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  • South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D-Ind.) pushed back against his 2020 opponent Beto O’Rourke after the former congressman promised to pull tax exemptions from churches against same-sex marriage.

    During a town […]

    • Pete
      YOU have been warring against God and His Church for most of your life, with your chosen lifestyle that you and your husband practice in total and complete defiance of God, and you are worried about someone else removing a church’s tax exempt status over an acceptance of the LGBT community’s chosen lifestyle, a cummunity that wants to see it happen?

    • First, where is there a civil or constitutional right to be married in a church. Could Beta Male point that out? Second, it seems Buttagay is not opposed to the concept except that it would cause turmoil and more division in an already divided society, but do I infer correctly that he wouldn’t oppose if he didn’t think it would cause turmoil and division?

    • All of the Democrats (please note that I did not add “ic” as you are not Democratic). Look it up.
      Christians have always been welcoming to most everyone, with the understanding that we Adhere to ALL of God’s Word, Not just the parts that do not favor our beliefs, and we will not continue to go against God’s Word.
      Just like murdering babies in the womb then taking their body parts to sell for scientific challenges. Not for breaking the Laws which our country was founded on, and is listed quite self-explanatory in God’s Word. Nope. We stand with the United States Constitution and we always help those who are unable to help themselves but we will not disavow our God’s Word.

    • The government should have no control over what religious organizations allow based on scriptural doctrine.

    • Why does it matter what O’stupid says or Buttedge for that matter because neither have a chance in heII if being nominated, mush less elected.

    • The larger picture is this: Beta proposes using the gov’t to oppress a segment of the population based on their lifestyles, beliefs, and practices.

      Isn’t this the same thing as punishing people for being gay? The key difference is now the gov’t will be actively persecuting these people.

    • “Buttigieg remained open to the idea of allowing anti-discrimination laws to be applied everywhere, even schools and non-profit organizations, but remained firm that the state should not get involved in mandating the views of churches.”

      So….how does the “mayor” feel about religious-run/affiliated schools?

    • Christianity, by its own definition, should be led by love and tolerance. These denominations, that profess these beliefs, and do not follow them, should perhaps, not be denied tax-exempt status, but perhaps deliberating why they deserve it. Remember the descriptive Bible verse: (John: the disciple who Jesus loved.)

    • Christianity should be a belief in love and tolerance. Hard for many Christian parents to admit, perhaps a member of their loved ones have come out. Rather than punish them , perhaps get an understanding of what they are going through. Remember the verse about Jesus and his 12 disciples: “John, who Jesus loved.” I don’t think that love and tolerance can be legislated. It has to come from the heart. It isn’t based on conservative/liberal.

    • Christanity believes in love and tolerance (not judgemental). To love your neighbor as thyself is a commandment. However God does NOT love the actions of people if they do not follow the scriptures and keep themselves clean from sin. The old adage of God made Adam and Eve NOT Adam and Steve is a truth that demonrats do not want to understand or accept because it is their desire to bring down this nation by whatever means necessary. We love the person NOT their actions just as we do not accept murder we do not accept what gays do because it is immoral and is part of what is Christanity.

    • Pete Buttplug vs Beto the Dildo ?

    • The only reason why the outrage is limited to only those on the right is because the left believes that religion should be under the thumb of the state.

  • Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) has no patience for the advice being given by Obama administration officials about the situation in Syria.

    As IJR previously reported, former National Security Advisor Susan Rice […]

    • “I don’t know what is more dangerous than allowing terrorists to come at us at their will.”

      You mean like Obama did when he dismissed ISIS as “the JV team” and did nothing?

    • …or like asking the bull in the China shop where to put the crystal?

    • WHEN did Americans stop being offended when a politician insults our intelligence? One would need to be a very low information voter to not be aware of WHO and WHEN the SOFA of Iraq was negotiated, approved by the Iraqi Cabinet and Parliament, SIGNED and ANNOUNCED by the POTUS!

    • Since Susan Rice was the sole adviser that told Obama NOT to go to Congress for approval of the military action for crossing the red line —that R’s REFUSED to give—sounds like she GAVE good advice. You can question the results of Obama working with Putin for the removal of chemical weapons–BUT then it would be necessary to examine the effectiveness of Trump’s bombing in Syria when Assad is STILL using chemical weapons on his own people. Not certain that ANYONE advising Obama would suggest thumbing our nose at the Hague’s decision that the balance plus interest of the Iranians’ money the U.S. had been holding since 1979 must be returned. Iran WAS denuclearized BEFORE Trump took Lindsey’s advice to get out of JCPOA. And lastly, if you are unaware that Petraeus testified before House & Senate Benghazi committee investigations that HE approved the talking points given to Susan Rice for PUBLIC release.

    • If we look at the current situation with Iran, Lindsey’s advice to get out of JCPOA is NOT looking as his finest moment. If we look at Lindsey’s solid support for invading Iraq, again NOT the finest moment—Iraq is considered the worst foreign policy mistake since Vietnam and getting out of JCPOA could eventually replace it.

    • Actually Lindsey, many sumo wrestlers DO slim down after their careers end and they cease consuming vast quantities of chanko-nabe (sumo stew), rice, and beer.

      I agree that asking Obozo for advice on the Muslim world would be a combination of spinelessness and appeasement. They must really miss him.

      • You appear to be ignoring the fact that Turkey and Saudi Arabia ARE part of the Muslim world. I don’t believe even you can say that Trump has not kowtowed to MBS and Erdogan.

    • It’s amazing to me to watch “The Peacenicks ” declare how horrible it is for President Trump to withdraw troops from Syria just so they can contradict president Trump!

    • Why wouldn’t you ask for help from the most transparent Administration in American history? /sarc/

  • Former Vice President Joe Biden had a professional relationship with the whistleblower who brought attention to President Donald Trump’s Ukrainian phone calls.

    According to a report from the Washington […]

    • WHAT exactly is surprising that a Vice President of 8 years worked with a member of the intel community???

    • I am confused, Michael.

      What is it about your comment that earned you so many down votes? Your logic and accurate analysis?

      Very strange people here.

    • I am confused, Michael.

      What is it about your comment that earned you so many down votes? Your logic and accurate analysis?

      Very strange people here.

      • VERY illogical people here. If the whistleblower is as reported a “high level intel community member” would he/she NOT also be working with VP Pence??

    • So a government employee worked with another member of said government…shocker! No matter what is said about the whistleblower, it doesn’t erase the acts of corruption committed by POTUS and his cronies.

    • SyPhyllis, I would expect that someone from the “intel community ” would be more intelligent than to expect that a third hand gossip referal would be adequate for admission into an impeachment hearing, but hey, the “intel community ” changed the standard to admit hearsay as being legitimate just one week (about the time Adam Schitt coached him) before this whole thing blew up!!

      You Democrats entertain yourselves in your private circle jerk behind closed doors. You’ve already embarrassed yourselves enough when the doors were open.

  • Former Congressman Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) announced that he would strip the tax-exempt status of churches and charities that oppose same-sex marriage.

    In the U.S., non-profit organizations like churches and […]

    • But what about those religious institutions that are both anti white and anti gay. Do they only lose half their tax exempt status? The nation’s imams must be breathing a sigh of relief.

    • Stop any confusion and just tax all churches. If Germany can do it, so can we. Churches don’t obey the no politics rule anyway, so tax’em.

    • How ’bout the Muslimes that the Democrats love so much? Seems to me they frown on same sex marriage as well. Do they get a waiver?

    • “Kudos! On this issue you are, finally, not confused.” Don’t go overboard, Morte. contusion has a very brief moment like this about every 6 months or so. Goes away very quickly.

      • “General Confusion has a very brief moment like this about every 6 months or so. Goes away very quickly.” banstan

        Actually, most of the time any confusion clears up after reading a few comments here. I slowly close my eyes, gently shake my head side to side, then remember the logic of the real world. Open my eyes and swim in tranquility bay. It works every time.

    • “General Confusion has a very brief moment like this about every 6 months or so. Goes away very quickly.” banstan

      Actually, most of the time any confusion clears up after reading a few comments here. I slowly close my eyes, gently shake my head side to side, then remember the logic of the real world. Open my eyes and swim in tranquility bay. It works every time.

    • Taxes are not based on belief.

  • Former Vice President Joe Biden is working to spin any negative Ukraine coverage as a ploy for President Donald Trump to “pick the Democratic nominee.”

    Biden and Trump have found themselves tangled in the same […]

    • Joe,

      The DNC and primary voters pick the candidate, not Trump. Just in case you didn’t understand that.

      Apparently you weren’t smart enough NOT to brag about your “deals” in Ukraine. If anyone had a hand in de-selecting a candidate you ought to look in a mirror.

  • When the 2020 Democrats all raised their hands agreeing to provide illegal immigrants with health care, they may not have realized they just saddled the taxpayer with a huge check.

    During the first round of […]

    • Dems for illegals, not for Americans.

    • Why do they FREE health care I don’t. Why should they get anything free. Also for the demwites info nothing is free. Someone has to pay for it. In this case it’s the taxpayers
      That means us.

    • The democrats are socialist, the will use any means to over whelm our government. For their socialism to take over.

    • Is that $23 billion per week or month? No demoCROOK would ever limit their squandering of taxpayer’s money to just $23 billion per year.

    • “Plan to”? I can assure you that illegal immigrants have been getting free health care for decades

    • Have you ever been to another country you ignorant buffoon? I have been to South Korea, Japan, and the Philippines. You know what they did for a guy in the Philippines? They kicked him out because he couldn’t pay and he then died on the damn streets. Nobody is giving free treatment to people and asking if they are ok you naive fool. They get the worst treatment possible exactly like we do here at urgent cares when we can’t afford it. You ever gone to the dentist or urgent care and got name brand medicine and priority treatment? Seriously you’re a grown adult and your grasp on reality is laughably loose.

    • What kind of asinine story is this and why was it written. It’s common damn sense government handouts aren’t free it’s our freaking tax dollars. Was anyone expecting a small price tag for a few million parasites to continue being parasites? This type of stuff burns my ass I spent thousands and years bringing my wife here, and these leeches want to just come here illegally. Not only that they want to steal my damn tax dollars more than they already do? Tell you what here is what I’m for and what’s fair give every single illegal one chance to come forward. They can then file paperwork for citizenship and if they aren’t a felon or gang member or slaver let them stay all is forgiven. If they are criminals beyond being illegal immigrants ship them back where they came from. If you have proof they are cartel connected just send them to prison for life or sentence them to death for their heinous crimes. Now for those who didn’t come forward should be tracked down and permanently barred from entering the country. If they are found in the country again 10 years in prison then they can apply to be a legal citizen. No parole 10 straight years no leniency this nonsense has to stop.

      • I have maintained the same ideas you state above for some time now with a few exceptions. We (USA) offer a limited time frame as an opportunity for illegals to come forth and declare themselves Like 60-90 day’s. They can register at places used for our National voting for example. We provide them with a card (right) to stay here under a probationary period of say 3-5 years during which period they must assimilate to our cultures and values. If they are apprehended in anyway for ANYTHING or have been requested to provided proof they are here with their Card Holding TEMPORARY Right and cannot provided that Card they will be returned to their Port of Entry or Country of Origin and may never be afforded any Right of Citizenship in the USA! They afforded NO benefits during this probationary period and must obey our laws and prove they are willing to contribute to our society by working and providing for themselves. They also must prove themselves and their proficiency the same as those who immigrate here LEGALLY. If after all this they have and can prove themselves as substantial they are provide citizenship and those rights of others.

    • Full of Pelosi!

    • 2 words—Hell no!

    • Trying to buy votes by exploiting the taxpayer 🐀🐀🐀🐀”s

      • I am not a fan of free stuff no matter what candidate offers it. You appear to have forgotten that Trump offered you a free wall–compliments of Mexico and paid for tax cuts that cost future taxpayers a $ TRILLION per year for the last 2 years.

        • Incorrect on all points but because you are a person with TDS I sympathize with your affliction and hope his 2020 re-election doesn’t land you in therapy or worse. 😢

    • Other countries don’t care if you’re a tourist or there illegally they will treat you and say feel better without you having to pay a penny 23 billion is less than the amount of money given to oil companies. Just given to them for no good reason.

    • Ahh, more hand outs for votes. Their estimate doesn’t include the 20 million already here. If it did, it would be more lie $92 Billion plus the new arrivals. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

    • Just curious. How many IJR articles were published in 2016 while Trump was promising you a “wall” compliments of Mexico and free tax cuts that would pay for themselves? I can not even find an article on the trillion dollars Treasury has borrowed each of the last 2 years to pay for those “free” tax cuts. How much is Trump raiding military funding to pay for his “wall”? We knew before any of you voted that Mexico was NOT paying. We also know that many of the D’s “plans” will never see the Oval Office for signing or vetoing. In 2020, THINK before you vote. An election is NOT a vote on a reality show. IT MATTERS.

    • Put into perspective, that’s like $6/mo from everyone. It’s not enough for me to worry about. More of my taxes go to foreign aid to countries I don’t care about. Given the choice, I’d rather pay for a healthier population at home, legal or not, then padding the pockets of corrupt foreign leaders.

  • Among the dozens of plans Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has laid out as the foundation of her campaign is a plan to ban private prisons and detention centers.

    This promise boils down to a foundational […]

    • Private prisons are only an issue because right now, their profits are soley based on keeping their prisons full. Add some financial incentives prisons to encourage inmates to focus on rejoining society as an upstanding member or something else actually beneficial.

      If we want private prisons to change then giving them new requirements and incentives is the way to do it.

    • Madison, HOW does Warren plan to implement her “plan to ban”? EO? Congressional passage? Not sign renewal of their government contracts?

    • Lie-a-watha is not going to be President. Neither are any of the other private prison opponents. So don’t worry about it.

  • Symone Sanders, a top advisor to former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign, dodged a line of questioning on Hunter Biden’s Ukraine ties by turning the focus back to President Donald Trump.

    President Trump is […]

  • Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice called out President Donald Trump for his decision to withdraw troops from northern Syria during an interview on “The View.”

    Trump announced over the weekend that he […]

    • Hmm. Susan Rice who falsely pushed a YouTube video as motivating the slaughter of Americans in Benghazi, including the ambassador.

      I’m not feeling much credibility here.

      • How many Benghazi hearings did Petraeus testify that he had approved the statement Susan Rice was to provide the public? Petraeus also testified that the classified info regarding al-Qaeda was not known to UN Ambassador Rice at the time of her public statement. WHEN has credibility been an issue for you?

    • Dammit ST!!! You gotta quit stealing my thunder!! JK, keep up the good work against the LIAR Democrats!!’

    • GC: What an epic underwear stain!

    • .

    • “That’s as dangerous as other stuff that we’re talking about” says Susan Rice. What other “stuff”? The only single word they know is impeachment. They thrive on it, they are obsessed by it and they have accomplished nothing else which they are elected to do.

    • If Trump would have wanted to stay in the Dems would have yelled about staying there. Wow, this corrupt woman coming from a incredibly corrupt administration saying anything? Look Benghazi Bridgett, your employer helped create ISIS. What a stupid Broad. I guess the Dems truly are the party of War…let me add corruption, theft and love of Socialism. And if they have their chance, the political theft of 63 million votes. They are the real danger to our country.

    • Apparently, the reason King Donald The Loser caved to Turkey’s Erdogan was because he yelled at our king. He whined that he didn’t get some face time and the king couldn’t handle it, so he caved and gave Erdogan what he wanted. He got played!

      What a weakling!

  • Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) couldn’t be more concerned about the situation unfolding in the Middle East in the wake of President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria.

    Over the weekend, […]

    • No, we have no business being there Graham-cracker. This was one of his promises and he’s keeping it. We CANNOT be the world’s police force. People like you want to keep us continually mired in pointless wars instead of addressing our problems HERE. We have plenty, in case you haven’t noticed…

    • I suppose now that his boyfriend is dead “McCain” this fruitcake will keep the war drums going with other peoples children’s lives.

    • Jason, Right! Let’s leave all of our allies to be killed. Maybe ol’ Mr. Bone-Spurs should go over there and the military tactics.

      • Remember when everyone said Obama had no authority to go there and should leave. You don’t, but I do. War lover Paul.

    • Neocons love war. And apparently lefties do too (since it’s Trump that is getting us out of war – I believe he could cure cancer and the left would decry that too).

    • Sherri, Right! Let’s let all our allies get killed and see what ol’ Bone-Spurs will come up with.

    • “People like you want to keep us continually mired in pointless wars” Jason Alsbrook

      You are confused about who wants to keep America in forever-war. It’s not the people because we don’t have that power. It is the corrupt warmongers, such as Lindsey Graham, who take money from the MIC.

    • Screw the Arabs and their Hell Hole!! These A-holes have brought the world NOTHING but their Satanic cult of Islam and terrorism!

    • Paul, So you criticize President Trump for the medical diagnosis that kept him from serving (have you ever had bone spurs? It’s not the cake walk it’s been made out to be), but you also criticize him for his saving the lives of our brave soldiers who otherwise would be caught in a perpetual war in a Hell Hole that is the A$$-Hole of the world????

    • Generally Confused, I believe President Trump had bone spurs just as I believe by your good luck YOU weren’t drafted into the service, nor were your gutless bag of guts courageous enough to enlist in the defense of our great country. Your only contribution here is to criticize others while you sit in the safety of your mommy’s basement, you pathetic POS!!!

      • LOL…You are on a roll tonight. You are still buying the illegal immigrant voter nonsense AND now the “bone spur” diagnosis……What’s next, you believe Trump did not know about Stormy’s NDA and the payment source or “No one from the Trump campaign had any contacts with Russians”?

    • SyPhyllis, One question: Where is Avenatti and his whores now? Are you not aware that Stormy signed that NDA under the threat if being sued for false allegations? Are you also not aware that Stormy sued Avenatti? Neither of them have credibility or ever have. Or do you just continue to live under your slimy rock and hear only what you want to hear?

    • “So will you agree that Trump is making the right decision” An unhung chad

      What decision? To leave the region? Sort of, but certainly NOT in the maniacal way in which he pulled out and abandoned our ally. That was irresponsible and counter-productive in the extreme!

      King Donald The Loser is an idiot who got played by a despot who bamboozled him with a temper tantrum. KDTL is weak.

    • This is a tough situation! Trump really wants to keep his campaign promises, unlike any of the previous presidents we’ve had, but it’s made more difficult because every time he turns around it’s, “damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t!” Could any one of us work half as efficiently as he does under this kind of stress?? I don’t know of one single Dem that could, in fact, I don’t know of ANY politician that could work half as effectively, under the kind of stress this man is dealing with! And he 73 years old!

    • SyPhyllis, If you’re denying it must be true! Where’s Avenatti and his whore(s) now?

    • Graham is complicit in Trump’s abandonment of our allies. He could have stopped it anytime. For some reason Graham thinks its in his best interests to allow the massacre to happen and let Trump take the blame. I have to wonder what the Russians have offered him.

  • Planned Parenthood is hoping to see power shifted away from President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) in the 2020 election — and they’re not cutting corners.

    The controversial h […]

    • Oh goody. Those of us that live in swing states are looking forward to ALL the political ads coming our way. NOT. We are already getting re-elect Trump ads and our primary is not until April 28, 2020.

  • President Donald Trump and several members of his campaign team unloaded on Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey after he demanded security fees prior to Thursday’s rally.

    Trump is expected to give one of his “Keep […]

    • This is extortion, plain and simple. $20k in 2009 = $23.9k in 2019 adjusted for inflation.

      Mayor Frey is providing nothing special. Trump’s security is provided by the Secret Service.

      IF the citizens of Minneapolis, HIS CITY, riot that’s on Mayor Frey, his police force, and the city’s budget. Maybe he should concentrate on preventing a riot.

      Trump could hold his rally elsewhere, but close. But why should he?

      • Just factoring inflation is the most unrealistic way of comparing prices.

        Crowd size the same? Timing of elections the same? What are other states charging? What is the level of risk based on rallies in other states? Thats risk of security concerns and apprently risk of getting actual reimbursement for services provided…

        Also remember, Obama was coming to a blue state. His security concerns would have been a lot higher if he were campaigning in a state where there is a heavy presence of opposing views.

    • Democrats are the scourge of the earth and must be defeated!!!!

    • You know, that you keep calling him “King Donald.”
      I like that.
      But, he works within the Constitution.
      Unlike his predecessor who, we will soon find out, had his hand in highly questionable dealings.
      Can’t wait until the libtards heads explode, when the IG report comes down.
      I got beer and popcorn.
      Then, the final nail in Liberal/Communism, when Trump takes 2020 by a landslide.

    • A lot of red in that state and he picks to campaign in the tiny, darkest blue section?

      Just go somewhere else in the state. The other parts of the state would just love him all the more for it.

    • When you do business with someone known for not paying their bills, if you have any brains at all, you demand payment in advance. Isn’t it Houston that has been trying to collect from Trump for a couple of years? Most cities can’t afford to donate their services , even to a crook like Trump.

    • Impeach away, without conviction it’s as useless as the paper my cat just vomited on. Or does that simple fact confuse you?

    • Phoenix,
      “Just factoring inflation is the most unrealistic way of comparing prices.
      Crowd size the same? Timing of elections the same? What are other states charging? What is the level of risk based on rallies in other states? Thats risk of security concerns and apprently risk of getting actual reimbursement for services provided…
      Also remember, Obama was coming to a blue state. His security concerns would have been a lot higher if he were campaigning in a state where there is a heavy presence of opposing views.”

      Actually it’s the ONLY realistic way of calculating it. Notice how Mayor Frey has provided NO information on how he arrived at his figure.

      Speculating that the crowd will be bigger? Why might that be in a blue corner of a red state? It’s NOT like elections don’t happen every four years.

      As far as risks and managing them…..why are there more risks? Will this rally violent, irrational protesters? If so, why are THEY that way? I do not recall any riots, vandalism, beatings, or fires during Obozo’s campaigns conducted by the Right.

      It seems such unrest is the responsibility of local and civil authorities to manage. Mayor Frey still hasn’t indicated ANY action to prevent any one of these things.

    • Even now Antifa is planning to disrupt Trump’s visit under the theme “AMERICA IS CANCELLED”.

      What are the city “leaders” planning to do to stop them from engaging in their usual antics? How will they protect citizens, businesses, and rally attendees? Will they stand by as the right of PEACABLE assembly and free speech are suppressed by violence and intimidation?

      Crickets chirp.

    • Its the only way to compare? No one. NO ONE. Decides the amount they charge for anything on ten year old data. If I sold my house on data from ten years ago I’d have lost out on almost 100k. I’m not saying there isn’t some added costs for petty reasons, but comparing costs in other states for like venues added with the likelihood of receiving payments all would generally factor more.

      Crowd size in a year following up to a presidential election would obviously be bigger than crowd size in a year following a presidential election. To pretend otherwise is just plain silly. Also, its undeniable Trump pulls a crowd.

      As you have said in the past, political tension is high. Last year you may have been able to convince me that conservatives behave better, but my recent experience in a new state has shown me differently. Let’s just say after three bad experiences, i no longer offer up where I’m from in what i had thought was friendly small talk.

      • You’re ignoring the obvious question. How did Mayor Frey arrive at $530k? Let’s put aside the theoretic explanations for why Obozo only paid $20k, none of which can be proven.

        (as an aside, are you saying Trump draws crowds 26x greater than Obozo? If you believe this is true you might ask yourself why.)

        If you asked an even $1M for your property, wouldn’t buyers ask why

        I’m sorry to hear about your experiences, but the lack of details leaves nothing to guess about. Are they assuming the state you move from is a BAD place and rife with BADTHINK? Who were these assho*les and do they really matter in your life?

        There are a lot of persons you may encounter who matter less than what you’d wipe off your shoes. Trust me when I say that removing them is of little consequence, if properly planned and executed. Find out where they live/work. That’s a start. Vexing them is sooooo easy and grimly satisfactory. Also amusing.

    • “you keep calling him “King Donald.”
      I like that.
      But, he works within the Constitution. Allen Zabel

      You are doubly confused, Allen.

      I do NOT call him “King Donald”. I call him King Donald The Loser. There is a big difference.

      You are also confused about our Constitution. Why do you think KDTL is being impeached? For being a choirboy? I don’t think so.

    • The truth of it is this. Mayor Frey is a small-minded, petty, partisan. With the hundreds of millions the campaign and GOP have raked in what he’s asking is less than a catering bill, and one for which he’s offered zero justification other than “we don’t like the Bad Orange Man”. (he also fails to note the potential revenues from attendees).

      He could limit his city’s expenses by exercising strict control over those groups with a history of violence (I’m looking at Antifa). He should take notes from how the DC police earlier handled an Antifa riot. Keep them separated from the main event and have the police enforce that separation.

    • 1. I am not sure the mayor is legally required to justify his pricing. 2. Did you see the bill? For all we know there is itemized detail. 3. You’re not factoring that the Trump campaign has a history of not paying bills. If I have bad credit, i pay higher prices for things. That is yet another standard business practice that you’re pretending doesn’t exist. His highest *outstanding* bill, which will never be paid, is 400k.

      I’m not saying there isn’t an unreasonably heavy dose of snark in the price tag, but you’re dismissing a lot valid factors that doesn’t justify a higher price tag than Obama rally ten years ago.

    • Mayor Jacob Frey isn’t confused about how King Donald The Loser doesn’t pay his bills. Has he paid his El Paso debts yet?

      KDTL had such a bad reputation that no American bank would lend him money. I would still love to know who co-signed for his current $330 million in VARIABLE RATE loans.

    • Have you read the other articles here? “The Scottish Government Says Trump’s Business Is Refusing to Pay Its Legal Bills” can’t imagine why a city would want payment in advance, how else do you deal with Trump?

    • Phoenix,

      1. Any “merchant” should BE ABLE to justify his pricing, especially when other venues are available.

      2. I haven’t seen an itemized bill, but neither have you. Is there one?

      3. A “buyer’s” past credit history MAY adjust pricing, but 26x? There are these things called deposits.

      Here’s what the mayor and city should reveal.
      1. What are they charging Antifa? Do they even ask a permit fee for them? q.v. Portland’s one-sided permitting and charging of not-Left groups to peaceably assembly. Note that the not-Left groups actually get permits.

      Let’s also examine what they are charging CAIR and other groups who plan to protest.

      2. What do they charge for OTHER civic events? What are the charges for Thanksgiving or Christmas events/parades?

  • Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is facing questions after several reports counter her claim that she lost a teaching job because she was “visibly pregnant.”

    In a May interview, Warren explained her lengthy […]

    • Maybe Lizzie Soggy Socks should try something different, like the truth. Her interview and previous “exaggeration” about ethnicity put this claim very much in doubt.

      Hmmm….I wonder if Lizzie’s fact-checker is on PAID 6-month leave. Someone on her campaign ought to be thoroughly reviewing and checking things BEFORE she puts both feet in her mouth.

    • Don’t be confused.

      What you are watching is the mainstream media starting to dig up things in her past, now, because she is in the lead. The establishment doesn’t like that a non-establishment candidate is leading, especially a progressive candidate. Watch as they become more and more vicious towards her. Soon, they will find a recipe that she likes but they don’t, that how silly it will get.

  • Ellen DeGeneres pushed back against those who criticized her for attending a football game with former President George W. Bush.

    On Sunday, DeGeneres joined Charlotte Jones — who’s father Jerry Jones owns the D […]

    • Thank you Ellen for showing our seemingly more and more restrictive communities that a large part of living (and even loving) is about sharing space, air and life in general with many different people.

      This Republican lesbian thanks you.

    • It’s odd that liberals don’t include Hillary and Biden when they say “illegal bloodshed” since they voted yes to the war…

    • Bravo Ellen for standing up to the outrage mob and being the “adult in the room”.

      There’s something seriously wrong with isolating yourself among people who ALL think alike. It leads to things like groupthink, thinking violence and harassment are okay, and really boring discussions.

    • This is what happens when a wealthy elite loses touch with reality.

      Bush wasn’t just against gays, he fought to rule against them.

      Bush wasn’t just in the military, he is considered to be a war criminal.

      Ellen is confused by ethics and morality, now.

    • Ellen was originally offered a seat next to Vice President Dick Cheney, but she advised that she preferred Bush to Dick.

    • The complaints against Bush’s actions as president is a lot worse than a single private individual who is a lesbian.

      How many times have I seen the word RINO thrown around if a politician reaches across the aisle in any friendly manner? You practically did that to Bush in the first sentence. Everyone is whiney, stop acting like thats a trait just for left.

  • “The View” host Meghan McCain unloaded on President Donald Trump after discovering that the president was withdrawing troops from Syria.

    Early Monday morning, Trump announced that he would be pulling troops […]

    • Yet tomorrow she’ll be defending his orangness once again.

    • Trump has many levers he can pull as president, as well as a much better inside track on intelligence. He may very well have Turkey’s number on this. Despite the Left’s caterwauling that Trump as a warmonger, his past reveals he is anything but. I’m willing to sit this one out even though my gut is to disagree with him on this.

      • TRUMP has a better track on intelligence than the U.S. Intel experts advising him???? Erdogan HAS Trump’s weakness—-compliments, Trump’s business interests in Istanbul, Putin’s interest,….

    • Tery Gohsman.—-Meghan does not ever defend Trump–She defends Trump SUPPORTERS. According to Meghan, no one in the cult of Trump is responsible for their own actions—it’s Obama’s fault or Bill Clinton fault and/or the media’s fault.

      • Meghan does not defend Trump. She defends gun rights, right-wing conspiracies, and the absence of logic and evidence of tax cuts paying for themselves. I watch the show. It is clear my down voter does not.

    • Screw, take a look at the photo. The second from the left is Abbey Huntsman, the daughter of Jon Huntsman who recently left his position as an ambassador in the Trump administration. Abbey is a Conservative. The stand-in host if any regular is off, is Anna Navarro. I don’t think she is still a Republican but she was pre-Trump.

      • To my down voter, in what universe is Abby Huntsman not a Conservative–or was Anna Navarro not a Conservative when she was working for and campaigning for Jeb Bush????

    • WOW, philly. For someone who has SWORN right here on this site that votes don’t matter to you, you sure spend a whole lot of time responding to ONE down vote. THE truth and you, philly, are STRANGERS, pretty much to EVERYTHING you say here.

    • anna navarro, REALLY philly? anna navarro is THE biggest, loudest, lying-assed windbag on tv, next to joyless brayhard. You watch waaaay too much cnn. anna navarro will say whatever she needs to say, truth be damned, to stay on ANY tv station. PERIOD.

  • Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) made a rare break from President Donald Trump to bash him for his decision to remove troops from parts of Syria.

    Early Monday morning, Trump took to Twitter to explain that he […]

    • The problem is, once American troops have slammed a lid on unrest, if they do not maintain a presence and keep the lid on the situation, things tend to drift back into the chaos the Americans troops were first dispatched to slam the lid on. Not wanting to engage in “Nation Building” is all well and good, but does not really workout in the real world. Once we are involved simply pulling out because we have made the sides stop shooting at each other is not always an option….

    • With no disrespect to the office of the presidency, I do believe that Donnie reached the apex of his intellectual and valuable career with that TV show (what was it?) he hosted. On a more serious note (I really mean it) when he disowned his youngest son was one of the worst acts he could do without conscience.

    • I agree with Graham. The Kurds have been loyal allies and THIS is the 2nd time they’ve been betrayed by the US.

      Trump should re-frame this. It’s NOT a part of an “endless war” but acting as mediators and supporters for our allies. We do as much for NATO and in supporting others against NK and China. Our presence alone is a deterrent.

      Left to it’s own, Turkey under Erdogan will yield to its Muslim extremist tendencies. It will flood the area with Sunni Muslims, much as the PRC did with Tibet, Mongolia, and other *ahem* annexed territories and ethnic Han Chinese.

    • The worst part of this is that the withdrawal signals that the US no longer supports its allies.

    • I am confused, Lindsey.

      You backed an idiot. What did YOU expect?

    • The Kurds are / were controlling about 60,000 ISIS fighters and family members. All that needs to happen is for the Kurds to walk way when the Turks come for them and all hell could break loose again from this one boneheaded decision.

    • I agree with Graham. Trump use to criticize Barry for broadcasting the battle plan. I agreed with Trump then—-what caused a strategy change? Why now is it good to tell the enemy what your future plans are? I don’t get it.

    • Ther is no merit to Trump’s side on this one.

    • This is what happens when you have a commander-in-chief who does not understand his role or how the world around him functions. He is only concerned about himself and cheap campaign promises. This article gives some interesting insights into his failures and challenges: theatlantic(dot)com/magazine/archive/2019/11/military-officers-trump/598360/

  • Acting Department of Homeland Security (DHS)Secretary Kevin McAleenan was forced to leave an event after protesters refused to allow him to speak.

    McAleenan was set to address a crowd at the 16th Annual […]

    • “The Acting Secretary thanked the organizers and returned to work protecting the Homeland and American values. ”
      oops, DHS meant to say Trump values- or rather lack thereof.

    • Rudeness is NEVER okay. Yes, we have a Constitution providing Free Speech. But WAY before we were taught what “free speech” means, we were taught basic social skills. The behavior of the protesters was unacceptable.


  • Former Governor Mark Sanford (R-S.C.) and former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) entered a heated debate about the impeachment of their 2020 opponent, President Donald Trump.
    Both Sanford and Walsh are running in the […]

    • Two disgraced $#!+ bums on CNN

    • These two will be able to count on one hand the total of votes they’ll get. What egos they must have to pick now to run for President. Sanford said “ he would need to see all of the information first”. If he’d stay off of CNN he could see what the American people see. Schiff should be impeached.

    • ONCE AGAIN……GO AHEAD AND COMMIT POLITICAL SUICIDE!!! You will be doing us a favor!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!

    • Sanford is more sensible about this whole matter, but, Walsh is someone who is a wannabe that will never achieve his goal of President. The American people are smart enough to see through his actions. President Trump will again secure the Presidency in 2020 regardless as to what the Dimwitcrats states or does to prevent his re-election.

    • I’m sorry; but ARE YOU KIDDING ME! What sort of men are you? Throwing Trump under the bus so your chances of winning the election might increase by 1 percent? Power is more important than country? Politics more important than a thriving economy? Not one of these presidential hopefuls have a chance to beat Trump in the next election, so they are going to do it the dishonest way. Well there are millions of Trump supporters, so if you did manage to impeach Trump, which I highly doubt, we will write in Trump’s name on our ballots. Right now, we have that freedom.

    • The ONLY thing President Trump betrayed is the democrats, because, unlike EVERY other democratic president, barring those from JFK and before him, and MAYBE Carter too, HE COULD NOT BE BOUGHT!!!

    • what do you mean…betrayed?….that was an idiotic statement !……hes not a politician!…Semper Fi

    • RINO’s strutting their BS on CNN

    • No one cares about these losers opinions…what jokes they are. See ya

    • If these 2 have to go on CNN to get attention, they won’t get much.

    • They are trying to gain their 15 mins of fame again. Zero respect for either.

    • Who ARE these people? If they’d done a thing worthy of attention as politicians then why are they on CNN? That’s where RINOS, failures, and the Left go because more reputable and higher-rated networks won’t have them.

    • They like the Democrats know there is not a snowballs chance in hell they can win against Trump so of course they would have motives to support the impeachment. with Trump out of the picture, they think they might have a chance of no namers getting the nomination.

    • This is the globalists, the NWO if you will, attempt to pull a Perot election. In other words, they are trying to water down the Republican vote. Get their leftist lapdog to win with minority ( numbers, not race) vote. Like Clinton did. They know they can’t win on their platform.

    • You do know that all the “ evidence “ the left comes up with has always ended up pointing to the DNC and/or Clinton’s? No? Then know you are ignorant of the facts. Quit getting your news from CNN or the Young Turks. Every comment I see you post is so full of dumb it makes me wonder how your capable of breathing.

    • With the evidence piling up against King Donald The Loser, I am curious about who will be the next Senator Margaret Chase Smith [R-Maine] to deliver the modern day equivalent of her 1950 “Declaration of Conscience”, to rally today’s Republicans against KDTL .

    • I can think of a lot of words to describe these two and Republican is not one of them.

  • President Donald Trump claimed he never believed his 2020 competitor Joe Biden could win the crowded Democratic presidential primary.

    The president has been facing an impeachment inquiry for allegedly […]

    • “I never thought he was going to win. I never felt he was going to win.” King Donald The Loser

      And I have a chicken that lays golden eggs.
      Do you have one of those, KDTL?

      • Have the Socialists come up with a live candidate yet? So far most have been deadwood trough feeders who hate the US and the World’s economy.

    • Joe Biden has always been a weak politician and had little – if any – chance of getting a 4 year gig in the WH. Obviously his former boss feels the same since he has not endorsed him.

      Gaffe-a-Minute Joe had best lawyer up to defend his abuse of power and other charges related to just the Ukrainian blackmail mess he instigated. China should also come back to haunt him.

      • Which candidate running for POTUS said the following : “The oranges of the Mueller investigation need to be investigated” “”i saw the firefighters on 7-Eleven when the World Trade Center Towers fell.” Praising the Revolutionary soldiers for “ramming the ramparts and taking over the airports”? “wind farm noise causes cancer” “Two Corinthians” “covefe” ? WHY do you fret over Biden’s gaffes and pretend Trump isn’t a bigger gaffe machine. On top of the numerous gaffes, Trump has the average of 13 lies per day. If you actually believe Biden has no chance of winning, WHY are you and Trump so obsessed with smearing his name?

    • It might be Liawatha who wins the nomination. Good. Her lie and exploitation of ethnic identity will come back to haunt her.

      She’s got a plan for everything, but has only ever worked as a lawyer, academic, a politician. Those alone should be disqualifiers for running a REAL nation of REAL people who aren’t lawyers, academics, or politicians.

      Quid Pro Gropin’ Joe is a mediocrity. After decades in politics NOW he wants to run for president? What exactly has he done? (besides deals with Ukraine and China)

      Comrade Bernie heart isn’t in it. q.v his recent surgery. He’s old and younger Commies are ready to carry his torch. See my earlier remarks about zero REAL world accomplishments. Yet he’s somehow managed to become a millionaire and own three homes. Those are less accomplishments than signs of his elite corruption.

      Note that ALL of these push for Medicare for All/Obozocare+ YET will not go on either themselves. They are liars and hypocrites just for that.

      • Commie Bernie is also the biggest hypocrite on tour. A man who supports a Socialist agenda; but is himself a millionaire with three not-so-cheap pieces of real estate? IF he were a good little Socialist (or a real Commie), he would have turned all that into the State (aka: the Government) to be shared by his low class, lower IQ peers.

    • .Phyllis Softa<

      What has Biden done over the past 50-odd years which would give him the RIGHT to run for POTUS? Other than being an American, he's done nothing. He's never had a real job; he's been feeding continuously at the Government teat with nothing given back for that which he received. NOW, the information finally comes out years later about his blackmailing the Ukrainian President with US taxpayer aid money to protect his corrupt, criminal, kicked out of the Navy for drug use, domestic abusing son; who within two years of his (not Honorable) discharge lands a cushy $83,000 a MONTH job in a Nation he knows nothing about and on the Board of a gas company; an industry he knows nothing about. He drags along Whitey Bolger's son – Devon Archer – and his other "business" partner – Chris Hines (John Kerry's step-son) who saw the writing on the wall and notified the State Dept he (Hines) was NOT involved with the Biden/Archer bleeding of Ukraine as a part of the financially rewarding corruption gig. And what about VP BIden and son using Air Force 2 as their private, family jet (@ $58,000 an hour) to bring back some $1.5 BILLION Hunter and Joe suckered the Chinese Communists out of? Investigate that? Nahh, he was a (ahem) "respected" Vice President simply abusing his Office for financial gain and of course, a DemocRAT.

      BTW: Has Hunter Biden – as a co-owner of Rosemont Seneca – given any explanation as to why his "firm" received $3,404,712.82 in (illegally, of course) LAUNDERED MONEY"? (REF: News article in "Novaya Gazeta" a Russian newspaper.) Reported throughout the US as just $3.4 million for something.

      Do I really need to mention Creepy Gropin' Joe's brother – James Biden – who screwed a South Florida dental facility out of $3 million for work he contracted to do; but absconded with the money instead? And the lawsuits in Tennessee for some more of James Biden's financial shenanigans to benefit his bank account? It appears the Biden clan is corrupt and criminal from the top to the bottom and sideways. I am not "obsessed" with this creep; I'm only saying what is so obvious. The Bidens and Clintons ALL need to be investigated. Fortunately, I have information THAT is exactly what IS being done as we waste our time discussing the Jackass Party criminals. Of course, YOU will have to bring up the $78,125 per page Mueller toilet paper; Trump's past, present and future and just how absolutely wonderful Illegitimate #44 was to try and destroy the America he hated. Have at it.

      • I would think Rudy would disagree with your assertion that a defense attorney is not a real job. Same with Mitch McConnell & Chuck Grassley on being a Senator is not a real job. Dick Cheney would also not agree with you that VPOTUS isn’t a real job. You and I might disagree with what Biden and the aforementioned individuals have contributed during their service to the country, but they are contributions that history has/will evaluate their value. To give you a clue as to Obama-Biden’s accomplishments, please see CSPAN presidential rankings. Biden was the VPOTUS whose administration was rated by historians as 12th BEST.

    • Did you have someone else, beside yourself, in mind? Not exactly a master of the English language, Mr. Potty Mouth.

  • Republicans are running a victory lap after recent unemployment data revealed jobless rates were at a 50-year low.

    As IJR reported earlier, unemployment dropped to 3.5% — the lowest unemployment rate since D […]

    • Sillies! The Dims aren’t about America. They are about accumulating power and control over the monies and lives of others to satisfy their own delusions.

      • That is precisely why they are now Socialists; not DemocRATs. DemocRATs used to work FOR America and FOR the people. Socialists are working FOR Socialist POWER and CONTROL and to Hell with what the people want or need. Follow along behind the 2020 clown car to hear the evidence straight from the South end of North bound jackasses.

      • sorry whoever replied, but IJR won’t let me see your post. IJR as usual.

    • Haters, as Trump said “Impeach that”.

    • James,

      “That is precisely why they are now Socialists; not DemocRATs. DemocRATs used to work FOR America and FOR the people. Socialists are working FOR Socialist POWER and CONTROL and to Hell with what the people want or need. Follow along behind the 2020 clown car to hear the evidence straight from the South end of North bound jackasses.”

      They have ALWAYS been Socialists, even before Marx, the Fabians, the Utopians, or the *ahem* Progressives. Central government control is their ENTIRE raison d’etre, i.e. they know how to run our lives better than we do.

      • I keep asking: WHAT is so “progressive” about a political Party which criticizes and has historically obstructed forward movement and actual, real progress by the Republican Party FOR Americans? For years, the members of the Jackass Party ALWAYS voted Party over People (former Florida “D” Senator who spent 46 years in D.C. ALWAYS voted how he was told – Party first. He didn’t need a pen and a phone).

    • Here’s the f’d up part of IJR: the comments (part of more) below are “awaiting moderation”. Why? If there are rules to this discussion, why are they secret?

      What are the f’ing rules? Is this a guessing game? Obviously there are no means of appeal or recourse. This, along with the recycled news are why I limit my time here.

      Here’s a thought: IF a Dim gets elected (disaster) let’s ALL declare ourselves illegals and transgenders and pregnant. Alinsky said make your enemies live up to their standards. I’m going change that to make them die by their standards. Deny me if you will. I’ve got money and lots of attorneys.

      • Money and attorneys are not going to help a bit in the upcoming Civil War being promoted for prime time by the Leftists. You’re going to need guns and lots of ammo. [Check and see if that FFL in Tempe, AZ is still running his sale on AR-15’s.]

    • That weakness was exploited for years by the previous administration. If it’s happening now, then it’s par for the course.

      Do you have access to more accurate #s?

    • To whoever replied,

      IJR won’t let me see your post. IJR as usual.

    • Screwtape<

      Employment #'s as of 10/4/2019: (1) Black male unemployment DOWN to 5.4%; lowest since 1973. (2) Hispanic unemployment DOWN to 3.9%; Lowest EVER recorded. (3) White unemployment DOWN to 3.5%; lowest since December 1969.

      Damn Trump and his policies to Make America Great Again! He should be impeached (let's make something up as to why).

    • Demo-🐀’s have nothing for the working American just the freeloaders, bottom feeders and illegals.

    • James,
      “Money and attorneys are not going to help a bit in the upcoming Civil War being promoted for prime time by the Leftists. You’re going to need guns and lots of ammo. [Check and see if that FFL in Tempe, AZ is still running his sale on AR-15’s.]”

      It’s entirely possible I have that contingency covered as well. Also other supplies. It’s amazing what one can make using parts and chemicals from, say, Home Depot.

      • Have you figured out who it is you plan to shoot?

        • Join the discussion…There is NO doubt who the is the enemy of this nation syphilis. You and your demonrat/communist party have ALWAYS been the enemy of America even in 1776. You wanted us ruled by the king of England then and now it is the same thing, one party rule, you.

    • Okay, who else wants to be there when Screw declares himself “illegal, transgendered and pregnant”?

    • Here’s the problem with employment numbers for whoever is president, they don’t include large populations like those unemployed who have stopped looking, retirees, students. So when presidents tout employment numbers I roll my eyes.

    • SyPhyllis: “Okay, who else wants to be there when Screw declares himself “illegal, transgendered and pregnant”?

      Who F-Ing cares? ST’s comments make more sense than ANYTHING you’ve ever posted. If you don’t have anything other than ad hominem attacks you don’t have anything….and I mean anything!!!!

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