GOP Rep Mia Love Fires Back After Trump Celebrates Her Election Loss

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On Monday, Mia Love, the only black female Republican in Congress, delivered a concession speech in front of a group of supporters and reporters. And she had some criticism for the most powerful figure in her party: President Donald Trump.

Love, who has represented Utah’s 4th District since 2015, shied away from a rousing endorsement of Trump during her time in Washington and her less-than-fawning attitude led to the president criticizing her after she lost her re-election bid.

In a speech after the midterm elections, Trump quipped, “Mia Love gave me no love. And she lost. Too bad. Sorry about that, Mia.”

But on Monday, it was Love who bashed Trump. Early in her concession speech, Love said the president’s comments “gave [her] a clear vision of his world as it is — no real relationships, just convenient transactions.”

Here’s a clip of her remarks:

Love lost her election to Democrat Ben McAdams, who currently serves as mayor of Salt Lake County. She finally called McAdams called to concede the race on Saturday; there was a difference of less than 1,000 votes between them.

Trump suggested in his attacks on Love that she should have called him to get him to campaign with her in Utah but that Love never reached out for help. When Trump initially attacked Love, the race still wasn’t technically over, it appeared that it might even be headed for a recount at that time.

Of course, Trump attacked a number of Republicans in that speech, including New Jersey’s Erik Paulsen, but none of the others hit back on Trump as forcefully as Love.

The 2018 elections were devastating for Republicans in the House of Representatives. Democrats scored nearly 40 seats, which is the largest gain for the party since 1974. Only three incumbent Democratic congressmen and women lost re-election bids. It seems the “blue wave” was a real thing.

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Rocky Drummond

Around 70% of the delegates that received some sort of support from Trump, including tweets, lost. That isn’t a great record, so it is understandable why she refused his help.





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