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  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) request for Republicans to apologize to Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) for criticizing her comments regarding Palestinian response to the Holocaust has Rep. Lee Zeldin […]

  • Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-Wy.) is offering top Democratic leaders an apology in the wake of criticism of Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s (R-Mich.) Holocaust comments — but it’s not the apology House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D […]

    • Those three need to go. Thank you #Ted Cruz for taking them on. I’m proud of the majority of my Texas senators and representatives.
      I’m concerned about having these vocal Muslims in our government. In fact, I’m just scared that if our government doesn’t get them out soon, we will end up like London and France sooner rather than later.

  • Republican leaders in Washington, D.C., are honoring those who serve to protect the American people, as many have paid the “ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.”

    National Police Week kicked off with a […]

    • Shame on you for the false and misleading language of your headline: “Republicans Honor Law Enforcement’s ‘Heroic Actions’ for Police Week”. Our officers were not being honored by “Republicans”; they were being honored by AMERICANS, of both parties. Many of the hundreds of thousands of officers and others marking the occasion are Democrats.

  • Vice President Mike Pence is again expressing his disappointment toward 2020 Democratic hopeful Pete Buttigieg’s use of his Christian beliefs to argue for same-sex marriage.

    Buttigieg ruffled some feathers when […]

    • Why would anyone like Mayor Buttigieg even consider a campaign for the Presidency with so many Nations Worldwide having Laws against homosexuals; even to the point of murdering them?

      He would have NO chance to make deals with or be welcomed by ANY Nation which abhors his chosen lifestyle.

  • Attorney General William Barr has reportedly assigned a U.S. attorney to investigate the beginnings the special counsel’s Russia investigation.

    The U.S. attorney in Connecticut, John Durham, was selected for […]

    • James replied 1 week ago

      What about a Special Counsel to look into Hillary’s criminal activities and illegal email server? It’s being reported Muslim Barry was complicit in her activities as she was to carry out his third term as (an illegitimate) POTUS. Take a week or so to investigate them, indict them, lock her up and deport him back to Kenya (minus any benefits).

    • M­y l­a­s­t p­a­y c­h­e­c­k w­a­s $­9­5­0­0­ ­w­o­r­k­i­n­g­ ­1­0 h­o­u­r­s a­ ­w­e­e­k ­o­nl­i­n­e. M­y y­o­u­n­g­e­r b­r­o­t­h­e­r f­r­i­e­n­d h­a­s b­e­e­n a­v­e­r­a­­g­i­n­g 1­2­k f­o­r m­o­n­t­h­s n­o­w a­n­d h­e­ ­w­o­r­k­s­ a­b­o­u­t 2­2 h­o­u­r­s­ ­a­ w­e­e­k. I c­a­n­’­t b­e­l­i­e­v­e h­o­w e­a­s­y i­t ­w­a­s o­n­c­e ­I t­r­i­e­d i­t o­u­t. T­h­i­s i­s w­h­a­t I d­­­o……

  • Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is taking a swipe at, not one, but three freshmen Congress members following Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s (D-Mich.) comments on the Palestinian response to the Holocaust during a recent Yahoo! […]

    • James replied 1 week ago

      I believe it is quite clear to even the casual observer that the Democratic Party has morphed into the Socialist Party with all the insanity, stupidity being floated by the 2020 Leftist candidates. While not a candidate, AOC has begun revealing her true political beliefs with frequent references to Karl Marx. Her membership in the Democratic Socialists of America supports her idiocy as it is America’s largest Marxist organization.

      • James, you expose your ignorance in every post that you mention socialism.

        You are obviously confused by the differences between socialism, democratic socialism, communism, and most likely fascism, and it seems that you have no intention of ever clarifying the differences in your mind.

        Give us a break and go take a course about them, in your free time.

    • Roger replied 1 week ago

      It is just a matter of time until President Trump refers to them as “The Three Stooges”. This will stick like super glue.

  • The president is not letting his 2016 Democratic contender Hillary Clinton have the last word after she suggested the previous presidential election was “stolen.”

    Clinton shared during Saturday’s “Even […]

  • While serving on Capitol Hill, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) has used his military experience to serve at the southern border — and now, he’s honoring service members during Military Appreciation M […]

    • There is lots of hot air coming out of WASHINGTON, this is justonemore> all talk and no action, Talk is cheap my friend. I am a vet of 3 branches of USA Military and of many wars and conflicts. I am in th trenches and let me tell u theChoice Act of 2014 and the VA Mission Act is a farce,,, the CHOICE card they gave us so we do not have to travel 200 miles to a VA hospital isn’t working,, they told us we could go to a civilian dr. well yes but all the fone calls and all the paperwork

    • Bless him and all other patriots whether they served as a clerk, mechanic or a front-line combat participant.
      God Bless Anerica!

  • While the crisis at the southern border continues to escalate and Republicans look for a way to combat loopholes, 2020 Democratic candidate Joe Biden wants to offer illegal immigrants health care.

    In the month […]

  • Several Republican lawmakers are speaking out against the subpoena issued to the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., over Russia matters.

    The Republican-led Senate Intel Committee issued a subpoena on Wednesday, […]

    • Sounds as if Mitch & Trump can not control their caucus. Mitch turned over control of the Senate to Trump and all Republicans are to fall in line. Lindsay Graham demonstrates the model they are to follow. BUT, WHO is ASKING MITCH if he KNEW? Sen. Burr does not answer to Mulvaney, BUT Burr does answer to McConnell. ANY ONE suspect that Speaker Pelosi was unaware of House committee subpoenas??

  • President Donald Trump had some fun with the long list of Democratic contenders of whom he may face off against in the 2020 presidential election.

    The president held a campaign rally Wednesday night in Panama […]

    • This 2020 parade of Socialists will most likely put Comedy Central comedians out of business as we watch each of the cretins scramble, scratch and climb their way over the other swamp creatures to get to the top of the heap. Meanwhile Trump keeps on MAGA as he gathers more support for reelection.

      • Comedy Central writers have had an easy time the last 4 years as Trump hands them material on a platter. BUT if you watched The Daily Show last night, they did a piece simply airing Mayor Bernie’s 1980’s video interactions with his young constituents. It was hilarious. It is safe to google as your feelings won’t be hurt with the audience’s laughter at Trump’s expense.

    • Is Trump unaware that the FIRST caucus & primary are not to take place until February, 2020?? Highly unlikely since Trump’s primary & caucus races are the SAME DAYS. So who at the rally does he believe it to be so STUPID? And his supporters love it.

  • Americans have enjoyed the signature chicken sandwich so much that Chick-fil-A is seated as the third-largest U.S. chain restaurant.

    The fast-food chain has been a target for its support to “anti-LGBTQ groups” […]

    • Chick-fil-A has always had the policy that they are closed on Sunday. Yet there have been recent situations where there were stranded passengers at airports on a Sunday and Chick-fil-A opened their restaurant to serve those passengers. I will try to not fly through the airport that doesn’t want Chick-fil-A there. No problem with the university, open a store off campus, the students and faculty will go off campus.

      • Chick-fil-A is going to sponsor a children’s marathon and the city removes them as a sponsor. So who does that hurt? The city’s children. Smart move by the city’s government officials.

    • I make my restaurant decisions based on the quality of the food and service, and price. The personal or political preferences of the restaurant owners and managers don’t enter into that decision. I think that’s how most people decide where to eat. So when decision-makers disallow a choice that we have essentially voted for with our dollars, based on their own personal politics, it tends to make me think those decision-makers shouldn’t hold positions of power.

    • Ppl who love Chick-Fil-A do care about the controversies…so much they give even more support to the family-friendly company. My mom friends and I, both Republican and Democrat love this restaurant. It’s a place we got to socialize, let our kids play safely, they have outstanding customer service, free ice cream with a kids meal, free seasonal kids’ activities, and have continuously supported local schools with Honor Roll rewards. Can’t say enough good things about this company!

    • Big Gov can’t blacklist a company for its religious affiliations; doing so foments a National religion. Thank you 1st Amendment!

    • Chick-fil-a forever

    • Did the headline writer bother to read the story prior to crafting the word jumble of a headline atop this article? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Things are getting heated in Washington, D.C. surrounding special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report — especially now that the president is invoking “executive privilege.”

    Congress members are clashing on C […]

    • Nadler is a rude little twit who was on the complete other side of the argument during the Starr investigation. Democrats are fighting for their political lives and no amount of illogic or insanity seems to stop their pontificating and threats.

    • Quite obviously Nadler has become a Dictator by requesting (“demanding” ?) that the top law enforcement officer in the United States – the Attorney General – break the law in order to give him information he is not entitled to have. Nadler needs to be removed from his position as Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

    • It’s always great to hear these enlightening “everyone sucks but me” comments. So productive and it solves so many problems. “The United States Government is a circus and the players are all clowns”. That’s deep.

    • And exactly what evidence do you have to reach this conclusion? And speaking of “transparent government,” isn’t that exactly what Obama promised and never delivered?

    • Lynne, Do you pay attention to what’s going on or do you just make stuff up as you go along? Promises made, promises kept. Except where obstructed by Dimrats, and yet he just keeps plowing along. God Bless our President and God Bless America, and Keep America Great in 2020!

    • And PS Lynne, It might be less of a circus if we had more people like Trump that know how to get something done, and less Dims in Congress that just want to throw tantrums like little children. I can’t believe Hillary is still crying over her loss. I mean, will she never grow up?

    • Lynne, your biased thoughts and feelings are showing. Unfortunately for you, you’re on the wrong side of history. If Nadler, and the Democrats had a legitimate need for the information they’re requesting, they should know that they simply have to request from the court to have access. The only problem, the Nazicrats know they don’t have a ligitimate reason that will be acceptable to the court, so they play their public antics hoping that Barr would do something stupid, which I don’t see happenin

    • Hey Friend. The Monty Python skit was the perfect example of these so called “hearings” by the Nadler Tattlers. Pretty funny to watch MP. Not so funny to watch the political BS being displayed by the Nadler bunch. What ever they can do to keep the money coming in to their personal bank accounts by pretending to be servants of the people.

      Question. Why do folks go to DC not well off and in the matter of a couple of years they are millionaires? Both sides of the aisle. TERM LIMITS!!!!!!

    • Out of curiosity what was your take on Fast and Furious, Holders blatant contempt of Congress and Super Os use of EP in that debacle? Transparently self serving of Super O IMHO but then I suppose it was really just Barry having Eric’s back right, kinda like Eric was Barry’s AG first, the people’s second.

    • Did you mean Cesar Chavez or you just don’t know how to spell?

    • lynne is soooo WOKE!

    • Classic!

    • Well aren’t you just precious? “~with that said~” Hate is an ugly trait both inside and out. And nothing has been uglier than the treatment of Judge Kavanaugh, President Trump and now AG Barr. Transparency will soon be more than you can handle when the true source of these despicable accusations are revealed. Keep hating while President Trump makes the USA what Obama could not.

    • You will find out how wrong you are in 2020 when Trump/Pence win by a landslide

      • Or, more likely, Trump/Pence declare they won by a landslide, and refuse to release the actual results.

    • The demo maggots are on the wrong side of EVERYTHING

    • Obviously Nadler is showing his own disdain for the president and is again attacking anyone who takes the side that Trump is not guilty of the accusations that have been bantered about by the party. He is out of his mind to continue this rhetoric. I am ashamed that our congress cannot find better things to do than all this, like help the country, work together to pass good legislation and fix our immigration that is a threat to our sovereignty . Shame on all of them!

    • “On the wrong side of history.” Meaning, following the history of Ancient Rome in sliding from a Republic into an Empire under a Cesar? Plenty of Trump’s supporters want that, far more Americans don’t

    • The United States government is a circus and the players are all clowns including the potus ~ with that said ~ the American people demand a transparent government ~ the (exc)use of “executive privilege” is an abuse of power by the potus as a means to hide the truth ~ a skill honed by a long line of despicable people in government ~ with the exception of Sanders who has learned “the art of speaking alternative truths” on the job! smh~

  • A Pennsylvania Democratic state representative is being called out by the mother of the teenagers he harassed outside of a Planned Parenthood location where they were peacefully praying.

    Democrat Rep. Brian […]

    • Great job electing this idiot.

      • Jason, And he’s still better than O’Crazy Eyes Cortez or either of the two Muslim terrorists that also were elected.

        • Brian Sims is a Pennsylvania STATE representative. Obviously-Clueless is a US representative from NY. The Somali is a US representative from MN. RHT is a US representative from MI. They are all demoncraps intent on the destruction of the United States. However, Brian Sims has far less influence as he can only affect (maybe that should be infect) the people of PA.

      • He represents people in Philadelphia on one side of the state. Then we have the mayor and council members of Pittsburgh, on the other side of the state, who knowingly and with intent enact laws that are prohibited by the state constitution. Oh, that’s right they are all deomoncraps and can do what they want. Anarchy reigns supreme in Pennsylvania.

    • He said, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” I only see one wrong. His. Unless he considers the old lady one wrong, and the teenagers another, but likely he means his wrong in response to their wrong. Someone help me find where in the Bible it says that it’s a wrong for a Christian to pray for life. He must be reading the satanic bible.

    • He attacks women and children. My guess is his deportment would be quite different if he encountered men.

    • Supporting a right doesnt give you the right to trample all over everyone elses. Another brave male attacking kids and women that wouldnt have the guts to harrass another man like that.

    • He’s a lawmaker, yet he, in violation of the law, harasses women (who he claims to protect) and children. He needs to be arrested and, since he’s sworn to uphold that law, get double the punishment anyone else would get.

    • What an LGBTXYZ stud!
      Most impressive.

    • Remember when THESE PEOPLE only wanted to “come out of the closet and live a normal life?”
      Well, the came out of the closet. However, they need to work much harder to achieve the “normal” part.

    • Back in the day, you would just say this guy needs his ass kicked. I’m sure there are several women out there that could do it. I wonder what this guy would do if some male stood up right back in his face, since he seems to be able to only pick on women and children.

    • Big surprise, an apology was not offered by him or the democrats. Please don’t hold your breath. He treated you like a bully would. Great way to show respect toward a woman and YOUNG TEEN GIRLS!! He is a complete jerk and such a true member of the liberal democrats. Two wrongs DON’T make a right, and neither does THREE!! He still insisted, the teens and this mother were peacefully PRAYING for the females who were entering the abortion clinic. They didn’t have signs saying MURDERERS. They weren’t

    • Matt Walsh from the daily wire and a host of other prominent pro-life people are going to have a rally outside that PP location on Friday, 11am local.

  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is letting loose on congressional Democrats for allegedly “suffering from Trump derangement syndrome” as he calls for the special counsel’s report to be put to […]

  • Meghan McCain is not letting up on her criticism of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minn.) controversial comments as she got into a heated exchange with late-night host Seth Meyers.

    During Tuesday night’s “Late Night with […]

    • Omar is a cancer to America!

      • How so?

        • We are a country built on Judeo-Christian beliefs. We allow all religions to exist and be practiced in our country. The problem with the majority of Muslims is that they do not want any other religion but theirs to exist. They use a minority status, which they are and should remain, to call people racists, homophobes, xenophobes and other bigoted names to hide behind their own racist beliefs. When you come to a country, you should embrace its values and assimilate with others of the country.

          • WHEN has Omar, or any other AMERICAN Muslim, voiced “they do not want any other religion but [Islam] to exist””? If Omar had voiced that, tweeted that, or even implied THAT, it would have set the media on fire. In America, you have the right to be “racist, homophobes, xenophobes and other bigoted names.” In America, everyone has the right to call out those who express beliefs that fit the categories you provided. That is how Freedom of Speech works.

          • “We are a country built on Judeo-Christian beliefs.” STEVEN

            BS! You are confused.

            The Constitution merely recognizes “freedom of religion”; it doesn’t endorse Christianity — it doesn’t even mention it. These omissions present today’s Christian nationalists with a real awkwardness.

    • Those aren’t death threats to Omar silly, they’re just some people saying some things.

      • IF they were not death threats, why are John Kless of S FL and Patrick Carlineo of NY, charged with the crime of making death threats against US Reps and Sen Booker?

    • Individuals who ONLY get their news from conservative outlets have an excuse for being unaware of the full comments of Rep Omar. Invoking voluntary ignorance of the facts is not something Meghan McCain can do. She heard the full tape of the speech during the View segment. In a society of the right to free speech, there are so many opportunities for one to be offended that it is silly to make something out of nothing. If Meghan wanted to go full R, she could have just shared her views on guns.

  • The Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman is explaining what will set President Donald Trump apart from the hefty list of Democratic candidates during his 2020 reelection run.

    The Trump administration […]

    • It’s stupid and ironic that the Dims keep harping on Obozo’s “success”, but present ZERO real plans for continuing the positive economy under Trump.

      “lots of free stuff” is hardly a growth OR sustainablility plan. No wonder they continue touting false figures, etc. from the past. What about the future?

    • All the American voter needs to do is to look at the “utopia” in Venezuela and how well Socialism has NOT worked once again. Barry tried to get the US to be a Third World Sh**hole; until Trump came along and ruined that stupid idea.

      • James, they’ll likely claim, as usual, that it didnt’ work because it wasn’t done right. This makes the mistaken assumption that there IS a right way.

        No, the Nordic countries are not Socialist and vehemently deny it. They are free-market economies with small, homogeneous populations who practice certain collectivist ideals.

        Consider the US and it’s much more diverse population. How’s Social Security working? Not.

      • The bottom-line for citizens is how much tax do they pay? In 2017 for Sweden it was almost 62%. That was on EVERYBODY (how averages work).

        Now, they might want to support freeloaders, but most Americans are not.

        Not as well that the Nordic states have severely cut the # of refugees they accept. They can’t afford them.

  • U.S. first lady Melania Trump marks a year of her “Be Best” campaign as she continues to strive to educate and encourage children throughout the world.

    The White House held an anniversary celebration on Tuesday […]

  • Republican congress members are knocking a Democratic state representative after he posted videos of himself “proudly” harassing people outside of Planned Parenthood.

    Attacking who he calls “Bible bullies,” […]

    • Sims is a state-level asshat. He’s yet to run for national office. Let’s hope this is the end of his career.

  • The president’s 2020 campaign senior adviser and daughter-in-law Lara Trump is swiping back at Democrats for going after anyone who says anything positive about President Donald Trump.

    House Democrats are […]

    • They are desperate and horrible gamblers. They bet on Hillary, then the Mueller report. Both losses.

      Ever see a desperate loser continue to bet long after his original stake is gone? I have. This is ALL the Left has to cling to. They’ve already put everything in short of organs. q.v. offered donations to Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

    • Hillary. Mueller.

      Notice how they are obsessed with tearing down and not building up. Has a single one mentioned a plan to help American citizens make and keep more of their own money? (not including freebies)

      Smarter persons would have alternate or side bets. Or they’d have the self-awareness and discipline to walk away. However we’re talking about politicians and especially Dimocrats.

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