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  • Former Congressman Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) accidentally celebrated the spike in demand for AR-15s apparently caused by his promise to confiscate such weapons.

    Following a lull in his campaign, O’Rourke has […]

    • The Real Clear Politics National poll has Bozo in 6th place at 3%. He’s been up to 5% and frequently off the bottom of the charts. His ILLEGAL gun confiscation plan won’t win him any friends or voters; so, his best move would be to go back to El Paso and stay there. I doubt even he knows how stupid he is; maybe his wife – Amy – or his youngsters will clue him in.

  • Marianne Williamson, an author and 2020 candidate, called on climate activists to “go beyond” thinking about facts when considering the use of nuclear energy.

    As IJR previously explained, 2020 Democrats have […]

    • OMG, another expert who was obviously spoon fed some minimal information; or shown pictures. Hilarious and she doesn’t even make the polling charts. So, shut up girl and go away!

      I’m still waiting to see the nitwit’s plan to power an 80,000 pound, fully loaded semi truck with a wind mill or a bank of solar panels. That’ll be worth the price of admission.

  • Former Congressman Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) isn’t thrilled with the Democrats who have spoken out against his proposed gun confiscation plan.

    The presidential hopeful has proposed a mandatory buyback of […]

    • The more this Bozo talks about guns the less he shows he knows.
      (1) Universal background checks will NOT stop any shooter.
      (2) Red Flag rules will only be used to confiscate the guns of law-abiding citizens. Incidents of that happening have already been recorded – twice just recently in Florida alone.
      (3) IF an “assault weapons ban” were to be passed into law as another useless piece of “feels good because we did something” legislation, it would have NO effect on ANY rifle presently owned by ANY American gun owner. The general public is NOT PERMITTED TO OWN an “assault weapon” by LAW. The .223 caliber SEMI-automatic (NOT select fire) AR-15 is a sporting and hunting (for wild animals – deer, hogs) rifle; NOT a “weapon of war”.


  • Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch explained why those who stray from originalist interpretations of the Constitution could be making things worse in the United States.

    Constitutional originalists believe that […]

    • Brandeis and Frankfurter were the first two to propound the idea of the Constitution is a living and breathing document as if ascribing organic qualities would improve it. Rather, I look upon the Constitution as static while enunciating eternal truth about the nature of humans, government and power. It is just organic enough to allow amendments to it by a supermajority of ratifying states. This allows us to presumably allow for experience and wisdom to further refine it toward a more perfect union.

    • Of course, this argument is about gun possession. The constitution ear-marked a “well-ordered militia” as those individuals having the rights to bear arms. What that has to do with “patriots” armed with AK47s or worse escapes me. What is that old saying: those who brag about their big guns….

    • I’m also an originalist with the Bible. Our inventions and technology cannot and do not change the Word of God, the grace of God, the mercy of God, the love of God, or the help He provides. Nor can inventions, technology, or opinions change the structure of an honest republic, our God-given rights, true freedom, or true liberty.

    • Thank God Trump picked him!!!

    • “our God-given rights” Jeffrey Moore

      You are confused. We have NO god-given rights. How ridiculous!

  • Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) responded to calls from Democrats to impeach Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh after a shakey report in The New York Times outlined an alleged sexual assault.

    As IJR […]

    • GUILTY until proven innocent by the population of New York City – – IF you’re a Republican or voted for Trump. Innocent, no investigation needed according to the ruling of a drunken bar maid – – IF you’re a DemocRAT or voted for Hillary. #TwoTierSystem.

      • Nope. With the “elite”, formerly both sides of the aisle, but now so much more the Dims, “rules for thee, but not for me”.

        There will come a time when their defiance of federal laws and double-standards will come home to roost.

        “We shelter illegals and defy federal emission standards” can easily lead to political violence and killings. Who cares about federal laws? Maybe I”ll get some auto-sears and start dumping my used oil in the river.

        Slippery slopes can lead many ways.

    • I’m waiting until the tide reverses and a Dim is brought up on false, unprovable accusations. They’ll no doubt invoke due process and “innocent until proven guilty”. Hypocrites.

      Other signs they have NO shame. The attempt to revive Al Franken’s career. The latest Hollywood award to Roman Polanski.

    • >Screwtape<

      I've noticed recently you're receiving an occasional down vote on what I believe are your solid arguments. Yet, the cowards who vote DOWN never present their reasons for objecting to your comments. Of course I would expect the coward may be a frequent Socialist (or Fascist) visitor to the IJR site which "is so screwed up", so no further comments need to be made. Some who always claim to be "confused" are simply "rock cold ignorant".

  • This is IJR’s fifth segment of The 2020 Twenty. We’re asking every 2020 presidential candidate 20 questions on their plans, policies, outlook, and background as well as some lighter ones to help our readers get […]

    • Sanford and Amash are the only Tea Party “national debt” obsessers still singing that song. Even Limbaugh has admit it was a scam. So how do Sanford and Amash explain the absence of their names from the 12 House R’s that voted against adding 1.9 trillion to the national debt with the passing of Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017?

    • Sanford should check the recent events in which innocent gun owners had their guns confiscated. (One such incident happened nearby me in Florida when a man with the same name; but totally different physical build, younger, bald and no tattoos had all his guns confiscated and now has to spend money to convince the Court and the (blind – ?) County Sheriff HE was not the man they were looking for.) The Red Flag BS is a means towards an end of confiscating ALL GUNS from ALL LAW-ABIDING GUN OWNERS; just like the Nazi wannabes in Washington and the 2020 clowns plan. This ignorance was predicted and needs to be STOPPED before any more “mistakes” happen and someone gets killed.

      • James, please relax. No one is coming for your guns. That is a scam just like the “national debt” obsession was. Just like the Obamacare apocalypse scam. Just like the birth certificate nonsense. Just like the “phony” economic numbers.” and Just like “the wall” will stop illegal entry at legal ports of entry.

  • Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) and former Trump campaign manager Cory Lewandowski got in a heated exchange during Tuesday’s hearing.

    Lewandowski was one of the first witnessed pulled by the House […]

    • Glad to see the exchange did not benefit the anti-Trump Congress person from Texas. Lewandowski – 1. Jackass Lee – 0. Nadler – MIA.

    • Jackson Lee was a complete ass in this hearing. The Moron Democrats continually ignored Lewindowski’s request for a copy of Mueller’s report which was referred to repeatedly. The Republicans repeatedly had to remind the Democrat persecuters (not PROSECUTERS) that the House Rules of Decorum apply here, despite Jackson Lee’s continual urging for them to go off the rails. It was a travesty! Nadless lived up to his name and the American press will do everything they can to cover this debacle up!! Lewindowski made absolute FOOLS of these idiots (little work was required on his part)!!!!!

    • Jackson Lee is noted for “Must I die.” Yes. Please do and know that you’ll be a martyr for the Left.

    • Lewandowski made a fool of himself (as did several Den lawmakers). Berke had Lewandowski admit he has “no obligation to tell the truth” to the American public after being confronted with multiple examples of flat out lying on camera.

      • Berke did in fact get Lewandowski to admit that he had “no obligation to tell the truth” to the media. —To your down voters, WHO do they believe the American public’s representative ARE to ask the questions of which they perceive they are entitled? OUR representatives are the members of the MEDIA! Make America SANE Again!

    • Just so I know whether to be concerned for the future of democracy because precedents are being set … Are you folks supportive of this lack of respect for the laws of this country going forward? —–OR— Is your disregard for the rule of law solely applicable to only Trump and anyone that supports him? Once he leaves office, you will return to respecting the laws of this country and respect for truth?

  • Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) compared President Donald Trump to a “pimp” for his latest comments on the situation in the Middle East.

    Over the weekend, the world’s largest oil refineries in Saudi […]

    • As the Commander in Chief, POTUS Trump has the authority to use our military any place, any time a situation presents itself. While the US is not the World’s police force, no Nation is NOW better equipped to take on an adversary than the US. Trump certainly does not need the okay from any political loser to carry out his duties.

      • James,

        There’s a loooong historic record of camp-followers and those who fight. Tulsi is insulting her own service and that of others. Was she a prostitute while serving? She implies that. That’s wrong.

    • Ummm…Tulsi, President Trump hasn’t committed to anything yet. He has been very consistent in his anti-war stance over many years. You just jumped to conclusions over his “locked and loaded” comment….which was, no doubt, bait for you Democrat idiots to pounce on! Congratulations, you fell for it!

      • Worse. She’s degrading the service which got her elected and that of those who serve/served.

    • While I hope Tulsi, in her new strategy to move to the middle, succeeds, here she is wrong. She is LITERALLYlikening her service to being a prostitute and cheapens the duty and service by using those terms.

      Her use of “pimping” is a gross insult to those serving and she SHOULD know it. What happened to chain-of-command?

      Prostitution is a service industry. So is the military, albeit with better benefits. Both are not without hazard. No one is compelled to sign for military service and things like education, citizenship, opportunity, and *ahem* VA benefits are among the “pay”.

      It evens serves to enhance one’s electability, right Tulsi?

    • Tulsi Gabbard is at 1% in the polling for several reasons—the least of which is NOT that she visited Assad and repeatedly claimed the opposition to Assad were terrorists. If the D’s were looking for a candidate that sucked up to brutal dictators, they would simply endorse Trump for a 2nd term.

    • SyPhyllis, I’m quite sure Tulsi has done more for our country than you have ever dreamed of. I give her respect because she’s got the guts to tear at the guts of the Democrat (Socialist/Communist Lover) party, even if she doesn’t know she’s doing it. Maybe it’s just me, but I suspect she’s a DINO, She really threw a wet towel on Kamela!

      I’ll call her out because I disagree with her recent comment…: but she may be playing the sacrificial lamb. If she makes it to the primaries I might vote for her as she plays suicide bomber for tbe Republicans!

  • Former Planned Parenthood President Leana Wen is in a heated battle with her former employer due to the company’s decision to withhold her severance unless she signs a confidentiality agreement.

    Wen was forced […]

    • Dr. Wen is an idiot. She knew who she was getting in bed with.

      They have as much integrity and trustworthiness as one might expect from a group that makes its money from murdering children and lies about it. Profits from resale of parts aside.

    • Legal action should be taken to shut down this baby butcher shop. I have serious doubts more than a handful of Americans enjoy having their tax dollars used to legalize murder of innocent children when there are so many crooked politicians running loose.

  • Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) let President Donald Trump know what she really thinks about his response to the recent oil refinery attacks in Saudi Arabia.

    On Sunday, the world’s largest oil refinery […]

    • While I have no idea what the incentive would be to replace a R (Trump) suck-up to brutal dictators with a D (Gabbard) suck-up to brutal dictators, Rep Kinzinger obviously has forgotten what his stance on Mohammed Bin Salaman after the CIA reported the findings of MBS’s involvement in Kashogggi’s murder. “The Russians kill journalist. They kill political opponents. Turkey imprisons journalist. There is not a sinless world out there.” Kinzinger voted to continue to supply arms to Saudis in MBS’s war in Yemen and against condemnation of MBS in the brutal murder of a permanent American resident. I remember when Adam criticized Trump for not accepting the intel committee’s findings —HOW was Kinzinger different??

  • Several 2020 Democrats have called for the impeachment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh after a questionable report from the New York Times detailed an alleged sexual assault.

    On Saturday, the New York […]

    • More unsubstantiated, unverifiable lies published by the NYT. They ought to change their motto to “All the fake news we see fit to print.”

    • All the candidates are allegedly lawyers, yet they’ve completely forgotten the legal principles of “presumption of innocence” and due process.

      Trying to impeach based on nothing seems to be the only play left in the Dim handbook.

    • I would love to take a poll: Which is more disqualifying for a position in the upper echelon of government (Any branch)

      A) Putting your genitals in the hand of a drunk person at a party in college.
      B) Falsely claiming a nationality on college admissions, job interviews, campaign material and a law bar exam in order to advance your career

      You might think both are disqualifying,but which one is more so?

      Of course this poll is just hypothetical because one of these things actually happened and one didn’t.

    • what a sorry lot of Democrats, they’re all pimps and liars. and their Party is okay with them running for President of the United States?

    • This is nothing but harassment. An attempt to intimidate Judge Kavanaugh into supporting their liberal agenda.

    • The DNC are confused.

      They should skip impeaching him on these many difficult to prosecute allegations of sexual assaults or improprieties and go straight for his jugular – his documented cases of perjury, over decades. THAT has a better chance to bring him down.

      Look them up.

    • Democrats love the hit and run smear campaigns… if Mr Kavanaugh is guilty of his ALLEDGED transgressions then by all means remove him…. and the flip side is “INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY” – especially if the victim cannot corroborate the “crime”.

      Someone needs to school the whole Democratic Party- that they had better start being ethical and constitutional driven – before the real constitutional believing Americans decide to re-boot the country and outlaw the Democratic Party. They are almost a terrorist organization seeing fear and discontent which has no basis in reality. Real Americans see it for the BS that it is….

    • Yawn. The word impeachment has been used too often by the liberals that it means nothing. Clinton was impeached because of his proved actions in the White House and actual lying. Their obsessions will be their downfall in the upcoming elections.
      Kavanaugh should never have been subjected to their hoaxes.

    • The Dems are so desperate to win the White House, eliminate the possibility of abortion being outlawed, cover up the illegal coup, control the people of the USA through gun confiscation, government health care, the media, energy, food supplies that they will stoop to outright assassination to accomplish it all. I wonder why they are so desperate. Is it power? Money? Pride? I think we all know it’s power and keeping their asses out of jail. Dems have totally gone off the deep end.

      • Money? Pride? Power? Take a look in your political mirror. and be ashamed of yourself for supporting the pumpkin-head in the presidential office. Sandra, Sandra, tsk-tsk-tsk…

    • Surrre

    • Sandra,

      “And Harris admitted to breaking the law by using pot in college. Why isn’t she called out in that?”

      It’s the typical Leftist/elite practice. Rules for thee, but not for me.

      To contract that attitude, let’s just summarize it as “I’m special.” which, unfortunately, their voting base, raised on completely unmerited “self esteem” believes.

      I will laugh my ass off when one day their “free shit” for everybody ideology taxes them to pay for everything they “believe” in.

    • *Paul* Sounds like fantasizing. Is that what you’re doing? You’re the typical liberal. No facts just chatter.

    • I am confused.

      Who in the administration put pressure on the investigation to not fully investigate the accusations around Kavenaugh and limit the scope of it?

    • Perhaps these accusations are unsubstantiated because Kavanaugh got them drunk enough and drove them away far away from anyone to see them. Anyone read any John Gardner books lately?

    • She’s NOT capable of reading, researching or using common sense. Back in the old days, it used to be called “constipation of the brain and diarrhea of the mouth.” Obviously there’s been no cure.

  • Former Attorney General Eric Holder is defending the previous administration’s record on immigration after 2020 Democrats criticize former President Barack Obama over deportations.

    During his presidency, Obama […]

    • IF as Mr. Fast and Furious says: borders are important; why then do the Socialists want OPEN BORDERS?

      Oh now I understand: Our Southern border IS important so the Socialists can import MORE Illegal Alien voters. Got it.

      • Where did you get the idea Eric Holder was ever a far-Leftie? That is comparable to someone confusing you as a moderate. Just curious, if you actually believe that there are so many “illegal Alien voters” how do you explain the lack of arrest? Do you ever ask yourself why you enjoy being played for a stooge? I find it amusing, but I don’t see what is in it for you.

    • Never thought I would agree with Holder but his opinions on immigration are right on.

    • Barry deported Hispanics—-but encouraged muslim immigration.
      Shocking though to think that anybody from the Hussein crime family has more common sense than the D-RAT charlatans running for the presidency today.

      • Of course Barry was partial to the Muslims. He was one of them – bred, born and raised by a Muslim father and Communist grand parents.

    • I’d invoke Art. IV, section 4 of the Constitution, declare them prima facie invaders, declare that if they seek asylum they must do so at either the U.S. embassy or consulate of their native countries or at a port of entry. I would order that they must stay in Mexico to await adjudication of the claim. Any attempt to circumvent either process by crossing the border not at a port of entry would be met with lethal force. They’d soon stop coming.

      The President owes no duty to aliens but has sworn a duty to his country and as Shakespeare said sometimes you have to cruel only to be kind. The President owes his country kindness. We are being played as saps and suckers by dint of our compassion. No more compassion.

    • Marilynn,

      Are you armchair-open bordering? Before you start making accusations answer this: How many immigrants have you helped? Legal or not.

      Trump is continuing many of the same policies of his predecessor. It’s his constitutional duty and right.

      You know what would be inhumane? Shooting them, putting them in servitude, or making them into living, screaming “Keep Out” signs. Instead we house, clothe, feed, and provide them medical care. We should simply turn them around and tell them to wait in line, and outside the country, with those LEGALLY immigrating.

    • Holder is right about #44’s deportations. They were ALL criminals for violating our immigration laws. That’s 100% violators.

      • Remember when one of the R’s favorite talking points was “Catch and Release”? At the same time the far-Lefties were chanting “Deporter in Chief.”

    • “Former” AG Eric Holder should be in prison just like Obama for sending guns to Mexico among other crimes! Both POS are what caused many of the problems America faces today!

      • What would be the charge for indicting Holder and Obama—or were you thinking we simply imprison those with who we have differences of political views? There is no doubt that if we substituted Obama or Clinton’s names for Trump’s in the Mueller Report, R’s would have started impeachment proceeding on April 18, 2019.

    • Lady, The inhumanity those two inflicted on the American people is the biggest crime ever committed! You obviously don’t know wth you are talking about!

    • Says the crooked former AG who lied and was held in contempt of Congress because he would not deliver documents to the committee about the Fast and Furious fiasco under his direction.

      But he is right about the candidates, they are blowing smoke up gullible Dems butts who think they can give them the world for free. His former boss couldn’t even do that. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.

    • This is the one who, with Obama, supplied illegals with Guns across the border. And bless their hearts, they wound up shooting OUR people with those guns.
      So Obama could deport due to criminal illegality of the alien, however, Trump is heartless to do the same? And Were the Sanctuary cities/districts/towns/states in vogue at that time.
      The Dems/Left/Radical/Socialistic/oligarchic knot heads in the major cities need a rude awakening.
      Republicans who are still sitting on the fence! Choose your side. We need leaders in both houses of Congress, and if you cannot work for us any longer, then we cannot vote for you any longer. (This does not include those like Graham, Munuchin, Crenshaw, et al.)

    • You don’t understand, for the Democrats, this is not about being humanitarian or about criminals, or those just wanting a better welfare check than their country gives. This is about rigging the election. Their best hope is to count the illegals in their districts for the Census so their districts can take away electoral votes and budget appointments from other less populous and maybe more conservative states. The illegals don’t have to vote. The people in their mainly Democratic districts votes will count for more electoral, and electorial is how, despite the fact some districts had more votes than registered voters, that Hillary lost.The ends justify the means.

    • Obama counted returns as being deported. He armed the drug cartels and turned our southern border over to them. The border patrol were told that border security was no longer their job. These immigrants may be illegals. They are still people and deserve better than being robed raped. Once they are here, they are protected our law. The deserve better than to be political pawns for the liberals.

  • Two top Republicans, Sen. Rand Paul and Rep. Liz Cheney, are in a spat over President Donald Trump’s plan to leave Afghanistan.

    Despite a failed meeting attempt with the Taliban, President Trump is considering […]

    • Holy shit why is Trump entertaining any idea to give Afghanistan back to terrorist who just killed four more of our military I am in disagreement with this I understand he wants to get out and this is a campaign promise but it might have to be broken this is why Bush senior was smarter than his son he knew to get in and out

      • Because King Donald The Loser hires “the best” people as advisors, you know. They confuse him so easily.

        This is what happens when we elect somebody who has no plans to lead us.

      • So, if Bush senior was wise to “get in and get out” why is Trump wrong to want to exit that dung-hole now? Get out, bring the troops home, avoid foreign entanglements. If we never had fought Gulf War I then Bin Laden has no reason to ever attack us in the first place. Gulf War I was stupid from the get-go. Saddam had even asked the US State Dept if we would have any objection to him taking Kuwait. We said no and in he went. Then all of a sudden he is the Devil incarnate, despite being a tremendous counterweight, for us, against Iran. No, we never should’ve gotten entangled in any of this mess in the first place. Get out now, bring the troops home and let them slug it out over there like they have been doing for centuries.

    • Several Never Trumpers have 97% voting records with Trump. Sanford, Flake and Corker to name 3. Cheney, Cotton, Bolton and Pompeo have been pro-military action against Iran for years. None of the 4 have ever admitted the Iraq War was a mistake. Some people learn from mistakes…some double down.

    • >Generally Always Confused<

      You've obviously been asleep and have not seen how THIS President is leading the United States and helping ALL Americans by wiping out a lot of the policies of Marxist #44's Administration. Rather than being the Third World Sh**hole the Kenyan wimp planned, America is back on top as the World's leader thanks to the GOP and our GREAT President Trump. You should really put down your dolls and pay attention.

  • Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) poked fun at his fellow 2020 presidential contenders after several candidates and ABC debate moderator Jorge Ramos flexed their Spanish-speaking skills.

    Speaking Spanish has become […]

    • It’s called pandering Corey. They’re hoping to get more of the illegal votes.

    • Last I heard, this is the United States of America; an English language speaking Nation. IF you’re going to live here, work here or be a political parasite on the taxpayers here, English is the preferred language. If you can’t speak it; learn it. If you can’t learn it, you’ve got personal problems.

    • It would have been “inclusive” of the DNC to provide English subtitles. After all, they don’t want to “marginalize” non-Spanish speakers. As it is, they excluded them.

      It would have been hilarious if someone hacked the subtitles and substituted English translations of the Lefty-speak.
      “This is not possible, but I’m promising it anyway.”
      “This will raise your taxes.”
      “You matter less to us as a citizen than a bunch of invaders.”

  • Former Congressman Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) claimed the true founding of the United States was not in July of 1776, but in 1619 when the first slaves were sent to the colonies.

    During the third round of […]

    • Beta is parroting the NYT’s false assertion. It’s revisionism meant to SHAME the same country he wants to lead. Go back to eating dirt you moron. No we do not want an Instagram of your colonoscopy to remove the impacted mud.

    • Where are the slaves being kept against their will? If any free American wishes to go to Africa, have at it. How about
      Colin Kaepernick? He is the champion of black inequality. I’ll even pay for a one way ticket for him to go to any country he wants. Although he makes 100 times what I make. O’rourke is just going for the black vote. I’m not about to pay for something I never did.

    • Bozo is now pandering for the Black vote after apparently giving up on the Illegal Alien vote his Staff was after using his campaign money to win. He certainly is a good, card carrying Socialist by continuously spending the taxpayers’ money on something they don’t owe for.

  • Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is being mocked online after participating in an art exhibit featuring her reading emails from the president’s resolute desk.

    Against all odds, Clinton lost to […]

    • Well, i guess you take what you can get when you are in desperate need of a job.

      • She is 71 yrs old, worth 45 million, has speaking engagement offers, has a family foundation she could return to, has 3 grandchildren she enjoys spending time with. WHY would you perceive HRC is “in desperate need of a job”?

    • Relax Phyllis – I was kidding. 😉

      • Thank you!! When your posts start sounding like Screw, James and Cheryl, I was getting concerned the derangement is contagious.

    • We’ll have to wait and see how loud she laughs on her way to prison. Maybe she’s unaware she IS being investigated for some – not all – of her criminal activities AND deliberate violation of the Espionage Act. LOCK HER UP FOR LIFE.

  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) appeared rattled after being pushed by reporters to give a straight answer about the chaos in her conference surrounding impeachment.

    As IJR previously reported, Speaker […]

    • Despite the opposition from Dims like Pelosi and Tulsi Gabbard I hope this DOES move to impeachment. It will seriously affect the Dim chances in 2020 for votes outside their base.

      • You are confusing your wishes with what the population wants – to hold all politicians accountable equally.

        So you seem to think that voters will punish the “Dims” for holding King Donald The Loser accounfable.

        I want the Republicans to go on the record of supporting a corrupt president for the rest of their life.

    • Why do democrats do this, it has no chance at all just wasting their time and are tax dollars.

    • That this traitor who has supported flooding the country with millions of illegal aliens just for unlimited supply of votes is not in jail shows just how far America has fallen.

    • Otis replied 1 week ago

      Poor old rattlesnake is backed into a corner. Piglosi is a mealy-mouthed wretch. I hope the Dems are proud of their speaker because despite being a blithering idiot she does know how the bread is buttered and that impeachment will blow up in the leftist’s’ faces.

    • So Pelosi expects President Trump to prove he is innocent of ‘something’ that they can’t find after months of looking? What a stupid comment. Also, what is with her eyebrows–they come clear now to the corners of her eyes. Maybe this is to make her look more awake!

      • This is America. We don’t have to prove we’re innocent. That would only be in a Democrat dictatorship. The English did the same thing prior to Apr 1775. Not so much after they were kicked out. Democrats are trying to enact the same oppressive type laws the English had. They wish to determine what rights you have, only the ones they agree with.

    • Do you notice there is NEVER any specific impeachable crime ever mentioned. They accuse Trump in generalities, if they mention anything at all. Then they complain when challenged.

      ABC News this morning reported that the House Judiciary Committee voted along party line to give themselves the power to conduct an impeachment investigation. Which is what they did. Which is ridiculous! If you have the power, you don’t need the vote. If you don’t have the power (which is the case) you can’t make it up for yourself out of thin air.

    • Til Trump is no longer POTUS, in other words 2024

    • Genital,

      Wow. So now you speak for ALL the people. Nice to know. Does that count you and your Star Wars action figures?

      What it will continue to expose is the utterly transparent (there’s that word) TDS as well as demonstrate that the Dims are completely out of ideas. Every problem is a nail when you are a hammerhead.

      I say impeach and be damned. They have NO charges.

    • Blinky was rattled? Nah, she’s always like that. She says something stupid or avoids a question altogether and when pressed she acts like she’s been insulted. She’s a Democrat, she always lies. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

    • Genital,

      What part of “I hope” says I’m speaking of anyone but myself?

      Voters SHOULD hold politicians accountable, especially for broken promises and failures.

      Wasting millions on a bogus investigation in hopes of impeachment, then continuing to work on impeachment with ZERO charges is the definition of insanity and failure.

    • Blinky used to blink at a phenomenal rate. I believe she had her face stretched. If the anchors ever let go, her forehead will flap like an old window shade.

    • The Democrat Inquisition has been going on since President Trump was elected. It has involved President Trump, his friends, associates, lawyer, appointees. They’re still going after Kavanaugh. The fake accusations didn’t work so now they want to get all his previous work. Didn’t they review that before the hearings? They were supposed to. I guess they just want to apply more pressure. It won’t stop until the 2020 election, maybe not even then. Lying, cheating, corrupt sore loser Democrats.

    • “inquisition” That is the word. I remember that word from the Germans, The USSR, the McCarthy era, Judge Roy Bean, Castro, Maduro, the Democrats during the Clinton “investigation”, The Spanish Trials, and the Romans when they fed the Christians to the Lions. (please note I said the “word” not that I was there).
      What HAVE they done in 200 days? Nothing for the American People. Everything for their Egos. Sorry state of affairs when we still have delusion, destruction, disruption, and direct attempts to control, not only, the people but our minds, thinking, and demanding our total obeyance to the whims and statements made by these oligarchic Employees of the American people.
      If we do not vote every blasted one of these wannabe queens and kings out of office, we will lose our country to the ones who have been indoctrinating our citizens, children, and our Constitutional rights into the shredder.

    • What?

  • With the threat of climate change, 2020 Democrats have been looking everywhere for possible solutions — including the American kitchen table.

    As IJR previously reported, several candidates have considered c […]

    • Funny how ALL the candidates listed in this article (except Yang) are shown eating and/or grilling meat during their campaign stops. I won’t mention the # of times they used straws.

      • Hypocritical only if they are saying they want everyone to completely cut all meats from their diets.

        I haven’t seen that in any plans. Even the hard liners just mention a reduction of meat consumption.

    • Individual autonomy. Freedom of choice. When candidates talk about banning and restricting that’s not choice. It’s socialism.

      “Humor is like food. Not everyone gets it.” –tee-shirt with Stalin on the front.

      Good. The less people eating meat, the more for the rest of us who do.

    • “New York City’s Green New Deal will “phase out” processed meats — including hotdogs — from government-housed dining centers when their plan is implemented.”

      This is fine. If state governments want to make changes to food they provide at government facilities or public school then that is fine. Just stay out of food bought privately.

    • I wonder if some wag will make a Chick-Fil-A commercial featuring the candidates? “Eat Mor Chikin”.
      It’s ironic that NYC, home to the Nathan’s hotdog eating contest, Katz’s delicatessen, and Russ & Daughters is now phasing out processed meats.

      Hawaiians will NEVER give up their Spam.

    • In regards to your other reply… Michelle Obama’s food plan was a problem because it was federally enforced and poorly executed. I have no problem otherwise with public schools trying to make their meals healthier. If people don’t like whats offered then bring your own meal.

      For military, i don’t have experience with what is provided for meals. I’m willing to bet its inadequate even now and will be worse so with any “healthy” changes.

    • I’m certainly not curtailing my meat eating habits. Climate warming is a fallacy brought on by the left for their own enrichment.

      • I am confused, Tony.

        What flavor of Kool-Aid do you prefer?

        • I knew it’d be you or Phyllis. You know there’s a Blue flavored Kool-Aid too. I don’t know why you waste your time here, unless you enjoy harassing people.

    • Jill replied 1 week ago

      Some democrats should be banned, because they are filled with bologna which raises the earth’s temp when they open their mouths. What’s their favorite word? Bigots. Fits them perfectly.

    • If you really want to tick off a liberal, eat up all of their veggies.

    • Cherl replied 1 week ago

      How I know that my back surgeon is a Republican…..immediately after the surgery and possible anemia he told me to eat red meat. I think he might own a gun too.
      What a huge bunch of frauds these Democrats are.

    • Otis replied 1 week ago

      All Congress seems to pass is gas.

    • Greg replied 1 week ago

      Gee – I wonder what Native Americans did about buffalo farts when over 100 MILLION of them roamed the Great Plains? Oh, right… NOTHING! And perhaps the “climate fearmongers” should actually learn some science; we are NOT warming, NOT over-carbonating, NOT melting the polar ice caps/glaciers, and NOT causing rising sea levels. That’s the science at present – sorry!

    • Greg replied 1 week ago

      Gee – I wonder what Native Americans did about buffalo farts when over 100 MILLION of them roamed the Great Plains? Oh, right… NOTHING! And perhaps the “climate fearmongers” should actually learn some science; we are NOT warming, NOT over-carbonating, NOT melting the polar ice caps/glaciers, and NOT causing rising sea levels. That’s the science at present – sorry!

    • The government regulating how much meat i consume to control methane gas? I fart in your general direction. Harris, choke on my methane. I had a shredded beef burrito and a hamburg for supper. I’ll eat some cabbage and beans just for you. Liberals/Democrats want to control every aspect of your lives while they indulge in excess. I’ll bet Harris eats meat, I heard she eats meat.

    • Are you really that stupid or just lying? Did you not actually read the article? Republicans aren’t making this up. The candidates are actually saying this. Read the article, listen to their speeches. You Democrats will say anything. When your candidates say something that should scare the hell out of you, you say it’s Republicans lying. Listen to your candidates and what they are calling for. I’ll bet you think Democrats aren’t really trying to ban guns, that it’s all lies of the NRA. You’ve been brain washed. Stop believing the indoctrination on the TV.

    • For every new regulation, the Democrats are quick to create a new crisis.

    • Without the indoctrination in schools and in the Media, Democrats would never get elected.

    • ” Kamala Harris and CNN apologize for liking cheeseburgers and Harris explain how we have to nudge the uneducated masses away from red meat” Notice how the Democrats say that anyone that doesn’t stop eating meat as a means to stop ‘man made climate change’ is part of the uneducated mass. Here’s a newsflash, the real uneducated mass are the ones that don’t know that according to ‘real’ science, geology, global climate change has been around for the last 4.5 billion years before man made an entrance on the planet. It’s a product of the core, mantel, tectonic shift, varying sun radiation, the effect of the solar system and the galaxy. Yeah, those uneducated Liberals/Democrats. Next she’ll be trying to stop earthquakes and volcanoes. I’m sure Harris likes her meat.

    • While they sit around eating a cheeseburger and everyone else eats beans and rice animals have been on this planet forever

    • The Democrats are not going to take away anybody’s meat in order to stop global warming. Republicans who encourage people to think so are fearmongers, spreading lies. The dairy industry and the beef industry will prevail. The food guidelines are just that–guidelines. The FDA changes them all the time, and mostly in response to lobbying by groups that stand to gain financially.
      Increased public awareness of the environmental and health consequences of eating meat is the only thing that will eventually change our behavior. This is not something a president or a political party can mandate.

  • This is IJR’s fourth segment of The 2020 Twenty. We’re asking every 2020 presidential candidate 20 questions on their plans, policies, outlook, and background as well as some lighter ones to help our readers get […]

    • Re #1) So Walsh doesn’t know what to do about health care issues, doesn’t have a plan, doesn’t want to be pinned down on ideas, and wants others to hash it out. Got it.

      • Walsh is running in a REPUBLICAN primary. Trump won in 2016 with no plan—“My plan will cover everyone and cost less than Obamacare” was never a PLAN—it was a statement. No one EVER bothered to ask ANY R for details of their replacement plan. The R’s have talked about repealing and replacing Obamacare since Walsh’s time in the House and McConnell admitted in 2018 there will NOT be a replacement plan until AFTER the 2020 election.— After as in Jan, 2021? or after as in some time in 2025 or 2030??

    • #6 was an interesting question and response. Walsh logic sounds a lot like Trumpian logic.

    • ”Walsh is running in a REPUBLICAN primary.” Phyllis

      So it looks as if Republicans now have at least TWO presidential candidates with no health plan.

    • We already had a massive government intervention to help our health care issues General Confusion. Remember the Affordable Care Act? “If you like the plan you have, you can keep it. If you like the doctor you have, you can keep your doctor, too. The only change you’ll see are falling costs as our reforms take hold.” – Obama – June 2009.

      10 years later… the masses remain asses and believe that the Democrats are better for health care?

      We could have simply expanded Medicaid to the 20 million uninsured for FAR less than Obamacare. So why do we not point the finger at the party who passed this awful bill?

  • On the 18th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R-N.Y.) reflected on how he governed the city through its darkest hours.

    Giuliani — who now serves as a […]

    • Stuyvesant HS lost a number of alumni, 9/11 related cancers is making its way through those students who were present at the time.

      Stuyvesant HS never forgets and this alumna (Class of ‘87) remembers smiling faces and happy times with lost friends.

      • Sorry you shared so directly in such a sad time in our beautiful country. But you also have happy memories on which to rely.

    • Morte, sorry to hear you lost friends and loved ones in that attack.

      I remember the unity that was felt afterwards across the country. Instead of weakening us and tearing us apart it did the opposite and made us stronger and more unified.

      I fear that if a similar event happened in today’s time that same unity would not exist. The history revisionists have already watered that mass murder down to, “some people did something ” and “18 years ago jets were aimed at the WTC”. DISGUSTING that we can’t even call out the Islamic butchers for what they are and what they did! Now we’ve voted those cockroaches into our own House.

    • I would like to know how the great people of Minnesota voted in Ilhan Omar!
      I will NEVER forget that morning when I woke up and saw the horror!
      I dropped to my knees and prayed.

    • I for one, have not forgotten.
      Even though, it was just “some people who did something.”
      Those who do not know history, are doomed to repeat it.

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