IG Horowitz Nears End of Probe into Alleged FISA Abuse, Gives Draft Report to Barr

Joshua Roberts/Reuters

Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz gave his draft report into alleged FISA abuse by the department and the FBI during the Trump-Russia investigation to the attorney general.

In a letter sent to multiple congressional committees in both chambers on Friday, Horowitz announced that his office was “finalizing” their report and giving a draft of it to Attorney General William Barr “for classification determination and marking.”

The inspector general and his team had been looking into how the FBI and Justice Department used the infamous report by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele to secure warrants to investigate President Donald Trump‘s 2016 presidential campaign aide Carter Page as well as three renewals.

“We have now begun the process of finalizing our report by providing a draft of our factual findings to the department and the FBI for classification determination and marking,” Horowitz wrote. “This step is consistent with our process for reports such as this one that involves classified material.”

Horowitz went on in his letter to say that his team would “proceed with our usual process for preparing final draft public and classified reports, and ensuring that appropriate reviews occur for accuracy and comment purposes” after they received the marked-up document in regards to classified material.

A source familiar with the interaction said that Barr has gotten the report and will begin his review. Horowitz said the attorney general’s staff has “reviewed over one million records and conducted over 100 interviews, including several of witnesses who only recently agreed to be interviewed.”

Last week, prosecutors at the Department of Justice were given the go-ahead to pursue charges against former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe for allegedly lying to investigators. Charges have been recommended by Washington, D.C. U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu but an indictment has not been issued.

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It is my hope that if the DOJ, FBI and republicans do nothing to put in prison those demonrats who have put this nation in great peril and committed treason, that there will be a big uprising to put down the republican party as it is and start a new party with people who actually care about this country and it’s freedoms. I have had enough of the lip service republicans who say they have found the information necessary to take to court and put demonrats in prison where they belong only to put the information in the round file… Read more »


Frau Blucher,

You reckon wrongly, even if your resume here is replete with rejection. You are a subject-matter expert in that.

Prove I’ve ever rejected any of the things you rant about. Please.

You ought to look to your own party as rejecting reality. First they lauded and applauded the Mueller investigation, then they repudiated its findings and continue down the impeachment trail. Good. Nothing says insanity like beating a dead horse (unless you’re tenderizing it for consumption).

Edmund Hickey

Don’t forget the tw0-tier justice system we have in America. The elite do not serve prison time. However they need a scapegoat and it looks like McCabe will be the example and take the fall while everybody else skates. That way the Justice department can say perpetrator(s) were prosecuted then put the whole matter to rest. Notorious Hillary committed numerous serious crimes yet not a one in the justice department seeks to reopen that investigation. Why not? Comey laid out all of her crimes but failed to observe the proper procedure and forward his findings to the Attorney General for… Read more »


If McCabe skates free on these charges the public will lose all faith in the DOJ.


Comey: Start your engine to head to prison – – – and a couple dozen other swamp dwellers left over from #44’s reign.

Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick

The usual wrist slap for the democrat criminals. And more cover ups for the swamp dwellers. I stopped believing in accountability for the corrupt politicians.

Paul Ogea Jr
Paul Ogea Jr

Considering that most people view the vast majority of politicians as crooked there is very little hope that this report will change that. Even if wrong doing is uncovered it is highly unlikely that the real culprits will be punished. Just more of the same political wrist slapping.



Agreed. Present and former. Also former secretaries of state and attorneys general.





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