Mexican Government Claims They Will Deport Migrants Who ‘Violently’ Stormed The Border

The Mexican government claims that they are planning to deport the migrants that were involved in trying to storm the border.

IJR previously reported that on Sunday, hundreds of people attempted to overwhelm Border Patrol agents in order to get through the border. They caused mass chaos and the closing of the border for most of the day.

The government released a statement claiming that the caravan tried to “violently” and “illegally” cross the border and that any who were identified as part of the group would be deported.


President Donald Trump has also been extremely outspoken on the situation, tweeting out that the only way they would be allowed into the U.S. would be legally through the decision of the court.

Many citizens of Tijuana are feeling the impact of the caravan due to some working on the other side of the border. According to BBC, people like José Fajardo could potentially face no work if the border is closed.

“It’s really bad,” Fajardo said. “I have to get to work in a restaurant over the other side. I cross the border every day for work. But when you can’t work, there’s no money.”


While there are many single adults trying to make it to the U.S. to work, there are also some families trying to seek asylum. It is uncertain if they will try to stay in Mexico.


  1. I wonder how much of this came from their genuine interest in securing the border vs. how much came from feeling so much pressure from Trump.

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