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  • Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich gave his opinion on President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign during an interview with Fox News on Tuesday.

    He spoke about the press coverage of the president, saying that with […]

  • The Democratic mayor from the border town of Del Rio, Texas, had harsh criticism for lawmakers for not addressing the immigration crisis effectively.

    During a city meeting earlier in the month, Mayor Bruno […]

    • It’s certain these mayors can sympathize with their Mexican counterparts, who are overwhelmed by the caravans and the garbage/sewage/health issues they leave behind. Does any of this sound exactly like current-day Dim run cities? q.v. Scat Francisco, Sewageattle, Port-o-potty Portland?

      • It does look like The Southern portion of the US will soon resemble a Third World Sh**hole like Nancy’s San Fransh**go where scat is the usual flavor of the day. Almost makes one ashamed of being an American any more since that life style appears to be the goal – the “utopia” – of the Leftists/Socialists.

        • In the early 1900s, American city-dwellers regularly stepped in shit, blood, and piss. Animal and human. So are we, as modern-day Americans, returning to the lack of hygiene standards and disease (thanks illegals) “enjoyed’ in more primitive times?

          Is a historic equilibrium between a developed world and the primitives flooding our county the future? Maybe in the cities, which are. coincidentally, Blue and can neither feed, power, nor sustain themselves without “flyover country”.

    • Those who have not been to the border – politician or lay person – cannot possibly imagine the minute by minute problem the CBP Agents have to contend with. Many of the legal residents of Luna and Hidalgo Counties in New Mexico face the same problems on a daily basis with NO help from their own newly elected female Governor (a (D), of course, who sees no problem with the Invaders stealing/killing cattle, stealing vehicles, sleeping in the ranchers’ barns, etc.) who sits fat, dumb and happy in her plush Santa Fe Office with armed (taxpayer paid) State Police guards nearby.

      • Since the article is about Del Rio, TEXAS what are you thoughts on Greg Abbott? Does it appear that the mayor of Del Rio is looking for the action of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham??? Does Gov Abbott not have “armed (taxpayer paid) State Police guards nearby? You live in FL—Does DeSantis not have a plush office in Tallahassee, FL State Police protection AND the governor’s mansion?? I live in PA where Gov Wolfe has a nice office in Harrisburg and State Police protection–He opted out of living in the governor’s mansion and resides in his private residence and commutes daily to the Capitol. .

    • Before anyone gets excited about Mitch McConnell’s “promise” of an immigration bill, THREE things to remember. (1) John Boehner repeatedly promised to put the Senate bipartisan written & passed bill sent to him on June 30, 2013. The 113th Congress ended without Boehner ever having the guts to stand up to Jim Jordan and his Freedom Caucus. (2) In 2006, an immigration bill was passed in the Senate, and the Republican Majority HOUSE failed to bring the bill to the floor for a vote–it too died. (3) In 2018 Tuesday Trump said he would sign a bipartisan immigration bill of whatever the Congress came up with—Thursday Trump changed his mind and the bipartisan agreement never saw a vote.

  • President Donald Trump supporters camping in line to get a spot at his reelection rally shared their excitement while being interviewed by Fox News on Tuesday.

    As IJR Red previously reported, Trump is holding […]

    • “I didn’t leave the Democratic party, the Democratic Party left me.”

      ― Ronald Reagan

      Considering the socialist/radically-disruptive platforms of the Dim primary line-up, I wonder how many more former Dims are joining #walkaway? Recall how Trump broke the “Blue bloc” in 2016.

      • Screwball, did you leave the Republican party, or did it leave you behind? At one time, the Republican party meant an institution that upheld American values. Now, it seems, the party reflects the “values” of Donald Trump, which has nothing to do with what we should hold dear as Americans. Please, if you have children, think what the future for them might mean after 4 (or 8) years of this guy.

    • *gasp* you’re cleverness with names is soooo impressive. You are also an idiot.

      1. you assume I’m a Republican. Wrong. Just like Bernie, the Commie, I may caucus with the party just because……

      2. please elaborate on the *ahem* American values the Dims support? What do YOU as an American hold dear. DO NOT presume to speak for other Americans.

      “Free shit” other people pay for? (specifically taxpayers)
      Open borders and DEFIANCE of federal law?
      Disenfranchising millions through the Interstate Popular Vote Compact (or as I call it The Herd Compact?
      Enforcing one set of laws for them/the elite and another for the rest of us.

      Tell me agin ’bout them “Merican ” values.

      3. I have children. I’m apPauled that they and their children will be saddled with paying for debts incurred by the gummint, which you cannot lay at the feet of the Republitards.

    • Admit it Paul, you’re really Mitt Romney in disguise.

    • Paul, The values of the party are being defended by Trump. If you listen to liberal lies you are leaving an imaginary version of the Republican Party that only exists in the propaganda of Democrats. It is documented that Obama caged children and Trump did not. But

    • I would hope you are in a “tolerant” AND law abiding part of the country, since I’ve had signs stolen and a noticeable increase in dog owners NOT picking up. It was with some satisfaction that my home cameras caught some of the perpetrators which were followed by HOA fines AND police charges.

      I even had a flag stolen, but the perpetrator was also caught on camera and is facing multiple charges. I’m grateful the police in my community still retain vestiges of Americanism and law & order.

      Yes, I KNOW where they live. BWAHAHA!

  • Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones exposed the racism present at an “Impeach Trump” rally over the weekend but made it clear the experience won’t stop him from doing his job during an interview with Sean Hannity […]

  • Parkland shooting survivor and Second Amendment activist Kyle Kashuv apologized for offensive things he said in a high school group chat during an interview with Fox News on Monday.

    As IJR previously reported, […]

    • He was not “made aware” of his comments. He was “made aware” that he got caught. Also, his comments poured over into phone messages as well – this wasn’t isolated just to his group chat. Finally, he says he “did not ask for this public life” and that’s not true either. He asked to be on TV then just as he is asking to be on TV now.

      I have sympathy that he was put under a microscope, but he was old enough to know what he said was wrong and thar there may be consequences.

      • Not only young people are confused by unintended consequences of their past actions. I see the results here every day. IJR removed the ability to report comments for moderation and a few days ago an ADULT used the n-word here. Kids, such as Kyle, who made racist comments while young, grow up to be just like that member.

  • President Donald Trump’s supporters started lining up more than 40 hours before his reelection rally in Orlando, Florida.

    The president posted on Twitter ahead of the rally, saying that he was looking forward […]

    • Sheesh – I cannot think of a single person that I would stand in line for 40 hours to see.

    • Wouldn’t do it for Star Wars, won’t do it for politics.

    • I gotta admit. I spent 3- 12 hour shifts waiting in line to buy Led Zeppelin tickets to The Forum in 1975. Was a great experience. Spent 12 hours in line to buy Neil Diamond tickets to The Greek in 2012. I do have a very eclectic taste in music.

    • I’m a political junkie; but there is NO way I’d spend 40 hours waiting to hear a President or any other politician speak; especially a GOP candidate since there are so many Leftist lunatics running around loose with guns.

  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell slammed Democrats for being unwilling to work on immigration issues, claiming they had “Trump derangement syndrome.”

    McConnell discussed Democrats’ reluctance to work with […]

    • The left are evil….they will all burn in hell.

    • demoCROOKs oppose everything that is pro-American

    • He’s getting constitutionalist on the bench. He may be a RINO but he’s doing something that needed doing. Legislating from the bench must stop. If it’s the only thing he does then I can say he did something big that is exceptionally good.

    • Mitch is right. The Dems do not care about what is right. They are the owners of the chaos at the border. They don’t care about human trafficking, sex trafficking, drug trafficking nor how much control the cartels have at the border. The Dems are worthless (and that’s actually an understatement).

    • Its pay back for turtle neck supporting him, a sharp razor across turtle neck would solve the problem.

    • How can that pathological liar say anything like this?
      He spent Obama’s entire second term blocking everything he tried to do. Does he really think Americans memories are that short or we are that stupid?
      This mans gall is unbelievable!

    • What’s new?

    • I think McConnell is right. He has confirmed what President Trump has said. He is now getting more cooperation out of Mexico.

    • Isn’t this what we’ve been saying along? It doesn’t matter what the issue is, the Democrats will argue against and criticize anything Trump supports or suggests. As far as Mexico is concerned- they have no choice. They can’t afford a 5% tariff. As to how effective they’ll be ,
      that remains to be seen.

      • As it is said “what goes around, comes around”. The Republicans made zero effort to work with Obama, even on issues both parties wanted to deal with. As for the tariff, we will all pay for it. But maybe Don, as he did for the farmers, will provide some welfare dollars to offset the higher costs?

    • Be prepared in case the worst happens and a Demo-rat wins in 2020 buy more ammo.

    • Discourse is good. Trump doesn’t care about the wall, he cares about security. Try and see past your self loathing pandering faux philosophy for a minute and look at all the good things he’s already done. He’s laughing at the previous four Presidents, because they did almost nothing for the American people but bring hatred. Trump’s just closing all those hate filled doorways that they’ve opened. Screw the Bush’s and Clinton’s, screw Obama. They’re the ones to blame, but you might never see that…

      • If he cared so much about security he had years to do something about it and didn’t. He lies like he breathes just like trump. As far as hate the only hate is what he and people like him felt for our first black president. trump opened the gates to Hell for those who hate once he took over the WH and stained that office for generations to come. So trying to justify mitch w/pandering to the unlearned is so trump-like and really so expected.

    • Isn’t Mitch the same guy who reflexively opposed anything Obama was for? Isn’t he the same guy who wouldn’t allow a vote for Obama’s SCOTUS nominee in 2016 but says he would in a 2020 election year? This fossil is the poster child for term limits, along with Pelosi and Shumer and all the other career creeps in Congress and the Senate.

    • OK Comrade take off the blinders and open your liberally indoctrinated eyes, this will also help you suffer through 4 more years after 2020. Adios

    • Pendejo Ken

    • Oh, no, I remember. And the Dems were appalled by the Republicans behaviour- the blame was placed squarely on their shoulders- and, yet, that is exactly what the Dems are doing now. Aparrantly, hipocracy isn’t a partisan issue. And the reason so many people voted for Trump was because he wasn’t a Washington insider and career politician. That fact alone sent them all a message that that kind of lame congress was not going to be acceptable. Never before has a President been treated so disrespectfully by main stream media, the opposing party while seeing the economic growth and historic low unemployment numbers.

    • All I can say to what you posted is you are insane.

    • I am not confused or deranged by someone filled with hate.

      “of course I hate these people. Let’s all hate these people because maybe hate is what we need if we’re going to get something done.” Donald Trump, on Larry King’s show

      He doesn’t deserve to represent this great country.

  • According to a recent Fox News poll, the majority of American voters don’t believe that President Donald Trump should be impeached, despite calls from Democratic lawmakers to start the impeachment […]

    • What have the Republicans been saying since this hatefilled investigation began? It’s the liberal politicians that keep the fire burning. A colossal waste of millions for what? A few of Trump’s friends paid the price for things that Democrats do but don’t get caught….yet!

      • Investigations are about justice and the rule of law. Feelings don’t result in indictments and possible impeachment.

    • Democrats have been wasting time, energy and money on trying to destroy Trump that would have better been spent on attempting to compromise or work WITH the president for the benefit of America and it’s citizens! They are like sharks at a feeding frenzy when they smell blood and don’t care that they are hurting this country in the process!

      • As we learned during the 2018 elections and the actions of our previous Florida Democratic Senator, it’s all about “Party over People”. That Senator was either chained to the Dem’s lamp post and told how to vote; or, was too ignorant to know how to vote. NOT once in his 46 years in D.C. did he vote for anything benefiting the people of Florida; but he was a card carrying, charter member of the swamp.

    • People saying that an impeachment is unlikely is different than people saying it shouldn’t. Its pretty obvious it is unlikely because it would never pass the senate.

      I would have answered that I’m not in favor of impeachment, but not because I think the president is innocent of all wrong doing.

      • So, what – in your opinion – has Trump done wrong since 2017 which would warrant his impeachment? I’ve seen nothing but good coming out of the Trump WH as opposed to #44’s disastrous reign of terror and corruption.

        • It’s just an inquiry. The Mueller report was not a shining statement of innocence so i don’t much mind it there is a more formal investigation.

          It isn’t as though obstruction is a small thing – recall Clinton was impeached for lying and obstruction.

          Even if he was impeached in the house, it would never pass the senate.

        • James is confused because he hasn’t bothered to read any of the Mueller Report’s accusations about obstruction of justice. Remember, Mueler laid out these occurances of obstruction and said that he wasn’t allowed to lay charges. That was to be left up to Congress to do.

          US Constitution Article. II. Section. 4.

          The President, Vice President and all Civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, >or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors<.

          1: Trump asking James Comey to let Michael Flynn go

          Michael Flynn lied to the Vice President in mid-January, 2017 about talking about sanctions with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. On January 27, the President had a private dinner with Comey during which he demanded his loyalty. Trump fired Flynn February 13. On the 14th, Trump cleared the Oval Office for a private pow-wow with Comey, during which he told Comey that he hoped that he and the FBI could let this Flynn thing "go" because Flynn was "a good guy". This gets more complicated with Trump asking Deputy National Security Advisor K.T. McFarland to write and release a false claim about what he did. She refused.

          2: Trump’s reaction to the Russia investigation

          In February, 2017, A.G. Jeff Sessions had to consider recusing himself from campaign-related investigations regarding Trump's campaign links to Russia because he had his own conflicts. In early March, Trump asked McGahn to stop Sessions from recusing because he expected the A.G. to protect the President (the US Attourney General's job is to protect the American people; he is not the president's personal lawyer), so Trump started his continual expression of anger towards Sessions. Later in March, Comey announced an investigation into Russian efforts to interfere with the 2016 election and any relevant links to Trump's campaign. This was when Trump reached out to leaders of our national security departments (Director of National Intelligence, CIA, NSA) to ask for their help in dispelling any rumors about Russian links. Trump, against advice to not talk to Comey directly, called him TWICE, asking for his help to publicly "lift the cloud" about the investigation.

          3: The firing of James Comey

          On May 3, 2017, James Comey refused to answer in a congressional hearing whether the President was under investigation. He wasn't at that time, but within days after that testimony, Trump started to put pressure on Comey and an FBI investigation was then started.

          4: Mueller’s appointment and efforts to oust him

          On June 17, 2017, the President called McGahn and wanted him to call the Acting A.G. and declare that the Special Council had a conflict of interest and to have Mueller removed from the investigation. Instead, McGahn resigned, to protect himself.

          5: Efforts to curtail the Special Council's Russia investigation

          On June 9, 2017, Trump met with Corey Lewandowski, in the Oval Office, to request that he deliver a message to A.G. Sessions, to have Sessions state that the Russia invesigation was "very unfair" to the President, that the President had done nothing wrong, and for Sessions to meet with Special Council to repurpose the investigation to apply to future election meddling. Lewandowski ignored Trump's wishes. When asked about it later, Lewandowski said that he was working on it. Lewandowski then asked senior White House Rick Dearborn to do this, but he was also uncomfortable about it, too, and did nothing.

          6: Attempts to stop the public from seeing the evidence

          After Trump learned that the press were asking questions about the June 9, 2016 meeting with Russians in Trump Tower about compromising information about Hillary Clinton, Trump started a campaign to cover up details of the meeting. He wanted to ensure that email regarding the meeting were never to be released and Trump personally edited a statement by his son, to change the purpose of the meeting to be about adoptions. Trump's personal lawyer also repeatedly denied publicly that Trump was involved.

          7: Trump trying to get Jeff Sessions to take back control of the investigation

          In early summer 2017, Trump called A.G. Sessions again, at home, to unrecuse himself. Sessions did not. In October, Trump asked Sessions to open an investigation into the Clintons. In December 2017, Trump told Sessions that he would be "a hero" if he unrecused himself. He told Sessions that "he just wanted to be treated fairly". Sessions never unrecused.

          8: Trump telling Don McGahn to deny that the president had wanted the special counsel removed

          In 2018, rumors started that the President had asked McGahn to have Special Council Mueller removed, in June of 2017. McGahn had refused and threatened to resign. Trump then started a campaign to have White House officals to deny that this ever happened. McGahn publicly said that was not true and, in a meeting in the Oval Office, Trump still tried to convince McGahn to deny it ever happened, asked why McGahn was taking notes, and asked why he had testified about Trump's efforts to remove Special Council Mueller. McGahn had been given no direction by the White House about how to testify, so he told the truth.

          9: Trump’s team asking Flynn for a “heads up” on information and commending Paul Manafort for not “flipping”

          Trump's legal council informed Flynn's council of the President's warm feelings toward Flynn and asked for a heads-up regarding if Flynn knew of "information that implicates the President". Flynn's council refused. Trump then told them that he viewed that as "hostility" towards the President. The President also praised Manafort during his investigation and trial for not flipping and declined to rule out pardoning Manafort. Trump said flipping should be "outlawed".

          10: The President’s conduct regarding Michael Cohen

          With advice from the President, Cohen falsely testified that the President had little to do with Trump Tower Moscow since Cohen had only talked to Trump about Russia 3 times and travel to Russia was not discussed. Trump advised Cohen to toe the "party line", to minimise Trump's connections to Russia. Then Cohen was raided by the FBI and was investigated further. In the meantime, Trump told Cohen privately to "stay strong" and to not flip on him, and a pardon was discussed. Later, Trump publicly criticized Cohen, called him a "rat", and even suggested that Cohen's family members had committed crimes.

          King Donald The Loser doesn't have to have done a "normal" crime to get investigated in an impeachment.

    • Evidently you wouldn’t understand justice or the rule law. Attempting to read something into nothing is not justice or law.

      • Yet you apparently know better than Judge Napolitano, many prosecutors, and career law enforcement. What is the source of your confidence?

        • Alan Dershowitz. Who WOULDN’T take Dershowitz over judge nappy, many unnamed prosecutors and unnamed law enforcement. You seem to have a lot of confidence in a bunch of unnamed people.

          • Please, Dershowitz is biased by his libertarian beliefs and has been a shill for team Trump since the start of the investigation without caring to know any of the facts. What bias would Napolitano have?

            • “shill”? Did you eat paint chips when you were in your crib? The fact that you need to have nappy’s biases explained to you shows your lack of incentive to actually do your own homework, instead of just believing what some friend of yours told you.
              “shill” Pffffff

            • If Dershowitz has been a “shill” for anything, he’s been a “shill” for the letter of the law. That’s a concept you prog/left/lib/dims seem to have a HUGE problem comprehending.

            • SHOW us where Dershowitz is biased? Since you want us to believe you KNOW Alan Dershowitz, show us where you have been treated by your “friends” like he’s been treated by his “friends” for having an opinion.

        • Go back and slink under your rock.

    • You are so right. Fortunately it is getting into great shape in spite of Congress.

    • You can’t obstruct an investigation that was based on a lie and no crime was found. Never should have happened.There will be no impeachment. This is all a circus to keep the liberal base believing Trump did something wrong before the election.

    • “Crying out for impeachment” for crying out loud?
      People should simmer down because this is a lost cause for the Dumbocrats.

    • Look at the poll: 50% support impeachment (with 43% wanting removal and 7% not wanting removal from office) and 48% do not support impeachment. So the poll says that the majority of Americans want impeachment of POTUS. In addition, half if those polled now believe that the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia (up from 44%). 47% think Dems are spending the right amount of or not enough time investigating vs 48% too much time. 54% think the White House should be more cooperative with investigations. Any way you look at it, the numbers don’t look good for Trump and the momentum seems to be toward investigation/impeachment.

  • CNN’s Jake Tapper pushed presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke to take a position on immigration after he attempted to avoid the question during an interview on Sunday.

    Tapper brought up fellow Democratic […]

    • Without a wall we will not stop the flow of illegals. True asylum seekers are few. This is a Soros/leftist op to flood our system with fraud voters. Period.

      • I somewhat disagree. While those seeking asylum are truly seeking it, the # who actually qualify is on the order of 1 in 10. And that’s taking into account overly generous criteria and sympathetic immigration judges.

        In the long run it doesn’t matter, as so few actually show up for their hearings.

    • Eating dirt, even “healing” dirt will do that.

    • Shallow, meaningless word soup from a shallow, meaningless person.

    • Jake is wrong in trying to thumbtack jello to a wall, but at least he got a “measure” of Beta.

      Beta–were he a smarter, better politician– would have had a better answer. Instead he fell back on garbled, meaningless phrases while acting like an adolescent boy caught doing something wrong. He clearly isn’t bright enough to think on his feet.

      Between his skateboarding and his rock ambitions, Beta really is an overgrown adolescent.

    • The most difficult task facing O’Rourke is trying to sound intelligent while saying he has no idea what the most politically beneficial answer might be; it has always been his objective that he vote present as often as possible because he is incapable of a coherent answer to even questions like “is the sun shining?” What would he do when faced with a real decision? Take a poll and then ask if the results are correct? Leading from behind is called “following”.

  • Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) poked fun at Democratic lawmakers who were getting worried over Attorney General William Barr’s investigation into the origins of the Russia probe during an interview with Fox News […]

  • “Fox & Friends” host Ainsley Earhardt and Independent Women’s Voice CEO Heather Higgins defended Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Friday.

    Earhardt brought up how critical some news outlets were toward the former White […]

    • Jealous that she is smarter than you are? Obsequious is a mighty big word for a hatefilled liberal. And obviously inappropriately used.

    • So sorry to see her go but it seems to be a grueling position especially with idiots like wannabe comedian Wolf nipping at her heels. But she handled it like the pro she is. She will be a success no matter when she does.

    • She did well and she will do well inthe future.

    • CNN’s opinion means nothing. If anyone fails and is failing according to their stats it’s CNN. Sarah Sanders is a breath of fresh air. Looked forward to her snappy comebacks. She would make a great Governor.

    • What a relief to be back with her children and no longer be subjected to the daily trailor park trash slung by liberal media.


    • Ainsley Earhardt and Heather Higgins are confused.

      SHS didn’t serve this country. She only served this president, otherwise she would never have been press secretary. King Donald The Loser only wants obsequious people who serve him.

  • Julián Castro seemed to sidestep an immigration question during a Fox News town hall on Thursday.

    The Democratic presidential candidate was asked a question about immigration from a woman who had her identity […]

    • Yes, Julian, crime happens I’m sure you remember the Hatch Act.

      • No Morte. Being a Dim means convenient amnesia is a feature, not a bug.

      • You really want to compare Castro’s one violation to Kellyanne’s repeated violations??? You are one of only a handful of IJR posters that DOES NOT have one standard for D’s and zero standards for R’s.

        • Phyllis was this comment directed at me? I will grant that a violation is a violation regardless of the actual number of occurrences. My point Really had more to do with the Democratic willingness to semi-condone Castro’s violation because it was only once and ultimately Super O said it was okay versus the calls for Conway’s head as currently being squawked out.

    • Here’s the MASSIVE flaw in Castro’s victimization ideology: TWO WRONGS STILL DON’T MAKE A RIGHT.

    • One wonders what Castro would say were one of his family victimized by a criminal invader.

      “Ooh, the poor victimizer was justified in victimizing others Because……” Stephen Sondheim satirized (and summarized) it best in “West Side Story” with “Gee Officer Krupke”.

      Everybody can contrive an excuse. Am I the only one who sees the idiot, enabling, stupidity in this ideology? “Victims” (Bullshite) making more victims is NOT a formula for success, nor an excuse.

    • As someone who’s lost children to criminal invaders all I can say is “Minefields and meshing machine guns at the border. Round up, forcibly and horribly mutilate all visa violators. I’ll do it for free if the government refuses, because I care that much. Deport the survivors.

      Send the survivors back. Hopefully via (non-parachute) air drop.

      Send a message.

  • President Donald Trump slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her criticism of his recent comments about foreign intelligence during an interview with “Fox & Friends” on Friday.

    “I’ll go with what Mark Levin […]

    • You mean there is a difference? I couldn’t tell with all the Crap she spews. I can’t believe people vote her ignorance back into office over and over again…. Actually take a look at her district, looks like a third world country

    • If nobody is above the law including the president then that includes you Pelosi.
      You should be in prison for lying and inciting hatred.

    • Nancy, Nancy! Everything you are saying applies to Obama and Clinton, et al. Not Donald Trump!!!

    • Pelosi is telling you the truth. You get mortified with the truth because you live in a false zone. Always lying.

    • It sounds as if Pelosi is slowly coming to her senses. She should stop any confusion and just impeach him.

  • Fox News host Bret Baier questioned 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro’s potential double standard concerning Hatch Act violations during a town hall on Thursday.

    As IJR Red reported, a […]

    • No surprise really, Obama had Holder’s “back” too.

    • There is literally no difference. The problem isn’t the Hatch Act rules, the problem is the rules are there with no legal or required consequence.

      Until there is actually a consequence then disregard for the rules is just going to get worse with each presidency.

      Disregard for these rules didn’t start with the current administration.

    • Always always it is ok for them to do the same thing but not anyone that works for Trump you are a idiot

    • Exactly

    • Behind every double standard, there’s a single standard. (That’s a riddle; can you L

    • I think the democrats are trying to destroy our Republic……

    • This one also has zero chance of being in charge

    • you bet they do – look at the facts. gerrymandering only works for election of senators and representatives.

    • only an idiot would be ok with 2 over populated states like say California and New York, deciding policies for the other 50 states. of course Democrats/liberals want to abolish the electoral so their over populated echo chambers can win every election. luckily our forefathers were smart enough to see how small states can be ruled by larger populated states that have hive mind mentality. anyone who can’t see that does not understand one of the things that makes this the greatest country on earth. if popular vote was all a candidate had to win then why would a candidate ever campaign in any other state then California, New York or Washington?

    • Stop interfering with the First Amendment – PERIOD! Otherwise, prosecute every single politician who criticizes POTUS Trump and/or his admin. THAT should clear out Congress of virtually all Dems, and a few RINO’s as well….

    • Every movement of the left is always only applied to their opposition and never to themselves. And they wonder why we say they lack any guiding principles and everything they do is purely political. They prove it every day.

  • Former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders had tears in her eyes as she spoke about her time at the job on Wednesday.

    “I’ll try not to get emotional because I know cry can make us look weak […]

  • House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) shared his doubts that President Donald Trump will accept foreign intelligence during the 2020 election while speaking to reporters on Thursday.

    The lawmaker pointed […]

  • President Donald Trump took to Twitter to slam Democrats for a contempt vote on Attorney General William Barr that was supported by lone Republican Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.).

    On Wednesday the House Oversight […]

    • Shame on Amash and all other RINOs!!!

      • No, shame on anyone elected to serve the people who neglects to do so. Being republican shouldn’t equate with words like criminal,moron,or racist. Amish is a conservative and I don’t support that at all, but he was elected by his district to represent them, not support criminals. Take a good look at the people defending Trump’s criminality, then read Neimoller’s “First they came for the Socialists”, then start thinking for yourself.

  • Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) called out Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) for defending former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony during a hearing on Wednesday.

    The lawmaker pointed out that the former director had […]

  • Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) hopes to continue working across the aisle by offering to team up with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) for another bill.

    This bill would fast-track the FDA to approve birth […]

    • Cruz, trying to stay relevant (pick me. PICK ME!), wants to do what he can to make birth control too expensive for poor and disadvantaged women to buy. If they make it over-the-counter, then lots of plans won’t cover its expense.

      I see what you are trying to do, Cruz. You can’t confuse me.

  • Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minn.) hometown newspaper posted a scathing op-ed on Wednesday to slam the lawmaker for the controversies she has been involved with.

    As IJR Red previously reported, the lawmaker was […]

    • Words mean little. Recall the lying, anti-Semitic, anti-American, racist, bigamist, and tax scammer.

      SHE is reason #6,458,937 the general populace holds Congress in contempt.

    • In case you are not sure, Omar is a bigotted scumbag. She does not care what our laws are, she justifies doing what she does as it is ok if you are a Muslim. Just a plain scumbag and bigot.

    • Omar is both a fraud and a charlatan. She scammed her misguided potential constituency to electing her to office which she only intended to further her personal activism and also take advantage of government compensation, benefits and perks. As is a growing cancer in government, there is no love, loyalty or responsibility for the nation but personal selfishness, greed and power.

    • Apparently only if you were born here.

    • Glad to see that there are those in her hometown who are not enamored by her presence in Congress and see her as she is.

    • And ignorance of the law is not a defense.

    • The woman is a creep and snake-oil purveyor. She should be booted back to Somalia.

    • Bye bye Omar—-good riddance

    • What symbolism, unless being a complete jerk and ingrate are symbolic

    • Got news for you actual citizens of Minnesota not the Muslim agents pretending to be citizens who merely want to bid their time until they are large enough to take action. They voted her in with a goal in mind and she’s only whining and making her true feelings known due to frustration that Trump and aware Americans are in her way. Don’t trust the Muslims folks they have proven time and time again we can’t coexist they won’t assimilate they aren’t peaceful what other group of people in today’s world are cutting people’s head hands and genitals off one group Muslims.

    • She is a disgrace to the human race!!!!

    • Can’t wait to put this just when the public wii wake up and put her sorry butt in jail!!!

    • And yet if you or I had run afoul of the IRS and did not instantly comply with both the audit and the repayment plan, we would indeed face legal proceedings. What makes her special?

    • Lying, scheming Muslim Democrat. Surprise!!!

    • The facts are that she is a lying, scheming Muslim Democrat.

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