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  • Israel approved in principle on Sunday a new community named after U.S. President Donald Trump on a contested frontier zone with Syria – but construction looked likely to lag given Prime Minister Benjamin […]

  • India will impose higher retaliatory tariffs on 28 U.S. products including almonds, apples and walnuts from Sunday, following Washington’s withdrawal of key trade privileges for New Delhi.

    The new duties take […]

  • Mexican officials detained nearly 800 undocumented migrants in eastern Mexico in four trucks on Saturday, the government said, in one of the biggest swoops against illegal immigration in recent months.

    Mexico’s […]

  • A senior Democrat on a congressional panel seeking President Donald Trump’s tax returns warned on Saturday that the current Congress may not see the long-sought tax documents without launching an impeachment […]

    • No crime is being investigated. This is an attempt at conducting a forensic investigation , in the hopes of discovering a crime. The question is simply this, is this how the law is applied in America? Do law enforcement randomly pick innocent people off the street, subject them to unprecedented deep forensic examination into all aspects of their life, with the aim of hopefully discovering something to use against the individual in a court of law? Is this the way it works in America?

      • This s the way it seems to work in the dems left leaning America.

      • This is just more erosion of our Constitutional rights. This is the way the British behaved just before the Revolution. The Bill of Rights was created to protect against the abuses of the British happening again. The Democrats are trying to undermine every one of those rights, just as the British did. Democrats always point to English law and healthcare as what America should have. Perhaps it will take another revolution to get back to Constitutional law. The Presidential coup they want may just start it.

        • Charles, you are correct.
          With the socialist talk (whatever they want to tag it with), is still not Democracy, “with the consent of the governed” (us). Taxation without representation, destroying our unalienable rights, and never once asking us if we consent. Supposedly they are representing us, but they are just representing them. Term Limits across the board.

    • Dems continue to harass and accuse over Russia, Russia, Russia. When that doesn’t work to their liking they move on to another fruitless issue. Since everything in DC seems to leak like a sieve if the IRS had anything we’d all know about it. I voted for President Trump and his taxes were of no concern to me.

    • Democrats are the ones that believe they’re above the law. There is no requirement for a President to turn over tax records. Democrats are merely on a fishing expedition. Investigations are supposed to be done after a crime has been committed, not done to see if they can find an excuse for a crime. Democrats are pulling out all their dirty tricks to effect a coup, which they began before Trump was even elected. Democrats are the ones guilty of obstruction since they started forming their ‘secret society’ within the Justice Dept. Using a fake dossier, paid for by Clinton, to obtain FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign was only the tip of the iceberg. Crooked Democrats.

    • I am so sick of the Dems disenfranchising all of us who voted for Trump. Electoral College changed, 2nd amendment up for grabs, 1st amendment only good for Dems Socialists, And radical congress members and fake news. Conservatives be good little puppies and follow us or else.
      We are continually being threatened by Congress, Fake news, democrats (they are not democratic), and our own state run governments.
      If they continue with the Tax Papers, then We Should DEMAND (like they do) that each and every congress member, everyone hired by any of them, all department leaders in the entire government including the ones that really are not cabinet, just an entity that some congressional leader got a wild hair about, also must show their Tax Returns, not just their Financial Statement in order to even run for office. If they open that pandora’s box then they will be able to look at anyone’s tax returns without cause.
      Again justice peeks from under the blindfold.

    • So “they” want his taxes before he was President? That falls into the none ya business category. I voted for him and didn’t care one wit about his taxes. And still don’t. There is no doubt that if there was some minutiae “they” could hang their hats on it would have leaked by now.

  • U.S. President Donald Trump once again criticized London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Saturday, saying he is a “disaster” and will “only get worse” after three people were slain in the city in less than 20 hours.

    Trump […]

    • It’s not just London.

    • Trump is right. A Londoner told a member of my family that Kahn told the huge population of Muslims in London ” vote for me and I will leave you alone”. Immigration has not been a positive thing for London.

    • The mayor is projecting his actions when calling President Trump a 20th century fascist. The Mayor is a member of worldwide fascists – Muslims. A quick look at their actions all over the world, against anyone not a ‘true believer’, shows that. Unless they get rid of this Muslim mayor, things will only get worse.

  • The Trump administration and Congress still owe the District of Columbia government $7 million for expenses related to the 2017 presidential inauguration, the Washington Post reported on Friday, raising questions […]

    • Yet the DC *ahem* government does not mention the cost of cleaning up after Obozo, the Women’s March, etc. not a cent of which has been recouped.

      While recovering costs is fair, singling out Trump alone is pure and petty partisanship, especially when there are other debtors LONG past due.

      • What is your basis for your claim that the Obama Inaugural fund & Congress did NOT pay DC? Were you thinking that conservative media wasted their time on Hawaiian birth certificates being evidence of birth in Kenya, teleprompters are evil, Ivy league schools are elitism, tan suits are forbidden for POTUS–unless it is Reagan, and claims of “phony economic numbers”? Unlike Trump, there are not hundreds of lawsuits filed against Obama for non-payment of services of employees, partners, contractors and attorneys.

    • Get over it Libs. DC is managed by the Federal Government and the Feds are chartered to protect the president. You are not a state and all your money comes through the Fed. But ice try.

    • Just more uncalled for harassment. Perhaps the absurd protests should be curtailed. What do they pay for clean up and security?

    • Syphilis – I see you’re here with your usual nonsense. Obama wasn’t watchdogged by the ‘Post’ because they are in the back pocket of the Democrats. They only make up these stories against Trump for political reasons. Notice that the DC Mayor’s office didn’t verify the story, only made a generic statement saying they wanted cooperation of the Federal government. It’s not surprising that they don’t mention Obama’s inauguration or the Democrat demonstrations that took place. They only focus on President Trump. Perhaps they’ve forgotten that it’s Congress that authorizes expenditures. Maybe they should contact AOC or Tlaib. Get the Muslim to pay for it. The Muslim from MN seems to have plenty of campaign money left over, since she’s been using it for personal expenses. Ask Cummings to dip into all that crooked money his wife’s been making with her non’profit/profit businesses and his Congressional influence. Crooked Democrats and their dirty tricks.

    • And we are to believe WAPO? Surely you jest.

    • The liberals must stay up nights plotting another ridiculous issue for which to go after President Trump. What do all the other parades and protests pay for the garbage they leave behind and the police presence?

  • Four of the two dozen Democrats vying for the party’s 2020 U.S. presidential nomination will appear at a Black Economic Alliance forum in Charleston, South Carolina, on Saturday, with an eye on the key role black […]

    • Let’s not forget the historic (record-breaking) low black unemployment, after 60+ years of Dim misrule. The Republitards would be wise to lead with this fact.

      They’d also be stupid to ignore touting the recorded-low employment of women and Hispanics.

      • They would not be as stupid as those who spent their time claiming Obama’s economic numbers were “phony.” Were you thinking “The Republitards” were in the running for the Black Economic Alliance ?

        • Bob replied 3 hours ago

          Join the discussion…Same old syphilis, regurgitating the same oid lies and fake news. She is still one of the most uninformed and lying communists in the party.

    • “Democratic 2020 candidates attempt to PANDER to Black voters”

    • Blacks are getting smarter, however.
      Now that the “Brown People,” are the new protected race.(illegals)
      The blacks will be left behind.

    • “…the kitchen table issues that are top-of-mind for black voters,” such as racial disparities in wealth, employment rates and home ownership” Yep, the usual divisive, victimizing talking points—I dunno, I could be wrong, but last I heard, everyone of those ‘issues’ could be solved with hard work, common sense & self-respect–worked quite well for my parents & all my family–but of course, we were white, so those principles wouldn’t work for blacks, right?

  • U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin did not violate the law by refusing to provide President Donald Trump’s tax returns to Congress because the confidentiality of returns is protected under the law, the Justice […]

    • Six years of taxes. In other words when he was still a private citizen and now the president.

      Okay. If Trump has NO right to privacy in this then let’s make six years of returns available for ALL members of Congress. (note that returns aren’t the tell-alls some Congress critters hope. Anyone who’s done taxes knows this.)

      Congress could fix this by making a law, but that’s too much like doing it’s actual job.

    • What is said is they “shall” be released. Not they “will” be released. So now who decides the difference in meaning and intent? Maybe it’s the Clinton defense of what “is” is. His private returns as a citizen are reaching but that’s what liberals do. I voted for President Trump and did not care about his tax returns.

    • What is said is they “shall” be released. Not they “will” be released. So now who decides the difference in meaning and intent? Maybe it’s the Clinton defense of what “is” is. His private returns as a citizen are reaching but that’s what liberals do. I voted for President Trump and did not care about his tax returns.

      • Please, the word “shall” is not an optional thing in legalese. Shall is a pretty concrete term. When the law states that you “shall’ present your driver’s license to a police officer who requests it when he pulls you over, it’s not just a helpful suggestion. Try telling him that “shall” doesn’t mean “will” and see how far it gets you

        For that matter, the laws are generally written that you shall pull over when the police light you up, so maybe we should all just treat that as optional.

      • “who decides the difference in meaning and intent?” Cherl

        Obviously not someone as confused about legal terms as you and most others here.

    • Or more fun, flood the internet with all returns of all Congress plus all their bank statements, investment accounts and phone records. Also what’s in their safe deposit boxes. That would be highly entertaining. And more honest of them.

      • The fun thing about the internet is there are too many people with too much time. q.v. Phyllis.

        I agree. Fair is fair and those demanding Trump;’s tax returns, whether government or private should put up or shut up. After all, if you violate the privacy of one, what difference does a bunch make?

    • You could also do the same for Bernie, Biden, etc Some have already VOLUNTARILY done so. Let’s look at Mad Max’s returns and broadcast them to her electorate, which does NOT share her sip code.

    • Irony and hypocrisy. The vast majority of Dims (term limits anyone?) once espoused border enforcement, but have flopped on it now.

      Whether this is to spite anything Trump or because they see a path to votes is debatable. It’s likely both. The Dims are nothing if not opportunists. q.v. Liz Warren’s claims of Indian heritage.

    • Let’s see every member of the House and Senate’s tax returns. That’s where the real fraud lies.

    • Do most people really care?

    • Don’t be confused.

      This is just an OPINION by an obviously biased Justice Department, the same as a previous JD wrote a memo that a sitting president can’t be charged with a crime.

  • A U.S. appeals court handed President Donald Trump a victory in his effort to ban most transgender people from the military, ordering a judge to reconsider her ruling against the policy, which the U.S. Supreme […]

    • The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (the international “gold standard” of diagnosis) classifies ANY dysphoria as a mental illness.

      Mental illness by itself should be a disqualifier for service, unlike, say PTSD, which might be acquired as a result of service. (if someone can document a case of developing gender dysphoria as a result of service, please share.)

    • One might argue that it might be okay if someone is fully-transitioned PRIOR to service. I’d agree on that, but careful monitoring would be needed. Those hormonal treatments DO affect mood and behavior.

      • Sherri replied 1 day ago

        Nope – this just opens a different pandora’s box. Other military members should not be subjected to it nor should taxpayers foot the bill for it. I can see the EO brigade jump on this like flies on puppy poo.

    • I would argue that those who have already fully transitioned prior to service should be acceptable with certain limitations regarding front line and active fighting posts. There are plenty of medical and administrative office positions which need to be filled stateside where regular access to needed medications and health services are readily available.

      Of course the lawsuit arguing that such a policy results in a de facto “limitation” of a trans service members career and rank aspirations will be filed within the week.

      • Harry replied 1 day ago

        The problem is that every stateside billet filled by a person unfit for deployment duty unfairly reduces the opportunity for a deployed person to rotate back to a CONUS duty station.

        • . For my edification what is CONUS?. It is an acronym with which I am completely unfamiliar though I gathered from your post it has to do with where personnel are assigned and as such is a valid point.

          Thank you in advance for your explanation.

    • I find that “gay” vets are very often similar to homeless “vets” in that they aren’t vets at all.

    • People are not inducted into the military for many medical reasons and gender dysmorphia is a psychological medical condition.

    • Allowing a Mentally Ill Confused person into the military and giving them a Weapon is a recipe for disaster waiting to happen !!

    • If you are old school Navy do you know why soap on a rope was invented? This all changed when Barbie was allowed to serve in combat.

    • I can care less what people want to be/do to themselves. The taxpayer should not have to pay for gender assignment surgery nor should military have to be subjected to people going through hormone treatment that can really mess up a person emotionally. This is a safety issue.

  • U.S. President Donald Trump blamed Iran on Friday for attacks on two oil tankers at the entrance to the Gulf despite Tehran’s denials, raising fears of a confrontation in the vital oil shipping […]

    • The owner of the tanker, which carried methanol, later said it was hit by two “flying objects”. Article

      Two holes in the hull are visible well above the waterline. You don’t hit a ship with missiles AND get in close to attach a limpet mine. So it looks like the attackers were unlucky to attack a ship that couldn’t blow up easily and one missile didn’t explode, which was removed later.

      There is nothing obvious yet to say that the Iranian government did these attacks. The Middle East is way to complicated to make that assumption based on so little public information.

      • Means, motive, opportunity. Iran has all three.

        Note as well that several articles have mentioned recovered (i.e. unexploded) limpet mines with indicators of Iranian origin.

        As far as the overkill of missiles over mines: either the Iranians noted the mine’s failure OR they decided on belt AND suspenders.

      • Ah! Our “stolen valor” liar chimes in as a naval warfare forensics expert. So now you were in the Navy?

        I’m still waiting for you to prove you’ve had ANY military service, despite your claims otherwise.

    • John Kerry and his democrats are directly responsible for revving up the potential of war with Iran…. He’s illegally been talking to the criminals running Iran, adding fuel to the fire, probably at the behest of Obama as well as the Clintons. The billions of taxpayer dollars that lousy Obama handed over them has ramped up their outlaw government. Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Brennan, Clapper and many others should be held accountable for their treasonous actions…

    • The Iranians or a proxy of theirs is behind these attacks.

    • OK, Iran wants to play hard ball?

      Place a blockade in International waters on a line between 34 degrees 1 minute North and 26 degrees 16 minutes East to 32 degrees 09 minutes North and 34 degrees 48 minutes East. Place the second blockade on a line 20 degrees 17 minutes North and64 degrees 57 minutes East and 12 degrees 28 minutes North 55 degrees 59 minutes East.

      Patrol it with aircraft from two aircraft carrier task forces, with submarines and smaller support craft for inspection purposes and inspect all shipping traffic carrying cargo to or from Iran. Anyone running the blockade gets sunk. Two can play the game and we’ll see how long Iran can survive as a nation. Wanna play the game on who will back down first?

      Russia and China, are you ready for WW3 that will decimate the world over Iran? Let’s go for it. It’s going to happen anyway so now is a good a time as any. Less loss of life as future lives will not be born and have to suffer though the inevitable end of humanity anyway.

      No I don’t have a death wish but am prepared to stop the insanity once and for all. I’m not worried about the outcome because I already know my fate.

      Or would you like to play a friendly game of chess?

  • A U.S. appeals court ruled on Friday that the U.S. government cannot deny access to abortions for unaccompanied immigrant minors in federal custody, delivering a blow to a Trump administration policy.

    A […]

    • Good. No anchor baby. This a free, “gimme” medical service that should be offered even if it attracts all kinds of undesirables. (as if they didn’t already have enough incentives)

      • Frankly I am surprised that any illegal ould want an abortion, as your point Screwtape. The baby would’ve an ‘anchor.’

    • What’s missing here is: under what circumstances was she impregnated? There’s much talk about rape and sexual abuse of criminal invaders while they sneak up to and into El Norte.

      From a practical standpoint this would make the “rape” excuse so often used to justify abortion.

    • More importantly it eliminates another “anchor baby”, who’s birthright citizenship (an idiot’s concept when applied to criminal invaders) opens the door on all sorts of heinous fuc*ery most foul by illegals, their relatives, neighbors, and pet goats. (with thanks to Christopher Moore)

    • Nope, no abortion. Even though she’s illegal the baby is innocent. Let her give birth, let the child be adopted and then deport her. She doesn’t want the baby anyway and she is here illegally. We don’t want here but will take the child and raise it as an American citizen.

  • U.S. President Donald Trump has four leading candidates under consideration to replace outgoing White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, a Trump confidant said on Friday.

    The four are deputy White House press […]

    • Best of luck to Sarah. She will leave big shoes to be filled. I hope the person who takes the position will not constantly be compared to Sarah.

  • U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday reversed course over whether he would report any foreign interference in a political campaign to U.S. law enforcement, telling Fox News in an interview he would, “of course,” […]

    • King Donald The Loser is so confusing because he is so loose with the truth.

      • we finally have a president who speaks the truth and everyone that’s a Democrat hate him for it. he’s not lieing when he says everyone does it. people that dislike him though would rather throw shade at him for being honest then think it’s refreshing to see a president this transparent. all of washington collects oppo research from other countries, everyone knows this and the FBI are more often then not left out of that loop. the DNC got oppo research from fusion GPS a known Russian spy research firm. Trump said before and recently that he would call the FBI, in point of fact he did during the 2016 campaign, if he felt he needed to but information in itself is just that.

        • “we finally have a president who speaks the truth” Joe V

          When did this miracle happen? King Donald The Loser is on record for telling well over 10,000 lies at an ever increasing rate. He tells so many lies that hasn’t got the time to tell the truth!

          Joe is confused.

          Also, don’t forget that the Steele report was bought and was not a contribution, it wasn’t a gift, and the fact is that any election campaign receiving a gift of any calue from foreign sources is a crime. You don’t want the president of the USA to be involved in a crime, do you?

    • He “may have been confused.”

    • I guess someone told him he openly admitted he would break the law. No worries, just smooth it over with no apology and contradictory remarks.

      I do actually have a high confidence the president would first consult with lawyers before doing anything. I am not confident it would be immediately reported though.

      • I think he was setting the Democrats up yesterday. He got all the head Dems to publicly state that anyone who had contact with a foreign person or government and didn’t report it or used any info obtained should be prosecuted. Now when the DOJ IG and the prosecutor looking into the basis of the Russian fiasco “reveal” those that did just that, Dems have already given their answer as to what should be done to them. Can’t wait for those reports to come out!

        • Uh… that would make sense if it didn’t equally implicate his son who met with foreign people to get dirt on a political opponent.

          Let’s be real – there is plenty of rules being broken across the board.

          • Cherl replied 2 days ago

            So did he “get dirt on a political opponent “? Guess not. Besides Hillary &Co had enough without anyone’s help. Wonder when she will be prosecuted? Or are you just a one sided accuser?

            • No, I’m not a one sided accuser. I’m waiting just as you are for a prosecution of Hilary. I’m not going to hold my breath, but not because i think she is innocent so much as people of means rarely get a serving of justice.

              And just because the meeting wasn’t fruitful doesn’t mean they went to the meeting with a foreign person with the intention of getting dirt. That in itself is just as much a crime as working with Christians Steele.

              Are you a one sided accuser or are you waiting patiently for prosecution of jr?

            • Clinton may not be innocent, but even as the most investigated politician yet, she isn’t prosecutable. Which means either 1. she didn’t do anything to be prosecuted for. 2. She got really lucky and what she did isn’t provable. and/or 3.She’s a whole lot smarter than Trump who provides proof of guilt nearly every time he opens his mouth.
              Whichever it is isn’t relevant to the known fact that Trump is a criminal and is going to bring a lot of people down with him.

              • that’s hilarious considering America heard the countries worst cop (Comey) talk about how Obama’s attorney general told Comey to call Hillarys investigation a matter, not an investigation. so the Obama administration along with the DNC and MSM were all protecting her despite her clearly being guilty. so no she was not even smart enough to beat Trump who wooped all comers.

  • Former White House lawyer Don McGahn “may have been confused” during his testimony as part of U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, President Donald Trump said in an interview broadcast on […]

    • “I don’t care what he says. It doesn’t matter,” the Republican president added. Article

      Gaa! King Donald The Loser is confused by the law.

      • McGahn was under oath for his testimony. McGahn’s testimony was confirmed with the under oath testimony of Preibus, Christie, Bannon and Donaldson. Trump’s attorneys would not allow him to testify or answer ANY written questions on obstruction of justice. Does not take a stable genius to figure out which one is lying and which one is telling the truth. It is not as if Trump had not repeatedly claimed “No campaign contacts with any Russians.”—-140 is not “no campaign contacts” even in Trump World. Trump claimed he did not know about Stormy’s NDA or the source of the payment. Trump is confused as to which one of them has NO CREDIBILITY.

        • Not only that but McGahn was unfettered when he testified because he was not advised as to how he could, or should, obstruct with his testimony. He was flabbergasted by the administration’s incompetence when he found THAT out!

    • There is a reason Trump’s attorneys would not allow him to testify. There is a reason Trump’s attorneys would not allow him to answer ANY written questions relating to obstruction of justice. There is a reason that Trump’s written response to the criminal conspiracy questions were 36 “I don’t remember” or “I don’t recall.”

  • A sitting U.S. governor and a congressman will be among the four candidates left off the stage when the Democratic Party holds its pivotal first debate in Miami later this month.

    The Democratic National […]

    • Anyone who confused thinking that King Donald The Loser was actually a good “businessman” should take a closer look at Andrew Yang’s policies.

      • I had never heard of Andrew Yang in 2015. When Trump announced his candidacy in 2015, I looked at Trump’s hundreds of lawsuits for non-payment filed by employees, contractors, partners and attorneys. I looked at his record of multitude of fines for corrupt business practices. I read the public record of Trump’s business bankruptcies. I looked at the class action lawsuits for fraud. ANYONE that believed they voted for “a good ‘businessman'” was confusing Trump with someone else.

        • I’m pleased to see you have so much unused time on your hands to sift through the supposed volumes of questionably “legal documents” on Trump; but lacked the time to have even attempted to do the same on the illegitimate former POTUS from Kenya. Strange how biased people are when it suits their agenda.

    • These would be two shows not worth watching or wasting the electricity to power the television set. Boiled down, this bunch of clowns can only be labeled as “Hot Dog Vendors” in that they’re ALL selling the same product (fantasy/BS/Socialism) at the same price (anti-Republic lies) with the only difference being the name on the cart.

  • The full extradition hearing to decide whether Wikileaks founder Julian Assange should be sent to the United States to face accusations including spying charges will take place in February next year, a London […]

    • LOL…The U.S. government that Assange claims is misleading the press, is lead by the SAME guy Assange assisted in the 2016 election. THAT’s gotta hurt.

  • Last updated 6/13/2019 at 5:38 p.m. ET.

    White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders, a fierce loyalist of President Donald Trump who evolved into one of his closest advisers, will leave her job at the end of the […]

    • Well she certainly lasted longer than I think anyone thought she would.

      Best of luck Ms. Sanders

    • Another goofy liberal comes out of the cracks. No substance just more of the same hate

    • We will all miss Sarah. Although she has the presence of a stern tower, her job has been a very stressful one. The constant unfair, evil, and hateful remarks from liberals would be enough to discourage anyone, but Sarah hung in there like a battleship.
      Her children will grow up to have the greatest respect and admiration for her. Perhaps one day she will become another Margaret Thatcher. I just wouldn’t doubt it. God Bless you Sarah.

    • Always looked forward to hearing her speak. Her snappy comebacks were well placed. But her children need her more right now.

      • Her children did not need her for the last 2 yrs 6 months??? Her credibility was gone BEFORE the Mueller Report was released. After the release, even those who found her “snappy comebacks” entertaining, were aware she has to be put under oath if you want the truth. Only those who have sworn their loyalty to Trump, NOT the country, would want to continue to be mislead.

    • I am so sad to see her go. She handled everything with grace and dignity. That kind of stress can only be taken for so long. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a concern for her health as well. We wish you well, Sarah, you deserve it!

    • I jumped with joy when I heard this news!

      She lied so much that all she did was make my head spin and confuse me. Don’t worry, she will get some sort of media job and write a book.

      Adios, Sarah! Good riddance.

    • You are confused. King Donald The Loser has NEVER, EVER has an approval rating of more than 50%. He’s lucky to even stay in the 40s.

      Barak Obama is no hero of mine. He hurt our family with his corruption.

    • “at least half the country supports President Trump”

      You are extremely confused. King Donald The Loser has NEVER, EVER polled above 50%. You need to read more real sources of numbers and not just the Fake Faux News.

    • You are confused about my sources. I rarely get to listen to what they say.

    • All I know is I’m not tired of winning. TRUMP 2020!

    • You should do your own research and pay attention to what’s going on instead of listening to idiots whispering in your ear. I have yet to hear anyone calling the president names actually give a reason or an example. One woman, in a march, when asked what she has against him, said his policies. Then it went something like this: Well what’s wrong with his policies? They’re just terrible. Can you name one or two of his policies that are terrible? There are just too many to list them all. Just name one or two. Well, just all of them. You’ll notice that said absolutely nothing, because she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Probably knows nothing about any of his policies, but someone whispered in her ear that his policies are terrible and she became a parrot. She, like every other one when given the same challenge, has no answer, because there is no answer. But I’d like to hear yours if you have one. You used the word loser. Why? Give an example. I’ve seen him do nothing but win in spite of overwhelming opposition and obstruction from idiots like you. But go ahead, if you’ve got something I haven’t heard, I’ll listen. And don’t be general, be specific.

    • Truly sorry to see you go. You were the best considering the airheads and Asscostas you had to deal with. And with skill I might add.

    • I see why you call yourself General Confusion.

    • All she did was constantly lie for and about King Donald The Loser.

      Sarah was so confusing.

    • So sorry to see her leave. So sorry to see every person in the Presidents Cabinet harassed to unbelievable lengths.
      Is this why they are leaving?

    • Who cares about Obama now? (Apparently, YOU do…) He is not running, King Donald The Loser is. He will rise or fall on his own, um, merits, and having an approval rating stuck in the mid to low 40s is terrible no matter at what stage of his reign.

  • Democratic lawmakers accused President Donald Trump on Thursday of giving Russia the green light to interfere in the 2020 U.S. presidential race, while a top Republican ally said Trump was wrong to say he would […]

    • 1. Foreigners gonna meddle. Or at least try. Note that the findings of the DoJ and Mueller indicated ZERO effect AND no Americans were involved (except the Deep State and Hillary) (It’s debatable whether individuals acting against the country and Constitution are really Americans)

    • 2. These Dim lawmakers stood by while Obozo meddled in the elections in Israel and Macedonia. They said nothing while he took sides during the Brexit debate with ominous statements of trade retaliations on the UK.

    • 3. Hillary and the DNC bought a pack of lies called the Steele Dossier from a foreign source . THEY already greenlighted foreign sources.

      So now that’s a bad thing because the Bad Orange Man has publicly acknowledged that what’s good for the Dim gooses is good for the GOP/

      I wonder what Ukraine or China might have to say about Gropin’ Joe?

    • Oh, the scandal!! I just KNOW that a Democrat presidential candidate would NEVER listen to anything about another candidate. Yeah, right.

    • If a foreign government or foreign national offers info about one of the presodent’s political rivals, and the president turns it down without hearing or reading it, there is nothing to keep them from offering that “dirt” to news sources or other governments who may be far more interested in doing harm to the US. The president shouldn’t be blindsided by this. I think that, like Biden and Feinstein, too many Democrats in Congress and the Senate have connections to China that Americans would not approve of – if they knew.

    • So, in other words, the people who sought the “Steele dossier,” paid for it, disseminated it, and used it in an attempt to overturn the national election results should all be prosecuted.

    • hmmm what about illegals voting isn’t that foreign meddling

  • President Donald Trump said on Thursday that Canada and Mexico are completely in line on the new North American trade deal and it is up to the United States to get it passed.

    Speaking to reporters at the […]

    • “The House of Representatives has sought more time to review the deal…” Well who’da thunk it.

  • Last updated 6/13/2019 at 2:17 p.m. ET.

    A U.S. government watchdog agency on Thursday recommended Kellyanne Conway, a senior adviser to President Donald Trump, be fired for repeatedly violating U.S. law with […]

    • I think that it is really all a bunch of “hogwash,” just to stir the pot….Seems to me that those names out there, if they do NOT like to be critized, should NOT try to run for office, since it is very well known that NOT everybody likes, what they might say or do………….”So if you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen, GET OUT!”

    • Guess I missed the part in the 1st Amend. that says it applies to everyone EXCEPT Pres. Trump and/or any of his supporters….

    • Well, if that’s the case, then Omar needs to be removed from her position as she constantly makes anti-Semitic comments, lied on her tax returns, and polygamy!!!

    • What ever you may think of her, Kelly is a disgusting but entertaining skank. It would take away the entertainment value of her appearances on TV should anybody decide to ban her. I used to be a fanatic of Worldwide Wrestling. Kelly is the next best thing. Go, Baby, GO!

      • What an intelligent, classy comment, and how very surprising it is that you’re also a wrestling fan. If you haven’t already, PLEASE don’t reproduce…

    • OCS can take your Hatch Act and stuff it. Kelyanne does a great job. You OCS and your liberal Demorat buddies need to crawl back in your hold and stay there. You people just cannot stand it that we have a Pres that is getting something done not like your half A– politicians,.. You people have no clue how to deal with goal oriented people. Our President and his people are goal oriented. Normal Gov’t workers are not. You guys want her to resign because you cannot handle accomplishments.

      • Yea why bother complying with the law. He could shoot someone on Fifth Ave. and nothing would happen. So what some minor ethics violations.

    • Rueters is garbage.

    • It’s funny how suddenly the Hatch Act is suddenly hatching rotten eggs all over the place now that Super O is out and about spreading propaganda.

    • an we supposed to believe that it is okay for the demon-rats to say anyting they want, yeah, right.

    • Oh, but not during the Obama administration. They could do anything they wanted.

    • She is speaking the truth so I have no problem with her. She should remain in her position.

    • Obama, his IC & Clinton should all be in jail permanently and they’re worried about Conway stating fact about Dem candidates. The left – nothing but sour grapes, dividers and those that love this country are fed up with them.

    • Did you read their manual on how they planned to stop Trump from governing after he won? This is part of the plan. Attack EVERYONE that is associated with him. Yes, the left have a manual.

    • Get Omar the other one and Oac remove first

    • The Hatch act has almost never been enforced. Most people senior people in all administrations have engaged in the same thing.

    • They want everyone President Trump has seated fired. The very people that have ferociously attacked the president and his staff with accusations of treason and colluding with foreign adversaries are complaining about the actions of others? Liberals grow more and more evil everyday.

    • Someone in the Office of Special Counsel is in violation of fitness for duty requirements…since they’re on crack… with regard to the hatch act applicability, it doesn’t take long to find:
      “…prohibits employees in the executive branch of the federal government, except the president, vice-president, and “”certain designated high-level officials””!

    • Someone in the Office of Special Counsel is in violation of fitness for duty requirements…since they’re on crack… with regard to the hatch act applicability, it doesn’t take long to find:
      “…prohibits employees in the executive branch of the federal government, except the president, vice-president, and “”certain designated high-level officials””!

    • Someone in the Office of Special Counsel is in violation of fitness for duty requirements…since they’re on crack… with regard to the hatch act applicability, it doesn’t take long to find:
      “…prohibits employees in the executive branch of the federal government, except the president, vice-president, and “”certain designated high-level officials””!

    • Someone in the Office of Special Counsel is in violation of fitness for duty requirements…since they’re on crack… with regard to the hatch act applicability, it doesn’t take long to find: “…prohibits employees in the executive branch of the federal government, except the president, vice-president, and “”certain designated high-level officials””!

    • Unfortunately, the act doesn’t apply to them…only “executive” branch employees

    • You should be more specific than that, Bob.

      That was confusing.

    • But it is okay the way the democrats attack a sitting US President… Yea, bite me….

    • The hypocrisy chokes me! If this were true then there needs to be an investigation into Obama’s administration and the Clintons.
      Liberals will do anything to crush those who disagree with them. It’s sad they don’t see themselves as they truly are, debased and tacky.

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