Michael Avenatti Is in Police Custody for Felony Domestic Violence: Report

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UPDATE [11/14/18, 7:50 p.m. EST]

TMZ is now reporting that the woman involved in the alleged incident resulting in Michael Avenatti’s arrest was not his estranged wife, as previously reported. The outlet has since indicated that the incident involved another, unknown woman:

Additionally, Lisa Storie-Avenatti addressed the situation via a statement from her lawyer making it clear she was not present:

Michael Avenatti is in police custody in Los Angles for felony domestic violence, according to a new report from TMZ.

Avenatti popped onto the national scene as Stormy Daniel’s attorney and has since been picking fights with several prominent conservatives, including President Donald Trump and Fox News host Tucker Carlson. He has even been floated as a possible 2020 presidential candidate for the Democratic Party.

According to TMZ, the lawyer is behind bars for domestic violence. Authorities reportedly told TMZ that Avenatti’s estranged wife filed the domestic violence report on Wednesday. They also reported that her face was “swollen and bruised” when she was filing the report.

TMZ reported that the two had been sharing an apartment, but Avenatti had kicked the woman out after a break-up. She returned Wednesday to gather her belongings, but it looks like things quickly turned south.

It isn’t yet clear exactly what happened during the alleged assault, but TMZ reports that the woman ran into the street to call 911, shouting back at the house, “I can’t believe you did this to me.”

TMZ reported that Avenatti followed her, shouting, “She hit me first.”

He also was reported saying, “This is bulls**t, this is f**king bulls**t.”

This is not the first time Avenatti has been accused of abuse as his estranged wife stated in court that he was emotionally abusive:

Many people have been waiting for the downfall of Avenatti, and some took to Twitter to celebrate the news of his arrest:

It isn’t clear if charges will be filed against Avenatti. He is also currently under investigation by the Department of Justice at the request of the Senate Judiciary Committee for his role in representing Julie Swetnick, who allegedly provided false accusations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

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Aside from this…I’d like to know what’s happening in terms of the investigation into what this guy tried to do at the Kav hearings.


You must always believe the accuser. Isn’t that right, Avenatti?


Such a shame! Creepy Porn Lawyer (CPL) would have made a great presidential candidate for the Dems! Oh wait! Teddy Kennedy killed Mary Jo and still ran, so I suppose the Dems aren’t in a state of panic just yet about their budding superstar! ???


What a shock that “porn star lawyer” Avenatti abuses women. I wonder if he even returns the calls from those he represented in claims against Kavanaugh.

Sleazeball. Loser. Ambulance chaser.


Uh oh, I think this is going to complicate his presidential aspirations.



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