#MeToo Leaders Send Heartfelt Letter to Christine Blasey Ford: ‘We Will Be Forever Grateful’

Christine Blasey Ford
Michael Reynolds/Pool via Reuters

A group of #MeToo leaders sent a letter to Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford on Wednesday, thanking her for her bravery during the Kavanaugh hearings and noting that she was an inspiration to them.

The letter was signed by Tarana Burke, the Bronx-based activist who founded the “Me Too” movement, photographer Amanda de Cadenet, activist Glennon Doyle, and actresses Tracee Ellis Ross, and America Ferrera.

The women told Dr. Ford that they watched together and “witnessed you show up for duty not as a superhero but as a fully human woman.” They added, “When you stood there in front of us, Dr. Ford, we found a heroism we could not only believe in, we could become.”

They told Ford, “you showed a world of discounted people what courage looks like … you reminded us that we are neither powerless nor alone because we have truth — and we have each other.”

The letter closed with this powerful set of verses:

We will be forever grateful to you, Dr. Ford.
You will see our gratitude in our straightened spines.
You will see it when we march, when we walk out, when we show up.
You will see it in the voting lines that go on forever.
You will see it when you read our names on ballots.
You will hear it in our reawakened voices.
You will feel it in our strengthened siblinghood.

Unfortunately, Ford hasn’t been able to return to life as normal. Her lawyer has said that the death threats against her are so bad that Ford is still not living at home. But women have come forward en masse to tell Ford that her sacrifice wasn’t in vain. She was recently nominated for a “distinguished alumna” award at her alma mater, the University of North Carolina.

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  1. She was very convincing on her testimony! Too bad the FBI didn’t see their responsibility to investigate thoroughly before making a report, I’m sure they were instructed to keep it brief by Whitehouse.

    • Except for the fact that her testimony is falling apart on a daily bases! She said she “had to” have that 2nd front door in her living space, because of her anxiety of being in confined spaces. This led to her breakdown requiring therapy in 2012. The contractor who put in the 2nd door, says that ISN’T what happened! He said that Ford and her husband wanted the second door, NOT for their living space, but as an entrance to a rental unit, that they rented to Google interns! The permit was pulled in 2008!

      All of the things that she “couldn’t” remember. But she remembered that she was 15 at the time of the incident, but she didn’t know what year it was? What kind of a PhD, got there WITHOUT having to take a MATH class?

      Many other people have already written about the many other problems with her testimony. It’s obvious Republicans DON’T believe it. The question is, why do Democrats?

  2. lona- heard of the name Rachel Mitchell? Educate yourself about her and then explain to me why I should believe your opinion over hers? Not only did her report to Congress say Ford’s testimony was not enough to get an indictment, it WASN’T enough to even get a WARRANT. After you educate yourself about Rachel Mitchell, PLEASE explain to me why your opinion should be listened to instead of hers?

  3. Once again, It was Kavanaugh who was sexually assaulted! He was ass raped by half the Senate and a bunch of lying rando bitches!! I believe in supporting women if they are molested but there has to be more than he-said she-said!!

    • He must be the victim. He is a Republican. If you require “more than he-said she said” where do you stand on Juanita Broaddick? On Al Franken’s accusers? On Charlie Rose’s accusers? On Matt Lauer’s accusers? WHY do you need more evidence on Republican accused than Democrat accused? Juanita Broaddick’s accusation was investigated by Brett Kavanaugh during the Ken Starr investigation. Why is there enough proof against Bill Clinton but not Brett/Bart Kavanaugh?

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