Pence Scheduled to Speak at NRA Convention — Guess What Alyssa Milano and David Hogg Are Doing to Stop It

With Vice President Mike Pence scheduled to speak at this year’s National Rifle Association Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Dallas, many gun control activists are upset, accusing Pence of ignoring gun violence victims and putting the “gun lobby” over Americans.

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Actress and activist Alyssa Milano has since started a petition demanding Pence to not appear at the event:

“This is a slap in the face to Americans — from Parkland to Chicago to Nashville — hurting from gun violence,” Milano wrote. “It’s also a signal to young people organizing historic actions that the NRA’s extremist agenda and donations are more valuable to Mike Pence than the lives lost. Sign now to demand Mike Pence pull out of the NRA convention.

“Enough! We must hold all politicians to basic standards of decency. Tell Mike Pence to drop out of the NRA’s convention and stand with the majority of Americans who want real action to end gun violence,” she concludes.

Parkland activist David Hogg shared the petition on his Twitter account:

Currently, the petition has over 45,000 signatures.

President Donald Trump is also reportedly set to address members at the convention, with the White House “finalizing exact details,” according to CNN.

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