Minnesota Ex-Officer Gets 12-1/2 Years in Prison for Australian Woman’s Shooting Death

A former Minneapolis police officer was sentenced to 12-1/2 years in prison on Friday for the fatal shooting of an Australian woman nearly two years ago after she had called police to report a possible sexual assault.

Mohamed Noor, 33, was found guilty on April 30 of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter for killing 40-year-old Justine Ruszczyk Damond outside her home in a case that drew international attention.

Before the sentencing, Noor made a tearful apology to Damond’s family and described how the fear that led him to pull the trigger turned to horror upon seeing what he had done.

“I apologize for taking the life of a perfect person who was so dear to them,” he said. “I caused this tragedy and it is my burden.”

Noor’s lawyers had asked the court for a sentence of probation, or at most, a prison term of a year and a day, citing his community service and his cooperation with the investigation.

But Minnesota District Judge Kathryn Quaintance rejected the plea for leniency, saying that while Noor had shown remorse for the consequences of his decision, he had not taken responsibility for his error in judgment during the shooting.

“The law does not allow license because someone is a good person,” Quaintance said in passing the a sentence before a hushed courtroom. “Good people sometimes do bad things.”

Noor, who has been in custody since his conviction, was led out of the courtroom with a grave expression on his face.

The case was one of a series of highly publicized police killings in recent years. In many of them, the victims were black men or teenagers, but in this case, Damond was white and Noor is a black Somali immigrant.

Several of Noor’s friends and family members, most of them Somali, gathered in the courthouse lobby afterward to protest the sentence.

The court also heard from six of Damon’s friends and relatives, who read statements detailing the mental anguish and fear of the police they felt since her death.

“I now have more anxiety when I see humans giving the oath to protect and serve,” said Zach Damond, her stepson.

Noor, the first Minnesota police officer to be convicted of murder, and his partner drove to Damond’s home the night of July 15, 2017, to respond to a report she had made of a possible sexual assault. When Damond approached the patrol car, Noor fired through the car window, killing her.

Noor testified that he shot her in self-defense after he and his partner were startled by a loud noise.

Last month, Minneapolis city officials agreed to pay $20 million to settle a civil suit brought by Damond’s family.

(Reporting by Joey Peters; Writing by Peter Szekely in New York; editing by Susan Thomas and Grant McCool)


  1. If this were a white cop and a black victim, the sentence would be FAR more severe. Instead, the roles are reversed and look at the result.

  2. I think that the training for police officers is inadequate. I think if he reacted out of fear, the psyche exam required for all potential law enforcement officers failed to point out a possible risk factor with this officer. Any officer with a gun responding to a call about a reported crime should be able to control his fear- especially if he hadn’t even exited his vehicle. I also question what the 911 operator directed the caller to do when she reported the crime. Did the 911 operator tell her to stay in her home and wait for an officer? I’m sure there is a protocol in place that would tell anyone reporting a crime to not approach the officer responding unless the officer is aware you were the person who reported it. I’m not sure how I feel about his sentence- it was completely avoidable but without the answers to my questions, it’s not clear that the 911 operator handled the call well or clearly communicated everything they should have, to both the officer and the victim. For that reason, I can’t pass judgement.

  3. Of course they are protesting. They are going to say he was sentenced that way because he is Somalian. To me he didn’t get enough time. How do you claim self defense when you are sitting in a police car. So sorry for her family. He deserves more than what he got.

  4. Put him in Gitmo so he can be with the other goat humpers.

  5. White Officers murder Back Men daily, on Camera, in front of their families, without provocation, without remorse, and WALK. This guy screwed up for sure but he clearly had not an ounce of malice in his heart, and the “Muslim just wanted to kill whites” garbage is just that. The problem and the punishment was not his heart or his actions, or his fear, but his skin!

    1. OMG…. really? The race card? Take that crap elsewhere

  6. I think this was entirely an accident. I feel for her family. Why would she go outside in this situation?

    1. Why not- it was the police not a bikie gang – well …

  7. It’s a pretty sure thing that CAIRS will be involved in appealing this sentence. They will start an intimidation campaign beginning with calling the judge anti-Muslim

  8. Noor was a poor excuse for a police officer. He screwed up royally.
    I was taught to never shoot unless in emminent danger or to save the life of another.
    This situation met neither criteria.

  9. I am sorry but the question that keeps coming to my thoughts is why was he so much in fear for his life as he put it. A female, of normal build and body, She does not look threatening at all. I keep asking my self what lead to him pulling his gun and shooting an unarmed person let along a female who just went outside to talk with the police because she is the one who called them. No one should be wearing a badge and gun if they are that scared of there own shadow. But yeah he had to be held accountable for what he did.

    1. It wasn’t “scared”. It was a muslim and saw an opportunity to murder a white female and terrify others. When it was brought herte in the first place it won and America lost. This murder just repeated the equation.

  10. He killed her because she was a woman, and talked back to him! Life in prison, or death!

  11. Absurd result. The muslim terrorist in a police uniform committed murder, probably deliberately, and should be executed. Of course, the fools in Minnesota apparently love their muslim terrorists and give them license in the form of government authority and their citizens tolerate it.

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