40 World Leaders in France Stand Up for Freedom Against the Terrorists. One Major Figure Was Missing.

Nearly four million people took to the streets of Paris Sunday to take a stand against terrorism.

The massive crowd included more than 40 world leaders, but President Obama was nowhere to be found.

Just to be sure he didn’t have something else demanding his attention, we checked his schedule on whitehouse.gov:

Image Credit: Whitehouse.gov

People on social media began wondering: where is Obama?

New York Times Best-Selling author, Brad Thor put it like this.

Then, someone attempted to rebuttal Thor.

Image Credit: Twitter

Another Twitter user shared their thoughts on what they considered to be a double standard.


In addition, Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce pointed out.

However, some felt that a few world leaders in attendance were magnifying hypocrisy.

Others thought the president’s foreign policy might be a little misguided:


Even former Clinton adviser and ardent Obama supporter didn’t understand the reason for the president’s absence.

The Atlantic’s Jeffery Goldberg illustrated how it was really a snub to our French allies.


Author Stephen England commented on the event with some biting satire:


It turns out: Obama first sent Eric Holder as the U.S. representative, but for some reason he wasn’t able to attend. The next best choice according to the White House was our ambassador to France, Jane Hartley. Moreover, Secretary of State John Kerry’s face couldn’t be spotted in the sea of people either.

One thing we did learn, Obama is planning a summit for world leaders in February to map out a plan to fight back against violent extremism, which he plans on hosting. While that’s all well and good, it appears the opinions are unanimous that the president should have been marching in Paris.

After all, he is the head of the coalition fighting ISIS, a terrorist organization with more power and resources than Al-Qaeda. Obama’s absence isn’t doing anything to improve the relationship with our long time ally France, it’s only showing a massive lack in leadership from the ‘leader of the free world.’

What do you think?

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