‘No Memes’: Obama Puts Out ‘Serious’ Video Reminding Everyone to Get Health Insurance

Barack Obama

Former President Barack Obama is making sure people know they can still sign up for health insurance through his Affordable Care Act (ACA) despite what the Trump administration does.

Last year, the administration slashed the advertising for HealthCare.gov right before the deadline. According to the Washington Examiner, the administration said that plenty of people already knew about the ACA and that therefore, ads weren’t needed.

But Obama put matters into his own hands using his massive social media reach to spread the word that the deadline for signups this year is December 15.

“Well, it is that time of year again,” Obama begins this year’s video, released on Monday. “The time my team tries to get me to reference some viral trend or otherwise make a fool out of myself in the name of encouraging more young people to sign up for health insurance.”

In the past, Obama has partnered with the likes of BuzzFeed and Zach Galifianakis to produce viral videos where he plugs HealthCare.gov.

The former president said this year is different.

“I think you’ve proven that you don’t need to see me taking jump shots or sitting between a couple of forest plants in order to know it’s important to have health insurance in case, God forbid, you get really sick or hurt yourself next year.”

So Obama gave a fairly straightforward pitch for HealthCare.gov, with a small tongue-in-cheek edit at the end.

Watch the video below:

Despite the joke at the end, Obama’s announcement this year is less flashy than ones he’s produced in the past. His awkward interview with Galifianakis for Funny or Die became a viral sensation.

Watch below:

The former president also partnered with BuzzFeed while he was still in office to promote the ACA.

Watch below:

While the new administration has all but gutted the budget for HealthCare.gov advertising, Obama proves his outreach could be enough. This year’s video has already gained over 800,000 views in one hour on Twitter.

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What a f^^^ing joke he is my retired friend had O care was always getting cut on something, like her neurologist of 15 + years etc, while illegal immigrants had full coverage on it. Funny before O care she had no problems

Hector Espada

Also let’s remember that John McCain could have cast the vote to cancel Obamacare. but he didn’t. I hope he’s roasting in hell.

Hector Espada

Yeah, Obama cancels my 200 a month major medical and slaps me with 1500 a month 7000.00 deductible so his ghettothug army can get it for free. What a cockroach.

Mary Ridosh-Spalding

Hey!! Obamanation!! F*CK YOU!!!


Just a personal experience, my deductible QUADRUPLED, my coverage went from 90/10 to 70/30. My premiums went up 33%. THANKS obummer. I recently fell and have 11 fractures of the head of my humerus. I am out over 3000 out of pocket and still counting, where I would have been out of pocket less than 800. WHAT A FANTASTIC DEAL!

Steve Williams

Brokeback and Mike are the scourge on America! Just say “no!” to transtesticle Kenyans!

Steve Peralta Garan

I live in Las Vegas and the moment Obama Care was passed Las Vegas Casinos cut back “Extra-Board” employees to 3 and 4 days a week … Just short enough not to receive benefits … Dealers work 2 jobs just to make it and still have to afford Obama Care … My bare minimum for ObamaCare is $450 a month or, go without insurance and pay the penalty at tax time … “Pure Extortion” …

Mark Simmons

I wonder what Obama thinks should be done about the millions of people getting their healthcare paid for by taxpayers like you and I that make as much or more than we do. Medicaid fraud through the Obamacare exchanges is rampant. Audits have show hundreds of thousands of people a single state getting free healthcare at taxpayer expense THAT DO NOT QUALIFY. Add to that the number of fraudulent claims for other reasons and we have a HUGE problem.

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