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  • President Donald Trump is putting down his foot against any potential future terrorists, declaring that they could never match the strength of the United States military.

    Remembering those whose lives were lost […]

    • Never forget: Tbe World Trade Center had been unsuccessfully attacked in 1993 by the same people that conspired and planned 9/11. Bill Clinton’s response: NADA! Throughout his presidency, Osama Bin Laden was #1 on the terrorist watch list. No response from Clinton.

      When he had a chance in 1998 to take Bin Laden out, Clinton was more concerned that an attack would look like a distraction from his Monica Lewinski affair. This was admitted to by his Secretary of State, Madeline Albreight (not so bright). Also, never forget that this attack was planned entirely on Clinton’s watch and the warning signs were ignored throughout his ENTIRE presidency, including reports from flight schools reporting that they had Middle East students that just wanted to learn to take off and fly. No interest in landing. All the perpetrators of this attack were under observation, but nothing was done to thwart them, etc….

      Within hours after the attack, the perpetrators were on video but were never detained, Hmmmm…..

      • My UP vote for your factual account. The DOWN vote you refer to above was probably from an uneducated grade school kid; or, an uneducated DemocRATic loner who is jealous of Clinton’s Oval Office “activities”.

    • If you’re going to give me a down vote, at least have the balls to leave a comment as to why. Otherwise, you’re a gutless drive by f*wit that has no argument!! And you can f*ck off!

    • >Generally Confused<

      Every member of the IJR family knows WHY YOU always receive DOWN votes – except you, of course. Maybe it would be best to wake up and smell the coffee.

      • You are confused, Confused James.

        Just because you don’t like what I say or don’t agree with me doesn’t mean that what I say isn’t true or correct or right.

    • Dang! I had to agree with Bernie on something.
      I’ll never forget watching that second plane hit the second tower. I was flabbergasted and sickened.
      God bless America and let us not fall into the leftist complacency that blames the (mostly) good people of
      the United States for all the evils of this Earth.

    • Generally Confused, I’ll never be part.of your world and not likely ever your buddy. My down votes for you are always accompanied by facts. Your responses, not so much, but I give you credit for playing. You DO at least try to back up your arguments….Unlike some of the other gutless and witless players here on IJR.

  • When it comes to the homeless crisis in California, U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson isn’t letting the state slide by on addressing the problem.

    During a Fox News interview on […]

    • Paul replied 1 week ago

      He may only think about himself above country, but he did offer condolences and prayers for those effected by “7/11.”

    • Ben Carson is confused about his king.

      The ONLY thing that King Donald The Loser is passionate about (beyond himself) is making money.

    • Paul: Only because he HAS to do that, to placate his base.

  • A moment that struck the nation, the deadliest terrorist attack, is unifying Americans 18 years later as U.S. leaders continue to rally together to commemorate it.

    On Sept. 11, 2001, terrorists hijacked four […]

    • What? No comments from reps AOC, Omar, or Tlaib? I’m shocked.

    • Stuyvesant HS lost a number of alumni, 9/11 related cancers is making its way through those students who were present at the time.

      Stuyvesant HS never forgets and this alumna (Class of ‘87) remembers smiling faces and happy times with lost friends.

    • King Donald The Loser is confused.

      He wasn’t down there on “Seven-11” helping out “a bit” after watching bodies fall (he didn’t).

      It won’t be long before more of the real rescuers will have died than those in the towers. And it took an entertainer to shame the King’s administration to actually do SOMETHING to help the remaining survivors.

      He doesn’t care about them or us. He just doesn’t.

      • Join the discussion…You still haven’t gotten the memo confusion. The ONLY losers and you and the demonrat/communist party. You and your party stink like a rotting corpse. Oh, I forget, you and your party ARE a rotting corpse.

  • Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch is asking those Americans who are questioning their confidence in the country, “Where else would you rather be?”

    During an interview with CNN, the Supreme Court justice […]

    • I know where I’d prefer , ” those who who doubt the US”, to be……

      ….and it ain’t a pleasant place!

    • Gorsuch should be more concerned that a seated member of Congress can’t name the “three chambers” of government. Not just for her ignorance, but that idiot voters (mostly affluent whites in her district) elected this unaccomplished nitwit to represent them.

      Aren’t they at all embarrassed? Clearly “buyer’s remorse” is not part of their make-up so long as the nitwit matches their ideology.

      • ST, the concept of “embarrassment ” is NOT recognized by the Democrat mentality. In fact, being immune to self-awareness is a prerequisite for the job!!!

        My understanding is that her district had a very low voter turnout when she challenged Joe Collins in the primaries. So her victory was somewhat of an enigma that we’re all suffering through. Because nobody votes in the primaries, right? This is a lesson for all to pay less attention to sportsball and MORE attention to who’s leading your f-ing district (into a hole, or into some level of prosperity). AOC’s rebuff of Amazon should serve as a lesson to all!!

    • Gorsuch poses a question which cuts to the heart of matters. Everyone has complaints, but if you really dislike the way the country OR the way it is, then where would you go? Especially if you don’t get your way to reshape it in your image.

      “I’m taking my ball and going home.” How childish and lacking of coping skills. It reminds me of the virtue-signaling poseurs who threaten to leave if things don’t go their way but never follow through. Please do.

    • I never really get that argument. Just because other countries are worse off than US does not mean Americans are not allowed to have concerns about their own country.

    • Otis replied 1 week ago

      God Bless America. ‘Love it leave it’, to use an old adage.

    • James replied 1 week ago

      I’m wondering if Justice Gorsuch had the kneeling NFL players in mind. They’re obviously unhappy with the American millions they make; their limited “work” (if you want to call it “work”) schedule and their treatment liked royalty; yet are applauded for showing their disrespect for the National Anthem and the flag.

      How many Americans have renounced their citizenship under Trump compared to #44, #43 or #42 and moved out of the USA?

    • David replied 1 week ago

      Can we just multiply Gorsuch times 9 and have that be our Supreme Court. A consummate libertarian originalist.

      • You are confused about justice, David.

        Gorsuch may be “a consummate libertarian originalist”, but he is a very dangerous asshole of a judge to put on any bench.

        Gorsuch was the only judge to side with a trucking company that fired a driver who left his vehicle, to save his life, when it stopped in very cold weather. Gorsuch even wrote a scathing dissent.

        He shouldn’t be on any of our benches, anywhere.

        • You mean this scathing dissent? The part I would highlight is the part end of the bracketed comment, especially “And it isn’t our job to write one – or to allow the Department to write one in Congress’s place. Sorry mate, we just have very different views on the role of the Judicial branch.

          [T]hat statute only forbids employers from firing employees who “refuse[] to operate a vehicle” out of safety concerns. And, of course, nothing like that happened here. The trucker in this case wasn’t fired for refusing to operate his vehicle. Indeed, his employer gave him the very option the statute says it must: once he voiced safety concerns, TransAm expressly — and by everyone’s admission — permitted him to sit and remain where he was and wait for help. The trucker was fired only after he declined the statutorily protected option (refuse to operate) and chose instead to operate his vehicle in a manner he thought wise but his employer did not. And there’s simply no law anyone has pointed us to giving employees the right to operate their vehicles in ways their employers forbid. Maybe the Department [of Labor] would like such a law, maybe someday Congress will adorn our federal statute books with such a law. But it isn’t there yet. And it isn’t our job to write one — or to allow the Department to write one in Congress’s place. [Italics in original; underlining added.]

          He even offers this comment “It might be fair to ask whether TransAm’s decision was a wise or kind one. But it’s not our job to answer questions like that. Our only task is to decide whether the decision was an illegal one.”

      • Thanks for hiding BOTH of our replies.

  • Acting U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Ken Cuccinelli is offering President Donald Trump praise for his “aggressiveness” in addressing illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico […]

    • James replied 1 week ago

      Let us know when apprehensions drop to ZERO. That will be news worth reporting.

      THEN, commence with deportations until the last Illegal Alien Invader is out of the United States. That will be GREAT news worth reporting.

  • When it comes to fixing the U.S. immigration system, one of the 2020 Democratic primary presidential hopefuls is calling out some of the other contenders for backing policies that are for “open […]

    • The Socialist’s mentor – George Soros – is the original open borders nut job and passed his idea along to those who are desperate for voters. In their attempt to gain the POWER and CONTROL they are “rightfully entitled to have” , the Lefties will be enslaving the American citizenry and turning the US into a Third World Sh**hole – their idea of utopia based on their numerous failures throughout history and infestations as cockroaches.

      • You are Confused James.

        Name one presidential candidate that specifically mentioned that he or she wanted “open borders”. Time and place.

        Tulsi was recently interviewed by Dave Rubin on his show and directly said that she does NOT want open borders and she expanded upon that idea. Bernie has specifically said that he does NOT want open borders, either, so you can’t name either one of them.

        Tulsi Gabbard is no “Leftie”, either. She is anti-Muslim and voted against Syrian refugees coming here, she is the only Democrat to go listen to Netanyahu speak in Congress, and she voted for a resolution condeming the BDS movement.

        You really are confused by your SDS.

  • The National Rifle Association (NRA) is fighting back with a lawsuit against the city of San Fransisco after the city labeled them a “domestic terrorist organization.”

    The San Francisco Board of Supervisors […]

  • President Donald Trump honored several brave Americans for their heroic actions during two mass shootings that recently struck the nation.

    The president presented on Monday the Medal of Valor to six law […]

    • It’s great to see an American President stand behind our law enforcement officers and the military as the majority of Americans do. This award ceremony would have never taken place under a Marxist (#44) or Socialist (Hillary, Biden, Warren, Booker, Harris, Bozo, Bernie, deBlasio, Steyer, Yang or Butthead, et al) Regime.

      • The narcisissitic #44 always stood in front and above others. At least his mind. Except when he was groveling to Russia or bowing, scraping, and apologizing to foreigners.

    • The MSM had a feast on the El Paso shooter targeting Hispanics, but have said little on the Dayton shooter.

      Six of the nine killed were black, as were the majority of his other victims. Demographic coincidence or race-based targeting?

      Here’s the thing about second-guessing whackos. They are whackos. They may have been “influenced” but the actions and responsibilities were entirely their own.

    • Kudos to these brave officers. Without their intervention who can say how many lives might have been lost or ruined.

  • President Donald Trump called out those who are looking to challenge him in the Republican presidential primary, deeming his competitors the “Three Stooges.”

    Former Rep. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.) officially kicked […]

    • While not always a fan of President Trump’s renaming those he doesn’t like, in this case Sanford stands out as the biggest stooge. Has he no pride, no shame, no self respect? After that hiking the Appalachian trail story one would have thought he would have slinked off into obscurity.

    • LoL those dudes are the best they could come up with to try and unseat the president, Lord have mercy hahaha

      • Anna, if you want a BIGGER laugh, just look at the collection of morons the Socialists have put up to run against Trump. Most seem to have an IQ equal to their shoe size – – or less.

  • Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) is laying into his Democratic colleagues on the House Judiciary Committee for their continued push for impeachment against President Donald Trump.

    As Congress prepares to return on […]

  • HBO “Real Time with Bill Maher” host Bill Maher is confronting 2020 Republican primary challenger Joe Walsh about his “anti-Obama” past.

    On August 25, Walsh became the second Republican looking to challenge […]

    • Calling those three losers the “Three Stooges” is an insult to the “Three Stooges”. Walsh has been a loser since his failure as a Congressmen and his brief, failed stint in radio. He and the other two are obviously RINOs with no loyalty to the GOP. It’s more of: Screw U; WHAT’S in it for ME?

      • Walsh and Scaramucci share a lot in common. They are both loudmouthed losers. At least they aren’t facing charges like Avenatti, another of their “brotherhood”.

    • “I’d punch him every single day.” Wow. Another tough guy like Floppy Joe who would beat President Trump up behind the gym. Are all ‘Joes’ such bad-asses? The only thing Walsh should punch is his bus ticket back home. What a doofus.

    • Obama was the “nutcase”, his was the most scandalous administration in our nation’s history. He was a lying, feckless, inept, divisive, incompetent disaster of a president! What don’t these Leftists like Maher not understand about Obama corruption that becomes even more evident with each passing day?

    • Walsh should never have agreed to an interview with worthless Maher to begin with—-reeks of desperation!

    • “GOP Trump Challenger” LOL LOL LOL LOL. The “challenge” is getting MSM to realize there is no challenge.

      • So Walsh, Weld and possibly Sanford are figments of our imagination? NO ONE, except Scaramucci, believes Trump won’t be the Republican nominee. Do you really want the history of the Republican party to reflect that NO ONE was willing to stand up against the most corrupt POTUS ever to take the oath of office?

      • The same is true of the challenger who left his wife and family and ran off to South America with his mistress.

    • I’m curious, what policy that Walsh supports makes him Democrat?

    • Bill and many others don’t seem to understand the popularity of Trump…….many Americans are tired of the career Politicians talking down to us and acting like they are so much smarter than we are……..We want a real person to LEAD this country forward……..Trump may say things that could be handled Politically more correctly……we don’t care…..we care about what happens to our country……change for the people of THIS country is what matters…..!!

    • I don’t get Maher’s point. Walsh is running in the Republican primary, not the Democrat primary. Having said racist things about Obama is what got Trump got the nomination in 2016! There is a post below with 27 up votes for posting conspiracies regarding Obama. If Obama took money from the DOD to implement his campaign promise of Obamacare, the R’s would have impeached him—Trump does it and R’s react as if it just Trump being Trump. WHAT is the control this former TV reality show host has over R’s??? History will study it for decades.

    • Walsh does appear to still have one foot in Trumpism. Repeatedly making racist comments does not make one a racist.—That is the essence of Trumpism: If you fit the description of a word, change the definition.

    • My watch is always on my right arm.

      Confusing? Nope, my grandfather was a watchmaker and taught me to put it there, to protect it, because I am lefthanded.

    • So many triggered Trumpies.

    • Such an unaware comment!

  • Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is urging the opposite of Mexico’s president on what should be done with convicted drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s wealth.

    On one hand, Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obr […]

    • Give Mexico half of the $12.6 Billion; use the other half here on the Wall. If half of the money was made here, it should stay here.

      • Mexico should get 1/2 why?

        • “Maybe” as you indicate it’ll help their people. IF not, no doubt the money will end up in one (or numerous) of their corrupt politicians’ off shore bank accounts. At least we offered to help them.

    • Mexico deserves nothing, though we might be generous and give them a “taste”.
      Top 5 reasons Mexico should get little if nothing:
      1. El Chapo’s money came from outside Mexico, mostly the US.
      2. We have him, they don’t. Maybe we should charge exorbitantly inflated court and incarceration fees.
      3. They HAD him and lost him. Why didn’t they take his money then? Oh right, it was in the US.
      4. Mexico is the definition of corrupt. Any monies given them will NOT make it to indigenous peoples, sorta like Haiti rebuilding funds passing to the Clintons.
      5. We should listen to Obrador and El Chapo’s lawyers because why?

    • El Chapo’s money should be returned to Mexico as a physical barrier, minefields, and surveillance tech on the border. They can admire money well spent every time they look towards El Norte.

  • President Donald Trump honored former National Basketball Association (NBA) Los Angeles Lakers’ Jerry West with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

    Celebrating his achievements, the president decorated the […]

  • Several Republican lawmakers are slamming 2020 Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) after he tossed his support behind providing international abortion services to decrease population growth.

    Sanders was […]

    • THIS is the sickness which envelopes the Socialists who used to call themselves “DemocRATs”. POWER and CONTROL over EVERYTHING in our lives and those around the World is their aim; an agenda which will destroy those Nations which have not yet been infected by radicalized Socialism.

      WHY hasn’t Commie Bernie called for the castration of ALL males to prevent pregnancies?

      • India gave transistor radios to incentivize men having vasectomies (cheaper and less-invasive than tubal ligation). Communist China enforced its “one child” through FORCED abortions and sterilizations.

        Bernie is continuing the wonderful, racist eugenics policies of Maggie Sanger.

    • Bernie,

      In a very twisted way you make sense. Less people likely to “crash” our border.
      But your policy is short-sighted. Sterilization removes the need for abortions.

      What else can be done to reduce the “climate-destroying” population? Euthanasia for the elderly, the handicapped, the mentally unfit?

      Why aren’t you pushing those? Are they too close to home?

    • Next we pick and choose which ones get abortions then we start we the aging population who are deemed useless to society.

    • “WHY hasn’t Commie Bernie called for the castration of ALL males to prevent pregnancies?” Confused James

      I agree that castrating all Republican voters and politicians would be a great start to resolving many of our issues in this country.

    • If you want a measure of how depraved the left is just listen to the outburst of applause that occurs any time a candidate brings up abortion rights. It is not a solemn nod of agreement over a difficult and sad decision that some women feel like they must consider. It is the most raucous, over the top celebration of craving and adoration over more and later abortions! I hope it happens in the general debates and a conservative moderator responds to the applause with “Yay, dead babies” in a deadpan and disgusted voice. Truly Sick Individuals.

    • So why is Bernie against assault rifles? Isn’t that just the type of population control our world so desperately needs?

      Ironically, that is EXACTLY what was in the El Paso shooters manifesto.

    • Bernie, DO NOT use my tax dollars to kill babies..PERIOD. Especially in foreign countries. We have enough problems here in the United States!! You really ARE a CRAZY OLD FOOL!!! The U.S. already contributes TOO much aid to foreign countries, and now you want to fund abortions! Dems also want to make us CITIZENS stop eating meat, and take guns away from law abiding citizens. Why don’t you go right to the source? Instead of paying for abortions up to the nanosecond of birth, why don’t you start to sterilize all the men? Or women? That way there wouldn’t be the NEED for abortions. Then the ones who do get pregnant, you can weed out diseased, deformed, etc. Oh, wait, we can already DO that! You could pass a law that only blue eyed, blonde kids be born? Oh….yeah, we can already DO that too! Here’s one that would DIRECTLY affect YOU Bernie… create a panel who gets to decide how long someone gets to live! Tired of people being “unproductive”, “lazy”, “drain on society”? You know what to do Bernie. And what about the elderly? After working all their lives and being PROMISED benefits, and decent health care, there would be SOCIAL SECURITY to help them in their twilight years. After all, they did work and contribute FOR YEARS! But, really, in your Socialist, Communistic way, the elderly are “expendable” too. But who’s going to decide any laws? You’ve already done away with babies. You’ve eliminated the “unproductive, lazy” workers. And what’s the criteria for the aging population? Let’s eliminate the sick, they cost too much money! Even if they’re productive with all their faculties. How about the ones who are healthy, able bodied, fit, etc? Hmm, do you keep them around? But wait, what if they have opinions that are slightly DIFFERENT than yours? Right….they must go too. Can’t have people thinking for themselves, now can we? Carefully what you wish for Bernie, you could be the next one to be “expendable”. The Democrats opened Pandora’s box, and the liberal loons are loose! Hitler tried to exterminate a whole RACE! The Gestapo made anyone whoh the government didn’t like. or felt threatened by…..disappear.

    • The Berniegeist is a madman. His version of Utopia would be a world in which he would live forever and be omnipotent. Somebody should write a novel…oh yeah.
      It was called ‘1984’.

  • “The View” co-host Meghan McCain and 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke are trading jabs over the presidential contender’s mandatory gun buyback policy.

    While 2020 Democrats are split on where […]

    • When guns are outlawed, bought or confiscated. only outlaws will have guns.

      The Government will need to print a lot more money to “buy back” the half BILLION guns owned by LAW-ABIDING Americans. The Left’s gang banger friends will be exempt, of course.

    • “Buyback” is another Orwellian double-speak for confiscation, q.v. “assault rifle”. The government never sold those guns, so “buyback” is yet another lie.

    • All these fantasies of gun confiscation.

      How exactly would “buybacks” be accomplished? How much are you offering? If I still had guns after that water-skiing accident my starting price would be $400 million each. The price of an Argentinian toll road.

    • What would happen to those who refuse to sell? Prison? Summary execution by government thugs?

      Look at the spectacular failures of gun registries, which you will need to begin confiscations. CT had a <15% compliance. NY was <5%. NJ had l<2,000 with an ESTIMATED several hundred-thousand still out there.

      That's the problem. You can't say exactly how many, who has them, or where they are.

    • What Beta and his confiscatory ilk forget is the lessons of Lexington and Concord, the first attempt at taking guns away. Loyalists and Brit-sympathizers did not fare well during and after the war.

      Are they and their families ready to live under 24-hour armed security? How about their staff and toadies? More people dedicated to protection means less people out kicking in doors under gunfire.

      Are any of these ninnies ready for a string of Wacos and the reactions as a result, like OKC?

    • Imagine if >100 million gun owners said, “enough”, and used their guns as the founders intended, to fight a tyrannical gov’t?

      Only utter morons like Duke Nukem fantasize about nuking a standing force. In reality you’re looking at Afghanistan, except much larger.

      • Don’t just imagine it; sit back and wait for the first shot heard around Washington being fired in defense of the United States and our FREEDOMS. It’s sure to come – – – maybe after Trump wins reelection.

    • “I’m not living without guns” McCain

      Meghan is confused.

      A LOT of people are not living today BECAUSE of guns.

      • WHAT is the military, the police and concealed carry licensees using to defend and protect – pea shooters; or hiding like a bunch of cowardly Socialists?

        Confused much?

    • Yes Generally Confused, before guns were invented we all lived safe and happy lives with no risk of harm from our fellow man. It was basically like the movie Avatar until those damn guns showed up…

      • I would love to see a graph showing the last hundred years of gun deaths vs the number of guns in this country. I think that would stop some confusion around here.

    • Remember the last time the government banned something? It was called Prohibition.

      How’d that work out?

      How’s that War On Drugs going?

    • ”Imagine if >100 million gun owners said, “enough”, and used their guns as the founders intended, to fight a tyrannical gov’t?” I Ching

      I am confused.

      I didn’t know that you were getting into stand-up comedy. Good luck with your new career!

      • Do NOT push those gun owners too far with your Socialist BS. There are more guns than there are Socialists in the United States. DO NOT BE “CONFUSED”: Not all of the estimated half billion firearms need to be taken out of the gun cabinets here to defend American FREEDOMS from the radicalized anti-Americans and their fake “utopia”.

    • Confiscation is a radical pipe dream. I cannot imagine the carnage that would result if such nonsense commenced.

    • Beto is being used as a verbal distraction, he won’t win the presidency. I believe the DEMOCRATIC party has planned for his next Texas run with name recognition and full support.

    • >Screwtape<

      YOU'LL have got to agree the "experts": knew what they were doing when they ordered the confiscation of guns under the guise of being "common sense gun control" for the good of the people; OR, was it for the Dictators' POWER and CONTROL?

      You may recall the likes of Adolf Hitler, Fidel Castro, Qaddafi, Joseph Stalin, Idi Amin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot and Kim Jung il (plus: #44, Hillary and the 20-odd 2020 clowns) who declared gun control does work and demanded it; precisely like the Nazi wannabes here in the United States. However, today's fascists fail to understand that "FREE people own guns; SLAVES don't".

      I recall an old comment from the '40's which is appropriate now: "Here 'tis. Come and get it."

      • Dictators love them some gun control. Let’s also include the more recent Chavez, who’s successful socialist management of Venezuela is there to see. Not.

    • “Do NOT push those gun owners too far with your Socialist BS.” Confused James

      Why? I am confused.

      Oh, I got it! You actually think that these pipsqueak gun owners are going to (illegally) rise up against their duly elected government. Not a chance. A few crazy, deluded old guys with scraggly white beards, beerbellies and pick-up trucks might “go off their reservation”, but there is no way that any sort of majority would give up their freedom, their family, their life, their security, their future over this. They might yell and scream “2nd Amendment” at their Congressmen, a bit of wasted bravado, write an op-ed if they even know how use a typewriter, but that’s it. Examples will be made of a few of them and then it will be just lots of noise, but no bite. Anything else like a “Red Dawn” uprising is a pipedream or a bad movie like “The Reliant”.

    • James,

      Given it’s extreme anti-gun policies, even after the Heller decision, I don’t think DC as likely as some other Blue zone like CA, NY, NJ, or IL.

  • The lawyer for Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser is sharing how the then-judge’s view on Roe v. Wade was “part of what motivated” his accuser to come forward and testify.

    Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the highest […]

    • Christine Blasey Ford: Bought and paid for by the DemocRATic Party to discredit a REPUBLICAN President’s nominee for the SCOTUS, plain and simple.

    • From all of us who have survived and can recall every detail with gut wrenching clarity, thanks for nothing Dr Ford

    • *gasp* There were political motivations behind the staging and lies of Ballsy Ford? Just another informercial for the Dim narrative, right?

    • Jussie Smollett would have been just as plausible as Ballsy Ford in accusing Kavanagh.

      Apparently Hollywood is not the ONLY employer of people who pretend and lie for a living. It’s practically a Dimocrat recruiting office.

    • Better to take “a scalpel to Roe vs. Wade” than a scalpel to an innocent “about to be a newborn baby” in the womb!

      Ms. Ford and Ms. Kaatz are disgusting, dripping, chunks of anal excrement!!!!

  • Several of the 2020 Democratic presidential contenders took to the stage of Thursday night to lay out their plan to address climate change, and in doing so, some of them mulled ideas of changing laws surrounding […]

    • … why doesn’t someone answer that we have bigger problems to address right now than what American’s are putting on their dinner tables?

    • Lol what a bunch of NUTS.

    • Can you imagine the cost of growing and processing so much more veggies to make fake meat. I doubt there would any climate change savings after you calculate those costs. Also the land use would be enormous and then you have all the chemicals needed to grow the veggies and no way could organic farming be viable for so much volume.

    • Gawd A’Mighty! These are some of the craziest people on the planet. Yang can sup on a bowl of un-flavoured rice and tonight I’m going out for a steak.

    • Sorry like my thick juicy steaks, my potroast with potatoes carrots and onions. I tried being a vegetarian at one point in my life and at 70 if my cholesterol is high who gives a rats rear. Yang and harris are two nut jobs that hit their head after drinking too much soymilk. By the by not everyone can eat soy byproducts.

    • Lord, next they’ll be wanting us to change toilet habits, sex practices, and anything else you can think of. All this while the rest of the 6.7 billion on earth more than make up for our frugal life habits. Plus, won’t that deforest the earth to eat only greens and vegetables. There are problems with any habit you can think of.

      • They have the sex practices and creation already covered. They want to tell you who can shower with who. Didn’t they support boys showering with girls? They want to control which babies are born and which ones are not by promoting abortion. They are legislating who gets promoted and who doesn’t. They want to legislate who goes to college. They want to legislate who gets free healthcare and who pays for it. They try to promote jobs overseas by taxing business in the US to death until they move out. And, always they have the give-aways. Get people hooked on free stuff to control votes. They want One World Order with them in control. And their whole plan hinges with removing our resistance by disarming us. History is full of this: Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Hitler, Pathet Lao, Khmer Rouge, Kim Jong Un, Saddam Hussien, The Ayatollahs, etc. They started with their indoctrination through the existing media, wormed their way into power, then took everyone’s rights. We are at the second stage. Beware!!

    • Best answer to limiting air pollution: ration airtime (literally) for political speech. Every campaign speech is limited to 3 exhalations – irrespective of party affiliation.

    • As Sam Elliott days”Beef. It’s what’s for dinner”. Wonder if the Cattlemen’s Association will take issue with this new political blast against red meat consumption. These Democrats seem to have no concern about putting business out of business.

    • The Left is becoming more crazy by the hour. WHEN the Socialists begin paying for my groceries, THEN – and only THEN – will they tell ME what I’ll eat or not eat. #NOcommies.

    • The socialist/communist would be dictators of the left & Dem party want to control EVERY aspect of your life. People, they are dangerous. Do not give up one single inch to them! First, the UN Climate Chief, in 2015, admitted what this hoax is all about – $$ (yes, go look it up on the UN website). Second, give up a single right and we will have zero rights, which is their ultimate goal. Thank God Trump didn’t bow down to the G7 charade on ‘online hate speech’. Yes, they tried to get him to sign away our 1A. You can look that up too.

    • Because of a complainer of hacking who gives himself/herself credit, you must sign in periodically. At least that’s what I’m getting.

    • “Because of a complainer of hacking who gives himself/herself credit, you must sign in periodically. At least that’s what I’m getting.” Cherl

      You are trying to confuse people. That isn’t what happens and you know it.

    • More ridiculous BS from Left wing, liberal D-RATs. Honestly, this entire group of idiots has not espoused a single concept that would benefit America—–probably the lowest qualified slate of candidates in the history of America (of which they know nothing).

    • So, now the Democrats want to control what we eat. What’s next? They are just like the Brits that did the same things prior to 1775 and resulted in the Revolution. I don’t understand how the public can be blind to what the end game is with Democrats – total domination and control. They want to get into every facet of your lives and control you. The very people that say they’re for rights are trying to eliminate all your rights. Communism 101.

    • They prove that they’re communists more and more every day. Lying, cheating, Democrats.

    • But of course the Democrats want to tell us what to eat! Also what to (not) protect ourselves with, what not to say, what not to do. Isn’t that called a Dictatorship?

    • Quite clear that the Left intends to use manipulated “facts” about highly questionable “climate change” to force “politically correct” lifestyle choices on everyone. Very reminiscent of Chairman Mao requiring that farmers plant seeds deep in the ground due to his own ignorance of good farming practices, resulting in mass famine in China. These Leftist politicians are creating a set of “values” that have absolutely no basis in reality in order to exert power over the citizens. Pol Pot of the Khmer Rouge exerted his own set of “personal standards of living” on the Cambodian people, and in the “Killing Fields” butchered hundreds of thousands of those that did not conform. Does anyone not see where these Leftists intend to take society? They are the 1917 Bolshevik revolution all over again, and will doubtless bring about the same levels of oppression, misery and failure.

    • You just can’t find a group of people as stupid as a bunch of Democrats…. Unbelievable waste of oxygen keeping them alive.

    • On which planet do these Democratic candidates live? Honestly, their ideas get more ridiculous every day.

    • Hands up of everyone planning to vote for the Donkey Party’s mental midgets, flip floppers and gaffers in 2020. C’mon, ANYBODY?

    • Hey Kamala, and Yang. How about you stop eating vegetables, salads, rice, berries, fruit, Chicken, Fish, Clams, Crabs, Lobsters, Sharks, Porpoise, whales, locusts, snails, after all part of climate change is that there is too much carbon in the ozone, and too little oxygen getting in the way of Living. All of these items either grown in crops, trees, bushes, on farms, in the seas, and oceans. Of course there could be no more coffee, tea, marijuana, after all they are plants and are needed to resupply the Oxygen.
      Which leaves us with desserts which are mostly made from just about everything listed above.
      Then what do we eat? Each other????

    • …and the pathological urge to tell others how to live comes out.

      News to Harris and Yang. You can choose how to run your own lives, but I’ll be damned if you tell me how to run mine. I notice neither candidate is a vegetarian nor vegan. “Do what we tell you.” is what parents do to children. Does this say how they regard their voters?

      This is the insidious nature of socialism. Centralized government dictating. No freedom of choice involved.

      • Yes tell us no meat then in their fine homes is steak Tbone of course and other fine meats, while we eat only what they allow us

    • from the Foilhat Gazette:

      “2020 Candidates Advocate Cannibalism to Reduce Carbon-Footprints”

      A DNC spokeswhatsit said that Bernie Sander’s advocating the mass-murder of unborn minority children in the 3rd world is just the start. “We can’t control those people so they might as well die.”

      Asked if the dead would be recycled for stem-cells, protein, and organs xer went on to say it will be part of the Soylent Green New Deal.

    • Are they really saying, ” Eat mor chiken? ” How anti-BLTG-QED.

    • This article had nothing to do with Trump. It had to do with the loser democrats that want to put us under socialism and want to give our country to illegals

    • Delicious!

      Apparenty, King Donald The Loser is looking for a female running mate (Nikki Haley), to help win back the suburbs after the 2018 debacle. Twice he has discussed with advisors, including recently, replacing Pence because Pence has abitions to run in 2024! Ivanka and Jered Kushner are involved, of course. Pence polls above the King, too. The King is furious. Confusion errupts if the evangelicals walk.

      Hey Pence? Watch out for that approaching bus!

      • More fantasy stories from the “little general “!

        Hey Little General, where do you keep your Army?
        Up your SLEEVEY???

    • Here the Democrats want to mess with a system that they bear more responsibility for creating, in the first place. Today the GOP is NOT the party of agricultural/farm subsidies– that’s the Democrats. And subsidies to meat and dairy are about twice what they are to fruits and vegetables ($40 vs. 20 billion a year). If the Democrats don’t like meat, let them stop using our tax dollars to subsidize meat production! Then, higher meat prices will take care of some of the problem.

      It’s amazing that the Democrats have worked hard to keep cheap fast-food a reality, and now are complaining that people eat too much of it. Kamala Harris does not understand markets, and wants to engineer everything from the top-down like the elitist she is. But that’s how we got to this bad place. Republicans like secretary of agriculture Earl Butz (Nixon and Ford) kicked things off. But now it’s the Democrats who carry the ball for our inefficient and unhealthy food production.

      And by the way, that’s not just meat– that’s too simplistic. It may in no small part be other things like corn sweetener (fructose). It is only with “intrinsically cheap bad foods” like fructose that regulation has to step in to save the free-market from its own externalities (pollution, and also our bad health and obesity).

      • If D’s support paying fast food workers a living wage, HOW is that keeping the cost of fast food down? What are the states that you perceive are the top beef producing states???? You think they are Blue states???

    • Seriously, has every last dem gone completely insane?
      One idiot idea on top another.

    • We could improve the environment if we gave each one of these wanna-be’s a plug to use on what they say.

    • I prefer making up my own mind on what I eat. The amount of sugar used in food is disturbing. All the Democrats appear to think everyone is stupid and should do whatever the gov. says. The spending they talk about is like something a third-grader would say.

      • I am not one to call individuals “stupid.” BUT perceiving that a path exist thru Congress to restrict eating red meat, “is like something a third-grader would say.” If you do not wish people to perceive you are stupid, stop believing every crazy idea someone comes up with will become a law or action. I recall a 2016 candidate that professed Mexico would pay for the wall.—Tax cuts will pay for themselves— All Muslims will be prevented from entering America. Candidates on both sides of the aisle apparently reside in a fantasy world. Pretending you believe what they are selling, does call into question your sanity.

    • It’s a fact that a plant-based diet is better for your health and the health of the planet. It is a fact that it is more efficient to eat vegetable food directly, rather than running it through a cow first.
      The government is already making recommendations concerning what Americans eat. The next government will undoubtedly continue doing so. Currently, the recommendations are largely a result of lobbying from the meat and dairy industries. Because…jobs.
      The government isn’t going to take our meat away. They can recommend; but, people will continue to make their own choices here in America.

    • Another reason to get the democrats out of office. The socialist government control of the people , now includes what you eat. One world government = vegetarian .

      • You do understand that the article reports TWO of the 20 candidates hold a particular stance. Madison no where in the article suggests ALL Democrats support Harris and Yang’s positions. To perceive that the Congress could pass a prohibition of what you eat, indicates a lack of awareness of the U.S. Congress. I have serious doubts that a declaration of support of World Peace could get thru our Congress.

    • First off, do any of the 135 negative votes on this article see a path thru Congress for enacting dietary restrictions??? Neither do I. I do not recall a time in my 30+ previous yrs in healthcare that the medical profession was not advocating a decrease in consumption of red meat. If people are not going to reduce consumption for the benefit of their OWN health or that of their family, they are certainly NOT going to do it to benefit the environment.

    • Phyllis,

      Surely you’ve heard of the FDA, the Dept. of Agriculture, etc. Even you must have read about “soda” bans and taxes.

      Pretend you have an imagination. Picture the government “attacking” the foods they want banned, harassing industries (like they do guns), or imposing taxes which make them unaffordable to the “non-elite”.

      “That’ll be one ninety-eight for that pound of steak.”
      “No one-hundred ninety-eight dollars.”

    • Democrats have one well used tool to force us to eat less meat …Raise the Costs

    • Meat heads making more stupid regulatory proposals to garner votes from vegans. 😁

    • ST, SyPhyllis HAS an imagination, believe me. Those pearls of wisdom don’t come from just her mind, but the voices in her head.

      After finding out that SyPhyllis spent 30 years in the health profession brings memories of Nurse Ratched, and Annie Wilkes to mind….

      Just sayin’…..

    • Idiots

  • 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg is finding himself in hot water after he compared fighting climate change to World War II.

    “The fundamental question is, how are we actually going to get it […]

    • World War II ended in 1945 – 74 years ago. WHAT does this butt-head know about anything? Maybe what he’s saying is that it’s HARDER to run his town as an inept mayor than it was to defeat the Germans and Japanese. THAT would make sense, then.

    • Uhhh…yeah, little mayor Pete. I guess tilting at windmills IS harder than hiding in a foxhole trying not to get shot while firing at an enemy that wants to kill you.

      Little mayor balls blue,
      As you and your boyfriend go down,
      The gangs in South Bend
      Have taken control of your town.
      But where is the boy mayor?
      He’s courting more sheep!
      He’s running for president.
      As he lets his town burn,
      And the gang drive-bys shoot
      The abiding in their sleep!

  • While participating in the CNN climate change forum, 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) expressed his strong support on one way to curb population growth.

    The self-described Democratic […]

    • Maybe Planned Butcherhood better get busy and put on a few more butchers to work right here in the USA. OUR population is growing out of control and they need to stop the growth because all the human flatulence will cause more “climate change”. #Idiot.

    • So Bernie advocates abortions in “poor countries”. You mean countries where the majority of the population are people of color, don’tcha Bernie??

      Bernie, your racism is showing!!!

    • Some here are so confused that they seem to think that abortion is the only birth control, or that abortion is only used for birth control. Strange that.

      Want to improve society in poor (any) countries? Educate girls, let them control their own bodies, give them a bag of the right seeds or a way of starting a business.

    • Genital Confusion, should those same girls put those seeds between their knees and hold them together?

      I got it! They could start selling the seeds to other girls….oh wait, they have no money.

      Try as you might to obfuscate Bernie’s words , he sounded more like a Nazi by determining who is worthy of living and who isn’t. I didn’t know the Earth was a country club in which the liberal elites (as Bernie fancies himself to be) determine who can live here and who can’t.

      Your ignorance truly confuses you!!!

    • Bernie is a boob,

  • “Will & Grace” actors Debra Messing and Eric McCormack are finding themselves under fire, even after they “sort of” apologized for requesting a list of supporters of President Donald Trump.

    Although the names […]

    • The FEC requires listing of all who contribute >$200. The info is there, even for idiot Hollywood *ahem* stars who can have their assistants/staff look it up.

      Are they lazy or stupid? Both.

    • “Black lists” are a bad idea and Hollywood should know it, having suffered under McCarthyism. The ONLY reason they want these lists is to pursue discrimination and harassment against those who do not agree with them.

      It’s a petty and stupid thing to do and has backfired on them. Consider the squeals from the NYT when people dug up incriminating posts/tweets/etc. by their “woke” staff. (notice I didn’t say journalists)

      Consider the NY newspaper that pissed itself after doxing gun owners then having its own staff doxed.

      Sucks to be them when others play by their rules, doesn’t it? But these bullies were NEVER about fairness, were they?

    • I am confused.

      Where is Cruz’s crazy beard? Did he shave it off? Iz gots to know!

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