Michael Moore Admits 2020 Is Looking Good for POTUS: He ‘Hasn’t Lost One Inch’ of His Voter Base

Ernesto S. Ruscio/Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Filmmaker Michael Moore is admitting that there is tough competition when it comes to Democrats running against President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

Following the president’s official kickoff of his re-election campaign on Tuesday in Orlando, Florida, Moore is questioning if Democrats are ready to run against Trump, as the president “hasn’t lost one inch” of his voter base.

“I know no one wants to waste that kind of time even looking at him, but not wanting to see the enormity of the fight ahead doesn’t make it go away,” Moore tweeted in response to footage from Trump’s rally.

“He hasn’t lost one inch of his fired-up insane base,” Moore added. “Are u ready?”

Moore is a critic of Trump who said he’d move to Canada if things went downhill following the release of his anti-Trump documentary, joining a list of other celebrities who promised the same thing if Trump were elected.

See Moore’s post below:

The liberal activist wasn’t wrong in that Trump “hasn’t lost one inch” of his voter base.

As the Gallup polls reveal, Trump hit his all-time highest approval rating at the tail end of April, in large part due to a booming economy, as he had 46 percent approval. He currently has a 43 percent approval rating from June 3-16.

As for the Republican voters, the president has an 89 percent approval rating, which is identical to a poll from January 20-29, 2017 — a stark contrast to the recent 6 percent approval among Democrat voters.

Some of Trump’s supporters were pumped up for his re-election campaign launch, as they camped out for over 40 hours prior to the event. The president claimed there were “over 100,000 requests” for tickets, but not everyone could come as the building could only hold 20,000 people.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel showed her support for the president’s turnout, as she tweeted that “no Democrat can match that enthusiasm!”

As IJR Red previously reported, McDaniel pointed out that Trump raked in “a record breaking $24.8M in less than 24 hours for his re-election.”

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I have more trouble looking at Moore than he will ever have looking at Trump.

Phyllis Softa

You can’t cure stupid. Moore could be correct.


He’s gained – it’s called #WalkAway


Moore talking about insanity? Apparently, he hasn’t been watching Democrats cry and scream on their knees. Democrats lie over an over, making false accusations concerning President Trump and his appointees. Democrats have obstructed the workings of the government for 2.5 years, but accuse President Trump of obstruction. they’ve been engaged in a witch hunt which failed and multiple fishing expeditions, trying to get documents from decades ago in the hopes of finding some kind of crime. Democrats are lying, cheating, crooks that think nobody has rights unless they agree with Democrats. Moore should do a ‘documentary’ on that. That bloatbag… Read more »


I believe that Michael Moore should pledge all of his energies, efforts, and fortune to fighting against Donald Trump’s reelection. On Election Day, 2020, if the porcine one has ANY money left, or is still living in his mansion, or is NOT in the hospital suffering from exhaustion, then it should be obvious to all that he did not care to do enough. As if. Hey, if that Fat Californicaterer can promote fantasy as documentary, I can daydream a little. Right? Think of it: Michael Moore, despondent, in the hospital, the Wednesday after the election, with protestors outside carrying signs… Read more »


Now we are the “INSANE BASE”, huh? YOU Liberal Dems JUST DON’T GET IT…..America is NOT going to be a NWO POS !!!


Why does it matter what Pizza Boy thinks about anything? Oh….he’s a fathead radical.


“I know no one wants to waste that kind of time even looking at him, but not wanting to see the enormity of the fight ahead doesn’t make it go away”.
No Mikey, looking at you and listening to you is a waste of time. So I stopped. Signed a member of his “insane base”





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