Mike Pence’s Trip to the Olympics Came With a Personal Reminder of His Korean War Veteran Father

Vice President Mike Pence led the U.S. delegation to the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, and his time in South Korea also came with an ode to his Korean War veteran father.

CBS News reported that Edward Pence served in the Korean War and earned a Bronze Star for his military service in 1953.

Pence told the outlet that throughout Seoul and Pyeonchang, he saw signs that said, “Thank you for your father’s services for our country.”

The vice president explained that the respect he saw for his father’s service made him “a little emotional.”

Pence told reporters on Air Force Two that like other combat veterans, his father didn’t talk about his time in Korea, but he knew “it was a defining time in his life.”

He said:

I take great pride in seeing the extraordinary prosperity of freedom in South Korea and to know that the people of South Korea know that the American soldier won that for them — that’s why there is no daylight and there will be no daylight — because the core of the bond between South Korea and the U.S. was forged in war.

During Pence’s first trip to South Korea in April 2017, he told NBC News that he saw where his father fought and called it “humbling” and an “honor” to be there.

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