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  • The seven Democratic candidates who have qualified for next week’s presidential debate in California threatened to skip it on Friday, saying they will not cross a picket line of union workers embroiled in a labor […]

    • Set up an outside stage across the street from the University’s main entrance. Unless the entire “state” has become the picket line that should take care of the problem. Of course it won’t though since the opportunity to “virtue signal” Is never to be passed up in the world of politics.

    • Debate—or not—makes no difference—–Q: Who cares???—-A: No one with an ounce of common sense!

    • These clowns are a pathetic joke, totally devoid of honesty and human intelligence. I wish they would all just lay down and take the deep sleep….

    • There’s a Democrat debate? And it may be canceled? That’s funny.

    • GC: Who did you think the comment was directed towards?
      I prefer to give those who are reading my comments credit for intelligence and presume they understood to whom the comment was directed.

      Also, you are aware, I’m sure, that candidates often have input into the when and where of where debates take place though I will concede that this would not be the case this early in the winnowing debate process.

    • As someone who has worked on the vendor side of the food industry I can tell you that Sodexo has a problem paying their bills. Understand of course that raising prices is not an option for them because no one wants to eat hospital food anyway. No, I think the employees may be screwed on this one. But we do get to see these candidates race to show which democrat is the most democrat, hilarious really. Can we count on Bernie to go walk the picket line with them? You have to respect the guy for walking the picket line in 2016 while Hillary Clinton was in the same building collecting a campaign donation, great political maneuver for Bernie.

  • U.S. Democratic presidential contender Pete Buttigieg released the names of his major fundraisers on Friday, bowing to growing pressure from rival Elizabeth Warren and U.S. journalists to be more transparent in […]

    • “Fundraisers who bundle many such contributions together can provide a major source of revenue for campaigns, often gaining access to the candidate in exchange.” Article

      This is the essence of our political corruption. Make big donations (bribes) to gain access to politicians, for example, the way Joke Biden takes bribes.

      If you do this, too, or you support politicians who do this, you are complicit in this corruption. The way to NOT be complicit is to support politicians who do NOT take big donations from corporations, lobbyists and corporate PACs, etc.

  • The United States and China cooled their trade war on Friday, announcing a “Phase one” agreement that reduces some U.S. tariffs in exchange for what U.S. officials said would be a big jump in Chinese purchases of […]

  • The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday agreed to hear President Donald Trump’s appeals in three separate cases to prevent his financial records, including tax returns, being handed over to Democratic-led House of […]

    • Hopefully the SCOTUS will put an end to the DemocRAT’s snooping and demands for access to matters they would never understand. Trump’s business affairs are none of the DemocRAT’s business; nor is there a Law requiring access to a President’s personal business; BUT, the improvement in the American peoples’ lives IS their business – which they have ignored to hunt down imaginary, home grown witches (no guns allowed for cowards).

    • If they can do this to the president they can do it to anyone they want to silence. If the Supreme Court rules it’s legal the I will demand all financial and tax records of Pelosi,Schiff, Waters, Schumer, Green, Biden, and every other democrat socialist. Democrats are obviously very short sighted as we can do to them what they do to us.

      • Anyone who thinks with their feelings is short-sighted. Those of us who think logically and with common sense, would know this is a dead-end option and wouldn’t even attempt it.

    • President Trump is audited every year. I am sure if there was a problem it has been fixed or dealt with a long time ago.

      He is rich, no one needs to see his tax returns.

      No one was able to see Obama’s birth certificate.

      • I am confused, Tracy. What rock have you been hiding under? It was headline news for a long time that President Obama had released his birth certificate. If you are so interested in seeing it, just do a search for it.

        “I am sure if there was a problem it has been fixed or dealt with a long time ago.” Tracy

        My, my, you ARE a naïve one, aren’t you?

        The IRS had been so defunded that they can’t spend the time to investigate the complicated returns of big corporations and wealthy people any more. They only have the resources to go after little people who make simple mistakes because they can’t deal with time consuming investigations now.

    • This is toooooooo funny! Dems are impeaching because Trump wouldn’t give records. They said taking it to court, as Trump was willing to do, was “obstruction of Congress” and the SCOTUS just agreed to hear cases about the fight to release docs to the House. Do you realize what this does to the second article of the baseless impeach sham? It’s total delegitimization of it. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

    • Good. It’s none of anyone’s frigging business to know how Trump conducted business prior to becoming President. He’s NOT a criminal, unlike those that are presently serving in Congress, for ALL of them. The only one who wasn’t a criminal was Jeff Sessions, and that’s why they feared him most as AG… because he could not be blackmailed or compromised by bribery. Peter Schweitzer wrote about how he polled the Congress members, and they ALL pointed to Jeff Sessions as being the most honest, and high level of integrity, of all of them.

    • Here is what the liberal extremists probably haven’t considered: Perhaps Trump intended (or at least assumed) his Tax Returns would be released….and show absolutely nothing illegal or criminal. It certainly would make the crazy Dems dogged – if not rabid – pursuit of them appear all that much more asinine in retrospect.

    • Have any one of you noticed that when an article appears here that just might show Trump is correct in his assertions, which he definitely here is because the Supreme Court is going to hear arguments, that philly and contusion are silent? Wonder why?

      • I am confused, banstan.

        Are you saying that we HAVE TO comment on articles that YOU think we HAVE TO comment on? You are dreaming.

        We are not here for YOUR entertainment. I will presume on Phyllis’ behalf that we are here to resist and counter people who think like you.

        Wonder all you like.

    • I am confused, Tracy. What rock have you been hiding under? It was headline news for a long time that President Obama had released his birth certificate. If you are so interested in seeing it, just do a search for it.

      “I am sure if there was a problem it has been fixed or dealt with a long time ago.” Tracy

      My, my, you ARE a naïve one, aren’t you?

      The IRS had been so defunded that they can’t spend the time to investigate the complicated returns of big corporations and wealthy people any more. They only have the resources to go after little people who make simple mistakes because they can’t deal with time consuming investigations now.

  • Tireless teenage activist Greta Thunberg has been crisscrossing the globe by car, train and boat – but not plane – to demand action on climate change. But now even she needs a rest.

    Fresh from being named Time […]

    • Typical hypocrite. This uneducated kid refuses to fly; but has no problem riding in a car, train or boat. What does she think POWERS those vehicles: bean flatulence or hot air from her DemocRATic/Socialist worshipers?

      • NO NO NO NO She don’t fly because airplane’s are fueled by COW TOOTS. According to AOC.

    • Cherl replied 1 day ago

      Just another flash in the pan. Her parents should be ashamed for allowing her to opt out of school. And what difference has she made? Bet her parents were disappointed that she didn’t win Nobel and that cool million. Stunts like this are tiresome.

    • Craig replied 1 day ago

      I think the world needs a rest from her ebullient ignorance and growling.

    • She’s only 16 and already world weary? This kid won’t make 21 if someone doesn’t step in and get her some mental health help. For the people who preach endlessly she’s a throwaway. When she stops being the flavor of the month, her handlers will not give her the time of day. Too bad her parents aren’t there to protect her but I’m sure they are shovelling in the money.

    • Trains and cars use fossil fuels, little mentally ill Soros shill..

    • Travelled by diesel train. Left out that part. Instead of globetrotting how about learning to use Skype? Take a break Greta, work on those anger management issues that you had in your twitter bio. The world would be so much better off if you just went back to school.

    • >Joyce < You do realize that this child will not be reading your words here. She should be in school not on such a look at me mission. Evidently she doesn’t know what powers those trains and cars. In the photo above she appears to need a hearty meal.

      • “She should be in school not on such a look at me mission. ” Cherl

        You know that that is not the reason why she is campaigning for real change. She is doing it for the survival of her generation and those that come after herself, too.

    • her time is over. any one remember david hogg? he’s gone.

      • I remember David Hogg. He and his classmates will surely hear from the President with his prayers and thoughts because they lost classmates due to a shooting. Greta is really scary to some people in this world.

    • Good for you, Greta. Take good care of yourself. You are an important person in the world. Let’s hope that your message to the rest of us is not lost on the dear ears of all of the adults with agendas of their own, who don’t mind wasting the treasures of the earth on their own comforts and desires at the expense of generations to follow.
      The reason so many people express anger toward this young woman is that she is right, they are wrong, and they refuse to admit it. But inside their hearts they know it, and they fear the future.

    • Being an angry teenage scold must be exhausting. Especially traveling by train and car (which have CO2 footprints). She might have stayed safe and happy at home and used teleconferencing (which has also has a CO2 footprint) while spreading her message of no discussion, be pissed, we’re all going to die.

    • Genital a/k/a moron,

      “Complain, complain, complain.

      You aren’t going to live long enough to see the harm you caused, so what do YOU care, right?”

      Gee, if AOC and Greta are right NO ONE will live long enough. Twelve years is a hard line prediction that will definitely prove a lie.

    • “She should be in school not on such a look at me mission. ” Cherl

      You know that that is not the reason why she is campaigning for real change. She is doing it for the survival of her generation and those that come after herself, too.

    • Then take one.

    • “Being an angry teenage scold must be exhausting.” I Ching

      Being angry at adults for not protecting her future must be exhausting.

  • United States forward Megan Rapinoe threw her political support behind Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren on Friday, with the two-time World Cup winner announcing she was endorsing the senator […]

    • WHO cares who she endorses? Socialist Fauxcahontas won’t make it to the finish line and will probably be getting out of the clown car before November.

    • Ha ,,, one AirHead supporting another Airhead ,,,

    • Cherl replied 1 day ago

      Who really cares? Just another attention seeker. By 2020 no one will remember her….or Warren.

      • I will be apparently the first person to enlighten you that 2020 is just 16 days, 11 hours and 40 minutes away. Even if you developed a case of short term memory loss, I think you will have repeated reminders in 2020 of Warren and Rapinoe. — While neither of us is a Warren fan, we can not imagine she would be dropping out of the Democrat Primary race before the Iowa caucus on Feb 3rd, 2020. Rapinoe will be participating in the 2020 Olympics, either as a member of the U.S. Olympic Women’s Soccer Team, or as a sports commentator. It will be hard to not hear from either one.

    • Big whoop—-no one cares who this retard endorses.

    • rabidnoe strikes out again.

    • i don’t understand why people care what these so call famous people have to say. is their opinion more important than ours? i don’t think so. who cares what they think.

    • Her oh-so Lefty appealing androgyny aside….she kicks a ball and runs for a living.

      This makes her endorsement count exactly how? (except to those who worship the effete Euro version of gladiatorial games)

      The guy working the Jiffy Lube is every bit as qualified in making an endorsement.

  • A Democratic-controlled U.S. House of Representatives committee approved charges of abuse of power and obstruction against Republican President Donald Trump on Friday, making it almost certain he will become the […]

    • “House Committee Recommends Trump Impeachment for Abuse of Power, Obstruction”

      Please read the articles of impeachment. It simply tells a fictional story of the way Democrats wish things had been, not reality. It provides no evidence. Not a single witness was quoted. Not a single piece of evidence was cited. No footnotes at all. Just a story.

      Anyone who has been following the testimony and evidence presented in the impeachment inquiry can readily see this is a work of fiction. Just more of the same. Baseless accusations they hope if said often enough will be believed by the weak minded.

      • And there are plenty of those weak minded, low-IQ individuals right here as members of IJR. This so-called “impeachment” means nothing; except boosting the President’s rating and guarantees his election to a second term in November 2020. It was announced this afternoon (12/13/2019) the Republican base has never been more supportive of this President and that donations to the RNC are setting records. The DemocRATs will live to regret the HATRED they carry for Trump. AND, that ANY DemocRAT President in the future can now be subjected to the same treatment as this Republican President. The DemocRATs have now opened and patented that can of worms for future use.

    • “Trump would be the third U.S. president to be impeached. Democrat Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998 for perjury for lying about a sexual relationship with a White House intern, but he was acquitted in the Senate. Democrat President Andrew Johnson was impeached in 1868 but not convicted in the Senate.”

      In case no one noticed, included the Dim congress critters, Clinton and Jackson had actual criminal charges. What are those against Trump?

      Conjecture and dislike do not count except in a political inquisition, which this absolutely is.

  • Democrats delayed an impeachment vote by a U.S. House Committee just before midnight, incensing Republicans and setting up a Friday showdown over President Donald Trump’s future.

    The committee had been […]

    • LOL!!! Even Nadler couldn’t stay awake long enough to vote on this phony witch hunt. PROVES the Left’s dimwits have NOTHING to support 3 years of wasted time, effort, taxpayer money and HATRED of the voters’ choice.

      Vote ALL the Leftist dimwits OUT of Office so the responsible politicians can get to work for those who elected them.

      • I am aware that facts confuse you, James, but WHO ordered the Special Counsel and the investigation of Russian interference? Rod Rosenstein was an appointee of Trump, approved by a Republican controlled Senate. It was NOT ” a waste of time, effort or taxpayer money and HATRED of the voter’s choice.” The Mueller Report is an official document just as is the Starr Report. In 2016, the popular vote was won by Clinton by just shy of 3 million more votes. By Trump’s own 2016 standard, winning the electoral college but NOT winning the popular vote is NOT the will of the people. The Mueller report which you CLEARLY have NOT read is an official document of the 34 indictments which resulted in over $20 million in fines, foreclosures and settlements by those found or plead guilty.—-And that total would not include what Flynn, Gates or Stone will have to pay the U.S taxpayers for their crimes. Uncertain if it has been sold yet, but at one point as a U.S. citizen you owned a piece of an apartment in Trump Tower, compliments of Mueller’s team! You should read the report, if only to know how you will be judged by future generations. I am not suggesting you read it to change your thinking—if you change your thinking, that would eliminate the nostalgia your post evokes of my grandmother’s to death declarations that Nixon did nothing wrong.

    • As I previously posted:
      When Super O instructed Holster (I mean Holder) to ignore Congressional subpoena all was well in
      the Democrat world but Trump does it and it’s obstruction of Congress? Gotta love the inanity, smh.

    • Doug Collins was so emotional that he stormed out of the hearing earlier in the day. By 11:30 pm, he was so rattled that he had a press conference on the floor of the Judicial Committee chamber, which I had never observed occurring before. BUT the most ironic point he was spouting to the media was that “Nadler was adjourning the hearing so he could run to the media.” Still on the committee floor, Collins then asserted that the D’s wanted “prime time” for their audience so THAT is why Nadler adjourned to 10 am because the American people were no longer listening.- 1. When has 10 AM on a Friday been designated as “prime time”? AND 2. If Collins’ was not speaking to the American people, WHO was his audience?? We know Trump was still awake as he was still tweeting. 3. Earlier in the day Collins accused the D’s of wanting the vote in the middle of the night when the American people could not see it..WHO was pushing to continue the hearing past 11 pm? — Collins ALSO held another press conference, appropriately OUTSIDE the chamber. The D’s held no press conference and no D’s gave interviews last night. Every time I checked on the hearing sessions to see if they had called the vote. the arguments got wackier and wackier. All amendment votes were party line votes. I saw no evidence of movement on either side. The vote could have been called at 10 am THURSDAY and the vote count will be the same.

      • The “vote” WILL BE along Party lines. THAT is expected and “Trump will be impeached” by House DemocRAT vote. NO clear thinking Republican possessing any logic will vote FOR impeaching a Republican President now or in the future because he is HATED by the anti-American Party of HATE, INCIVILITY, CORRUPTION and COVERT SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM. Anyone with an ounce of decency and common sense already KNOWS Trump will NOT be removed from Office by the Senate. THAT has been a foregone conclusion since Trump announced he would seek the Presidency and the Left began braying “impeach 45” BEFORE he was even sworn into Office; and the Washington Post had a headline about the “impeachment of Trump has begin” NINETEEN MINUTES AFTER he was sworn into Office. Obviously the continuation of biased “journalism” by a HATE group.

        Conclusion: THIS – as a witch hunt – is and has been a FAILED attempt at impeachment (or take over of the Government by a coup d’etat), a waste of time, effort, resources and taxpayer money to accomplish absolutely N O T H I N G!! How MANY DemocRATs received a paycheck for doing NOTHING for 3 YEARS? Neither you nor I would have been paid by our employer for wasting time to manufacture garbage. Neither should ANY of the DemocRAT Party puppets who participated in manufacturing garbage.

      • Pissed – learn the difference.

      • Some people just won’t learn.

    • Rattling? No reuters – pissing them off. Learn the difference.

      • If you listened to Doug Collins’ news conferences,” “rattled” is in reference to his incoherent, contradictory, and inane assertions. One can be both angry AND rattled. I have never come across anyone offering advice to share your thoughts while in a state of anger. Now voting while angry is a popular concept in America. Yet I have never found evidence that the best time to make decisions is when one is angry—-So, perhaps that is the point of voting while angry.

      • Exactly, love their word choice there. The bias is so obvious it’s sickening.

    • I still have doubts Hillary would have been elected once the FACTS came out about her plan as far back as 1969 was to destroy the Government from within (as President). As we know, she did a fantastic job of providing at least 5 different Countries with our highly classified information through their hacking of her ILLEGAL private email server. But, as an untouchable above the law, why should she care? And being referred to as Saul Alinsky’s “daughter” and given the opportunity to review his manuscript for “Rules for Radicals” before it was published in 1971, she already had plans to spread Socialism as she worked with George Soros and the ’60’s radicals (that is an interesting book, by the way, that all Americans should read).

      There is a “Constitutional crisis” going on right now. Over the past 3 years, we have seen DemocRATs Schiff and Nadler ABUSE the POWER of their positions for which they will not be held accountable. We have been privy to the LIES they tried to get Americans to believe about our President because of their HATRED of him. We have seen the CORRUPTION throughout the DemocRAT Party. We have just recently been told about the QUID PRO QUO by the former DemocRATic Vice President which will – naturally – be swept under the rug and forgotten about. That VP’s “illegal activities” in Albania, Romania and China are not to be discussed or investigated. We have recently been told about a supposed QUID PRO QUO by the current President which has been debunked by the FACTS, TRANSCRIPTS and INTERVIEWS; but, those LIES are still being spread to appease the Left’s base of uneducated idiots who must march in lockstep and parrot everything they’re told – true or not (mostly not). Yes, there is a Constitutional crisis as the Socialist scumbags subtly introduce their failed philosophy into the US, one small step at a time (M4A, Green Nutty Deal, “climate change:, tons of FREE stuff for votes, TRILLIONS for wasteful, unnecessary excuses ). The majority of Americans can see right through their scheme and will reject it as well as the Socialist clowns running to ruin the economy, eliminate the middle class and enslave a population of peasants for the elitists to bleed dry. Maybe the elitist class will even begin murdering those who don’t fall in line; like the 20 million Josef Stalin starved to death, the many more millions Mao actually murdered and those Adolf Hitler sent to the ovens.

    • I see even 2 IJR readers do not favor your assertion that having members of Congress work on Fridays is “trying to ruin the Republicans day on Friday. Knowing they would have already planned their trip back home.”

  • Senior negotiators in the U.S. Congress on Thursday reached a tentative deal with the White House on a series of bills to fund federal agencies through Sept. 30, 2020, which would avert partial government […]

  • Island nations and poor coastal countries facing the severest effects of climate change offer a “moral call to the rest of the world” to act now, former U.S. President Barack Obama said on Friday.

    “For those […]

    • And the sky will be falling according to the Kenyan Marxist clown. Why does this nobody continue to try and become relevant after providing America with eight YEARS of failed policies, high unemployment, higher number of people living in poverty, increased dependency on the Government (food stamps and entitlement programs) and unashamed of his ineptitude without a hint of “leadership”? Go away clown and take the Alinsky-radicalized (Socialist) Hildabeast with you!

    • Excellent point. Haven’t heard of any of the rich moving “up hill” from the water’s edge to save their ass. Do you think this could possibly be a hoax like the REAL scientists do?

    • Go away Barry—no one believes your nonsense—-Liar! STFU idiot

    • Thanks again for giving me $ 1300.00 a month medical insurance with a $7000.00 deductible so your parasite supporters can get it for free.

      • James replied 2 days ago

        Hey; my daughter and her family wasn’t lucky enough to get off that cheaply. Wait until they soak you for even higher premiums on their FREE for parasites Medicare for All fiasco. YOU may be kicked off or excluded altogether for being too White, too Brown, too poor or a Republican; but in excellent health.

    • Arrest OVomit for Treason against the US ,,, he Stole $1.7 Billion and gave it to Iran and they now are attacking our Military in Iraq ,,, better yet ,,, put a noose around his neck and hang the sucker !!

    • I guess all of you down voters must live on boathouses or yachts. He he he he! Y’all amaze me.

    • Nope – your accord allowed for the BIGGEST polluters to continue their ways. The point of the accord is to rape Americans of their money, period! Just go look at what UN Climate chief said in 2015. “Reshape the economic landscape”. Wake up people!

    • hey b.o. didn’t you just buy a $15M house on the shore? i guess you aren’t to worried. you always have your house in d.c. which has a wall around it.

    • >Always Confused<

      I was unable to respond to your asinine comment because with TEN DOWN votes, IJR is considering if it should remain for review. But, yes I do live in Florida and no one here – to my knowledge – has the slightest concerns your hoax will drown us from rising water or burn us up from an "increase" in temperature. I find it interesting that when your Swedish kid sister exhibited her lack of manners and education in front of the adults at the United Nations, the UN Secretary had received a letter signed by FIVE HUNDRED real scientists discrediting this "climate change" hoax. Even IF the temperature rises a degree or two between now and 3919, I doubt there are many here who will be able to tell the difference between 80 and 82 degrees – – – or 76 and 78 degrees if the Ice Age sets in. I know I won't and don't care which way it goes. It is a NATURALLY occurring phenomenon controlled by Nature; not man.

      • That’s O.K., Confused James. That comment will never be reviewed. In fact, someone at IJR got triggered today and actually HID two of my comments. A real alpha dog.

        You can’t say that you are not aware of the problem of real estate gentrification now. Now, if you actually READ the Scientific American article, you will be INFORMED about the issue rather than spouting more nonsense about it.

    • The climate change’s profiteer/John the Baptist, also known as the defeated Al Gore, predicted that Miami, NYC, and other major cities would be under water by this time. He even made a movie.

      How’s being wrong working out for Al, in his multiple mansions, private jet, and heated swimming pool with a CO2 footprint greater than most houses?

    • James,

      As I responded to the Genital (stupid and selfish like most dicks)

      The climate change’s profiteer/John the Baptist, also known as the defeated Al Gore, predicted that Miami, NYC, and other major cities would be under water by this time. He even made a movie.

      How’s being wrong working out for Al, in his multiple mansions, private jet, and heated swimming pool with a CO2 footprint greater than most houses?

      • Yes, even Bloomberg FLEW to the climate change gathering of hucksters in one of his private flying machines. I believe it was the one which gulps 72 gallons of fossil fuel an hour in cruise control. But, it amazes me how many brain dead idiots fly or drive to pedal this phony BS to us which in essence is saying: We must eliminate what is bad for you in the Peasant Class and keep all that is good for us because we’re the Elitist Class of Socialists. Hypocrites and Liars one and all.

    • Geeeee….those SOOOOO f’ing concerned about climate change continue to use the internet.

      Ever wonder what the CO2 footprint of your usage is?

      But of course, you’re special.

      • “Ever wonder what the CO2 footprint of your usage is?” I Ching

        The Internet is getting better. Apple, Google/YouTube, Facebook, etc are ALL doing things to mitigate the CO2 production from their energy usage. My server is also with a company that buys green energy credits.

        One of the worst culprits on the Internet is video, but I am NOT one of their subscribers, so my use of the Internet is not as bad as it could be.

    • Two questions for Obozo.
      1. IF you’re so concerned about climate change, then why did you sink millions in buying a property on an island?
      2. HOW did you get to this conference? I’ll bet good money it was NOT by bicycle. So what form of carbon-producing transport did you use?

      Ever hear of this thing called video-conferencing? I bet you did, but flying to Malaysia was so much more satisfying.

      Liar. Hypocrite. We already knew these things.

      • Typical: “Do as I say; NOT as I do”. This creep wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit him on one side or the other of his Black/White ass. He simply needs to just STFU and disappear., He did NOTHING for his eight years as an illegitimate POTUS; he sure won’t become relevant now.

      • Likely bought the house with other people’s $$$, like his other properties. Or with money from the corrupt Clinton Foundation.

    • He must not be concerned about rising oceans because he just bought a beach house

    • Hey, Confused James.

      Some asshole covered up my response to yours, but I am not going to repeat it. You snooze, you lose.

      However, the Scientific American article is available for you to learn about your State’s plight.

      • Your response was undoubtedly more of the same bullshit you spread. I fail to understand WHY you continue embarrassing yourself here on IJR when all the intelligent folks see how confused you are. Why don’t you go back home to Media Matters for America? Don’t you think that would make your anti-American Socialist billionaire daddy – George Soros – happy?

        BTW: There are NO assholes here on IJR; EXCEPT those claiming to be Socialists/Communists/Marxists and/or Nazi wannabes. Select one.

    • Obama, the guy who allowed drilling in the arctic. He needs to go hide with Hillary and stfu forever

    • Hey Roto Reuters…,China is the world’s top carbon producer and pollutor. The USA ranks below most of your beloved dictatorships.

  • Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s doctor has proclaimed him “a 77-year-old man in outstanding health,” according to a letter released by his campaign on Thursday.

    Bloomberg is one of […]

    • How much did Bloomie have to pay for these results? He’s healthy; “BUT . . . . .”

    • ….sure he is. For someone in his LATE 70s and with a history of fascism and sexist behavior.

      Burn more money Mikey. Please. You ain’t winning

  • U.S. asylum seekers sent to Guatemala under a new Trump administration program have mostly preferred to return to their country of origin instead of staying in the Central American nation, Guatemala’s Interior […]

  • Nita Lowey, the Democratic head of the U.S. House Appropriations Committee, said on Thursday she expects a deal by the end of Thursday to avert a government shutdown amid Congress’s impeachment inquiry into […]

  • The U.S. Senate on Thursday confirmed the nomination of John Sullivan, President Donald Trump’s pick to be Ambassador to Russia, at a time when ties between Washington and Moscow have been strained.

    Sullivan, […]

  • Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren on Thursday accused her more moderate rivals of failing to stand up to the rich and pledged to fix a “rigged” U.S. economy, as she sought to re-energize her […]

    • Where was Fauxcahontas when Illegitimate #44 was dividing the Nation, pressing for the “transformation of America” and wanting to implement the Socialist plan of ELIMINATING the Middle Class? Under her Socialist agenda, she and her wealthy clansmen will be in the Elite Class with the POWER and CONTROL over the only other Class – the Peasants; e.g., the rest of us, our money, our livelihood, our jobs, our property, our food supply. Anyone who cannot see HOW the Socialists are subtly injecting their FAILED philosophy, replacing our FREEDOMS and Constitutional RIGHTS with dominance and enslavement has to be blind or supportive of the historic failures of Socialism/Communism/Marxism/Nazism on record (Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela, Zimbabwe,China). This woman is a destroyer, a clear danger to our Nation and to the World economy as are the rest of those calling themselves “DemocRATs”.

    • I know this much Lizzie: I will not be betting on you.

  • Federal Aviation Administration chief Steve Dickson, who will meet with Boeing Co’s chief executive later on Thursday, is concerned the U.S. airplane maker is pursuing a return-to-service schedule for the […]

  • The U.S. House of Representatives moved closer on Thursday to the impeachment of Republican President Donald Trump, as a committee considered formal charges against him that are likely to be sent to the House for […]

    • The DemocRATs have NOTHING to base their coup attempt on except HATE and BIAS against the President. A complete waste of time, effort and taxpayer money and doing NOTHING for those who elected them to their cushy jobs in order to keep them off the unemployment rolls.

      Vote STRAIGHT GOP in November 2020.

    • And yet the dem cartel ignored the confessed quid pro quo, the bribery, by joe biden. The dem cartel have engaged in a coup, they have put America on a path which is a lose , lose for the nation unless the American people reject their blatant lawlessness, their tyranny , their corruption.

    • Democrat Party and the Titanic, anyone seeing the big picture ?

    • Do you ever read any news? Do you own a television or a radio or a computer with news coverage? NO? Head in sand or somewhere else obviously. Wake up. Pay attention.

      BTW: The prosecutor’s name was SHOKIN.

    • >Always Confused<

      American voters need NO Plan B since the Socialist Haters of Freedom and Rights are being a huge help to keep Trump in Office until 2025. Thank you and your anti-America Commie comrades for that help.

      • You are confusing an excessive over-confidence with being prudent, Confused James. We ALL need a Plan B. I have already said what mine is; I want to understand yours. Your turn.

        • Join the discussion…Actually confuction you are a lying, hate filled communist who thinks you own the country and we should do exactly as you say. Keep up the good work. President Trump will be reelected.

    • “And yet the dem cartel ignored the confessed quid pro quo, the bribery, by joe biden.” Mindy

      I am confused.

      WHAT quid pro quo or bribery by Joe Biden?

      Oh, do you mean that press conference in which he demanded action by Ukraine on getting rid of a do-nothing and corrupt prosecutor, Mr. Zlochevsky? That is NOT a quid pro quo. That was American policy for the benefit of everyone, not a personal favor to get a fascist president re-elected. See the difference yet?

  • Lawyer Alan Dershowitz said on Thursday he had met President Donald Trump at the White House amid reports that Trump is considering adding him to his legal team to fight an impeachment trial in the U.S. […]

    • Does anyone really give a rat’s behind about a murderer named OJ? He’s a nobody who got away with murder.

    • Who wrote this headline, Yoda? Or was it spellchecked by Biteme?

    • “Does anyone really give a rat’s behind about a murderer named OJ? He’s a nobody who got away with murder.” Confused James

      And THAT, folks, is what is called a deflection.

      IJR is broken, so be careful when posting replies and comments. Hi, James / moulds.

      • Doesn’t look like anyone else understood that pile of prattle either taking into account the number of DOWN votes you (and Phyllis) received.

    • >James< Old Phyl never gets tired of trying to prove that she’s smart about inconsequential things. And this one was really weird as well.

    • “Doesn’t look like anyone else understood that pile of prattle either taking into account the number of DOWN votes you (and Phyllis) received.” Confused James

      You are confusing comprehension with an automatic flick of a finger. Down votes don’t mean what you think they mean. Sure, on the surface they indicate a negative view of something, maybe even disapproval. But that doesn’t work out every time. A lot of them indicate the reverse, that if y’all don’t like what we post, we are the ones on the right path not the down voters.

    • Down votes, confuction, only mean nothing to a hate filled, communist drone like you.

    • Johnnie Cochrane and Robert Kardashian are deceased. F. Lee Bailey has been disbarred. Barry Scheck and Robert Shapiro have their own legal interests they are pursuing. Alan Dershowitz is the only member of OJ’s “Dream Team” that has shown any interest in defending DJ.

  • U.S. President Donald Trump reprised his ridicule of 16-year-old Greta Thunberg on Thursday saying it was “ridiculous” that the Swedish climate activist was named Time’s Person of the Year for 2019.

    Thunberg […]

    • “Greta must work on her Anger Management problem, then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend!” King Donald The Loser

      I am confused.

      What a strange thing to say: “go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend!”. So what is he REALLY saying to her here. Is he saying that Greta should get laid?

      • HOW is going to a movie the same as getting laid? YOU’RE not only always confused; but always ignorant and immature as well.

    • “HOW is going to a movie the same as getting laid?” Confused James

      What His Majesty said was so bizarre and off the wall that what he wrote has to be some sort of metaphor about something. As much he even knows what a metaphor is.

      And since King Donald The Loser is such a simpleton, that metaphor has to be based on something really basic. For him, what could be more basic than sex?

    • This kid needs to go back home and get an education instead of repeating what’s she’s been told (indoctrinated to repeat) to the adults. She obviously has never been taught any manners or respect for her elders; but is given a participation trophy for her acting ability. (Her parents were actors also.) Reminds me of a Kenyan who was handed a Nobel Peace Prize for __________? (Yet to be determined)

    • “This kid needs to go back home and get an education instead of repeating what’s she’s been told (indoctrinated to repeat) to the adults. She obviously has never been taught any manners or respect for her elders; but is given a participation trophy for her acting ability. (Her parents were actors also.)” Confused James

      Confused is such a mannered “man” that he has to denigrate and attack a teenaged girl. Your parents must be so proud of you.

      He can’t argue about her policies or demands because there is no argument against them (not in the real world anyway), so he has to attack a girl’s person, what she is. What a coward.

      • I tell it like I see it based on the FACTS at hand unlike the Socialists – like you – who continuously LIE and MAKE UP stories and names for those you don’t agree with. Over the past year, I can only vaguely recall ONE comment you have made in that time frame in which I agreed with you; the rest of your anti-American prattle has been unadulterated bullshit fed to you by an adult – exactly like the professional actress (kiddie from Sweden) has been excreting on the World stage. YOU and she must certainly be related: NO manners, NO education, NO comprehension or acceptance of the FACTS; ONLY parroting what you might have heard someone in a K-12 classroom or your parents heard in a bar room mention as a joke. Wake up. Grow up. Pay attention when the adults discuss FACTS. YOU (and she) might learn something useful which would mean a World of difference between INDOCTRINATION and EDUCATION.

        Also, typical of you to criticize my long deceased parents who have never had a reason to be ashamed of me, my siblings, my children, my grand children or my great grand children. And I will continue to state my views on that which has been proven to be a hoax invented by the Socialists – “climate change” and the rest of the manufactured BS you Socialists/Communists/Marxists spew in your effort to destroy America.

    • “When you invoke the president son’s name here, when you try to make a little joke out of referencing Barron Trump, that does not lend credibility to your argument. It makes you look mean.” Rep. Matt Gaetz

      Such fake outrage. Y’all PRETEND to be upset. Virtue signalling at your finest.

      Would you like your blankie?

    • Hey, #MAGA!

      So this happened. Team Trump put out a fake Time Mag. cover with a photoshopped picture with King Donald The Loser over Greta’s face.

      Here is your alpha dog president. A person so weak and pathetic that he can’t even stand a 16-yo girl winning out over his pugly face being on a magazine cover because she was honored instead of him.

      His Majesty gives being childish a bad reputation.

    • Hey, Melania! I am confused.

      Is this your bullying husband being his best?

  • Former U.S. first lady Michelle Obama on Thursday urged girls to resist the “imposter syndrome” she had felt on the way up and fight men for power, saying plenty of them didn’t deserve it.

    On a trip to Asia to […]

    • True. For years we have seen many who do not belong in powerful positions: Adam Schiff, Jerrold Nadler, Schumer, Pelosi, Booker, Bloomberg, Buttegig, Commie Bernie, Harris, Omar, Tlaib, AOC, DeBlasio, Clintons (both), Emanuel, et al for starters. Even her husband (?) was a joke and an illegal waste of money and an embarrassment.

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