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  • Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) warned 2020 Democratic hopefuls not to underestimate the president – and President Donald Trump is taking notice.

    “I used to think that Donald Trump was not t […]

  • Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) is laying into 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke after he suggested the removal of the tax-exempt status of churches and charities.

    O’Rourke made his case during […]

    • Beto won’t do anything—-will never get elected—-is a mental midget trying to draw attention—-reminds me of someone that tries to gain attention by dousing them self with gasoline and lighting a match—-and just like that—-poof—-he’ll be gone.

      • After he gets booted from the race?
        He’s a shoe in, for an anchor on CNN, MSNBC, or one of the other propogandists channels..

    • Warren and Beto are both bat shit crazy,plus it would be thrown out of court

      • “it would be thrown out of court” Michael Ringinger

        You might be right about the court thing, which is why I say to take the tax breaks away from ALL church organizations evenly. That would be non-discriminatory and Constitutional since separation between church and state is at the core of the document.

    • Hahahahaha ORourke will never be president however taxing Churches all churches not charities isn’t a bad idea but taxpayers paying for sex changes for prisoners should never be no taxpayers should never pay for anyone’s sex change regardless if in prison or not

    • Perhaps Obama’s church in Chicago, would like this deal.
      But, he’s also proven, that he himself, is a godless hypocrite.
      There must be a special place in hell, for these morons.

    • O’Rourke will jump on any controversial bandwagon he thinks will get him some press. He doesn’t seem to have any thoughts, just sound bites.

    • “it would be thrown out of court” Michael Ringinger

      You might be right about the court thing, which is why I say to take the tax breaks away from ALL church organizations evenly. That would be non-discriminatory and Constitutional since separation between church and state is at the core of the document.

      • Please point out WHERE separation of church and state is in any document from the founding fathers.

        It isn’t in there.

        Again if you are going to use phrases you better school yourself about them. That phrase come from Jefferson in a private letter to the antibaptists.

    • The problem is that so many churches don’t follow the 1954 Johnson Agreement anyway, so since they can’t play ball and the government has no inclination to regulate the bad apples, just tax’em all!

      • Join the discussion…You confuction are a real piece of what my dog leaves on my front lawn. You are the worst waste I have ever smelled. All the stuff coming out of your mouth really smells bad. By the way, Terry L is Exactly right and you would know it if you had a brain and could read.

    • Hate for religion, what a surprise. Democrats want to control your lives, they are evil.

    • I guess his oath of office doesn’t continue- he hasn’t defended the constitution in many things.
      Any oath in public office (which i DONT think he has to worry about) will be a lie.

    • Will this moron demand the same punishments for mosques? What a piece of garbage…

    • What sex should Beato(ff) switch to? And how many does he have to choose from?

    • Beto O’Dork the Dildo from El Paso, polling a 2% matching his IQ.

    • The Democrats are simply trying to impose what amounts to a “…state religion…” on the American people…ya-think…?!?!?

    • Join the discussion…WOW, another ignorant blithering idiot who knows nothing about the Constitution or Bill of Rights. Must be a lying demonrat.

    • Let’s face it, demonrats/communists are anti-American, anti-religion, anti-Constitution, anti-freedom, anti-military and pro-communist. This is not a thought but an actual fact. They have been this way since they were the tories way back in 1776 when we kicked their butts. It would seem that we need to do it again and force them out of this nation.

      • Separation of church and state is not “anti-Constitution, anti-religion, or anti-American.” If a church wishes to participate in politics, WHY would you want the church to still have tax-exempt status? How do you see that “force them out of this nation” working?

        • Again at what point do churches become political organizations? Have you ever been to a church before I’ve been to a few and by hundreds. Not a single one was posting political things or even mentioning them for that matter. It’s all because he wants to tax them and make them out to be the bad guys who clearly vote republican. I know several regular church goers who are staunch Democrats, and they have the right to religious freedom without being punished for their beliefs which is what he’s trying to do with this tax BS. All this coming from someone who doesn’t even agree with organized religion even being allowed to exist.

    • Beto plans “to pull that status from those churches and charities who oppose same-sex marriage”. That is not political for churches, it’s basic in religion, long before 1776. Until recently, marriage has always been the union of a man and woman. That is also the definition in the dictionary, if you still have an old one lying around.
      Churches don’t “force” anyone to worship at all. The Constitution just tells the government not to try to “force” religions to comply with governments religious beliefs.

    • Is anyone surprised that this Beto Bastard is finally revealing who he actually is? That’s the way a Democrat’s work; they have to hide who they really are, for if the public actually was aware of their radical leftist bs they would never stand a chance on Election Day. There’s a good lesson here for many folks.

    • Cherl replied 1 day ago

      “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.” Chapter 18 verse 22 of Leviticus. This is the word followed by Christians and Jews. If they follow the Bible in their belief that is not political. Living for years in a small town with as many small pizza shops as churches I have yet to see any of these churches being political in their belief. They don’t post political signs before an election or from their pulpit endorse anyone. The sneaky insinuation that they do is typical of the liberals. And for O’Rourke the dork to take this stand is a sure loss of even more votes. He’s grasping at anything to get his name on top. Won’t happen.
      Sasse isn’t always a favorite but he sure got this right.

      • It always makes me laugh… there is one bible verse to put down homosexuality. One. There are several that specifically state divorce is wrong – even in the new testament – but when is the last time you heard of a divorcee being denied services for getting remarried.

    • Again I have to ask do you live in reality or the alternative version in your mind? At what point were churches and charities political organizations that have been oppressing people? He’s claiming he wants to tax them because of this “reason” when he just wants to find more taxes to squeeze from the people.

    • The Johnson Amendment is still in place, Trump only weakened it with his EO attempting to eliminate the separation of church and state. IRS has CLEARLY not been enforcing it for some time. BUT it is still against the law for a “church” to be involved in politics and retain tax exempt status. I like Sen Sasse, but he’s been in Congress long enough to educate himself to the laws on the books.

    • Didn’t he drop out of the race earlier? Or maybe I’m thinking he’s so irrelevant because he is and should just stop embarrassed himself.

      • No, there is no evidence that Beto ever dropped out of the race. WHY would you perceive anyone running in the DEMOCRAT primary would be relevant to an avid Trump supporter?

    • Shocker- a Dem candidate for president vows to actually follow the constitution. As a tax exempt, churches are required (although up to now, not enforced) NOT to be politically active. As a famous supreme court justice stated- “Your right to swing your arms ends just where the other man’s nose begins.”
      Religious freedom is the freedom to worship as you will, not the freedom to force others to worship as you want.

    • Just proves the vein of thought possessed by DA D-RATs. They will say anything–do anything IF they think it will benefit them. To hell with logic, to hell with common sense–to hell with law (BTW buthole Beto’s rant is a 1st Amendment violation)—bring on the insanity–bring on lawlessness (like ANTIFA–which the D-RATs do not object to)–D-RATs believe it’s ok to assault an opponent (like spitting in the face of someone expressing a 1st Amendment right, or wearing a red hat.) Yep folks that’s the dastardly, depraved, dirty, Nazi like D-RAT party—-more Socialist that Democratic (the root name of their party—-how ironic.) Defies logic that a sane person with an IQ >12 could vote for human scum like a D-RAT!

    • *Phoenix*. Glad to give you a laugh. I suppose when Beto says churches will lose their tax exempt status when they don’t allow divorced folks to remarry you’ll have your answer. In the meantime, there is more than one verse. “In Jude 1:7 the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah are stated to have been “giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh”,[15] which may refer to homosexuality.” For me, I don’t judge having been divorced for 20 years. But thanks for the heads up.

      • While I have been a Methodist my entire life, I can not see enacting American laws based on a book written centuries ago. In addition to divorce and homosexuality, it also bans eating shellfish & pork or having body parts pierced or tattooed. I believe as the founders did in separation of church and state. I don’t care what religious beliefs others chose to adhere—as long as they do not attempt to inflict their beliefs on others. No one is forcing anyone to marry someone of the same sex.

        • The Constitution was written 2 centuries ago by very flawed individuals (as we all are) maybe we should just toss it and start over. Kind of like the council at Nicea, you know make it fit what is comfortable to our agenda. Does Methodism support abortion, fornication and homosexuality?

    • Why is anyone worried about O’stupid, he has ZERO chance of winning anything.

      • Can we at least hold out hope that when Trump leaves office, the childish name calling will cease?

        • Join the discussion…Only if the demonrats have changed and want the Constitution enforced and get rid of it’s communist agenda. There will be no one party rule in America. But we all know that will not happen.

    • “There can be no reward, no benefit, no tax break for anyone or any institution, any organization in America that denies the full human rights and the full civil rights of every single one of us,” O’Rourke said during the town hall.
      Well, Good Deal. We will just make darned sure that ALL Organizations, i.e. DNCC, Southern Poverty League, ACLU, ANTIFA, ME TOO Movement, etc., etc. will all have to make them along with PP to pay the taxes in their capacities.
      Might just have to levy a tax specifically for all Congress Members who continue to attempt to disenfranchise our right to vote for whomever we choose.
      Such a lame brain should not have been let out of his sandbox stage, and into the general public.

    • *Phyllis* you mean like tDump for one? Liberals are far from innocent.

      • I have one standard to assess a situation—not one for Trump & his supporters and another for anti-Trumpers. Childish nicknames is a display of emotional immaturity. Period. When you see me post Make America SANE Again, it is hoping that the displays of insanity on the far-Right and far-Left are addressed. Replacing insanity with insanity is NOT going to restore sanity in America.

    • O’Rourke’s comments are just another example of the “…war on Christianity…” being waged by the progressive-left/Democratic Party…. They are trying to impose THEIR version of a “…state religion…” on the American people.

    • True Christianity, that which teaches love and tolerance (besides, there is that verse that mentions John: “the disciple that Jesus loved”) escapes many denominations. Now, whether that hatred and intolerance should call for them not getting their “unfair” tax exemptions, should be up to the voters. Oh, Boy! I can see already how that would end up!

    • So now O’Stupid is wanting Churches to literally rewrite the words of the actual Bible!!????? SMH

    • Cheryl, I’m not putting down divorce. I didn’t know you were divorced, so i wasn’t digging at you.
      I just don’t understand making exceptions for one and not the other. Both involve going against the bible willfully – only one gets is a stigma.

      I don’t agree with tax exemptions being removed from any religion, however i also don’t agree with laws being passed that enable those religions to discriminate against a certain group. The constitution is supposed to protect the public from that.

    • i don’t think anyone should be tax exempt. if i have to pay taxes everyone should. but as long as religions ARE tax exempt the government should have no right to tell them to break what their faith say for them to believe in.

  • Former acting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Tom Homan is slamming the Minneapolis mayor for his immigration policies.

    Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey (D) didn’t keep silent about his criticism […]

    • It sounds like a place to stay away from. Hate, its what the Democrats offer. They remind me of the Nazis.

    • Cold weather must have frozen Frey’s brain cells—-unable to think with common sense—-DA

    • The dims are the ones spewing hate, insults and lies at a much faster pace than the lies they tell you about what comes out of Trump’s mouth. Just like the lie you yourself uttered here,”Trump has done nothing but spew hate, insults and lies toward anyone who opposed what he believed at the time”. There have been countless times the dims have called him a liar when he’s been speaking the truth all along.

    • Ron, I believe you have that wrong. Clear back from when he was inaugurated, Trump has done nothing but spew hate, insults and lies toward anyone who opposed what he believed at the time, and his Trumpeteers followed him like sheep.

  • 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) brought some laughter to the stage as she took on a CNN town hall on topics surrounding the LGBTQ community.

    The network held a town hall on […]

    • I don’t see the response as “witty” as much as it is common sense. NO ONE has ever asked a straight person to marry someone of the same sex. If you are gay and your religious beliefs do not recognize marriage equality, don’t get married—but don’t marry someone of the opposite sex if you don’t love them. That would only result in BOTH of you being miserable.

    • “Human Rights Campaign Board of Directors Chair Morgan Cox asked Warren” Article

      So I am a little confused by Mr Cox AND by Warren.

      For whom was he asking this question, himself or someone else? Warren starts off by replying indirectly to this hypothetical “guy”, but retorts to Mr Cox using “you”.

      I am also thinking that Mr Cox believed that he was asking some sort of gotcha question. How did THAT work out on the nation’s stage, huh?

  • 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) expressed that she believes U.S. taxpayers should fund gender reassignment surgeries for prison inmates.

    During Thursday’s CNN LGBTQ town hall, […]

    • Mind you, my temporarily uninsured cousin, can’t afford his insulin and related diabetic supplies like glucose test strips, but if he ends up in jail it’s nice to know he can finally have that medically unnecessary sex change he’s been yearning for.

      Give me a fricking break! SMH

      • “Give me a fricking break! SMH” Morte206

        Are you finally starting to see the advantage of an altogether different kind of health care system? Because our current one sure sucks.

    • Morte206, I’m pretty sure that Warren also wants your uninsured cousin to get the insulin and supplies that he needs. I don’t think Trump cares about him any more than he cares about transgender prisoners, for what it’s worth.

      • I would mostly agree. However, I would rather see that money spent on diabetic care and supplies for the many, many many more diabetics who are not incarcerated than the significantly fewer preoperative transsexuals who are incarcerated.

    • How about enhancements for my girlfriend?

    • That’s our tax money prisoners should not get elective surgery at our expence.

    • GC: What’s fricking ridiculous is paying for a reassignment surgery and follow up specialty care for a person who is serving a 20+ year sentence (if not life) , at all.

  • Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) made known on Thursday that she may not be attending the next 2020 Democratic primary debate as a boycott.

    Making the announcement via Twitter, Gabbard said that she is “seriously […]

    • Make America SANE Again.

    • Tulsi Gabbard is correct. 2016 was promised to Hillary Clinton and she got it, despite the “democratic” process. 2020 is already promised to someone, this is just a dog and pony show. I’m sure it’s unnerving for those not established in the Deep State to see what really goes on. Don’t be surprised if the names Clinton and Obama are in there somewhere.

      • Just so I have this straight. You believe the DNC controls the voters? Were you thinking that Clinton cast a spell on 2016 primary voters preventing the majority of voters from voting for the candidate that wanted Medicare for All, Free college, and No trade agreements??? Is that like the spell Obama put on strangers to prevent them from saying “Merry Christmas”? Make America SANE Again!!

        • You never have anything straight. Were you not aware that it was confirmed that HRC stole the candidacy from Bernie Sanders? Ya, that really happened, even in Demo-lala land. Nothing to do with the voters, but instead the DNC, which we all know are such fine upstanding politicians. You are a fool if you don’t believe there is a deep state. Bernie did get a nice new mansion on the lake though as a consolation prize. Our votes mean nothing until actual voting day and then surprises like 2016 happen. They misjudged the silent majority. Replay some of the jaw droppers in the MSM. People who should just report the news, not have a bias on it. People didn’t vote FOR Trump, they voted against Hillary. I hope she takes the “imaginary” dare she’s trying to set up and runs again.

    • While I disagree with many of Rep. Gabbard’s policies she is the most sane of those still viable. Boycotting the next round of debates would be counter-productive to her own campaign, denyng her exposure and the opportunity to make her points.

      Now if Hillary makes a 3rd run……

      • Most sane???? Still viable??? RCP polling from 9-23 to 10-8 has her average at ZERO POINT SEVEN. If you need to threaten a boycott to get media attention, you are not that viable or sane. If you are claiming you are not certain Assad used and is still using chemical weapons on his own people is just something we “misunderstood,” you should not be viable in a Democrat primary for the nomination for POTUS.

  • President Donald Trump is offering an emotional response as to what is the “hardest thing” he has to do as the president of the United States.

    The president’s remarks come at a time that he’s been in hot water […]

    • As a staunch supporter of President Trump I’m greatly saddened over this decision. Yes, of course nobody likes war. No one wants our soldiers in harm’s way but if ever there were a time to use them it’s now. The President is getting and ignoring good advice. He asked us to pray for God’s guidance. Major evangelical leaders are trying to tell him. Even our soldiers who have worked with the Peshmerga are dismayed. Someone needs to get ahold of President Trump and talk some sense into him.

    • I fully support removing ourselves from tribal wars. We are not the world’s police. Funny how neocons & libs are coming together to condemn Trump here.

    • Why does it always fall on US to take care of everything. Where are all the middle east countries. Where is the UN shouldn’t they be their helping. They are the first ones to complain that we did something wrong. Let do the fighting.

    • Albeit, I worry about the Kurds; and timing; nonetheless, it is a valid question; how long must we spend our money; and ask our best; our military to sacrifice. Afghanistan is going on 20 years.
      Let’s determine once and permanently how to end this. 20 years is enough time to design an exit strategy.

    • Look in a mirror. The disgrace is you. Ever post is hatefilled and childish.

    • I have been reading IJR Red posts for the entire Trump campaign and presidency. Trump is acutely aware that he does NOT have to worry about the lies when it comes to his base. Name a lie, and the base claims it is not a lie—China is paying the Trump import tariffs or No one from the Trump campaign had contact with any Russians. Those are 2 of the many indisputable lies that the base still believe. Make America SANE Again.

    • Lots of armchair quarterbacking. Years of military help, families separated and lives lost. That’s the price the US paid. Even though I was surprised to hear President Trump’s decision, I’m not the president. Liberals squawk and criticize that he doesn’t keep campaign promises. Well here’s one!

    • The hardest thing the man with infinite wisdom has had to do is remember what he said the minute before he tells another lie.

      • Join the discussion…When are you and your demonrat party going to find honesty (much less wisdom) and stop your continuous lying. You are the party of pure evil.

    • Trump exposed the hollowness if his words by mentioning his “witch hunt” at the same time he is discussing lives lost in service to our country. This man is a disgrace who somehow manages to even make consoling family members about himself.

      • Join the discussion…You and your demonrat party are the most despicable people in the universe. I don’t want to hear your lies about how much you care. It is all just words to you.

  • Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-) is blasting two-time failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for mulling a “rematch” against President Donald Trump in 2020.

    Trump took to Twitter on […]

    • This is one topic i think the entire nation can agree on…

    • I guess the rest of the country is “lying or delusional” about her emails too because we’d all like to know how destroying Congress subpoenaed evidence is not a crime.

  • Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) is backing the White House’s move in calling the Democrat-led House of Representatives’ impeachment push against President Donald Trump unconstitutional.

    In a letter to top Democratic […]

    • Gym Jordon is the perfect republican politician, he doesn’t let the truth persuade him.

    • I am getting a little fed up with King Donald The Loser getting away with things, too.

      A new book is coming out about 43 NEW names and details of him assaulting more women. He will get away with this unscathed… because. Because nobody will hold him accountable, not even the confused law-and-order party or voters.

      • More 3rd party accounts? Looking forward to it!! Where’s Avenatti and his whores now? How’d that work out?

      • Gee, no one could tell that you you were fed up with the “King”.

        Let’s ask you a question. What would it take for you to credit the president, not king, with benefitting Americans.

    • Good. Why should the administration hand the Dims rope with which to hang it?

      The OBVIOUS thing. IF the Dims had actual charges then what are they waiting for? Clearly they do not.

      This is a single-minded campaign of harassment and obstruction. Meanwhile nothing that matters to voters is getting done and WE notice.

    • ST, I think DJT is the ULTIMATE rope salesman! He just keeps throwing hanks of it out there as the Democrats dutifully “tie them up some neckties” with it.

      I say, “let them proceed”. I think DJT thinks as much. After the House declares their phony impeachment, I think “the Turtle ” has some ideas of his own in his Republican led Senate. …As in, let the facts be revealed! They alone will exonerate DJT and reveal the sham that the Democrats have been pulling!!

      Hopefully the Senate portion of this soap opera finishes after 2020 and DJT is re-elected. It would assure that no Democrat is elected again for many years!!!

  • Republican lawmakers are backing President Donald Trump following the White House’s letter sent to House Democrats regarding the impeachment probe.

    White House counsel Pat Cipollone penned a letter on behalf of […]

    • Rules? Laws? Democrats don’t care about no stinking rules or laws. They only want power, control and they’ll lie, cheat, use any corruption to get it.

    • The only thing being nailed is the coffin that Democracy will end up in. Democrats are violating the Constitution at every turn in a quest for power and control. They have divided the country ever since Obama was elected. Now they’re stirring up trouble where ever they can just to attempt a coup and win in 2020. It may cost them in the end.

    • You are confused. That’s what constant indoctrination will do for you.

    • You gotta love Dems claiming it’s obstruction. Of what, an unlawful little game they are playing. They are going to lose, big time.

    • You need to take a civics course, read the Federalist Papers and the Constitution.

    • Lawlessness is the Democrats using the power of the House of Representatives to pursue impeachment before allowing the entire House of Representatives to vote on whether to pursue impeachment.

    • Sherri, become one who loves America and what it stand for. It may take you some time…

    • “What you’re seeing is regicide” Joseph diGenova said while harping on Democrats upholding our laws.

      A GOP Ally vindicates me calling King Donald The Loser a king. Nailed it.

    • I am confused.

      Where is Senator Moscow Mitch? Sure, he tweeted (big deal), but otherwise he can’t be found.

    • “[The Democrats] are going to lose, big time.” Sherri

      What if you are wrong, Sherri?

      What is your Plan B?

    • “You need to take a civics course, read the Federalist Papers and the Constitution.” Sherri

      You should get out of your information bubble and read some of Thom Hartmann’s books.

    • Charles, none of what the Democrats are doing are “evil” or unconstitutional. They want to save the nation and its future from what-not-who we have in the White House. Please, Charles, become one who cares bout America!

    • IJR is confusing.

      The top list indicates that there are ten comments here.

      Where are they? Not ten, not five, not even one!

    • Generally Confused, It’s clear that you’ve never read The Constitution OR The Federalist Papers. I have. Tell me where I’m wrong here and cite the specific quotes that prove me wrong.

      • “I have.” An unhung chad

        Bully for you.

        A bigger issue is whether King Donald The Loser has ever read it or can in any way understand it. He broke the emoluments clause on day one in office.

        And on numerous occasions he regularly declares himself above the law citing Article 2 of the Constitution. I don’t think he even knows how to cite Section 2 of Article because that would be too confusing to him, but he sure misunderstands it because he claims that it gives him unlimited power. This guy is nuts, certifiable.

        So before you get too concerned by insignificant people, in the big picture, worry more about the idiot in the Oval Office. He is far more dangerous.

    • Generally Confused, perhaps you should read the source documents (The Constitution and The Federalist Papers) rather than some liberal hack’s interpretation of any of them.

      • WHERE in the Constitution or U.S law are you finding a legal requirement for a full House vote on an impeachment INQUIRY? A full House vote is required on the articles of impeachment. Impeachment is the list of charges in the indictment. R’s will have the opportunity to cast their vote for history as to what actions of any POTUS they find acceptable. They appear eager to go on the record to endorse obstruction of justice, abuse of power, and contempt of Congress.

    • So this just happened.

      King Donald The Loser just accused the Kurds of not help us in Normandy, during WW II.


      He is so confusing. Does he even have a brain?

      • Once again you’re the Confused One. This thread deals with the Dem congressional witch hunt, not Turkey or the Kurds,

    • Generously Confused about Genitalia: > ““[The Democrats] are going to lose, big time.” Sherri

      What if you are wrong, Sherri?

      What is your Plan B?”<

      Do you mean like an INSURANCE policy, GC? We know all about that, compliments of FBI agent, Stroczk (spelling? Who gives a f*ck?). Andy has that all covered…..or maybe not!

    • I find it disconcerting that 16 IJR readers are of the impression that the U.S. Constitution or an actual law requires a House vote for an impeachment inquiry. If there was such a law or evidence in the Constitution, don’t you think Madison would have included the information in her article. IF R’s were citing the law, she would have included it with the politicians that she quotes in the article.

    • SyPhyllis, I don’t give a f*ck what Madison SUMMERS mentions in her article: I do, however care what James MADISON had to say about it. And as hard as it may be to believe, I don’t give a f*ck about what you think about what I think.

      The fact that the Democrats are bringing this case against Trump on the basis of anonymous third party hearsay and without allowing any Republicans or his own defense attorneys to speak on his behalf won’t be lost on the American people.

      A Kafka novel couldn’t be any more bizarre than the Democrats behavior in all of this.

      • What investigation (it’s not a trial) allows defense to speak? You seem confused and angry. Also, investigations are very frequently started based on “anonymous third party hearsay.” That has no bearing on whether or not the suspect did what they are accused of doing.

    • “I have.” An unhung chad

      Bully for you.

      A bigger issue is whether King Donald The Loser has ever read it or can in any way understand it. He broke the emoluments clause on day one in office.

      And on numerous occasions he regularly declares himself above the law citing Article 2 of the Constitution. I don’t think he even knows how to cite Section 2 of Article because that would be too confusing to him, but he sure misunderstands it because he claims that it gives him unlimited power. This guy is nuts, certifiable.

      So before you get too concerned by insignificant people, in the big picture, worry more about the idiot in the Oval Office. He is far more dangerous.

      • Tell me, Genitally Confused, how many presidents have been removed for violating the “Emoluments Clause”?

        As long as Government officials exempt themselves and family members from setting up business ventures directly related to their political influence as Biden and his son, and Pelosi and her son, did in Ukraine (which I concede was legal, but wrong), I’ll look past your allegations (no matter how debunked they’ve been) that Trump violated the “emoluments clause”.

        “Lunch Box Joe”, didn’t make his multi-millions on his paltry government salary, he did it through his “special” interests. In the private business world known as “conflicts of interest ” that are prosecutable.

        Trump and his family were rich when they came into office and will be rich when he leaves in 2024. Deal with it!!!

    • “This thread deals with the Dem congressional witch hunt, not Turkey or the Kurds” An unhung chad

      Ask me if I care. If IJR can’t be bothered covering important topics or if they skip news cycles, I am willing to broaden the site’s coverage. You are free to read along… or not.

    • “Bananas”; “a barely-lawyered temper tantrum”; “pure hackery”: These are just some of the words that Republican lawyers have used to describe Mr. Cipollone’s screed.

      • “Republicans” , aka RINOS for hire!

        Michael, No hearsay has ever been admitted in any legitimate court. My Dear Aunt Sally heard from a friend that you were sucking off your Gay Bar encounters in the parking lot for $0.50 a trick. Should we kick off an investigation???

    • *Phylliphlis* To answer your foolishness it’s called precedence. A vote for inquiry was voted on before During past impeachments, once the full House authorized an impeachment inquiry, the House Judiciary Committee took the lead in conducting an investigation, holding hearings on proposed articles of impeachment, and voting on whether to approve them.

      • Absolutely Cheri!!! In the Clinton case, there were 11 felony charges waged against him! The house voted to impeach and the members were not so gutless as to fail to have their vote posted alongside their names, Pelosi STILL won’t bring this to a vote. Let’s put the Democrat’s money where their big fat mouths are!!

    • Michael: “Republicans” , aka RINOS for hire!

      No hearsay evidence has ever been admitted in any legitimate court! If this is only “an investigation”, President Trump has no obligations to comply. You seem to miss the Executive Privilege that the President has. Google Obame for abuse of executive privilege. Especially granting it to AG Eric Holder when he face with Congressional contempt charges (“Obama’s Wingman”).

      My Dear Aunt Sally heard from a friend that you were sucking off your Gay Bar entourages in the parking lot for $0.50 a trick. Should we kick off an investigation focused on you???

      • Chad is so confused. Evidence comes from the investigation, not the hearsay, and executive privilege does not put the president above the law (or excuse your ignorant, childish comments). Why are you so angry?

    • SyPhyllis, I know that, but thanks for the Constitutional legal counsel, Captain Obvious. I guess you Democrat A-holes shouldn’t mind it when President Trump refuses to participate then. Maybe you idiots should quit complaining about it. But yet, you’ll still bleat, “obstruction of justice!”, as usual ‘

      When will Pelosi put all the rabid impeachment Democrats on record to get a REAL trial going?? Considering how long they’ve had and haven’t come up with anything, I’d say, “never”.

    • Chad is so confused. Evidence comes from the investigation, not the hearsay, and executive privilege does not put the president above the law (or excuse your ignorant, childish comments). Why are you so angry?

    • “If this is only “an investigation”” An unhung chad

      You are so confused.

      An impeachment is ONLY an investigation, at this stage. It isn’t a trial, as such, until it gets sent to the Senate.

  • President Donald Trump bestowed an “absolute titan of American law and a heroic defender of the American Constitution” with the Medal of Freedom.

    Former President Ronald Reagan associate Edwin Messe II was […]

  • Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is mulling the idea of a “rematch” between her and President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

    Clinton responded to the president on Twitter Tuesday […]

    • I can only assume that the advanced case of mad cow disease she’s suffering from prevents her from fully understanding the term “again”.
      Unless she’s talking about a drinking competition then she probably would beat him, but it still wouldn’t be “again”as the man doesn’t drink and thus they have never competed head to head in the “Inebriation Games”.

    • “It truly is remarkable how obsessed he remains with me.” Clinton

      Hillary Clinton is not confused.

      King Donald The Loser and a lot of his cult are pathological.

      • If Trump were truly obsessed Hillary and her corruption would be under full investigation. But she’s history for now. Let’s see what happens during Trump’s 2nd term.

      • Spoken like the true narcissist that she is. The POTUS is a little busy dealing with a myriad of issues, newsflash, you’re not one of them. But keep trying to stay relative.

    • Again? Hillary is as confused as the Genital. Also delusional. Excessive drinking and ego will do that. One cannot help notice that she is NOT in the WH, but perhaps she has not.

      “I had him.” said every loser every time.

    • Please run again Hillary. I’ll even make a campaign contribution if you do. (though it will be to Trump),

    • What’s this again, about? She is not in the White House.

    • Oh, I love that wicked smile and the twinkle in her eye. I bet that irks King Donald The Loser so much! Delish!

  • Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is giving the President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani an opportunity to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding Ukraine.

    Graham, who is the chair of the Senate […]

    • Now thats a set up if I’ve ever heard it… he will say anything to implicate Biden and claim privilege for all Democrat questions that ask for his role. If Biden actually did something wrong, then I’m happy he is being called out, but there had to have been less controversial ways of getting the truth out.

      Thats why personal lawyers should not be allowed to do any work for the WH in tandem with foriegn governments.

    • LOL….Senator Kennedy wants Giuliani to shut up and Lindsey wants Giuliani to talk about his conspiracies under oath…… The comedy writers will one day have to return to the days of earning their paychecks. You can’t make up this stuff!

      • Well, here is something NOT comedic. Apparently, King Donald The Loser is going to pull the US out of the Open Skies treaty.

        I want to know what Russia has on him, to make him want to do something like that! You are right. A normal person can’t make this stuff up.

    • “You can’t make up this stuff!” Phyllis

      Well, here is something NOT comedic. Apparently, King Donald The Loser is going to pull the US out of the Open Skies treaty.

      I want to know what Russia has on him, to make him want to do something like that! You are right. A normal person can’t make this stuff up.

  • Acting U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Mark Morgan offered praise to the Trump administration, as he explained the continued decrease of migrant apprehensions at the U.S.-Mexico […]

  • Minneapolis police officers are pushing back against its Democratic mayor after the law enforcement officers were told they couldn’t wear their uniforms to political events, ahead of President Donald Trump’s […]

    • Apparently the *ahem* leadership feels differently than the rank & file. They support a president who supports them. Good for these first responders.

    • Blue lives matter and it’s a pleasure to have a president who gets that.

    • Kudos to these policemen for outwitting a half wit. Mayor Frey isn’t too obvious about his prejudice… he?

    • Wearing uniform should not be a political statement and this would be the response from most private employers. I would also get in trouble if I showed up to a political event with my employer’s logo and made national news. And i don’t even work in a role that requires those I serve to trust me with their lives.

      The T shirts are a great way to show police support and make some money that can be donated to support the president. Fantastic solution.

      As the for security fees, i guess I’d be more curious to see security costs for the President’s rallies in similar venues in other states. Just straight comparing price charged to Obama from 10 years ago without comparing details of venue, timing of election cycles, and crowd size is completely worthless.

  • Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) is laying into Democrats for escalating calls for President Donald Trump’s impeachment amid whistleblower complaints about the Ukraine controversy.

    The president has found himself under […]

    • “secondhand, hearsay information” that has been verified by the facts released so far and that is the kind of information usually used to start any kind of investigation. How stupid he must think we are.

    • Hmm. The transcript supports NOTHING the Dims claim. The Ukrainian president, an ACTUAL PARTICIPANT in the conversation denies any pressure, as do the indicative remarks by the former ambassador to the Ukraine.

      Fact: Quid Pro Joe took his snorterrific son along on trips to China and Ukraine AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE. Suddenly it rained money for his son, who took time off from having sex with his brother’s widow. Something awfully hinky about that.

      Fact: Gropin’ Graspin’ Joe later publicly bragged about abusing his VP position to extort the firing of a prosecutor who was looking into why, a cokehead with zero energy experience and who spoke no Ukrainian, got a $50k a month job with an energy company. Looks a lot like “pay for play”.

    • Screw, don’t be ridiculous. That is what an investigation is for. So far everything aligns with the report, Trump has admitted to much of it, and there has been nothing disproven about the report.

  • First Lady Melania Trump addressed the importance of raising awareness of drug addiction and urged people to commit to a pledge to be drug-free.

    With a focus on her “Be Best” initiative, – which, in part, l […]

  • Former President Jimmy Carter isn’t letting 14 stitches get in his way of serving, as he’s leading a build for Habitat for Humanity following a fall.

    After falling at his home and being hospitalized, the former […]

    • Looks a lot like 2 black eyes. Either way, a truly great American.

      • I disagree. His participation encourages others to take REAL action on causes they support.

        It might be said he’s accomplished more good since leaving the WH than while he was there.

    • Bravo for Mr. Carter. He’s doing real good on a human-scale, despite his age. I disagree with the “super-hero” label, as it’s REAL everyday people who make things work to help others. He’s no more special than the other volunteers in that respect except for the PR.

      full disclosure: I wielded a hammer, tape-measure, and speed-square for Habitat for Humanity while spending time in New Orleans, post-Katrina, on a telecom job. I continue to volunteer at one of their local ReStores. (I do a lot of volunteer work as it’s beneficial to me and a great tax write-off) I selfishly like the actual physical work and tangible results, politics and humanitarianism aside. It’s completely NOT pushing papers or riding a keyboard.

  • Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) is torching U.S. senators who support President Donald Trump, even amidst the escalating push by Democrats for his impeachment over controversial phone calls.

    The president is […]

    • Have the tactics you suggest ever produced results that were helpful? Would you change your position on any topic if those tactics were employed?

    • I am disgusted by the folks that re elect here every 2 yrs. that is more telling than anything else.

      Just like Hank Johnson (I believe) from Ga who in a televised hearing on moving more Marines to Guam asked an Admiral if they were worried the island of Guam would tip over because of the increase in troops.

      Who votes for these people?

      • Praying 2020 will be the year for redemption! Vote out all of these hateful people that exist in the House of Representatives, Congress!!! #Trump 2020

  • Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is comparing whistleblower reports surrounding President Donald Trump’s Ukraine controversy to Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings.

    The heat was turned up a notch for […]

    • The Democrats talk big talk but are scared to walk the talk. The Dems know that impeachment is a loser for them so they’re running for cover rather than have to vote for it!!

      C’mon you gutless wonders! I can’t wait until the Senate tears you another A-hole during their trial!!

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