Central American Migrants Resume Their March Toward US Border

Hundreds of Central American migrants resumed their march north through Mexico on Saturday, en route to the U.S. border where President Donald Trump has effectively suspended the granting of asylum to migrants who cross illegally.

Trump’s Friday order, which went into effect on Saturday, means that migrants will have to present themselves at U.S. ports of entry to qualify for asylum and follow other rules unveiled on Thursday that seek to limit asylum claims.

Hannah McKay/Reuters

“It doesn’t matter what rules (Trump’s) government imposes we cannot go back to our countries. I have a bullet in my arm and another in my shoulder. If I go back home, it’d be better for me to go with a casket,” said 30 year-old Julio Caesar from Honduras, who declined to give his last name.

The caravan, made up mostly of Hondurans, started north again on Saturday morning following a rest of four days in Mexico City.

They carried backpacks, blankets, food, many with children in tow, and took the metro and then walked to the town of Tepotzotlan. There they were helped onto buses and trucks by authorities, who stopped traffic to ask motorists if they would take the migrants to the city of Queretaro, where a shelter was set up at a stadium.

Hannah McKay/Retuers

Some of the migrants are set to arrive to the border city of Tijuana on Monday, while others later in the week to Reynosa and other border towns, according to migrant shelters.

“These (U.S.) policies leave migrants even more vulnerable, because they will be stranded in northern Mexico, with human traffickers lurking, because the Mexican government does not have the capacity to help them,” said Oscar Misael Hernandez, researcher at the Colegio de la Frontera Norte.

Trump made his hard-line policies toward immigration a key issue ahead of Tuesday’s midterm elections. He has vowed to deploy troops at the border to stop a caravan of migrants, who say they want to seek asylum in the United States, citing violence in their own countries.

(Additional reporting by Lizbeth Diaz in Mexico City; Writing by Anthony Esposito; Editing by Marguerita Choy)


  1. The problem with Hondurans is that they don’t have any marketable cuisine that can be turned into a fast food chain here in America. Many Americans love Mexican food, Chinese food, Japanese food, etc. etc. etc., but until Honduras can step up to the plate and actually provide something of value to America, then her people probably won’t be welcomed with the “Welcome Mat”.

  2. Apparently 30 year old Julio Caesar is unfamiliar with Americans penchant for mass shootings. 304 in 311 days. Don’t they do “thoughts and prayers” in Honduras?

    1. Apparently YOU are unfamiliar with the Revolutionary War, where many died and America won its freedom from Great Britain, all at the hands of arms. But it’s easy for you to forget, being a woman and all, since it was men and guns who gave you the freedoms that you enjoy today.

      1. No, my history lessons covered the Revolutionary War. “Apparently YOU are unfamiliar with” Richard Bowers shooting and killing 11 in a synagogue in Pittsburgh on Oct 27th while my ;high school best friend hid in a closet where her friend died at her feet and her brother died in the next room. Perhaps you are unfamiliar with David Long shooting and killing 12 in Thousand Oaks? 309 mass shootings in 2018, which shooters were fighting for Carol Gottfried Black or Tel Orfanos freedoms?

        1. “it was men and guns who gave you the freedoms that you enjoy today.” Sorry about your friends, but we have the 2nd Amendment, you don’t propose any solutions, you only berate the America which has won your freedoms, freedoms won by brave men using guns.

          This is how you berated America: “Apparently 30 year old Julio Caesar is unfamiliar with Americans penchant for mass shootings. 304 in 311 days. Don’t they do “thoughts and prayers” in Honduras?”

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