Miley Cyrus Had an ‘Accident’ During Last Night’s VMAs That Was So Bad It Was Censored

The VMAs just wouldn’t be the same without a little scandalous action, would it?

Host Miley Cyrus definitely kept up those ‘standards,’ when she managed to slip by the delayed live broadcasting censors and “accidentally” flash her nipple:

The slip occurred right after Taylor Swift won Best Music Video for “Bad Blood.” The camera switched back to Miley while she was behind a black curtain getting dressed, and as she reached for a microphone, her left nipple was exposed.

The camera quickly cut away, and Miley was heard saying:

“Oh, what’s happening? Oh, sorry, my t*t’s out?”

Broadcast censors scrambled to block the “wardrobe malfunction,” and succeeded in cutting it before the West Coast airing. But viewers on the East Coast got the Full Monty.

Miley also filled the screen with a large variety of wild attire throughout the show:

You can watch video of the infamous ‘nip slip.’ Enjoy…

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