‘Why Can’t Dems Ever Stay Focused?’: Obama’s Campaign Manager Blasts Warren, Dems for Following DNA Distraction

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Former President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign manager Jim Messina wasn’t thrilled to see many prominent Democrats spending their morning discussing Senator Elizabeth Warren‘s DNA test, rather than focusing on the upcoming midterm election.

On Monday morning, the Boston Globe published the results of a DNA test that was taken by Sen. Warren (D-Mass.) that showed she is between 1/32 and 1/1024 Native American.

Warren released the DNA test after facing years of comments from President Donald Trump about her heritage.

Although Warren and her supporters may see her DNA test results as a victory, some Democrats see it as nothing but a distraction and a waste of time as election day draws nearer.

Messina slammed Warren for choosing to release the DNA test when Democrats should be focusing on winning seats in the midterm elections.

Some Democrats echoed Messina’s concerns, while many conservatives celebrated the distraction derailing the Democrats.

As far as the questionable timing of Warren’s DNA release, Messina may have a point in criticizing her motives of focusing on 2020 when the 2018 midterms are just a few weeks away. Many believe that this is a first step in clearing her name so she can run against Trump in 2020.

A recent poll from CNN showed Warren in fourth place to be the Democrat’s candidate in 2020, with eight percent responding in her favor. Former Vice President Joe Biden led the pack with 33 percent naming him as their first choice.

As far as the midterm elections go, it remains to be seen how the Democrats will do. Generic polls from Real Clear Politics show Democrats with a 7.3 point lead on Republicans.

However, other polls reflect an increase in voter enthusiasm for right-leaning voters following the controversy of the confirmation hearing for Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

As Messina noted, American voters will head to the polls on November 6.

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General Custer had more Indian blood than Liz Warren does……and he had none.


Some trapper raped an Indian woman. We should be more concerned about that….just sayin…


She’s pretty much running unopposed for her current Senate seat which means one of two things, either Warren is not as clear a front runner in her district as we have been told or (and more likely) Trump yanked her chain and good.





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