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  • As a new finding reveals at least 40 babies have been born after an attempted abortion in three states in recent years, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) is reiterating his call for action to protect the […]

    • Why did the explanation from an actual physician get only a single sentence in this article?

      Here’s the full explanation as posted in Fox News article:

      Dr. Diane Horvath, a fellow at Physicians for Reproductive Health, argued that anti-abortion figures are “manipulating” the complexities of abortion.

      “These data are likely reflecting cases in which a woman has a wanted pregnancy but is unable to continue it, where she makes the decision with her doctor to end the pregnancy through induction of labor,” Horvath told Fox News in a written statement. “Examples may include a woman who has life-threatening bleeding before her baby is viable, who was in a car accident and has severe injuries that would require labor to be induced, or who received a fetal diagnosis that was incompatible with life.”

      Exactly what in those scenarios require government intervention that isn’t already required? Afterward the baby is kept comfortable and likely held by grieving parents until he/she passes away. These aren’t happy scenarios nor indication of a selfish mother not wanting a few stretch marks.

      Are conservatives really thinking people abort healthy pregnancies in the third trimester for some flippant reason?

  • When it comes to her case in being wrongfully terminated by Planned Parenthood, Mayra Rodriguez says she wants to show others that “the truth will prevail.”

    “I hope my case is a lesson to other workers that […]

    • Money, corruption, murder. It’s almost like organized crime or the Clintons.

    • Why is this organization funded by the government? They kill people for a living.

      • Don,

        Small correction. Why are our tax dollars funding this organization? The government only has what it first takes from others (just printing more money only makes more money, q.v. inflation, and not exchange value.)

      • Bob replied 1 hour ago

        I heard today that with the start of the Trump initiative that prohibits “health care” facilities that make referrals for abortions from receiving federal money, Planned Parenthood will quit taking federal money. I hope the report is true.

    • If this is a non-profit organization, why was it selling baby parts? While getting subsidized by our Tax Dollars. We were never asked and I sure as heck would not donate to be complicit in murder.

      • It’s a shame we don’t get an a la carte selection on how our tax dollars are to be spent. It would be the ultimate in democracy, allowing people to fund what they personally believe in, support, or need. Of course, some common funding will be needed for things we all use/need.

    • Ms. Rodriguez raises the issue of “immigration status” which implies she’s here illegally.

      Aren’t there federal laws against employing illegal invaders? There ARE and they should be strictly enforced with criminal penalties and massive fines.

    • Why is it the Left SUPPORTS murdering newborn babies; but wants an ineffective “assault” weapons ban to prevent murders? Must be that POWER and CONTROL thing they read about in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” manual.

  • Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is swiping down the plans by several 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls to restructure the Supreme Court and Electoral College, saying it’ll only happen “over my dead […]

    • “packing the court” is slightly more attainable than amending The Constitution to eliminate the electoral college.

      FDR tried and failed. Now RBG has spoken against “packing”.

      The Dim candidates would be terrible poker players. They broadcast their intentions, no matter how impossible.

  • Former President Barack Obama reportedly warned his former vice president, Joe Biden, ahead of Biden’s jump into the 2020 Democratic presidential primary race.

    According to The New York Times report, Obama […]

    • It’s been speculated that Obozo considered Hillary more likely to carry on his policies and ideology. Joe was too *ahem* moderate and just someone to hold his coat after getting him votes in the non-Blue zones..

      I believe that Obozo, narcissist that he is, did not want his “rep” tarnished by an “also ran” then or now.

    • Biden is sloppy seconds to Odumbo’s first choice Hillary he’d also be a puppet his strings being pulled by Obummer. A nutcase he’s the last thing we need in the White House

    • make sure Mr. Biden did not ’embarrass himself’ or ‘damage his legacy’ during the campaign,”
      Too late and what legacy???

    • Too bad Super O ever ran.

    • Yeah, I don’t see Obama endorsing old Joe. I remember thinking that Obama chose the dumbest white guy he could find to make himself look better.

    • “Biden is sloppy seconds to Odumbo’s first choice Hillary he’d also be a puppet his strings being pulled by Obummer.” Raven

      Raven is confusing facts with wishful thinking and clouded by CDS.

      Biden was one of three choices, in the end. The other two were Gov. Tim Kaine and Sen. Evan Bayh. Clinton was never really in contention, from the beginning.

      • Agreed, Clinton had already been bought off with the SoS position.

      • Apparently you’re unaware just how far in advance these decisions are made. For instance Tim Kane was chosen for the Hillarrhoid’s running mate in 2011. He stepped down as DNC chair so Wasserman Shultz could move into position to help the Hillarrhoid rig the primary in 2016. The VP slot was his reward. All the talk about the Hillarrhoid being undecided about running was BS. She used her influence as SOS to get backing from foreign contributors.

    • “Agreed, Clinton had already been bought off with the SoS position.” Mort206

      I am confused.

      So you are saying, even though Mr Obama hadn’t been elected yet, that he had already had her confirmed as SoS BEFORE he announced his running mate and got elected into office? Wow. That’s some planning ahead!

      • Not at all. (Hillary’s the crystal ball enthusiast as per her Mount Holyoke Commencement speech a few years back.) IMO the back room deal was in place though.
        Essentially: “If I get elected you get the job.” wink wink.

      • That had already been mentioned before the 2008 election when she wasn’t chosen for the VP slot. Where were you? OH, in Kindergarten, I get it.

    • Be careful. The entire list of Democrat candidates, and I mea the ENTIRE lot, are useless, worthless and do not have America’s interests in mind if elected, only power to push their agenda onto the country and it ain’t pretty. So, all Democrat candidates being reprehensible, it will be time to bring in a ringer, a new (old) face, Michelle Obama. That would be the worse hting that could happen to our country, the Obamas in the White house again with all of their attendant corruption, hate, racism, cronyism, lies, arrogance, elitism, pandering to the Hollywood elite and bring our GDP back down to below 3 %^ annually. Democrats and those of like stripe have zero interest in doing good for America, business, foreign trade, immigration, prosperity or anyone’s well-being. It is all about power and get it using any means possible, legal or mostly illegal.

    • Biased media, Trump lies, Joev has gaffes. Plleeassse

    • Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats. I love how Biden claims there were no scandals during the Obama administration. Democrats actually believe it too. It’s amazing what the media and constant Democrat indoctrination can do.

      • When people say no scandals, they are talking about personal life scandals such as paying hush money to a mistress, an accusation of sexual harrassment, or anything like that.

        Obama had political scandals as all presidents do and I’ve never met a Democrat who would deny that.

  • Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) isn’t straying from her support of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh as she torches House Democrats for their continued effort to investigate him.

    House Judiciary Committee Ch […]

    • “The Court’s fidelity to the principles of equal and impartial justice, as well as the public’s faith in the integrity of the judiciary, are foundational to maintaining the rule of law,” the two Democratic lawmakers wrote.
      This is my main issue with the story…. there’s no f***ing way that Hank Johnson is capable of writing.

    • The scumbag Liberal/Communist/Democrats have no plan or constructive ideas.
      This is why they spend their time, trying to dismantle, damage, or destroy others.
      In other words, still trying to make America, a third world country.
      Liberalism = Mental illness and disease.

    • Did any of you vote for your congressmen/woman or senators to spend their time trying to dig up dirt on someone? I know that I certainly didn’t.

    • Who, in their right mind, would want to go through what Kavanaugh did to get approved? Maybe the Dems’ plan is to continue to make it so horrific of a process in any way they can, so that the Reps can’t find anyone willing to go through it….

    • Jerry, can we get access to your records?

    • This is exactly what will happen to lawful gun owners all over America if Red Flag laws are enacted. This is the Democrats new strategy for all Republicans elected or nominated. They’ll demand all information on the person and investigate that individual until they agree to leave. Or, so they hope. We lost a good man in Ryan Zinke because he didn’t want his family to go through what Bret Kavanaugh went through. Lying, crooked Warren has already stated that if elected, she’ll collect all the records of the NRA in hopes of finding some discrepancy to prosecute them and put them out of business. Democrats targeting Conservatives again and not even trying to hide it. Democrats are a lying, cheating, corrupt plague on America. They violate the Constitution at every turn. I wish their followers would wake up and see what they’re doing to this country.

    • Another waste of time and tax dollars. Kavanagh is already seated. You guys failed, just like you did with the Mueller investigation. Give it up you useless fools.

  • Sen. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.) is declaring that Israel has the “right to decide” who comes into their country, even for U.S. lawmakers, especially if the person has a background of “dangerous” rhetoric toward the […]

    • Aw, poor baby, she’s upset with a country she has disparaged, and said hateful things about? Um, if she tries to stir up hate, they have every RIGHT to bar her from their country. Unlike her and the Dems who want any body, terrorist, cimminal, rapists, murderers, child molesters, et al, to be welcomed into the US with open arms and free healthcare, she got turned down to visit. Put your big girl panties on, you made the comments, so shut up and deal!

      • Hasn’t Donald Trump tried to stir up hate against Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, among others? He certainly seems to have stirred up hate with you against Dems with his lies.

  • White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham clocked Anthony Scaramucci during her first television interview since the new White House role.

    Scaramucci — who recently claimed President Donald Trump was da […]

    • Translation for “poll numbers going through the roof”: record disapproval rating and losing to all of the top 4 Dem candidates (per Fox News)

    • Trump’s WH Communications Director is apparently the hardest job on the planet. Miller resigned before the inauguration and Spicer was appointed, then Dubke appointed, then Spicer re-instated, Scarmucci appointed, , then Hicks, then Shine, and now Grisham. Defending Melania is one thing–the jacket timing was her actual only misstep–we already knew she did not care about monogamy if she married a known serial cheater.

      IF Stephanie, or any sane person’s 70 + yr old parent made statements regarding the Revolutionary soldiers successfully defending the airports, China is paying U S. import tariffs, AND the Obamas violated the emoluments clause in accepting a book deal (from an American publisher!), SORRY BUT you would have their mental faculties assessed ASAP! If Trump is not crazy, then he perceives we are CRAZY and/or STUPID.

  • Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is letting everyone know that he is getting “stronger each day,” as he’s making his first interview post-surgery on his lungs, which is the result of an attack that occurred in November of […]

    • Thirty days in jail for Rene Boucher for nearly killing his neighbor by tackling him from behind, a completely innocent and unsuspecting man who was mowing his lawn? Were Boucher a Republican and the Senator a Democrat Boucher would still be in jail and we would be hearing about it every day from the Leftist news media.

    • As much I don’t like some other peoples’ opinions, I would not physically attack a person. In fact, I wouldn’t even snatch Mad Maxine Watters’ wig off her head.

    • I would like to think that goes beyond politics. As much as I can’t stand his politics (and his hair style) he was severely injured, and I wish him and his family all the best during his recovery. Why didn’t that doofus neighbor chop up the danged lawn-mower? Sheesh!!

    • Have you seen Gov. Lamm’s speech from a conference? He lays out the points why this is happening very clearly. The points came from the book called “Mexifornia” I believe. Just Google, “Gov. Lamm: My plan to destroy America.” The sad thing is all around us these things are happening.

    • WHAT does Paul neighbor’s issues with the lawnmower have to do with Paul’s politics? If his neighbor’s social media posts threatened violence against Trump, did Paul report it to the Secret Service? Did they investigate? Is the patio McConnell tripped on over his politics too? It would appear the KY Senators need to drink more milk.

      • I bet you’d be say’n the same thing if someone beat the piss out of Schumer, Nadler or even Hillary Clinton right Phyllis?

  • Amid pressure from Democrats to pass gun control legislation, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) wants to make sure Congress passes a bill that “actually works.”

    Following the two back-to-back […]

    • We already have laws that would work of they were followed and enforced. Passing yet another law that won’t be enforced won’t fix the problem and is a waste of time and money. Just what the progressive liberal left does best. Wastes time and money without improving the problem.

    • More gun laws won’t fix what is wrong with our culture. look at Chicago with some of the strictest gun laws in the country and also has the murder capital of America title. Criminals, by definition, do not obey laws so they will ignore any new laws passed. It is impossible to take guns off the street where crimes are committed with them. Law-abiding citizens and gun owners are not committing these horrific crimes. The jerks that are have mental problems, have announced their vile intentions in advance to others and on social media yet nobody says anything. Cops can’t do anything because they are an after-the-fact organization where a crime must be committed before they act. They cannot act on someone’s thoughts. Our culture has grown the problem. Violent video games where life is meaningless and just a button-push away from extinction, hatred generated by the media and certainly the Democrats because victimhood plays well with their ideology. All this creates a mindset in susceptible individuals, and especially loners crying for attention and 5 minutes of fame regardless of the consequences. They will be on the news and the more horrific the crime the more coverage, as they have seen in the past watching them unfold of live TV. Gun-free zones are invitations to these lunatics so i suggest stop putting up signs. Better to let the jerks wonder if anybody in the zone is armed and could stop them. There are plenty of gun laws around and we do not need more ineffective ones. Banning so-called assault rifles will not solve anything and Democrats always go to far and ban anything that even remotely resembles one cosmetically, not function. Trying to force people who have paid considerable amounts of money to purchase these so-called assault weapons is doomed to failure. People will not give them up because they are not the problem nor is the gun. Democrats most fervent desire is to disarm American citizens so they can impose Democrat Socialim on the country. Armed opposition stands in their way. Until the media gives equal coverage and calls for laws related to deaths from opioids, gang related deaths, drunk driving and terrorist activities they are part of the problem, as are the Democrats. Resist any new gun legislation. It only affects people who break no laws.

    • Guns are inanimate objects and murder is already against the law. It’s the thinking and culture of these people and the cesspool places they live in. I know this isn’t very PC, But these places all have a certain thing in common.
      You figure it out. I don’t want any freedoms or rights taken away because some people were idiots or mental patients. Democrats are evil.

    • Switzerland is one of the safest countries, because a huge number of people have guns. Chicago banned guns and look at the shootings there! Laws are only respected and followed by a society that has morals and have morals because of faith. This country has lost faith and is horribly immoral. Faith cannot be legislated, but faith can be an example to others. We have a lot of armchair experts that are not standing up to immoral attitudes. This silent populations would have a loud voice to proclaim the value of faith and morality. Use you voice to write congress people, and organizations. Reinforce the good and write to university heads to praise good, kind, and responsible behavior. Make a comment on Twitter with the Socratic method to make the dimwits think for once. we have power, so use it with kindness to set an example. God is on our side and he beat all the armies in the Bible by himself!

    • Molon Labe MF’s

    • BS. Make the laws you already have work.
      Fix NICS.
      Start enforcing involuntary confinement/mental evals.
      FFS start policing criminals with guns and making long, long mandatory sentences.

  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) criticized Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) while pulling out the “Moscow Mitch” nickname.

    Pelosi took aim at McConnell during a Democratic County Chairs’ […]

    • WHAT is it you would call Mitch if he blocked 2 election security bills passed by the House? WHAT would you call Mitch if he led the effort to lift sanctions on Deraposka’s companies? A former lifelong Republican coined the name “Moscow Mitch.” TWELVE R’s voted broke with Mitch on lifting the sanctions. “Moscow Mitch” fits him so well.

    • Thankfully that’s all Ninny Nancy whipped out.

  • Acting U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kevin McAleenan is expressing his concerns over the “dangerous” rhetoric that is sparking an “environment where we’re demonizing law enforcement for […]

  • Former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) would like to see President Donald Trump ousted by another Republican in the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

    Walsh penned a scathing op-ed in The New York Times published on […]

    • Just don’t let a Democrat get elected!

    • Someone was bound to say it.

    • He put the country in debt??? Believe it was the democrats that wanted to print more money and raise the debt ceiling not him. Shw me one President that has not lied about something. Unfit for office because he speaks his mind? we at least know where he stands on things and does any one really know how to run the country? Best one we had was JFK and he was not without his flaws as well. Frankly I like having a president that don’t let people or other countries walk all over us, Fresh air since bam always apologizing to other countries for what he saw as Americas wrongs . America is not perfect and we need a President that is trying to make it better. We do not need a career politician in that office we need someone who loves the country and her people. One who is not going to kiss the democrats and liberals ass. We need someone with a backbone to stand up and say enough is enough.. =

    • There must be a reason he is a FORMER Rep.

    • The key word here is FORMER Rep ! I’ll tell you what Trump did that the Democunts don’t like. He opened everyone’s eyes to the lying, behind your back corruption going on in Washington today. We wouldn’t know shit if Piggery would have been elected and he’s the only thing keeping this country from being another 3rd world country. I voted for Trump to keep these lying thieves out and so far he’s doing his best. Trump 2020 and the rest can kiss my ass!


    • Trump has done more in 3 years than all the Democrat candidates have done in all the years they’ve been in politics. Bwhahahahahahahaha how do you like him now?

    • Yes, Trump speaks his mind. That’s the problem: his mind is full of self-serving lying, racist rants. If anyone thinks that he puts America first, please go over his record on anything: immigration, economy (hey ain’t the stock market going great guns today??) or family values. He is for himself. His over 12,000 lies so far should speak for themselves.

    • Mr . Walsh, have you ever wondered why President Trump is the most successful President We have had since Reagan , and why you’re no longer in congress?

    • Walsh is washed in RINO paint and it is smeared.

    • What can he do that Trump hasn’t done , our economy is awesome and the unemployment numbers are super good , he sounds like a Democrat

    • Walsh should concentrate on the Eagles.

    • Hmmm. Well, we can think of it another way. If there was a primary challenger, then there would need to be 2 or 3 televised debates. Trump could use this prime time to explain to the nation what his plans are to Keep America Great & a constitutional Republic. It would be a lot of free advertising. So maybe a “challenger”, especially a planted one, would be a good idea.

    • So we should let China continue to steal from us and break their promises have unequal trade and the deficits was a inherent from Obama so that was up from Obama ohh yeah giving Iran 1.7 billion dollars to not make weapons ha ha they did and took the money

      • Bonnie, 1. Could you tell me what page of JCPOA you are finding a 1.7 billion payment to Iran to not make nuclear weapons? THE MONEY WAS THEIRS! Partial repayment was made by GHW Bush and when the balance was not paid, IRAN SUED and WON! It was never OUR money. 3. Joe Walsh is not saying that the U.S. should NOT address the issue of theft of intellectual property–as are MOST Republicans, he is saying tariffs is NOT the way to successfully address it. 4. The trade deficit with China is HIGHER than Trump inherited from Obama—2019 deficit is HIGHER than 2018!! 5. I do not share your belief that Iran threatening to restart their nuclear program is a laughing matter.

    • Bye bye Mr Walsh. Who even knows or cares who you are or were. Just jealous because you r totally irrelevant. Honestly I have never even heard of you. Must have been a rock star in Congress…lol

      • You would have loved Joe. He repeatedly spouted his concern with the national debt accrued during the Great Recession as an unfair burden on his children even after his ex-wife sued him for over $117,000 in back child support. When he was running for re-election, he claimed his opponent was using her Iraq war injuries to get elected. Then a few months ago Rush Limbaugh let the cat out of the bag. R’s never cared about fiscal responsibility, it was just talk. HOW did you miss the Tea Party and Joe Walsh? I would not call him a rock star, but the Tea Party supporters LOVED HIM. I would just call him a “piece of work.” He was a staple on FOX News.

    • Dead beat dad, for those who are in need of Prevagen.

    • Phyllis, again, you are confusing people like Bonnie with someone who cares about truth or facts.

    • Not interested in anything Mr. Walsh has to say. No president has done as much FOR Americans as Mr. Trump has!!!

    • “No president has done as much FOR Americans as Mr. Trump has!!!” Trish

      You are confused by your fantasy world.

    • Join the discussion…You are still confused confusion. The king was Obama with his pen and phone and the Constitution be damned. You’re pissed because after king obutticus put this nation in the toilet, your savior klinton, who lost the election, was supposed to flush it. Y’all are nothing but a bunch of communist pigs feeding at the trough of power.

    • *Generally Confused*Good grief don’t you have a hobby? Hate is often seen as a purely destructive emotion that we would be better off without. You must live a miserable life day after day wondering what President Trump will do to incite a rant. How many minds do you think you have changed? O is just a guess.

    • “I voted for him because he wasn’t Hillary Clinton.” Joe Walsh

      See what happens when you vote based on emotion or low information?

      “I soon realized that I couldn’t support him because of the danger he poses to the country” Joe Walsh

      Soon realized? It took two years to realize that he gave you a bellyache.

      Millions of voters were not confused by King Donald The Loser’s rhetoric or history because they knew, for decades, how racist he was, how incompetent he remained, and how off the wall he was. If you weren’t from NYC, all you needed to do was a little research or watch one of his episodes on shock jock Howard Stern’s nightmare show.

      You voted for the future king because you liked what he said. Face it, he was your man!

    • Never Trumper whines again.

    • have listen to mr walsh before a glenn beck wanabee

  • Former Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker is declaring that there are “some serious questions” following the apparent suicide of U.S. billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

    Early Saturday, Epstein was found dead in […]

    • Looking to get your old job back Matt? MAYBE you’ll be appointed to audit ALL federal jail facilities.

      It was a massive failure, on the local facility’s part, that Epstein was not effectively monitored. That set the conditions for him or someone else to do him in.

  • Acting U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Ken Cuccinelli is outlining a new rule laid out by the Trump administration that could limit legal immigration.

    Migrants who come to the U.S. […]

    • You also cannot own property. You can lease it but not own it.
      We ought to adopt Canadian immigration laws and other Commonwealth nations like Australia. There you must have a trade (employment) that isn’t commonly found in their nation or you can’t get in. Farm labor and housekeeping in a hotel are jobs we have plenty of US Citizens can fill so we don’t nee to import those jobs.

    • I suppose you are right. No sanctuary cities to keep them from being legally deported, no free housing and medical care that could go to our nation’s homeless liing on the street without any assistance at all. No free education for their children in public schools they don’t contribute to at all. Yeah, they certainly aren’t getting any aid at all.

    • Lynn replied 1 week ago

      Dems will NOT support this at all! They want to give illegals free everything, including social security! Hell, they love giving people on welfare everything keeping them on the doles. It’s rhetorical but that not what FDR was trying to do when he started the program. It was to be a helping hand for people who needed it, to get BACK on their feet. It wasn’t meant to be a lifelong program, or a generational program. Anytime the government wants to implement change to force them to work, etc. the Dems step in to thwart it.

      • I’m still unsure, of FDR’s reasoning and end game.
        But, remember LBJ?
        ‘He said, “if we give these N*****’s free stuff? They’ll vote Democrat, forever.”

    • Notice that the “Tired, Poor, Wretched Refuse” don’t go to Non-Welfare State Nations! None, not any! They come to ‘Welfare State’ Nations, and Retire on that nations Working Taxpayers!

    • Cherrie and Dave,

      Cuccinelli brought up the American Dream, where you can come here (legally) and make it on your own merits. Not come here for handouts from the government like Socialist moochers.

      Your arguments that we have a RATIONAL immigration system require a working Congress, which we do not have.

      It’s ironic that so many use the Nordic countries as economic models but do not grasp that they only work in conjunction with rational immigration systems.

    • Kay replied 1 week ago

      That would be like a lot of other countries like the Netherlands which required you have15,000 in the bank years ago and not be dependent on that country. My niece lives there now and just became a citizen. It took many years of living there under a legal status and lots of study for a rigorous two day test where she had to be able to speak very good Dutch and know all the local customs.
      What this administration is asking for is reasonable.

      • Yes. There’s this thing called assimilation where one must not only learn the country’s language, but contribute to the economy. We have too many stupid, unassimilated parasites and it’s long past time they were made to leave.

    • Kay replied 1 week ago

      It takes years in other countries also.

    • Back in 1971, I was wounded in Vietnam and sent to the Fifth Field Army Hospital,Bangkok Thailand, for extended surgeries.
      Long story short. I married my nurses aide and brought her back with me.
      However, upon arrival at Hawaii, her “port of entry.”
      She and I both, were required to sign a statement, that she was not allowed government assistance or welfare for ten years. Lest she be scheduled, for deportation.
      Yes, until the Liberal/Communist/Democrats, like Carter and Clinton, this was the law.

    • Mexican Law: “Unless you are born in Mexico? You can never hold a government job or position.”
      Wonder if Omar ever read that.

    • The reporter that asked about the Statue of Liberty is a sad case of our educational system. My father’s parents came to the US in the early 1900s the “public charge” rule was in effect at that time and a lot of years after.

    • Poseur.

    • To the weasel named Paul,

      Idiot. Melania Trump has never been dependent on government assistance. She speaks multiple languages, and is married to a US citizen. She speaks English and is a LEGAL immigrant. See the difference? No. You’re an idiot.

      So, are you ready to sponsor some immigrants? Pay for them and provide shelter, food, healthcare? Be legally AND financially responsible for them? No? Then shut the hell up you poseur. Put up or shut up.

      By the way, picking on a woman just because you don’t like her husband is cowardly, sexist, and stupid. Does picking on women make you feel big? Are you a closeted bully/rapist? Tell me again about that War on Women.

    • Give me your tired, your poor,
      Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
      The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
      Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
      I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

    • We know that Trump’s current wife entered the US, along with her parents, as a pole-dancing stripper. We can be assured that she was employed by at least one guy, but was she gainfully earning her way according to this same guy’s criterion?

  • Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) is letting loose on an American fencer for believing kneeling during the U.S. national anthem is a “sacrifice.”

    While representing Team USA at the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru, […]

    • “Sacrifice” was undoubtedly a very stupid word to use… Otherwise i don’t care and Rep Crenshaw is being silly for giving this guy screen time that he shouldn’t be getting.

      I’d rather congress just stepped away from every tiny controversy that occurs in the US and just start working policy. They comment on everything nowadays – its the equivalent to giving a toddler attention when they are mid tantrum. Attention is attention whether its positive or negative – just walk away.

    • .

    • General – Your bias is showing.

      Democrats and Republicans do this with equal fervor for the attention it gives them from the media.

    • Phoenix,

      It’s along the lines of “there’s no such thing as BAD publicity.”

      From a different perspective, if athletes and celebrities are going to take public political stances, the why shouldn’t an actual politician?

      I agree that there’s a fine line between attention-whoring/reacting to every little thing and calling out stupidity without being stupid.

    • Imboden is practicing Biden’t “truth over facts” when talking about “sacrifice”.

      “Sacrifice” would have been surrendering his medal in protest of representing a country he’s ashamed of. Why doesn’t he fence for a country he likes?

      “Sacrifice” would have been choosing to keep his mouth shut and standing out of respect for the competition and his fellow athletes. (Notice he’s the only one kneeling.) But he was too selfish for that.

    • Otis replied 1 week ago

      Too bad his opponent wasn’t armed with a cutlass.
      Times have certainly changed. The two dudes who gave the Black Power salute on the podium at the Olympics had their medals taken away. Perhaps they now deserve reparations.😝

    • You might consider this to be a cop out to your question, but I would really like to start holding politicians to higher standards when it comes to attention seeking behavior.

      Athletes, musicians, actors, and idiots with a megaphone on a street corner (fourth one strictly to put into context the weight i give political words/actions from the first three) have always been pretty vocal in politics. The internet gives them an easy way for circulation, but just because more people know about it doesn’t mean its now necessary for politicians to constantly be talking about them.

    • Phoenix,

      1. I agree that our “employees” should have standards of behavior. Where are those posted? How will they be enforced, except by being voted out?

      Embezzling campaign funds, lying on official documents, making “hate inciting” anti-Semitic comments are certainly behaviors that should be called out and punished.

      They are people. I expect (and my expectations of humans in general are empirically rock-bottom) they’ll behave as they see fit, however others might wish differently.

      2. I also agree that action, not more words are needed.

      Yet politicians live, “die”, and fund-raise based on publicity. They also need it to promote their agendas.

    • Paul replied 1 week ago

      The fact that “President” Trump decries this as anti-American: let’s see, of course there’s that old war-horse of his being a coward when it came to his “service,” but there’s also his laughing at an anti-immigrant when he asked what should be to Mexicans shouted out “Shoot them.”
      “That only happens in the pan-handle.” I do believe that El Paso is in the panhandle. If we can’t protest about something like that, where are we as Americans?

      • Otis replied 1 week ago

        That’s cute how you typed “President”. Sorry “Saint ” Paul that your “Holy Mother” Swillary isn’t wrecking the nation
        but you are welcome to light a candle for her everyday.

      • Kay replied 1 week ago

        The president often makes jokes to diffuse a bad remark. NO ONE but the hysterical ,left loons thought he meant anything else. Lighten up.

    • Dan Crenshaw a hero and a true leader- Race Imboden a spoiled, naive, indoctrinated propagandist, an example of what progressive white privilege looks like. He thinks he’s made a sacrifice. He needs a one on one with Dan Crenshaw and maybe a tour of a ” Wounded Warriors” project. What a POS. He’s free to do it, I hope he pays dearly for embarrassing his brave teammates, the games, our warriors and the U.S.

    • Screwtape – the voters should be the one to hold the standard as they always have in the past.

      I generally have a higher opinion on Rep Crenshaw than publicity whore – but I would agree that he comments on every dumb little thing for fundraising purposes. I’m just grumbling about how dumb it is.

      I’m not his constituent, or any of the other “squad” ladies you’re referencing, so the best I can do is grumble about their behavior. 🙂

    • Kay replied 1 week ago

      He should be suspended immediately and sent home.He knew that the rules forbade any politics. It reflects badly on our country when an athlete thinks his agenda is more important than being part of the team.

    • Phoenix,

      Here again we must rely on the “standards” set by others. If Crenshaw is re-elected then I’d say they meet those standards. (I wish he represented my district).

      More than adhering to standards of behavior, I value those who keep their promises, or try. I’d rather have a boor, who’s behavior is repellant, who gets the job done than some polished, false promiser.

    • Screwtape – I wouldn’t say Congress is getting much done at all and thats not because of summer break. Before you blame that inaction on Demcrats – yeah, thats politics. The whole point is to be able to work with those who disagree to come to a solution.

      That’s not getting done.

      So again… just a lot of commenting on things that shouldn’t even merit an amateur news blog article for the soul purpose of riling base and, as you said, growing campaign funds.

      • .

      • You are so right.
        Negotiations, take both parties to be involved.
        Give and take, etc.
        Thus far, the Dem’s have accomplished spending millions of dollars, to find Trump not guilty of collusion and hating him still..

    • “They comment on everything nowadays” Phoenix

      I don’t think you are confused by their tactics. Republicans / conservatives need to divert attention away from the terrible things that they do and their terrible policies.

      I am pretty sure you know that.

    • Otis replied 1 week ago

      To insult the United States is sign enough that the individual involved is a rat, especially if done overseas.
      This rat should be a man without a country and let his parents visit him overseas if mom and dad are still willing to call him their offspring. My dad would have disowned me after risking his life fighting communists.
      Pussy Wimpoctats will see me as weak because I would not stand up to my patriotic parents and I am the one who should be ashamed.
      I am NOT ashamed of kith, kin or country.

      • Shades of Obama. No one asked him to apologize for, nor grovel on behalf of the country. That’s submission, not leadership.

    • pathetic pukes—-don’t like America stay in Peru—-jerks!
      what’s with the blue lips—-probably a smurf in disguise

    • Phoenix,

      Thanks for ASSUMING I would blame the Dimocrats. Are you projecting?

      No. Our system of gummint was designed to be slow and retarded. q.v. checks and balances. But when critical issues occur things must still be done.

      Did you know the Revolutionary War almost didn’t happen?

      If Trump were King, as a certain know-nothing idiot insists, do you think the wall would not be built, the Mueller conspirators beheaded, and dissenters not rounded up? Good thing we have a Constitutional Republic.

    • Using the podium, for “Empowerment and change?”
      Empowering the socialists while requiring a change of diapers.
      As a Vietnam vet, who actually bled during battle, I am appalled.
      How about you sacrifice something more substantial?
      Like 1/2 of your small intestines and your ability to sleep soundly, EVERY night.
      Just another one of Dr. Spock’s little spoiled brats.
      Who never had an a$$ warming.

    • So if Crenshaw made it possible for Race Imboden to protest, WHAT is your logic in not wanting him to appear on U.S. sports teams? Yes, you have the right to protest, but DON’T???

    • You make a good point now quit expecting others to be silent. He had an opinion and expressed it. Where’s your respect?

    • He fought for people to be able to remain free including your sorry-ass!

    • You my dear are asking questions that are dehumanizing to any man or woman that has or is serving in uniform! Your brother must be so proud of you! You’re pathetic may I just say freedom of speech!!!

    • Bob replied 5 days ago

      Join the discussion…And the hate filled, lying, anti American syphilis opens her butt, speaks and out comes brown rancid crap. You do not give ANY opinion if you have not been in a serviceman’s shoes dipstick. I don’t believe you have any live brain cells.

    • Bob replied 5 days ago

      Join the discussion…The ONLY people spreading hate, division and lies are you communist elite, syphilis. Crenshaw did something for his country and paid the price unlike you, snowflake. The butt and mouth are interchangeable on liberals and you prove it every time you post.

    • Bob replied 5 days ago

      Join the discussion…Take away their medals and throw them off the team.

    • Allen Zabel, Thank you for your service. Did you fight in Vietnam so Americans would remain SILENT to racism, inactivity on gun violence, dehumanizing immigrants and a POTUS that spreads hate and division? My brother also served and sustained serious injuries in Vietnam. Silence is not what he thought he was fighting for.

    • I am not following Crenshaw’s logic. HE SACRIFICED for what exactly? For the right NOT to protest? For the right to remain SILENT as the POTUS spreads hate and division? Interesting that Crenshaw perceives racism, gun violence and mistreatment of immigrants as “imperfections” that should not be acknowledged. Will history acknowledge them?—You bet.

  • It doesn’t seem like it was a good move by Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) when he tried exposing major donors who contributed to President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign as the president is gaining […]

    • So tired of the far left radicals and their smear campaigns. At least this one was good for our POTUS in the long run.

    • The Castro boys may not be smart enough to realize what they are doing. They are definitely losing more than gaining with this ridiculous behavior.

    • Thank you Castro boys for promoting our President’s campaign. Smart move. Can’t stop laughing over this one.

    • When will they learn about #Boomerang and #Backfire – my guess never but it’s helping reelect Trump so good!

    • OK. If the Left believes “words are weapons” then doxing is hiring assassins.

      Bastard #1 Castro is unapologetic. So is his bastard twin #2, the one running for president.

      The irony is that some of those they put on the “kill list” were also their donors.

      Nice how these socialist bastards weaponized donations. Now let’s see THEIR donors. While our side is not so demented or violently inclined as the Left, it will reveal exactly who’s backing them.

    • Mr. John Doe, who “works” at John Doe’s BBQ, isn’t being doxxed because i didn’t tell you where he sleeps 8 hours a day. only told you where you can attack him during daylight hours

    • Democrats have a history of shaming and publicly endangering Republicans. The most recent was the awful screaming “stick a knife in his heart”and banging pans in front of Mitch McConnells home during the night he came home from the hospital all the way back to the housing crisis when an overfed ,woman demanded that the VP should “give me your house” in a protest or Maxine Water telling people to “get in the face” of people they disagreed with.

  • President Donald Trump is mocking former Vice President Joe Biden (D) over his latest gaffe.

    Biden isn’t new to making blunder’s in speeches, but his latest drew a lot of reaction.

    During Thursday’s campaign […]

    • I am confused.

      Which one is the pot and which one is the kettle?

    • Yes, because the current president has never said something stupid and you can tell he puts a lot of thought into how he communicates.

      Also, Biden… what a doof.

    • Makes no sense why Biden is running for president. He’s like 77–almost 78. Why don’t these Forever Dems retire?

    • I dunno about ‘the full deck’ but whatever is missing, certainly The Jokers are still included.

    • I am confused.

      Explain this word salad please.

    • Leftists, give me Trump and please shut up.

      • I am confused, George.

        Are you saying that I don’t know what is good for me and our country, but YOU do and there can be no discussion about it? Maybe I am wrong, but I don’t think that is how things are supposed to work in a democracy. Your world sure sounds more like a dictatorship.

        Funny that coming from a king’s peon.

        • If you’re ALWAYS “confused”, why not just shut up, get out of the way and listen to the intelligent adults?

    • There’s an insidious form of racism called “the bigotry of low expectations”. Joe lives this.

      Nice bank shot though. He dunked the poor while holding up his white supremacist mentality. “Just as bright and just as talented as white kids….” says everything about his underlying racism.

    • Joe is literally the Dims “great white hope” yet one must question their choice.

      After decades in Congress his career culminated in holding Obozo’s coat. He’s had to walk back and defend his voting record. If the Dims determine he can’t beat Trump then his candidacy and support evaporates.

      Gropin’ Joe is a gaffe machine. He called Dayton Toledo at a rally. He bemoaned the recent shootings in Houston and Michigan (both wrong). He may not top Obozo’s “fifty-seven states” but he’s way ahead on points and lifetime record.

    • Yeah, this ain’t your mammy’s Media Matters for America. Comments there are deleted because the morons who post comments are no-IQ inbred Socialists/Commies.

    • Good point, Bill. I’ve read that “diagnosis” a number of times lately.

    • Proving for the one thousandth time that he is a brick short and you have to love Trumps comment about the fool.

    • Thank you for your support, No6unmutual. Every bit helps.

      The IJR comment section of the site is broken. Any more than one comment locks up the comments. You cannot jump to more comments, etc.

      A point of correction, too. You cannot vote on a comment more than once, unless you are making a correction. Therefore you can’t up-vote or down-vote more than once. Try it and you will get a pink error message.

      Yes, this “independent” news site attracts a lot of Republican wacko Archie Bunkers. The site is designed to cause a raucous, divisive discussion. It hasn’t been all that successful because the owner (who is very conservative) had to lay off “journalists” and go to some right-wing financiers, to get more money.

      IJR has a minuscule group of “sane” members (thanks for the suggestion, Phyllis). As I am sure that you are beginning to understand that most of the members worship their new found and racist king. His cult have found a castle where they feel comfortable and safe behind its walls.

    • The slip of the tongue shows where Biden really stands. He equates poor with being a minority and rich/successful being white. I guess he thinks all those athletes, rappers, actors and other celebs are still poor because they’re minorities. After all he’s from the party that gave us the Civil War because Democrats didn’t want give up their cheap labor, cheated freed slaves out of their 40 acres and a mule, voted against giving blacks the vote and created the KKK. Of course he would immediately think of the poor as being black, someone to use to get elected. Maybe he should show up to his speeches in a white hood.

      From the Kennedys, to Johnson, to Clinton, to Obama, to Biden and the other Democrat candidates, they’ve all tried or are trying to use minorities, well Blacks, Hispanics and so called Native Americans (Anyone born here is a Native American. Every person in the Americas comes from immigrants). Asians just work hard and don’t look for handouts, so they’re not targeted. His first Presidential bid ended when he was caught plagiarizing his opponents speeches and it was discovered that he had problems in college because of plagiarizing other’s work. Now, he must be talking off the cuff and he just isn’t up to it.

    • To guest TomB2,

      Joe is the Dim’s hope to win moderates and those who voted for Trump in 2016. I’m hoping he’s gonna go down like Kerry, another “moderate”.

      What can one say about Joe? He actually said he’d choose “truth”over facts in IA. Either he’s fantasizing that his “truth” is a real thing (it’s not) or he’s ignoring facts AND reality. He cannot have both.

    • To Charles,

      Joe is speaking his own bigotry/racism/classism. He just doesn’t realize it.

      Equating poor people with “not white”, then holding whites as an example are SERIOUS examples of racism. Whether through “low expectations” or his “whites are the standard” he’s a racist.

    • About 40 of 52 I’d say. 😂

    • I say the odds are about 5.5 to 46…. that’s “five point five years to 46th president of the United States”

  • When it comes to one lawmaker’s Twitter account being locked out while another’s wasn’t, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) has something to say about it.

    Hawley’s reaction comes as Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) got t […]

    • Surprise! Twitter is no different than Facebook and which do the same thing. If you’re a Liberal/Democrat, you can say or publish anything, no matter how obscene or violent. But, if you’re a conservative and call them out, your account is blocked. Of course it’s OK if these multi-$billion corporations publish your entire information for anyone to attack you or steal your identity. I left Facebook a long time ago because of this. Finally, they were fined. Twitter needs to be monitored and restricted as well. Close them all down! They’re corrupt.

      • They were fined but what about the people who they exposed their information they didn’t do anything for them all of them should be sued by the people

    • It is just amazing how this happens

    • Castro needs to cough up his donor lists as well as where he shops, where he dines, all the goodies he believes should be outed. Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it.

    • Double-standard as usual.

  • Border officials saw a decrease in apprehensions at the U.S.-Mexico border last month, but acting U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kevin McAleenan is warning that there’s still an ongoing […]

    • Sure. If the illegals were like flood waters then they have receded from 144 feet to 94 feet. It’s still a flood.

      Meanwhile, politicians like Pelosi are criticizing possible solutions like “safe 3rd country” and how shameful what’s happening at OUR border. She’s not offering any solutions her own.

    • Of the 71,999 who were apprehended, WHY were any of them admitted? IF they were Illegal Aliens, they need to be sent back to their home Countries.

  • Following violent acts of protest outside of his home this week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is putting his foot down that he will “not be intimidated” by the demonstrators.

    A protest broke […]

    • The Leftists are such phonies. The savages among them are especially dangerous. They want ‘peace’ about as much as the majority of people want an asteroid the size of the Moon to hit the Earth.

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