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  • Attorney General William Barr is staunchly defending his summary of the Mueller report — and his testimony that followed — arguing that Democrats are trying to “discredit” him, even though there was “nothing ina […]

    • Piglosi is a vacant cranium with an incredible ability to spout nonsense.

      • What is the benefit of childish name calling? Are you attempting to recapture a moment on the grade school playground? Does it work?

        • I missed you Phyllis Softinthehead. Glad to see you are still so clever. The playground hasn’t been the same without your inane defense of the kids I used to bully. That is sarcasm if you cannot recognize it.
          Please remain holier-than-thou and again, my sympathies to your husband.

    • Rep. Justin Amash is not a Democrat. He is a member of the Freedom Caucus. Anyone that actually read the Mueller Report and Barr’s statement recognizes Barr has SERIOUS credibility issues OF HIS OWN MAKING

      Even if someone tells you what you want to hear, one day you read the report and realize Barr is not going to be around when the Mueller report is studied by students and historians. They will simply be looking at the report as written. Will history claim Barr presented an accurate assessment? Sorry. that is undoubtedly NO.

      Did Barr claim he did not know Mueller’s opinion of the statement released? Mueller released 2 letters he sent to Barr expressing those opinions. He FORGOT a letter he later described as “snitty”? If you got a letter you described as “snitty” would it have slipped your mind? Not likely.

  • Former President Barack Obama teamed up with the Democratic National Convention to announce the creation of the “Democratic Unity Fund” on Friday.

    “Next year is our chance to make sure that our shared values […]

    • Really do have to wonder if Hillary is going to contribute. ** massive eye roll **

      • Can you imagine the “slap in the face” to the DNC and demoncrap party as a whole if there is not a huge contribution from her and another from Slick Willie. I am fully expecting her to announce that she has entered the race.

    • “Decency, honesty and progress”. What a loaded crock of bovine excrement! And that from an illegitimate Marxist president with Indonesian citizenship. That creep wouldn’t know what the words decency and honesty meant and certainly NOT “progress” as he so ineptly demonstrated. Maybe he’s another of those can’t do; so do as I say and lie about it with a straight face. He needs to go back to Kenya.

      • James, you expose your ignorance in every post that you mention socialism.

        You are obviously confused by the differences between socialism, democratic socialism, Marxism, communism, and most likely fascism, and it seems that you have no intention of ever clarifying the differences in your mind.

        Give us a break and, in your free time, go take a course about them.

    • sd

    • He should just go away.

    • Isn’t it great that Super O is excited? Perez, the ass, is likely just giddy too.

  • Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) called out President Donald Trump on Friday for his “very racist” new legal immigration plan proposal.

    As IJR Red reported on Thursday, Trump proposed a new immigration proposal […]

    • How is merit racist exactly?

      The nearly two dozen Far East Asian, Middle Eastern and Asian immigrants I know would beg to differ Max. All of them came from non English speaking countries, most were very poor, and every one of them came to this country already speaking English and with marketable job skills.

      Additionally many of the African immigrants I’ve had the pleasure of meeting already meet the meritocracy standard. Regardless, unlike many Latino immigrants (legal or illegal), they all strive to learn and become fluent in English. In fact many speak better English than you do Max.

      • Absolutely, Morte. The ‘racism’ cry is the first out of the mouths of those with weak arguments (and minds).
        My friend ‘Brooklyn Bob’ said that his Italian family would not let the children speak Italian, which is a shame in a way, but they wanted to BE Americans. While I wish I was bilingual, but English is the language of this nation, as it should be.

  • Hollywood stars are coming together on social media to condemn the Alabama Republican Party for “waging all-out war on women” by passing the strictest anti-abortion law in the nation — and the governor for s […]

  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) blasted Gilead CEO Daniel O’Day on Thursday, calling him out for charging nearly $2,000 a month for an HIV prevention medicine that costs $8 in Australia.

    During an […]

    • NOT being a fan of AOC does NOT prevent anyone from asking WHY the public owned patent WAS NOT enforced? If the US taxpayer paid for the research and development of the drug treatment, HOW is a private company blocking the sell of generic Truvada until Sept 2020? The US taxpayer paid for the research & development and US citizens that need the drug are forced to pay Gilead for research & development until Sept., 2020??

      • “WHY the public owned patent WAS NOT enforced?” Phyllis

        The American people (including voters) don’t realize how corrupted our government is. The politicians who take their payoffs from the big pharmacutical and insurance companies want to misdirect and misinform us, to keep us confused about how we are being ripped off or even murdered.

        These two groups are at the top of this legal bribery scheme, so the politicians make it easy to write bad patent agreements.

    • I do not understand down votes for this article. Are the down votes for the article reflecting a negative view of a pharmaceutical company or a negative view of BEING MADE AWARE of Gilead taking advantage of US citizens?

      • Its republicans downing AOC no matter what. They do that a lot, vote against their own interests cause you know…god, guns and stuff.

    • Welcome, Hank and Brian, to the cauldron that is IJR! Your sane thoughts are most heartwarming to hear!

    • Brian, if we remain silent, NEVER.

    • And you believe the auto industry does not have lobbyist in DC? They do. If we outlaw lobbying for industries, countries or causes we are not supporting, that means we are outlawing lobbyist for what we support. Then we have UNDECLARED lobbyist. One of the many things we learned from the Mueller indictments was we sure have a lot of undeclared lobbyist already.

  • In the most prominent battle currently taking place between House Democrats and President Donald Trump, over 25 Democratic representatives declared that “summaries won’t do” on the Mueller report and are taking […]

    • Do these elected representatives not know or understand that the DOJ has printed the report? Do they not also know that the report in it’s printed form is available even at anyone’s local WalMart?

      • Want to guess how many Americans have actually read it? Collusion is addressed in the Introductory of Volume I of the report and POTUS & IJR readers still claim “Mueller found no collusion.” If they did not get to page 2 of the report, that would not classify as reading it. But I do suspect that the folks who did not read it were going for willful ignorance and would not tune in to hear it read to them.

        • ”Want to guess how many Americans have actually read it?”

          To unconfuse us, not many have read the report fully. According to one poll, a few weeks after its release, about 3% respondents SAID that they did. That equals 9.9 MILLION people.

          Not a chance. Even today, that number seems ridiculous.

          • It could be that the general population considers that it was all a fishing expedition and does not really care what Mueller had to say.

            Your “poll” did not ask me if I had read it.

            And having read the report I am still trying to figure which 5th grader wrote the report. I would have thought that Mueller and his merry band of demoncrap lawyers would have been more literate.

            • I covered your theory in willful ignorance. And the 5th grade language were quotes from those in the Trump campaign, family and administration. Were you thinking the average American citizen went to law school and anticipated it would be legalese?

        • For those playing along with the home game, collusion is mentioned on page 39 of the DOJ publication. The report states that Collusion is not a specific offense or theory of liability found in the United States Code. It also states that Collusion isn’t, “a term of art in federal criminal law.”

          • In the paperback WaPo publication of the Mueller Report, it is on page 2 of Introduction to Volume I, which appears on page 60 in that edition. The quote is the same as what appears on your page 39.

      • Well, we have 3 IJR readers who do not want to guess how many Americans read the Mueller report either online or in print. I read it, but I have to put all 6 of the Trump voters in my family in the “Don’t need to read it.” category. Mitt Romney’s comments convinced them they did not want to know.

      • It has been available on the internet for free download since it was released.

    • The members of the Dimwit Party will continue beating this old dead horse until well past the 2024 election cycle. Seems they cannot accept the decisions of 19 fellow Hillary Clinton donors (i.e., Trump hating lawyers) since they didn’t get the results they were demanding in order to impeach Trump (for a yet to be determined/manufactured excuse other than he beat their sickly female, radicalized, career criminal in 2016). NO do-overs.

  • President Donald Trump’s administration issued a $12 billion bailout for farmers — but $62 million of that has already reportedly been given to an international meatpacking company owned in Brazil that has b […]

    • “However, this has, in no way, halted the million-dollar transactions between the Trump administration and the Brazilian-based company.” Article

      I am confused. Which Trump officials, by name and title, are approving this action and are pushing it ahead? Who is going to fight for getting the money flow stopped and reversed?

  • New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has officially jumped into the 2020 Democratic race, and he’s trying to use his past experience fighting “Con Don” as a selling point of why voters should check his name on their […]

    • Deblasé is the man of the working class??? Yeah, the working class with a $145M net worth.

  • On Wednesday, the Alabama state senate passed the  strictest abortion law in the country, but it wasn’t without a fight from state Sen. Vivian Davis Figures (D) who rebuked her GOP colleagues for passing a bill […]

    • Sometimes BLUNT is needed, even if ineffectual in the end. Thank you Ms Figures for your bluntness.

    • I can feel compassion for a woman that has had such crimes done upon her but a baby is innocent of all the actions. You don’t have to be reminded of crimes committed against you “everyday” (as if you’d ever forget). There are people that would take that baby, raise that baby and love that baby. Should a baby die for another’s crime? I think the reason some states are fighting the abortion machine and pushing it back is because we were lied to. We were told a baby was a “clump of cells” then ultra-sound showed us truth. If a baby is a “clump of cells” that’s all we all are. We were told abortion would only be used “in extreme cases of need” and now it’s used like a morning after pill. Further, more POC are aborted then any other……that’s racist (as the founder of PP was).

  • House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) blasted Attorney General William Barr as “just a liar” for President Donald Trump, claiming Barr’s motives are either to “hide whatever he has to hide” or […]

  • Not too long ago, it was considered ethically taboo to have White House staffers campaign on behalf of a president’s reelection — but now it’s being shrugged off as a non-issue in President Donald Trump’s a […]

    • And when Mr. “O” and his staff did it, even regarding national business, no one said anything. No one was “reminded” of the Hatch Act, even though they were blatant with its misuse because anything done in opposite of bowing to him was considered racist – which word was hardly ever used until Trump haters began to use it for anyone they disagreed with.

      • Your ignorance is profound. Try stepping out of that bubble for once in your life.

      • “when Mr. “O” and his staff did it, even regarding national business, no one said anything” C

        I think Oversight Committee Chairman Darell Issa would disagree with you (2014) and say that you are confused.

      • If no one said anything, how did you know it was blatant misuse? So you believe if someone calls you a “racist,” it means they just disagree with your comments???

    • Such partisan bullshit, what are they going to come up with next ?

    • What an ignorant story. The slimy democrats constantly complain about EVERYTHING involving Trump thus they continually complain about the Hatch Act. Gasper must be a lib or a never Trumper or just can’t see the forest for the trees.

    • Such fanatic bologna, what are they going to thought of next ?????

    • I thought The Hatch Act was when someone trys to do the USA political business with a foreign government.. Like that idiot the former SOS John Kerry has been trying to do with Iran….

      • James replied 4 days ago

        No, what Kerry is guilty of is violating the Logan Act as a former Government employee in contact with a foreign Government. Just too may Acts to keep track of and nobody does anything to punish the offenders. Kerty will probably have his wife – Mrs. Heinz Ketchup – pay off the Government and he’ll skate free.

    • James replied 4 days ago

      A Socialist calling someone a “racist” is only because they generally don’t have an intelligent response to your comment. “Racist” is the go-to word now – post #44 – to “win an argument” along with all the other catch phrases they have in their slander deck.

    • And I am sure that NO ONE in the Ovomit administration did this…..correct??????

      • TOM replied 2 days ago

        Louie provided a graph in the article and made note of the Obozo administration’s violations in 2014 and 2015 but conveniently did not make mention of the large increase in number of violations in 2016 when his staff was campaigning for Hitlery.

    • Who the Hell is Louis Gasper?

    • I have difficulty understanding the 8 down-votes your comment received. The behavior of Trump and the campaign staff was WELL KNOWN before anyone cast a ballot. EVERY one of the 62,979,636 voters knew what they were voting for. So WHY down-vote the obvious?

    • What campaign rally? He has not been campaigning. I do notice you select your wording to manipulate uneducated readers. “White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to campaign with him at his rally held on the same night”

      Notice you don’t say “campaign rally” because clearly that would be a lie, right…it was NOT a campaign rally, now was it, it was just another one of his friendly informative, town-hall like, meetings that are SO GINORMOUS they must be held in stadiums.

    • Why would WH staffers behave any differently than they are in light of the culture that comes from the top? This is the way the mob boss president has always done business.

    • Could it be that these complaints are fueled by anti-Trumpers and demoncraps simply because they are against everything that President Trump and his administration does?

  • Former Vice President Joe Biden rebuked the Trump administration’s “inappropriate” threat to investigate deals that his son, Hunter Biden, made with Ukranian officials in his role on the board of directors of a […]

    • Biden had learned the lessons on how to lie from his former “boss”, an expert Prevaricator-in-Chief. IF the Ukrainian deal “didn’t happen”, did Hunter also NOT receive $1.5 Billion from the Chinese Communists and the Bank of China – – – while accompanying VP Daddy on Air Force 2 rather than use commercial airlines for his business travel? How many $$$ did VP Daddy receive? How many $$$ did inept #44 receive as he turned a blind eye to misuse of AF2?

    • As we say down here in the deep South of Louisiana, “Yeah, right”.

    • f54

    • Biden had learned the lessons on how to lie from his former “boss”, an expert Prevaricator-in-Chief. IF the Ukrainian deal “didn’t happen”, did Hunter also NOT receive $1.5 Billion from the Chinese Communists and the Bank of China – – – while accompanying VP Daddy on Air Force 2 rather than use commercial airlines for his business travel? How many $$$ did VP Daddy receive?

    • Biden had learned the lessons on how to lie from his former “boss”, an expert Prevaricator-in-Chief. IF the Ukrainian deal “didn’t happen”, did Hunter also NOT receive $1.5 Billion from the Chinese Communists and the Bank of China – – – while accompanying VP Daddy on Air Force 2 rather than use commercial airlines for his business travel? How many $$$ did VP Daddy receive? How many $$$ did inept #44 receive as he turned a blind eye to misuse of AF2?

    • Well Said James

    • I would think they want to investigate Joe Biden’s threat to halt the payment of promised monies from the USA to the Ukraine government, if they didn’t back off their investigation of his son’s dealings. He not only did that, but bragged about it on camera.

    • Gaff prone buffoon that is basically uninformed and un-electable..

    • “It’s just inappropriate to send your lawyer to a foreign government to try to get them to do something that has no bearing except to try to embarrass.” But I’ll bet Joe thinks it’s okay if you want to use a Dossier with fake and untrue crap in it to illegally obtain a FISA Warrent from corrupt TOP Justice Executives to SPY on an American Citizen and Presidential Candidate. That’s APPROPRIATE!? Okay Joe……sure……….ya BOZO!!!

  • Twitter users are fired up over Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-S.C.) advice to Donald Trump Jr. to ignore a Congressional subpoena, urging them to call for the senator’s resignation in an overwhelming fashion.

    On […]

    • Perfect example of why you will NEVER find me on twitter. It is so full of twits.

    • The Hon. Senator from S.C. seems unaware that Republican Congressmen are susceptible to foot-in-mouth disease, too.

      But someone who is also the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman advising a person to ignore a subpoena is too confused to hold office.

      • I’m sure Lindsey will go out resign immediately because the most confused person on this site called him confused. So just how confused do you find the dim members of the House Judiciary Committee, who are lawyers, wanting Barr’s head because he WON’T BREAK THE LAW? By your OWN logic, each and every one of them is too confused to hold office, too.

        • James replied 5 days ago

          Don’t hold your breath that Senator Graham will make such a stupid move because some individual has a weird obsession.

    • The Democrats haven’t learned from history regarding polling or social media data sources. While I’m not a fan of Lindsey Graham for his red flag law support, he’s certainly entitled to state his opinion.

    • James replied 5 days ago

      Senator Graham is correct. There is no reason why Don Jr should testify AGAIN. He’s told the Dimwits all they wanted to know. NOW they are setting a politically motivated perjury trap in order to indict one Trump family member because Trump beat their female career criminal “Queen” in 2016.

    • #LindseyGrahamResign
      Senator Graham is doing the right thing and you who are wanting to silence him are trying to stop the truth narrative. Why are you so angry when things are the best they’ve been in this country in decades?

    • Queen

  • Despite worries from economic experts, U.S. businesses, and consumers alike that the country will face harm from the massive China tariff hike, President Donald Trump insists the United States is in a “fantastic […]

  • President Donald Trump insists “there is no reason for the U.S. Consumer to pay the Tariffs” imposed on China — but there’s a catch, you have to stop buying Chinese manufactured products and goods.

    Trump has b […]

    • M­y l­a­s­t p­a­y c­h­e­c­k w­a­s $­9­5­0­0­ ­w­o­r­k­i­n­g­ ­1­0 h­o­u­r­s a­ ­w­e­e­k ­o­nl­i­n­e. M­y y­o­u­n­g­e­r b­r­o­t­h­e­r f­r­i­e­n­d h­a­s b­e­e­n a­v­e­r­a­­g­i­n­g 1­2­k f­o­r m­o­n­t­h­s n­o­w a­n­d h­e­ ­w­o­r­k­s­ a­b­o­u­t 2­2 h­o­u­r­s­ ­a­ w­e­e­k. I c­a­n­’­t b­e­l­i­e­v­e h­o­w e­a­s­y i­t ­w­a­s o­n­c­e ­I t­r­i­e­d i­t o­u­t. T­h­i­s i­s w­h­a­t I d­­­o…… http://www.Employment10.com

  • Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) is defending herself from “vile attacks” spewed by Republicans, arguing that her comments on the Palestinian response to the Holocaust are being taken severely “out of […]

    • Tlaib & Omar Both need to GO, as in Back to their Family’s Original Homelands!!

      • Maybe they can convince Marxist AOC to go with them back to their sh**holes. {Two thumbs UP on your post.]

    • The truth Congresswoman is that you are an anti-Semite.

    • M­y l­a­s­t p­a­y c­h­e­c­k w­a­s $­9­5­0­0­ ­w­o­r­k­i­n­g­ ­1­0 h­o­u­r­s a­ ­w­e­e­k ­o­nl­i­n­e. M­y y­o­u­n­g­e­r b­r­o­t­h­e­r f­r­i­e­n­d h­a­s b­e­e­n a­v­e­r­a­­g­i­n­g 1­2­k f­o­r m­o­n­t­h­s n­o­w a­n­d h­e­ ­w­o­r­k­s­ a­b­o­u­t 2­2 h­o­u­r­s­ ­a­ w­e­e­k. I c­a­n­’­t b­e­l­i­e­v­e h­o­w e­a­s­y i­t ­w­a­s o­n­c­e ­I t­r­i­e­d i­t o­u­t. T­h­i­s i­s w­h­a­t I d­­­o…… http://www.Employment10.com

    • “I will never allow you to take my words out of context to push your racist and hateful agenda,” she insisted, affirming that “the truth will always win.” article

      Tlaib is confused. The vile Republicans will never give up and she may not always win. We see the same thing here on IJR and it is disgusting. They have no bounds which will limit their hate and racism, therefore this kind of attack will continue even after KDTL is not in office.

      • Ryan Grim said it best.

        “If there was a third Muslim woman in Congress, the House wouldn’t even have time for infrastructure week in between all the ginned-up attacks on them.”

    • What about all the Native American Indians who lost land and a lot of people? Don’t hear much crying from them; only a lot of braying from ungrateful foreigners pretending to be American citizens. Shut up, Tlaib.

    • Pontiac may be a Palestinian stronghold, but I assume most people in Michigan are embarassed by this loudmouth like most Floridans were/are chagrined by Debbie Wasserman -Schultz.

  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) gave some criticism of the “technique of the GOP, to take dry humor [and] sarcasm literally” and compared Republicans to Dwight Schrute, an uptight character from “The […]

    • M­y l­a­s­t p­a­y c­h­e­c­k w­a­s $­9­5­0­0­ ­w­o­r­k­i­n­g­ ­1­0 h­o­u­r­s a­ ­w­e­e­k ­o­nl­i­n­e. M­y y­o­u­n­g­e­r b­r­o­t­h­e­r f­r­i­e­n­d h­a­s b­e­e­n a­v­e­r­a­­g­i­n­g 1­2­k f­o­r m­o­n­t­h­s n­o­w a­n­d h­e­ ­w­o­r­k­s­ a­b­o­u­t 2­2 h­o­u­r­s­ ­a­ w­e­e­k. I c­a­n­’­t b­e­l­i­e­v­e h­o­w e­a­s­y i­t ­w­a­s o­n­c­e ­I t­r­i­e­d i­t o­u­t. T­h­i­s i­s w­h­a­t I d­­­o…… http://www.UrbanFactores.com

    • This woman is moronic.

    • Damn near every time this woman shares her thoughts with the public I hear my late abuelita muttering in Spanish “Bruta, bruta bruta”. Translation: Stupid, stupid stupid

    • So given the fact that folks don’t “get” or “misunderstand” her “humor” how then is anyone to know when she is speaking is a joke or ? I guess I will continue to think it would be every time she opens her mouth. And so folks, she was dead damn serious about that 12 year thing, she is trying to do a reset.

  • George Conway, the husband of White House Adviser Kellyanne Conway, is not letting President Donald Trump get away with referring to former Vice President Joe Biden as “creepy” without giving him a blast from his […]

    • It is interesting that George selected the porn star NDA to cite as evidence Trump is creepy. THAT was knowledge George did NOT have BEFORE he voted for Trump. A review of what GEORGE KNEW when he not only VOTED for Trump BUT APPLIED to work in his justice department: The pussygrabber Access Hollywood tape, the Howard Stern interviews, the phone calls posing as “John Barron.” The 16 sexual assault accusations. THOSE WERE NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE OF TRUMP BEING CREEPY????

      • Oh, bless your heart. Have we forgotten about Ted Kennedy (who obviously was a crappy driver and preferred swimming instead)…or perhaps Bill Clinton (who has a stash of cigars, complete with blue dresses)?
        Do you really want to dance on the ‘creepy’ issue? I’ve all day available. Bring it.

        • I am confused. Remind me again of who is in the White House TODAY?

          • It IS confusing that Trumpsters have abandon ALL moral standards when they judge Trump, but apparently have their former standards on standby to judge everyone who is not Trump or has no ties to the Trump campaign. If the next R candidate tells them they could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose any voters, do you predict they will fall in line and ignore all moral and ethical failings?

            • I am confused, Phyllis.

              Are you saying that Republicans are like Schrödinger’s cat? They are both moral and amoral at the same time, but what state that you find them depends upon at what time that you observer them? Similar to quantum physics?

              No wonder Republicans are confusing, as confusing as cats!

        • Most assuredly NO I have NOT forgotten, but is seems YOU HAVE a new standard for WHAT is creepy. Is bragging of grabbing women by the pussy NOT creepy? Is bragging of walking in on teenage contestants while you know they are undressing NOT creepy? Is calling into radio stations posing as “John Barron” to say how wonderful DJ Trump is NOT creepy? Is telling a tabloid Marla said sex with Donald was the best she ever had NOT creepy? I don’t have 1 moral standard for D’s & 1 for R’s

          • Does that answer you question? Yes, I really want to dance on the ‘creepy’ issue.

            • Well then, how about dancing on cory booker’s comments? Oh, wait a minute. He’s a dim so he gets a pass, right philly?

              • MY POINT has always been ONE STANDARD. NOT no standard for Trump, one for R’s and another for D’s. ONE STANDARD! Did you find the Access Hollywood tape was indicative of a guy that was downright creepy? 62,979, 636 Americans obviously did not believe so. I don’t need to know the political affiliation to determine if something is vulgar and offensive.

    • Mr Conway…I only have two questions for you:
      1. Do you have any young female relatives (daughter, nieces,etc.)?
      2. However in the world does your wonderful wife put up with your jealous sniping of her employer…YOUR PRESIDENT?

      • How do you NOT know George & Kellyanne have 3 girls and 1 boy? Unlike Trump, George has only 1 baby mama, not 3. Also wondering how you missed Trump’s association with Epstein and the 2016 “child rape charge” of a 13 year old girl? George NOR Biden have ever been accused of sexual assault. WHAT is it that you perceive George is jealous of? Is it that Kellyanne is okay with Trump’s daily lies?

    • Sorry George! You are the deranged one in DC and there is a difference between touching adults and touching children! Biden is creepy and sleepy! You, George are a vile sore loser! TRUMP 2020!!

      • There’s a difference between invading someone’s space & SEXUAL ASSAULT Sleepy? Biden isn’t the one that took a golf cart transport at Sicily G7 Summit while other world leaders walked. Creepy? Biden isn’t the voice on the Access Hollywood tape & Howard Stern interviews. Biden isn’t the one with NDA’s with porn stars & a Playboy model—Biden isn’t the one with 16 sexual assault accusations. Consoling people is creepy BUT bragging of grabbing women by the pussy isn’t? MASA!

        • Cherl replied 1 week ago

          Phyl you seem to revel in repeating over and over about “bragging of grabbing”. Biden has been involved in the government of this country since the 1970s. Trump was a private citizen. And since you live under a convenient rock or in a cave enlighten yourself with tales of the Kennedys and that hound dog Bill Clinton. They weren’t voices on a tape. There was proof. Tsk tsk

          • The DIFFERENCE between us is that I NEVER voted for Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton OR Donald Trump. You DID VOTE for Trump & I remind you of the bragging because it PASSES YOUR STANDARD while Clinton & Kennedy DON”T. I don’t have a SEPARATE standard for D’s & R’s. Perhaps it is easier for me since I was a registered R until 2003. I didn’t register as a D until 2008. How do you see your logic of Kennedy & Clinton EXCUSE flying in 2029? Be prepared with a better excuse.

    • Stormy accused Trump of something which she said “was good for business”. There is no proof that anything ever happened between them. Pretty common way for these women to make money. They then get paid to shut up whether anything happened or not.
      Shut up George and stop embarrassing you hard working wife.

      • I guess it is admirable that you believe the guy that said he did not know about the NDA or the payments for the NDA BUT later sent Giuliani out to reverse his denials. NOT very convincing, but admirable that at least you took a swing at explaining your illogical thought process. Just curious, do you have a husband and would you buy the same explanation from him?

    • “Everyone else is fading fast!” King Donald The Loser

      I am confused. When do the primaries and debates really start? They haven’t even begun yet and he is acting as if everything is decided. That is a risky presumption for someone who literally has everything on the line.

    • Well, if he thinks truth matter, he should be concerned that he told several lies during his tweet. Apparently, he never actually watched the alleged damning video of Trump as Trump said nothing on camera about grabbing anyone anywhere. Those comments were about what women will allow when someone is a star, not that he actually did anything. The comment was supposedly made while Trump was inside the bus and no ‘on camera’. As far as the comment, it’s the same as those made by other celebs.

      • WHO would those “celebs” be?

        • Syphilis – Numerous athletes from Wilt Chamberlain to Magic Johnson, Mickey Mantle, Dawkins, Tom Jones, etc. when discussing how women hand off panties with room keys in them, throw underwear on stage, end up in rooms and throw themselves at celebs in bars, outside dressing rooms, in airports, etc. They’ve commented on this in books and live interviews. Remember, Trump said what women would allow, not that he actually did it. Perhaps you haven’t seen the whole video, only listened to what commentators have said on indoctrination TV.

          • Which one of the celebs you mentioned claimed they could grab women by the pussy–and if you are a star they let you do it? Every action YOU mentioned was WHAT WOMEN DO? Where are your examples of what the celebs perceive they are permitted to do to women? The entire country heard the Access Hollywood video…It was impossible to escape. So WHY pretend no one but you heard it?

    • Concerning the mentioned video, it was a hatchet job, an amateurish splicing job with diagonal lines at the break. If one looks closely, you will see that Trump gets off the bus twice, once with a yellow tie and once with a blue one. Oddly, while the video is obviously spliced, the audio runs without break. It was dubbed and while Trump was in the bus, who knows who’s voice that is. You actually never see Trump say anything of the ‘lewd’ comment. Is it another fake document like the dossier?

      • Have you read the Steele dossier & Volume I of Mueller Report? It does not appear you did. In regard to your conspiracy, did you once hear Melania claim that was NOT her husband’s voice on the tape? ANY of his adult children claim it was not their father’s voice? Did Kellyanne claim it wasn’t Trump’s voice? They all stuck to the script & called it “locker room talk.” If that was not DJT’s voice, WHY did Trump issue his one & only apology? History will examine those points.

        • Syphilis – Steele admitted that the dossier was made up and was required before election day. It’s been verified that the dossier was used to justify the FISA order. Try to keep up. As far as the tape, watch it, see the breaks in the video while the audio is uninterrupted. It was all a manufactured tape, an advertisement for Celebrity Apprentice. I’ll bet you think Harry Potter actually fought Voldemort.

    • TOM replied 1 week ago

      I wonder when George Con-Way-Off is going to announce that he is running as a demoncrap for the presidency?

  • Rep. Will Hurd (R-Texas) countered his Republican colleagues on Friday, arguing that in order to “settle things,” special counsel Robert Mueller needs to testify before Congress.

    While many have laid out […]

    • No, having Mueller testify will not “settle” anything since it will not lead to unseating a duly elected President and will not allow Hillary to then take “her entitled, rightful place as King, Queen and Radicalized Dictator of the United States”. Mueller has written his 448 page novel and those dimwits who cannot read, should have it read to them. The investigation looking for any sort of a crime is over.

    • I am waiting for Mueller to testify before Congress and reveal that redacted portions point directly to Hitlery’s misdeeds and need for her prosecution for treason. That would sure get the NoNads panties in a knot.

    • It’s is necessary for Muller to testify because the democrats are so stupid that they can’t read the report and understand what Muller means by saying that there wasn’t any collusion. And that he found not enough evidence to indict the president. Maybe they need a five grader to read the report for them.

    • Don’t think Mueller wants to hear questions from the Republicans about why he never explored where there was collusion between the DNC, Clinton and the Russians.

      • Nothing like proudly proclaiming you have not read the Mueller Report. Trump would be proud and thank you for your willful ignorance. Will it hold up to scrutiny when you look back on it?

    • As a conservative I hope he testifies. He will absolutely be grilled by the Republicans and that could entirely discredit him. The Dems will once again look stupid and walk away empty handed. So let’s get him on the stand asap.

  • President Donald Trump expressed “no need to rush” making a trade deal with China on Friday, claiming his newly imposed tariffs “will bring in FAR MORE wealth to our Country than even a phenomenal deal of the […]

    • This article takes a very nasty tone about Trump.

      • Paying a 25% tax on the stuff we buy from China can put anyone in a nasty mood. I’m glad I don’t need to buy anything big in the near future. How soon is that going to eat up any gains from the tax relief?

    • Speciar derivery! Kung Pao. War-Mart rove you rong time. Velly rong time.

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