The Migrant Caravan Just Reached the US Border: Here Is What It Looks Like

Migrant family

The United States has been watching the caravan of Central American migrants make their way north for weeks and they’ve finally reached the United States-Mexico border.

President Donald Trump promised yesterday that he would shut down the border to prevent migrants from entering the country to make their case for asylum.

It looks like he held to his word because the border crossing near Tiajuana closed Sunday afternoon as hundreds of migrants gathered to try and apply for asylum in the United States.

Reports from the border show a chaotic scene, as captured by Emma Murphy, a reporter with ITV News.

As the migrants neared the borders, Mexican law enforcement brought out tear gas to help to disperse the crowds gathered at the border.

Several families with small children made the long journey from Central America to the United States border, despite warnings from American officials like Vice President Mike Pence about the dangerous journey.

On the U.S. side of the border, helicopters monitored the border to report any illegal crossings. Despite the strong show of force form law enforcement on both sides, the migrants didn’t seem deterred. They even picked up an old “yes we can” slogan from former President Barack Obama when they arrived at the border.

While it isn’t yet clear how this will all play out, the border is expected to remain closed. Dozens of law enforcement agents are currently positioned and working to turn away cars in both directions.

Clearly, this is not a problem that will be solved overnight. As of now, Mexico has offered asylum to the caravan, though most migrants do not seem interested in taking them up on the offer.

President Trump, on the other hand, has thousands of troops prepared to assist border patrol in securing the border. He has stated that he would be willing to shut down the full length of the U.S. southern border.


  1. I’m sorry for the children but the parents should have thought about the dangers first. We have enough of our own homeless, veterans, and families that are homeless, let us take care of our own first. We should not be the place that supports all others before our own people. I agree with Trump on this one.

  2. I see these images and am frightened for the children…I couldnt imagine dragging a child thru this situation….

    1. Can you imagine what their situation was where they left that this was an improvement?

    2. Perhaps…but consider that the parents had opportunities after leaving Honduras and/or Guatemala to receive shelter, jobs, education, and asylum in Mexico. They refused these opportunities.

      They CHOSE to continue to the land of Uncle Sugar because of the lure of free shit.

      Also, the pictures focus on the children, but did you notice the overwhelming proportion of men in the background?

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