses includes MORE guns.

        • Once again your Commie BS has taken over where there’s NO factual data. The NRA does NOT sell guns. The NRA is the ONLY organization which has developed a standard program for school districts in the U.S. to follow to keep our kids SAFE in school. The NRA-ILA is constantly in Court to fight against the Nazi-wannabes who are Hell-bent on destroying our First and Second Amendment RIGHTS. The NRA stays quiet because WE know they will be blamed for every massacre by a disturbed Democrat.

          • Working for gun manufacturers is not selling guns. What is the NRA’s program for school districts to keep kids safe? ARM teachers. ARMED veterans roaming the halls. Even a mentally unbalanced individual bent of killing innocent victims would take aim at the armed individual before he/she could draw his gun.

            • “Even a mentally unbalanced individual bent of killing innocent victims would take aim at the armed individual before he/she could draw his gun.” NOW you even claim to know what goes on inside a mentally unbalanced individual’s head and what he or she would DO in any circumstance.

              • I have considerable experience reading postings of unbalanced individuals. Who would you shoot first? The armed or the unarmed?

                • Nice try, philly.

                • ANY person who claims that they can read people’s minds, that they know what is going on inside other people’s heads, that think they can perform psychiatric evaluations of people from the comfort of their favorite armchair should be considered unbalanced. That would be YOU, philly. So why don’t you answer your own question yourself?

                  • Is it rational to believe universal background checks is an attack on the 2nd amendment? If you PASS the background check, YOU BUY A GUN! What do you believe occurs, Oh mentally balanced one?

      • Morte, there’s no fix for stupid or being an anti-RIGHTS Leftist. THEY only claim those RIGHTS they believe they are entitled to – – like if they had a pen and a phone – not the RIGHTS everyone is guaranteed under the 1791 Bill of Rights.

        [I voted UP on your post.]

        • Who has ever introduced a bill to repeal the 2nd amendment? WHO had their gun taken away with Obama’s pen and phone? James, you fall for the fear mongering and it makes you a target for more fear mongering.

          • James seems to have a fully functioning brain between his ears. Once again you show the same can’t be said for you since you STILL are telling other people what is going on inside their own heads. I’m sure he appreciates your delusional foray into his head and I’m sure he will do his best from now on not to fall for any more fear mongering.

            • So help James out, Ban. Tell him who has introduced a bill to repeal the 2nd amendment.

              • So you are saying that all the anti 2nd Amendment rhetoric that the prog/left has been bombarding us with means NOTHING UNTIL a bill is introduced? A bill will NEVER be introduced because the prog/left CAN’T get their delusional ideas through the legislative branch. They are ALREADY attempting their end-runs on the Constitution by using their only hope, a liberal judiciary.

                • Universal background checks is NOT anti-2nd amendment! For 10 years the 2nd amendment survived a ban on manufacture and sell of assault rifles to civilians. Large capacity ammo magazines were banned for civilian sell for 10 years and yet the 2nd amendment survived. BUT you want us to believe it did not? Who is the delusional one here?

                  • “yet the 2nd amendment survived. BUT you want us to believe it did not? Who is the delusional one here?” You are the delusional one here. Philly, for your information, the 2nd Amendment is alive and breathing, despite the attacks. Show ANY post by ANYONE that says they want you to believe that the 2nd Amendment is dead. YOU are the ONLY ONE that makes that statement by accusing other people of saying something that they have NEVER said.

    • I disagree with Louis that the “thoughts and prayers” after all episodes of gun violence came from the NRA. Thoughts and prayers would be the US Congress’ response. NRA’s response is always, more guns. If Congress is going to continue with the “thoughts and prayers” response, could they at least pray for ENDING the gun violence.

      • NRA’s response is ALWAYS education, continual training and the SAFE use of guns. While More Guns does equal Less Crime – proven by studies at Universities, the FBI and most Sheriffs, the Left’s propaganda machine spewing out that the NRA SELLS GUNS is patently FALSE and only feeds to their low-IQ, low information voter bloc. The NRA is America’s FIRST Civil Rights Organization established in 1871. FACTS; not Commie BS.

        • Gun Violence IS a crime, James. Do you see it diminishing? If the NRA saw it diminishing, why are they encouraging us to go out & arm ourselves?—Why aren’t they opposed to arming citizens that could NOT pass a background check? Why is their solution MORE guns? If the NRA believes you are safe from gun violence, why do they want the right to closed carry reciprocity? If schools are safe from gun violence, why would schools need to arm teachers?

          • People are violent, guns are inanimate, a big difference wouldn’t you say? Let’s just outlaw people ** MASSIVE EYEROLL **

          • ” If the NRA believes you are safe from gun violence, why do they want the right to closed carry reciprocity?” Where did you get the idea that the NRA believes you are safe from gun violence? The reason they want the right to closed carry reciprocity is because they DON’T believe you are safe from gun violence. “why would schools need to arm teachers?, because they DON’T believe schools are safe from gun violence. Your response to James is just another round of your typical BS

            • Guns make/keep us safe according to the NRA. The population of the US in 2018 was 327.2 million. There are 393 million civilian owned firearms in the US. Using NRA’s guns keep is safe rationale, how can we NOT be safe? The guns outnumber us.

        • How do you see promoting “education, continual training and the SAFE use of guns” ending gun violence?

          • I don’t see it “ending” gun violence, philly. I see it cutting the number of accidental shootings. THE first step is changing how we judge the people in the mental health field that just seem to want to throw a mind-altering drug at people with problems and then forget about them. You REALLY want to stop gun violence, you START with how people with REAL mental health problems are just run through the system and given a mind-altering drug in this country and quit blaming the NRA.

            • 40,000 deaths by gun fire in 2017. How many mass shootings fall into the “accidental” category?

              • Many mass shootings fall into your 40,000 fear mongering number?

              • You leave out that almost 2/3 of your 40,000 fear mongering number are suicides. Mental cases that want to end it will find a way to end it.

                • The 2/3 did not have the benefit of knowing that you have a better plan to treatment mental illness than Rx’s and therapy. Once the word gets out, the suicide by gun will be diminished. Yes, there are other methods to commit suicide. Self inflicted gun shot is responsible for 85% of successful suicides. Suicide rates are higher in areas of easy access to guns. My number was from the CDC. They do not need to fear monger.

                  • YOU FEAR MONGERED by bringing “mass shootings” into your total number when mass shootings make up LESS THAN 3% of gun deaths.

              • Just to say what you REALLY WANTED to say philly, 60% suicides, 37% homicides. That leaves 3% for mass shootings and they don’t reach THAT level.

              • I would think that with all the psychiatric experience you want us all to believe you have, that YOU would agree that mass shootings fall into the “mental” category instead of the “accidental” category. Your question has no basis on ANYTHING.

                • I don’t want you to believe anything. Screw questioned my background and I simply presented a portion of my CV. Where did you get the impression I give 2 hoots what anyone wishes to believe concerning my background? I am 67 and my professional life is in the books. My husband & I paid our dues to both our professions, the community, and our families. I hope some day you get to retire and enjoy life without the day planner.

                  • Like I asked, with all of your so-called psychiatric experience, WHY would you EVEN ask if mass shootings fall into the “accidental” category?

                    • YOU made the original comment, ANSWER the ORIGINAL question.

                      • LET me help you with the original question you were asked since you brought “mass shootings” into this conversation YOURSELF, “Since mass shootings make up less than 3% of your fear mongering number, just what is your point exactly?” STILL waiting for an answer.

                        • Just WHAT is the point of YOUR comment, “40,000 deaths by gun fire in 2017. How many mass shootings fall into the “accidental” category?” WHY, with all of your self-called psychiatric experience would you even CONSIDER “mass shootings” in the “accidental” category?

                          • I’m NOT a SELF-PROCLAIMED psychiatric expert like you, but even an uneducated person like myself KNOWS a “mass shooting” ISN’T accidental.

  • Actress and political activist, Rosario Dawson confirmed that she is dating 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker on Thursday.

    While walking through Ronald Reagan National Airport, a reporter with […]

  • Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) is criticizing Vice President Mike Pence for his personal restrictions on dining with women one-on-one.

    During a Thursday interview with MSNBC, Harris was asked if Pence is an […]

    • Harris should make her true political position known. As the daughter of a South India woman – Shyamala Gopalan – and a staunch Jamaican Marxist – Donald J. Harris, she has been in the company with Socialists, Communists and Marxists ALL HER LIFE; which brings up the question about her being a registered (masquerading as a) Democrat although denying actually being a Socialist. Of course, Muslim Marxist “Obama” pulled the same wool over American eyes when he was not vetted by the MSM.

      • Give it a rest, James. Not everyone that you disagree with politically is a socialist, communist or Marxist.

        BTW, at least two of those are opposites, so I don’t think that you even know what they actually are yet.

    • “Mother, Mother, who prepared our meal this evening?” Mike Pence

    • Yet if Rep Omar claimed that she never dones alone with any male not her husband or child I am sure Harris and her idiotic ilk would be totally okay with her exercise of her religious and personal convictions. In all likelihood the praise for such would be overwhelming.

      Harris issue is that Pence belongs to that category of scary monster under a child’s bed known as “old white man”.

  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi fired back at Republican leaders on Thursday for their complaints that the Green New Deal would inflate the price of healthcare.

    During her weekly press briefing, a reporter asked […]

  • Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas) grilled Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin on whether or not he planned to release President Donald Trump’s tax returns if requested by Congress.

    During a Capitol Hill hearing on T […]

    • Strange how “yes” “no” answers use so many other words.

    • I don’t see that it’s anybody’s business who pays what, why or when; including paid or not paid by the President. The Socialists have their panties in a knot and have been itching all over to see Trump’s tax returns. What do they plan to do with the information? Waste more taxpayer money by appointing another Special Counsel to investigate the date it was signed? Stupidity continues to grown by leaps and bounds on the Left.

  • President Donald Trump expressed his sympathy for his former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, after his latest sentencing on Wednesday.

    A reporter asked Trump if he was considering giving Manafort a pardon, […]

  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) rebuked Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday, saying that he is “not an honorable person.”

    The senator talked about Pence on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” when anchor Mika Brzezinski […]

    • Vice President Pence never misrepresented himself as something he’s not. He never displaced others by lying about himself. Ms Warren can’t say that about herself in either case.

  • Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) says that former Vice President Joe Biden is “all but certain” about a presidential run in 2020 on Wednesday.

    When CNN anchor John Berman asked Coons on “New Day,” if he thought Biden […]

    • Handsy, molester and multi-multi-millionaire Joe is just waiting for the field to weed itself. Joe “Gold with precious jewels lunch bucket.”

      One can easily picture a video montage of him mangling unwilling women and *gash*, err, *gasp* underage girls IN PUBLIC. That’s a double-barrel discharge at unknown targets right there.

      Except the union money-Dims-more union money will continue to endorse this by financial support, no matter how their members feel.

  • House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) announced on Tuesday that Congress is following up on claims that President Donald Trump “dangled” pardons in an effort to obstruct multiple […]

    • Does it not give ANYONE in the WH pause that the POTUS publicly proclaimed “respect” for a guy that a VA jury found GUILTY of cheating the US taxpayers and defrauding US banks? The same guy that has been jailed for months for witness tampering. The same guy who will be sentenced tomorrow for his pleading guilty to conspiring against the US government and lying to everybody! Seriously, if the Trump presidency was a movie, we would demand our money back because no one would believe it.

      • Anyone in the WH is part of the plan of attack on the country, its people and the Constitution. What do they care if somebody cheats us or breaks our laws?

        • I am assuming that you realize it matters WHO the somebody is. Remember when the R’s were appalled the FBI raided the wonderful Michael Cohen’s offices & homes? Once they discovered Cohen wasn’t going to lie to protect Trump anymore, they turned their anger with the FBI to anger at Cohen.

  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren called out Facebook on Monday for taking down campaign advertisement videos that propose big breakups for major tech companies.

    Warren announced her plan last week titled, “Here’s How We […]

  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced her opposition to impeachment for President Donald Trump in an interview published on Monday.

    Pelosi gave multiple reasons for not supporting impeachment efforts against […]

  • Adult film actress Stormy Daniels’ former attorney claims the alleged hush money payments from President Donald Trump were “done for political reasons” ahead of the 2016 election.

    Keith Davidson explained his […]

    • Who are you supposed to believe? Cohen said he never asked for or wanted a job in the WH. This guy says Cohen says he was pissed because Trump didn’t take to the WH. Since Cohen has been found to be a habitual liar and the interview was conducted by ABC, I’d say neither is credible. More #fakenews blather.

    • “done for political reasons” ahead of the 2016 election.

      After the lapse of time, he suddenly needs to make hush payments to two women? Of course it was for political reasons.

  • Bill Nye surprised Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) on Saturday to pledge his support of her climate change reform efforts.

    Ocasio-Cortez spoke as a panelist at the South by Southwest (SXSW) […]

    • Fear can be a debilitating, primal reaction and conservative institutions and spokespeople know how to weaponize fear.

      You can see it practiced here at IJR, for example.

      • …and in your posts.

      • question: if socialism is such a perfect solution, why are you still here?

        Why do you keep wishing/hoping for something that will not happen in the US? Are your that needy and fascist?

        Move to Canada, if they’ll have you. (doubtful you meet the means test for investment).
        Consider Venezuela or Cuba.

        The Nordic nations will NOT have you. See notes comments on Canada. If you have nothing to offer in job-creation or skills, then you’re fucked.

        • …if you are that selfish to have others pay for you, then you’d better work on your bona fides.

        • “If things are so bad here, why don’t you just move?”

          A simpleton question asked by people who are afraid. I stay here because I would love to see the US become a better place for everyone.

          “Why do you keep wishing/hoping for something that will not happen in the US?”

          We have a mixed economy here already with lots of socialism. You either can’t or won’t acknowledge that fact. Even our beloved greenback is a social construct. If you knew our money’s history you would understand that.

    • If we are going to move any needles, we need to include nuclear power.

      Sweden switched over to nuclear power over the course of about 30 years. For about 10 years, Germany has gone big on green power and barely moved any needles. What they have done is important, but we can’t directly power vehicles with nuclear power yet, either.

      Coal is still a primary culprit that needs to be eliminated ASAP because the Third World is still looking to it for future power generation.

    • Bill Nye, a mechanical engineer without actual science degrees or training in climatology. It is too PERFECT that he’s teams with Obtuse-Commie, with degrees in economics and international relations who is ignorant in both. She cannot even do basic math.

      Does anyone else have doubts of someone who cannot budget to support herself, nor fails to identify the countries she’s talking about?

    • I don’t see any “fear” which I am to understand is basically a fear of the hoaxes invented for the normal peoples’ consumption by the Socialists. What I do see is both “anger” at what this Nation may become under the impractical implementation of a Socialist agenda and a “threat” by the Socialists that we as capitalism-supporting Americans MUST adopt their historically failed system for their “Have’s” and we “Have Nothings”.

  • South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg called out Vice President Mike Pence on Sunday for perceived hypocrisy between Pence’s personal views and his decision to work for President Donald Trump.

    Buttigieg appeared in a […]

  • Senate Democrats submitted a letter on Friday urging the Senate Appropriations Committee to compensate federal contractors who lost wages during the shutdown and still have not been paid.

    Thirty-eight Senate […]

  • President Donald Trump expressed his sympathy for his former campaign chair Paul Manafort on Friday when a reporter asked the president about his opinion on Manafort’s prison sentencing.

    “I feel very badly for […]

    • This a chance for Trump to follow the shining examples of Slick-with-body-fluids Willie and Jugears by granting a pardon. Same goes for Roger Stone, except this time it won’t be pay-for-play or violent criminals receiving the largesse.

  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called out Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday for refusing to allow a vote in the Senate on a House election reform bill.

    H.R. 1, known as the “For the People Act,” […]

    • I love the smell of fear in the politically corrupt in the morning.

      McConnell is the most dangerous politician in the country, so much so that he should be on the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted” posters.

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