College Speaker ‘Triggers’ Outrage at Rutgers, What Feminists Do to Him with Fake Blood Triggers No One

With a speech entitled “How the Progressive Left Has Destroyed American Education,” Breitbart Tech Editor Milo Yiannopoulos and his hosts, the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Rutgers University, knew that organized protests were a distinct possibility.

So it wasn’t terribly shocking when the “Black Lives Matter” chants interrupted his speech, or when insults and invectives were hurled at both Milo and those who had come with a legitimate interest in what he had to say. But then things got decidedly worse.

Event organizer Aviv Khavich explained:

“We knew from the get-go that there would be protests. That wasn’t a surprise. Milo is obviously a very controversial character and protests sort of come as a given.

What we didn’t expect was the sheer level of unruly chaos that the protesters brought, or that so many of them would be able to make it into the audience. We didn’t expect them to cover themselves, the building and others in red paint to protest some vague idea of Milo being “hateful.”

They were misinformed, if at all informed, on Milo’s stances, and they were incredibly unwise in their choice of action.”

Another Rutgers student and member of the host group, Matthew Boyer wrote about his experiences at the event as well:

“Throwing paint, vandalizing the building, and calling for violence against Milo Yiannopoulos — all instances that occurred when I brought the Breitbart Technology editor to my campus.

Indeed, ignorance can lead to irrational behavior. Being a Rutgers University student myself, I was embarrassed to call these individuals my peers.

Their grievances with Yiannopoulos were not simply over political disagreement, but mainly due to the ignorance of the protesters. After the first wave of disruptions by protesters chanting “Black Lives Matter” came a group of individuals smearing fake blood on themselves.”

Yiannopoulos addressed the crowd on topics such as “trigger warnings,” “safe spaces,” and political correctness, saying:

“We can agree, I think, that the purpose of University, the reason that we are all brought here, is to interrogate new ideas. To discover new things about ourselves. To experiment with dangerous ideas, new form of knowledge, to meet new people. To introduce ourselves to new experiences, and to learn more about the world around us.

Up against that mission, up against what ought to be the central purpose of higher education, what ought to be the reason we are all here, is a culture of ‘safe spaces’ and ‘trigger warnings’ which seeks to insulate people from anything that might ‘traumatize or upset’ them.

In my view, anyone who asks for a ‘trigger warning’ or a ‘safe space’ should be immediately expelled. They have demonstrated that they are incapable of exposing themselves to new ideas. They have demonstrated that they are incapable of engaging in the humble pursuit of knowledge.”

When Yiannopoulos finished speaking, he opened the floor for questions and comments. Boyer noted the irony he felt was presented by the protesters:

“The protesters walked out of the event before the question and answer portion even began. This is the portion of the event which would allow people to question Yiannopoulos and share their grievances in a legitimate fashion.

Apparently, the protesters who walked out didn’t want to seize this opportunity.

Their decision to leave was due to their inability to face the circumstances. It is much easier to walk away from your opposition or to ban them from campus — as students had tried — rather than ask legitimate questions.

The reality is that these students don’t want — or don’t know how — to engage with the other side. Instead, they resort to heckling in disagreement if they’re not being coddled in their safe space.”

Yiannopoulos will be speaking on several other American campuses in the coming weeks, to include University of Minnesota (with Christina Hoff Summers), University of Michigan, Bucknell University, and University of Pittsburgh.

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