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  • House Republicans are reacting to the remarks from former House Speaker Paul Ryan after he reportedly criticized President Donald Trump.

    In a new book, American Carnage by author Tim Alberta, set to release on […]

    • I do not understand the “criticism” of Ryan’s comments. Trump bragged of being unprepared for the job he was seeking–the rally crowds cheered 62 million voted for him knowing his background was corrupt businessman, TV reality host, and sexual harasser/assaulter. WHAT did Ryan say that was factually incorrect? They certainly are not calling Ryan’s comments politically incorrect as Trump was adamant in eradicating political correctness.

    • The only person that can beat Pres. Trump in 2020 will be the one that doesn’t suffer from TDS and does not run as a Democrat/Lefty/Socialist/Independent and abhors the ‘Swamp’ even more than DJT. Buh-Bye!

    • “spending time with my family” is the lame excuse for EVERY disgraced politician. Really. It’s almost subtitled “I’m a loser and here’s my feeble excuse.”

      And Ryan WAS a loser. Also a traitor to those who voted for him. He came in as a Tea Party wunderkind, but immediately became part of the swamp. I’ve already commented on the need to vet any and all party candidates.

      We are at a point where we seriously must consider the proven effectiveness of old techniques. Vlad the Impaler had zero issues with illegal border crossings. The old German breaking on the wheel had zero recidivism. Shariah law (when not bride burning, practicing FGM, or executing gays) maimed, branded, or outright killed thieves and criminals. Even the Commies executed dissidents (as well as many others).

      I’d take hostages to assure political integrity. Why not? they live in the voting districts (or shoud). It worked for thousands of years. The Romans assassinated traitors and rivals. We’ve gotten too damn soft and our ineffectiveness shows it.

      Prove me and history, multicultural at that, wrong.

    • Meadows and Jordan advised Trump to shut down the government for 35 days to get his vanity wall funding. WHO were Meadows and Jordan attempting to please with that very unsound advice??? Meadows & Jordan are responsible for Boehner not putting the bipartisan Senate written & passed Immigration bill on the House floor for a vote–WHO were they thinking they were pleasing with that unsound advice? Trump has not had a single poll indicating majority approval one day of his 2.5 yrs. The lack of spine in Ryan to stand up to the Freedom Caucus or Trump is partly responsible for Republican leadership’s low approval rating. Meadows appears to not realize that.

    • In reply to the demented ranting of Phyllis (not just because of IJR)

      So Phil*, which candidate are you supporting?

      You and the General share one thing in common. You badmouth but say nothing about your own commitments. Of course, lack of commitment is a trait of the entire Leftist side.

      Who are you supporting and why? I’m guessing the never-was Gropin’ Joe, based on your posts.

      *I call you Phil under the assumption that you’re a frustrated TDS transgender. Your icon shows a MALE wearing a football jersey (I can’t ID the team but they are probably losers)

      • LOL…. The team you do not recognize is the Pittsburgh Steelers. 6 Super Bowl wins hardly makes them losers, but their last SB win was in 2009. Winners or loser, they are still my team. The male in my FB pic is my great-nephew. He was PA State Heavy Weight Wrestling Champ in 2017. He is now 21 and in college on an athletic scholarship. Since you perceive I am my FB icon, should we conclude YOU are yours?

    • Glad RINO Ryan has departed

    • The facts are he was going to be tossed and saw the writing on the wall. Ryan was a real loser and puppet of the swamp people. Hope he enjoy making lobby money off the problem he could have stopped.

    • What is your definition of RINO? Is it someone who supports what R’s did from 2009-2017? Or someone who supports increasing the deficit in a good economy, tariffs–not free trade, separation of families–not family values, Trump amoral values—not Christian values, unbalanced budgets–not balanced budgets, POTUS immunity for legal infractions—not Law and Order? It is difficult to ascertain exactly what a Republican is today. If a RINO is someone who has not taken an oath of loyalty to Trump, then your post makes perfect sense.

    • a total disaster a koch brothers and chamber of comerce toady

    • He was part of the swamp, and the swamp truly needs draining!!!!

    • Since Screw is having difficulty with responses, I will respond twice. The team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. The pic is of my great-nephew. FB is unaware of your requirement that users must display a photo of themselves on their profile pic.
      As I have responded in the past when you asked who I was supporting, I am STILL a PA registered voter whose primary is not until April 28, 2020. Rather early for me to pick a candidate that may or may not be in the race then. My criteria is completely different than yours. I want a candidate with a plan to Make America Sane Again. Presently, I have 4 possible contenders for my vote. From my postings, it is crystal clear which candidates aren’t among the 4. Any particular reason you need to know for whom I will be voting? We would need to live in the same state for us to cancel each others vote in the primary or the general. Trump has flip flopped on his 2016 opposition to the Electoral College. It is still in place for 2020.

      • This is why posters need to identify voters. Do 12 down votes not like the Pittsburgh Steelers? Believe FB rules not permit me to use a photo of my great-nephew? I have used the same profile pic for many yrs and never been blocked by FB. Do 12 voters perceive I should select a candidate in July, 2019 when my only opportunity to vote in the Democrat primary is not until April 28, 2020? They held 1 debate and a few townhalls. Sorry, but still too early for me. OR is the objection to Making America Sane Again? Sorry, I have had it with crazytown on both sides of the aisle. Mexico isn’t going to pay for the wall and Congress is not going to pass Medicare for All.

    • Trump 1 Ryan 0 and no points for the swamp.

    • Dumb statement of the day Comrade.

    • Fave it folks, Ryan is nothing more than a Leftist RINO.

    • That’s Face it. Sorry!

    • Whatever your political position, admit that Paul Ryan was right. Trump was a failed financial “genius” whose only claim to fame was a host of a stupid TV show. Boy! That’s somebody that I want to claim to be the “leader” of the free world. Look out, Melanomia, you might be next>

    • Spilt milk, Paul.

    • Paul was mitts running mate what do expect. He doesn’t like trump.

    • In reply to Phil because IJR.

      Yes, by all means conclude I’m an elder god of chaos and doom who lies sleeping in R’lyeh.

      Pittburgh has a football team? No matter.

      You still haven’t said who you favor in the 2020 Dimocratic Thunderdome. I know it’s a hard choice.

    • Yes, Pittsburgh has a football team that won 6 Super Bowls Never heard of Terry Bradshaw, Joe Greene, Franco Harris, Lynn Swan, Jack Lambert?? No matter. WHAT is with your obsession with what I plan to do in April of 2020?? Are you on life support or given a diagnosis of a terminal illness? WHY would I select a candidate in 2019 when I do not vote until April 28, 2020? PA has CLOSED primaries, so I will be voting as a registered Democrat and FOR a registered Democrat.—- a registered Democratic Socialist is NOT a registered Democrat. So you can eliminate Bernie from the list. You can eliminate a few others based on my search for a candidate with a plan to MAKE AMERICA SANE AGAIN. —

  • When it comes to working on a solution to the immigration crisis at the U.S-Mexico border, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has a few ideas in mind.

    He’s echoing calls from his Republican colleagues for congressional […]

    • Heartless or not, the border crisis must be solved.

      While some may overvalue human life (ironically many who support abortion), these are the wrong ones. The solutions I have suggested would be immediate, effective, and clearly communicate “Don’t trespass. Don’t even try.” We ARE at war with invaders who would plunder our generosity and contribute little if nothing.

      Clearly the political class includes not one of George Orwell’s “rough men”. To paraphase L.A Confidential, the solutions needed are fearsome and cruel. (from some perspectives)

      BTAIM Cruz is not wasting time by arguing with the Dims. Instead he’s working on solutions. Good for him.

    • I’m still in favor of using El Chapo’s drug money to finance the Wall from the Gulf to the Pacific with only “OUT” doors from our side; stating “NO ENTRANCE” on the Mexican side. We should also enlist the help of the Illegal Alien Invasion force to help build that Wall; providing they are working from the Mexican side.

      • Ahhh, yes, perfect idea, however, the democrats will be pissed that the El Chapo money is NOT going into their pockets!!

    • The Democrats will lose the 2020 election over their negligence and refusal to help with this issue alone. All the polls showed that people from both parties wanted the citizen question on the census but those protecting illegal immigrants got it stopped through liberal judges. Most Americans want the border secured and Democrats want open borders. Democrats are on the wrong side of this issue.

    • The lip-speak sounds good but I still do not trust Cruz to be our president. Perhaps working with, instead of against Trump for four more years would sway my opinion of him.

    • James and Mary,

      Yes. By all means use El Chapo’s billions to build the wall. The Dims are just outraged that it’s being spent on illegals BUT not in the way they want.

    • We certainly need to prevent illegal aliens from getting any government benefits (paid for by our tax dollars), but we also need to require all employers to use e-Verify. Then we need to prosecute people who employ anyone not legally entitled to work here.

      That would go a long way toward removing the incentive to come here.

  • Former acting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) director Tom Homan is slamming a Democratic lawmaker for the “political theater” after the two clashed a Friday’s hearing.

    During Friday’s House […]

    • Rep. Gerry Connolly is another Demorat that doesn’t care about the people at the border, he just cares about looking like he does. He is a scumbag Demorat and that is all he is.

    • Really Connolly you represent the US you are a disgrace you care more about illegals than the American people we didn’t force these people here they can always go home they are illegals we are not just going to set them free but hey we can send them to your house

    • Typical Marxist Democrat. Attack, lie and run. Collins, Cummings, AOC, et al; YOU do Lennin proud.

    • mary replied 1 week ago

      These democrats are a bunch of circus clowns, just here to entertain with their drama!! Ohhh please, I care not what those border detention centers look like, if they are filthy that is because those housed in them make them that way.. If these ILLEGALS have an issue with how they are being treated, by all means, GO THE HELL HOME!! STOP trying to invade this country like a hoard of freeloaders!! Stand up to your government and fight for your rights in your own country like our ancestors did 100’s of year ago here in the USA, make YOUR country better for you and your children!! Stop trying to come here for your free living!! AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!!!

    • Cherl replied 1 week ago

      These Democrats are that out of touch with reality that they forget that their grandstanding can be their downfall. They try to outdo each other with ridiculous rhetoric. Connelly is so outraged by the situation at the border that he couldn’t convince this fellow crazies to approve money to aid people who shouldn’t be there.

    • These freaking morons on the left are brain-damaged nincompoops at best, out-and-out traitors do the American people in our constitution at their worst… Absolute losers every single one of them

    • Otis replied 1 week ago

      It is the Theater of the Absurd in D.C. these days.

    • Liberal Demo-🐀’s have to have the illegal vote in the future or they are doomed and they know it.

    • David replied 1 week ago

      How bad does it make me to say, ” I don’t Care”. I just don’t care how they are treated, They stole and lied their way into the country. I only hope they get a quick free trip back to their home countries.

    • David replied 1 week ago

      How bad does it make me to say, ” I don’t Care”. I just don’t care how they are treated, They stole and lied their way into the country. I only hope they get a quick free trip back to their home countries.

    • Bob replied 1 week ago

      @Judith, And was Connelly there to spread Democrat Party propaganda or to destroy the President? Oh, wait. They are two sides of the same coin. Everything that Dems do is for the purpose of getting Trump out of office, regardless of how bad it is for the country.

    • Bev replied 1 week ago

      If they give a crap, they would pass legislation to get this crap taken care of, instead of bucking Trump every step of the way, they have done nothing in 2 and half years but give him grief! They should all be fired!

    • Cherl replied 1 week ago

      Oh Phyl, you are a Democrat. Of course, you’re “not following the logic”!

    • Cherl replied 1 week ago

      Well Phyll, of course, you’re not “following the logic”. You’re a Democrat.

    • Steve replied 1 week ago

      What is sad is the clowns in Washington have no idea what an embarrassment they are to themselves and our country.

    • Well Phyll, of course, you’re “not following the logic”. You’re a Democrat.

    • Thanks IJR. I wrote the first comment at 6:56 pm. Only took 3 hours to post all three attempts.

      • If you’re having trouble with this site, call them(IJR). Their number in on their website, and they are very supportive and quick to help. They have helped me, and shown me how to be sure what I was doing didn’t cause the same issue again. Good luck!

    • I am not following the logic here. A question is posed to the acting Inspector General of Homeland Security and Homan perceived it was appropriate to interrupt with commentary. I did not get the impression Homan thought he was chairing a meeting at the border. I got the impression he thought he was on FOX News. NEITHER was correct. WHY would the Oversight Committee NOT want to hear from the acting Inspector General who produced the report on the conditions at the border? Homan was REIIRED at the time of the IG’s investigation. I get that Homan is a big shot at FOX News, but that does not transfer to Capitol Hill. As Trump is fond of saying, “No one elected him to anything.” Connolly was elected to serve the people of the 11th district of Virginia. Celebrating Homan’s arrogance of ignorance is absurd. MAKE AMERICA SANE AGAIN!

    • Typical pompous D-RAT—a worthless reckless maggot of a person

    • Seems to me Connolly is a blow hard a**hole. Says he has HEARD stories of mistreated children. Didn’t hear about him seeing what he was braying about. Typical Demorat Socialist.

    • Connolly just like his fellow Dems are grandstanders…all I hear is blah, blah, blah. Look, bottom line, illegal immigrant,..word du jour illegal. Don’t come here and then u won’t be upset about conditions. Come here…take your chances. Don’t want my tax dollars being spent on taking care of you and whoever else you are dragging along.

    • It’s very true what Homan was stating, none of the Democrats wanted to hear a word he was saying, as all they did was repeat their rhetoric even though he clarified that they were ignoring the facts. I have seen better acting than their postulations and crying and yelling. They must have been spoiled as children to think everything has to be their way only.

    • I saw the replay of this interview. Clearly and obviously, Homas spoke the truth. He was disregarded and blatantly disrespected by a person who had a canned opinion based on the Party Line to resist no matter how stupid it makes you look.

    • Thank God for Connolly! Having the spunk to face off against an obvious racist follower of our “leader” who cannot or will not face the facts, should be applauded as a true American.

  • Vice President Mike Pence is knocking down the claim that migrant detention facilities at the U.S.-Mexico border are comparable to concentration camps.

    “I hope first and foremost that we put to lie this slander […]

    • mary replied 1 week ago

      Start shipping them BACK to their own countries within days of arriving, TADAAAA, crisis of overcrowding eliminated!!!

      • Robin replied 1 week ago

        Change the laws that say once they enter the US, they are our problem. If they genuinely are seeking asylum, that is one thing. Child trafficking? Criminals? Just looking for more money? Here is the door.

    • Otis replied 1 week ago

      No one ever chose to go to a concentration camp. The Democraps just can’t stop comparing the present administration to the Nazis and that is not only ridiculous, and redundant, but utterly false.

    • The left & globalists created this by, literally, running ads in So. America. Soros’s head guy of the group doing this has now been arrested in Mexico. I think there are a few leftie senators & congressmen that need the same treatment.

    • I say ship them back immediately. No bennies purchased with our tax dolllars. Even acknowledging the idiot “concentration camp” label is stupid.

      However, if we are feeding them then let’s give the “jobs” as they claim to desire. Make them build a wall, strictly supervised, to recoup the cost of their upkeep.

      Then ship them back.

    • “Concentration camps” were where the (National) Socialists decided to ship citizens based on religion, politics, etc. Let’s repeat that: CITIZENS.

      These criminals literally broke our laws and they are NOT citizens.

      best solution: mark them and turn them right around.
      workable solution: penalize them for their acts by making them work. Mark them and ship them back.

    • Somebody bring up Facebook, find out where his children and grandchildren live, and see how he would react to kid-napping.

  • Pastor and president of Latin Impact Ministries Russell Black is offering a different picture on the conditions at a U.S.-Mexico border migrant detention facility previously visited by 2020 Democratic […]

    • I seriously doubt the Illegal Aliens are being help captive or treated as prisoners. From all I’ve read, those who came here Illegally are more than welcome to LEAVE at a time of their choosing. Yesterday would have been much too late. So LEAVE voluntarily or be TOLD to leave. Easy choice.

      • The obvious solution is to send them back across the border to await their asylum processing. It would also save our money.

        It’s too common sense and it does not serve the Dim “catch & release so they can vote”.

    • *gasp* The Dims are lying about conditions on the border? Why ever would they do that?
      /sarcasm off/

  • Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway is coming to President Donald Trump’s defense on his move regarding the citizenship question and the 2020 census.

    After pushing to get a question on citizenship onto […]

    • Trump did not cave. He found a workaround.

      Using EXISTING government date will arguably provide better data than a census question. There’s this thing called lying.

      • Yes, the existing government data will continue to provide more accurate data than a census question. Trump was told that before he sent his team of 11 DOJ lawyers to the SCOTUS to lie. Chief Justice Roberts called him out on it. Apparently Roberts does not recognize the Trumpism of” it is not a lie if it is what you want to hear.”

    • Here’s some news for those who opposed the question on the census. Harvard, yes that one, did a survey and found 67% of voters wanted it included. This included 55% of Hispanics.

      Of course this now moot with Trump’s workaround.

      • Over 90% of Americans want universal background checks for all gun sales. That does not appear to be happening either.

    • I love how The Butt et al instantly scream “Racist! Hate!” without explaining HOW or WHY. It’s a knee-jerk response the Dims use anytime things don’t go their way. It also induces a gag-reflex in those who hear it.

      I’d like a single one of them to explain how a sovereign government taking an ACCURATE measure of the population is (pick one).

      Considering the accusations against him it’s ironic that The Butt uses it.

      • I too like how “RACISM” and/or ‘”RACIST” are the go-to words to try and win an argument by the Lefties now. It only proves the Socialists have nothing to present as fact to win; just senseless chatter to hide behind.

      • If the count does not include non-citizens, how is it an accurate count of the population?

    • James,

      Accusations of racism, -phobia, etc. have been so overused that they’ve lost any real meaning except to the Left. They no longer work on “normals”.

      What’s most amusing is that the Dims now have a circular firing squad where accusations of politically-incorrect behavior are now weaponized against THEM (rightly so).

      q.v. AOC’s accusations against Nancy when she herself supports anti-Semitism and has a Nazi sympathizer as Chief of Staff.

      q.q.v. Kamallama pillorying Gropin’ Joe for supporting busing when she herself does.

    • I see POTUS’s biggest apologist/propagandist is busy spinning.

    • For those of you that believe Kelleyann, please respond to the question when you receive your 2020 census form.

    • Information from the 1940 Census was secretly used in one of the worst violations of constitutional rights in U.S. history: the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II.

      In papers presented in 2000 and 2007, historian Margo J. Anderson of the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee and statistician William Seltzer of Fordham University found evidence that census officials cooperated with the government, providing data to target Japanese Americans.

      There is no confusion as to what this administration wants to do with the citizen question.

    • Screwtape Up votes on all of your wise and common sense comments. Perhaps someday IJR will get it working. Like you I find the constant rally cry by the Democrats of racist to be so tiresome. But when it’s all your feeble little mind can come up with…..happily I’m one of your “ normals”. But I must repeat, how many do these three think that they’re going to turn with their so called facts and obvious fictions?

  • Congressional Black Caucus member William Lacy Clay (D-Mo.) blasted Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after the controversial freshman’s feud between her and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) continued.

    The two […]

    • The Dim civil war. It’s a beautiful thing.

      I disagree with Clay that the kiddies need to grow up. (also note he called them immature, ignorant, and their logic weak which is all true). Look at Bernie. He’s pushing 80 and still believes every day can be Christmas. Consider that AOC’s first act upon Pelosi’s warning was to run to the Washington Post and call her a racist. Adolescent rebel much, Socialist Barbie?

      The Dim party has gone from being for “the working man” to being the party of the weak, immature, and stupid. They want people helpless and victims so Uncle Sugar can take care of them. They court the young (and measurably poorer and dumber).

      AOC and her “squad” truly do represent the new Dim party. Best of all they represent its future, which the majority of Americans will NOT support.

      • Those 4 don’t represent anything about our country, they should be strung up and taken back to the shithole they love so much. These 4 are in their one and only term, we are all sick of looking at them spew the hilarious ideas they come up with. The Democrats are nothing but a bad circus act!!

    • “It seems that Pelosi is trying to put a halt to the infighting within the Democratic caucus” Madison

      And you would be wrong, Madison.

      If she wanted to stop infighting, Pelosi would get the party to fight for the policies that the constituents of her members want: have an impeachment inquiry, protect refugees from ICE and our private prison complex, fighting for oversight of our government funding, fighting for protecting our environment and our citizens from aggressive companies, fighting for fair taxes, and so on.

      Pelosi – get with the program, support your members, and stop denigrating them!

    • This is very interesting. Here we go again with the POC argument and name calling. A liberal staple when things don’t go their way, even within their ranks. At least we can all hope AOC’s juvenile followers will grow up quicker than she is, realize her idiocracy, and vote opposite her.

      • Why would you hope that? I hope they keep acting like petulant children and attacking their own.

    • When you have no argument that is the first thing they go to is that your a racist bigot discriminator anything to bring attention off of them I don’t feel bad for Pelosi she deserve it after all Trump is a racist and anyone who voted for him right those four are trying to get a power grab

      • Bonnie, I’m trying to figure out whether you are saying Trump is a racist or that it’s too freely used by the Dims. Care to clarify?

    • AOC is the poster child for raising the voting age.

      • Age is the least qualifier. I’d make paying more in taxes than you receive from the government in benefits ONE qualifier. If you’ve got your snout in the trough you should not have say in what goes into it.

    • So now Pelosi knows how it feels when she plays the race card on others. Will it educate her as to falsely proclaiming someone a racist just because you dislike them or their political persuasion?…………uh, no!

    • Hope they claw each others eyes out.

    • AOC hasn’t learned it’s ok to call Trump & GOP racist, but not fellow Dems. Clay is a race baiter. Neither of them give one whit about American citizens. They don’t rep America.

    • Oh, you don’t enjoy being falsely accused of racism? Welcome to the club. Your party of scumbags is finally getting a taste of your own retched medicine.

    • It would take giving aoc a dozen lashes with a cane every time she opens her mouth for several months before the nitwit would shut up.

    • While not exactly a fan, her treatment of Nancy Pelosi and Harris’s verbal abuse of Biden was not only disrespectful for uncomfortable to watch. Glad I don’t have to make a decision as to who would get my vote.

    • To Jim Dawson, because IJR:

      AOC and her ilk, whether they represent the interests of their voters or not, are also entitled by their own undeserved self-esteem. They think that anything they offer should be rewarded, even if it’s wrong or stupid. (it usually is)

      I’m hoping AOC is not re-elected and polls of her voters bear this out. Omar is from the SAME district where a city council voted down reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at meetings. It might have offended some “non-citizens”. Really? How can non-citizens vote for these people?

      A large # of voters told them how wrong they are and the mayor is now restoring the pledge.

      Tlaib and Pressley are similarly secured by idiot, anti-American voters. If enough are outraged then they hopefully will not see second terms. In a way, voters get the government they deserve BUT citizens willing to act can still make a difference.

    • I will just continue to scoff and snicker while the Dumbocrats dig their hole deeper and deeper.

    • Oh so correct, Mary!

    • Kenny replied 1 week ago

      Oh come on Ocrazyo-Cortez, Oman and the rest of the braying jack asses. Do not let up we need you and the other Socialist maggots to continue to bring the Socialist/Democrap Party down. Thank you for ensuring we can and will re-elect Trump in 2020. Again, thank you, bring it on bimbo’s.

    • Kenny replied 1 week ago

      Check out the district in NYC that elected Ocrazyo-Cortez. They don’t realize any error. These clowns are as brain dead as the maggot they elected.

    • Kenny replied 1 week ago

      The clown would not even know why she was being lashed. What a dork.

    • I can sum it up, demoncratic women have no class or morals! Let the infighting continue to go on because it will, knowing AOC and other freshmen congresswomen!

    • James replied 1 week ago

      It was recently reported (somewhere in the English language, at least) that AOC’s intended career move is to join the “ladies” on the television sideshow called the “View”; that she does not have a long term plan to remain in the political arena. Obviously the only “arena” she really wants to be in is with the few clowns who are parked in the “View” dumpster.

    • mary replied 1 week ago

      These democrats will destroy themselves from within!!! This is laughable, I do hope the people that cast their votes for this halfwit AOC can hold their heads up high while being the joke in their party!!

    • Does AOC and her three fellow ‘squad’ members really think their high school theatrics will get them re-elected to another term?

  • President Donald Trump is firing back hard at former House Speaker Paul Ryan’s (R-Wis.) “lame duck failure” after an upcoming book reveals that Ryan saw retirement as an “escape hatch” from the […]

    • But, but I was Speaker of the House. Yeah, and I was High Exalted Poobah of the Water Buffaloes.

      Hmm. Despite Republican’ts holding the House, the Senate, and the WH Ryan and Boehner still could do nothing. Talk about the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.

      Trump is right to call Ryan out on his own uselessness.

    • RINO Ryan should shut his mouth—-jerk!

    • It won’t let me comment wth

    • Really I can’t say what I want you are going to censor me well ok Paul Ryan is a moron

    • Bonnie Keever It’s been a problem for some time. Posting and reply posts only appear to work sporadically. IJR has been contacted but they don’t seem to be able to correct it

    • Paul replied 1 week ago

      IJR will not let me comment: it says that it might be a scammer. Please resolve.

    • re: problems with replies, posting, loading more comments, etc.

      I and others have written IJR about this for at least the last two weeks. Results = 0. It puts the lie to the “R” for Responsiveness in their F.I.R.S.T. statement.

      I will try calling next week.

    • Fornicate Paul “Do Nothing” Ryan and what ever he rode in on. 🐀

    • To be clear, Trump did not refer to Paul Ryan as “atrocious”, he referred to his “record of achievement” as atrocious. There is a big difference, and a halfway decent reporter should be well aware of that difference.

  • “The View” ladies are taking notice of the infighting going on in the Democratic caucus, notably between Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

    The two Democrats have had […]

    • HEY, let them fight. It would mean a guaranteed win of the House in 2020 and the return of the Speaker’s gavel to a Republican. And it should not matter WHO the Republican is. It’ll mean the beginning of Congress working for Americans after an absence of 3 years of doing NOTHING by the Socialist Left.

      • Yes. “Let’s you and her fight.”

        I’ll disagree with the “any Republican’t”. Recall how useless Paul Ryan was. We need to do better.

        • True. I was hoping Jim Jordan would be the Speaker when he had a chance. Now, I’d be for ANY Republican with a pulse.

    • Welcome to the Thunderdome Nancy: Two Dems enter, one Dem leaves.

    • Now the Dims are reaping the fruits of “identity politics” and “playing the race card”. Good.

    • It’s more than “inter-generational”. It’s about how far Left the party is willing to go in it’s quest for power. By embracing minorities of minorities they’ve literally painted themselves into a corner where not many voters are stupid enough to go.

      Consider the 2020 Dim wannabes. They are not only much further Left than the majority of their voters, they love it. Consider McConnell’s opponent. Even Gropin’ Joe veered hard Left.

  • House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) is torching congressional Democrats for their alleged “disgraceful” inaction to solve the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

    The total number of border apprehensions […]

    • It’s an easy choice for the Dims.

      Dramatics and hysteria to push their agenda of “open borders” or fix a broken system where they stand to lose.

    • The Dumbos spout semantics, giveaways and pie-in -the-sky while realists, even some Dumbocrats whom haven’t sold their souls, see what is what. The duty of our government is to protect the American public. Many in office seem to have forgotten or ignored that principle. Get the train back on the rails.

    • It’s much easier for those on the Left to complain and whine than to figure out what they were elected to do. They don’t have to do anything about “open borders” because big daddy, big bucks George Soros has set that plan into motion by sponsoring the caravans to our border. As long as our CBP Agents are overwhelmed and stressed out, the Socialists get their Illegal Alien voters and America gets a bunch of diseased people and criminals.

  • Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is not having it with 2020 Democratic hopeful Beto O’Rourke’s (D-Texas) claim that the U.S. was “founded on white supremacy.”

    While speaking with immigrants to the U.S., the former D […]

    • “This party was founded on white supremacy. And every single institution and structure that we have in our party still reflects that legacy of slavery, and segregation, and Jim Crow, and suppression — even in our policies.”

      FIFY Beta. No thanks needed.

    • Will Beta be the next one to exit? Unlikely. He’s stupid and there are some who poll even lower than he.

    • This is speculation, you really need to provide substantial documentary support.

    • Could it be that Declaration of Independence referring to the “right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” was meant for the white owners of slaves, of which G. Washington was one? The times and sensibilities were different then but, unfortunately, those sensibilities still exist among some.

    • Senator Cruz should already know you can’t fix stupid and Bozo has more than his share.

    • B-TO the A-Ho—guilty of DUI, Burglary, Campaign funds malfeasance—-the perfect presidential candidate to represent the parade of D-RAT clowns.

    • That was done and resulted in the creation of what is now known as Liberia.

    • He is an idiot to stupid to be president

  • When it comes to who he’s backing in the 2020 presidential election, actor and Oscar winner Jon Voight has made it clear that it’ll be President Donald Trump.

    Voight wrote on Tuesday to his “fellow Americans,” […]

    • Hard to follow the logic of trumpism. Rail against Hollywood unless someone known to be a part of Hollywood endorses a Republican. Then suddenly you tout a Hollywood endorsement as if it is a prize. Do you hate Hollywood or love Hollywood.

  • Several Republican lawmakers are joining forces to hold sanctuary jurisdictions accountable.

    Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) introduced the Justice for Victims of Sanctuary Cities Act on Tuesday, along with Sens. Ted […]

    • FANTASTIC!! Sue the “leaders” of those hiding places until they have to hock their boxer shorts to have enough money to pay up. Then find the Illegal Alien responsible and march him/her South at the urging of a cattle prod (or a bayonet attached to an “assault weapon”). Move ’em ALL out of the USA.

      • um it is fine, but the Senate can make the law, but it has to go to the House and then to Trump, but yet when good bills come from the house the Senate vote them down or McConnell would not bring it to the floor. So good luck getting that law pass. I takes both houses to ok the a bill. If McConnell would bring the house bills to the floor to be voted on, then maybe the House will do the same thing. It starts with McConnell, but the Senate would do nothing about it.

    • The only winners in this scenario are the lawyers. No amount of money will bring a loved one back.

    • I like the idea but would like to see a cap on the percentage that the lawyers may charge (maybe 25% vs the 40%+.) That way, the aggrieved will will be better compensated……even better would be ‘pro bono.’ It would get the ‘I’ll follow only the laws I like’ offenders attention ASAP.

    • This warms my ❤️! I didn’t notice if the cities sued would have to have been the ones that the particular immigrant who committed the crime had been harbored?

    • This is good. The Judges, prosecutors and parole board members, along with the governors and mayors of the ‘sanctuary’ states that condoned the release of these violent offenders back onto our streets should be sued as well.

    • yeah, but let one of those lovely illegal do anything to a member of the lovers family, and they would be out screaming for the death penalty.

    • Good for them. Sanctuary cities are a joke. They still get their money from the federal govt even though they are breaking federal laws

  • When it comes to taking back control of her divide Democratic caucus, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has had enough of the infighting.

    The House Democrats have seen several infighting instances since a […]

    • I’d certainly like to see AOC and her squad of Muslim misfits continue their work, their rhetoric to destroy the Democratic Party. Hopefully she and her anti-Semitic clown associates will continue right on through November 2020 and the “whole squad” not be reelected to continue their hatred of America.

    • AOC may think she’s got something by having youth over Pelosi, but in the great words of Kathy Bates character in Fried Green Tomatoes (as she purposely smashes her car into some young smart mouth young bimbos car) “ Face it girls, I’m older and have more insurance”. You and your little “cheer” squad don’t stand a chance against Nancy and the machine. Better step back AOC. In case you hadn’t noticed, she’s the boss.

      • I suspect that the “squad” will, in the manner of children, rebel. If nothing else, NOT tweeting cuts them off from their bases.

    • “You got a complaint? You come and talk to me about it,” Pelosi

      Come on, House Leader. You are confused.

      You said that you would do $15 minimum wage in the first 100 hours. Where is it?

      When you knew we all need Medicare For All, you promised your rich donors that we would never get it (under your watch).

      When you get Maureen Dowd to interview you, YOU attack the new progressive members. (How were those chocolates?) Where is YOUR unity?

      When your own members fight for oversight on billions of our money, what do YOU do? You cave to the Republicans because you are weak!

      Pelosi is WORSE than useless. She is complicit with the criminal Republicans and has been for decades.

    • Pate instead of sausage. Your patrician roots are showing Nancy, though I’d call what you’ve been doing making baloney and lots of it.

      Hmm. If Nancy is so willing to publicly “denounce” her own side, what is she doing behind closed doors? Maybe she’s trying to both neutralize AOC and her “squad” and stop the Dim civil war.

  • President Donald Trump accused Iran on Wednesday of secretly enriching uranium for a long time and said U.S. sanctions would be increased “substantially” soon, as the U.N. nuclear watchdog held an emergency […]

    • Deborah, great ideas, but it’s unclear what this has to do with Iran enriching uranium. Maybe you meant this for another post?

    • Iran has been gaming the system. Obama made a horrible deal. It’s why it was not voted on by congress and Obama had to send pallets of cash in the middle of the night. Iran has never complied.

    • “People who work expect to be paid” Deborah Owens

      Um, you might want to remind King Donald The Loser about how paying his bills work because is he ever confused about doing that.

  • The Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) deputy commissioner is calling for help from Congress amid a continued crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

    The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) shared immigration […]

  • President Donald Trump is coming out in full support for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) while taking a swing at his 2020 Democratic challenger.

    Former U.S. Marine combat pilot Amy McGrath (D) […]

    • ‘We Need Mitch in the Senate’ King Donald The Loser

      The American people don’t need McConnell in office, though. He has devastated this country ever since he got elected. McConnell is confused about who he represents.

  • There’s confusion in Rep. Eric Swalwell’s (D-Calif.) world, as his past promises to not run for both president and reelection in the House are coming back to bite.

    Swalwell — who was widely mocked after news br […]

    • When has flip flopping, lying and back pedaling NOT been a defining characteristic of those formerly called “Democrats”?

    • What a magnificent scam Swelledhead and the other candidates are running!

      Not only are they guaranteed to keep their offices, but they get great publicity, AND the benefits of campaign fundraising. Of course, it counts on their idiot electorate not asking whether they are doing their jobs (i.e. representing them) instead of running.

    • Goodbye Swollenhead. You will soon be joined at the altar of failure by many other losers.

    • >Screwtape< Because of IJR not working – yet.

      Most of the House members are trying to scrape by with $174,000 (a year) for the few weeks they MIGHT work in a year. [With all the debt Swalwell has, he surely needs three jobs which would help lower the unemployment rate – supposedly – by Dimwit calculations.] The rest of their time is spent campaigning, pandering and kissing babies (or something) for money for the next election cycle.

    • Like so many of the Democratic candidates, Swalwell is misguided. They are convinced in their own minds that the policies, constraints and fiats they would impose on Americans will make our lives better. This is what every dictator thinks like and they are always wrong.

    • Gee, a presidential candidate drops out of the race and runs for re-election of his congressional seat. THAT has not occurred since 2016 Republican primary election campaign when Rand Paul and Marco Rubio dropped out and ran for re-election to their Senate seats. Rand Paul wanted to run for both, but Kentucky law did not allow it. BUT, Rubio claimed he hated being a Senator and would not run for re-election. Were you folks thinking Swalwall’s move was a historic moment??? Hate to disappoint but it was not.

      • Difference, of course, being that Swalwell said he would NOT do so. I don’t believe Senator’s Paul and Rubio made such a promise. Senator Paul was straight forward that he would pursue both. Senator Rubio’s statement did not amount to a promise to his constituents. Ergo, Swalwell is still, well, Swalwell.

    • Typical D-RAT—always lying—never trustworthy—-their word is as solid as jello. Scumbag. Too frequently D-RAT liars, when faced with nonsense like this, always opt for the option that will reward them the most—-then they do the word substitution trick or declare the infamous: “I was taken out of context…” The D-RAT playbook includes the 3 D’s:
      My playbook for D-RATs includes only 1 D:

    • Swalwell is still being BOLD…without the “bold…” ya-think…?!?!? LOL….

    • Swallowell is a retard

      • Were you thinking it was Swalwell that praised the Revolutionary soldiers’ successful efforts to protect the airports??? Sorry, that was Trump.

    • Sorry I can not access the 2 comments on my posting. Many times I presume that IJR readers are unfamiliar with history. But I have difficulty understanding when IJR readers are unaware of the history that they lived –JUST 3 years ago.

  • White House counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway is wondering what Democrats are “afraid of” when it comes adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census.

    The Supreme Court blocked Trump’s push for the […]

    • You ARE confused. Also stupid.

    • pro tip for Genital Contusion: If you want to be taken seriously, don’t adapt nicknames that say your thinking is not clear. Don’t “act” confused” or people will know you’re just an idiot.

      We already know you are. Also a blatant liar and closeted racist

      How’s that military service? Providing sexual favors to the enlisted does not count.

    • Ms. Conway calls the Dims on their agenda. Why exactly do the Dims oppose the citizenship question?

      Obvious answers:
      1. Trump wants it, so they reflexively oppose it.
      2. It erodes their power base AND illegal voting.

      Funny that Dim icons like FDR and Woodrow Wilson included the citizenship question and not a single Dim opposed them, but they were Dim and blatant racists who already had power.

    • Are’t you full of shit. The question has been on the cencus for the last 100 years. Your buddy no momma removed it. Get your head out your ass.

    • Kellyanne is confused and is doing projection.

      It is the Republicans that must gerrymander this country to stay in power because they don’t have popular policies. Putting the citizenship question in the census is SOLELY meant to affect the quality of the data in favor of the Republicans. That was the original goal of both Kobach and Sessions, and Thomas B. Hofeller who advised the GOP. The GOP then copied word for word parts of Hofeller’s proposal to make the administration’s demands.

      Kellyanne and should ask the administration what THEY are afraid of! LOSING!

    • Well, I am confused.

      It looks as if someone at IJR is deleating posts again.

  • House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) is pushing back against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) criticism of the president for wanting to add a question on the 2020 census about citizenship […]

    • Low blow Nancy,going for the vote of people of color or are you trying to start a race war. Doesnt matter in either case your so WRONG.

    • McCarthy only having a platform on Fox News: that should tell you something. Trump (excuse me: President Trump) has never made a denial that he is racist. He has lived it over the 70 years of his life, and that ain’t going to change, no matter what his constant twitters try to say. Who can possibly believe all of them anyway?

    • What does she mean by ” again “?

    • Nancy seems to want to Keep Ignorant Socialists Stupid (KISS) so she can continue to rob them and destroy the nation.

    • If you have trouble answering the citizen question, become one — Citizenship is the right to have rights. – Earl Warren

    • How does asking are you a citizen make you racist? If they are you black/ white or what ever that could make you racist.

    • SO what is wrong with that?

    • Pelosi is a political monster—–she would say the sun rises in the West if she thought it would hurt/embarrass Trump—-what a cow!

    • Everything is about race with the left. So sick of it.

    • The fact that these Democrats are objecting to the citizenship question, which is needed to create congressional districts which have equal representation, and they are NOT objecting to the questions on race, tells you everything you need to know about their true motives.

    • Except we all want the question. This has nothing to do with race. It is trying to get an accurate tabulation of citizens, other legal residents, and illegal residents in the U.S.

      Dems actually oppose this for 2 reasons.

      1. Because they don’t want the full scope of illegal residents to become public knowledge.
      2. Because they want congressional districts drawn to inaccurately reflect illegal residents, giving themselves more power.

      Pathetic that you seem to believe it’s motivated by racism.

    • Still needin that diaper change.

    • So asking about citizenship is racist but asking their race is not? Sorry, I guess I’m not smart enough to understand the logic of the left.

    • I want to know how many people live in her secluded gated community and what is the mixture of types of people. What is hiding behind those walls? Make sure we get all the service help also.

    • How does the citizenship question make America white? She’s gone off the deep end for sure this time. Does she mean to say that Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans aren’t citizens, only whites are? She’s barking mad. I think all the anchors in her face are too tight on her brain. They’re coming to take her away, ha ha. They’re coming to take her away, ho ho, hee hee, ha ha. To the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time and she’ll be happy to see those nice young men, in their clean white coats and they’re coming to take her away, ha ha. To the happy home, with trees and flowers and chirping birds and basket weavers that sit and smile and wiggle their thumbs and toes and they’re coming to take her away,. ha ha.

    • What?

    • Ah, yes. The Caucasian horde assumes control. Look out minorities! There is not enough diversity!

    • I see nothing wrong with that question, it is just simply asking are you a citizen of this country!

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