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  • Since former House Speaker John Boehner (D-Ohio) left the Capitol, he has been championing the legalization of cannabis in the United States.

    During a Monday interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo, […]

    • The party formerly known as Republican, was a strong proponent of states rights. PA did legalize medical marijuana a few years ago. Today 2 Democrat PA Senators released a bill for legalizing recreational for 21 & older. Our state legislatures are Republican controlled so I am not predicting passage anytime soon.

    • Federalism. Let each state be a laboratory. 10th amendment. Consider how this should apply to things MUCH LESS trivial than smoking pot.

  • Several 2020 Democrats have announced that they are open to — or fully support — adding several justices and changing the nomination process for the Supreme Court.

    As Democratic presidential hopefuls make the […]

    • OK. Congress has been ceding responsibility, power, and doing competent work for decades. They now want to make the SC a “super congress” (small c intentional).

      FDR already tried this end-run around the Constitution (which does not state how many judges are seated). He was squelched, the wheelchair-bound faker. (there’s a lesson there for the anti-vaxxers/open borders crowd)

      Let’s just start the HOT civil war already.

  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen projected that, in the month of March alone, Border Patrol will stop 100,000 illegal immigration attempts at the southern border.

    During the […]

    • Enough of this catch shit. .22LR is cheap and readily available. Two each.

      Here’s the REAL economy in that. No camps, cages, medical care, etc. Either legally immigrate via ports-of-entry or you’re a criminal alien. Same for mechanisms of “asylum”. Word will spread.

    • Were they not riddled with parasites and infectious diseases (hello anti-vaxxers!) I’d say let’s recycle the nutrients. it’s green, like Soylent.

      Screw highly-processed pea protein with plant hemoglobin. Funny how vegans never question how all these things go into their fake burgers.

      q: if you’re a vegan why are you eating things that are designed to fake meat? Isn’t that a cognitive dissonance? I’m looking at you Tofurky. Just eat a slab of tofu and be sanctimonious.

  • A new poll showed that New Yorkers are not thrilled with Amazon’s decision to withdraw their offer to put their new headquarters in New York City, but they’re not just blaming Amazon for the decision.

    The Siena […]

  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) went viral for criticizing the very type of opaque donations that she may have used to fund her group, Justice Democrats, according to a report by the Washington […]

  • During an interview on CNN, analyst Quanta Ahmed, a Muslim physician, countered the narrative that President Donald Trump or other Republicans are Islamophobic.

    Following the horrific mosque shootings in New […]

    • Islamophobia is a made up term by the Left. Based on recent history they are deniers and idiots as there is nothing irrational about fearing either violence or infiltration by followers of Islam.

      One might ask why they do not RATIONALLY suspect a violent, militant, xenophobic religion. It’s LITERALLY in their holy writings. q.v. the Koran, terrorist incidents.

      • full disclosure: I have Muslim relatives from Indonesia.
        1. they were NOT included, nor were most Muslims, from the president’s extreme-vetting.
        2. even they argue that the violence projected by extremism is bad for people and bad for Islam in general. They agree that Islam needs a “facelift” and to harshly squelch it’s more extreme members, but hold little hope this will happen.

        • How very kind of you to exempt your relatives. When the anti-Islam fanatics act upon their fears that you claim are “rationale,” do you perceive they will differentiate your relatives from other Muslims? Extremism is bad for ALL people. ALL religions, and ALL politics. Extremism is also calling for a civil war if a ban on AK -15’s is reinstated. Why do you find your own extremism acceptable?

      • I am perplexed with your objection to a term being coined for your fear of Islam. What do you wish it to be termed?

  • Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) told “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd on Sunday that she wants Americans to move on from scandalous stories about Democrats, including that of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and […]

    • Hmm. So Klobuchar wants to give the Dims a pass. No mention of FAIR and EQUAL treatment for others, like the Reps, as her immediate comments about Trump demonnstate.

      Fade into obscurity Amy. Take some anger-management courses in the downtime. You;ll be a better person if not a candidate.

  • Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney explained why President Donald Trump wasn’t “happy” about the 12 Republican senators who voted against his national emergency declaration at the southern […]

    • Twelve RINOs taking over where John McStain (R-AZ) left off. At least one had his eye on the WH in 2016; but lost to Trump.

  • Some New Mexico Democrats broke with their party to block a late-term abortion bill last week after seeing the outrage similar bills caused in states like Virginia and New York.

    Pro-choice Democrats in the […]

    • I would still like to know and understand HOW killing an unborn – or recently born – baby can be considered a “healthcare” issue. There are Laws in every State prohibiting MURDER; but yet there are taxpayer funded organizations like Planned Parenthood which continue killing innocent human beings at will on a daily basis. Not only that, they then SELL the murdered baby parts!

    • The newly elected Hispanic Governor of NM (in 2019) is a registered Democrat as evidenced by her support of the Illegal Alien Invaders crossing the Southern border. She has ignored the pleas of the ranchers in Hidalgo County, NM whose cattle are being killed, vehicles stolen, robberies and finding Invaders sleeping in their barns. Grisham has done absolutely nothing to help. Attempts to impeach her two months into her term went nowhere. NM is a Dem stronghold.

  • Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) took shots from both sides of the political aisle after he sided with President Donald Trump in the vote to oppose the president’s national emergency declaration at the border.

    Sasse […]

    • I find it strange that the National Emergency Act has worked for FIVE Presidents over 43 years with 58 total declarations issued (31 remain in effect); but all of a sudden it is not supposed to work as designed for Trump? Where is the equal justice for THIS Republican Chief Executive – – or was it abolished when Saul Alinsky’s “daughter”: the female career criminal was running for POTUS?

  • Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) released the transcripts of the interviews conducted between Congress and since-fired FBI agent Peter Strzok, revealing that the Departement of Justice (DOJ) may have worked with Hillary […]

  • Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced her support for a piece of legislation that would lower the federal voting age from 18 years old to 16 years old.

    As IJR previously reported, Congresswoman Ayanna […]

  • With a vote scheduled for Thursday afternoon, several more Republican senators have announced they will not be siding with President Donald Trump on his national emergency declaration, despite the president’s […]

    • They are voting to correct course and take back authority the executive branch should never have had.

      • By that you mean 10 U.S.Code Section 284 giving the POTUS the legal authority he can use and the National Emergency Act of 1976 should be repealed? If that is the case, then the remaining 31 active emergency declarations of the 58 total under the seven Presidents since 1976 need to be canceled. Don’t believe #44 – Marxist Barry Hussein Soetoro – would be too pleased since he issued the most involving nothing here in the U.S.

        • While I agree that Obama also overstepped the authority granted POTUS, your continued use of juvenile nicknmes tends to diminish your authority on any subject.

    • 12 is more than a ripple, but less than a Red Wave.—But it is 5 more than voted against Trump/Kushner interest in Saudi war in Yemen. The House passed unanimously to release to the public the Mueller Report.

      • The point is that a few months ago there would be no ripple at all.

        • Trump’s first 2 yrs there was grandstanding, but only 1 vote where the majority of R’s stood up to Trump. Still plenty of grandstanders, only 12 with guts to stand up to the bullying threat. I hope Trump is not counting the 41 R’s that are afraid of mean tweets as “tough.” All horse and no cattle.

    • A “red ripple” is, finally, rising against Trump.

  • Special Counsel to the president Kellyanne Conway dropped a truth bomb on those who have insulted President Donald Trump and other members of the White House: They don’t care.

    As IJR reported earlier this week, […]

    • Omar and her ilk will continue their attacks on Jews, Christians and Americans UNTIL their constituents become embarrassed enough to vote them out of Office. The Muslims should return to their heavily fortified compounds and continue planning their terrorist jihad against the World’s religious population; or, until they determine the Qur’an is a collection of BS and burn it. Past time they joined the World; not tell us we must convert to their inhumane way of life.

      • James, if Iowa 4th/5th district can send Steve King to Congress q 2 yrs since 2002, you shouldn’t count on voter embarrassment for a result. This morning we awoke to the news a White Supremacist killed 49 Muslims in New Zealand. We know White Supremacist, Anders Brevik killed 77 in Norway. Dylann Roof killed 7 Black Christians. Robert Bowers killed 17 American Jews. If you do not want all angry white men to be considered extremist killers, then you should STOP believing all Muslims are.

    • “President Donald Trump and other members of the White House: They don’t care.”

      That about sums up the whole administration, in general.

      What would you call the lie about promising not to cut our SS, MC-MA just to get elected, but now wanting to cut them by $1.5T after recently giving more than that to their rich buddies?

      They just don’t care.

  • Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) came down hard on the millionaire celebrities who are tangled up in a college admissions scam, but some think Warren would have been better off watching this debate from the […]

    • When I first heard this, the first person I thought of was Fauxcahontas. If what these parents did is wrong, so is she. But as I’ve found, the common trait among leftists is that they have no self awareness of their hypocrisy….as obvious as it is to the rest of us “normal folk”.

      • Dizzy Warren has an estimated net worth of $5 million. She should talk more about the “privileged class” so we can understand where she’s coming from.

    • C’mon Lizard, you should be feeling at least 1/1024 sympathetic!

    • Liz is less than 1/1000th right. Too bad she didn’t leverage that for admission.

      The ELITE have always been about the elite. Colleges, since WWII are entirely about the Benjamins (thanks rappers and trash anti-Semite Omar). They are literal country clubs not only in “branding”, but in who they admit. q.v. the current lawsuits for discrimination against -qualified Asians (vs. less-qualified Hispanics and Blacks) before the Supreme Court.

    • Will this scandal and exposure of the clubbish corruption make a difference? Unlikely.

      We can BEST make our outrage at this wrongness by denying federal funding to ALL colleges. Let them compete fairly AND on the merits of the education they offer. Write your Congress critters (it might, small might, make a difference.)

      Here’s something neither Bernie nor AOC and their wannabe-Commies address: the trusts for these universities is in the hundreds of billions. Start hitting that.

  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) showed all of her cards after she rejected Senate Republicans’ proposal of a bill to limit the executive power to declare national emergencies.

    After a record-breaking […]

    • Pelosi should check the record of National Emergencies declared by DEMOCRATIC Presidents. Presidents Carter, Clinton and Obama (plus Republicans G.W.Bush and Trump) have declared a total of 58 National Emergencies, 31 of which are still active. Yes, D Presidents can declare National Emergencies because they HAVE.

      • Since ’76. when it the National Emergency Act was passed, it’s been used and abused.

        Here’s a thought Nancy will NEVER contemplate. Reverse or modify the legislation, ’cause that’s what Congress is SUPPOSED to do. However, that’s less theater than outright defiance.

    • Nancy, you exercised ZERO control over Clinton or Obozo. Now Trump is your selective cause. Are you waiting for the next Dim at 1600 Pennsylvania before FAILING to exercising your Congressional responsibilities?

      In addiction lingo YOU are an enabler.

    • Just because Obama was allowed to do it doesn’t make it right. It’s refreshing that we are finally having conversations about presidents abusing their authority. Why couldn’t Republicans do this earlier?

  • Mark Weinberg, aide to former President Ronald Reagan, had some strong words for Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) after she claimed the former president used racial divisions to get ahead.

    As IJR […]

    • Let’s just see how history judges Ronald Reagan and aoc? On a side note, watch the TOTAL lack of knowledge she has about what she’s talking about in her questioning of the Wells Fargo CEO. UNBELIEVABLE!

    • She’s still damp with noisome secretions from the Justice Democrat auditions. Reagan was literally before her times. (80s vs. under 30). What else can one else expect from a dual-degree graduate who was BARTENDING?

      As usual, the bug-eyed bobblehead is running her mouth, irrelevant of history or knowledge. Her handlers should be proud.

    • fact: Venezuela elected a bus driver to run the country. How’s that working?

      Overbite-Commie was a bartender, despite “alleged” dual degrees. Is this a defect or purposeful-bug in the system?

    • AOC is so far off target on everything she says or does. AOC is a terrorist that is like Obama trying to cause more hate and divide in this great nation so as she can be the great creator . The AOC I see has nothing but evil in her heart and stupidity in her head. I was really hoping that she could of entered this position with some sort of respect for America but I see that she is incapable of that. Democratic party if you can put up with this person then I believe you have met your waterloo.

  • The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) is the largest labor union in the United States, and it wants nothing to do with the Green New Deal.

    In a letter to Rep. […]

    • I’d like to hear how Dim and unionist Phyllis responds to this.

    • Ooh! Only now are the unions realizing that the Dim GND and socialism MIGHT be bad for them. Boo hoo after throwing money at the Dims for years. q.v. black Dim support.

  • Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) tried — and failed — to call out the ethics of those who have uncovered several scandals within her own campaign and congressional office.

    As IJR previously rep […]

  • A survivor of the brutal Syrian regime had some strong words for Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) after she said she would need to see more evidence before she would condemn Syrian President Bashar Assad.

    As IJR […]

    • We currently have a sitting POTUS that does not believe the US intel on Russian interference in the 2016 election, the ability of NK’s missiles to reach the US, Kim continuing his nuclear program, and MBS’s involvement in Khoshogi”s death. How would Tulsi Gabbard be an improvement over what we currently have in the WH?

    • I really don’t understand her perspective.

    • I take issue with the claim that Obama “remained silent.” In fairness, Madison may have been out of the country, in a coma, or simply on a self-imposed break from reading news coverage in 2013-14. Obama presented to Congress a request for US military to use force following the chemical attacks. It was identical to 2017. After days of lobbying Congress, he was unable to obtain the support for passage. The US State Dept. worked with Russia and UN to remove the chemical weapons in Syria.

    • I’ll see your Parkland “survivors” and raise you actual body wounds. Speaking of which, it’s noticeable that they’ve fallen off the MSM rotation, even CameraHogg.

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