Mulvaney Slams 2020 Dems Who Won’t Accept Strong Economy: ‘I Keep Wondering What They’re Talking About’

Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney took aim at the Democrats running for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination on Saturday, torching them for not accepting the fact that the economy is humming like a well-tuned car.

While appearing on Fox News’ “Justice with Judge Janine Pirro,” the former South Carolina representative and Mulvaney Director of the Office of Management and Budget boasted about the booming economy under the Trump administration

He pointed out the 49-year-low in unemployment, quipping that the last time “unemployment was this low” was when he “was one.”

Mulvaney went on to laud the success of the economy, pointing out the “three threes” of the economy — gross domestic product (GDP), unemployment, and wage growth — before bashing the Democrats running for president as seeming to be unable to accept the amazing economy.

“I watch some of the Democrats running for president, and they’re on TV, and I keep wondering what are they talking about? They’re talking about plants closing, and people losing their jobs, and wages going down. And all of that, the exact opposite of that is happening.”

“So it’s fascinating to watch everybody get richer. The wage increases have actually been focused at the bottom-end of the scale, so we’re lifting people out of poverty and into the middle class,” the acting White House chief continued on.

Watch the video here:

“It’s everything that [President] Donald Trump said would happen from his policies,” added Mulvaney. “And it’s just fun to sit back and watch it happen.”

The Commerce Department announced on Friday that the first quarter of the economy saw a robust 3.2 percent GDP growth, an unemployment rate drop to 3.6 percent — the lowest in 49 years —, and wage growth rise to 3.2 percent.

As IJR Red reported, 2020 Democratic candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) floundered her answer when asked if Trump deserved credit for the economy, first attempting to credit former President Barack Obama before falling back on claims of Trump being “chaotic” and complaining about his “mean tweet[s].”


  1. “I watch some of the Democrats running for president, and they’re on TV, and I keep wondering what are they talking about? They’re talking about plants closing, and people losing their jobs, and wages going down.”

    They’re just reminiscing about the Obama years.

    1. The problem is people are stupid enough to believe them. I have a friend in NY and he does. I gave him stats from the Dept. of Labor and he still denied the truth.

    2. I wonder if they are projecting their own failures on others, i.e. deflecting blame.

  2. The moronic remarks made by the Socialists is a failed effort to try and prop up what is left of #44’s “legacy”. Crediting #44 with ANY of the good and improvements in our lives TWO+ YEARS AFTER he left the WH (that were actually made BY Trump’s policies) would be the equivalent of saying the Japanese won World War II and America lost. #44 is too full of himself as are his low-IQ followers.

    1. …and the worst part of it this: he continues to believe he actually improved the country, as did the morons who re-elected him in 2012.

      He does have a “legacy” and it’s not a good one. He made it EASY by setting the presidential bar on the ground. Almost anyone (we’ll never know with Hillary) can beat that. To his credit Trump beat it, showed it for the failure it is, and will continue to do so.

  3. They’d have to admit that the reason they are in government is it’s hard to get fired after f*cking up. They have power and connections, things they failed to achieve outside of politics.

    They live the definition “Poli ticks. Bloodsucking parasites who cannot survive anywhere else.”

  4. To acknowledge that Americans in general and the economy are doing better would mean to the Dims that their policies and the Lightbringer™ were complete failures.

    They’d have to admit that they have no idea what they are doing, let alone running a country or telling people how to live (raise children, spend their money, etc.)

    1. Don’t forget to mention FLOTUS #44 recommended ways to fatten school garbage cans with her idiocy about what the kids should be eating. For someone who lost her credentials as an attorney, I doubt she had become an “expert” in school lunch programs.

      1. It’s an odd thing called the “halo effect”. Just because someone made it through law school or into politics, suddenly they or their followers think they are experts on everything.

  5. …because their feet are wet and they can see the pyramids. They are in complete denial. Also delusion.

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