Michelle Obama Finishes Book, Announces Tour: ‘It Is So Candid and Honest and Open’

Michelle Obama is hitting large venues in major cities across the country and promises guest appearances on her tour to promote her new memoir, “Becoming.”

The former first lady originally announced her memoir back in May. But on Wednesday, she posted a homemade video of her discussing her motivation for writing and publishing the memoir. “With this time I’ve been out of the White House I’ve had time to think and reflect for the first time in a long time,” she said.

“I am proud of what I’ve created. I’m proud because it is candid, it’s honest, it is totally and utterly me,” she continued. “So I’m also a little frightened because it is so candid and honest and open but I can’t wait to share it with the world and I’m excited to share it not just because it’s the story of me, but because I’m interested in seeing what it brings up in those who read it.”

Obama will be kicking off the tour in her home town of Chicago on Nov. 13, the day the book is released. She’ll have ten appearances, ending the tour in Dallas on Dec. 17.

The former first lady teased guest appearances from family and celebrities. “We’re gonna have some conversations that include some of my friends, some people that you all know, my family members,” she said.

“I hope they are fun and funny and insightful and inspiring so I hope to see you guys out there because I want to share this book with you, I want to talk about it I want to hear your stories, I want you to share your experiences, your journeys of becoming.”

Watch Michelle Obama announce her tour here:

“I’m hoping that because of this book, others feel the power of their own voice and their own story,” she said. “Not in the big moments but in the little things, the small moments, the bumps the bruises the highs and the lows because those are the things that make us uniquely who we are.”

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