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  • First lady Melania Trump’s spokesperson is breaking the first lady’s silence in response to President Donald Trump’s recent swipe at teen climate activist Greta Thunberg.

    Thunberg, 16, found herself taking a […]

    • How pathetic of Melania! Contrast her reaction to that of a REAL First Lady Michelle Obama. Better try harder to be best.

    • Personally I’d love to be a fly on the wall of the Presidential apartment when she, as I suspect, gave Donald a piece of her mind on this clunker.

    • I would like to know who little Greta’ handlers are.

    • So glad Michelle Obama rang in on the issue. Thanks IJR for that. But I was more interested in our present First Lady who doesn’t run to every spotlight. Is Trump over the top sometimes? Yes. But I find he says what many are thinking and who don’t have a twitter account.
      Taking this girl out of school? Was that a good idea? Perhaps she could have learned more about the climate.

      • Cherl, WHAT century are you living in? Are you familiar with accessing the internet for more than IJR? Are you familiar with homeschooling? In 2019, not being inside the classroom does not mean not she is not still receiving instruction. I admire your concern regarding the education of a 16 yr old Swede, yet you have NO CONCERN when a 73 year old college educated POTUS does not know there were no AIRPORT in 1780’s. (7/4/2019).

    • POTUS is indeed the Master Troller lol. It is hilarious to watch the left become unhinged just because he told their “Precious” to chill.

    • Skipping school and yelling at at people doesn’t deserve your picture on time magazine climate change comes no matter what ask the dinosaurs ohh yeah they are gone America isn’t the only country we here in America do what we can how did she get those boats to travel and the plane she took

    • A little advice to Ms Thunberg and all the liberals out there, “When you place yourself in the spotlight, You had better be ready to be targeted” or even better “Don’t get off the porch if you don’t want to play with the Big Dogs”.

    • don’t you just love how some people tell you she just a kid and not pick on her. make up your minds is she a kid or a adult? she wants to be treat as a adult then she has to be ready to take criticism like a adult.

    • So many sheep concerned about the girl missing school. Not sure why she deserves the recognition she gets, but I learned so much more from life experiences than I ever could have from school.

      • So you’re saying that school is useless and wastes time and taxpayer dollars because LIFE is such a better teacher? “If I can’t count it on my fingers then my phone apps will fix it.” Ever watch a 20-something try to calculate change without using a phone?

        Your argument may have some merit, given what I saw while serving on a school board.

        I’m sure the NEA and teacher unions which bankroll the Dims would be glad to hear this.

    • The critical difference is that Greta chose public exposure, unlike Barron. Again, SHE CHOSE TO BE IN THE SPOTLIGHT.

      Those saying that Greta should be spared should answer this: did you object when Barron was dragged and mocked at 11? Hypocrites.

    • So….the same people who want to grant 16-year olds the vote, now repudiate Greta’s ability to choose public exposure and all it entails? You cannot have it both ways.

    • Greta, an angry teenager with impaired/undeveloped mental abilities. She IS the perfect poster child for the warming-cultists.

      Look at the scorn, the unhappiness, the petulance. She’s tired of words, so of course discussion of solutions is out of the question. DO WHAT I SAY!!!!*

      She projects despair. Mass extinctions. Death. In twelve years she and AOC will be might embarrassed to still be alive, if they had any shame.

      *perhaps reducing CO2 footprints by teleconferencing instead of traveling to rallies would be a first step.

    • WHAT was the humanitarian impact made by the 2016 Time Person of the Year?

    • The left has limited comprehension skills when it comes to someone who is self placed in the spot light, globe trotting and telling everyone what she thinks they should do vs. a kid that isn’t in a self placed spot light and stays out of the public eye as much as possible. Oh, and let’s not forget how these same people on the left, screaming bully, acted toward a 100% innocent kid named Nicholas Sandmann.

    • Awww. Butt hurt are we?
      A bully, attacks in the dark.
      An honest man, answers fiction, with fact.
      If she was wooried about repercussions?
      She should have stayed in acting school.
      Yes, she is an actor, like her parents.
      Out for publicity.

    • As I have repeatedly stated.
      THis child, is an actor. Her parents are actors and she wants the publicity.

    • Trump has always been good at punching down. That’s how I know he is a shameless bully.

    • Greta Thunberg is my ‘go to’….showing how indoctrination has failed an entire generation of clones!

    • I have grown tired of the Global warming lie and people using children to instill fear in people. The media and our Representatives are guilty of this also.

    • “Global Warming” proven false by non-political scientists changed name to “Climate Change” as evidence it was and still is a lie! Changing a pig’s name is still a pig!

    • “So many sheep concerned about the girl missing school. Not sure why she deserves the recognition she gets, but I learned so much more from life experiences than I ever could have from school.” Michael

      You don’t need to worry about her schooling, either. She does very well in school. Sheep will be pathetic sheep.

      She gets attention because she has the drive and focus to deal with a serious problem that we all created for her and future generations, and to broadcast it around the world. She is well deserving of Time’s honor.

    • Hey, Ms Summers?

      Not much of a response from Melania was it? She needed her spox to speak for her.

    • For the life of me, I do not understand the logic of the Trump supporters. You claim your goal was to Make America Great Again. The POTUS publicly insults a 16 yr old Swede because she was selected over him as Time Person of the Year. His supporters look past his pettiness and emotional immaturity and following his lead add your own insults. Stooping to a level of boorish and uncouth behavior is what you consider making America great?? God help you and God help this once great nation. Make America SANE Again.

    • Sorry, Melania. Someone says her husband can call their son Barron but can not make him a baron and she send out her own tweet criticizing the mention of his name as “pandering. and “involving him in politics.” Her husband gets his feelings hurt by Time Magazine selecting a 16 yr old girl from Sweden over him and their shared spokeswoman “sends out a statement.” We get it. He made her sign a NDA forbidding her from making any negative comment of him or his actions.

    • “He made her sign a NDA forbidding her from making any negative comment of him or his actions.” Phyllis

      IJR is broken, so be careful with your IDs when posting. Hi, Joe H / jvhilbs!

      Phyllis, Melania won’t even sleep in the same bed as King Donald The Loser and even has her own separate apartment in His Majesty’s tower. Regardless of any NDA, she has made the deal that makes her happy.

      She also took on a project, Be Best”, that places her in a compromizing position at odds to His Majesty’s well known behavior.

  • A 2020 Republican challenger who’s looking to take on President Donald Trump is letting the American people know that there are Republican lawmakers who support impeachment but haven’t been vocal about their […]

    • I am confused.

      Who the flying pigeon gives a rats ass about what the fascist congressmen with no backbone think PRIVATELY? It’s how they VOTE about a rogue King that matters.

    • “Any Republican who votes against Trump will be removed and damaged for life” Lannie Hack

      What a sad state this country has devolved into being.

  • It seems that former San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick’s workout about a month ago didn’t go as planned. The National Football League (NFL) now says it is moving on.

    Kaepernick — a former NFL player who s […]

    • Thank goodness!

    • That’s a load of CRAP.


    • Considering he was a mid-level talent at best, he would have a seat on the bench warm As far as his protest, I think that it was totally appropriate. It’s all well and good support the flag, but when the ideals of that flag have been reduced to lies and prejudice, as it presently has, just protest should be welcome.

    • Communist Colon Kapercunt the dumb-ass that went all out un-patriotic and joined the religion of goat humping was still Nike’s choice as front man ??????????

  • Melania Trump’s spokesperson is shredding a fashion critic for The Washington Post after the paper criticized the jacket worn by the first lady during the annual Christmas decoration reveal at the White […]

    • I think it’s fair to say that if it were a Democratic adminisration the Washington Post would be gushing with superatives.

    • I wouldn’t care if Mrs. Trump were nude. She’d still be a classy LADY and an example of what a foreign-born, highly intelligent FLOTUS should be.

    • Mrs. Trump is so beautiful and has such class. The media and haters are just jealous.

    • Seriously, does anyone care what a “fashion critic” says?. Perhaps there was a time in history when what women wear was of interest. That is NOT the case in the 21st century. What women in the 21st century ACCOMPLISH, not what they are wearing when they do it. 21st century women are not props and Melania is not part of the Christmas tree display. I realize the accepted belief is that only Melania is critiqued.—But that would require amnesia of evangelicals voicing that they very deeply offended by Michelle Obama’s bare arms….or the media’s obsession with Hillary choosing to wear pant suits.

  • As for when an impeachment vote against President Donald Trump would take place in the House of Representatives, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is saying it could be in the new year.

    Pelosi’s team says […]

  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is defending his company’s political advertisement policy that allows politicians not to be fact-checked.

    In an interview with CBS that aired on Monday, Zuckerberg was asked by […]

    • Zuckerberg is giving the people what they want….43% of Americans want to be lied to.

      • your being silly, 49.5% want to be lied to by a Democrat while another 49.5% want to be lied to by a Republican leaving just 1% who don’t want to be lied to at all and are just put of luck. I am a happily disgruntled one percenter, how about you

    • That is a slippery slope, especially since those who do fact check, know that the Dems are lying but many who support them don’t or don’t really care whether they are! Evil supports evil.

    • Now that sounds more like the Mark Zuckerberg I knew when he was a young man just getting Facebook going. Back then he was vehemently against any censoring of speech on his platform. Of course, at that time he hadn’t really wrestled with advertising policy, because he was still clinging to the idea that Facebook wouldn’t have ads. But the overarching principle of free speech was very much there.

    • I think Trump put the squeeze on him. Zuckie, you’re a platform. You have the right not to vouch for the truth or falsity of what is posted or advertised. You have the right to post that everywhere. We are old enough to discern the truth from fiction.

    • Unfortunately most of the so called “fact checkers” are biased and lie for the left.

    • We also know that every word out of Trump’s mouth is a lie, so any of mindless sheep should also be held accountable for what they spout off.

    • “Unfortunately most of the so called “fact checkers” are biased and lie for the left.” Kathleen

      You are confused, Kathleen. Facebook have been compromized by MANY meetings with right-wing organizations and advisors. This is what they DO to keep right-wing ideology in the headlines and in control of the media outlets themselves.

      For example, the Atlantic Council advised them of foreign propaganda and even that bastion of right-wing ideology, the Daily Caller, fact checks for them.

      This trope that the media is “leftie” is nonsense conjured up by conservatives to confuse you. It’s also a lie.

      • This tripe is so awfully wrong, it should embarrass the author.
        The Daily Caller has been fact checked and were found somewhat right or mostly wrong, %44 of the time. Check out the Pew Research page to find out.
        FOXNEWS tells the most fibs, with CNN, MSNBC, NBC and CBS, not far behind.
        Four to one?
        But there is no bias?

    • I am all for letting the public judge what is truth, I just hope Zuckerberg remembers that when a conservative makes a statement that him and his lefty friends don’t like.

    • If you pay to put false information on his website. It’s okay.
      But, if you put false info out there without paying?
      It’s a violation.
      Funny how that works.

    • As a liberal, I agree with you. Liberals are just like everyone else. FYI – a good indicator of whether a person is lying is if they go on TV one day and tell you something that completely contradicts what they have previously said.

    • “The Daily Caller has been fact checked and were found somewhat right or mostly wrong, %44 of the time. Check out the Pew Research page to find out.” Allen Zabel

      You seem confused about my point.

      Why would Facebook hire D.C. to do the fact-checking if D.C. were so bad at getting facts right? Because FB themselves has been compromized by right-wing interests.

      “FOXNEWS tells the most fibs, with CNN, MSNBC, NBC and CBS, not far behind.
      Four to one?
      But there is no bias?” Allen Zabel

      That is just a confusing mess.

      There is very little liberal bias in huge corporate media companies. Almost none of them will even entertain having a progressive pundit on, today. Are you kidding me?

      Why was Claire Conner McCaskill hired as a commentator? Because she is this bastion of liberal ideas? Given me a break. She couldn’t even get elected as a Republican-lite Democrat. She is a conservative that can be passed off as a liberal, to give the APPEARANCE of offering liberal views.

      Your “liberal” media is sooo liberal that none of them would give Bernie Sanders the time of day during the 2016 nomination and election, and they are doing the same thing to him as much as they can during this election, too. Some leftie media THEY are. They won’t even put a real leftie on.

      Your “liberal” MSNBC legal analyst Mimi Rocah said that 2020 presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders “makes my skin crawl”. You call THAT a liberal bias?

      Your problem is that you wouldn’t know a liberal bias even if it bit off your sorry ass.

  • It’s that time of the year — when the White House sparkles with Christmas lights and is decked out in Christmas decorations.

    First lady Melania Trump unveiled this year’s White House Christmas display on […]

  • An aide to Sen. Kamala Harris’ (D-Calif.) presidential campaign isn’t too thrilled with how the 2020 Democrats’ campaign has apparently treated its staff.

    State operations director Kelly Mehlenbacher wrote a […]

    • Ciao Kamala

      • I could not find a policy position she remained consistent. Eliminate private insurance–not eliminate private insurance–eliminate private insurance in 4 years—no elimination of private insurance. Pro-federal busing laws–Anti-federal busing laws. I really thought she was out of consideration months ago.

    • I thought Harris had all the makings of a dictator and this confirms it.

    • Oh well…another bites the dust.

    • Let’s review….How many Cabinet and staff members have resigned or been fired from the Trump administration? He is on his 3rd chief of staff. His 6th Director of WH Communications. His 4th Sec. of Homeland Security. His 4th National Security Director. His 3rd Sec of Defense and 2nd Sec of State And let’s review Trump’s 2016 campaign managers- Roger Stone, Corey Lewandowsky, Paul Manafort then Kelly Conway & Steve Bannon. For a guy who promised to hire the “best people,” his track record is pathetic.

    • She is a major pander. When she can’t answer a real question she starts giggling. Not presidential material

    • bye bye Horizontal

    • Jill replied 2 weeks ago

      Willy Brown was for personal gain for Harris, like sleeping with a boss for special favor.

    • In the end it is Kamela Harris mismanagement and a direct reflection of her ability or lack of to lead.

    • Evidently you are making a comment on another article? This article has nothing to do with who slept with who.

    • Phylliphilis seems to be quite interested in President Trump’s life BEFORE he was President. Even has a time line. You go Phyl!!! The takeaway for THIS story is that Harris is mean spirited and not capable of running her own campaign.

      • She can’t sleep with the general public, unlike Willie Brown, who launched her political career.

        Plus, she denies/lies about her own record as a prosecutor/AG.

    • I find it perplexing that the same qualities you find disqualifying for D candidates, you cheer in Trump. TruSkeptic & Screw have issues with Harris’ relationship with Willy Brown—Harris was single when she dated Mr. Brown, who has been legally separated from his wife since 1982. When Trump had his affair with Marla he was married to Ivana. When Trump started dating Melania he was married to Marla. When Trump had affairs with a porn star and a Playboy model, he was married to Melania. Melania “doesn’t care” and Trumpers don’t care–BUT you care that Harris dated the Mayor of San Francisco?? What is issue? Or did you folks not ask conservative media for an explanation?

  • Actor Jon Voight is expressing his gratefulness toward those who serve in the U.S. military.

    Speaking on Fox News, Voight addressed recently visiting Dover Air Force Base in Delaware with President Donald […]

    • It amazes me to see those few so-called “Americans” as ungrateful parasites who demand their First Amendment Right to spew their hatred for the President and the military; a military which voluntarily defends THEIR Right to denigrate them by calling them “war criminals”; not “heroes”. Shameful that some in our population needs to put their hatred of America and cowardice on public display; yet be defended by a military they hate.

  • U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland is categorically denying sexual misconduct allegations made against him.

    An article by the ProPublica, co-published with Portland Monthly, accuses the […]

  • U.S. First Lady Melania Trump is defending those who booed her during a recent event in Baltimore.

    As the first lady was introduced at a youth event on Tuesday, she was booed by students. She continued to […]

    • Actually we live in a Constitutional Republic, not that you know the difference between that and a Democracy. She knows he difference but used words the confused might comprehend.

    • I agree with her dissent comments. However, I was taught that booing is rude. Today it seems mild as a means of dissent.

    • “Actually we live in a Constitutional Republic, not that you know the difference between that and a Democracy.” Dave Hardesty

      Give it a rest, Dave. It is STILL a democracy.

      “She knows [t]he difference but used words the confused might comprehend.” Dave Haresty

      Are you sure?

    • ‘We Live in a Democracy’ Queen Melania

      For now…

    • “Obviously the “confused” don’t comprehend we live in a Constitutional Republic.” Confused James

      And YOU don’t comprehend that while we may be a constitutional republic, we are ALSO a democracy. Nothing stops us from being both.

      Get over it.

      • Stay awake when you get to the 8th grade Civics class. You might LEARN something from being EDUCATED rather than being INDOCTRINATED by your Commie leaders. Pay attention.

    • So, those taught to hate show hate and contempt while FLOTUS stood tall, delivered her remarks and showed those kids what grace and class is. Obviously, they need someone to teach them something besides hate and prejudice.

    • I work at a high school with students of all stripes. Most are mindlessly sticking their heads in their phones, but there are many that are very aware of the world around them. To have them nominated to attend this event shows that they perhaps know the meaning of the Trump name. At the same time, I have compassion for Melania, seeing how she seems so uncomfortable when shown in the presence of Donald.

    • No confuction this is NOT a democracy and for a reason. The Founding Fathers knew that a democracy was a one party rule because it only took one over 50% vote to give them power. This is a Constitutional Republic just as the Founding Fathers put forth. You have no clue about the history of this nation so stop pretending you have a brain.

      • You aren’t listening, Bob.

        A democracy can be direct in which the voters have full control over decisions OR a democracy can be representative in which citizens vote for people who will “represent” them in government. We have a representative democracy. We even call the people who represent us Representatives. Imaging that.

        We are also a constitutional republic, a democratic one. We can be and are both.

      • You’re a liberal moron. Confuction is not a real word. You morons like to make shit up. She’s married to the President of the United States. I’m pretty sure she knows we live in a Constitutional Republic. She doesn’t need a history lesson from you. Why don’t you go back to school and take remedial English? Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Our First Lady has more grace in her little finger than ALL the liberal snowflakes have in their whole bodies. Her intelligence is FAR beyond anything the liberals could imagine.

    • Way to go, Communist idiots.
      Teach kids to hate when they are young and they will be life long followers.
      Sounds like Islam.
      But, I digress.
      Remind me again, about Hillary, Maxine Waters and other, during the Obama era.
      Who insisted on civility and understanding.
      How many kids, did the to Chewbacca, I mean, Michelle?
      Whether you like the person, they still hold the position, that should be respected.
      Apparently, I expect others to have respect.
      Perhaps, I ask too much?

      • Well said. This is another example of the demise and incivility of the DemocRAT Party; which is still being morphed into the Socialist Party growing towards Communist Party domination. Just look at every one of the 2020 Socialist clowns: NOT a single old time DemocRAT in the entire bunch. Electing any one of them would spell doom for the United States, its’ economy, its’ freedoms, its’ citizens. It would be World history repeating itself here.

  • When it comes to Thanksgiving, President Donald Trump is saying that some people want to change the name of the holiday.

    During his campaign rally in Florida on Tuesday, the president brought up Thanksgiving, […]

  • President Donald Trump is backing down from his defense of pardoning three military men.

    The president pardoned 1st Lt. Clint Lorance and Maj. Mathew Golsteyn who were accused or convicted of war crimes. He […]

    • Warriors?

      War criminals confuse King Donald The Loser. They weren’t warriors when they decided to be criminals, even war criminals.

      • I doubt you have the intelligence to know the difference since you were never man enough to put on a US uniform.

    • They said he shouldn’t do that because he risks not only undermining the authority of his commanders but also eroding the honor and integrity of the U.S. armed forces. Something a crook would not understand.

    • From Richard Spencer:
      “This was a shocking and unprecedented intervention in a low-level review. It was also a reminder that the president has very little understanding of what it means to be in the military, to fight ethically or to be governed by a uniform set of rules and practices.”

    • Ask your handlers IF they are aware that PRESIDENT TRUMP is the Commander in Chief with the Constitutional authority to make decisions without asking some low level holdover from the previous abysmal, corrupt administration what he should do.

      Vote STRAIGHT Republican in 2020 to keep the Socialists/Communists away from control of OUR Government.

    • with all that huffing and puffing you should be careful about passing out, i recommend the paper bag method if you begin to feel light headed. you think our military is non-political? how do you think folks at the Flag/General level got there? fm my experience with military law, these Convening Authorities have the power to address any injustice the Judges, Lawyers and Jury members come up with, but it seems in these cases CAs were more concerned with “the message” to other actual warfighters and the opinions of the Politicians above them. if you bothered to look into the actual cases of those pardoned instead of using the issue as a soapbox to deliver the usual Trump Hate, you might be a bit more believable

  • Actor Robert De Niro isn’t letting up on his bashing of President Donald Trump.

    During Monday’s “Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert,” De Niro took aim at Trump’s presidency, as he said, “It’s more than he […]

    • I recall, not that long ago, when being proud to be an American was not dependent on being proud of the President.

    • Gee Bobby, you are literally saying you’re too hapless and stupid to extricate yourself from an “abusive” relationship. I guess your millions mean nothing.

      This demeans ACTUAL sufferers, mostly women.

      They can choose to leavem but lack your means. So can you. Your simile makes you look less macho and more like a schnook. Show us your scars and bruises if you’re going to exploit the genuine pain of people, especially women, who ARE ACTUALLY ABUSED.

      You are a pathetic exploiter, just like Lizzie Warren.

  • When it comes to President Donald Trump’s chances of reelection, 2020 Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg’s campaign manager is saying, “Right now, Donald Trump is winning.”

    The billionaire Democrat […]

  • When it comes to the documents requested on the Biden family in regard to Ukraine, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) says his “conscience is clear.”

    Graham’s remark comes after criticism from former Vice President […]

    • No one can object to investigating a clear-cut case of corruption, not just by Ukraine, but by Biden, who was stupid enough to be videotaped doing so in public.

      After all, if Trump is being investigated for “quid pro quo” then why should Joe be immune? Because he’s a Dimocrat?

      • I am confused, I Ching.

        Why do you cling to and continue to repeat such nonsense when you KNOW it is wrong, false, irrelevant, garbage, whatever you want to call it?

        It has been explained more than once to you in what way your assertions are wrong, but here we are – again. It is as if you want to repeat it over and over just to convince yourself that it is true even when you know it never was. I don’t know all of the psychology going on inside your brain, here, but it is fascinating to watch, just like a trainwreck.

  • A Democratic senator is knocking Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) for launching an investigation into the Bidens’ communications with Ukraine.

    On Nov. 21, Graham — a strong supporter of President Donald Trump — […]

    • Let me see if I understand this: When Democrats do and investigation, Mr. Coons, it’s called “work” by you and your ilk. When the tables turn and Republicans conduct a similar investigation it’s a red herring Designed to “do the President’s dirty work”. The question Mr Coons is whose “dirty work” are you and your fellow Democrats doing?

    • Too bad this site is broken so we can’t see the replies to your perfect comment, Morte.

    • Seems as though the Rep Schitt will go down in history as leading several red herrings and id Biden is totally innocent why is he so upset with an investigation into something that doesn’t exist as he says?

  • 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden took a swing at Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) after the Republican lawmaker requested documents of previous communication between the former vice president, Biden’s […]

    • FFS Democrats have done everything but ask for footage from Melania’s latest colonoscopy and Baron’s infant vaccination schedule. What goes around comes around Joe.

    • One only makes themselves look guilty by refusing to be submitted the exact same treatment as others aka the president or any Republicans they want.

    • Absolutely agree

    • Joe you need to be held accountable for with holding over a billion dollars to the Ukraine to get the prosecutor fired

    • Barack Obama: “The only people that don’t want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide.” And you and Hunter have LOTS to hide, Joe!

      • Be careful when posting that the form is populated properly. Hi Dr Patti!

        I am confused, Junior.

        Do you mean like King Donald The Loser hiding something by not releasing his taxes?

    • He’s not angered……he’s scared and he should be. They all should be. They sold America and her citizens out. Listen to Barr’s speech to the Federalist Society. They know he knows. #ByeFelicia

    • the more outraged a democrat gets the more likely it is they are guilty of something

      • Is that your standard for determining guilt for R’s? Kavanaugh was really outraged. Trump daily expresses his outrage on his twitter feed. Trump was so outraged over Pelosi’s comment on his guilt, that he REFUSES to discuss an infrastructure bill. So, apparently 50 IJR readers believe Trump is more likely guilty of something. Obstructing the investigation might also be an indicator.

    • ron replied 3 weeks ago

      I think this is great. But why are they going after Trump for looking into Biden and ukraine.

      • Biden is hiding his and his son’s criminal activity behind the cover that Joe is running for president, therefore another presidential candidate can’t have him investigated. This actually is in Federal election law. However, does Federal Election law prevent investigating a candidate over a previously committed crime? So, to avoid investigation or prosecution all someone has to do is declare him/herself a presidential candidate?

    • Joe fails to understand that corruption is forever. Especially when there are videos of him bragging about it. Hunter’s lack of impulse-control and limited intelligence did not come from a vacuum.

      Yeah, he’s gonna run our country SO WELL. Not.

      • You are not a stupid man. WHY do you want IJR readers to believe you are so uninformed that you do not know Biden forced the firing of Shokin because he was soliciting bribes to NOT investigate Burisma and other corrupt corporations? Is your intent to spread the Trumpian misinformation? Is it to feign that you are a sucker for a scam? Hunter is not running for the nomination. Trump IS running for re-election. So let’s compare Hunter and Trump’s “lack of impulse-control”—which one had affairs with a porn star and a Playboy model? Which one cheated on all 3 of his wives? Which one claims he lost $1 billion on business investments? Which one has 25 allegations of sexual assault/harassment? Which one is heard on the Access Hollywood video? Which one bragged of walking in on teenage contestants he knew were undressing? TRUMP, not Hunter. Let’s look at intelligence: Which one claimed the revolutionary soldiers “took over the airports” in 1778? Which repeatedly claims China is paying his import tariffs? TRUMP.

    • Joe is an idiot. Also not smart. I wonder if GC is his love child.

      Graham NEVER commented on Joe’s groping, sniffing. laying hands upon unwilling women AND CHILDREN. (why isn’t the hypocritical #METOO all over this?)

      One wonders what unspoken terms Joe uses to define “friendship”? He’s been an f’ing politician his entire life* and still fails to understand what that means. There ARE no friends and fewer loyalties. I’m going to abridge the quote about those who cannot do teach, by saying the most useless go into politics for life.

      *I’ll need to see if Ambrose Bierce, Mencken, or Twain have any appropriate quotes for this.

      • Let me refresh your memory. How many sexual harassment/assault accusations against Biden? ZERO. How many against Trump? Counting Ivana’s in 1990 deposition and Jill Harth in 1997–both SETTLED by Trump, Ivana’s with an NDA, TWENTY FIVE. Trump calls Bob Craft his “friend”–see the tape of Craft’s comments about Trump leaked this weekend. Reflect on Mulvaney’s comments of Trump being “a horrible human being” as he said he would vote for him. Reflect on McCarthy’s recorded comment Trump and Rohrabacher were on Putin’s payroll. NOW, reflect on Graham’s comments on Joe Biden. Biden spent 36 yrs in Congress and 8 yrs as VP—-How many times was he fined for corruption or declared bankruptcy? ZERO. Trump spent 48 years as a businessman and was fined MULTIPLE TIMES for corruption and his businesses declared bankruptcy FIVE TIMES.

    • “you go Mr. Graham Take them all down please. Help clean the swamp” Patty Dougherty

      I am confused, Patty. How do I say this as politely as possible.


    • If you are innocent and have nothing to hide, why get mad? Much better to show and prove you are innocent, correct?


    • Awww gee, Joe’s feeling harassed about being investigated?? Well now he gets to know what Trump’s been going through for the last 3 years! The difference being, Trump is innocent and Joe is not… And if Joe is getting so feisty about this, I wonder how he’ll hold up when he really gets investigated… do you think while he’s being investigated he could run a country as successfully As Trump has?? I don’t think so!!

      • “The difference being, Trump is innocent and Joe is not…” Says “Friend with a stock picture of a woman”

        Keep telling yourself that over and over and over and some day you might actually convince yourself that it is true. You KNOW that it isn’t true, but you really need to believe that it is true.

        It must be so confusing going through life like that.

      • You don’t think…..

    • Surprised we have not seen Graham’s reply yet—-or did he slip on the ice?

    • Any sane person besides politicians that doesn’t see the idiot son Hunter being given 50 large a month for just being a coke sniffing crack smoking zero with a hard-on isn’t.

    • The only false allegations and lies come from you-know-who. If you STILL back this disgrace to the nation and the world, good luck to you.

    • Biden is the one who is an embarrassment, to himself, and this whole country. Lindsey Graham is only doing what the house Democrats should have done instead of this witch hunt to try and get rid of a duly elected President by the people of the United States.

    • How can the Democrats continue to play the victim over and over again? Biden was taped telling how he had, as Vice President, threatened Ukraine if they did not ‘fire’ the investigator that was going after Barisma after sonny boy got on their payroll. And the Democrat party with the blessing of Queen Hillary paid multiple members of other countries to give them enough maybe’s so they could spy on her rival. what goes around comes around.

    • Obama is the one that sealed his college records. What is he hiding?

    • If IJR is so broken, why do you continue to read its posts? Perhaps you would be better off going to a more liberal site instead of being a troll here.

    • “If you are innocent and have nothing to hide, why get mad? Much better to show and prove you are innocent, correct?

      Ahuuum!” Jose Martinez

      This principle can ALSO be applied to King Donald hiding his school marks and his taxes. What is he hiding?

      To say otherwise is just, ahem, confusing.

    • Because IJR is broken…

      “The difference being, Trump is innocent and Joe is not…” Says “Friend with a stock picture of a woman”

      Keep telling yourself that over and over and over and some day you might actually convince yourself that it is true. You KNOW that it isn’t true, but you really need to believe that it is true.

      It must be so confusing going through life like that.

    • “If IJR is so broken, why do you continue to read its posts? Perhaps you would be better off going to a more liberal site instead of being a troll here.” Brown Friend

      You are confused. That isn’t how freedom works. IJR IS a liberal site whenever people like me and a few otbers speak up. If you don’t like that, you know what YOU can do. Take your own advice.

    • “Obama is the one that sealed his college records. What is he hiding?” Brown Friend

      You are confused. King Donald The Loser gave direct orders to ensure that his marks were sealed away. Given the previous logic, answer my question – what is His Majesty hiding?

      If you have a beef with Obama doing the same thing, take it up with him.

  • President Donald Trump is sharing his thoughts on the current 2020 Democratic primary field.

    Asked on “Fox & Friends” early Friday who is likely to be his opponent in the 2020 presidential race, Trump said, […]

    • Joey running would be entertaining for everyone. But I think he has to much baggage. When the impeachment goes to the senate Joey will have a lot of questions to answer. Don’t think he can handle it. Bernie is not in good health. Mayor Pete is not strong enough and he cant even handle his own city of south bend. Lizzy and spending of our taxpayer money will hurt her. Hillary what can you say nothing good about her. Then their is their ass in the whole Michelle. That would mean another four years of Obamacare. GOD help us

      • “Bernie is not in good health.” ron

        So what? I am confused, ron. King Donald The Loser just went to the hospital complaining about chest pains.

    • A cast of clowns at best but mostly just free stuff socialists.

  • President Donald Trump signed legislation on Thursday that will extend funding for a wide range of federal agencies through Dec. 20 and avoid partial government shutdowns that otherwise would have begun on […]

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