MGA Announces Sale of IMGE

Alexandria, VA – Media Group of America, one of the fastest growing digital media companies in the country, announced today that its stand alone digital agency IMGE has been spun out, acquired by its CEO Phil Musser and a small group of investors.

As part of that agreement MGA has fully divested its ownership in IMGE, and Phil has stepped away from his board role with MGA Holdings.

“This is the best case scenario for both MGA and IMGE, allowing each to fully realize their potential with the resources and focus to execute against that vision. The IMGE team couldn’t be in better hands than with Phil Musser, and I’m confident they will continue to grow and innovate in the digital advocacy space,” stated Alex Skatell, MGA Holdings Chairman and CEO.

“It’s an ideal outcome for all involved that will allow each company to pursue new and exciting opportunities. There has never been a greater opportunity for MGA and our flagship news site, Independent Journal Review (IJR), than what we are seeing now. A focus on connecting and giving a voice to a community in America’s heartland has only started to be realized,” Skatell continued.

“The rest of the country and world are seeing what we observed long ago – that a large group of Americans feel increasingly overlooked by traditional media and disconnected from the opportunities and passions they care most about. We will continue to focus on informing, inspiring, and impacting their lives in meaningful ways.”

Media Group of America is one of America’s fastest growing digital media companies focused on connecting communities in the heartland, with its flagship news site Independent Journal Review reaching as many as 30 million Americans each month.

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