Michelle Obama Thanks Supporters in Year-End Instagram Post: ‘I’m So Thankful and Overwhelmed’

“Thank you all for joining me on this journey and for sharing so much of yourselves.”

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Former first lady Michelle Obama marked New Year’s Eve on Monday by sharing a look back at her year on Instagram.

Obama used the year-end trend of sharing a collage of one’s top nine Instagram photos from the past year to reflect on a year filled with achievements. She wrote in the caption:

As I reflect on the past year, I’m so thankful and overwhelmed by all the new experiences and memories. From launching new endeavors and engaging new voters to sharing my story with all of you — and hearing about so many of yours as well. Thank you all for joining me on this journey and for sharing so much of yourselves. There’s so much to discover in 2019!

The photos included her portrait that now hangs in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery and a photo with young Parker Curry, a 2-year-old girl who was enamored by the site of the painting and believed that the former first lady was a “queen.”

Obama also played a role in the midterms, starting a bipartisan push to increase voter participation called “When We All Vote.”

“If we really want our voices to be heard, we need to vote in every election,” Obama said in a video that kicked off the campaign over the summer. “Not just for president, but for every office: school board, statehouse, Senate — all of them.”

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Thanks to every single one of you — from Wyoming to Arizona to Tennessee — who joined the @WhenWeAllVote Week of Action, getting our families, friends, and neighbors registered and ready to vote on November 6th. I believe we need to help every single American feel like voting is a part of who they are, in this election and every election. It should feel like we’re speaking up for ourselves and our families and what we believe in. In these last few weeks before Election Day, let’s all get out there and make sure that everyone we know is voting on behalf of something that feels important to them —a candidate, an issue, a cause. Send them towhenweallvote.org or text WEALLVOTE to 97779 to get started. That’s how we can all do our part. Let’s get to work!

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The photo collage also features a number of photos from the release of Obama’s best-selling autobiography, “Becoming.” The book quickly sold millions of copies and became the best-selling hardcover book of the year. Following the release, Obama embarked on a global tour, selling out arenas for intimate and candid discussions about her life and time in the White House.

Obama drew wide praise for her decision to speak openly about her own struggles with fertility and a miscarriage, with the hope that her story could help other women going through the same struggles.

One photo, from one of the first stops on the book tour, shows the moment former President Barack Obama came out on stage and surprised his wife with flowers.

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Look who dropped by tonight! ❤️ #IAmBecoming

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Obama’s book tour wrapped up shortly before the end of the year, but it’s hard to imagine she’ll stay out of the spotlight for too long in 2019 after the whirlwind year of success she enjoyed in 2018.

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She is absolutely arrogance personified!!! Will she and her husband and their “look at me, look at me” ploys never go away? PLEASE, just go away!

Patti Harrison

Can I please throw up now, I have no respect for Michael!!!!



Betsy Lawson

That he-she is a real piece of work. Michael/Michelle needs to stop believing all her press.

Gregory A. Peterson

Michael really needs some professional help….a lot of therapy and a lot of medication, maybe a straight jacket and a rubber room, in my non medical opinion Michael is too far gone to help….


Two words. Go away……


“Bipartisan push for voter participation “, seriously? The only way Michelle Obama does anything “bipartisan” is if you understand the Democrat meaning of bipartisan. Bipartisan is Republicans doing what Democrats want Republicans to do.


Quick find a spotlight for me to jump into. Never mind I’ll make my own. Best selling book of 2018? Wonder how many they scooped up. They now have more than enough money thanks to the US which she was ashamed of until the hubby became president.





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