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  • President Donald Trump is receiving a warm birthday celebration by many of his Michigan voters as they also protest one of his critics.

    A group of his supporters held a “Squash Amash” rally in Grand Rapids, […]

  • It’s been a tough battle to get both sides of the aisle to agree on immigration fixes to the U.S.-Mexico border. However, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is revealing a glimmer of hope that might bring about a […]

    • Democrats suck.

    • Lindsey Grahamnesty.

    • I am fearful something catastrophic it’s going to happen at our Southern border. Our Congress has done nothing to render a solution therefore they will be totally responsible for any thing that happens as a result of this out of hand situation! The “535 Club” will answer then. It’s no wonder Joe Manchin wants to go back to being the governor of West Virginia. I’d be embarrassed to be a Senator or Congressman in the swamp!

    • Deniers in D.C. either cannot recognize an invasion or do not want to. This is an unsustainable mess.

    • Why are you blocking my coment?? Please explain?

  • On the exact day two years after the attack on Republican members of Congress during a congressional baseball practice, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) is reflecting on his emotional story.

    “Thanks to […]

    • I’m glad she didn’t have to use her skills again as we are in crzy times. Bless Special Agent Griner.

  • 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) controversial past continues to haunt her into the 2020 presidential race.

    Warren appeared on “The Breakfast Club” radio show in late May — a p […]

    • I enjoyed watching Warren squirm. Charlamagne is spot on

    • Her claim was supposed Bogus. I wouldn’t vote for her even if she would be the only candidate.

    • I meant to type so before Bogus.

    • Her reaction IS the story. First of all, claiming to be a Native American when she knew that was a lie is a mistake indicating a lack of good judgment. Doing so repeatedly for decades into your adult life in situations where doing so can lead to benefits she did not deserve indicates someone of poor character. Then when found out, instead of admitting to what was obvious, Warren denied the lie for YEARS, making one lie after another that fell apart. Even now she continues to lie about this and attempt to minimize what she has done. Much like a 2-year-old child caught in a lie.

    • IMO it’s way too late for that. In fact, doing so would just be a continuation of her bad behavior. Saying something for the sole purpose of trying to get ahead, when she doesn’t deserve it. Keep in mind, she lied about being a Native American for decades into her adult life and did so again and again. When found out, she has doubled down, lying for many years, in spite of the obvious proof of what she has done.

    • She was hired by Harvard and listed in their dishonest public ads as a Native American….her salary was an outrageous $350,000 a year. She took a position away from an actual Native American but denies being rewarded for lying…. she is not a nice person….

    • I LOVE watching Liz squirm and cannot wait for her dubious claims to be brought up in the primary debates. Good.

    • Liz leveraged a massive exxageration about her heritage (q.v. the Texas State Bar application, her academic positions, etc.) She may have a smidgen of DNA, but zero tribal affiliation OR, most importantly, identification with any tribe.

      More telling is her zero legislative efforts on behalf of “her people” (until she was recently shamed). This is almost the textbook definition of exploitation and “gaming the system”.

      Worse yet, her platform is full-blown socialist. (how ivory-tower academic of her).

  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has one thing right: he is the “Grim Reaper.”

    Since Democrats took back control of the House of Representatives during […]

  • White House counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway might still have a job under President Donald Trump’s watch.

    On Thursday, Conway came under fire after a federal watchdog called on her to be fired due to […]

  • House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) is knocking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) amid her criticism toward President Donald Trump.

    Trump said during an ABC News interview that he doesn’t see […]

    • “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”—Matthew 7:3

      Nancy ought to be careful about those accusations. She and the Dims are living in a glass house.

    • Oh, really? DNC and Hillary paid Steele, by way of laundered money through FusionGPS, to find something, anything on Trump. Steele created (out of thin air) a dossier. The leaders of the FBI KNEW the dossier had not been verified, but used it anyway to obtain a FISA warranty to spy on the Trump campaign, then to try to overthrow a properly elected President. I would call that a plank!

    • Nancy and her ilk are counting on the ignorance of their base. They foment the hate and vilify Mr. Trump and Republicans just to keep the interest going because they have no real ideology to promote. It’s all power to the State and expansion of the Govt. Even Republicans are in on it. And we, the people, are sick of it.

      • Nancy, I agree that you & your up voters are sick—We need a 2020 candidate that has a plan to MAKE AMERICA SANE AGAIN. Facts are your friend. Denial of facts makes you appear delusional.

        • Things appear to be going swimmingly well since January 2017 compared to the previous eight years under inept, lackluster, abysmal what passed for chair warming “leadership”. Doesn’t appear you get much updated news there in PA.

    • Said like a true liberal. Wont see nor accept the obvious.

      • Cherl, in typical Trumpy fashion, you have an overly simplified and limited view of the world where you can’t imagine anyone but a liberal speaking out against this crooked POTUS. As Judge Napolitano said on Fox News, Trump is admitting that he would commit a felony. There is no proof that anyone on the liberal side has colluded or attempted to collude with a foreign government, much less one hostile to the interests of the U.S.

    • Pelosie’s measured response will not rise, what the Democrats learned is that dirty little trick backfired, and now it’s open season on witch hunting and no bag limit, and Nancy a little advice, you need only run faster than Hillary ! …run Nancy RUN !!

    • What we are beginning to see is the Conservatives using the Liberal playbook and they really don’t know how to respond. Additionally, anytime you can make Nancy or Chuck respond and make some sometimes stupid statements is priceless

    • Wow, the diversity of delusional thinking about this article is impressive.

    • Double-think. Actually Trump’s response was perfectly sensible. If someone from a foreign power contacted you and said I have information on your opponent, the responsible thing would be to obtain it, then investigate it to discover its veracity, and if true, report it if it involved criminal activity, or do nothing if it was false, or true but useless.

    • Sure I would want to hear it. First of all you would have to verify it as fact and not just a story. Second if it was a criminal matter refer it to proper authorities. If just a minor pecadillo, forget it, it is personal business and not anyone else’s business.

    • “MADE UP”?? Have you read Volume I of the Mueller Report? 140 contacts were “MADE UP”?? Have you read the sentencing documents and the indictments? WHAT has Trump told you about the investigation that WAS NOT proven to be patently false? Get a grip.

    • And here I was under the impression their problem was an incurable mental disorder.

  • White House counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway is feeling the heat.

    A federal watchdog agency is recommending that the president’s adviser be booted from her role in the White House for allegedly […]

    • THE SO CALLED chair who signed this is an Obama DEEP STATE LEFTOVER,

    • The text of the Hatch Act includes ALL state and federal employees. That, by definition includes Congress.

      Yeah, If Kellyanne has to go for violations then so should most of Congress. I’ll buy that. The OSC has it’s work cut out or it stands in violation of the 14th amendment and should itself be abolished.

    • Note the Hatch Act’s cutout for “senior” or “high-level” officials, yet completely fails to define what those offices are.

      Can we say gigantic, sloppy legal loophole?? Yes we can.

      “Oh by the way, Kellyanne is a senior official.” That’s all the WH need say. Suck it OSC.

    • Where was the OSC when former Secretary of State John Kerry under Barry was doing “secret” deals with Iran against the US AFTER leaving State?

      OR, doesn’t that fit the bill since he’s a DemocRAT?

  • Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is calling President Donald Trump’s comments a “mistake” after the president claimed he’d accept foreign dirt on political opponents.

    The president stirred up controversy when he […]

    • Nice adding in the Christopher Steele as though thats exactly the same thing.

      The president was asked if approached by a foriegn government, would he accept dirt on an opponent and he said yes.

      The Democrats were not offered dirt by a foreign government. They hired an American opposition research company that hired someone who is not part of a foreign government to complete opposition research.

      Both are not great, but one is significantly worse.

      • Graham is talking out of both sides of his mouth.

      • True. The Steele Dossier was not offered. It was commissioned, bought and paid for by Americans (Hillary and the DNC) who tried to use a cutout law firm (can’t recall the name Coe & something like that).

        Using a cutout is something used by people who know they’re doing something wrong.

        FYI, Christopher Steele is a Brit, not American. That makes him foreign. He took whatever the Russians could make up (probably laughing over vodka shots).

        • He was a contractor from Britain hired by an American company, but he was not associated with a foreign government in any current capacity.

          The president was asked about accepting information from a foreign government and he said he would.

          If you do not see the difference then you are purposefully looking the other way.

          • Goodness! Could you stop acting like the Democrat Party isn’t as corrupt as the Republican Party? It’s really boring to read.

            • Its pretty common for the opposite party to keep the other in check – maybe you should try reading mystery novels for kicks if politics bore you.

              Its pretty clear you don’t have anything to add to this conversation.

      • So how do you feel about Obama spending $300K to influence Israel’s election?

        • As that is not against US laws, i don’t care other than concern for foreign relations. That has been done by most modern presidents so its goofy to single out Obama.

          Also, a bit off topic from the sitting president openly soliciting foreign governments to help him win an election on national television.

      • Yes, hiring a foreigner to gather scoop from an enemy is definitely worse.

        • How is that worse to work with a private citizen with limited resources or stake in the election than working with a foreign government with unlimited resources and a high stake in the election?

          They are both bad – what Trump said he would do is a definite felony as confirmed by the FBI and even on Fox News if you’d rather that source.

          I’m not saying Clinton was a saint and should be president, but the president proved he is no better and just as unfit.

    • If Iran had given secret/private politicial info to Obama and the Republicans found out about it what would the Republican reaction be to that?

      I am confused.

      • So exactly what did Trump get from the Russians? Mueller said “nothing of significance” So where’s the issue again?

        • You are confused, Paul. I didn’t mention any particular person.

          I just proposed a hypothetical situation of a similiar, future occurance with a future Democratic president and asked what a Republican response would be.

          How different would that reaction be to what just happened now?

    • There’s “dirt” and then there’s “dirt”. If Russia comes up with tales of Comrade Bernie’s time in Russia or Gropin’ Joes workings in Ukraine and China come to light then, yes, they are information.

      They should be strictly vetted, scrutinized, and verified, something that NEVER happened with the Steele *ahem* dossier.

      Peeing on a bed is not crime. Selling out US military secrets and genuinely colluding with the “enemy” is.

  • President Donald Trump is letting future presidents know he wants to revamp Air Force One for them and not himself.

    During an ABC News exclusive interview that aired Thursday, Trump offered an inside look for […]

    • Another frivolous tale of frivolity.

    • He won’t get to use this new plane. Story says if it’s approved it won’t be ready for five more years.

      • Yes. I did read that.

        Obviously he is redesigning the outside to a style he likes better so it made sense he did the same with the inside.

    • That is not true. Many Democrats may be less concerned if it were a Democrat, but there would be significantly more Republicans angry if a Democrat did this.

      Otis, i have noticed, at least is reliably consistent in his dislike for government spending whether it be D or R. 😉

      • Phoenix, that is definitely true The media, whether print or video will never bat an eye at Democrats spending money. A Republican can SAVE tons of money, make wise use of government funds, and be roundly ridiculed for doing the right thing. Joe Public will never get straight information from the media.

    • I guess with how nice his other planes he really would find the current Air Force One uncouth.

      I wonder how much gold he incorporated to the interior design.

    • Bill is confused about King Donald The Loser and airplanes.

      When he OVERpaid for Northeast Airline, he also bought 21 of the crappiest planes in the air at that time. He then spent another million on each one that cost over $4 million to begin with. He could have started a new airline from scratch and would have been millions ahead.

      The King’s airline barely lasted 3 years before it collapsed from too much debt, the same with his TWO casinos.

      He is one big loser!

    • Who cares isn’t this the guy that saved millions on the new planes ?

  • A reporter tried to make Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) appear not to support the 9/11 victim compensation fund act, comparing his accused opposing stance to controversial Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minn.), but Crenshaw […]

  • While preparing for the upcoming Congressional Baseball Game, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) isn’t forgetting about the “heroes” from the shooting two years ago.

    At the congressional baseball […]

  • “The Breakfast Club” host Charlamagne tha God is speaking out about his interview with 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).

    Warren appeared on the radio show in late May and […]

    • Liawatha is done. Charlamagne [sic] got that part right. Her platform is pure socialist/commie hooey. The facts show she lied about and exploited an almost non-existent Native American heritage, which is so damn wrong.

      Isn’t the whole Dim platform predicated on identity politics? Liz demonstrates it’s been going on for decades. Not being an American, just leveraging your status as a “victim”.

    • Maybe Fauxcohantas was a pioneer in the whole “I wannabe” movement. q.v. the transgenders, transracials, those unwilling to work but still desiring an income.

      I was a pioneer too, in joking for years that I identified as a spotted owl. I’m still waiting to be granted hundreds of acres of old-growth forest AND to have newpapers spread wherever I go so I can poop freely. Isn’t America great to indulge the liars and mentally ill?

    • So I’m a little perplexed as to how this story has been framed. If Warren and Dolezal, who she’s being compared to here, “got some type of benefit” from claiming they’re minorities, doesn’t that fly in the face of the Democrat’s daily narrative regarding what a blatant racist nation we are? Why would anyone want to claim they’re a minority in the US? According to the depiction of this country by the Left, you’d just be subjecting yourself to unyielding hate. So how on earth would there be “benefits”? But yet, there seems to be some kind of rewards driving their behavior. Hmmm… this conversation just seems a bit contradictory.

  • White House counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway is wondering what congressional Democrats have been up to other than their calls for impeachment.
    MSNBC host Kristen Welker asked Conway about the Trump […]

    • The Dumbos love to ride the impeachment train when it is obviously a ‘sidetrack’ issue because the Dumbs have no real policies to put forward.

  • Colorado Christian baker Jack Phillips can’t seem to get away from lawsuits as a customer is knocking him with a third one over the baker’s past refusal to cook up an LGBTQ custom cake.

    The conservative owner […]

    • That’s not enough. This is a second suit by the same plaintiff. There should be a punitive judgement against the plaintiff, pay not just all fees, but an additional amount as well. This is malicious harassment.


    • There’s no other baker in all of Colorado? Leave this man alone, it’s against his beliefs, he has the right to deny services if he doesn’t agree with it. They are doing this just to put themselves in the papers. I have news for you LGBTQRXYZ folks, most people don’t agree with you.

    • When the public owns the bakery and takes all of the business risks of doing business, then and only then can the public demand service.

      In as much as this is an independently owned business the owner of that business that suffers loss or gain can choose to serve anyone he or she desires for what ever the owner decides.

      This IS NOT a rights issue to serve anyone but a rights issue to allow the owner who owns a business to determine how HE wants to run his business that gets no financial monies from the government/state to keep the business running. As long as the business is not involved with government, other than to pay quarterly taxes, it’s a privately owned business and what the owner, not the public, decides is how his business is to be run.

      If THAT offends you, shop and buy yourself from someone else.

    • Whether or not the baker supports LGBTQ rights is insignificant. This is a matter of the difference between an artistic product and a commercial product. The baker himself said he would serve all customers, and sell them any product that he makes in a standard form. Those would be considered commercial products. Artistic products are made to at least partially reflect the maker, because they come from internal talent and creativity. Anyone can pull a lever, push a button, and send another cookie-cutter commercial product into the world. Artistry cannot be forced to adhere to someone else’s beliefs, because it would be a betrayal of one’s own identity. If the courts had ruled against a baker, it would have made human thoughts and beliefs subject to federal regulation. An satanic group could order that same Christian baker to make a cake depicting Jesus as a chained and crazed demon. A Nazi group could order a Jewish artist to design a swastika banner with hateful messages. This extends far beyond support of LGBTQ rights (which I do, but as I said, it hears little significance to the situation), and must be treated as a serious matter.

    • I’m old enough to remember when who one chose to have sex with was about acceptance and tolerance.

      Now it’s about fascism. One MUST acknowledge that their demands supersede your rights and submit to the agenda of our new LGBTBBQ masters. Resistance is futile (Borg collective).

      I’ve asked before if those pushing the new oppression understand that they are making more enemies than friends. I have LGTBBQ friends who say, “This is not who we are.” Really? Then speak out against this fascistic overreach.

    • He needs to file a counter claim affirming harassment. He starts sueing them and winning they will back off

    • That is it in a nutshell Bendix20.

    • A similar issue came up 35 years ago in a marketing class I was taking in a very liberal college in California. There were businesses in the local area that were refusing to do business with certain groups of people based on religious principles and the liberal students were up in arms about it. The marketing professor laid out this hypothetical situation. An artist works for three years and creates 10 beautiful pieces of art and a local art gallery wants him to sell them at a big gala they have planned for him. Five minutes after the gallery opens a major automobile manufacturer wants to purchase all 10 to feature in a commercial. The artist is ecstatic. However, right before the purchase is made the auto manufacturer says they are going to hang them up and have their new car drive right through all 10 paintings and destroy them. The question is then posed…does the artist have the right to refuse to sell the paintings? Almost all of the students started yelling about the artists life work and he put his blood and soul into those paintings so he shouldn’t have to sell them. The professor stood up there and said one word. Hypocrites…dismissed the class and walked out. I will never forget it.

    • oh they want his cake alright! also his cookies, his counter, his ovens and every penny he has ever earned due to his GOD GIVEN talents. It is pure hatred for his Christian rights. An attempt to force his labor … and enslavement of his Christianity

    • would never happen, God has food prep laws that forbid that purchase by any practicing Jew

  • Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) is shutting down Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) after he claimed the president had made “all bogus” immigration moves.

    The Democratic leader side-stepped offering a […]

  • The number of migrants who enter the U.S. after seeking asylum and are a no-show for their court date is staggering.

    Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan told the Senate Judiciary […]

    • Say what? This is news? Thank you, Mr. Obvious.

    • No duh. They got what they wanted, entry into the riches of El Norte.

      That’s why it’s so important to deny any and all services AND impose harsh punishment on their relatives, even if living here legally. e.g. you sponsored an “asylum” case who disappeared? Let’s revoke your green card or assess huge monetary fines.

    • It’s just like jumping bail , I see no difference . They committed a crime -did not show up at court . A warrant should be issued and followed up on ! Treat them no less than an American citizen would be !!!!

    • What did they expect?! This is how we have over 2 million illegal immigrants living in our country. Are they that dense that they don’t understand that this is where the problem lies for those who want the border protected with a barrier? By allowing them to enter the country after being caught illegally entering, we’re basically saying to them to ignore our laws. They know they’ll lose at their hearing for lack of an acceptable reason or aren’t here to do anything but engage in criminal activity. They know nothing will happen to them- they know they’ll be fed, clothed and given housing whether they show up to court or not. They should be required to register their court date and if they’re recieving any kind of benefits, they should be cut off from all financial assistance immediately, a warrant issued for their immediate arrest and deportation. If I fail to show up for a court date, a warrant is issued for my arrest- why is there a double standard? Most work for cash- it’s impossible to locate them unless they recieve welfare benefits- cut it off- remove them from federally funded housing and put them right onto a bus headed south of the border.

  • Chief Border Patrol agent of the El Paso sector Aaron Hull is sending a warning about the U.S. border security regarding the immigration crisis at the southern border.

    Hull told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” […]

    • Did anyone else note the hundreds of Congolese immigrants illegally entering the US?

      WHO has declared the Congo unable to control either Ebola or the # of likely infected who leave the country.

      I pity the BPS who have to handle these criminals. They already have been afflicted/infected with diseases and parasites including scabies, lice, etc.

    • It’s refreshing to hear an official use the correct term, alien. You know, as in illegal alien, the correct term for border jumpers. All of the NewSpeak (ala 1984) terms used by democrats/progressives/socialists/communists are intended to portray the Invaders as something other than what they are.

  • While law enforcement officials continue to be overwhelmed with the U.S.-Mexico border crisis, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is letting them know that their efforts aren’t going unnoticed.

    At Tuesday’s Senate […]

  • In Rep. Doug Collins’ (R-Ga.) view, congressional Democrats are using any means to tie impeachment to President Donald Trump.

    The Republican lawmaker called Democrats “desperate” for wrestling with special […]

    • Pretty pathetic that the Democrats would even bring this looser in to hear. Just cements the fact that these cretins have nothing and would bring Mickey Mouse in to hear what he has to say, just to look busy, they are complete idiots. Shows the Americans citizens that in two and a half years since Trump took office, they haven’t accomplished one damn thing to benefit the American people, and I’m talking about us legal ones!!! Trump 2020! Thanks to the radical left wing liberals.

    • Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats call defending yourself against a witch hunt obstruction. They created a false claim of wrongdoing, spent $25 million and 2.5 years investigating and called it obstruction when the individual being investigated defended himself and tried to get the government working again. What the Democrats did was entrapment, creating a fake crime via a fishing expedition with no crime as it’s basis, sort of putting the cart before the horse. In American justice you investigate a crime after it’s happened, not attempt to create a crime through investigation. But, the Democrats are still at it, with 4 investigations ongoing. If their accusations were true, every person entering a court trial with a lawyer could be deemed guilty of obstruction. That’s not how our justice system works. But, that’s how Democrats work, like the British before the Revolution. Now they’re attempting a coup of our President. Perhaps a new Revolution is coming.

    • I might be for a pay raise as soon as she raises her IQ score.

    • This is the House Judiciary Committee. They are supposed to be all about oversight of the Judicial Branch—the one branch that has NOTHING to do with the Mueller Report. They have no business touching this topic. This is all about Jerry Nadler’s ego!

      Want more evidence for this? Go check out the House Judiciary’s About Us webpage.

    • Collins is 100% right. This is a Dem tantrum because God Mueller didn’t perform as they thought he would. Trump said he wanted to drain the swamp. I think the swamp has lots to hide and they are afraid of Trump big time.

    • They’re desperate, all right. Big whopee!

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