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  • White House officials pushed back on Sunday against concerns that economic growth may be faltering, saying they saw little risk of recession despite a volatile week on global bond markets, and insisting their […]

    • David Muir interrupted Judge Judy’s show last week for about 15 minutes to declare that a recession is imminent. Then a lot of backpedaling was done when the market came back. Muir must have been disappointed. It’s true. Liberals would rather have the US fail than have Trump succeed.

  • Sitting under an olive tree in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, Muftia Tlaib scoffs at the attention she has recently received from the president of the United States.

    “May God ruin him,” she says.

    Tlaib is […]

    • Sloppy partisan blogging 101: see Reuters.

      Instead of giving background as filler, how about real journalism? Obvious questions:
      1. Why can’t Tlaib’s grandmother visit her? Why can’t Tlaib, as a Congress critter, help to arrange that?
      2. How about asking Tlaib when she decided that politics were more important than visiting her “dying” grandmother?
      3. Why’ll no substitution for the real thing, why can’t the grandmother go to Israel for a videoconference? (obviously the territories don’t have that infrastructure because rockets and paying suicide bombers is more important)
      4. Is there no neutral ground where they can meet, like Jordan?

    • I Ching asking those particular questions proves that he doesn’t have a clue as to how Israel’s expansionist government controls the region. He is more than confused, he is just plain ignorant.

      NOTHING AND NOBODY goes in OR out without Israel’s OK. Gaza and the West Bank are essentially a prison. Tlaib’s relatives have no valid passports to be allowed out.

  • U.S. President Donald Trump spoke to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday and discussed “the wrongful detention” of two Canadian citizens by China, a White House spokesman said.

    Relations between […]

  • A U.S. appeals court on Friday dealt a setback to the Trump administration attempt to bar almost all asylum applications at the U.S.-Mexico border, but stopped short of applying its decision nationwide.

    While […]

  • President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, said on Friday that he was “happy” to testify before the Democratic-led U.S. House Judiciary Committee as part of a congressional investigation […]

    • Dictating a letter to give to the AG instructing him to “unrecuse” and change the investigation to “crimes in future elections” is NOT Obstruction of Justice in ONLY the world where campaign staff were deemed not smart enough to be aware accepting assistance from a foreign government was against the law.

      • Join the discussion…Who accepted assistance from a foreign government syphilis??? Oh, I know. It was hitlary and the klinton organization as well as the dnc.

      • Syphilis – You’re another idiot that ignores that when Mueller was asked if the President hindered or obstructed the investigation in any way, Mueller answered, “NO!”. Mueller also testified that he found NO evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians in any way. Your made up letter comment is odd at best.

    • What part of this is news worthy?

    • Happy? How wonderful he’ll testify in front of Nadless, Schiffhead, Conjob, and the other dwarves infesting the Judiciary Committee.

      It’s a shame Muellder didn’t have Scully to back up his testimony or this would not have been another X-file.

      • I am not surprised that you are not a supporter of Law and Order. It is disconcerting that 7 other IJR readers don’t care if Trump breaks the law.

    • Mueller didn’t make any determination because there was no evidence. It was a fishing expedition (like the rest of the investigations going on now) and nothing more. Mueller found nothing, but the Democrats will keep at it until 2020 in the hopes of winning the Presidency. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

      • Charles, Volume II of the Mueller report outlines VERY CLEARLY the evidence. Over 1,000 former federal prosecutors (both R & D appointees) have signed a letter stating charges would be FILED. –Charges could not be filed by a DOJ rule—not a LAW. Muelller told the American public that Trump COULD be charged after leaving office. He was asked the question a 2nd time, and AGAIN his answer was YES, Trump can be charged after leaving office. Do not take my word for it, READ the Mueller Report, READ the letter, LISTEN to Mueller’s testimony. THINK and RESEARCH for yourself. That way you won’t be mislead.

    • Apparently you didn’t listen or decided to ignore that when Mueller was asked point blank if the President did anything to hinder or obstruct the investigation, Mueller answered, “NO!” He also stated that he found NO evidence that the Trump Campaign colluded with the Russians. Stop lying like your Democrat friends.

    • “numerous contacts between Russia and campaign officials” …..Hey lying, shameless, lefty “journalists” ; You forgot to mention that these “contacts” (like Misfud, Downer, Halper, etc) were CIA or State department operatives ….approved operations of entrapment by Obama. Oh, you didn’t hear about the documents? Guess you’re not much of a credible journalist then are you.

      • No Alan, credible journalist do not use conspiracies as sources. ANY sane person would call 140 contacts between Russia and campaign officials” NUMEROUS. All 140 are outlined in the Mueller Report. BUT, in attempting to figure out Trumpian math I discovered that Trumpian logic is involved.. 12,019 lies in 938 days equals ZERO–because they are what Trumpers wanted to hear. 140 contacts with Russians equal ZERO because accepting Russian assistance is okay with Trumpers.

    • So if somebody accused you of robbing a bank…you found spies in your attic….you know you hadn’t done such a thing but this guy goes around talking shjt to all your friends, trying to compromise them with perjury traps , with the knowledge that the predication for this 2 and a half fuchin year investigation was a false, salacious, piece of garbage fabricated by a guy down the street that doesn’t like you; YOU”RE SAYING you wouldn’t be just a little upset about that, right? Dude; that’s all been established; the coup is done’; the witchhunt is over. The focus now is actual, documented treason by Obama & co. Ok so maybe you’re just an MSM robot (who naturally hide all incriminating facts), but hey, they won’t be able to avoid reporting on grand jury indictments now will they.l

    • This person is a turncoat. That was the name given to traitors in the Civil War and the War of Independence.

    • Janice, He is probably going to write a book!!!

    • Can you recall when that testimony took place? Sharing it would be helpful. Perhaps you are confusing Hillary with Jeff Sessions’s June 14, 2017 testimony when he say “I do not recall” or “I don’t remember” “36 times. Or perhaps it was DJT’s Nov 20, 2018 written answers to Mueller’s questions on Russian interference in the 2016 election. Trump responded 36 times “I do not recall or I do not remember” (Appendix C pages 3-23 of Mueller report.) Trump refused to answer ANY questions regarding Obstruction of Justice.– Page 1 of Appendix C, Introductory Note.

    • “Mueller also made no determination about whether Trump obstructed justice.” Mueller presented the evidence of obstruction, and left it up to Congress to decide if it was obstruction. BTW: Why did Trump make efforts to shut down Mueller’s investigation if there was no collusion?

    • “Just take a page from hillarys’ hand book,I don’t recall,I don’t remember” Kaitlin

      I think Kaitlin is confusing Hillary Clinton with typical Republican testifiers.

      Benghazi hearing ends after extraordinary 11-hour grilling of Clinton

      Los Angelese Times
      OCT. 22, 2015 4:15 AM

      Reporting from Washington — Republicans grilled former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton through nearly 11 hours Thursday in a long-awaited hearing of the House Benghazi committee that produced little if any new information, but ample partisan argument.

      The hearing provided an extraordinary spectacle, starting in the morning and stretching well into the night, far longer than such sessions typically last even with multiple witnesses.

      Through the lengthy session, Clinton maintained a relentlessly calm and smiling demeanor, showing few visible signs of fatigue other than a hoarse throat that began to develop in the 10th hour.

      From her opening statement on, she sought to seize a rhetorical high ground above the partisan fray, reminding members of the panel that after attacks on diplomatic facilities during the administrations of Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush in which hundreds of Americans were killed, members of both parties “rose above politics” to examine what had gone wrong.

      In investigating the deaths of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans in the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks in the Libyan city of Benghazi, “Congress has to be our partner as it has been after previous tragedies,” Clinton said.

      “We need leadership at home to match our leadership abroad,” she said in her opening statement. “Leadership that puts national security ahead of ideology.”

      Clinton’s appearance was preceded by several weeks of bad publicity for the committee, starting when House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) said in a television interview that the panel had succeeded in driving down Clinton’s poll ratings.

      Democrats, who had long charged the committee with partisanship, have relentlessly repeated McCarthy’s words.

      As a result, panel Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) began the hearing on defense, using his opening statement to justify the panel’s existence.

      Although seven previous congressional investigations had examined the Benghazi attacks, “those previous investigations were not thorough,” Gowdy said. The current panel was seeking “the truth,” he declared.

      But if one of Clinton’s goals was to convey an image of being more composed and serious than her inquisitors, members of the committee often appeared to help, engaging in one high-decibel shouting match and numerous partisan jabs.

      The committee’s seven Republicans and five Democrats squabbled over the cost to taxpayers of the multiple investigations, the conduct of the State Department in responding to those inquiries, even the length of the hearing, itself.

      “We’ve been here for 9 1/2 hours, and the questions are increasingly badgering … increasingly vicious,” Rep. Adam Smith (D-Wash.) said as the evening wore on and Republican members turned from questions about the attack to inquiries about Clinton’s use of a private server for her emails while she headed the State Department.

      “They simply wish to wear you down.”

      The hearing has been eagerly anticipated for its potential impact on next year’s election. Partisans on both sides anticipate that if Clinton is the Democratic nominee, mobilizing each party’s supporters will be a higher priority than finding or converting the relative handful of voters who remain undecided about her.

      Both parties think the committee proceedings could help in the mobilization effort.

      Among Republicans, “Benghazi” has become a watchword on the campaign trail — an almost all-purpose label for sins of both omission and commission that GOP voters perceive in the former secretary of State’s record.

      Democrats are equally convinced that the committee provides an example of Republican unfairness and excess. The committee’s Democratic members made more than a dozen references to the panel’s $4.7-million price tag, saying that the GOP was wasting taxpayer money in an effort to harm Clinton’s campaign.

      Republicans have hoped the hearing would produce slip-ups by Clinton that could be used to mobilize opposition in next year’s election. An exasperated outburst she made when she last testified about Benghazi, almost three years ago, has become a GOP talking point.

      Democrats, always nervous about Clinton’s tendency to become defensive when criticized, watched to see how she parried the GOP attacks.

      As the evening wore on, Democratic apprehensions turned to applause as party spokespeople rushed to congratulate Clinton on her stamina and to denounce the committee for what they saw as a partisan inquisition.

      Gowdy conceded after the hearing that Clinton’s lengthy testimony had broken little new ground.

      “I don’t know that she testified much differently today than when she previously testified,” he said.

      The hearing began on a testy note as Gowdy and the senior Democrat on the panel, Rep. Elijah E. Cummings of Maryland, sparred over whether the panel’s work was merely repeating what other investigations had done.

      A few hours later, the two men, joined by Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Burbank), escalated their conflict, engaging in an angry procedural fight over whether to release the transcript of the committee’s interrogation of Sidney Blumenthal, a longtime friend of Clinton’s and an aide to her husband.

      As Clinton watched, smiling, Cummings — shouting across the committee dais — accused Gowdy of selectively releasing Blumenthal’s emails in order to make false allegations. Gowdy accused the Democrats of attempting to disrupt the committee’s proceedings, then vowed to investigate Clinton’s old friend further.

      “If you think you’ve heard about Sidney Blumenthal so far, wait until the next round,” he said before stalking out of the committee room for a lunchtime recess.

      When the committee reconvened, the members voted 7 to 5, along party lines, not to release the transcript.

      Blumenthal remained a major focus in the committee’s afternoon session, with Gowdy and other Republicans questioning why he had such ready access to Clinton.

      “I don’t know what this line of questioning does to help us get to the bottom of the deaths of four Americans,” Clinton responded to Gowdy at one point.

      Said Schiff: “I just don’t understand the preoccupation with Sidney Blumenthal. You would think he was in Benghazi, manning the barricades.”

      Blah, blah, nlah, unnecessary details here.

      Democrats on the current committee have repeatedly attacked the direction of the investigation. They accuse Gowdy of failing to interview potential witnesses with firsthand knowledge of what happened in the attack and instead using committee resources to drag top Clinton operatives into closed-door interrogations in a bid to generate headlines.

      Last week, the committee spent hours interviewing longtime Clinton advisor Huma Abedin and even alerted the media to the location of the questioning, which was closed to the public.

      The five Democrats on the committee are contemplating whether to resign from the panel altogether in protest. Schiff said whether the Democrats remain on the panel may depend on “just how long they intend to keep this thing alive.”

      “At a certain point, we may very well reach the conclusion that the diminishing returns of our continued participation don’t outweigh the liability of giving it any respectability,” he said.

      I am confused. Where does she say “I don’t recall, I don’t remember”? This is what good cooperation looks like. Clinton endured Gowdy’s nonsense for eleventy hours and Gowdy came away emptyhanded – again, mind you. I hope Cory Lewandowski is able endure his testimony and is just as forthcoming.

    • “He is probably going to write a book!!!” Karin Calloway

      I am confused.

      What’s wrong with writing books. Kind Donald The Loser ghost-penned at least one and will likely put his name on at least one more after he is dethroned next year.

      Can you imagine the King NOT writing at least one more book? Really?

  • New York City’s chief medical examiner determined on Friday that suicide by hanging was the cause of death for financier Jeffrey Epstein, whose body was found six days ago in a Manhattan jail cell while awaiting […]

    • Sure he did. It’s a good thing Barr is pursuing an investigation.

      Why was did the same lawyers who had him removed from suicide watch now demanding an investigation?

      Why did the prison use two poorly-trained substitute guards, now fired, who claim to have BOTH slept for three-hours? No staggered naps, alarms, etc.?

      Why wasn’t the warden not also fired?

      Why did it take over a month, from July to mid-August, to raid his island? The FBI had no problems with a midnight raid/search of Roger Stone’s home.

      This one’s going to linger even after the MSM moves on.

    • I think we’re being lied to. In point of fact, there are very few “findings” that have been leaked and the selective leaks appear highly choreographed. The brevity of the ME’s report with a lack of supporting evidence presented is in itself suspicious.

      • Do you possess the background to correctly interpret a detailed autopsy. Watching Law & Order is entertainment, but does not provide you with a medical degree.

    • Well, duh! He died from hanging! But from whose instigation? (Trump followers, look up that word) Who paid off at least 2, if not more, ladies of the evening, or the afternoon? Who partied with Epstein and bragged that he shared fun times with him, especially with those who were “younger?” Who said he was never a fan of Epstein, that he was an awful character, etc.? Who has the most to gain from sweeping this away? Of course, only two persons imaginable: Obama and Hillary! TRUMP IN 2020!!! GO, DONNIE!!!!!

      • LOL.. Read your post as SATIRE, yet the 8 up votes indicate they took it seriously. FOLKS, give it some thought, TRUMP is the one who gave the interview on his friend Epstein. TRUMP is the one on the videos of partying with Epstein at Mar a largo. TRUMP is the one accused in 2015 of having forced a 13 yr old at Epstein’s NYC apartment to have sex in 2000. Paul, please join me in hoping for a candidate in 2020 that can MAKE AMERICA SANE AGAIN!!! This insanity is scary.

    • Sure it was (wink, wink).

    • What good does every 30 minutes do? It doesn’t take 30 minutes to die by hanging.

    • Yep it was suicide. There are many ways to commit suicide, this is just another example of the famous Clinton Suicide Method, it was the same one Vince Foster used.

      • Vince Foster’s suicide involved not one, but two, bullets to the back of his head! 🤭🤭🤭🤭 it’s hard to fire that first bullet into the back of your head, but even harder to fire the second one into your head after the first one turned your brain to mush.

        • Not to mention how he walked up to that point from his car in the lot and never got any dirt on the bottoms of his shoes…..there WERE some carpet fibers though, as though he were teleported directly from his office to the death site.

    • Bob replied 22 hours ago

      Yea, and the Tooth Fairy is real.

      • NO, the Tooth Fairy is not real and conspiracies are not real either. Keep in mind that the Bureau of Prisons is under the direction of AG Bill Barr.

    • Ok so let me see the footage…..what, the camera wasn’t working? ….How about the hallway cameras; let me see that at least…..what, they weren’t working either? So let me see the sheet used ….what, it was thrown away? Ok so let me see the check-on reports for each 30 minutes prior to death going back to the night before…..what, no one checked in three hours before death? He was only the most featured inmate of the building, already had a suicide attempt, but was off suicide watch? How about cameras ANYWHERE in the bldg…..ya got any? If mob of elite hits can take place in a max security prison….what value is our lives? Better wake up before the fuchers come after YOU.

    • For the wild conspiracists, 1. Vince Foster’s death was investigated by the the U.S. Park Police and the FBI with state and federal agencies participation, including the medical examiners findings. Their cause of death: Suicide, via a single gunshot wound thru the mouth. THEN #2. Robert Fiske, Independent Counsel, investigated and 7/1993 released a report that Foster’s cause of death was SUICIDE. THEN # 3 & #4 were the House Oversight Committee and Senate Banking Committee investigations of Foster’s death. Both concluded cause of death was SUICIDE. THEN #5. Ken Starr investigated Foster’s death and released his conclusion via a public report in 10/1997. Cause of death: SUICIDE. To persist in believing a conspiracy in the face of FIVE investigations showing SUICIDE, make you appear flat out NUTS as well as sadistically HEARTLESS. I realize that logic and empathy are NOT strong suits of conspiracist, but can you NOT be satisfied with the pain that you have already caused the family Mr. Foster and move on with your lives in a productive direction?. If you hold proof of your conspiracy, TAKE IT TO LAW ENFORCEMENT and leave the family of the deceased in peace.

      • Easy to make it look like a suicide when you pay off the people who are suppose to be watching the man. And the camera doesn’t function all of a sudden. The guard ‘fell asleep’ just before he ‘hung himself’. I’ll stick with the Clinton’s had something to do with it because they had the most to lose. Remember Bill only went to the island 4 times even thought the flight manifest shows at least 23 trips with Big Bill on board.

      • Wasn’t he the guy that was left-handed and killed himself using his right hand?

    • Ted Cruz’s dad again???? That is so 2016.

    • The Clinton gang?

    • Yeah…right…”suicide….” Sure…I believe that…. Like I believe the world is flat, the moon is made from green cheese, and the Easter Bunny leaves all those colored eggs for the little kiddies to find Easter morning…. Sure I do…ya-think…?!?!?

    • I’m guessing it was ‘suicide’ with a little help from his ‘friends’. Check the check in log and see if a Clinton or two didn’t visit the man before e ‘hung himself’. Too many bodies drop when they have information about those two.

      • Oh no, you won’t find Clinton attached to this. Hillary learned how to have these hits done when she worked for the law office in Chicago that represents the mob. The term for doing her dirty laundry is Clintonize and like Martinizing it can be done in less than an hour.

    • “Official Autopsy Concludes…”. Yet we don’t know why as the tersely worded statement doesn’t describe any of the evidence that would lead to this conclusion—yet that is PRECISELY what an ME’s autopsy report is supposed to do.

    • Seem’s like one of those mob hits on an informant I see on cop shows! lots of wealthy perverts breathing a sigh of relief right now.

    • “For the wild conspiracists, 1. Vince Foster’s death was investigated by the the U.S. Park Police and the FBI with state and federal agencies participation, including the medical examiners findings. Their cause of death: Suicide, via a single gunshot wound thru the mouth. THEN #2. Robert Fiske, Independent Counsel, investigated and 7/1993 released a report that Foster’s cause of death was SUICIDE. THEN # 3 & #4 were the House Oversight Committee and Senate Banking Committee investigations of Foster’s death. Both concluded cause of death was SUICIDE. THEN #5. Ken Starr investigated Foster’s death and released his conclusion via a public report in 10/1997. Cause of death: SUICIDE. To persist in believing a conspiracy in the face of FIVE investigations showing SUICIDE, make you appear flat out NUTS as well as sadistically HEARTLESS. I realize that logic and empathy are NOT strong suits of conspiracist, but can you NOT be satisfied with the pain that you have already caused the family Mr. Foster and move on with your lives in a productive direction?. If you hold proof of your conspiracy, TAKE IT TO LAW ENFORCEMENT and leave the family of the deceased in peace.” Phyllis

      You are confusing the conspiracy theorists with facts and logic. They don’t want to know the truth. They feel superior thinking that they know something that we simpletons don’t know.

    • “Suicide…?!?!?” Yeah–right…!?!?!? I believe it was “suicide” alright. Just like I believe the Earth is flat, the moon is made from green cheese, and the Tooth Fairy is going to pay me for all the tenth my dentist removed last years if I put them under my pillow…yeah-think…?!?!?

    • Have you noticed that the inside of the jail cell photographs, room layout or diagrams where he was Clintonized have not been released to the public? I am wondering how he managed to hang himself with a sheet allegedly from the upper bunk of the bunk bed in the cell. Was he so short that his feet wouldn’t touch the ground as he dangled there?

    • More Clinton dirty laundry effectively Clintonized.

    • Lol OF COURSE it does…

  • Senator Lindsey Graham and Representative Hal Rogers urged President Donald Trump on Friday to drop planned “sweeping and indiscriminate” foreign aid cuts, joining a chorus of lawmakers opposing what they consider […]

    • Cuts in foreign aid, federal employees, safety regulations, and domestic terrorism investigations funding all are great R talking points—-but the increase in asylum seekers, pollution of our drinking water sources, insufficient staffing at federal prisons and the state department, and 3 domestic terror attacks within 2 weeks, indicate that CONSEQUENCES of cuts need to be studied before acting on political rhetoric.

      • And everyone should think many times before believing anything you say, since everything you say is political rhetoric.

        • I am not FOX News or DJT, I WANT you to not only THINK, but to VERIFY what I say and what YOU say. I live in the real work, not a world where one designates truth on a basis of what one wishes to believe is so. Verify what you hear that you wish to be so AND what you hear and read that you pray is NOT.

    • NO! Make the cuts first, check the results, THEN decide based on those results.

      We can make guesses at the results, beyond giving us leverage on these countries, without following through on the cuts. More importantly it erodes our credibility for threats of future withholdings (as if we always have to bribe these countries for cooperation).

      If they are NOT already grateful for our generosity we MUST remind them what they stand to lose. Speaking of ingratitude, let’s not only cut the UN funding no matter what, but encourage it to move to the EU.

    • On the other hand, why do we continue to give aid to countries who hate us, and vote against us in the United Nations! Screw them!

    • Isn’t this the same RINO that now approves of Red Flag laws that Democrats will use to start witch hunts against lawful gun owners and veterans all across America?

    • I’m sick of funding everywhere else. These countries do not uphold their end of the bargain. Time to cut them off!

    • TCB in the USA!
      I am far from an isolationist, but once we get our house in order, THEN we can can purchase allied favors elsewhere.

      • Just a guess, but I am betting that goes for every country EXCEPT the #1 recipient of U.S. foreign aid.

    • I never trusted this fruitcake.

    • This money spending just adds to our debt. Every year the gov. spends more. term limits are needed to clean house.

    • I am confused.

      Why do we send over $4 billion per year to Israel, so that they can help fund a universal health care system that even WE can’t have? Why?

    • We need to cut SOMETHING. Four billion would be a good start. All non-democratic countries should be. dropped from the gravy train.

    • Well, they do have at least two seats in Congress. The Libertarians have. One (Paul).

  • Newly released U.S. court documents show the United States issued a warrant for the seizure of an Iranian tanker that British Royal Marines had seized last month in Gibraltar, citing evidence that it was […]

    • Internationally, nations pay the U.S. lip service and always want our help when they are in crisis, but they do not give a damn about us if there is a Dinar, Rial, Rupee, Yen, Yuan, etc., to be made.

      • And you thought that would be different under POTUS Trump? Global respect for the U.S. is at record lows, not record highs.

  • Congress should move quickly with an $8 billion sale of F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan as China “seeks to extend its authoritarian reach” over the region, leading U.S. Democratic and Republican lawmakers said on […]

    • Sure, send the planes to the area and then let them fight their own battles. We have led retaliations for almost every nation on earth, and have never had anything from them to say thanks or GTH.

    • This is a great trolling of the CCP. If the US can forge a Pacific version of NATO, that will help counter China’s aggressive expansion.

      Plus these sales help our GDP.

    • Huge mistake! Why not just fly them to China and deliver them! Jesus have mercy!

  • Actresses Eva Longoria, America Ferrara and more than 200 other Latino artists and civil rights leaders on Friday penned a letter of support to the Latino community in the United States after a mass shooting in […]

    • Petitions mean so much less than actually spending your millions (you are ALL wealthy) to sponsor families. Don’t look to our pockets when you haven’t even spent your own money.

      • “contribute your resources” is not limited to financial resources. Screw, you would be one of the last persons anyone would look to for support of ending hateful rhetoric.

    • Can you cite an instance where Trump has attempted to unite the country, not divide it? His inaugural speech onward has been to divide. To quote GW Bush, “That was some crazy sh-t.” With Trump no one needs accusations and conspiracies. Can you explain how speaking out against hate is a bad thing? We should ignore it? Will ignoring it make it stop? Will ignoring it lessen the hate crimes that have spiked since 2016?

    • A lot of words against hate so what is the solution from the Hollywood spotlight seekers who “raise our voices and speak up”? Of course, President Trump gets the blame because he wants to make entering our country done by legal means. That’s not hate nor is he alone in that objective. No other way to spin it.

    • As usual, I Ching is trying to cause a diversion by yelling “SQUIRREL!” at every opportunity.

      Their concern is NOT about money. It is about rhetoric designed to get people hurt, about systemic injustice, about stopping hate, about man’s inhumane and cruel treatment of disadvantaged people, etc. That isn’t that hard to understand, or do all of these things confuse you?.

    • “It isn’t the President firing up hatred and racism toward anyone, it is rhetoric just like this coming from democrat politicians, Hollywood and the MSM. If anything their accusations and hatred toward this president cause division.” Joey

      Joey isn’t JUST confused, he is wrong. He is playing his whataboutism card. Not well, mind you, but he is still trying to divert attention away from the real sources of hate and division that have plagued our nation for over two centuries, but now has the most powerful person in the nation backing them up. What a shame, what a waste!

    • So all these *ahem* celebrities advocate breaking the law. Here’s a thought you bobbleheads: send a message to come here LEGALLY. All those mentioned either did so or were born here.

      Encourage these invaders to follow the laws under which they plan to benefit.

    • I don’t understand why people get so upset thinking we hat immigrants. This country is mostly made up of immigrants. What we mind, as a country, is illegal entry by these immigrants who refuse to wait in line and come here legally. It can’t be said any simpler than that. Break it down. Illegal bad, legal good. Write it down.

    • Using lies to gain Democrat votes by letting in and harboring illegals that cost America $ Billions every year. All they want is more and more handouts, more and more illegals.

    • A bunch of rich tools of the global cabal. Guess who is lining up for the jobs the illegals were doing? That’s right! American’s you all claimed “won’t do those jobs”. Yes, they will and they lined up to apply. Anyone part of this “plea” do not care about Americans. They put illegal aliens over Americans!

  • U.S. President Donald Trump was to meet top advisers on Friday to review negotiations with the Taliban on a U.S. troop pullout from Afghanistan and the potential for a political settlement between the warring […]

    • “conducting counter-insurgency operations against militant groups such as al Qaeda and Islamic State’s local affiliate.” Article

      Against al Qaeda? King Donald The Loser is confused.

      He would be better advised to stop selling our weapons to Saudi Arabia which turns them around to arm the insurgents we are supposed to be fighting! What a dummie!

      • 2 IJR readers apparently believe the arms sell is a smart move.—I am guessing the same 2 thought it was a good idea to get out of the JCPOA and spend billions on a border wall when the majority of illegal drugs and migrants arrive via legal ports of entry.

    • The Taliban are not compromising because the Blabber in Chief has already communicated how much he wants to draw down troops in Afghanistan. The Taliban know this and are using it to their advantage in negotiations. Apparently the Art if the Deal should have focused more on deal making 101. I would love to play cards with this guy.

    • “2 IJR readers apparently believe the arms sell is a smart move.” Phyllis

      Not only are we selling arms to Saudi Arabia who are then turning them over to their al Qaeda insurgents, but WE, the US ourselves, partnered with al Qaeda, at least in Syria! How stupid can we get? (we are finding out the answer to that…)

    • In my humble opinion I think pulling all troops out of Afghanistan would be a huge mistake just like the possible selling of F-16s to Taiwan!

  • Last updated 8/16/2019 at 2:00 pm ET. 

    President Donald Trump held a conference call on Wednesday with the chief executives of the three largest Wall Street banks as financial markets were in turmoil, […]

    • In answer to Michael’s question, earlier, Jyske Bank A/S, in Denmark, just offered a mortgage at -0.5% before fees and Nordea bank has a 30-year mortgage at 0.5%.

      That’s right. A bank is PAYING customers to take out a mortgage. Confused yet? Rest assured that King Donald The Loser (who owes over $330 million in VARIABLE rate debt) is.

      May you live in interesting times.

  • President Donald Trump called a man overweight who he thought was a protester at his rally in New Hampshire, only to learn later he had ridiculed a supporter.

    Trump had looked out in the crowd at the Thursday […]

    • We need more Americans like this guy!

    • Funniest story yet. When most of his rallies are bombarded by protesters Trump’s reaction was typical Trump. But the phone call was something Dawson will not forget.

    • The President should really do something special for this man. Besides, he doesn’t look overweight to me.

    • It’s called dedication.

    • Which of the Democrat runners have stopped in their campaign to correct a wrong that was done when they learned about it? I can’t think of any with the exception of Biden and he blew those apologies ‘bigley.’

    • This is a supporter that understands the fight. Dems have been dirty in the fight for decades while GOP “took the high road”. That got GOP bupkis. Trump understands this and he’s big enough to reach out. #BestPresidentEver

    • No, I Ching, it’s called confusion.

    • Join the discussion…Poor little butt hurt snowflake and confused too.

    • “We need more Americans like this guy!” Lee Jenkins


      The man gets insulted by “the most powerful king in the world” and his reaction is everything is cool?

      I am confused.

  • U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren on Friday unveiled her latest policy plan, which aims to empower Native American tribes through land protection and law enforcement reforms and boost […]


  • Two more women who said they were sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein have filed a $100 million lawsuit against the financier’s estate.

    The lawsuit filed on Thursday night in U.S. District Court in Manhattan is […]

    • Something tells me it will be easier for these women to get financial restitution than it will be for those unfortunate enough to have been abused by catholic clergy.

  • U.S. congresswoman Rashida Tlaib on Friday rejected Israel’s offer to let her travel to the West Bank, saying she would not visit her family after the Israeli government lifted a ban on her entry but imposed […]

    • As a funeral director I often overheard family members lamenting not having seen their loved one when the opportunity arose.

      I would seriously urge her to take the opportunity to spend that time with her grandmother. There will be plenty of time and opportunities to press her political views but there will not be many times left to press her lips to grandma’s cheek as she hugs her tight.

    • Is it possible Tlaib did Jimmy Kimmel one better? He held up his infant child as a prop to push health care (as if, as a multimillionaire, that really meant a thing to him).

      Tlaib used sympathy for her grandmother to cynically discredit Israel. IF she really wanted to see her grandmother (who she tweeted was soon to die), then she would have accepted Israel’s gracious gesture.

  • Greenland on Friday dismissed the notion that it might be up for sale after reports that U.S. President Donald Trump had privately discussed with his advisers the idea of buying the world’s biggest island.

    “We […]

  • President Donald Trump on Thursday defended his handling of the U.S. economy and trade war with China as recession fears have suddenly cast doubt on his central claim for re-election – that he has made the economy […]

    • The fact is that the stock market is filled with the most querulous people in the world. If a cow farts half way across the world it goes into paroxysms. Someone had to put our foot down on China given its hegemonic tendencies, it theft of our technology and its not so subtle attempt to undermine the Unites States. For the next three years the lame stream media will tell us we are on the verge of a recession because, like Bill Maher, they would prefer America to suffer hardship or the fear of hardship if that suffering gets Trump out of office.

    • “Many analysts believe the tariffs he has imposed on Chinese products are responsible for a slowing of the U.S. economy”

      Would these be the same economists who predicted the economy was going to tank immediately because of the election of Trump? Are these the same economists that have been predicting recessions in each of the past three years? The same ones who in 2007-2008 predicted that recession would short lived? Why do we give any credence to economists, pollsters, and news reporters that are constantly wrong and so obviously biased?

    • Craig, the problem isn’t getting tough with China, it’s how Trump is approaching it. He is taking a simpleton’s approach to a complex issue, and I worry it will fail, just hurting working Americans.

  • Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke unveiled a plan on Friday to classify white supremacist violence as an organized crime problem and to create federal domestic terrorism offices, in a bid to combat […]

    • This really sounds like something out of the dark ages. Anything that the dems don’t consider part of their agenda is considered hate speech. We already had one President who thought he could militarize certain agencies and look where we are today. Hopefully people will wake up and decide that our country cannot afford to go down this Socialistic path the dems want to take us on!

      • Sounds like he’d implement a Democrat/Black Lives Matter version of the Gestapo if elected, which Thank God, he won’t be.

    • He doesn’t care to highlight the “plight” of Americans that are denied jobs because illegals have them (Koch is the tip of the iceberg and now look at Americans flocking to apply for those jobs “they won’t do” according to lefties). He wants, yet another, bureaucratic agency to waste taxpayer dollars on that will accomplish zero but fund leftie groups (that’s how it always works….follow the money). He wants to stop all free speech and call “hate speech” criminal. Who decides what is hate speech? Pretty much everything coming from a lefties mouth is hateful. Does this mean they have to shut up? Oh, I see, hate speech is only hateful when it’s done by someone not a leftie. Enter Chris Cuomo. Thank God this man has an ice cubes chance in hades of winning. Besides, he’s not the chosen one, Harris is. It was evident the moment she entered the CA senate race. She’s been designated the next Obama.

    • Proving one more time what he is, a left wing idiot.

    • If he does that, the Terror Agency will be extremely busy. About 95% of all terrorism , hate and gun violence is done by the all inclusive and tolerant left (demoncrats, communists, progressives, liberals, nazis, blm, antifa and many others). The “white nationalists” and “white supremacy” are terms made up by the left because the term “racism” is not working and they needed another derogatory term to try and put on the conservatives. What they are is what they are trying to put on us.

    • Here’s a bold progressive move for you Beto, DROP OUT OF THE RACE.

    • Beta fails to realize that we already have agencies to handle domestic terrorism. He’s saying expand the government with redundant, and expensive, bureaucracies.

      Who you gonna go after first Beta? White people like Antifa (which is overwhelmingly pale of complexion)? How about investigating who shot up or occupied ICE facilities?

      Go back to eating dirt, you poseur.

    • O’Dork is pathetic. He should quit while he’s not ahead.

    • Good. Start with the Democrats.

  • Israel decided on Friday to allow U.S. congresswoman Rashida Tlaib – a critic of Israeli policy toward the Palestinians – to visit family in the occupied West Bank on humanitarian grounds after barring her from […]

    • Something just doesn’t smell right about this trip. Said she would respect any restrictions. She does not appear to understand the meaning of the word respect. Especially for the country which gives her the opportunity to shoot off her mouth.

    • Well, she turned it down because Israel will not permit Omar or any other of the crazy quartet. It would have been a low key and private visit and that would have been insufferable to that Bedouin.

    • Once again, proving Israel is head and shoulders above this woman and her pal. Israel needs to make sure she’s followed and they have eyes on at all times. She backs terrorist org Hamas.

    • I would not trust either omar or talib EVER. These two are liars, racists, America haters, Jew haters, freedom haters and much, much more. They perpetrate violence against anything or anyone that does not agree with their point of view (just like all demoncrats).

    • Well if she is going to abide by the rules of that humanitarian visit, there should be no problem. However, if she publicly shows up to the protest and is involved, all agreement of being allowed is null and void. Let’s see whether or not she does anything other than visit her family.

    • SHE LIES!!!!!

    • “I will respect any restrictions and will not promote boycotts against Israel during my visit.”

      Sorry, too little too late. If I were Israel I wouldn’t let her step foot n Israel. She is a known and proven liar that hates Israel.

    • Ugly to the 1st degree

    • Trump never pressured Israel this article is passing fake news

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