Michael Avenatti Is Actually Challenging Donald Trump Jr. to a Cage-Match Fist-Fight

Michael Avenatti
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Michael Avenatti, the lawyer who somehow manages to shove himself into every political fiasco, issued another challenge on Tuesday, as he proposed a mixed-martial arts fight with Donald Trump Jr. and suggested they give the proceeds to charity.

Avenatti made the statement to an NBC reporter at a Vanity Fair lunch on Tuesday and it quickly gained traction when he retweeted the journalist and said, “I’m in.”

Avenatti later tweeted that he would split his portion of the money raised between rebuilding Puerto Rico and RAINN — a charity dedicated to helping survivors of sexual assault.

So far, Trump Jr. hasn’t responded to the proposal, but he would have an age advantage; at 40, he’s seven years younger than Avenatti. He’s also a few inches taller than the lawyer.

It’s unclear what charities Trump Jr. would contribute to. He doesn’t have the best history with charities, as was revealed in 2017 when Forbes ran a story outlining how the eldest Trump boy was funneling money from a children’s cancer charity into his business.

The challenge isn’t that surprising as it seems that Avenatti will do just about anything to ensure his name remains in the headlines, a tactic that hasn’t always panned out so well. During the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, he claimed to have a released sworn affidavit from a woman who claimed that the Supreme Court nominee participated in gang rapes.

Unlike the other accusers, Avenatti’s client didn’t undergo the careful scrutiny of the media and she soon walked back her claims during an NBC interview. The network even faced criticism for interviewing Avenatti’s client without corroborating evidence and for the Republicans in the Kavanaugh hearings, the wild claims were proof that the Democrats and their supposed allies in the media had no boundaries.

For the past few months, it has become more and more clear that Avenatti is eyeing a 2020 run, despite the fact that he has no political experience.

Though he knows how to draw a camera toward him (a cage match with Trump Jr. would surely pique the media’s interest), he hasn’t quite figured out how to get voters to follow. A recent poll in Iowa — a hugely important state to any early 2020 contender — showed that only 1% of voters would give Avenatti the nod in the ballot box.

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  1. Donnie Jr., I’ll be your 2nd, or we can tag team the creepy porn lawyer; you won’t break a sweat and Avenatti will be begging Stormy to resuscitate him in time for his 2020 run

  2. Maybe Biden should just take Avenatti out behind the gym and give him an ‘old school’ thrashing. The Party obviously is not big enough for the both of them.
    Next the Dumbocrats will be challenging the GOP to forego softball and simply have a rumble; no guns no knives, but bats, chains and brass knuckles acceptable.

  3. I’ll take “Desperately Seeking Relevance” for The Daily Double. While it would be amusing to watch this ambulance-chaser get pummeled, it’s not going to happen.


    Any bets on how short this match would be? A few seconds would be mine. Trust me, Jr. wouldn’t stand a chance in a cage natch, so betting on him would be a mistake.

  5. “My father can beat up your father.” Are we back in grade school again? Grow up, Democrats!!! Really?? Is that all you’ve got, Avenatti? Pathetic!!!

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