Michelle Obama to Lead American Celebrity Dodgeball Team Against James Corden

Michelle obama dodgeball

Since leaving the White House, Michelle Obama has been very busy. She’s published a best-selling memoir and toured the country promoting her work. And now the former first lady has a new cameo to make — she will play in a celebrity dodgeball game hosted by James Corden’s “The Late Late Show.”

The game is part of a four-show series that Corden will run in his native England. Obama will play with a team of Americans.

On her side of the line, she will be joined by an all-female star-studded cast that includes actresses Mellissa McCarthy, Kate Hudson, and Mila Kunis. Corden will play for the U.K. team and be joined by singer Harry Styles and actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

A photo of the teams was tweeted out by the Late Late Show’s Twitter account. Specifics of the game aren’t yet public but we do know that the episode featuring Obama on the court will air next Monday, June 17.

The Obamas have been very busy over the past few years, most recently they’ve announced that they will be putting together a string of shows with Netflix. Seven projects have been announced from the Obamas’ production company and will come out over the next few years.

For the first year of the Trump presidency, the Obamas seemed to mostly stay out of the spotlight. Barack did come back and hit the campaign trail for Democrats during the midterm elections and has been quietly meeting with 2020 contenders hoping to unseat President Donald Trump.

Michelle also stayed away from commenting on politics for the beginning of the Trump era. But she has started to shift in recent months as she has been in the spotlight while promoting her book. During one stop, she remarked of Trump, “The presidency does not change who you are, it reveals who you are.”

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I thought dodgeball hurt peoples’ feelings. What happens if MIchelle takes one to the face? Will the Secret Service kick ass?


Apparently Marie Antoinette Obozo hasn’t heard the latest reports from educators. (thanks Canada) Dodgeball is a game that enforces hierarchies and domination.

….and here I thought it was a life lesson on winners and losers and people who WANTED early outs so they could kick back on the bleachers and relax.


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