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  • Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives plan to introduce a resolution on Friday to end President Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration on border security, according to aides to Representative […]

  • The U.S. Department of Justice may announce as early as next week that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has given the attorney general his report on the federal Russia investigation, CNN said on Wednesday, citing […]

  • The White House is readying a presidential panel that would question U.S. military and intelligence reports showing human-driven climate change poses risks to national security, according to a document seen by […]

    • “emissions of the main greenhouse gas that scientists blame for climate change – carbon dioxide – benefits the planet by helping plants grow” Happer

      What this sycophant doesn’t acknowledge here is that these faster growing plants ALSO have less nutrition!

      “Happer, who does not have a background in climate…”

      No kidding.

      • That’s why we listen to everyone else instead of the Princeton Physics prof. They’re no doubt more reliable chicken littles especially when they question anyone who questions them

    • Okay, you know how a negative times a negative is a positive? Well, imagine a big water tank …

  • U.S. President Donald Trump asked his acting attorney general to put a Trump-allied prosecutor in charge of a federal probe into the president’s role in hush payments to women during his 2016 campaign, The New […]

    • “Trump immediately denied the content of the report.”

      Of course he did because he has this long record of always telling the truth. Totally believable, just like he was about the hush money payments.

      “Do you know where he got the money to make the payment?” the reporter asked.

      “No, I don’t know,” Trump replied.

      Yes, he did.

      • You’re a mind reader now Rocky? Seems to me The list of NYT retractions for getting it wrong is at least as long as the list of alleged Trump lies…and those are just the retractions that the NYT will own up to.

        This was no more of a violation than Hillary’s husband’s meeting with the compromised attorney general, Loretta Lynch, on the tarmac in Phoenix to have Hillary exonerated. They “talked about Bill’s golf and grandchildren”. Right. Everybody plays golf in 115′ heat.

    • The NYT’s sources? Anonymous. As usual.

    • Now it’s clear why Whitaker gave non-answers and very carefully crafted responses whenever asked about this in his congressional testimony. Based on his performance I’d put money on the NYT reoprting being mostly true.

  • A high school student from Covington, Kentucky, sued the Washington Post for defamation on Tuesday, claiming the newspaper falsely accused him of racist acts and instigating a confrontation with a Native American […]

  • President Donald Trump plans to nominate Jeffrey Rosen as the next deputy U.S. attorney general, the White House said on Tuesday night, the latest shuffle in the Justice Department at a time when it faces close […]

  • CVS Health Corp forecast full-year profit well below Wall Street estimates on Wednesday due to weakness in its long-term healthcare services business, sending its shares down 5 percent.

    The drugstore chain […]

  • World stocks hit a four-month high on Wednesday on hopes of progress in trade talks between the United States and China, with a dovish backdrop at major central banks also helping push markets back into the […]

  • Russia will respond to any U.S. deployment of short or intermediate-range nuclear weapons in Europe by targeting not only the countries where they are stationed, but the United States itself, President Vladimir […]

  • Venezuelan troops will remain stationed along the country’s borders to prevent territorial violations, the defense minister said on Tuesday, ahead of the opposition’s plan to bring in humanitarian aid to alleviate […]

  • Roger Stone, a former political adviser to U.S. President Donald Trump, was ordered on Tuesday to appear in court this week over Instagram posts that chastised and appeared to threaten the judge presiding […]

    • Only because Stone is a Republican. NO Dem/Socialist would be subjected to an interrogation, investigation or prosecution under those same conditions.

  • A coalition of 16 U.S. states led by California sued President Donald Trump and top members of his administration on Monday to block his decision to declare a national emergency to obtain funds for building […]

  • A new round of talks between the United States and China to resolve their trade war will take place in Washington on Tuesday, with follow-up sessions at a higher level later in the week, the White House […]

  • U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, the progressive populist who mounted a fierce challenge to front-runner Hillary Clinton in the 2016 White House campaign, said on Tuesday he would again seek the Democratic Party’s p […]

    • I really think that they should have a age limit to be able to run for President , he is 77 years old , posible senile in a couple of years , the possibilities of getting sick and be impaired are higher than a younger person . He look very out of shape , an old fart .

      • “I really think that they should have a age limit to be able to run for President”

        Not all old people get feeble brained in their 70s or even 80s. Regan ran into problems & the administration covered it up, so if you really want to “fix” things, employ the 25th Amendment or add some sort of mandatory cognitive tests after a certain age, in the same way driver tests have restrictions.

        • Why only after a certain age? In Dec, 2013 Sen Cruz convinced the House Freedom Caucus that 46 Repub Senators persuading 2 of 4 Democrat Senators running for reelection in Red states in 2014 to vote with them to repeal Obamacare would equal the 60 votes needed to pass the bill. Ted Cruz was 43 at the time. The Freedom Caucus members were all under 60 yrs old. Cognitive testing includes simple math questions. They ALL would have failed—but Cruz ran for the 2016 Repub nomination.

        • “Regan ran into problems & the administration covered it up.”

          Bullshit!!! First of all, his name is spelled “PRESIDENT REAGAN”. His Alzheimer’s issues never cropped up until years after he was president. It’s very unfortunate that you confuse your lack of agreement with his policies with a disease of the brain. Perhaps you’re the one who’s brain is diseased.

          • Based on the UC Irvine study by psychiatrist Louis Gottschalk, and one of Reagan’s sons, he was impared.

            I wasn’t aware that the study’s conclusion was disputed. I take my statement back, but I can’t edit it.

      • I’m a small government supporter. I don’t want the gvt to tell me who is eligible for office, either in term limits OR cut-off age.That’s a decision for the VOTERS. This voter is more concerned with the emotional maturity, mental stability, & moral character of the candidate, their preparation for the job, and feasibility of their platform. That apparently is NOT the criteria for all voters, but do you want the gvt to tell them for whom they can vote?

        • We already have a presidential age limit.

          “That’s a decision for the VOTERS.”

          I say that works for the minimum age, too. Voters can also decide if a candidate is too young.

          • I am okay without a minimum age. The founding fathers were thinking that 35 and older would be candidates with emotional maturity and wisdom. Trump proved there are exceptions to that assumptions.

            • No kidding. Proved again today. We have elected a moron.

              • “No kidding. Proved again today. We have elected a moron.”

                Takes one to know one.

                Because you don’t agree with him doesn’t make him a moron. His policies have brought the lowest unemployment rates since the ’60’s…for blacks and hispanics, the lowest since records were started.

                For you who don’t like to work or take personal responsibility, I feel sorry for you…not,

                • I just followed the evidence dished out every day since he was elected and for decades before then. Bankrupt numerous times, even after daddy fed him hundreds of millions of dollars. Who bankrupts a casino, for crying out loud?

            • “I am okay without a minimum age. ”

              That’s not a surprise! I’m sure that if you have, or had, kids they were much more adept at managing a household than you ever were, SyPhyllis. In fact I’m sure you’d be ok with 5 year olds voting, since the mentality of most Democrats fit in that mentality range,

              • First off, my husband and I have no children so stop your fretting. Secondly, the minimum age reference was for candidates. As you can attest, we currently have a president in his 70’s, but has the emotional maturity level of a toddler. He did not hide it before, during or after the campaign. 60 million voters over the age of 18 thought that was a good idea. A 5 yr old could not do worse.

                • I’m not surprised that your husband was so repulsed as to never have children with you. Is that why you spend all your time on the IJR ?Have you confirmed that your husband hasn’t been poking around elsewhere?

                  Did you never grow up? Children don’t know what they don’t know. I’ll be the first to admit that age and experience have taught me a lot and I was a prodigy yet naive. Engineering PHD at at the age of 22.

        • “I’m a small government supporter.”

          …And yet you support every government gimme program and politician promising one, that’s ever been envisioned (and ever will be). Personal responsibility is a foreign concept to you,

          • What & who are these “every government gimme programs and politicians….” you believe I support? And define support, please.

  • President Donald Trump’s former adviser Roger Stone apologized on Monday after posting on Instagram a photo of the judge overseeing his trial for allegedly making false statements to Congress, obstruction and […]

  • Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is not saying whether or not he nominated Donald Trump for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, but the question may be moot: the U.S. president has been put forward by others for the […]

    • Getting a little ahead of yourselves aren’t you Per-Willy Amundsen and Christian Tybring-Gjedde?

      • From the same team that awarded Obama just for being elected??? Your criticism of who gets the Nobel Peace prize is a bit delayed, Junior. Maybe they’ll actually give the prize to a world leader who actually did something, like Trump.

        • So far, he has done diddly to warrant getting one.
          Kim is still doing pretty much whatever he used to do.

        • The Buddha peaceniks of Burma are ripping the Muslim Rohingya new ones – look at Aung San Suu Kyi now. There was feeble Jimmy Carter whose award was for displacing poor Gerry Ford who couldn’t quite rid the nation of Tricky’s odor. Then along came Barry -globally distinguished as far and away the most undeserving of all recipients. He also knew his acceptance would badly tarnish the reputation of the Oslo gods. Now comes Trump walking Kim into the 21st by his ear, Kim’s nuclear toys mothballed

    • Liberal heads around the world are exploding!! I love it!

    • The Nobel Peace Prize lost all its’ credibility when it was given to Obama for doing nothing. It is nothing but a “Participation Trophy” now since it was given to a loser.

  • Hundreds of foreign jihadist fighters held in Syria represent a “time bomb” and could escape and threaten the West unless countries do more to take them back, the Kurdish-led, U.S.-backed authorities holding them […]

    • There were around 30K ISIS fighters at their peak numbers, let alone their “families”.

      How many in total have been killed?
      How many have been returned to their native countries beyond the 5,000 mentioned going back just to Europe?
      How many local fighters survived & how well are they going to be deradicalized?
      How many have been vetted & deradicalized, how many remain to be processed? Only the 800 held by just the Kurds?

      Hiding our heads in the sand won’t make this time bomb go away.

    • Let’s use the method ISIS would use on us: Behead them all and let Allah sort them out!

      I’m being serious here. Why should we have any mercy on them when they’ve shown NONE for us? Don’t give me the, “Because we’re civilized and they’re not”, excuse. We give no thought to a exterminating a family of cockroaches that live in the house!! We kill them!!

  • Activists called for nationwide protests on Monday’s Presidents Day holiday to demonstrate against President Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to secure funding for a U.S.-Mexico border […]

    • Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was elected by slightly more than 100 thousand votes in a Black/Hispanic majority district of NYC. Does anyboody know why those few votes out of a possible 225 million provides the platform that addled, mainstream media has slathered on this simple minded nuisance?

  • North Carolina election officials on Monday will begin hearing evidence on allegations that absentee ballots unlawfully collected by a Republican operative may have tipped a tight November U.S. congressional […]

    • Well, Republicans finally found the election fraud they have been claiming for a decade and strangely enough Republicans now want to sweep it under the rug. Very strange behavior.

  • Chicago police have shifted the direction of their investigation into actor Jussie Smollett’s report of a hate-crime assault and are seeking to interview him again, after releasing two men detained for questioning […]

    • On one of the coldest nights this year in Chicago this guy gets attacked by white supremacists wearing MAGA hats. No witnesses, and the only two guys on grainy security footage are black with no MAGA hats in sight. This story reeks of BS and if bogus, Smollet should be charged with filing a false police report.

      • Isn’t it strange that he never dropped his sandwich or his cell phone while being (supposedly) “beaten”? And now will not turn his cell phone over to the Police to verify the conversation he (supposedly) was having with someone? And isn’t it also strange he KNEW the two guys who the news media now says he PAID (for the publicity?; to reverse the decision of firing him from the “Empire” series?) Looks like a classic H O A X to me.

        • James he’s an actor not a script writer, forgive him the occasional oddity and non-sequitur. Don’t begrudge the silly twink the attention he craves. The brothers, the ‘Nigerian’ clowns? Probably bewildered but now enjoy hip hopping acclaim. Look on the bright side -at least they’re out of jail and at least Jussie is out of the hospital, keeping the stage memorabilia – the lynchin’ rope. The incident was initially campaign manna. Now watch. And here I thought leftists incapable of embarrassment

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