Millennial Country Singer Brings Down Hammer on Hillary Supporters Losing their Sh** Right Now

Maddie Marlow of the country duo Maddie & Tae is letting her voice be heard as chaos erupts both in the streets and in our social news feeds after Donald Trump won the election for President of the United States.

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VOTE! Every vote matters! ????

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Many who are outraged by the win have been expressing themselves by rioting and burning American flags to protest Trump.

Some protesters are taking it even further by staging mock hangings of Trump to symbolize a lynching of the new president-elect.

Now, the 21-year-old singer is reaching out in a more sensible way to respond to the hate and bashing that is going on, specifically on social media.

In an Instagram post, the first-time voter gave hate mongers a what for:

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Marlow starts by explaining that there are more bullies out there than Trump and Hillary Clinton:

“People complained about how both candidates were bullies in their own ways but YOU are the bully by bashing people on our social media for thinking differently than you. GOD FORBID you experience diversity here on EARTH.”

The singer then expressed her belief that people have different opinions about the election and stressed that they are allowed to.

She stood up to the social media harassment that is going on by saying:

“I’ve probably unfriended about 50 people I actually liked as human beings in the past couple of weeks because of the election. Did you know that everyone is allowed to think different? And guess what? Just because someone has a different political view or opinion than you doesn’t make them a bad person. Maybe Trump was your vote or maybe he wasn’t. Either way it’s no excuse to be an asshole.”

Marlow ends on a powerful note, expressing there is only one person’s behavior you should be worried about, “I know it’s a sensitive subject but how about making the change starting with ourselves and being a good human being. Would Jesus be bashing people for thinking differently than you even if YOU think it’s wrong? Nope. He would be loving EVERYONE.”

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