‘We Are Creating the Sixth Branch’: Pence Delivers Update on Plans to Develop the Space Force

Vice President Mike Pence delivered some key updates on the administration’s plan to implement a “Space Force” as a branch of the United States military.

During a speech before the National Space Council, the vice president declared that developing a space force is a top priority for President Donald Trump.

Watch the video below:

“Our commander in chief’s highest priority is the safety and security of the American people. And while the last administration too often failed to meet the growing security threats in space, President Trump has stated forcefully a truth that the leaders of the National Defence University have long understood, that space is a war-fighting domain just like the land, air, and sea, and America will be as dominant there as we are here on Earth.

To prepare America’s best and bravest to deter and defeat a new generation of adversaries on that new horizon — we are creating a sixth branch of the United States Armed Forces.”

The vice president explained that Trump has already set the ball rolling toward the goal of developing the Space Force by separating out a “chain of command for Space Force operations.”

Ultimately, Congress will have to approve adding the Space Force as the sixth branch of the U.S. military.

Watch Pence detail the next steps for the Space Force below:

While the logistics and congressional approval of the Space Force are still largely up in the air, Pence noted that he hopes the development will occur quickly.

“It is the cost of inaction that we can’t afford,” he said.

Watch the video below:

“The time has come to write the next great chapter in the history of the Armed Forces of the United States. To turn the page to the evolution of our armed forces to meet the challenges and opportunities on that limitless frontier. Our nation’s Armed Forces have always been at the vanguard of advancing American leadership beyond the bounds of Earth, and the Space Force will ensure a new era of American supremacy in space.”

Pence noted that he hopes to secure congressional approval to create the Space Force before 2020.

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The Chinese, a few years ago, blew up one of their own satellites to prove they could. Now they plan to launch a low orbit moon to celebrate one of their holidays; of course, the Chinese claim their launch will save energy for lighting their cities. I wasn’t birn yet, but Russia’s Sputnik scared the pants off of us, ergo, we got in gear and into outer space. Space Force may sound sci-fi, but why not? There are treaties not to weaponize, militarize space, but that holds water about like the treaty we signed with the Sioux to give them… Read more »

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