Michelle Obama Takes First in ‘Most Admired Woman’ Poll, Joins 11-Time ‘Most Admired Man’ Barack Obama

Former first lady Michelle Obama has taken the top spot in Gallup’s annual “Most Admired Woman” poll, ending former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 17-year-run with the label.

Fifteen percent of respondents mentioned Obama, putting the former first lady ten points ahead of the second most admired woman, Oprah Winfrey. Clinton and first lady Melania Trump tied for the third spot with four percent of respondents mentioning them.

Other names cracking the top of the list include Queen Elizabeth II, House Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi, outgoing United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and activist Malala Yousafzai.

REUTERS/Toby Melville

Obama’s rising national profile is likely due in no small part to the deeply personal best-selling memoir, “Becoming,” released by the former first lady this year. The book quickly rocketed up the charts following its release, and Obama crisscrossed the nation speaking to sold-out arenas about her life and the lessons she’s learned.

While Obama enjoyed plenty of national attention during her time in the White House, the release of her book and subsequent tour saw her stepping out of the role of first lady and into the spotlight as a cultural icon.

While the former first lady is a newcomer to the top spot in the poll, her husband, former President Barack Obama, cemented his spot atop the male list for the eleventh year in a row — a reign spanning his time as president-elect, through the White House, and into his first two years post-presidency.

Office of President Barack Obama

Obama took the top spot with 19 percent of respondents mentioning his name. President Donald Trump came in second place with 13 percent, followed by former President George W. Bush with two percent. Two potential 2020 contenders also cracked the list for men, with former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders both polling at one percent.


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