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  • With all campaign events canceled after an unexpected heart surgery and nothing scheduled until Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate, Bernie Sanders’ campaign has been seeking to reassure supporters the […]

  • The Democratic-led U.S. House of Representatives will crank up its impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump this week as lawmakers return after a two-week recess, with closed-door testimony from current and […]

    • Keep It Up DemonRats ,,,, every time you open your Pathetic Lying Mouths more people see you for what you are and turn away from the Corrupt DemoCrap Party !!!!

  • As Joe Biden squares off against a bevy of Democratic challengers at a U.S. presidential debate on Tuesday, his fiercest opponent will not be sharing the stage with him.

    The former vice president is the only […]

  • President Donald Trump’s administration is set to impose economic sanctions on Ankara, potentially as early as this week, for its incursion into northern Syria, one of the few levers the United States still has […]

  • Russia-backed Syrian forces wasted no time in taking advantage of an abrupt U.S. retreat from Syria on Monday, deploying deep inside Kurdish-held territory south of the Turkish frontier less than 24 hours after […]

  • Senator Bernie Sanders, a day before the next debate among the Democratic U.S. presidential candidates, released a plan on Monday underscoring his left-leaning economic views aimed at curbing corporate tax […]

  • The White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) condemned on Sunday a video that depicted a fake image of U.S. President Donald Trump slaughtering members of the news media, shown at a gathering of his s […]

    • And yet I cannot shake the sneaking suspicion that if the video had been produced and shown at a WHCA or other journalistic event and depicted violence towards the WH administration and staff the video would be hailed and praised as “sharp” social commentary. Perhaps, even, nominated and winning the coveted EGOT.

      WARNING: The previous comment was brought to you courtesy of a sleepless night spent watching my newborn niece.


  • Mexico’s president said on Sunday he would send a letter to U.S. congressional Democrats vowing to implement a recent labor law, in a bid to assuage their concerns over worker rights and speed up ratification of […]

  • Hunter Biden, the son of former U.S. vice president Joe Biden, pushed back for the first time on Sunday morning at the criticism he has received from Republican President Donald Trump about his work in Ukraine and […]

    • But Hunter, didn’t your lying father deny you had any business related dealings with either the Ukrainian or Chinese people?

    • Lol oh Reuters. If you’re trying to spin this where Hunter Biden is the victim and Donald Trump is the bad guy for pointing out his CROOKEDNESS, I’m afraid you’ve got your work cut out for you…😂

    • I don’t believe you. I believe sworn affidavits from Ukranians over any demoncrap.

    • “Trump’s accusations against Hunter Biden – which he has levied without any evidence – and his efforts to get officials in Ukraine to investigate,”

      That IJR pushes this blatant farce at journalism by Reuters is one reason I spend minutes here.

      It is the president’s duty to investigate corruption. If nothing else, the Ukrainians have motive to do so themselves. Quid Pro Joe has admitted to corruption and his cokehead son’s “failing up” looks really suspicious.

    • Isn’t it odd and completely hypocritical that all these “Green” Dims and their families are making money off fossil fuels? q.v. Tom Steyer. Hunter Biden. Pelosi’s son. (can’t recall his name)

    • Keep selling it Reuters because Trump wouldn’t be saying a word unless his team actually had the evidence. You idiots fall for it every time.

    • More Lyin’ Biden BS

    • Maybe Ole Hunter needed some cash for niceities around the house…or some ice cream or some other fun things. Who knows?…had a few friends over. All I know is he didn’t get hired to promote world peace. Why did it take you sooo long to come out of hiding? Could it be you lawyered up???

      • WHY would anyone on an OIL company board “get hired to promote world peace”?? Have you taken a look at who is serving on Exon Mobile Board? They are not there either to promote world peace or share their vast knowledge of oil drilling. Hunter Biden gave an extensive interview to the New Yorker Magazine in JULY! If Hunter broke the law in 2016, WHY would the FBI not have charged him with a crime by now? If the FBI could find a crime, WHY would Trump be asking Ukraine to find one? WHY do you perceive a private citizen OWES you an explanation of a conspiracy of Giuliani’s making? THINK!

    • Wasn’t it the Democrats who are against nepotism? Hmmmm….
      Furthermore, Isn’t it the Democrats who say: “If you didn’t do anything wrong? Why worry about an investigation?”
      After all, isn’t EVERYONE EQUAL, under the law?

      • Yes, Allen, everyone is equal under the law. So can we start out with a goal line. How many times do you wish this to be investigated? R’s history on accepting the results of investigations is “That investigation wasn’t enough. We need more. We need another and another” Whitewater, Vince Foster’s death, the Hawaiian birth certificate, Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton server, Uranium One. ALL U.S. and allies’ intel communities provided evidence of Russian interference in the 2106 election. The Senate investigation showed evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 election. The Republican DOJ of a Trump appointee’s appointment of a special counsel proved Russian interference and 140 Trump campaign contacts with Russian AND 10 instances of obstruction of justice—and R’s refuse to read or acknowledge the findings! —The new stance is: it wasn’t the Russians . It was the Ukrainians. The President of Ukraine ordered a “REVIEW” of the PREVIOUS investigation of Burisma and Hunter Biden–The investigation by the REPLACEMENT Ukraine prosecutor –BUT will R’s ever accept it? If the FBI had something on the Bidens, would they not have released THEIR findings? Isn’t EVERYONE EQUAL UNDER THE LAW??? Dear God, even when R’s PLEAD GUILTY to a crime, you folks refuse to believe it was a crime!

    • Which of Trump’s sons have served in the military?

    • Oh, Sherri, “Trump would not be saying a word if his team did not have the evidence.” THAT is HILARIOUS! Let’s review Trump’s long history of claims with ALLEGED “evidence.” Birth certificate. Uranium One, Clinton Foundation, Ted Cruz’s father involvement in Kennedy assassination, Ted Cruz’s extramarital affairs, “failing New York Times” “3-5 million illegal votes for Hillary,” Wind farm noise causes cancer, FBI said Flynn did not lie, China is paying the import tariffs he invoked, The media is the enemy of the people, and on and on and on. And you fall for every single one! I take back “hilarious” and admit that I find it PITIFUL!

    • Well this is a lie he came out on tv and said he talk to his dad and now he didn’t why step down if you hadn’t done anything this whole article is a joke

    • The kid is a dumb as the dad but with a drug problem.

    • his lawyer says that while hunter was working there he faced no allegations of wrongdoing. of course not his father was vp. also to say joe didn’t know what was going on with son job hard to believe. joe, hunter, and 2 heads of the company playing golf together and they didn’t talk i guess. ok i believe that.

  • Women affiliated with Islamic State and their children fled en masse from a camp where they were being held in northern Syria on Sunday after shelling by Turkish forces in a five-day-old offensive, the region’s […]

  • Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, a conservative Democrat seeking a second term, will face a Republican businessman in a run-off vote on Nov. 16 after failing to secure outright victory in an election on […]

    • Edwards is on his way out. The two GOP received a higher share of votes combined. The state has a chance coming up!

    • As much as I hate the present Republican party, as well as pumpkin-face, having lived many years in Louisiana, any governor with the last name of “Edwards”, should be kicked out. (Gawd! I can’t even believe I said that! To a Repub? Father, forgive me…)

  • Moscow is not blaming U.S. President Donald Trump for failing to improve U.S.-Russian relations, a pledge he had made during his election campaign, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with Arab […]

    • Putin is right. The TDS’ers in congress are harming our country from all angles. They think their DS ploy will end up working. It won’t.

    • Putin is willing to better relations with USA.
      Trump willing to better relations with Russia.
      Who is dragging their feet with bettering the USA/Rissia relationship?
      I thought so—–stupid, ignorant D-RATs.
      Good for nothing, back stabbing, foolish D-RATs.
      The only thing the D-RATs want to better is their own wealth.
      Hypocritical D-RATs.

    • Putin is right: for the immediate past, Trump has been too busy with his self-made problems to suck-up to Putin, his immediate supervisor. Poor Vladie!!

    • you know something is wrong when Russians know what is wrong with American politics more than Americans.

  • Entrepreneur Andrew Yang knows most people initially viewed his candidacy for U.S. president – and his campaign promise to guarantee every American a basic, government-funded income – as a gimmick.

    “You all hea […]

    • It’s ironic that someone who made his money based on technology, now opposes technology. It’s also ironic that he wants to bypass the whole $15/hr charade and just give people money.

      • “It’s ironic that someone who made his money based on technology, now opposes technology.” I Ching

        First of all, is this the real I Ching? Just checking.

        There is no irony here, plus Yang is NOT opposed to technology, as you suggest. He is just being realistic in acknowledging that we have mounting problems because of increased automation. This is in the article, if you decide to read it. He wants to face that problem and deal with it, and avoid having to deal with the consequences AFTER the fact when it is too late.

        “It’s also ironic that he wants to bypass the whole $15/hr charade and just give people money.” I Ching

        That is a mischaracterization of UBI if I ever saw one. It isn’t irony, either. Not surprizing coming from you.

        0 for 2.

    • if i can’t have trump i want this guy. he’s going to GIVE ME $1000.00 a month for doing nothing.

      • If you see the votes in Congress to pass Yang’s fantasy plan, then you are as delusional in 2019 as you were in 2016 when you believed Mexico was going to pay for a wall, tax cuts pay for themselves, and Trump had a healthcare plan to cover everyone and cost less than Obamacare.

    • Screw, Wanting Americans to face the realities of technology advancement consequences is not being anti-technology. On one hand, Yang wants Americans to face the reality of automation while asking them to believe Congress is going to pass his $1,000 per person per month fantasy. Make America SANE Again.

  • U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Democratic presidential campaign this week challenged Facebook’s policy that exempts politicians’ ads from fact-checking, by running ads on the social media platform containing the […]

    • As IJR Red posters attest everyday, there is an audience in America solidly supportive of the “disinformation for profit business.” The bigger the lie, the happier they are eagerly embrace it. Make America SANE Again.

  • U.S. President Donald Trump defended his attorney Rudy Giuliani on Saturday as a “legendary crime buster” and “wonderful lawyer” after a media report that prosecutors are investigating whether the former New York […]

    • “U.S. President Donald Trump defended his attorney Rudy Giuliani on Saturday as a “legendary crime buster”” Article

      Kind of hard to let this one slide.

      Giuliani did help to get rid of the Italian mob in NYC, true, but then he sat back to let the Russian mob take over.

    • While turnabout is fair play, instead of following Giuliani’s playbook of declaring the results of investigations findings BEFORE the investigation is complete, I wish to wait for the official findings of the criminal investigation.

  • U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday used a campaign rally to blast the impeachment inquiry against him as a brazen attempt by Democrats to overthrow him, vowing the attempt to remove him from office would […]

    • Poor Reuters. You can tell they are the author of an article (propaganda piece) just by the title alone. Trump isn’t worried about the ‘impeachment inquiry’, because it’s nothing but political theatre. Besides, the delusional Dems are doing a good enough job undermining THEMSELVES.

      • Agreed on all points.
        It’s definitely Reuters. You can tell by the complete lack of journalistic objectivity. Also the headline.
        The Dims have found that “performance art” is much easier than doing their elected jobs.
        The Dims have given up on the rest of the counrty and are concentrating on only pleasing their blue zones.

    • I don’t care what he says, as long as he does not change his platform. With the sneaky way the dems have done this “impeachment” process, with specific “leaks” that might be construed to agree with them. Pelousi, Shifty, and Madler should be ousted along with the other outspoken members of congress. Including the RINO’s.

      • Yes, just imagine a Congress with the entire membership swearing allegiance to Donald Trump instead of the U.S. Constitution. Make America SANE Again.

    • Can you cite the law you believe they should be prosecuted for breaking? Not swearing an oath to a person is NOT against the law. Please check out the legal definition of treason. And WHEN have suspected acts of abuse of power, contempt of Congress, and obstruction of justice NOT been grounds for an impeachment inquiry?

    • Finding and understanding the definition of words such as “racist” helps make a well rounded discussion.
      Please look up and try to understand the definition before embarrassing yourself further.

    • I don’t see a problem with him doing this after all the Democrat candidates do the same thing every time they have a microphone in front of them , what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

      • Well, that is good to hear as you will then not object to one of the D candidates calling for an investigation of the Kushners’ business dealing in China offering American visas for investment in their properties or Ivanka’s 16 copyright grants by the Chinese government or the Chinese investment in Trump Org’s Indonesia project.

    • So an impeachment can be just the Speaker of the House drafting article(s) of impeachment without the House voting? Sounds like the Speaker has determined this is a possible way since the constitution doesn’t define the process.
      I guess the Senate Majority Leader could then review the article(s) and dismiss them on his own since the “house” didn’t present them.

      The House can do as they please but the president can’t use his time as he wants?

      A constitution crisis- which I doubt the media understands and can’t explain to their views- may present itself if the Speaker doesn’t think the House must agree on articles and then complains when the Senate corrects this unconstitutional over reach by ignoring the house’s submission.

      Congress is a mess and the libs in congress are in chaos. The right has to spend all its time correcting the left as they abuse their article one authority

      • What Pelosi is doing is trial by media with keeping hearings secret, which they never were, and dribbling out only snippets of testimony that might damage Trump for as long as she can to get the public support for impeachment up. When she refuses to call for a vote she denies the president representation to combat these lies. It does not get any dirtier than this.
        In order to preserve the separation of powers for future presidents Trump has to refuse to cooperate with this charade. He has done nothing impeachable. All presidents have the right to talk with foreign leaders without spies running around telling everyone what they said. Who will ever call a US president in the future knowing everything they say will be public knowledge in minutes?

    • Some of my friends from Minnesota were at that rally. They most likely are representative of that crowd very patriotic, successful college educated, middle class who worked hard and raised children who are college educated and successful. also. That state went all red except for Minneapolis where there are many thousands of students and immigrants who vote Democrat. The people who support the cost of running the state now are Republicans.
      After seeing the disgusting display of bullying, spitting and throwing rocks and urine at people who are Republicans trying to leave, I called from the West coast to see in my friends got home safely.
      This is not the Minnesota I remember and I pray to God none of them ever get control of this country.

    • In this whole article nothing is mentioned about King Donald The Loser’s disgusting, racist attack on Somali refugees in America as a group. Anyone at the rally (or not) who cheered him on is also racist.

    • So….an impeachment inquiry, with NO actual charges, Is NOT an effort to undermine the results of the 2016 election?

      Can we say “nullifying” 50% of the voters in this country (and the electoral college)?

      • WHERE are you getting that Trump received 50% of the vote??? NO candidate received 50% of the vote in the 2016 election. Trump LOST the popular vote with 46.1% and won the EC with 304 votes. R’s impeached Bill Clinton after he won the popular vote and 379 EC votes—Were R’s attempting to nullify the election??? Nixon would not only been impeached by the House but CONVICTED by the Senate and he won 61% of the popular vote and 520 EC Votes in 1972! POTUS are NOT ABOVE THE LAW! NOT in 1974, not in 1998 or in 2019!!

    • WHAT mainstream media outlets are you watching?

    • Captain Snowflake, The impeachment INQUIRY is being conducted by THREE House committees–all with R representation. Impeachment Articles, if any, will be voted on in the House Judiciary Committee. IF passage occurs, the Articles of impeachment will be voted on by the full membership of the House. At that vote those who believe Trump’s actions will be acceptable to ALL POTUS going forward, can vote NO. Those who believe otherwise, can vote aye.

  • U.S. President Donald Trump said on Friday that acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan was stepping down and a new acting chief of the agency would be named next week.

    McAleenan became the fourth […]

    • I am confused.

      What does “acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan” have against acting?

      • McAleenan was the front man taking the hits while Stephen Miller was acting as Secretary. It would not have taken you 6 months to figure that out.

    • Wants to spend more time with his family? More likely, he wants to spend more time away from Trump. “And another one, and another one, and another one bites the dust.”

    • Roll the videos. It will be one of the many FOX News contributors.

  • The United States ramped up efforts on Friday to persuade Turkey to halt an escalating offensive in northern Syria against U.S.-backed Kurdish forces, saying Ankara was causing “great harm” to ties and could face […]

    • Turkey is doing the same as they did when Obama made them his allies. It is ethnic cleansing . Turkey is doing an ISIS attack on a peaceful country.

    • Well, Mulvaney could wait for Trump to send some insulting tweets Erdogan’s way, but there is that issue with the Istanbul Trump Towers making it unlikely. If Mnuchin’s “warning” of sanctions is not working , perhaps Trump will invite Erdogan to Camp David or to Mar-a-lago for a piece of that famous chocolate cake. To be on the safe side, Fethulleh Gulen might want to find a bunker to hide in until Trump is out of office.

  • U.S. lawmakers introduced more legislation on Friday seeking to slap stiff sanctions on Turkey over its offensive against Kurdish fighters in Syria, underscoring unhappiness from both Democrats and President […]

    • The last bipartisan support for sanctions was against Russia. A veto proof vote in both the House and Senate was passed in July with an Oct 1 deadline. 4 weeks AFTER the deadline, partial sanctions were ANNOUNCED on Oct 27th, but not implemented until weeks later. I am with Laurie that it needs to be more than sanctions. It makes no sense that the action was to reduce American troops in the Middle East when Sec. Esper announced sending 1,800 troops to Saudi Arabia.

  • California moved to end the use of private, for-profit lockups in America’s largest state prison system as well as in federal immigration detention centers in the state under a measure signed into law on Friday by […]

    • Who is more efficient?
      Private Industry or Government anything
      Once again the state of Kalifornication makes another stupid decision which will cost taxpayers more hard earned tax dollars—–which will cause more Kalifornicating citizens to flee the land of fruits and nuts. Just don’t move to Nevada!

      • They will knocking at your soon. Just look what’s happening to Texas. They them hear we have jobs and now Texas will soon be just like Texas. God help them.

      • The government has privatized many areas that were once run by government officials. The military privatizes many of it’s day to day operations which greatly decreases the need for troops. The prisons went this way because it was cheaper. Now the Democrats want to have an excuse to release convicted felons into society to cause chaos, so they close the privately run prisons. When this move leads to more crime, Democrats will point at Republicans and claim their funding was decreased, kind of like when the Hillarrhoid claimed the response failure during the Benghazi incident was caused by loss of funding. A lie, of course, because their funding was increased that year and the Obama admin. had access to $84 Billion in the Overseas Contingency Operations fund which was designed for just such an incident. The real reason was because Obama didn’t want to offend any Muslims. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

    • the attempt to stop ICE by preventing holding cells is barred by federal authority and cannot stand… but is tantamount treason trying to pass it.

      • Agree the state has no power over federal

      • One more excuse to let the illegals in, increasing population to reapportion Reps in the House after the next Census. It also gains them votes.

      • Perhaps the government could do a better job of running prisons then? Newsom could spend some money on prison reform in the sense of better pay, better training.
        This sounds like better expenditure of funds than banning private prisons when an overcrowding issue is written right into the law.
        It isn’t about what is beat for citizens, just what makes Newsom look like a national figure.

    • “Once again the state of Kalifornication makes another stupid decision which will cost taxpayers more hard earned tax dollars” Morte206.

      Wrong! The private prison industry has corrupted so many politicians that it costs us billions in terms of money, but the worst part is the human toll going back to Biden’s terrible, terrible legislation, decades ago. THAT cost is incalculable!

      Private prisons are a scourge on this country and need to go.

    • Well Cali when you gonna recall this j@ck@$$?

    • This will lead to overcrowding again, the excuse for CA to release thousands of convicted felons into society to cause more chaos. This is what Democrats want. They will then point a finger at Republicans and blame them for the crisis. Democrats will make the same empty promises for votes. Society gets worse and worse because of Democrats. They blame President Trump and ICE for the immigration problem when the fault is really the Democrats that invited illegals to come here, giving them incentive to claim refugee status and creating sanctuary cities and states to reapportion the House members due to increase population after the next Census. It’s why Democrats fought so hard against the citizenship question being added to the Census. The hypocrisy is that Democrats are OK with the citizenship question being on the form 4473 to purchase a gun. Illegals aren’t supposed to vote, though Liberals/Democrats insure they can vote by fighting against voter ID and providing fake documents for the illegals. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

    • Well what do you all expect from the demonrat state of kalipornia. They love their criminals no matter what the action by them. Without these criminals there would be no demonrat party. They are the mainstay of the party. THIS is a perfect example of what America will look like if they ever take control of the federal government. It will be one party rule and it’s citizens be damned. The Constitution will be destroyed and we WILL be under a communist form of government. Of course demonrats do not care one whit about that. They love power and control and hate you if you do not think or believe as they do. This next election is about freedom or captivity. With President Trump you will have a Constitution and freedom and with demonrats you will have no Constitution and no freedom. Your choice.

    • Thanks to all of you idiots doubling up on replies, NOBODY can read any of the replies now.

      Grow up.

    • Again California does what America as a whole should do.

    • didn’t they just pass a law at they will only prosecute crimes over $450.00. so i guess they won’t need more prisons

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