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  • Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson is calling on the American people to work together in solving the problems that face American cities like Baltimore, Maryland.

    The HUD secretary […]

    • Trump and Carson are 110% correct. Apparently Cummings lives in a high dollar condo somewhere near Baltimore and rarely even visits the rat-infested, garbage-strewn areas of his District. The political climate of that town needs to be changed to Republican so work can be done with the tax revenue they receive to fix the problems. And Cummings needs to go!

      • You live in Florida. You don’t get a vote or a voice in who represents the 7th district of Maryland. The NY Post article indicates Cummings live in “a house in the 200 block of Madison Avenue” in Baltimore. It was the New York Post–can’t attest for the accuracy of the reporting. Are you suggesting that Rep Cummings does not visit any of Jared Kushner’s 7,000 apartments in Baltimore? What R’s did you have in mind to run Baltimore? Rick Snyder? Tom Corbett? Scott Walker? Robert Bentley?

    • Brad replied 3 weeks ago

      Ben is so good with communicating common sense………….just good old fashion thoughtful common sense!

      • Yes. For a man who came up from below poverty to become a top surgeon, he must have some grey matter upstairs to guide his thought processes. I’m impressed.

      • Can you cite any examples?

    • Sorry Mr. Carson ,,, I don’t agree ,,, Full Blame must be put on those responsible ,,, the democrats !!!!

    • God bless Dr Carson.A very smart ,wise and godly man

    • Otis replied 3 weeks ago

      ‘Poor old Elijah, he never got a kiss
      Poor old Elijah, he don’t know what he missed
      Is there any wonder, that the fool is pissed
      Elijah damn sho should be dissed.”
      But he marched with Doctor King!
      I reckon that means his wife can break the law.
      Hank Williams, Sr. would likely sue me, but there’s my offering to the bog-wallowing Social Dumbocrats who don’t seem to realize that their party is sinking into a Socialist morass which they may not be able to extricate themselves from if they continue to promote a system which will not work in the United States of America.

      • A lot of folks probably don’t get the Kalijah reference there but I do 😉
        I love the post!

      • Loved Kaw-Liga song! Charlie Pride sang it too, if I’m not mistaken. I appreciated your post too 😉

    • Otis, I can not access your post’s 2 responses, so I don’t know if they clued you in. Elijah Cummings is not John Lewis. Lewis marched with Dr. King, not Elijah. They are both bald & African American, but Lewis is 79 and Cummings is 68. I can not find indication that either Cummings have been indicted.–Perhaps your concern should be with Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins, whose trials are scheduled for Sept, 2018 and Feb, 2020, respectively. If the IRS finds violations, rest assured the Barr DOJ will indict the Cummings.

  • When it comes to Medicare for All, some Democrats took aim at their own during Tuesday’s second 2020 Democratic debate.

    2020 Democratic hopefuls Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) defended […]

    • Recall that this is the same bunch of elitist technocrats who brought us Obozocare while lying to our faces. How’s that working out?

      Two challenges to them:
      1. Leave everyone else alone and just change the rules to allow coverage for those AMERICAN CITIZENS too stupid, unlucky, and/or useless to pay for themselves. Tax yourselves to pay for it, after all its what YOU are pushing AND you are all wealthy.

      2. If Medicare for All is soooooo wonderful then YOU, your staff, and families go on it first. I’ll keep repeating this until you prove you are NOT liars and hypocrites who ask others to do what you will not.

    • Wonder when I will be seeing any of the Medicare for All yahoos in the waiting room for any clinic at my local public hospital?
      Average wait time is four hours even with a scheduled appointment. Four essentially wasted hours because if you don’t respond almost immediately when they call your name it’s back to the end of the line for you and needless to say the bathrooms are down the hall.
      AOC I’m thinking of you principally as my closet public hospital is in your district but I’m fairly certain it will never happen.

    • With the Medicare “system” going totally broke in X number of years; 1) how will Medicare for All extend the life of the seniors’ program; 2) why are Illegal Aliens – you know, those criminals in our Country ILLEGALLY – included in this catastrophy-in-the-works plan and I’m also asking 3) WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR ALL THE FREE STUFF?

      Someone MUST pay for something which is called “Free”. WHO PAYS (and why is then called “free”)?

      Sure sounds like an old con game of “bait and switch” otherwise called “knife in back with Socialist hand in your wallet.”

  • When it comes to Antifa protests, Republican National Lawyers Association Vice President Harmeet Dhillon is calling on law enforcement to step up to the plate.

    Harmeet is the attorney for conservative […]

    • What a load of crap. Other than, Antifa and Proud Boys (both groups of losers) mixing it up in Portland, I have not seen or heard anything about this supposed “organization.” Someone throwing a rock is not a terrorist act–it’s a stupid individual who is then guilty of assault and should be arrested and go through the judicial system. These are not terrorists, and labeling them so would be nothing more than a political act that takes law enforcement resources away from protecting against real terrorists.

    • Not mentioned in the article is the fact Antifa is funded by one of billionaire George Soros’ many organizations intent on creating havoc wherever they’re sent. Antifa and Black Lives Matter are only two of many home based terrorist organizations which should be watched very closely by the FBI.

    • “These are not terrorists, and labeling them so would be nothing more than a political act that takes law enforcement resources away from protecting against real terrorists.” Michael

      Republicans/King Donald The Loser’s cult are confused by who our real terrorists are – white nationalists and racists. In 2018, for example, they committed 98% of the acts classified as terrorism on OUR soil! The King removed all funds devoted to national security related to white nationalist activity. What a LOSER!

      • Must be that “RACIST” nature in our great POTUS. But then again, all you Socialists use “RACIST” more often than common sense.

    • To Michael and the Genital,

      I live near Portland. What the news fails to cover is the Antifa who make downtown Portland unsafe to visit. On a daily basis. They are brave in gangs like most bullies.

      While not armored and masked, these black-clad terrorists harass innocent citizens, passersby, and even the homeless. They bully, shout, shove, and pretty much act as thugs. Maybe they’re rehearsing for the next protests.

      I was literally two blocks from the federal courthouse and watched as a “gang” of them, wearing black and Antifa insignia (the two flags) as they harassed, shouted at, and shoved passersby. They shoved a homeless woman into the street. They ARE bullies and noticeably avoided a group of construction workers or large men.

      When they got near me I swept my shirt to show my EDC gear–baton, gun, and knife. Then I bared my teeth. They left me alone and chose to jaywalk into the street.

    • Also to the Genital and Michael,

      I challenge both of you to spend a solid week in downtown Portland. Watch the Antifa and homeless. Your whiteboy privilege may work on the internet, but there’s this thing called reality, which neither the internet nor MSM cover.

      Don’t be Beta. Actually have a life not paid for by your parents or your wife’s family. Don’t fake being Hispanic. The local illegals will stomp you for that.

      • Definitely would not want to be like someone who has enough fear walking around Portland (!) to EDC like you do. Watch out for those hipsters and their sharp moustache points!

    • To Michael,

      So you’re saying that having health, home, or car insurance OR having locks on your home or car are bad things? You have an optimistic view of reality. I hope it’s never shattered.

      I understand and realize that walking around downtown Portland nowadays is a dangerous thing. Seriously. There are REAL reasons so many businesses, including Columbia and Nike, moved out of Portland. It’s not paranoia, the lax law enforcement, or the business unfriendly regulations/taxes/fees. It’s rational.

      You address MY preparedness without ever having been here. I carried the same, sans baton, while working as a corporate director/engineering project manager. I was not the only one. Ever hear of this thing called disgruntled workers shooting up the place? Yeah, it was a “gun-free” workplace, but F that shit.

    • To Michael,

      Please clarify your arguments that Antifa is NOT a terrorist organization. You do know that terrorists tend to work in cells, don’t you?

      Otherwise I’m calling BS. Your argument centered on certain incidents sorta covered by the news. Idiot groups fighting other idiots (yet only one of which bothered to get a permit and follow the laws).

      You are literally saying it’s OK to harass and bully people who are NOT part of a group. You are also saying that what’s covered in the MSM is the only reality.

      So if you wear a Klan hood and robes or wear a swastika you are still individually responsible, not your group as a whole. Sure. No part is responsible for the actions or ideology of the whole. How many terrorists acted on 9/11, yet we still assailed the group as a whole?

      note to self: buy a Planned Parenthood tee shirt before committing mass murder. Oh wait, they already have that covered.

    • Screw, way to rely on the strawman. I’m a realist who has learned that I can handle myself and those around me without carrying my gun and knives with me everywhere I go.

    • James, the fear and loathing must be difficult to deal with. I hope you are using a VPN so Soros can’t find you.

    • OF COURSE our fascist administration is going to try to lable ANTIFA as terrorists – because the group is ANTI FAscist!

      That’s not even confusing.

    • Screw, here are the words you used to describe the “terrorists”:
      “these black-clad terrorists harass innocent citizens, passersby, and even the homeless. They bully, shout, shove, and pretty much act as thugs.”
      By your description, I’ve been kicking terrorist butt since way back in 3rd grade. Harassing innocent people pretty much would never rise to the level of terrorism. Stay safe my friend.

    • >Michael<

      No, I have no problem dealing with anything in my life; nor have I in the past 84 years. I – like Screwtape – DO carry my weapon with me every time I leave my residence because of the number of drug deals, car jacking, shootings and robberies which are frequent occurrences here in NE Florida (4 shootings within 4 hours last evening reported up to 7 AM today so far).

      As far as Antifa being a terrorist organization; nothing could describe them more accurately They and Black Lives Matter ARE funded by at least one of billionaire George Soros' many organizations for the soul purpose of creating havoc in the public sector. Perhaps if you'd pay a little attention to the news media (disregard any Leftist fake news media) you'd quickly change your concept of what's real and what's being spoon fed to you.

      Don't rely on 9-1-1 or the police to protect you. The police are under NO obligation to protect you. Buy a gun; get a concealed weapons permit/license; learn to use the gun safely to protect yourself and those around you. The old phrase still applies: "When seconds count, the Police are minutes (or longer) away"; or as I have personally experienced: NEVER show up at all. I DO NOT call 9-1-1. [I recently had a need to call the local Sheriff's Department and the dispatcher hung up on me without listening to my description of a developing incident. So much for "law enforcement".]

    • Otis replied 3 weeks ago

      Only terrorists run around the streets ‘terrorizing people while wearing masks or bandanas over their faces. It’s illegal for what few Klan are left to cover their faces, why not illegal for these commies? All these radicals, Klan included, need their butts kicked.

    • This conversation is long overdue. If you have ever read their (ANTIFA) list of demands, you would know that they want white people to turn over their homes and land to black Americans, just one of their terroristic demands. They call on their members to make unprovoked physical attacks on their enemies. The leaders of this organization are criminals- yes, and terrorists. They should be labeled enemies of the State and treated as such.

  • Several deemed President Donald Trump’s comments against Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) and his city racist, but Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, niece is painting a different picture on what she believes the president […]

    • Alveda is a wise woman. The truth doesn’t get in the Dumbocrats’ way, but that is to be expected.

    • I am very happy to see some strong black leaders stand up and push back. I can’t wait to see some of these folks on the GOP National Convention stage publicly and loudly supporting the conservative agenda and President Trump.

    • Bravo to Ms. King and Rev. Owens.

      It’s unfortunate that in the eyes of the Left, e.g. Ayanna Pressley, they are not black enough nor should they have voices.

  • Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson is describing a “horrible dilemma” he was faced with while working in Baltimore, Maryland, amid the president receiving backlash over his comments about the […]

    • Must be another “lying” Republican trying to get attention. Dr.Carson’s recollection of Baltimore coincides with Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson’s onsite interview with those residents left in that rat-infested area. It also reminds us of what DemocRATs had to say about Baltimore in previous years. How could ANY responsible politician even attempt to defend the deplorable, repulsive conditions in his or her own home town? Have they no shame for what they have NOT done for their constituents?

      Cummings is a prime example of why the American voter should not vote for any candidate with a (D) (for Disgustingly Deplorable) behind their name in 2020 or in any future election. Drain the Swamp; or in Baltimore, it’s the Rats’ Nest.

      • Yet there’s a segment of the population who are udderly devoted fans of Double Ds. I’m not talking politicians. While I’m not one of those fans I can’t say they’re wrong.

    • Thanks to Democratic controlled House I would be very Careful with your choice of words there Dr. Carson.

      In your recollections you talk about considering performing unnecessary tests in order to keep children hospitalized longer and with this Democratic controlled House being the way it is I wouldn’t be surprised if the “investigation” into your past instances of “admitted” insurance fraud begins tomorrow. Never mind that nowhere did you admit to having anything more than a thought but you’re a Republican so every inch of your intestinal tract must be “investigated” by several committees.

      • Excellent points, except that it was “For the children.” AND he only talks about considering it, not actually doing it.

        Not that either will stop the amateur sleuths/Witchfinders. “He’s an R! Burn him!”

    • Screwtape: Precisely my point. The Dems will spin a mere idea into an admission of guilt.

    • Morte:

      Thoughtcrimes and badspeak. Orwell was an optimist.

      Yet it would be utter cowardice to allow the fear of persecution to silence you. In reality, Carson had already been insulted and degraded, by persons of zero accomplishments, because of his political affiliations. Remember when he was called “not black” and “Uncle Tom”?

      I wonder what kind of hate Avida King and the Rev. Owens receive for saying that Baltimore, especially parts of Elijah Cummings district, are literally 3rd world sh*tholes.

  • House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) is knocking down freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minn.) call for illegal immigrants to receive taxpayer-funded abortions.

    In response to a Vox article on illegal […]

    • “How about taking care of American Citizens first!?” Perfect question.

      On the other hand, less anchor-babies has a certain appeal.

    • If the Hyde amendment prevents the federal government from paying for abortions for American citizens, WHY would Steve Scalise believe Rep. Omar was asking for tax-payer funded abortion? Not following the logic that assuming the only aspect of reproductive health is abortion. Madison’s article clearly states Omar’s comment “SUGGESTED” abortion. SUGGESTED apparently to individuals that do not know what reproductive healthcare is. Rep. Scalise needs to search “reproductive health” online. Pro-Birth women and Pro-Choice women both receive reproductive healthcare.

  • To Acting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Matt Albence, those who are calling for the elimination of the agency are wrong to do so.

    Albence dismissed during Friday’s “Fox & Friends” […]

    • De Blahblah is such a weak candidate he is kissing AOC’s freshman ass. Pitiful.
      The abolishment of ICE has to be one of the most ignorant proposals yet heard from the Dumbocrats.
      The open-border society are anti-American morons who should all be sent packing. Perhaps they should all move south of the border to a banana republic.

    • >Otis<

      WHY should those dimwits move South of the border to a banana republic when with their agenda, they can easily turn the USA into a banana republic more commonly called a "Third World Sh**hole".

      Vote GOP in 2020 and beyond to save America for Americans

    • I have found this to be true more times than not. These Dims don’t know much about anything. Sadly their followers are worse.

    • “…just ask Alexandria if she had a bouncer at the bar where she worked. I bet you they had a bouncer, and I bet you she probably wouldn’t want to work if they didn’t.” Priceless. Well played, Mr. Green.

    • (sarc.) Ya……let’s get rid of ICE and while were at it let’s eliminate the IRS, CIA, FBI, all Military, all state and local law officers and just have one big F’n party across the entire nation! (SARC)! Ya sure you bet……it’s a great idea that will fix everything. The only positive is we wouldn’t need a federal government….NO Congress, or Senate, or Supreme Justices, or State Department, no Secretary of State or Atty. General or IG. NO PRESIDENT……we can all do whatever the hell we want then!!!! That’s great idea………… (SARC)

      What a bunch of BS RHETORIC from the Dems!

    • Opposing ICE and other law enforcement is part of the Left’s agenda. It enables their “voters” and their narrative of oppression. They should be VERY CAREFUL what they wish for.

      Look at De Blahblah’s encouragement of hating the police, especially since he’s taught his “black” son to fear them. Consider the “mass exodus” of LEO from The Butt’s city. Some assume ONLY the “bad” or “corrupt” will leave, which speaks to a prior anti-LEO prejudice. Mass exoduses are rarely that selective.

      Imagine if the communities had NO law-enforcement. No one to stop you from punching shrill “shamers” in the mouth (and kicking them when they were down to prove “oppression”.) Start fires because you can a la Antifa (this is starting to sound like an ad for them and Portland). Looting. Rains of fish and two-headed calves. Behold the coming of the Left!

    • The Democrats calling for the abolishment of ICE DO know what they are doing. It is part of their agenda to promote globalism and destroy the power of the United States in the world.

      • I am not a supporter of abolishing ICE, but HOW is it part of their agenda to promote globalism and destroy the power of the U.S. in the world? If Trumpism supports isolationism, WHY is Trump selling arms to Saudi Arabia, negotiating trade agreements with Canada, Mexico, Japan, China and the UK? Why is Bolton visiting Mongolia and Pompeo visiting Asia? How is U.S. involvement in Venezuela or Yemin or Syria isolationism? If you are isolationists, WHAT is the power of the U.S. in the world FOR?

    • I am not a supporter of abolishing ICE, but the agents on the Facebook page posting racist comments and jokes regarding migrant deaths OR the 23 day detention of Francisco Galicia, an American citizen with a copy of his birth certificate and Texas driver’s license, are NOT helping their cause. I am not a subscriber of the if a few then ALL are corrupt, but ignoring the bad apples is not helping the image of the agency.

      • One CBP employee gets arrested every 36 hours. In one office, TWO have been arrested for murder. One of the HHS organizations, I think it is ICE, gets a new head about once a year. Instead of hiring more judges, this administration wants to lock EVERYONE up, at great expense to us. King Donald The Loser got rid of an Obama program that had very high compliance with immigrants wanting to become Americans BECAUSE HE wanted MORE PEOPLE LOCKED UP, to trigger his cult members. These are the sorts of reasons why there are calls for abolishing ICE.

    • “The Democrats calling for the abolishment of ICE DO know what they are doing. It is part of their agenda to promote globalism and destroy the power of the United States in the world.” Gerald C Cline

      Says the white nationalist.

      Don’t be confused. People like him are the dangerous ones.

    • Abolish ICE—-what nonsense. D-RATs have lost their minds.

  • Former National Football League (NFL) player Jack Brewer is praising President Donald Trump on his efforts made for Black Americans.

    Appearing on Fox News on Friday, Brewer, a conservative, told the hosts that […]

    • I recently read of surveys by Pew and Harvard that show jobs and wages AND education to ensure those are the primary concerns for Blacks and Hispanics. Not delusions of collusion, not giving away free stuff that encourages more illegals. It seems that just like the Donkeys abandoned working-class whites, it’s now abandoning black voters. Can we say “used and abused”?

      • The Donkey Party has ALWAYS used the Blacks and Hispanics; promised free stuff and then ignored their plight AFTER the votes were cast. This has been the scenario for them since the 1930’s; BUT, many Blacks are waking up to reality and beginning to vote for the only Party which really helps them: the GOP. The current Party in power supports that. Obviously President Trump has done MORE to help the minority parties than any previous Administration; including the guy who claimed to be one of them.

    • Mr Brewer:
      Please cease and desist in your efforts to illustrate that not all blacks are desirous of servitude to the Democratic Party. Independence for all does not mean independence of thought.
      Our apologies if you believed otherwise.
      Kamala Harris, Corey Booker and most of upper echelon Democrats.


  • President Donald Trump is expressing his appreciation to the Democratic-led House for passing a trillion-dollar budget deal, but not all Republican lawmakers are in support of it.

    The House of Representatives […]

  • House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) isn’t offering praise to House Democrats as they mark 200 days holding the majority.

    On Thursday, congressional Democrats celebrated their first 200 days since […]

    • Congressman, I believe it is abundantly clear the Dimwit Party has not accomplished anything in 200 days; nor will they in the next 200. They are so obsessed with wanting to unseat a duly elected President they – most likely – dream of different ways to try. Their “do-nothing for the American people” attitude is more than ample reason to vote them ALL out of Office in 2020 and KEEP them out for generations to come.

      Abolishing/outlawing the entire Party – whether it be called “Democrat”, “Socialist” or “Communist” – should be a consideration.

    • Waiting for the Doomocrats to return to caring about the nation is like waiting for the second coming of Jacob Javitts; it’s not going to happen. At least the old school liberals seemed to care about the country, as they weren’t vitriolic leftists hell-bent upon changing our entire way of life.

  • The continued hike in the minimum wage in one California city — which has the highest in the U.S. — has local business owners worried.

    The city of Emeryville, California, garnered the title of being the hig […]

    • Couldn’t have said it better so I won’t try to.

    • The two advocates for raising minimum wage to $15 an hour are not educated in finances much less very bright to begin with. Just two people working for liberals to destroy our country. This is only going to hurt our nation, not help. There must be balance.

    • The whole Minimum wage thing, although sounding great, is just fluff.
      Feel good measures, without real life ideas, make for poor economics.
      One thing, that it will do eventually.
      Place more people on unemployment and welfare.
      That way, the government can control them easier.

      • Join the discussion…You are exactly right Allen. This is about control (democraps want it badly and will do anything to get it) and has NOTHING to do with helping people.

    • I was a retail manager and owner of retail business and I would never pay 15 a hour to have a 16 year old to stand behind a counter complaining our hard they work. Also flipping hamburgers was never meant to support a family.

    • We’re in another part of the San Francisco Bay Area where minimum wages have climbed to $15/hour. I’ve personally experienced or observed the following impacts: 1. Fast food chains rapidly implementing kiosks replacing minimum wage employees. 2. An increased number of 20-somethings with NO job history or experience. 3. Other area businesses laying off workers or converting full time to more part time without benefits. 4. Workers at above minimum wage getting no wage adjustments, not even a COLA because of the rapid increases at the minimum wage end of the scale. 5. Huge worker dissatisfaction as workers with real skills and experience getting paid little more than inexperienced workers with no skills. They also end up doing the lion’s share of the work. 6. Numerous “Best of” businesses going out of business. 7. A weakening housing market in these cities. 8. A rapid increase in homelessness.

    • There you go. Raising the prices of things because labor costs go up defeats the purpose of the wage increase. That is textbook inflation. The left’s false assumption is that these companies have all this extra money that is just going into the owner’s pocket is the lie at the root of this issue. MOST companies run on very slim margins. The Google and Amazon type companies are few and far between and you can’t base your wage laws on them. Increasing the labor costs will 1) cause people to get laid off and 2) the cost of the end product to go up. The cost of all items goes up which means that your 1) your dollars buys less than it did which means your raise means less and 2) more people end up unemployed.

    • Micromanaging pay rates when there are huge problems at the border that Congress ignores. 😖 That sounds like what a $15 per hour worker would do. We need more intelligent and US motivated people in Congress.

    • Who didn’t see is coming? Oh wait! That would be every economics challenged liberal scrambling to get the nomination. Or those who just want to light a fire. That would be these four mental midgets that news medias think should be mentioned daily. Yawn.

    • no wonder retired people on fixed income have a hard time making it! STUPID STUFF LIKE THIS HAPPENS. ONE step forward, two steps back. Liberal crap ruins life again!

    • Even Bernie Sanders had to cut staff when he was forced to pay $15 per hour to his own staff. So, no surprise that as the left pushes this idea, it will just mean fewer jobs for the working poor. Sad. The Democrats spend all of their time pandering instead of focusing on real ideas that would actually improve the lives of citizens. This is yet another example that will ultimate end up as a failure, but it sounds good for some folks to hear that the Dems want to get them more money. Ha! Why not say $100 per hour or $200 per hour. Let’s really make it sound good. Of course, all it will do is result in businesses shutting down, or turning to more illegal aliens and paying under the table, or turning to artificial intelligence. This sounds like it’s all part of the Dems evil plan.

    • Take a look at NYC where wage hikes closed about 95% of hand car washes putting thousands of low skilled people out of work. Everything is automated now – it takes 1 person to run the entire car wash – no cashier, no dryers, no prewashers – just 1 set of eyes to watch everything. Now you know why fast-food places all have their own apps, they’re setting you up for the same kind of automation.

    • The Left is bound and determined to cause upheaval in the economy. They must be thinking that too many people are snatching up their own portfolios. They work for us. But we are too scared and lazy to be the boss.

    • Imagine my surprise…….not.

    • The democrats in this country are definitely trying to make sure that no one has a job and everyone is relying on the government to take care of them! I always thought that minimum wage was just a starting point and then the owner of the company would, depending on your qualifications, add to your salary! Why make Arizona companies pay like California wages?

    • Isn’t Seattle at $15? I believe there’s a town in Texas as well. I mean we can’t really look at a single area and say what’s going on there will happen everywhere. I don’t know if the situation is the same in settle or not. It may be.

    • Different states have different costs of living. Different cities in the same state have different cost of living. Why does the federal government have to keep sticking their nose into something they know nothing about? Arizona shouldn’t have to pay as much as California for minimum wage. Half of the middle of the country as well. New York and California have some of the highest prices in gas, wages, housing, other prices. So it would make sense for them to raise the minimum wage. But not the middle of the country. My brother lives in a home that cost $150,000. If it were in California near the coast, it would easily be $850-$900 thousand. Why would his minimum wage go up and mine be stagnant? Let the states decide. Have the government stick to fixing the roads, buildings, and bridges. They don’t seem capable of much else.

    • I just looked up the latest info for Emeryville, just a few months old.

      1) Median income: $81,588 vs $46,022 for the US. I think they can afford a rise in sandwich costs.
      2) Average hours worked per week: 40.8, vs 38.7 for the US. They’re not cutting hours as much as everyone else.
      3) Average hourly earnings: $38.46, vs $22.87 for the US. It’s not just minimum wage workers earning more.
      4) Annual labor force participation: 75% vs 63% for the US. There are a lot of folks working.
      5) Unemployment rate: 3.3% vs 4% in the US (Jan 19). Lower is better, right?
      6) Families with no one working: 8%, vs 16% for the US. Their rate is half of the US average, which sounds pretty good to me.
      7) Households receiving public assistance: 6%, vs 13% for the US. They’re less of a burden to the taxpayers.

      If your solution for making ends meet in the restaurant business, like the person interviewed, is to close down for half of the day, you’re doing it wrong. Try making better food, instead. Right offhand, I can think of two wildly successful restaurants near me that have short hours, not because they’re struggling to make ends meet, but that they have so much business that they only need to be open half of the day. One of them has people lining up outside the door daily at 7:00 am so they can get served when it opens at 11:00, and they’re out of food by 1:00. This isn’t a 5-star restaurant, it’s a place that was just a food truck a few years ago.

      If your business runs on razor-thin margins that require you to pay as low as the law allows, you’re doing it wrong.

    • Stupid liberals—-keep tripping over their own shoe laces—-foolish idiots!

  • Several Republicans are knocking congressional Democrats’ continued pursuit to investigate the president following Wednesday’s hearings with former Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

    Congressional Democrats don’t […]

    • This was the first step in transitioning the investigation from the executive branch to the legislative branch. Critics are being a bit premature.

      • Yes, but Pelosi is just using this to postpone impeachment, so that she can continue raising money off of King Donald The Loser. She has no real interest in impeaching him because she is afraid. Others are saying that impeaching him is imperative. Tick toc, tick toc, then limitations kick in.

    • “Despite the ongoing Congressional Hearings into President Trump and the Russians, the Democrats still
      have high hopes for getting to the bottom of it as the 2050 elections draw near, according to the AP and Reuters, although the fact that all the witnesses are deceased is slowing their progress.”

    • Mark Meadows appears to have the ear of the POTUS. Perhaps he should explain his take on a prosecutors job to Trump. Everyone who read the Mueller report is aware that Trump was NOT exonerated. Trump continues to claim that he was exonerated. Trump admitted to Stephanopolous that he did not read the Mueller report which explains the discrepancy between reality and rhetoric. Mueller testified that Trump COULD be indicted after he leaves office. When asked the question, he did NOT respond that he was unaware of any charges that Trump COULD be indicted.

    • “life changing amounts”? Interesting. A House bill to reduce prescription drug cost by ending “Pay for Delay” was passed in May, 2019—the self-designated “grim reaper” has done nothing with the bill, nor a host of other bills passed in the House that have NOTHING to do with Russia. Is Sen Cassidy uninformed, or is he informed but counting on the voters of Louisiana believing everything they hear on FOX News?

  • Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) isn’t sure former Special Counsel Robert Mueller was “in charge” of the investigation.

    Mueller appeared before two House committees on Wednesday to testify about his 448-page final […]

    • Reports have already been coming out that Andrew Weissmann – “Mueller’s pit bull” – was the man behind the entire investigation; that from Mueller’s testimony, it becomes clear he was only a stand-in figurehead.

      From Mueller’s testimony many scenarios come to the front. (1) Mueller was scared he’d be trapped and say something not contained in a report he may not have read. (2) That he was extremely tired and unable to concentrate (3) May have had some recurring medical problems from his time in Vietnam (4) Didn’t really know what was written in “his” report or who wrote it or (5) Has an early onset of dementia.

      For being an American patriot, I hope Mueller was just tired of the whole damn mess and was anxious to REALLY go fishing and forget this 22 month “fishing expedition” by the Leftists.

      • If you honestly believe what you posted, WHY do you continue to disparage Mueller? What is the basis for your “early onset dementia” diagnosis? If your hypothesis on Weissmann being the head of the entire investigation, WHO was in charge after Weissman left the Special Counsel’s office in May. If Weissman was in charge, WHY was it Mueller and Barr that did the redactions of the report? If Weissman was in charge, WHY did Rosenstein not speak up? If Weissman was in charge or the ENTIRE investigation, WHY does his name only appear on Manafort indictments?

      • I ask for your basis of early onset dementia, so I know if I should consider you have “early onset dementia”? You do not recall that the appointment of Special Counsel to investigate Russian Interference with the 2016 Presidential election and related matters was ORDERED and signed by “Rod J Rosenstein, Acting Attorney General” on May 17, 2017? Rod J Rosenstein was nominated by Trump. Was confirmed by a Republican controlled Senate. On what basis are you concluding this was a “22 month ‘fishing expedition’ by the Leftist”?

    • The House should leave poor Mueller alone. The fact that the Dumbocrats are angry because they didn’t get what they wanted is just too damn bad. How eager would they be for hearings if Swillary was the one being probed?

  • When it comes to honoring those who protect the United States border, several Republican lawmakers believe Congress should commend them as well.

    Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), as […]

    • Interesting. Their solution to a “crisis” is a resolution to honor CBP officers. Not certain that is what border patrol officers were looking to Congress to provide in the form of action.

  • Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is reminding 2020 Democratic hopeful Beto O’Rourke that he’s the one who is sitting in the Senate after he defeated the Democrat in the 2018 midterm elections.

    Cruz caught wind of former […]

    • This fake Hispanic is the joke of the year. Bozo and some of the others in the clown car do not understand NOBODY wants a fake Democrat in a position to make decisions about their future or how they plan to steal more of the taxpayers’ money for themselves. The worst thing for America would be electing one of these ——?—– and on January 20, 2021 find out they’re really Socialists whose agenda is destroying capitalism and our Republic.

      They might even want to team up with the Commie Quad Squad and implement Shar’ia Law with a burning of the Constitution on the Capital Rotunda.

      • I like the handle Commie Quad Squad….they are called the Jihad Squad around here……lmao! Good one James………. good one!

    • Otis replied 4 weeks ago

      Delusional O’Dork may think he is ‘winning’ like Charlie Sheen, but he is a loser of epic proportion.
      Everytime he speaks he leaves a trail of WTF(?) in his wake.

    • Beto O’Dork vs Ted Cruz is like a one legged man entering an ass kicking contest.

    • Who wants mayor Buttplug to run our country? Ah crickets again. Where are the far left loons now.

  • To Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the 2020 Democratic candidates’ proposals to pack the courts isn’t a good idea.

    Several 2020 Democratic hopefuls have proposed that they would like to add justices […]

    • RBG needs to retire while she’s still vertical and give Trump the opportunity to add another Conservative Justice to the SCOTUS. He’s done fine with Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh and needs to continue in that vein.

  • Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Wednesday told a dramatic U.S. congressional hearing he had not exonerated President Donald Trump of obstruction of justice and indicated he would have sought his […]

    • MORE wasted time and taxpayer money on a nothingburger. BUT, until the Socialists here receive the answer they want (through a perjury trap) to try and impeach a duly elected, American-born POTUS, this childishness – coupled with their usual temper tantrums – will continue on past the 2024 elections.

      The current crop of Leftists in the House of Representatives is the absolute BEST reason American voters should vote straight Republican in 2020 and throw all the trash out of the House.

    • Read the entire”interrogation of Mueller” and the result is:

      Trump – 1. Democrats – FAILURE – BIG TIME!

      Dems need another Special Counsel to twist the facts (LIE) in their favor before trying to impeach.

    • Otis replied 4 weeks ago

      Was the Swillary campaign totally exonerated?
      I don’t think so.

    • mueller has already walked back that statement this afternoon. Will the msm that jumped all over that statement this morning be telling us the correction this afternoon?

    • James post exemplifies WHY I am pleased with my decision to leave the party in 2003. A Trump win (according to James) yesterday is a hearing that MUELLER disclosed Trump lied on his written questions (You already knew he refused to answer any questions on Obstruction of Justice) Trump WAS NOT EXONERATED. Trump can be charged when he leaves office. Russia interfered in the 2016 campaign AND the Trump campaign “welcomed” the interference. Mueller volunteered that accepting foreign government assistance in an election is not only unethical as Chairman Schiff described it, but Mueller added “IT IS A CRIME.” If that is what the Republican party is proud to represent, then I see zero openings of ever returning as a registered Republican. If the D party goes full throttle far left, I will be leaving the Democrat party—BUT NOT returning to register as a Republican. Disagreeing with political positions can change—the Republican party showed the country what their moral values are and those don’t change.

  • The American people see immigration as the most pressing issue the U.S. is facing currently.

    Although congressional Democrats have swiped away any such crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border — many labeling it a ” […]

    • Oh look. There’s a fire! Instead of impeding and insulting the fire fighters let’s “side” with them.

      Welcome to the party late, you weasels. Did your polls suddenly show your “open borders” policies were NOT popular? Funny how you flipped from previous “anti-immigrant” stances to “Bienvenidos Amigos!”, but at least now you’ve discovered that you flopped. I wonder how long it will be before you flip again.

    • There are the Democrats late to the party being heard to complain that all the food has been eaten and the best whiskey drunk.

    • It has now become “politically expedient” to side with those who have been saying all along “there IS a crisis at the border”. But, it was better to sit on their fat, overpaid derrieres in Washington D.C. and call those at the actual scene and who could see the problem – LIARS – to try and convince the American people this was a Trump manufactured “crisis”. Their ongoing hatred of this POTUS far outweighs any common sense they might have or respect for the people of the United States and their security.

    • Nothing is more important to a D-RAT than the party line. Dastardly D-RATs play politics with peoples lives—-that is disgusting. However we’re use to seeing this performance from self centered, narcissistic, money grubbing, power hungry D-RAT maggots!

    • Well, Trump and his supporters knew well in advance about the border crisis way before the democrats who have shown up late and showing fake tears, fake caring and fake outrage over the crisis, as where were when we needed them the most, me thinks trying to get our President impeached!

    • The only reason we know any info on the subjects concerning government problems is Trump. A lot of the secrets have been exposed. He said he will tell it all and he does. When he tells all the many years things have been messed up, the Dems blame all their stupid laws on Trump. They will never get over the fact some one can come in and not be on the take for 40 years.
      He is picked on for golfing and no one ever mentions Obama’s family world trips and the huge cost with all the people they demanded to serve them. Never talked about is the much smaller staff and less payroll.

    • Always slow to reality but first to dishonesty=Demo-🐀’s

  • As former Vice President Joe Biden (D) is in the middle of a run in hopes of becoming the Democratic nominee in the 2020 presidential election, he’s unsure if he could’ve beaten President Donald Trump in the 2016 […]

    • In 2016, Trump was an unknown quantity with no political experience or accomplishments. Biden was nothing more than an on call babysitter for #44 with nothing but his connections to Ukraine and the ChiComs on his resume’.

      NOW, Trump has a massive resume of accomplishments; a booming economy, low unemployment, etc. as well as cleaning up the mess #44 left behind and had no clue how to fix. IF Biden had his doubts about beating Trump in 2016, he’ll play Hell trying to finish the race in 2020 behind Trump. IF Biden is the best the Dems have to offer, they should just park the clown car and go home.

    • I am confused.

      Who cares about a hypothetical victory from two and a half years ago?

      What is important is finding a nominee who can banish this criminal out of the highest office in the land, in 2020!

      • see above

      • The Dimwit Party already has 25 or 30 prospects for the WH gig and you’re saying NONE of them are fit to sit in the Oval Office? Have to agree with that: ALL are unfit, some are criminals and ALL are unqualified even as Socialists/Communists by foreign Country standards.

        BTW, Usually Confused: Have someone look up for you (using the internet search engine of their choice, of course) the “Ten Reasons to Reject Socialism”. Only a complete idiot would deny FACTUAL information.

      • Stay confused.

        That gaggle of misfits the Socialists are calling “candidates” cannot hold a candle to Trump’s accomplishments. The majority of those human beings with two or less brain cells will be able to see right through the pandering for votes no matter how many freebies they offer per illegal alien’s vote.

    • Sure Joe and if you had a time machine would you still have needed hair plugs? If you’d tried harder you’d be 7′ tall and a starting forward in the NBA. What if you’d won the Powerball lottery?

      Joe’s efforts would be best spent focusing on his campaign, not on “what ifs”. That he wastes time and coverage on fluff spells “LOSER” either way. I cannot wait for the next debates where he WILL be bled by his rivals.

    • To the Contused One.

      I agree. You are undoubtedly too young to remember the little grinning idiot figures that used to sell in Hallmark and kitsch stores. One of them had a figure, arms spread wide, that said “I almost caught a fish THIS big.”

      Joe’s engaging in public fantasizing does nothing to advance his campaign. (though it leads to unsavory speculations about what he did AFTER his gropes)

      Criminal in office? Hillary lost, in case you hadn’t noticed.

      • Who is the injured one? How do you know they are younger than you? You might not want to comment on anyone’s memory when you appear to have forgotten that NO ONE has accused Joe Biden of sexual harassment or assault. Your memory also has failed you regarding 24 accusation of harassment and/or filed against Trump. I also remind your failed memory that the speaker in the Access Hollywood “pussy grabber” video and the Howard Stern radio interviews bragging of walking in on teenage contestants knowing they were undressing was the guy YOU perceives character is appropriate for the office of the POTUS. If you are unaware of the laws broken by Trump, did you FORGET what you read in the Mueller report—or did you FORGET to read the Mueller report?

      • What would be the criminal behavior Hillary has been fined, indicted or found guilty? Is your memory blank on the number of times Trump was FINED for violation of federal and state laws? The fines run in the millions of dollars. How many times did you think Hillary was sued for fraud? How many times for failure to pay employees, contractors, partners or attorneys? You call Hillary a criminal BUT on what are you basing your assertion while ignoring the lengthy criminal record of DJT?

    • Otis replied 4 weeks ago

      Floppy Joe couldn’t have beaten his way out of a wet paper sack in 2016 with the Swillary machine in play and I doubt he can now despite running against some of the worst Dumbocrat hacks in history. Everytime one of the runners gloms onto a ‘utopian’ phantasm of how government should operate they lose votes. I am not enamored with GOP leadership as a whole, but the hole the Dumbos would lead us down leads straight to Hell.
      It IS the economy unless one really follows Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” or his lesser known work
      “Politics for Dummies.”

  • One Democratic voter has had enough of 2020 Democratic hopeful Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) controversial heritage claims, suggesting she claimed to be Native American to “try to get a leg up.”

    Democratic voter […]

    • Radecic sure has narrowed down her choices for loser it seems. Vote and prosper.

    • Of course this voter is correct. Warren for decades appropriated an ethnicity that was not her’s and denied others of college entrance, employment and advancement because of her lies. In Warren’s own words, her family told her of ONE distant relative that was American Indian. So, she had no basis to claim she was an American Indian. She has LESS American Indian than the average American citizen.

    • The point is that Warren lied, and only submitted to DNA testing out of shame. The results were laughable, since the test included South American and other DNA comparisons NOT North American Indian.

      Guess who’s DNA constitutes a large percentage of SA? Spanish and Portugese (and remotely North African and Arab). Lizzie would have been better off pretending to be Hispanic, q.v. wannabe Beta who’s NOT, or Arab. In any case, her percentages are miniscule.

      You know who takes advantage of skin color or DNA, not color-blind achievements or actual merit? Those who practice identity politics.

    • Seems that no matter what a Democrat does they still gather up support. Their comedy shows of dental checkups, push-ups and having a beer do not diminish them in the eyes of the party. With Warren’s latest debacle of lying about representing women when she actually represented DuPont in the breast implant lawsuit should bring her done. But it won’t.

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