Pompeo Dodges Questioning on Ukraine Investigation and Giuliani During Press Conference

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held a press conference on Tuesday in which he spoke about a number of foreign governments, but when reporters tried to ask about the American government, Pompeo wasn’t too eager to answer.

One reporter asked Pompeo, “Last Friday, this Department released telephone call logs and some correspondences that show that you had two brief conversations with Rudy Giuliani in late March — this has led to speculation reports that you were actually involved in the campaign to recall Ambassador Yovanovitch … Did the State Department then mislead or misinform Congress as the circumstances of her departure?”

Pompeo responded, “I don’t have much to say with respect to the Ukraine investigation other than this, we’re continuing to comply with all the legal requirements … we’ll continue to do that as required by law and as appropriate so that appropriate oversight can be conducted.”

He also claimed, “With respect to the larger side of the issues, we had a very clear policy with respect to Ukraine and we executed it successfully.”

This isn’t the first time that Pompeo has dodged questioning about impeachment-related issues. During a press conference last week, he was also asked about impeachment and responded, “I’m not going to get into the issues surrounding the Democratic impeachment inquiry, just not going to do it today.”

The secretary of state has become increasingly entangled in the impeachment probe over the past few months. And his role in this probe is among the most important; he has admitted that he was on the phone call between Trump and the Ukrainian president that Democrats say is proof that Trump asked a foreign nation to dig up dirt on his political opponent.

The new documents that the reporter mentioned are also bad for Pompeo — they show that somebody within the White House connected Giuliani with people in the State Department.

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General Confusion

Apparently, Kansans who want Pompous Pompeo to run for the Senate seat see Mr Pompeo as the president’s heir apparent. PP has also been seen, until now, as being scandal-free. That may start to change once more details of his actions come to light.

PP is acting like an abused teenager wanting to run away from home. Get away from Big Daddy beating him up regularly and move in with friends, the Senate, who he knows won’t beat him every day. Only he isn’t elected yet, so he isn’t sure that running away will actually be successful.

Phyllis Softa

And Kansans want Pompeo to run for the Senate?? The guy who spent a yr as CIA Director, testified before Congress that it was the RUSSIANS that interfered in the election, and NOW wants to pretend we have an “obligation” to investigate Ukraine for the hacking. The same guy who said he did not know about the phone call that HE had LISTENED TO. The same guy who ran for the House as a “fiscal conservative” “national debt” supported the corporate tax cuts KANSAS proved DO NOT PAY FOR THEMSELVES. If the choice is going to be between Kris Kobach… Read more »





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