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  • Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) is pulling financial incentives for Nike after a shoe commemorating the Fourth of July was taken off shelves because it featured an old version of the flag.

    The Air Max 1 USA was […]

    • Phil Knight, Nike’s founder, is the richest man in OR. He still can’t hire smart execs or ones who can set aside personal politics for business professionalism. q.v. Dick’s Sporting Goods

      1. The optics and timing of pulling patriotic-themed sneakers just before the 4th of July is plain stupid. It’s like reading a marketing book, then doing everything exactly opposite.

      2. They listened to Colin Kaepumpernickel, a child of privilege who flushed his own career and damaged the NFL? They hired him, not the other way around.

      3. When you’ve lost Mika’s boy-toy, err, Joe Scarborough…….

    • I am already boycotting Nike after their endorsement of Colin Kaepernick as some type of hero. Guess I won’t stop anytime soon. Good job Gov. Ducey. Happy Independence Day everyone!

    • Nike is one among many brands and their KRAP is off my purchase list.

  • Journalist Andy Ngo spoke out about his experience covering the Antifa rally — where he was attacked and had his gear stolen during an interview — with Tucker Carlson on Monday.

    Ngo was covering a protest of […]

    • I wonder if Mr. Ngo or his employer would consider hiring personal security.

      After all, the police have been neutered by the mayor,* who is himself neutered and incompetent. “protect and serve” is a bad joke.

      “Law enforcement” literally stood watching while all this happened AND refused to accept witness testimony and photos of the attackers.

      *Mayor Dud also stood by while protesters occupied a neighborhood and shut-down a federal office for months.

    • I would have thought George Soros would have had his Antifa protesters trained better. Maybe he needs to give them (and Black Lives Matter) a pay raise.

  • Holocaust survivor Edward Mosberg slammed Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) for refusing an invitation to tour a Nazi concentration camp.

    As IJR Red reported, groups against anti-Semitism offered […]

    • AOC’s stupidity is beyond measuring. I agree with Mr. Mosberg that she MUST be removed from Congress for the good of the United States.

    • I’m in total agreement with Mosberg. Her refusing their offer to visit Auschwitz, shows she is closed minded- completely unwilling to gain understanding of the horrors the Jews were subject to and why her comparison is unjustified. Any person with true compassion for the suffering of a group of people, who made a remark that garnered the response her remark did, would be apologetically humble and would have been grateful for an experience that would give her a better understanding of why her remark is so offensive to so many people. She isn’t worthy of a seat in congress and I wouldn’t trust her to make decisions on her constituents behalf if she doesn’t even comprehend one of the most horrific event of the last 80 years.

    • Let’s hope Mosberg gets his wish. Socialist Barbie is up for re-election in 2020.

    • Funny how this bobblehead didn’t have the time to visit Auschwitz but had the time to visit a “concentration camp” for kids, where she faked crying outside a fence. Unfortunately for her the fence was for an empty parking lot. (no visible children and a CBP vehicle visibly parked in the background).

    • AOC is a card carrying member of the Democratic Socialists of America; America’s LARGEST Marxist organization. That should be clear to everyone where her agenda lies and is headed.

      Bernie Sanders is also a Democratic Socialist.

    • Were these so-called “concentration camps” called that during the inept Kenyan’s chair warming and freeloading in the Oval Office?

      OR did they just become such under President Trump through “adjusted” rhetoric and Leftist prattle?

    • During WW2, the Japanese were placed in “INTERNMENT CAMPS” for their own protection by the DemocRAT POTUS FDR. They were NOT “concentration camps” as your handlers would like us to believe.

      Apparently you and AOC aren’t old enough to know that.

    • AIC should be sent home to drink out of subway toilets.

    • AOC is correct in describing our camps as concentration camps, the same as our WW2 Japanese camps were concentration camps.

      She is NOT confusing them with the NAZI extermination camps.

      • Wow! You are one ignorant less than human. The Japanese had one goal. Destroy our country by any means possible. The Jews did not go by choice. They were forced. The people at our borders are coming here by choice.

    • She devours attention and almost appears high on it. Her accomplishments will be nonexistent when her term is over. Truth is not a friend of hers. Anything against President Trump is her goal.

    • Don’t be confused.

      Not all Jews think this way, however. Never Again Action also protests against ICE concentration camps. Thirty-six members of NAA just got arrested at a peaceful protest.

    • Anyone inciting violence against others and verbally something as horrible as anti-semitism, should be arrested immediately! Looks like the Dems are the party of hate these days!!

    • Along with Tlaib and Omar!

    • She keeps opening her mouth to get attention. She must have the spotlight on her at all times. Doesn’t mean she is a good congress woman, just means she constantly runs her mouth about things that she has no knowledge of. Hopefully the people of NY will not vote for her again.

    • I so agree with you and I hear her state is not exactly happy with her. She should be removed from office, all she spews is hate. She is the racist, if we are so bad whey is she here.

    • I may have to steal that last line from Mr. Mosberg

    • IJR is so confusing.

      I can’t reply to comments linked by “Load More Comments”.

      The testing procedures here must be so lax.

    • AOC is the poster child for raising the voting age.

    • Impeach the knows nothing whiny brat children don’t belong in congress or politics, AOC = Airhead Outright Crazy lol

    • She will never learn, and she is dead wrong, her Jewish constitutes would tell you to apologise!

  • Well-known breakfast chain Dunkin’ has moved to take away some storefronts from owners after they failed to use the E-Verify system and hired undocumented immigrants.

    The company sued nine store locations in P […]

    • WHY isn’t E-Verify MANDATORY Nation wide to deter or eliminate Illegal Alien Invaders from the Nation’s workforce? Once the Nation’s unemployment rate drops to 0 or as high as 1%, then allow a few disease-free, green card holders (up to 500 per year) apply for the lower paying jobs. DEPORT all the rest.

      • Because…compromise and an utter lack of political will.

      • E-Verify is simply big government sticking its nose into the business of companies. True Capitalism would let the companies hire anyone that gives them a competitive advantage. As long as they pay their taxes, leave them be.

        Unemployment will never get between 0% and 1%, and the “real” unemployment numbers are higher than what the “official” numbers that are quoted in the news. Regardless, it can’t get much lower than it is now. Recently, I had to change a supplier that I used to rely on because they couldn’t meet their schedules due to their workers retiring or going elsewhere and they can’t find good replacements.

        It’s hard to find people in my own line of work. The only new hires that we’ve been able to get in the last couple of years have been H-1B’s, and they are getting positions that are FAR from being the lower-paying jobs. If we were lucky enough to find green card holders – let alone actual US citizens – that we could hire, it would save us a lot of money and hassle. As it stands, we have trouble filling six-figure salaries with Americans, so the jobs are going to folks from China, India, Israel, and the U.K. on temporary work visas.

        In many fields, there are more jobs than there are workers. It’s a shame that so few of our younger workforce are spending their education dollars wisely.

    • Good for Dunkin’. I like their coffee, and Macdonald’s $1 cup, better than the overpriced swill served by a certain Leftist coffee outlet. (even if Macdonald’s used to use Seattle’s Best, a subsidiary of the Lefty company)

    • It’s critical that e-Verify be made federal law and permanent. Put gigantic, business-killing fines and criminal prosecution along with it.

      Right now it’s selectively enforced on a state-wide basis. (you can guess that the sanctuary states essentially ignore it).

      This is a perfect example of private business doing what the government cannot/will not.

    • I’m actually pleasantly surprised by the company’s requirement to use e-verify. I think it should be required by law for every single company that has an employee. I was not aware it was done for free which removes all excuses against the practice. I think it’s time to buy some donuts.

  • Former acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Tom Homan slammed a recent New York Times op-ed called for the public shaming of ICE agents during an interview with Fox News on Monday.

    The […]

    • The New York Times is a rag; a lotta wasted pulp wood.
      While ICE protects America, the NYT and other radicals are attempting to destroy us.

    • I think it’s time to dox members of the NYT as well as the stupid professor who put this opinion out there. I wanna know where they live, where their family goes, all the details that they want disclosed. Only fair right?

    • Yeah…been there; done that.

      When I was in Vietnam my name and home of record–which was my parent’s home–were published in the local paper. It was not a case of being doxed like the NYT is suggesting. Back in those days it was just SOP to provide that kind of information in the story which was that a local boy (me) had been deployed to Vietnam. A couple of days later some antiwar protesters showed up at my parents home to “protest….” They did not bring “protest signs.” They did not sit on the front lawn and chant antiwar slogans. They came at three o’clock in the morning with a 7-Up bottle filled with gasoline and a rag stuffed in the neck. They lit the rag and threw the bottle on my parent’s front porch. Luckily their little homemade Molotov cocktail failed to explode. But they, in essence, tried to kill my folks because I was an evil baby-killer serving in Vietnam.

      If the NYT gets its way Custom’s Agents and their families lives are going to be put at risk.

    • Sounds to me like this should be addressed as a national security issue and said individual should be charge accordingly.

    • How about we doxx the reporters.

    • Lead with ALL of your personal information, if you wanna dox someone, and you are not a complete pvssy. Otherwise, go to hell.

      • Nope. The Left hates when it’s own tactics are used against it.

        Why do you think Antifa goes out of its way to doxx the oppositon but itself wears ISIS-style garb?

        • Oh God! Don’t get me started on antifas. There are many ways that those thugs should be dealt with, flamethrowers, and the A-10’s 30mm gun spring to mind.

    • The Left HATES when it’s own tactics are used against it. q.v. the “nuclear option for filibusters”, not seating a Supreme Court judge during an election year.

      An upstate NY paper “doxed” all gun owners/carriers in their region. They screamed when they names, addresses, family members of the newspaper were similarly doxed. Bet they won’t try that again.

  • Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) took to social media to break down why the “political theater” prevented a border humanitarian aid bill from passing sooner.

    The representative pointed out that the $4.6 billion fun […]

  • Former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended Ivanka Trump after Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) criticized Trump’s presence at the G-20 summit.
    Ocasio-Cortez tweeted out a video of T […]

    • As Kathy stated she is NOT in the Senate. But she is in the US House of Representing BECAUSE the voters of the 14th District of NY ELECTED HER. Being her district is 6-1 D’s to R’s, the chances of her taking far-right positions are as likely as Jim Jordan or Steve King taking a far-left position. It would ONLY be disgraceful if she was not representing THE VIEWS OF HER CONSTITUENTS. .

    • WHAT IF Hillary had won and she took Chelsea and Mark to the G-20 Summit? WHAT IF, Chelsea posed next to her mother in the official photo of the G-20 LEADERS? Conservative media would have been apoplectic. It would have made the day Obama wore a tan suit appear to be a mild reaction.

      • I see you still haven’t joined the real world and are still living in your “what if” haze, philly.

      • I am confused, Phyllis.

        Are you suggesting that conservatives, I mean cult members, are hypocrites? Say it ain’t so! If these guys looked in a mirror they wouldn’t see anything because they are so transparent.

  • President Donald Trump spoke out about the Democratic debates on Friday and slammed the candidates as being part of the “Socialist Party.”

    “You know I’ve been watching the debates a little bit in between meeti […]

    • There is no logical reason why the Illegal Aliens should be included in ANYTHING here in the United States. They are ILLEGAL invaders of our sovereign Nation and the ONLY thing they deserve is a walk – at the end of a bayonet – to and then booted over our Southern border. They have NO right to be here and should not be pandered to by the Socialists here..

    • Dumbosocio Party has a nice ring to it. These heathens are trying to dismantle the United States bit by bit and frankly, that is offensive. Members of my ancestry have fought and died for their rights and ours and to have a buncha losers trying to throw away the Constitution downright pisses me off.

      • Guess maybe the Socialist Party believes it is better to be pissed OFF than pissed ON. Don’t know how they can determine the difference with their agenda.

    • Of course Democrats are in favor of socialism because democracy always fails into socialism once the poor realize they can vote to take the wealth of the rich. What they don’t realize is that, once everyone gets “free” stuff, almost no one will produce anything. Then everyone gets poor – very poor. Then comes revolution, usually violent revolution.

  • New York Mayor Bill De Blasio was slammed by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) for a weak apology after using an offensive Spanish phrase.

    Speaking to a crowd in Miami on Thursday, de Blasio used the phrase, “Hasta l […]

    • Typical liberal D-RAT, doesn’t do homework, knows not of what they speak—-always misses the mark. Another Clown in a disgusting parade of clowns!

    • DeBlabber nonsense—-full of Pelosi!

    • As a presidential candidate DeBlasio ranks pretty close to the bottom, right next to another loser, Jay Inslee. DeBlasio’s days as NYC mayor are numbered. He has pised too many people off and his Leftists views, taxes and restrictions just don’t sit well with voters. Hopefully he and AOC will be history come next election.

    • When Donna Shalala condemns, well there you have it. DeBlahblah is an idiot and it was simply adorable when he bragged about ‘running’ the biggest police force in the United States, whose hands he has tried to tie, then told us that he told his black son to be wary of The Man. Depending upon the circumstances, pandering can be considered a crime. DeBlahBlah is a joke. The voters who elected his wretched ass a second time must be part of the opioid epidemic.

    • What do you expect from a Communist, to quote another Communist (Che Guevara)?

    • “.I was telling those airport workers….” as he thought he was ‘speaking in Spanish’. In other words he was denigrating the ‘Spanish’ crowd while pandering to them for their votes at the same time…..’nough said.

    • Thankfully, this asshat is going nowhere.

    • Hey randy I live in ny we don’t want him either

    • Looked to me like there was 19 or so on that Miami stage who know little about much of anything except handing out FREE stuff for votes from the low-IQ voter. Can’t point to one I’d waste a vote on.

    • DeBlowhard once again proving why in NYC he is also known as DeMoron.

    • Omg. Lol


    • Omfg. Lol

    • That’s just silly! Che doesn’t own those words! I know, I know, he’s dead…murdered by the CIA…anyway. How many people quote that murdering bastard, George W. Bush… and never apologize for it? Give me a break!

  • Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) is takingsome heat for backtracking on her opinion on private healthcare insurance the Democratic debate on Thursday.

    As IJR Red noted, Harris has taken a confusing position on the […]

    • Apparently Floppy Joe has nothing on Kamala. The desperate Dumbos want to keep their eyes on the prize but are too baffled to strategize.
      Weakness begets weakness and the Doomocrats are
      becoming exponentially weak.

    • /sarc/ I see nothing wrong with making private insurance illegal. How many companies will close and go out of business; how many hard working people will be put out of work; how much would the economy deteriorate under Commie Sander’s NO premium, NO co-pay, NO nothing single payer plan? BUT he says he will have to raise taxes to pay for all the FREE stuff he and his comrades want to exchange for votes. The United States will become a doomed outpost of Venezuela if any one of these Socialists/Marxists lie their way into the WH.

      • I make it a habit of not getting freaked out over proposals that will never get thru Congress. If you see the votes to pass Sanders/Warren/Harris plans, let me know WHO the 60 are in the Senate In 2016 I attempted to point out the flaws in Bernie’s plans to his Bros. on FB, but they believed in the fantasy, just as you believed in the fantasy of Mexico will pay for the wall and a con man with an extensive history for corrupted business practices was going to magically change his ways.

      “JUST AS MY DNC MASTERS HAVE TAUGHT ME TO DO … WE ALL LEARNED what DNC will do to us IF we do not follow in goosestep manner. Just look at how the DNC RIGGED ELECTION to favor Clinton over Sanders “

      • HOW exactly did the DNC rig the election to favor Clinton? Not changing the rules to accommodate Bernie’s whims, is not rigging. The DNC rules were in place BEFORE Bernie announced his candidacy. If he did not like the rules or the debate schedule, he had the option to run as an Independent. Since he has never been a registered Democrat, it would not have been necessary to even change his party affiliation.

    • Trump WAS a Democrat, but he has been a R since 2012. Or did you think he believed Mexico would pay for the wall, tax cuts pay for themselves, or 6. GDP was possible under his “isolationist” platform?

    • Did you fall for Mexico paying for the wall? Tax cuts pay for themselves? Trump wasn’t going to golf or vacation? Isn’t that why we were not suppose to take him literally? NO ONE DOES.—not our allies or our enemies.

  • Presidential candidate Joe Biden was heavily criticized by fellow candidates for his political past and fumbled over defending himself and the Obama administration during the second round of Democratic debates on […]

  • President Trump took to Twitter to slam the second round of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates during their debate on Thursday.

    As IJR Blue reported, the second round of debates featured candidates like […]

    • “How about taking care of American Citizens first!? That’s the end of that race!” King Donald The Loser

      The King is confused. The health care debacle won’t go away and he and what is left of the Republican party have NO SOLUTIONS for it. In fact, they want to make it much, much worse.

      • In 2010-present, Republicans have been told Obamacare was FREE HEALTHCARE, SOCIALIZED MEDICINE, and COVERED UNDOCUMENTED.—and had Death panels Have you heard ANY R say, “Hey, that is what I thought Obamacare was”? THAT is why they wanted to repeal it.

    • The tweets selected appear to be from Americans who wanted a FREE WALL—Mexico was going to pay.
      FREE TAX CUTS—they were going to pay for themselves. FREE TARIFFS ON IMPORTS—China was going to pay them. FREE OF CONSEQUENCES getting out of the JCPOA—how did those work out? It is really rich that those who voted for and support Trump find FREE STUFF unappealing. It is also amusing that conservative media was selling Obamacare as being “socialized medicine” & coverage for undocumented immigrants—And no one stops and says, “Hey, I thought that was already in place” BOTH parties have been taken over by the loons on the fringes wanting FREE STUFF. The most glaring absence in the 2 debates was anyone being asked HOW were these plans going to get THRU Congress. WHERE are the 60 votes in ANY Senate?

  • Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) spoke out in response to Democratic presidential candidates’ support of “Medicare for All” during an interview with The Hill on Wednesday.
    The senator claimed that the number of […]

    • No one seems to want to publicly admit Medicare for All also has the “death panel”; meaning (for example) if you’re 85 years old and need a new hip, you’re past the time when you should have died and you would be ineligible for ANY operation. Cataract surgery? Forgetaboutit! Cancer? You’re going to die anyway.

      Also, the US takes in $6 trillion a year in taxes. Medicare for All is projected to cost $93 trillion for a program which is going broke now.

      Good thinking, Leftists. (?)

      • James is confused as ever about health care coverage.

        The Republicans already have instituted “death panels” by make health care unaffordable and unattainable for way too many of us. If we can’t afford our necessary care, we die.

        • It’s been widely stated that “Obamacare” is unaffordable by the majority of Americans who must work for a living. With premiums skyrocketing up 200% and more, I’d say that is the result of Pelosi and her Leftist comrades who told us “we’ll have to pass it to see what’s in it” while shoving that fiasco down our throats. The Left owns that mess which should be repealed.

          Never confused; just facts the Left is unable to comprehend. Pictures at 11.

  • A string of vandalism has left the Michigan GOP headquarters building marked with obscenities like “f**k ICE,” yet state GOP Chair Laura Cox is still willing to talk to the vandals who disagree with her.

    As […]

  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) shared his delight that he was referenced during the first round of debates for 2020 Democratic presidential candidates on Wednesday.

    While speaking to reporters […]

    • It was humorous that the ‘B’ team and that MSNBC mouthpiece went after McConnell and rarely mentioned President Trump. I reckon they’re saving their true vitriol for tonight, as if it matters.

    • What a blast to watch these moron’s stumble around. Watched the debates in between innings of ball game. Better than Comedy Central. What a gathering of idiots. Free this, free that. Nothing is free. Somebody pays you dorks. Socialism works until it runs out of other peoples money.

    • Dems have no substance, just lots of promises to give away money.

    • I know the feeling though on a much smaller scale when I get blocked on social media by Leftists who get flustered when you speak truths. They don’t know how to respond. It makes their brains go tilt tilt tilt.

  • Democratic candidates attempted to dodge questions during the first 2020 Democratic primary debate and were quickly called out on social media for avoiding direct answers.

    As IJR Blue reported, the debate […]

    • Sadly, Julian Castro seemed to be the only person on the stage who was even prepared for the debate. The game of dodgeball was pretty embarrassing for the ‘B’ team. I actually look forward to this next debate despite being forced to watch it on MSNBC. I wonder if Bernie and Joe will wear sombreros because I doubt they speak any Spanish. Even if they answer phonetically, they won’t make anymore sense than they do when blathering in English.

  • President Donald Trump posted about the Democratic debates on Twitter to slam the technical issues and behavior of the Democratic candidates.
    As IJR Blue reported, the first round of debates happened on Wednesday […]

  • Two Republican senators claimed that President Donald Trump should be questioned about the recent rape allegations.

    As IJR Blue reported, E. Jean Carroll came forward with allegations of rape against the […]

    • WHY did this supposed “rape victim” wait for more than 30 YEARS before remembering she was “raped”? Has she run out of money and decided Trump – the billionaire President – was an easy target?

      Move on. No story here.

    • —- And -to think- I voted for that --scum-bagMitt Romney…. ;'{

  • Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) fired back at Democratic lawmakers for calling on former special counsel Robert Mueller to testify months after his report was released during an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity […]

    • Maybe once Nadler gets done with HIS version of the Trump/Russia Collusion matter, someone will remind him what he should be doing for the American citizen. Right now, I doubt he has a clue what he’s being over paid to do.

    • Jerry Nads and Shiffhead are badly overplaying a busted flush. Call their bluff!

    • Lotsa stuff blows outta the Dumbocrats faces.

    • The President is fighting the subpoenas because #1 they are unconstitutional as they violate separation of powers, and #2 he’s protecting the Executive Branch from a bunch of unhinged tyrannical Democrats who refused to accept the results of the 2016 election.

      The responsibility of the House of Representatives is to LEGISLATE, and not INVESTIGATE without any legislative purpose just because they don’t like the President, which is exactly what is going on here.

      The far-left lunatics in the Democrat Party are using the power of the House strictly for political reasons. If you can’t see that, then you’re a brain-dead liberal lunatic as well.

    • What medical cuts. If you paid more in taxes you must be upper middle class, in a high tax state or are you not very bright.

  • President Donald Trump slammed Democrats for the upcoming Robert Mueller hearing, questioning why Democrats were still focusing on the issue months after the report during an interview with Fox Business on […]

    • The democrats are lost

    • The hateful Demons are lost, on their way to hell for what they have put their president through. People, vote these bast**ds out of office.They r wasting ur tax dollars in a witch hunt.

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