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  • Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.) called out Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) for leaving out some important details while she explained her support for boycotting Israel.

    On Wednesday, the House debated a […]

    • Oh please Lee, everybody knows you’re only against this resolution because you’re a misogynistic, Islamaphobic racist not a rational thinking adult male who happens to be Jewish.


      • Isamophobia is another lie. It implies there’s NO RATIONAL REASON to fear Islam. Ignore the terrorism, the consignment of women to 2nd-class citizenship, the FGM, the REAL persecution of non-Muslims and homosexuals. I am in no way phobic in fearing a Muslim/Shariah

    • Omar and her Squadde Tlaib would prefer we back the losers, i.e. the Muslim Palestinians who have failed to build infrastructure, schools, hospitals AFTER 70+ years AND despite tens of billions in foreign aid. Because slaughtering innnocents through rockets and paying off the families of suicide bombers are more important and expensive.

    • It’s been speculated that what prompted Trump’s tweets was Omar laughing and smiling while she praised the achievements of ISIS and al-Qaeda.

      Her lies about BDS are plain. It’s an anti-Semitic movement, NOT free speech.

      More tellingly neither she nor her Squadees (Squadettes?) have denounced or commented upon the domestic terrorism by Antifa members against ICE facilities in WA and CO especially since they all want ICE disbanded.

    • Careful they might put a fatwa out on yer head!

    • Omar is a blight upon Minnesota and AMERICA..

  • Former Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) claimed the newfound bond between Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) could be good news for the GOP.

    Although Pelosi and […]

    • Let it be so. The Squad and their ideology has been embraced by the Dim candidates. Now the party is rallying around them, instead of admitting they are snot-nosed Stalinist Girl Scouts.

      newsflash to the Dims: for what they are worth neither The Squadees nor their policies are supported by the majority of voters.

    • Gingrich is exaggerating the “unified”. The Left/Dims are temporarily “united” against the president. That will not last long before they once again turn on one another. Olld vs. young, progressive vs. rabid Left, establishment vs. impatient radicals.

      The telling point is that they’ve turned their greatest weapons: identity politics and the race card on themselves. Circular firing squads betray an innate stupidity.

  • Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) has been the target of several politically motivated death threats, but federal prosecutors aren’t going after the man making the threats.

    In several explicit voicemails to the […]

    • There is definitely a double-standard in various areas of the nation and that just isn’t right. Equal protection under the law should even apply to idiots who are communists because our freedom to believe what we want to is sacrosanct and NOBODY should have to tolerate death threats or any other type of threats. Does anyone recall Bush the elder speaking of “a kinder, gentler nation’? HA! What once was considered criminal now seems to have become tolerable if not acceptable and morons like Mad Maxine are throwing fuel on the fire. Justice really IS blind, only the interpretation of that has lost context.

    • If Geatz is being honest about this situation, he is right about this seeming injustice.

    • This is a threat and it needs to be prosecuted

    • Total double standard for conservative and democrats. He’s been threatened, the nutcase has threatened him through mail (isn’t that a FEDERAL crime), through messages, telling him exactly how he wants to kill him and dismember him, and he won’t see it coming! Um…… can he NOT be arrested???? And if a nutcase DOES follow through, the dems and liberals would have a field day! The first thing out of their mouths would be it the NRA/Conservative’s fault because they support gun control!

    • Sounds like there is a double standard, and if anything happens you would have grounds for a lawsuit!!

    • Tucker asked for the name. Name the name of the US prosecutor in the northern district of CA who made this dangerous decision. There has to be a way around Leftist federal prosecutors.

      Only the most courageous Republicans need apply.

    • Wow, who would’ve thought that the DemocRATS had double standards for death threats???? Everything they do, they have double standards for, besides the hypocrisy, hatred of America and it’s legal US citizens, and their bigotry. America needs to wake up and VOTE RED — DON’T BE MISLED!!

    • The Attorney General should be calling that prosecutor in to Washington for a significant ass-chewing, and if the prosecutor objects, he or she should be fired.

    • Another feckless bureaucrat—-probably an Obummer leftover.

    • WTH really anything happens they are responsible

    • Here’s the blowback due to all the fake racist cries about the right from the left. Here’s the blowback because leftists are racist and bigoted against white men. I say this as an Hispanic woman. There is no excuse for this harasser to not be brought up on charges. This is on the left. They encourage such behavior (like praising the Antifa thug attacking the illegal detention facility).

  • It looks like Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will get to play by her own set of rules, so long as there is a Democratic majority to come bail her out.

    During the heated vote to condemn President Donald Trump’s […]

    • These Democrats have got to go in 2020! I don’t think any of us have had to deal with a pack of maniacs like this in our government before. Its just shows what was going on behind our backs and what they will do to try and stay in power. The crap they come up with is not even logical at any stretch of the imagination. Its going to take an actual civil war to get these asshole’s that are so deeply rooted in this country. Its like which one can come up with the crazier idea than the last fool! Some of the stuff they come up with is truly unbelievable and I doubt a mental patient could think that shit up. Its time to come together and run these bastards out of office.

    • Despite the Jeffersonian standards, such language and violations have occurred before. They were directed at Abraham Lincoln, his family, and his administration. They were followed by secession and civil war.

      If any of this sounds familiar then maybe we are looking at secession and civil war. One can only hope. Let the Blue states split from the Red states and realize their socialist “paradise” on their own, without our tax dollars. But they won’t, because even they realize they cannot afford it.

  • Several Democrats may be surprised to see how far the party has shifted on their standards for asylum since President Barack Obama was in office.

    For the past several months, Democrats have been outraged with […]

    • Easy solution to the swarms and caravans. Turn each and every one back immediately. This includes the children that the infanticide-supporting Left is suddenly so concerned about.

      Do not let them pass “Go”. Do not detain or separate them. Tell them apply. LEGALLY. At the point of flamethrowers and rifles. Torch a few who’ve been caught a 2nd time with each group just to prove you’re serious or they won’t believe you (demonstrations and word-of-mouth pay for themselves). (remember these people believed El Norte is the promised land with free everything)

    • >Screwtape<

      Reading your comments here – – Ah, I don't remember writing that. But it sure does sound like something I would be in favor of and had written.

      Until this "manufactured crisis" is sorted out at the Southern border, I don't understand why Trump just does not close the border. HE is obligated under the Constitution to protect the citizens of the United States; NOT every sick, criminal or low-life Jorge, Juan and Rosalie walking, crawling, swimming, driving or being carried up to the border of OUR Sovereign Nation wanting in. Illegal Alien Invaders have NO RIGHTS in our Country and SHOULD be sent back to where they came from without any FREE gifts or promises from the George Soros/DemocRATic "Welcome Wagon".

    • D-RATs—-most disgusting people on the planet—-liars and hypocrites. Would do/say anything for the party line—-just disgusting!

    • Unless anyone else but Trump says this is a problem, it doesn’t exist for these people who are so narrowminded.

  • Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) leveled Democrats for their support of a federal minimum wage increase that has been projected to kill millions of jobs.

    House Democrats are supporting a bill — H.R. 582 — […]

    • Isn’t it telling that the Dims say the “remaining” workers will benefit. No consideration for those either underemployed or unemployed. Nor do they consider the businesses closing.

      It’s a cynical way of making more people dependent on the government while destroying the free market for labor. People get paid in proportion to their value and contributions.

    • According to the labor statistics, about 4.9% of workers have more than one job in 2017, the latest data I could find with a few minute’s search. With current labor force statistics, from June ‘19, there were 163M workers. I think it’s a safe bet that many of the multiple-job holders are earners of minimum wage. 4.9% of 163M workers is about 8M people, so that means at least 16M jobs.

      If you asked those 8M people if they would be rather get paid double at one of those jobs even if it meant that they might lose another, or keep working at both for half of the pay at each, I could probably guess what their answers would be.

      I’d like to see how many of the CEO’s who are against raising the minimum wage aggressively lobby their board members to increase their own pay and bonuses each year, regardless of how it impacts their bottom line.

    • Sidney is right. Employers are not confused. If they could legally cut wages to a crust of bread and some dirty water to wash it down, most of them would do it in an instant. Only a few legitimate employers would pay proper wages.

      The official minimum wage has been $7.25 per hour since September 1, 1991. Has YOUR wage gone up since then?

    • Some need to understand, if you DOUBLE the minimum wage, those who have actual skills and are making around $15 an hour will demand $20 or $25, and those with even more skills will demand $40 or $50 an hour…. prices will rise, rents will rise, housing will rise, and it will negate the rise in the min wage. $10 is more reasonable.

    • Mike is confused.

      $10/hour still isn’t enough. If the minimum wage had kept pace with inflation, it would be around $22-23 today (the last that I heard).

  • Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) painted a devastatingly clear picture of just how many Americans could lose jobs under the proposed minimum wage increase.

    The House is set to vote on increasing the minimum […]

    • $15/hr may fly in places with lower costs of living. Not in NYC, Seattle, Scat Francisco, Portland, etc. Why don’t those cities simply make it $30-50/hr?

      The effects will be the same. More businesses closing and more under- and unemployment. More people dependent on government supplements to survive. Maybe that’s their scheme all along.

    • A $15 minimum across the country sounds really high… i don’t disagree that $7.24 is too low, but in a lot of areas $15 is way high. This is why minimum wage shoube be more a state issue…

  • Former Vice President Joe Biden said he would not “get down in the dirt” with President Donald Trump moments after joking about beating him in a push-up contest.

    During his Tuesday interview on “Morning Joe,” […]

    • Joe, exactly what does this challenge prove? Certainly not your fitness to govern.

      Please. Two 70+ guys in a push-up contest? Is thumb-wrestling next? How adolescent.

  • President Donald Trump invited manufacturers from each of the 50 states to join him at the White House to celebrate American made products.

    During his campaign, President Trump vowed to bring back manufacturing […]

    • Obviously it takes an American President to turn the Country around from the destructive agenda of an illegitimate Marxist POTUS. THIS President, his policies and the American workers are the primary ingredients in Making America Great NOW as compared to the repeated, abysmal failures and ineptitude of the previous non-Administration.

    • How many Americans will actually hold those jobs? I am guessing that the jobs are and will be filled by illegals and visa card holders, not Americans.

    • Right on the money Donald—-pour on the coal!

    • Remember the old ads ‘Look for the Union Label’? Look for the Made in the USA label. I have often seen made in the USA with assembled ‘elsewhere’ on it.

  • National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) President Brandon Judd called those who claimed deportations make Americans less safe “dead wrong.”

    Several 2020 Democrats took to Twitter and the campaign trail to claim […]

    • As usual, Bozo O’Rourke doesn’t have a clue about what his mouth is saying because his brain should know better. The usual disconnect there. We’ll wait because in 24 hours or less, he’ll change his tune. (I am thinking he’s closely related to Flip Flop Biden.)

    • If they are intended to keep us safe, WHY is Trump not having them in Republican cities? WHY was he not concerned about the safety of R’s? WHY just D’s??? No one else sees a disconnect there? His base is not in Democrat urban areas. Odd message to send to his loyal supporters.

  • Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) claimed that Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “communist” ideas could bolster Republicans in the upcoming 2020 elections.

    During an interview on “Fox and Friends,” […]

    • The racism crap is just a feint on the part of the Left because they can get away with it. Some sheeple will follow any lead if it is anti-Trump. Most of the real race-baiters are liars who pretend to despise racism but use it at every opportunity for their own ends.Racism must be kept alive or they would have nothing to moan about other than climate change.

    • I agree with Graham. The 4 ndividuals need to go but their policies need to be made the target of what’s wrong with the Democrats

    • Green new deal= no more green in your wallet or bank acct.

    • Green new deal= no more green in your wallet or bank acct.

    • Green new deal= no more green in your wallet or bank acct.

    • Green new deal= no more green in your wallet or bank acct.

    • Green new deal= no more green in your wallet or bank acct.

    • The Democraps are imploding and it’s heaven to watch. So glad Nance and her swamp creatures are getting what they deserve. President Trump is too good for this and just needs to sit back and enjoy the show as he keeps making America great.

    • President Donald Trump is a “race-baiting xenophobic bigot” Sen. Lindsey Graham, in 2015

      Graham is confused as to who Graham really is.

    • Senator Graham is absolutely correct. As long as those 4 Socialists/Marxists/Communists continue braying like the real jackasses they are, the GOP can expect to take back the House and keep the Senate and WH in 2020 and possibly in 2024.

      BTW: AOC and Omar’s approval rating among their constituents now stands at less than 9% – lower than the approval rating for a root canal or hemorrhoids.

  • Former Vice President Joe Biden is “surprised” that his fellow 2020 Democrats want nothing to do with the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare.

    Biden has closely tied his political ship to that of […]

    • Obviously Biden still believes that Obamacare was a big ‘f-ing’ deal, more like an ordeal. Many of the present Dumbos want universal coverage even it it bankrupts the country. Those who don’t should speak up as a few have had the audacity to do.

      • “. . . an ordeal”? How about a Royal screwing of the American people – AGAIN – by the Kenyan Marxist?

    • Because, he’s a proven idiot. People are walking away from liberal retards, like Biden.
      Of course, it’s the last nail in the coffin, for an Obama legacy.
      Which is fine by me.
      BTW. I still haven’t received an answer to this question:
      If Obamacare was so great and so worthwhile?
      Why did the Democratic donors, get a pass on requiring it?
      You know, like Union teachers, union construction workers, union … etc.

    • Someone needs to put Biden out to pasture. RETIRE alone mg with all the out of touch swamp creatures.

    • You first Joe. I might accept your promotion of the FAILED Obozocare scam or your colleagues Medicaid for All scam IF you all go on them first. Let’s see how you do after four years.

      Doubling-down on Obozo’s scam shows you lack ideas of your own. It also shows you are still hiding in his shadow.

    • Protecting Barry and his legacy you old gaff prone buffoon, got anything else you two screwed millions of us with your socialized medicine scheme.

  • Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) told the Washington Examiner that he plans to change “the realm of what’s possible” during his 2020 presidential bid.

    And given the policies he’s supporting, he may need that […]

    • Of course Corey hates the word “realistically”, realistically he has no chance at the brass ring (at least in 2020).

    • Corey, you have a rich fantasy life.

      First you pose as a “poor, afflicted, black victim”. BS. Your parents were IBM executives. Next you identify as a Roman slave/gladiator while unjustly persecuting a judicial nominee. Now you deny this thing called reality.

      The worst aspect of your fantasy life is that you believe that somehow you will be president. Maybe in a “possible” alternate reality, but not this one.

    • Booger is just another liberal Demorat. We don’t need him in the White House.

    • And Spartacus said we will again defy gravity and fight the ungovernable sea with beach pails and shovels.

    • Another delusional D-RAT—-all D-RAT candidates are loony tunes—-not one rational thought from any one of the clowns!

    • When their whole world, revolves around Pretending to be American?
      Realism, will have to take a back seat.
      Wait until facts, are no longer necessary.
      And play second fiddle to feelings and notions.
      ‘Oops, that’s already happened too.
      Living in a dream world, will only lead to their demise.

    • Booger likely does not understand the word ‘realistically.’

    • This clown lives in a alternative universe along with the other 22.

    • Wow….

    • That’s because there isn’t a single idea from him or any of the other demonRATs that’s remotely realistic or good!


    • Well, realistically, don’t think that you will become our next president! You wil bankrupt us first year in office!!!

  • Assistant House Speaker Ben Ray Luján struggled to explain how Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is maintaining control of her caucus throughout a bitter Twitter feud between Democratic members.

    As IJR […]

    • I was once a teachers assist at a Head Start program where I witnessed, on a daily basis, 5yo children behave more maturely than the current crop of Congressional Cockroaches.

      • But they’re our nation’s “finest” and elected reps. It’s been said before that the government one elects is the government one gets.

    • Sure Nancy hasn’t lost control. Despite open rebellion AND that the “squad” were the only ones who voted against her wishes in the recent border-funding. Despite them calling her “racist” and the other Dim caucuses running dogs, traitors, etc. Also racists.

      If this is what “control” looks like I’d like to see what something that’s NOT a circular firing squad looks like. No civil war here. Nothing to see. Move along.

  • Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway condemned top Democrats for advising their followers on how to avoid apprehension by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

    President Donald Trump announced that […]

    • Also pretty outrageous for her boss to publicize law enforcement actions before they occur.

    • I did not see the full interview. Was Kelleyann asked to explain WHY the raids are being done in predominately D cities? If the intent is to make America safe from rapist, gang members, and killers, WHY are they not taking place in predominately Republican cities? WHY does he not want to protect Republicans???

      • BECAUSE the sanctuary cities where they hide and live are predominately run by, BINGO Demo-🐀’s

      • Because the so-called sanctuary cities are predominantly Democrat and house the largest numbers of immigration law violators. If an American citizen is under court order to report to the court and fails to do so, they are arrested. The focus of these actions is on people who have exhausted due process of the law and are under court order to leave the country. If Michael Cohen or Paul Manafort had decided to defy a court order to report to the court or to jail, would you condone actions to shield them from law enforcement?

    • Kelleyanne Conway is right, these so-called demoncrats are completely breaking the law, they should be held accountable! Never have I heard of anything like so-called legislators who are supposed to be working for law-abiding legal citizens, telling illegal aliens to break the law, telling them how to come to America! This must stop, we cannot take care of everyone in this world 🌎!!!

    • How can any of these radical left wing liberals think that breaking our laws is ever a acceptable??? If they came in legally, they should know we value our laws, if they are seeking asylum they need to do it through proper channels or they are breaking our laws! We don’t care about their rules and laws only ours, and since they are coming in here in droves and illegally, they need to respect OUR laws, go back and enter properly, we simple cannot sustain you all!

    • What the politiians are doing looks like Obstruction of Justice. The law breaking Demorats are Obstructing Court Ordered deportation. So how can they say the law should be respected. If they want to help this Obstruction of Justice then why don’t they help Jeffery Epstein? The law is the law. The are no better than anyone who would put Epstein back on the street. Actually, they may be worse. Good old scumbag baby killing Demorats. And some people actually vote to keep them in office. Amazing!

    • Whoever tells a criminal how to evade being captured isn’t this aiding and abetting a criminal? Is that a crime alone in itself? I think the ones perpetrating this should be held accountable and be arrested them selves. Why isn’t law-enforcement doing their job?

    • Kelly Anne would avoid the law by just shutting her rude, interrupting, self-righteous, lying trap. No wonder she is one of Trump’s best supporters. (mistresses??)

    • Democrats are emboldened to pull stunts like this, because they know that absolutely NOTHING will be done about it. They’re like spoiled children.

    • I can’t believe the audacity of these politicians to think that citizens are lesser important. Are they saying that they actually know that there’s such a large amount of people here in their districts that aren’t citizens?

      • There are a lot of people who live here – legally – who aren’t citizens, yet work, pay taxes, raise children, and contribute more to our society than many of those who hold citizenship. My wife is one of them. It astounds me when I realize that there are a lot of people who assume that one is either a US citizen, or an illegal alien.

        My wife may not be a voter, but she drives the streets, pays taxes and social security, and absolutely should be counted as someone who resides here.

    • Kelly Anne should turn herself in as an anti-American, loud-mouthed, rude, lying suck-up to our “authentic genius” (self-proclaimed, of course.) But, of course that will never happen while other anti-American Trumpeteers still are around.

    • What these D-RATs are doing is called “aiding and abetting”—it’s illegal—-these D-RATs s/b arrested accordingly.

    • These are people deem by the court who had their court hearings that never showed up in court to be deported back to their country because they didn’t fit the asylum law you telling them to avoid is committing a crime at least it would be to the average citizen they have no rights they are illegals you don’t dictate and make your own law as far as I am concerned anything that happens that is bad they should be held accountable every one of them

    • Maybe you too

    • I don’t really like a lot of the speed limits on highways in my area. According to Democrat Party “logic” it should be permissible for me to ignore that law and not worry about being arrested. Anyone having to go to court should use that type of defense and ask the ACLU to defend them.

    • Kelley Annie could avoid the law, herself, if she would stop being the loud-mouthed, lying, rude, obnoxious example of the Trump “bone-spur” army. One could only hope.

    • Why is the DoJ NOT prosecuting violations of ‘aiding and abetting’?

      On the other hand, the 9th circuit (yes, the 9th “circus”) has upheld the withholding of some funds from sanctuary cities (which defy federal law).

    • Please list the Republican’t controlled cities which defy federal law and grant sanctuary. I’ll wait here.

    • When does DOJ start charging these Dems for aiding and abetting?

      • Sometimes I wonder how and why President Trump is sitting back and letting these degenerate inbreds get away with this crap!!!

    • Since the Dems like obstruction of justice, contempt, and treason, they ALL need to be arrested and held accountable!! NO EXCEPTIONS

    • That’s b/c it’s only the Dem controlled cities doing this!! Name Republican cities that are defying the laws of the DOJ!!

    • I still haven’t figured out why Trump doesn’t target Republican controlled cities. If these folks are rapist, gang members and killers, WHY not protect his base? WHY only D’s?

  • United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) director Ken Cuccinelli blew up the narrative that sanctuary policies don’t provide cover for violent criminal records.

    Many cities, counties, and […]

    • WHY aren’t these elected, public officials being held accountable and CHARGED as being “accessories after the fact” when these Invaders break ANY local, State or Federal Law? “Sanctuaries” – pure and simple – are ILLEGAL hide outs from Law Enforcement for the criminals and INVADERS who have been and are being encouraged with support to break our Laws by the Socialist (Nazi-lite) Left.

      Florida recently passed legislation to outlaw sanctuary cities and Counties. Idiot Barry’s other 56 States should do likewise.

    • It damn sure is abetting, Joey. Excellent point.

    • How old are you?

    • This isn’t about MS-13! This about Trump, the avowed racist wanting to stir up his equally racist disciples to vote for him next time around. He doesn’t give a damn about non-white America.

    • The racism issue has become trite. There are good people of all races, ethnicities, creeds and religions. There are also a plethora of assholes who have to use ‘any means necessary’ to get their way and will do so at the expense of others.

    • Yes, Karen, I recognize your pain about what happened in your town. That doesn’t diminish the fact that Mr. Trump is a racist who will use any excuse to spread his hatred to anyone not universally considered as “white.” See his twitter rage from today.

  • Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel blasted Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for dragging her feet on the approval of the latest North American trade deal.

    President Donald Trump and […]

    • The USMCA was NOT an idea from the Socialists in the House. And, since it was Trump’s idea to improve things here, it must be a bad idea. Cannot have progress under a Republican President the Left hates. Must wait for a Dimwit in the WH to carry out actual regressive and wasteful plans.

      • Have you read it? Are you opposed to the process of review, hearings and vote by the bipartisan House Ways and Means Committee? Are you aware of the specific concerns regarding the agreement? What are the enforcement mechanisms? Need I remind you that you are taking the word of the guy that told you Mexico was going to pay for the wall, “China is paying the tariffs” during his “easy to win trade war.” . Same guy who claims the Mueller report says “No collusion. No Obstruction.” It is not necessary to “hate” someone that you can not trust and require verification before proceeding. I actually like you, James, BUT you sign on to so many wacky conspiracies that I fact check you as often as I do Trump.

    • Is there nothing Pelosi would put aside her contempt for Trump for – even if it was good for every American and had bi-partisan support? Absolutely not. She’ll run the entire country into the sewer with her antics and continue to blame Trump.

    • Seems that Nancy’s hate of Trump is so great that she’s willing to destroy our nation to unseat him.

    • Pelosi holding off vote looks like a good reason for us to vote the Demorats out of office. Or you can go back to Obuma days of no jobs or multiple jobs just to get by. Just proves that the Demorats don’t care about the American worker. Proof Positive.

    • Piglosi is a wanna-be tyrant who is smart enough to remain in ‘her’ position of power but she wields that power like an oaf. She needs to reign in the Young Jerks if she is capable, but I’m not holding my breath or I’d turn blue and pass out.

    • Pelosi is once again proving herself AGAINST America.

  • Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar put countries with socialized medicine on notice: Americans will no longer be subsidizing their cheap prescription drugs.

    One of President Donald Trump’s key […]

    • This is exactly the opposite way of thinking, at least as far as something for the good of our own population goes.

      What they should focus on is why the US pays more than any other country for medicine, instead of getting caught up on why other countries pay less.

      I’d love to see how our government plans to strongarm the governments of other nations to change their laws to make their medicine more expensive.

      If they would just allow us to purchase our own medicine wherever we choose to (you know, like actual Capitalism would promote) the prices would drop dramatically, like they should in the free market. Instead, they pass laws to keep the prices up and reduce our choices. But hey, at least it’s not socialism.

      • Ed, elderly Americans visit Canada and Mexico on organized bus tours to fill prescriptions. (also dental work) Day trip AND get your prescriptions filled. (I would imagine the tour organizers vet the dispensing pharmacies to avoid fraud, bogus meds, etc.)

        Unfortunately this doesn’t help those further from the borders, but there’s always mail-order (though that’s a bit riskier). There are online Canadian pharmacies which do exactly this.

        Wouldn’t it be better if Americans did not have to go to these lengths?

    • Whether we subsidize it or not is less important than WHAT Americans pay for pharmaceuticals. WHY do other nations, e.g. Canada, pay so much less? Considering relative US/Canada populationsl Why is a SMALLER group able to leverage better prices?

      We have examples of greed and corruption, q.v. Martin Shkreli. If government contractors for the detention camps must account then so should the pharma companies.

      • Am I not correct in saying the drugs sold in Canada were manufactured in the United States and sold to the Canadian pharmacies at bargain basement prices? IF those drugs are then only marked up slightly for retail to the user, it would make sense those drugs which are marked up substantially for profit here would be cheaper in Canada (and in Mexico).

        I do know as fact that some drugs are cheaper in Mexico than here in the US. My late wife, for example, was prescribed a particular blood clot reducing medication. While living in Deming, NM, we crossed the border (35 miles South of Deming) into Mexico to a pharmacy. While the drug they had in stock was significantly higher in milligram strength, it was cheaper than the same, lower strength medication here in the US with her Medicare card.

        Like most everything else, greed and corruption rule the day.

    • Screwtape, you’re absolutely right, but it doesn’t only apply to the elderly. Many diabetics also go for insulin, which should almost be free at this point given how long it’s been around and how inexpensive it is to make. For a free-market country like ours, it’s almost criminal that we aren’t allowed to get our medicine from whichever source we choose.

      I live fairly close to the Mexico border and have gotten dental work for me and my family over there. What would cost $5k at a local dentist and four visits over a month costs $1k and they’ll do it in two days, with a hotel on the US side, meals, and a driver to take you back and forth included. When you’re in the office, you can’t even tell that you’re in Mexico, and the work done is exactly the same.

      It would absolutely be better if Americans didn’t have to go to these lengths, but how could that be done? Repealing Obamacare wouldn’t do it, nor would continuing Obamacare. The only thing that could make healthcare affordable would be a total overhaul, not tweaking the cost of medicine in other countries

    • James,

      Most pharma in the US is made in places like China, India, Mexico, and even Europe. I can’t say if it’s due to lower-labor costs (it’s largely automated) but it’s NOT due to laws as ALL must meet FDA standards.

      Surprisingly each state has its own drug regulations, but most just follow the FDA.

    • Ed,

      Obozocare was supposed to provide healthcare/affordability to many who had none. It failed. The easier more, common-sense approach would have been to put those people on Medicaid, which already existed.

      Instead it was sold with lies and forced on EVERYONE. This is not unlike carpet-bombing a neighborhood to remove a nest of fire ants.

    • Ed,

      I agree that insulin itself should be cheaply available as a generic, BUT how it’s made is another issue. IIRC it was once animal-derived, but now it’s made by engineered-microorganisms. (not sure if it’s yeast or bacteria)

      The advantages of the newer method are (allegdly) greater purity and less chance of allergic reactions. IIRC it’s greater purity also adds to shelf-life.

      So there may be reasons for the added expenses besides greed or “gouging”.

      Existing products, without substantial changes or an increase in scarcity, should not go up in price. That’s blatant greed. q.v. Epipens.

    • “Why is a SMALLER group able to leverage better prices?” I Ching

      I Ching is confused about the poison pill added to the Medicare Modernization Act, years ago. That stops the government (for example, Medicare) from negotiating for better prices the way public health care plans in other countries can negotiate.

      This put corporate Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), middlemen, in charge of acquiring drugs through Medicare’s “Part D” plan.

      Single-payer systems do keep drug prices reasonable.

  • House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) chimed in on the war that has broken out across the political aisle between Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

    As IJR […]

    • In November 2020, ALL 435 seats in the House are up for grabs. AOC and her squad of anti-American, anti-Semites “women of color” MUST be voted OUT of Congress in order before some semblance of order can be restored with new, adult, intelligent blood. In the meantime, keep up the in-fighting, the total discord and the disruption of the Party and show Americans how infantile the whole pack is to guarantee return of the House to Republican control. Pass the popcorn.

      • James I wish I could share your optimism. However, I can well see Obviously-Clueless being Speaker of the House in 2021.

    • “…Ugly and getting uglier”. That DOES describe Pelosi and AOC perfectly!

    • “Pelosi tries to show her caucus as unified front against President Donald Trump.” Madison

      You are confused, Madison. Pelosi is afraid of King Donald The Loser and the Republicans. She may put on a brave face every now and then, but at the right time, she will cave and give them everything the Rs want. She has so far. What makes you think that she will change after doing the same thing for about 5 decades?

      These new Congresswomen are doing their jobs and Pelosi (and other corrupt Democrats) attacks THEM! Some unity!

      • Let the infighting continue on past the 2020 elections. The American voters can now see what a mistake it was to elect a bunch of useless, do-nothing Dimwits to the House and should correct that grave mistake in 2020 by voting straight Republican down the ticket. I will.

      • You really ARE confused, ” Privates Confused One”. In case you haven’t noticed, the Democrat controlled house has done NOTHING during this session other than oppose president Trump: I’d say Ms Piglosi is doing a fine job of representing the Democrat ‘s interests. The rest of us? Different story….

    • To the Confused One:

      So you’re saying that the constituents of the “squad” are anti-American, extreme-Left, anti-Semitic, and pro-Shariah? Is THAT their will?

      I’ll absolutely buy that for Omar and Tlaib. AOC is just stupid. Pressley’s voters are just dupes for whatever they can use to virtue signal. There’s a reason they are called Massholes.

    • Also to the Contused One:

      Pelosi fears no president. She’s too busy grabbing for power or what she believes it to be.

      The “pate maker” fought for and won the right to herd cats. Now she’s looking at an internecine civil war.

      Why don’t you and your fellow Leftists form your own party? Too much like work? Why do I suspect that without the government stealing our money you wouldn’t be able to support yourself?

    • It’s already gotten uglier. Despite her warnings not to air the party’s dirty laundry in public, AOC’s first move was to run to the Washington Post and accuse Nancy of racism*. At least she didn’t tweet it.

      No wonder Nancy looks like she could chew nails. Oh wait, that’s her usual look. One wonders what dastardly punishments she plans for the rebels. AOC has already backpedaled when asked if she thinks Pelosi is a racist.

      * some posters had already speculated that AOC and her squad would rebel. She did.

    • More shots fired! Once more the Left eats their own just like sharks in a feeding frenzy.

      AOC’s Chief of Staff (the guy wearing the pro-Nazi tee shirt), Sagerat Something, just accused other Dim caucuses of being “New Southern Dimocrats” who want to keep black and brown people down.

      Dim Rep. Lacy returned fire, but wounded his own party. “It tells you the level of ignorance to American history on their part as to what we are as the Democratic Caucus.” Apparently Rep. Lacy is himself ignorant about his party’s role in keeping blacks and browns down. There was this thing called slavery….

  • Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) got a quick reminder that Democrats run the city of San Francisco after he called the price of living in the city a “disgrace.”

    The senator is well into his second bid for the […]

    • Thanks for punching your own party in the face Bernie. You also forgot to mention the huge populations of those who are homeless OR the piles of human waste/refuse that are even now breeding rats that carry Bubonic plague.

      • Just so you know, all these people doubling up in housing are included in any government count of the homeless. They aren’t what most people think of when they think of the homeless. But including them is just one more deception.

    • Bernie, Bernie, Bernie. A man with three homes should not be talking about how unaffordable housing has become in a Dim-controlled city/county/state.

      • Well he could give two of them away to help the housing situation.

      • And an obviously well fed and well clothed wife stumping for him. It actually reminded me of the videos we use to see of rotund Sally Struthers in Kenya feeding staring children.

    • Another example of how the media covers up reality. An honest media would report on the horrendous conditions for minorities and the poor in the communities that have been governed by Democrats for many decades.

      • If the media does not report on the conditions, how are you aware? Do you visit both R and D communities and compare? Where are these Republican run communities that must be heaven on earth?

    • So, WHAT part isn’t true?

    • “The video depicts several families sharing small apartments just so they can afford to pay the rent each month.”

      By the way, the government counts these people as ‘homeless’, even if it is just one other individual or family doubling up.

    • Not easy to find a high cost of living city that isn’t run by the Democrats. Boston, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit. All run by Democrats.

    • What is even worse, they are mostly Democratic Socialists just as Sanders likes to depict himself as being. Also, looking at the ‘things’ they decorate their disgraceful homes with are a lot nicer than what most of us have in our own homes and certainly much much nicer than the homeless citizens living on the streets of San Francisco, for the last five decades that I am personally aware of, have.

      It goes without saying that id you can’t afford to live in one of the most expensive cities in the world to live you should move to some place where you can afford to live. Also, why pander just to Chinese people?

      • Doesn’t Commiefornia have a tax you must now pay to move OUT of that Socialist ruined Country?

        (Move at night and leave a note telling them where to shove their tax.)

    • I am still waiting on proof that illegals voted for Hillary…..Has Stephen Miller ever produced his promised proof? NO. Even though he did not return to the Sunday shows to provide his “proof,” one would have expected that he turned it over to Kris Kobach.–Either his proof wasn’t very convincing or wasn’t shared with the Task Force investigating voter fraud. That ended with a thud. But I admire your ability to continue to believe without a list of arrests of these illegal voters. Where do you stand on Bigfoot?

    • Typical D-RAT, blame others for problems caused by their own stupid legislation. Hypocrisy!

    • This is the most unaware comment I’ve seen from the left 🤣😂 SF, one of the most liberal cities, run by Dems for decades and Bernie calls it a disgrace. Hey, I have an idea, lets outlaw lefties, socialists, communists and we’d fix this country a heck of a lot faster!

      • Be careful. Generally Confused will be calling YOU ignorant for not knowing what a Socialist, Communist, Marxist, Nazi is. Not to worry., He/she has a comment already copied and pasted on his/her panties ready for publication here. To be ignored – as usual – as prattle.

    • Cost of living there is a big disgrace ! Thought Democrats were for the poor and under privileged ?….Wishy washy

    • I am perplexed by the frequent IJR Red reporting on Bernie. Do they perceive IJR Red readers are considering switching from one wacko for another wacko? Nothing in the posting indicates they are shopping for a Democratic Socialist to vote for in 2020. There are not many Justice Democrats reading IJR and an article on Bernie is not going to convince General Confusion to abandon his support for Bernie. He is as entrenched in his support for Bernie’s fantasy policies as the many IJR posters are entrenched in their belief in the fantasy wall.

    • Agreed and very well stated.

    • BUT. Would you want them to bring their politics with them to ruin that State as they have so many others?

    • I’ll bet you can’t mention a STATE in which the residents are doing well financially under Dimwit control.

    • “In 1996, she earned a doctorate in leadership studies in politics and education from Union Institute & University headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.” From Wikipedia on Jane O’Meara Sanders.

    • BSander’s is proving , once again, he IS a Lunatic, Inept and Talks out of his Mouth & Backside at the same time !!!!

    • In Siesta Key Village in Florida, there was on old brutha who drank, was funny and harmed no one. I nick-named him “Whermiat” and Beenie Sanders is also a ‘Whermiat’ because he is addled.

      • Unfortunately, if his policies get adapted in America hurt is all he will do to the country. Better solution. Give Uncle Bernie all the sauce he can drink and sit him down somewhere where he can’t hurt anyone. Preferably Cuba.

    • The whole country will be like SF if that beady-eye little communist gets elected as POTUS

    • This man is senile

    • Hahahahaha hahahahaha let’s see the state of California is run by Democrats don’t forget Kamala Harris is a Senator there also Nacy Pelosi speaker of the house lives there you have over two million illegals not enough jobs not enough living places what did you think was going to happen and people if the Democrats get there way everyone will be living like this sorry Sanders you didn’t boost yourself you made a ass out of yourself and prove what Democrats want to do

    • So now, the state and cities are run by demoncrats, but yet it’s someone else’s fault for having terrible run housing issues, come on now, don’t tell porkies!!! And I am sure you want more tax money and regulations for your plans! I don’t think so!!!! Demoncrats are simply not the answer!!!

    • How can someone running for President be that completely stupid? These are YOUR policies that are being implemented in San Francisco that you would like to see widened to all of America. How do you NOT see this? You want free health care, free tuition, free everything for illegals with absolutely no way to pay for it except ‘the rich will pay their fair share’. I have news for you, the rich are already paying their fair share, and more. Time to rethink wanting to make America a Socialist country. In fact, do yourself one better. Move to a Socialist country and run there. We don’t need you Bernie.

    • Sanders panders to the lazy socialists and his comb-forward head is still as baffled as it was when he was first voted into office. Jacob Javitts, McGovern and Hubert Humphrey look like right wing extremists juxtaposed against this boob.
      Bernie’s time came and went. I’d rather the public be subjected to the Young Jerks than a tired old man
      whose last original thought might have been whether
      to wear boxers or briefs. Can he play saxophone like Billy? Too bad Arsenio doesn’t still have a TV show.
      Bye, Bernie.

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